Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

What the...

Am I dreaming?

Where am I?

Kang Hyun-min!

Calm down.

Where are we?

He's so noisy.

Why is it so shaky?
Sir, there must be a mistake.

This is not normal.
It's shaky. I don't like shaky.

-This is a dream, right, sir?
-Please have a seat.

Wait. Let me off.

I'm not supposed to be here.

I said I'm sorry! I shouldn't be here.

Take me home.

This sucks.




This place is awesome.

I've never been in a place like this.

No way.

Sure, whatever.
But does this look like Thailand to you?

Sorry for deceiving you.

But why did you bring this girl?

What? The more the merrier.

-I don't like it.

Come on.

You're glad that you came too, right?

How could I be,
when I came looking like this?

What? You look handsome.

Since we came all the way here,
let's have a good time.

All right.


What's this?



In college, people wear
team jackets like these.


Also, they plan out group activities

through which they get to
know each other better.

Don't they?

In other words, this trip will be

a Membership Training,
or friendship training, for all of us.

MT, for short.

What's with the group uniforms?
It's not like we're K-pop idols.

You're pretty much behind
on trends for a celebrity.




I'll head inside, then.


Well, I'm comfortable in these clothes.

My friend...

You've gone too far.

We just arrived at the vacation home.

Ms. Ha-won made a lot
of preparations for this trip,

but the response to
her efforts is bit lifeless.

You don't have to
report every little detail.

Excuse me?

You relax and have
a good time too, Secretary Lee.

Is your health okay?

I should be by your side.

- I'm sorry.
-I'm fine.

So make sure you get some rest, too.
All right?

You checked into the hospital
without telling anyone.

It's so upsetting.

The kids are all grown up now.
They need to know.

I'm sure that they won't feel good
about having gone on vacation

when they find out later
that you're quite ill.

I did this so I could
spend some quality time with my wife.

Didn't you know?

This time, I don't know. Really.

I'm not even sure those rascals
would be worried about me anyway.

But still, I don't want to make
them come to the hospital

to visit an old man like me.

All right.
I'll worry about you for them then.



Looks like this place
hasn't changed one bit.

Hey, where are you going?

I said, where are you going?

What's wrong with him?


House meeting!

House meeting!

Hey! What are you doing?

I'm jamming out.

You jam, you scram.
Why are you all by yourself? It's no fun.

Actually, I'm having
a lot of fun right now.

You're on a trip.

It doesn't count as fun
unless you play together.

Why does being on a trip
mean I have to play together?

Ms. Celebrity.
Out of the 365 days in a year,

I only get less than
ten days off for myself.

And today is one of those days.
So don't bother me, okay?




Seo-woo doesn't want to eat?

Maybe he's on a diet?

I've suddenly lost my appetite, too.


-What are you doing here?
-Gosh! You surprised me.

I was looking for you for so long.

Are you mad because I kidnapped you?

I apologize for making you
the laughingstock of the country

and bringing you here
without your consent.

I'm sorry for all of it.

I apologize.

Tell me.

Why'd you tell me to
take a look at my heart?

What would change if I truly liked you?

Tons of things.

So what, exactly?

When a man and a woman really like
each other, they can love one another

-and start dating--
-You've never dated, have you?


Damn it, I must have gone
crazy for a minute there!

You have zero dating experience,
therefore have no taste in men

but an old fashioned view of love instead.


What do you mean, zero? No!
I've dated before.

I need to get some rest.

I'm really not the type to be too serious.

I've had enough seriousness
to last me a lifetime this time.

That's all. Go away. Shoo!

Go away!

You playboy.

You'll never change, will you?

Shoo! Shoo!

Sleep, sleep all you want.

Unbelievable prick.

Zero-experience-girl, are you still there?


Do you remember?

We swam here a lot when we were younger.

You were a lot slower than me back then.

I don't know.

I don't really remember.

How about a swim together,
for old time's sake?

I'm not wearing a bathing suit.


Are you okay?

Did you get a cramp again?

This side, right?

I think I'm fine now.


Thank you.

-Anyone would've done what I did.

What is this garbage?

"Sour Strawberry?"
What's with all the names?

What are you doing?

Are you looking for Ha-won?


Did she go somewhere?

She went out a while ago.

-Where to?
-No idea.

"No idea."

What is all this?
Why did she plan so much?

Then, if Eun Ha-won follows

follows her biological dad,

she'll leave Haneul House.

Of course.

She wouldn't continue freeloading
off them, if her real dad shows up?

