Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript


Let's end this fake relationship of ours.

And then,

let's start a real one.

Do you like me?

See how you truly feel

in your heart.

Regarding both your family and women.

We need to talk.

Just leave me alone.

There's nothing going on between
Eun Ha-won and Kang Hyun-min.

I knew that already.

It's not because of that.


Wait, why are you here?

I'm not sure myself.

How could I be friends
with someone like her?

Did something happen between you two?

I have to get going.
I want to be by myself.

-Gosh, he's so handsome.
-I know, right?

-Please give me an autograph!
-Don't go!

-Gosh, my stomach.
-Are you all right, Seo-woo?

-Oh, it's CNBLUE!


My gosh! What's this?



I love you!

What do we do?

There are tons of girls
out there right now.

Damn it, this is bad.

There is one way, you know.

Really? What is it?

What's with that lanky weirdo?

Damn it! What do I do?


Hey. It's me.

It's me. Open the door.

Damn it!

Hey, it's me!

It's me, Seo-woo!

-What? Seo-woo?
-Open the door!

Get in!

Hey, why are you dressed like that?

Hurry and go! Hurry!



Your battery is low.


What am I doing, wearing a new uniform

on the day of my graduation?

Oh my, what do we do?
It's so cold today, too.

And the world is such a cruel place.

You said you found this
this morning, correct?


Where did she go?

I'll go try to find her.

Have you seen Ha-won?


Aren't you even worried?

I don't care.

You're so mean. She used to live with us.

You really are heartless.

So you know.

Where are you going?

To go and get Ms. Eun.

I'll come with you.


I was close to Ha-won, too!

Sure. Let's go together.

Speaking of which, where did
Kang Hyun-min disappear to

after causing such a scene at school?

That's him, right?

-It is him.
-My gosh.

Why are they looking at me like that?

This isn't how they usually look at me.

Have you seen this?

My confession.

You keep crossing my mind.

Let's put a stop to this now.

Did Ms. Eun come here today,
by any chance?


Wait, did she really leave Haneul House?


You were making such a fuss about
how she was an honored guest.

Did you throw her out already, or what?

And she was acting like she was all that
because she was living with rich people.

Serves her right.

She deserves it.


I guess you had a friend,
at least, Eun Ha-won.

That name seems a bit familiar.

Is there a girl named Hong Ja-yeong
who works here?

That's me.

Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse me.

I'm Hong Ja-yeong.



We met again.


About what happened at school...

I won't tell anyone.

You won't, right?

-Of course, I won't.

But why are you here?

Did Ha-won come here, by any chance?

No, she didn't.

Do you know any place she might go to?

She ran away from home, you see.

No wonder she was begging me
to let her sleep over one night.

How could you people kick her out
when she has nowhere to go?

No, that's not what happened.

This is bad.

I doubt she has any money.

Gosh, I'm so tired of this place.

Not a single day goes by quietly.

It was finally starting to seem
like a proper home.

It's probably because the boys caused
so much trouble that she gave up and left.


Oh, my.

It's past dinnertime, sir.

I didn't know you'd come here.

I'll get these out of your way.

Was it Eun Ha-won?


The person who bought
those flowers, I mean.


How did you know, sir?

She said that you boys
would probably feel down

after attending the memorial service.

But it would be inappropriate to get
something colorful given the situation.

So she said, "How about buying simple,
pleasant white roses for the table?"

That young lady has been through a lot,

so she's quite thoughtful.

What's she going to do now
that she's left?

I don't think they found her yet.

It wouldn't be good if something bad
happened to her. Right, sir?

Mr. Kang Ji-woon?

Gosh, just who was I even talking to?

You think it'd be okay to live here?

I came here to protect something
that's important to me.


Yes, Yoon-sung.

She didn't go there, apparently.
How did your search go?


All right.

Where in the world are you, Eun Ha-won?




Yes, eating jajangmyeon on the day
of your graduation is the best!

There you go.

Thank you for the food.

Dad, we should've ordered
sweet and sour pork, too.

Come on, Mom.
I should go on a diet now, too.

Eat up, Mom.

Man, this jajangmyeon is delicious.


