Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

The guys will come, right?

Hello, ma'am.

Gosh, you're so uptight. You're no fun.

Secretary Lee, you never change, do you?

-Let's head inside.

And who are you?

Hello. My name is Eun Ha-won.

So it's you. Hyun-min's fiancée.

I see.

But what about my Seo-woo?


If I follow

The constellations

In the night sky

Could I go there, too?

No matter how desperately

I want an answer

The stars have no answer for me

I won't tell you to make amends
with your mom

or to go to your dad's
memorial service tomorrow.

But I will say this one thing.

Your dad must be so lonely.

You secretly do want
to see him, don't you?

I mean, he is the man
that your mom loved, after all.

Your dad, I mean.

Go and see your dad.

If I ever

See you again

I'll tell you

All of my stories

I'll follow the stars

And reach you


...want to sing this song
for your dad, don't you?

If you miss him, go and pay your respects
to him and tell him that.

Please watch over me

Why'd you stop?

You wrote these awesome lyrics.
What's wrong?


All right. Let's get you back in the zone.
We can go again after.

You want to sing this song
for your dad, right?

If you want to see him,
go and tell him that in person.

Hey, where are you going?

To go see someone that I miss.

It's you, sister-in-law!

Wow, how did you age so much
in just a year?

Look at all these wrinkles
around your eyes.

And it looks like you became
even more of a chatterbox since last year.

Looks like you and Hyun-min
are the same as ever.

Mom. Don't go.

You stay here.

Stay here, and protect your place.

Mom. Don't go.




Mom! Don't go!




Don't go, Mom.


Oh dear.

You still haven't left yet, sir?

I apologize.

Gosh, that heartless scum.

He doesn't care about
how Ms. Ha-won feels.

Poor Ha-won, when will this ever end?

What do you mean by that?

Goodness, we'll wrap this up now.

Go and get some rest.

An extra pair of hands won't hurt.

Did you cook back at home?

When my mom was alive,

I watched her prepare for

my grandparents' memorial services.


She passed away when I was
ten years old, so I'm okay now.

You could be of some use.

I mean that you're doing well.

Your mom really taught you well.

Look at how pretty
your jeon are turning out.

Your mom must be so proud every time
you do a memorial service for her.

I've never been able to do that, though.

Why not?

Because my stepmom didn't like it.

It's fine.

I just go to visit her
on the anniversary of her death.

You sure grew up to be a fine child.

Right. Compared to you,

our boys grew up terribly.

They're complete children.

-I know, right?

They even have people
who are preparing food

for the anniversary of their dads' deaths.

So that they can pay their respect
without any worries.

They don't know how lucky they are.

They're far too privileged.

You can say that again.

But still, I'm sure all three
of them will go this time.

I'm sure they'll understand how you feel.

I'm not doing this hoping
they'll acknowledge my efforts.

Oh, really?

Then, why are you working so hard?

Because all this reminds me of my mom.

I'm sure that my mom

waits for the days
that I come and visit her.

And I feel like

the Kang cousins' dads
are waiting for them, too.

But those spoiled brats just won't budge.

That's why I want to at least make
some delicious food for their fathers.

I won't tell you to make amends
with your mom

or to go to your dad's
memorial service tomorrow.

But I will say this one thing.

Your dad must be so lonely.

I'm sure that my mom

waits for the days
that I come and visit her.

And I feel like the Kang cousins'
dads are waiting for them, too.

It's almost time now.

I guess they really aren't coming.

Don't be disappointed just yet.

Ms. Celebrity.

I'm not late, right?

Wait, am I the only one who came?

Were you waiting for me?

Of course.

I'm not talking about me.

I'm sure your dad has been waiting.

I don't think Ji-woon will be coming.

I'm sorry.

This mission

was a failure.

Having Ji-woon come

would've been nothing short of a miracle.

I thought a miracle would happen

if I just got through to him.

I guess I got too cocky after getting them
to have a meal together.