She'll be done for, then!

And with that, her relationship
with us will be over, too.


She's not your dad's biological daughter.

So her relationship with your dad
would be over, too.

Then, we'll never have to look
at her dumb face again!

Let's hurry and send her
off to her real dad!

Just wait. They said
they'd text me the address.

It's here!


All right.

To think I raised that girl when she
doesn't share a single drop of my blood!

I'm going to get back every penny
that I wasted on raising her

if it's the last thing I do.

Good luck, Mom!

I'm going to get it all!

Let's send Eun Ha-won
away to her real dad!


Looks like you guys are
the only ones willing to play with me.

You must be so happy since you
have so many friends to eat with.


Does it taste that good?

All right, then, eat! Here you go.

-Does that taste good?

Your gimbap is the best!

Oh, really, now?

I feel the same way!

Here's some for Mom.

Hey, now. Adults should get the last one.

Dad, don't you know
the saying, "Ladies first?"

Princess. This is Dad's, okay?

No, this is mine!

Oh, what's that?


Sun Tzu's The Art of War ,
Chapter 1, Verse 6!

"Make a sound in the east,
then strike in the west."

What does that mean?

Divert your enemy's attention elsewhere!

That's right. Make sure you
keep that in mind from now on!

-But what's that?


Attack Dad!

Tickle, tickle!

I guess I planned all of this for nothing.

Horseback riding is up next.

Fine, whatever.

I'll keep myself company.


Why did she make this sort of thing?
It makes me feel bad for no reason.

Here, eat this!

What are you doing?

You call this "experiencing
horseback riding?"

For me, this much counts
as horseback riding.

I thought you wanted us
to follow the schedule.

Well, that...

I thought all of you probably
tried horseback riding before.

Let's go and experience that.

Wait, no!
I've never ridden a horse before.

You're going against the schedule
that you created?

No! Please! Please, spare me!

You can't do that.

Enjoying freedom!

What does he want?



Are you happy, enjoying your
freedom and all?

Of course.

I am a bit annoyed
that you and Eun Ha-won tricked me.

But it's been so long since I've taken
a break, so this is awesome!

Do you even know how you managed
to get this awesome break of yours?

What are you saying?

I'm saying, you traded in your image
in exchange for that freedom!


Help me, wait...

It's fine. You're not going to die.

I didn't expect you'd be this scared.

Of course I am. This is my first time.

Let's slow down, please!

We're already going super slow.

Mom, help me!

Isn't this a bit cramped,
riding like this, though?

Looks like you're feeling
a bit better now.

Should I speed up?


Okay, you got it.
You're good at riding horses.

So please, don't! Don't!

Don't worry. Trust me.

Hey, School Uniform.

This was your doing, right?

What the...

-Gosh, are you all right?


You're the one who sent
these to Eun Ha-won, right?

What is this?

Stuff for the barbecue.
Can you set this up?

What about you?

I'm going to go to the supermarket.
I don't think we'll have enough food.

Damn it. Why don't we just buy food?
This is too much effort.

6:00 P.M. TO 6:30 P.M.

Darn it, Eun Ha-won.

-I'll help you.
-No thanks!

-Come on!
-Let go!

-Come on!

Let's do it together!

-Just wipe up that water!
-Oh, okay.

My necklace!

-What do I do?

I guess it fell off
while riding the horse.

You go on ahead.

Damn it, why does she
make me worry so much?

Hey, Eun Ha-won!

Is it important to you?

It belonged to my mom.

What's in it for me if I find it?


If I find it first,

you have to grant me a wish.

What kind of deal is that?

I wonder what I should ask for.



You didn't show that photo
to anyone else, right?

I only showed Ha-won.

How close are you to Ha-won?

We've been best friends
since middle school.

Then, you two know each other well, right?

Of course. There's nothing
that I don't know about her.

Is her family doing that badly?

They're not super-poor,

but her stepmom never gives her any money.

That's why she has a crazy
amount of part-time jobs.

And about her big sister, Yu-na,
why is she such a mean person?

Choe Yu-na? Don't even get me started.

She's a piece of work, for sure!

She takes advantage of Ha-won like crazy,
stereotypical stepsister.

What about Ha-won's dad?
He just sits and watches as this happens?

He leaves the city a lot,
so he's not home a lot.

But honestly,
the worst part of it all is that

her stepmom said Choe Yu-na
needs to have her own room,

so Ha-won was forced
to sleep on the balcony.

-What? The balcony?