I can't go to college.

I'm sorry.


What kind of girl finishes
three instant noodles by herself?

Stop starving yourself,
and come back home.

Come back home.


Haneul House.

Don't you get what I'm saying?

Oh, "home."

I can't go back there anymore.


did go.

To Haeryong Temple.


What I'm saying is, you completed
your mission, or whatever.


The rose in front of my mom's urn.

You left it there, right?

Well, in a way,

your mom and mine are like neighbors.

That's why.

I gave that flower...

to my dad.

You little punk.

Good job.

Really. Great job.

Stop overreacting.

Are we going home together, then?

Hurry up and come out.

The phone has been turned off.
You'll be forwarded to...

Her phone is still off.

Where in the world is she
and what is she doing?

I'll have to check the saunas
and Internet cafes nearby.

I hope she's not starving herself.

I'm back!

What happened?

Where were you? Do you know
how long I've been waiting for you?

I'm back home.

-Welcome back!
-It's good that you're back, miss.

Oh my.

You're back.

You said you didn't care.

Were all of you waiting for me?

Of course. Everyone was
so worried about you.

Have you eaten by the way?

Yes, I have.

Well, I'm going to make you more food,
so eat some more.

As always, you're the best!

-I'm the best?
-You're the best!

It's a good thing you're back

It's good that you're back

It's a good thing you're back

It's not like I missed you, though


Come on.

Kang Seo-woo, I was totally touched.

I have 49 missed calls from you.



For what?

I'm apologizing on behalf
of the three idiots

you have to live with here.

We put you through a lot
just because of our family issues.

Hey, come on, now.

A star like you called me 49 times.

I should totally screenshot this
and put it online.

I bet everyone would be so jealous.

How about it?

No. You can't do that.

I have an image to maintain and protect.

You'd better erase that call record, now.

I don't want to.

-I don't want to.

-Delete it right now!

I'm going to use this
and get really popular.

No, go away! Go away!

Anyway, you really are impressive.

You even rejected Kang Hyun-min
like he was nothing.

How did you know about that?

You didn't know?

My confession.

You keep crossing my mind.

Let's put a stop to this now.

I'm sure that he was pretty shocked.

He's never been rejected before.

Now, a video of him
getting dumped went viral.

You don't need to worry.

I bet he's seducing women
somewhere else right now.

Was I too hard on him?

I totally love this!

It shows that money can't buy everything.

Celebrate! Korea's Number One
Douchebag is now born!

An awesome video that shows you that
good looks aren't everything in life!

You should be born
as a bug in your next life.

Life will be easier for you then.

Darn this!


Do you like me?

See how you truly feel in your heart.

Regarding both your family and women.

What's with this feeling?

Now it's raining, too?

Kang Hyun-min!

Gosh, is he that badly shaken up?


Did you get a good night's sleep?


Did you eat?

Stop acting as if we're close.

I heard you were only pretending
to be Hyun-min's fiancée.

But you're not ignoring me
anymore, at least.

I wanted to say thanks.

What's going on? Is there
something wrong with your eyes?

You're not wearing something
weird again, right?

You're back to dressing
like your normal self.

What are you talking about?
When was I ever not normal?

No, I just thought you developed
a school uniform fetish or something.

Stop saying stupid things
that'll ruin my good mood.

You seem to be chirpy today.

Are you making good progress on your song?

No, something even better happened.

Really? What is it?

What is it, Seo-woo?

What is it?

Ms. Beolgyo.

I came back because I missed your cooking.

Goodness, I set up a feast over there,
so why are you over here?

But I like this.

This is more like the food
you eat at home.

But eating over there doesn't
taste the same.

Mr. Lee. Come over here and eat with me.

No, it's all right.

You were going to say, "Eat as much
as you'd like, Ms. Eun." Right?

Open your mouth.

It tastes good, right?

Well, Mr. Lee.

Doesn't Kang Hyun-min
seem a bit off to you?

I saw him in the garden just now.

I've never seen him like that.

Is he really all right?

I'm sure he'll be fine
after he rests a bit.

Oh, it seems like he saw that thing.