Getting Seo-woo and Hyun-min to come

already counts as half a success.

Yes, but it wasn't a complete success.

I did fail my mission.

I'll be going now.

Since it's a family gathering,
I don't think I belong here.

I'll go on ahead.

You're here, Father?

Let us all begin.
The children must be hungry.



I'm sure that they're all happy
to have seen their sons this year.


Although there is one who was left alone.

Why would he be?

His son even left him a rose as a gift.



You don't look well.

Shall we go, Chairman Kang?

I'm fine, don't worry about me.

You two really look good together.


One needs to have
as much class as you, Madam,

to shine when next to the chairman.

It feels quite awkward to have
a family member call me "Madam."

It'd be selfish of you to want us

to treat you like our mother-in-law.

Is that right?

Then, I wonder what kind of selfishness

prompted you to never contact us once

and then suddenly make an appearance
just for this occasion?

Did you want to make
some belated profits with your son?

What do you mean?

It's only natural that
I take part in this occasion

as the mom of the heir of Haneul Group.


My son is the only one

who was born and raised in Haneul House.

The only one

who can lead Haneul Group in the future is

my Hyun-min.

Nothing has been carved in stone yet.

Let's follow the natural order of things.

Hyun-min's father was the heir

of Haneul Group before he died.

It's only natural that
his son, my Hyun-min,

gets that position handed down to him.

That was in their fathers' generation.

Even so, it won't change the fact

that Seo-woo's dad
was an illegitimate child.

Are you saying that for me to hear?

That wasn't my intention.

Think about it.

Don't you think that my own
children would take after me?

If you keep talking
about heirs and whatnot

with kids who are not fit
for the position,

I'll be sure to search the entire planet

to find out if your husbands
have left behind any secret children.

I'll find something out, all right.

Ji-woon's dad must have been disappointed.

Ji-woon's mom and dad

must be happy together
in heaven right now.

Let's not talk about Ji-woon's mom.

Thanks to her,

Ji-woon was forced
to fend for himself for so many years.

But you know, it would've been nice
if Ji-woon had come, too.

Chairman Kang.

I've been told that Ji-woon
came here today.


Eun Ha-won.

Go and see your dad.



I didn't see Kang Ji-woon today.

Did he finally realize where he belongs?

He's not trying to take your place
as successor or anything, right?

-The position of the successor--
-When you see me,

is the "successor"
the only topic that comes to mind?

Well, that's...

You should've taken that exit
to get to the hotel.

I'm not going to your hotel.

-Where then?
-I'm going to the airport.


Don't ever come back to Korea.

Is this really the place?

What in the world.
Is this a palace or a castle?

Mom, they're technically the same.

I know.

And it's "castle" in English.

But does Eun Ha-won
really live in this place?

I told you, yes.

I saw it with my very own eyes.

She rode next to Kang Hyun-min
in his sports car,

and he bought her clothes.

I'm telling you, it's crazy.

It's not like only Eun Ha-won can
be allowed to live in a place like this.

I'm her mom.

Her stepmom. Stepmom.

You're Ms. Eun Ha-won's family?

Yes. I'm her mom.

And I'm her older sister.

I was just worried sick

about how my Ha-won was doing here.

Ever since Ha-won came to live here,

I haven't been able to sleep well.

Ms. Ha-won is doing just fine.

But still, can't an older sister
have a look around

the house her own younger sister lives?

Stop making such a big deal.
It's so embarrassing.


This here...

I mean, this is Ms. Eun Ha-won's room.

The side dishes for dinner
have been delivered,

but you'll have to come check
and make sure that nothing is missing.

Then, please take a look around
as much as you wish.

Yes, we will.

-Where are you going?

Who cares about Eun Ha-won's room?

I want to look at your
future son-in-law's room.

Are you sure it's that one?

Gosh, what do you take me for?


I have Kang Hyun-min

in the palm of my hand.

Wow, this is insane.

Isn't this Eun Ha-won's?


Why is this in here?