Wow, that's terrible!


That's right.
They were way too mean to her.

But has Eun Ha-won

ever had boyfriends before
or something like that?

Dated? As if!

She's never dated in her life!

Really? Then, her ideal type...

What's her ideal type of guy?

She doesn't have anything like that.

When would she have the time
to develop an ideal type

when she's busy just trying to get by?

By the way, you seem to be
quite interested in Ha-won.

What? Oh, well, that's...

That's because we live together.

Well, figures.

But you know,
Ha-won has been through a lot.

Please be good to her.

Sorry. This is all because of me.

What do you mean?

You only came here
because of Hye-ji, right?

Who tried to take advantage of that again?

I told you, it's not like that!

When I left Haneul House,

Hye-ji let me crash at her place
for one night.

I was so thankful,
so I asked her to come with us.

And it was the first time I slept
over at a friend's house, too.

It felt like we really became friends,
and that made me happy.

This wasn't because it was
a part of the chairman's mission.

I really just wanted her to come with us.

Sure, okay.

Good job.

Gosh, my necklace! Where is it?

If only I hadn't
ridden on that horse with you...

I told you that I'd find it for you,
didn't I?

Think about what kind of wish
you'll be granting me.

How about I clean your room?

Or do your laundry?

-I'm going to go.
-Wait, no!

I'll do whatever you tell me to!


My necklace!

-You found it!

Thank you! Thanks a lot.


What is this?
He works at a construction site?

Mr. Kang!

Mr. Kang Yeong-jin!

-Come here for a second!

Just a moment.

Get one in this size
to Mr. Kim on the third floor.

Yes, sir.

Damn it.

You're Mr. Kang Yeong-jin, right?

Who are you?

That heartless girl.
Her father is here like this,

and yet she's playing house
with some rich kids?

Who are you? What are you saying?

I'm the one who raised that kid,
Eun Ha-won. I'm her stepmom.

Raised who?

Eun Ha-won! Your daughter!

Listen, lady.

I'm not even married.
Whose daughter are you talking about?

Oh, my.

You still couldn't forget Park Ok-seon,
so you didn't get married?

What did you just say?

-Did you just say Park Ok-seon?
-Yes. Park Ok-seon.

The woman that you ran
the taekwondo dojo with, ten years ago.

I didn't even know that she was your
daughter, and raised her, all this time.

Who said that she's my daughter?

I already looked into everything,
so there's no need to play dumb.

You and Ha-won's mom
were in a relationship, right?

-Just who said--
-You know what?

My husband is such a kind man
that he tried to forget that for ten years

and raised Ha-won as his own.

But now that I know,
I won't stand for it anymore.

I think there's been a misunderstanding--

I'm the one who misunderstood,
thinking she was my husband's kid!

Do you know how much we went through
raising her, when we're so poor?

I was going to demand money from you

for the sake of raising her
for all this time.

But now that I see you here,
I guess that won't be happening.

Just take the kid, already.

I told you, it wasn't like that!

I'm telling you, this isn't the time
for you to be denying the facts!

That kid wanted to pave her own way
in life, and got in with Haneul Group

and is busy trying to marry some rich guy.

She doesn't even know
her dad is in this sort of state!

That shameless girl.

Even if you two didn't know
about each other before,

you, her biological dad,
is alive and well now.

So you need to get her out
of Haneul House! Isn't that right?

Damn it!

Get money from him? As if.

At this rate, I'd be happy
if he just takes Eun Ha-won with him.



Like I told you, I need time
until the end of this month.

I said I'll repay you. I will!


Thanks for finding my necklace for me.

Is this all I get in return?

Hey, this is tastier than you think.

But what's with the necklace?



It's a ring. A keepsake, from my mom.

Was it her wedding ring?

I don't think it's a wedding ring

since Dad doesn't have one.

But I think that this was something
that was really important to my mom.

Apparently, she was holding this tight
in her hand when she passed away.

My mom didn't leave anything behind.

She left you behind, didn't she?

What's wrong with you?

Gosh. Never mind, then.

I'm going back.


Let's go together.

He doesn't even have any clothes.

What are you doing?

Well, you got wet because of me.

Whatever. I can just dry them
and wear them later.

Why don't you borrow Ji-woon's clothes?

No thanks.

If you're here to hang out with Ji-woon,
hang out with him.

And leave me alone.

I came here because of you.

It's been ten years
since we last came here.

Doesn't this make you feel anything,
to come here with me?

Not at all.