I heard that Mr. Kang Hyun-min
has gotten himself a new nickname.

Rich Douchebag.

He's become a douchebag.

It seems that he was quite taken aback.


-Honestly, I'm jealous of her.
-Was she flirting with Kang Hyun-min?

Did she save her country in her past life?

I'd rather have Kang Hyun-min confess
to me than win the lottery.

Gosh, I'm so jealous!

-Damn it!

What the hell was that, you wench?

Look at this! Everyone's saying that
Ha-won is a Cinderella or whatever!

So why did you cause all that trouble
at school, you stupid girl?

You pretty much dug your own grave.

Who knew things would end up like this?

Damn it, you got it all over my face!

You nasty girl.

Look what you did to my face!

Whatever! Go wash your face
with the remover.


I'm not done painting your toenails yet!

Whatever! I don't want to hear it!

It's unlucky to not paint
your toenails the same way!

Damn it! It's all because of
that damned Eun Ha-won!

Damn it!

You said that it'd make me unlucky.

You little...

All right.

Ji-woon left that behind for his dad.

Do you know what this flower means?

"Respect." Right?

So you're familiar with the meaning.

This means that punk has begun to change.

What's this?

Open it. It's a gift from me.

Just think of it as a vacation, a reward.

It seems like this isn't
going to be a normal vacation.

People usually get closer by fighting
on a vacation together.

Who'll be going?

Well, you can take the boys,

or bring whoever you'd like.


Of course!

Then can I bring all 37 girls in my class?


Well, sure.

That was a joke.

Mr. Lee, I'm in for
something huge, aren't I?

Yes, it does seem that way.

All right, then.

Show me what you can do this time as well.

The person you are trying to reach
is currently unavailable.

You'll be forwarded to...

I'm in front of your studio.
Are you taking a day off?


Shall I put the phone to your ear, ma'am?





The better the younger the girl is.

But I don't like girls who are too pretty.

You understand what I mean, right?

It'll be bad if he falls for her
before knowing her personality.

Of course, since I trust you, Mr. Jang.

There's no need for multiple women.
I want the first one to be the right one.

All right. Then, please prepare a meeting.



I think the chairman's wife is arranging
marriage meetings for her grandsons.

What? Marriage meetings?

What about me, then?

They need to marry for love if I'm ever
going to have a chance with one of them.

Calm down!
Don't you know how capable I am?

I went and took down the number
of the person setting this up!


All we have to do is swap you in
on the day of the marriage meeting.

Don't underestimate your mom.

Just take care of your skin
in the meantime

while fantasizing about which of
the Kang cousins you'll be seeing first.

I wonder who it will be?

It'll probably be Kang Hyun-min, right?

Oh, my gosh!

Mom, do a face mask for me
when you get home later.

See? I bring you so much fortune.

Shall I prepare dinner, Your Majesty?

Just go and buy more nail remover,
my daughter.

This mother of yours
used all of it this morning.

Do you think that the boys
will want to come with me?

I'm sure that it's possible
if you're the one to do it.

You're the best, Mr. Lee.

Yes, this is Lee Yoon-sung.

No, thank you.

I'm hanging up.

Come on, pick up.


Hey, why didn't you pick up?

Why are you calling me
when we live here together?

Why are you so late--

When did you get back?

Just now.

I have something to ask you.

Let's go on a trip. All of us.

Come on. Let's go on a trip together.
We can sightsee, and eat delicious food.


The phone call is over.

Is he serious? Gosh.


I knew that you'd forget
your things and leave.

What happened, exactly?

Kang Seo-woo came
all the way here to look for you.

Well, there was a bit
of a misunderstanding.

You're back at Haneul House now, then?



Thank goodness.

I'll show this to Mom.

Yes, you should.
You caused the uproar to get it.

Did I?

Gosh, stop smiling.
You'll make me less mad at you.

What now?

Thanks, friend.

You know you don't need to thank me.

You know...

No way! What is this?

Is this Kang Seo-woo?

This is how Kang Seo-woo managed
to escape our school in one piece.

I orchestrated this whole plan myself.

He went out looking like this?