Wait a second.

Are you worming your way in here
to win him over, Eun Ha-won?

Hey, Yu-na.



Oh, my.

You're that General Secretary
of Haneul Group, from last time.

What brings you here?

Tomorrow is Ha-won's graduation.

So I came by to see
if she was doing all right.

Why did you go into the wrong room
to look for Ha-won, sweetie?

Does Ms. Ha-won know
that you two are here?

What does that matter?

I'm her mother, and she's my daughter.

I'd appreciate it if you refrained from

dropping in like this, without any notice.

You sure are uptight, aren't you?

I came because I was worried

that you lot might be mistreating her.

-Is there anything wrong with that?
-Do not worry.

We're treating her as our valued guest.

And we're that valued guest's
mom and sister, all right?

I'm sorry, but our only guest
is Ms. Ha-won.

I'll show you the way out.

But... Hey.

How the hell did she train these people
to be that loyal to her?


Here's the truth behind Eun Ha-won,
Senior at Jungsan Girls' High.

She ran away from home to try
and change her wretched life,

and now she's living at Haneul House,
with the Kang cousins.

Eun Ha-won, you're dead now.


In case you think I'm lying,
here are photos of inside Haneul House.

I can't tell you about
the person who took them, though.



You can't.

Why are you trying to sleep at my place,
when you live in a mansion?

You have to go to the graduation
tomorrow anyway,

so how about we greet the day together,

and go to school
in each other's company tomorrow?

My house is cramped enough as it is.

If you come over,
tomorrow morning will be hell.

Come on, Ja-yeong.

I told you, you can't.

I'll clean this entire place up for you.

-I told you, you can't.
-Why not?

-Listen to me.


What, do you know her?

Goodness, what a relief.

I didn't know that Ha-won
had a friend like you.

What do you mean--

Can I leave Ha-won in your care
for just one night?

If Eun Ha-won snores
or talks in her sleep, call me.

I'll scold her.


Thanks a lot.

What the hell are you doing?

Let's go together.

Wow, your house is amazing.

This is nothing compared to Haneul House.

No, this place is really amazing.

My room is over there.


Your room is so pretty, just like you.


Isn't this you and Kang Hyun-min?


It's me and Kang Hyun-min.

But who's that next to you?
He looks a lot like you.

My older brother.

I see.

But he died a long time ago.

I'm sorry. I didn't even know, and...

It's fine. It happened
a long time ago, anyway.

But Kang Hyun-min
seems really different here.

He doesn't look like
the troublemaker he is now.

You're right.

Hyun-min, as he is now,

is not really who he truly is.


But why did you leave Haneul House?

What about Hyun-min?

About that.

To tell you the truth,

I'm not Kang Hyun-min's fiancée.

Kang Hyun-min asked me to pretend
to be his fiancée, so I did it as a job.

And he asked me not to tell anyone

that it was a lie, no matter what.


About you living at Haneul House...

It's because of a job
I took on from the chairman.

But that's all over now, too.

Wow, what a load off my chest.

Sorry. This is a lot to take in, right?


you're not in any kind of
relationship with Hyun-min?

Of course not.


Honestly, I thought that you two looked
so great together, from the start.

So there's no need to worry about me.

Honestly, it's not like
I'd look good by his side, anyway.

Do you want to go and wash up first?

Can I?

Good job, Eun Ha-won.

Yeah, there's no need
to lie to Hye-ji, too.

The truth was bound to
have come to light anyway.


Are you sleeping?


I could have just slept on the floor.


If it hadn't been for you,

I would've slept in front of my school
before the graduation ceremony.

Then I guess
you'll be seeing your family tomorrow?

I don't know.

Maybe nobody will show up.

Don't worry about it.

All I have to do is go and get my diploma.

I'll go see.


Thanks, Hye-ji.

Thanks so much. Good night.

Are you asleep, Ms. Ha-won?

Get plenty of rest. I'll see you tomorrow.

I heard that you came to the temple.