All of this means nothing to me.

I went to check it out before.

And it's still there.

That wooden bench, I mean.

I really wanted to come back here.

But it seems

you're the same as ever.

That's right.

So you should stop this, already.

Why did we have to come here,
of all places?


Oh, right.

I need to head back first.

What's the matter?

Park Hye-ji.

What's wrong?
What's with the serious face?

You know what?

I had some expectations for this trip.

It feels like I never acted up until now,

and still got upset that Hyun-min
never even glanced my way.


things aren't working out.

You're pretty enough as you are.

Just continue being yourself.

The preparation is complete,
Chairman Kang.

No, not yet.

Excuse me?

I've gotten myself more family members

and things have gotten more complicated.

I think that I'll have
to rewrite the will.

Yes, sir.

I hear that many executives have been
seeking you out lately, Attorney Kim.

Excuse me?


I think it'd be best to hurry and decide

since the future of the company
is at stake.

I'll have to choose
a successor soon enough.


Hello, ma'am! I'm Attorney Kim.

I couldn't make it to your wedding
because I was on a business trip.

Oh! Attorney Kim!

I've heard a lot about you
from the chairman.

I see. I just met with him,
and am on my way out.

It must have been an urgent matter.

You came here without prior notice.

The chairman called me
here all of a sudden.

I'll be seeing you again.

I feel like we'll be seeing each
other quite often, don't you think?


Why are you so late, ma'am?

Sorry. Something urgent came up.

The wife of Haneul Group's chairman
is coming today, right?

No, she canceled her reservation.

Oh, really?

Please go to the VIP room.

The wives of the Chairmen of Jaeil Group
and Joonmyung Group are both there.


Then, Samjin Group and S Group are
going to be linked by marriage, now?

Apparently, they're keeping
their wedding preparations a secret.

They're calling it a marriage,
but it's just a merger and acquisition.

It's always like that.

But, isn't it about time
to get Yeo-jin married, too?

Yes, but there aren't any guys
worthy of marrying her off to.

I'd only marry her off if it was someone
like one of the Kang cousins.

Stop massaging me so hard.

Well, every mother wants her daughter
to get married into the Haneul Group.

But I don't really want to, you know?

Chairman Kang just got remarried. Having
a grandmother-in-law like his wife is...

You think so?

-Right, did you hear?

Apparently, this isn't Madam Ji
of Haneul Group's first marriage!

No way!

They said that she was unmarried
before she married him.

Isn't that why people were
talking about it so much?

Because he was marrying a virgin?

That's what I'm saying! She lied to him,
in order to get married to him!

The housekeeper
at the chairman of Jangwon Group's home

used to live next door to
Madame Ji a long time ago

and she said that Madam Ji
was definitely a newlywed then!

How can you believe
some housekeeper's gossip?

Wait. Hasn't that housekeeper worked
for that family for a long time?

This housekeeper sounds quite convincing.


Do you think she would've
made something like that up?

Hello? Are you here?

This one with the red cap

is the homemade rice wine
that I made myself

and this one with the yellow cap
is freshly-squeezed milk from the farm.

Please, have a taste.

Thank you.

Also, I need to speak to you
for a bit, sir.

Yes, of course.

The one with the red cap is rice wine

and the one with the yellow cap is milk.

My necklace!

You found it!

Hey, why did you come in here?

You should've locked the door, then.

I did!

It was unlocked when I came in though.

Oh, it must be broken.


Why are you washing your face
so vigorously, though?

Mind your own business.

You're right. I should.

How can his eyes change like that
when he saw Hye-ji?


Damn it, where did I put it?

Where did it go?

Where did I put it?

Kang Hyun-min! Are you in there?

What the hell? What's going on?

I'm just here to look for my phone.


What are you doing?

No. Please don't come here.

Are you okay?



I'm sorry,

but can you please get out?


Oh my...

The door is broken, so, you know.

Just making sure no one goes in.

I see.


-Why don't you go on ahead?
-No, no. You go.

No, please. You go ahead.

All right, I'll go ahead, then.

Man, what do I do?

-Oh man.
-Hey, the barbecue...

What's the matter? Are you feeling hot?

Well, I just took a shower, so...

There's some milk in the fridge.
Have some of that!

Having milk after a shower is the best!

Right, the one
with the yellow lid is milk!

We're all ready now!

-I'll get the others.

Oh, it's Mr. Yoon-sung.

-Are you not feeling well, miss?
-No. I feel terrible.

Not good at all. Totally.