This makes my heart flutter so much

to see my Seo-woo wearing the uniform

that I wore every day for three years.

But isn't this a bit much?
This is just way too weird.

You should feel honored to see this.

If other people saw this,
it'd cause a lot of trouble.

Yes, keep that and pass it down
as your family heirloom.

Ja-yeong. Can you send me those photos?


I'll use them to make
Kang Seo-woo do my bidding.


What's with that scary look in your eyes?

It's nothing like that.
Come on, send them to me.

No. Never!

Then you come, too.


Just a certain somewhere.

He didn't get caught with nudes
or anything like that, did he?


Damn that punk!

You came here alone as promised.

Where's the thing?

This is...

Well, what is it?

What is it that you want?

It would've been better
if these were just nudes!

It's nothing major.

It's just as I expected.

How much?

How much money do you want?

-How much?
-I don't need money.


All you have to do is clear Seo-woo's
schedule after three days.

After three days? Just a second.

His schedule is...

That's one down.

I'm begging you, doctor.

I'm being super serious right now.

So where do you want work done, exactly?



All of it.

All of it?

Did you see that video too, doctor?

Well, I'm sure you understand
how I must be feeling, then.

I can't walk around outside
with this face anymore, doctor.

Well, it does seem that way, but...

I keep getting angry,
and I feel so frustrated.

Well, in my opinion...

How about you grow out your hair and see
a therapist instead of getting surgery?

A therapist?

That girl was your first love, right?

What are you saying, doctor?
What do you mean, first love?

That's not it.

First love? Gosh, no.

Somebody else was my first love.

And then,

let's start a real one.


I'm in front of your studio.
Are you taking the day off?

I'm worried about you.

Call me back.

You're okay, right?


I'm thankful that you let me sleep over,
so I want to meet up with you.

Do you have time?


Sure. How about we meet at my studio?

I love her.

I love her not.

I love her.

I love her not.

I love her not.

I love her.

I love her.

No way.

Kang Hyun-min.

-What are you doing?
-I love her.

Don't talk to me. You'll distract me.

I love her not.

Hey, what's wrong with you? Seriously.

Damn it, this is driving me crazy.

I love her not.

I can't leave you like this.

Kang Hyun-min.
Let's go on a trip together.

I love her.

Should I make an official apology
on YouTube for the entire country to see?

-Hey, Kang Hyun-min!
-I love her not.

I love her.

Who are you thinking about
while doing this?

I love her not.

Should I give him a shock
to shake him out of this?

I love her.

Hey, Kang Hyun-min.

I love her not.


Why aren't you picking up my calls?
I'm going to your studio.

This place is so cool.

So you went back to Haneul House?

Yes, it just turned out that way.

I felt like I had to tell you.

Won't it make you uncomfortable
to live with Hyun-min?

Or maybe Hyun-min would
feel more uncomfortable.

So you saw that video too.


I don't want you to get the wrong idea.

There's nothing going on between us.

Good job.

Hyun-min should experience getting
rejected by a girl too, for once.

Well, it's not that I rejected him--

Everyone is talking about
how cool you were.

It's not like that.

I just--

It's not like you confessed,
so you shouldn't feel sorry toward me.

Don't worry about it.



But is that why you wanted to see me?

Well, to be honest...


I have a favor to ask of you.

Do you want to go on a trip together?

A trip?

Yes. You, me,

Hyun-min, Ji-woon, and Seo-woo.

To be honest, I kind of have to get them
to agree to go on a trip together.

Where are you going?

Apparently, it's a vacation home that
the people from Haneul Group use.

-They say it's really nice.
-A vacation home?

Getting them all to come with me
on my own would be impossible.

That's true.


And if you say that you're coming,
I think they'll come.

Ji-woon and Hyun-min, I mean.

Sorry. I guess I shouldn't
have said anything.

Eun Ha-won.

Do you really have to go this far?

Well, I just...

I'll come.

Let's go on that trip together.

And you come too.

I already said that I wasn't going.

Why do you have to be this way?

I was worried about you.

Sorry. I'll be going.

I'll say this again.

I'm not going.

Are you really going to go?

Can't I?