It was because of Ms. Ha-won, right?


She was deeply hurt
because she thought you didn't come.

Go and comfort her a bit, okay?

I hear tomorrow is her graduation day.

Drop by and congratulate her,
if you have time.

Hold on.

What does her graduating
have to do with me?


Tomorrow's my graduation.

Can you make it?

Eun Ha-won.

Where did she go off to,
so early in the morning?


My school uniform.

My graduation is next week.

What the hell? Where did it go?

What the hell happened to this?

No way, this is bad.

Buy some flowers here.

Ten thousand won for one.

Hello. Buy some flowers.

Isn't it great?
And it's really cheap, too.


-It's so cheap.
-I have to buy one.

-You have to keep in touch, okay?
-You too.

-Keep in touch.
-All right, I promise.

Look at her, ignoring all of us.

-I know, right?
-She acts like she's a queen or something.

The graduation ceremony will soon begin.

-Let's go.
-Let's go.

Please make your way to the auditorium.

Eun Ha-won.

Did you get a good night's rest
in that unfamiliar house?

Why are you so late?

Well, obviously

I overslept.

But where is everyone else going?

-Oh, to the auditorium.
-And why didn't you go?

By any chance,

were you waiting for me?

Of course I was.

My Ha-won is such a loyal friend.

So loyal.

Let's go.

Come on.

Hey, come on, loyal Ha-won.
Let's move, already.

Excuse me.

Can you find me a uniform
that looks just like this one, right now?

Yes, sir.



The person you are trying to reach
is currently unavailable.

You'll be forwarded
to the voicemail service.

Where are you?

You should be wearing your school uniform
on your graduation.

Wait for me. I'll bring it to you now.

Here you are.

This school's uniforms sure are pretty.

Really? You're quite pretty, too.

Oh my. Thank you.



Can I get one bouquet, please?

Oh, are you going to
a friend's graduation?

You can choose from these.

All right.

I'm not Kang Hyun-min's fiancée.

Kang Hyun-min asked me to pretend
to be his fiancée, so I did it as a job.


you're not in any kind of
relationship with Hyun-min?

Of course not.

Please pick out a pretty one for me.


I think I shouldn't live here anymore.

Thanks for everything.

What on earth is this nonsense?

This child.

-Yes, this is Lee Yoon-sung.
-Oh my.

-Ms. Ha-won is gone.

She seems to have left because
she thought she failed her mission.

Ask around and find out
where she is, right away.

Is there any place where
you think she might be?

Yes, sir.

Today is actually the day
of Ms. Eun Ha-won's graduation.

We truly hope that you have happy lives.

Here's the truth behind Eun Ha-won,
Senior at Jungsan Girls' High.

She ran away from home to try
and change her wretched life,

and now she's living at Haneul House,
with the Kang cousins.

I thought she went there as a maid,
but that's actually not the case.

Is she a sugar baby
of the recently married Kang Jong-du?

Or his super-grade prostitute?

What? How did Eun Ha-won
get to live at Haneul House?

Did she snag one of the potential heirs?

As if. Why would any of the Kang cousins
look at her twice?

Though Chairman Kang might.

Then did Eun Ha-won enter Haneul House
as Chairman Kang's sixth mistress?




-Let's go and take photos.
-See you later.



Maybe Dad is too busy.

What's with that outfit?

You were acting all high and mighty
about living at some rich person's place,

and totally ignored us.

I left that place.

What are you going to do, then?


You have nowhere to go.

Don't even think about
coming back to our place.

Yu-na, honey!

-You're here?

The first concept for my new album
is a schoolboy look.


Who's that crazy bitch from Jungsan
Girls' High who lives at your house?

Jungsan Girls' High
is in an uproar right now.

The day of reckoning.

That girl who lives at Haneul House
is going to die today.

I should go, too.

Jungsan Girls' High's graduation ceremony.

I'm ready for some bloodshed. Let's go!


Yes? What?