What seems to be the trouble?

-You, sir.

Yes! Why do you keep
talking to me so formally?

That's due to the chairman's orders.

The darned "chairman's order" again.

What's with Ms. Celebrity?

You're a total square.

You're no fun at all!

Just ignore the chairman's orders,

and speak to me comfortably.

Speak comfortably to me!


Come on. Are you going to do it, or not?

I'll do my best to try.

No, don't just try. Do it.

Do it!

Say, "Ha-won!"

Come on.


What's with her?
She's acting like she's drunk!

This is rice wine.

Hey! Kang Seo-woo.

Is this that funny to you?

Yes. You're being so funny right now!

Was hanging out by yourself that much fun?

I didn't have a fun time
at all by myself, though.

Oh, so did little Ms. Celebrity
have to play by herself?

That's right.

You lot won't play with me,

so I had to keep myself company.

It was a dream of mine to go
on a trip with my friends, too.

I've never done anything like this.

I was looking forward to it so much, too.

But you wouldn't even hang out with me!

I'm following your schedule
and got the barbecue all ready, okay?


Also, it's game time now.

It was my dream to wear matching jackets
with other people in my major

and going on a team-building
retreat with them, in college.

Look at this.

Ta-da! Ta-da! Ta-da!

Gosh, whatever!




Baskin Robbins 31! One!

Words that start with "T"
and end with "U"!






You two are out!

Yes, you two are out!

Eun Ha-won!


Wow, you're heavy!

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

-Get lost
-"Get lost?"


-I love you.
-Gosh, you almost made me curse out loud.

Hey, girlfriend! Switch seats with me.

Kang Ji-woon is insane.

Hey, why are you calling
me your girlfriend?

We weren't really engaged.

You and me?

Employer, employee.

Wait, you two weren't actually engaged?

Why are we playing
Truth or Dare now, all of a sudden?

Hey, I'm a victim here, too.

Thanks to you, everyone
in the world knows what I look like.

People keep recognizing me on the street.

They say "Look. It's the psycho
that rejected Kang Hyun-min."

Damn it!

Well, it's true
that you're a bit of an idiot.

Is this funny to you? Is it?

It's hard enough for me
to live my life as it is!

And to have you mess around with me...

Bad boy!

Bad boy...

What are you doing?

Oh my gosh!

That's disgusting.

Yes, sir.


Let me wash your sweats for you.

Is he in the bathroom?



Hey, School Uniform!

What are you doing?

Seo-woo, do you have a crush on someone?

What are you saying?

Your lyrics are different
than they were before.

How do you know that,
when I'm not even done with them?

There's nothing that
I don't know about you.

I've been a fan of yours
since your busking days.

You're loved by thousands and thousands
of people, so don't date anyone, okay?

You can't like anyone, either!

Got that?

What is she saying?





It's you.

Stay. Please stay a bit longer.

Did you drink a lot?


Thank you.

For rescuing me from the pool, I mean.

I told you,
anyone else would've done the same.

Would the situation really
have been the same

if it'd been someone else?

I'll have to be sure
to warm up properly next time.


Do that,
instead of inconveniencing others.

We used to come here a lot
when we were young.

Your family and my family
would come here together, too.

Yes, we did.

My dad liked this place.

He really did.

Your dad made us
a wooden swing over there, too.

It's gone now.


This is still here, though.

Do you remember

how my brother, Jeong-hyeon, teased
us for being childish when we did this?

He used to be jealous
about the fact that we were close.

And yet, he was the most
childish one among us.


I find myself wanting
to go back to those times.

Not me.

I'm perfectly happy with the present.

Kang Hyun-min used to be
a kind child when he was young.

Why does it feel like all you do now
is keep secrets?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Life is complicated enough as it is.

Why keep secrets?

Then why did you act like
you forgot about this spot?

Oh, that...

I just took a walk because I couldn't
fall asleep, and I ended up here.

This doesn't mean anything.

Remember? We'd draw this on each others'
hands when we couldn't fall asleep

so that we wouldn't have any nightmares.

All done.

All done.

Here, the two of us...

I don't remember.

You still don't remember?

If you don't,

can I like other guys now?

What are you asking me for?

Even if that other person is Kang Ji-woon?

I love you.

Get lost.

I love you!

Get lost!

I said that I love you!




What, now you're surprised?

Who poured you this much wine?

That's mine.

What did you just do?

Did you just kiss me?

No, you kissed me!

All right. Let's do that one more time.

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