-I've thought about this for a while.

Should I like the fact
that Hyun-min got rejected,

or be jealous?

Again with that?
Stop dwelling on it so much.

Let's go on that trip together.

Why do you want to go?

I want to go visit Haneul Group's
vacation home again.

You've been there before?

I went there a couple of times
when I was younger.

With Hyun-min, and our families.

I'm really not up for it.

It's fine if you don't come
if you really don't want to.

But you know,

I don't have the confidence to face
Hyun-min by myself, just yet.


Of course! It's best for a woman
to be as young as possible.

And she's a lady who looks nice
and modest, rather than super done-up.

Her household?

Well, she comes from
an average background,

but she'd make a great wife.

What? Her occupation?


I'll call you back.

All right.

What did he say?

You need to have something
to offer, you know.

Had you gotten into college,
I could've said you were a student.

How could I tell him
you're retaking exams?

You could've said I was looking for a job!

-What do we do now, then?

You said you'd get me into Haneul House,
just like Ha-won.

Just wait!

Honey! What brings you here
without even telling me in advance?

My construction job fell through.

I missed you, Dad!


About Ha-won...

She hasn't come
home once since that incident.

I'm a bit tired after driving for so long.

I'm going to get some sleep first.

Yes, do that.

Where's your bag with your clothes in it?

Oh, right.

It's in the car,
so grab it for me later, will you?

Okay. Go in and get some rest.

Go to the car and get Dad's bag.

No way.


Gosh, he left his phone here, too.

I know where Kang Yeong-jin is.

-What is this about?
- You're definitely paying me, right?

Paying him?

And who's Kang Yeong-jin?


"Missing person"?

"When the fire broke out at
Yeongak Apartment in 2006..."

Yeongak Apartment?

What now?

What is it?

-What is it?

Here, look at this!

"Kang Yeong-jin"?

Who is this?

Your dad is looking for him.

"When the fire broke out at
Yeongak Apartment in 2006..."

Yeongak Apartment?
I've heard of that before.

Ha-won's mom died there
because of this incident, remember?

That's right!

Apparently, someone that
she trained with lived there.

A lot of people wondered
why she died in someone else's house.

It must have been at this man's house.


But he's a man.

That's right.

Then is this guy
Eun Ha-won's biological dad?

Dad must be crazy!
Why is he looking for him?


You know how soft-hearted he is.

I'm sure that he's trying to find him
to send her along to him.

Just how much money
has he wasted for her sake?

Gosh, this pisses me off!


This is actually quite good for us.

What do you mean?

Shall we take this chance
and earn some money?

Relieve your stress about
not getting to live at Haneul House.

What are you talking about?

Let's use this chance to make Ha-won
quit her rich girl charade.

Wow. He's sleeping again?

How come all Hyun-min does now is sleep?

He's a heavy sleeper.

He wouldn't notice
even if someone moved him.

Wait, really?



I can't go to college.

I'm sorry.

Eun Ha-won.

Do you really have to go this far?

Well, I just...

I was worried about you.

Kang Hyun-min! Wake up!

What the heck?

Can he really not hear me?

Kang Hyun-min!

What are you doing?

He's locked himself in his room
and won't go anywhere, so...

You'll fail your mission at this rate.

Everyone will go, all right?

Except you.

How are you going to take someone
who's locked himself in his room?

Are you going to kidnap him?

I'm not in the mood
to joke around right now.

About earlier...

If you get him to come on the trip...

I'll come too.

On the trip.


Do you want me to pinky-swear,
or something?

Yes. You'd better not
change your mind later.

Kang Hyun-min?

Kang Hyun-min?

Let's go on our trip! Please, Hyun-min.

I'll apologize to you. It's all my fault.

Come on, can't you just do me a favor?
Consider it my last.


What the...

Kang Hyun-min!

Kang Hyun-min!

Kang Hyun-min! Please?

What the hell?

How is he in such a deep sleep?

He's a heavy sleeper.

He wouldn't notice
even if someone moved him.

Are you going to kidnap him?



Have fun at your performance in Thailand!


You're coming tomorrow, right?

No, I'm not going.

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