I'm not going to
any of my schedule for today.

-Don't look for me.

Hey, your schedule for today...


Eun Ha-won. Someone's looking for you.

-Looking for me?


-Buy some flowers.
-Buy some flowers.

I'll give them to you for cheap.

I'm not here for the ceremony.

They're going to take Eun Ha-won down now.

It's Kang Hyun-min.

Man, is it tiring to be famous.

Testing, one, two.

Hello, students of Jungsan Girls' High.

Schoolmates of my girlfriend, Eun Ha-won.

Hurry over, and have
as much as you'd like.

Today, I, Kang Hyun-min,
will pay for it all.

Also, Eun Ha-won.

Where are you?

Eun Ha-won.

Someone took Eun Ha-won
from the auditorium earlier.

-Let go.
-Sit down, damn it.

-Why are you doing this?

Let go.

This room is totally soundproof.

Nobody is going to hear you,

no matter how hard you scream.

Why are you doing this?

"I wonder why they're acting like this?"

Do you think you deserve
to hang out with the Kang cousins?

No, it's not the Kang cousins.

I heard that she is
Chairman Kang's mistress.

That's right. Eun Ha-won.

Even if you wanted to enter
Haneul House that badly,

going for a guy that old is
too much, don't you think?

Are you out of your damn mind?

I'm guessing there are weird rumors
swirling around, but that's not true.

Ladies. The chairman's mistress
says this isn't true.

Oh, for real?

Take back what you said, right now.


Take it back.

Is this girl out of her damn mind?

-Oh my gosh.
-What's he doing here?

-Eun Ha-won.
-Who are you?

Congratulations on your graduation.

-Sit still.
-What are you doing?

What are you doing?

What are you doing right now?

You told me to take back my words.

I'm going to see for myself whether
you're telling the truth or not.


I'm going to see for myself
just how pure you really are.


Let's get started.

What are you doing?

-Rock, paper, scissors.
-Rock, paper, scissors.



Is Eun Ha-won here?

Who the hell are you
to be looking for her?

So this is the place, then.

What the hell is this idiot saying?

Stop it.

Hey, should we record this
on that camera, too?


Stop it.

Stop it.

Were you in the middle of something?

Hey, the guys are knocked out.
Hurry up and run.

-Damn it.
-Damn it.

Hey, hey.

Where the hell are you going?

Are you using your fists again?

Who the hell is he?

Well, you've never been
the type to use your head.

Hey, punks.

I'll give you this, so go away.

I don't care if you ride it around,
or sell it. Do whatever you want.

Why you...

Thank you so much.

-Gosh, it's Kang Seo-woo.
-Kang Seo-woo.

-Oh my gosh, it's him!
-Yes, it's me.

Yes, yes, you're right.

It's me, Kang Seo-woo, everyone.

All right, so if you know
any bullies or gangsters in this school,

I want you to bring them here.

-There are no girls like that.
-We don't know.

Okay, then. Who here knows Eun Ha-won?

-Eun Ha-won?

-Who's she?
-Move it.

-What the hell?
-I know Eun Ha-won.

-You do?

-Okay, let's go.
-Let's go.

Hey, it's Kang Seo-woo.


Here's a graduation gift for you.

What is this?

What is this? Just look at you.

All right, you look pretty.

I'll be going.

Of course you should be.


You have to talk with me for a bit.

And you, be on your way.

Wait, no.

Change your clothes before you go.

Get the hell out of my way.

-What the...
-Damn it.

Who the hell is this?

Damn it--

It hurts!


It's not like I'll peek or anything.

I told you, don't mind me
and just get changed.

Kang Hyun-min.

Thank you.

Thank you, I said.

Aren't we going out?
Why are we coming in here?

I have something to talk about with you.

Since we're in here, let's just talk here.

It's nice and cozy in here.

Oh, it's Kang Hyun-min.

-What the...
-What is this?

-My gosh.
-What's going on?

What's going on?

Kang Ji-woon?

How did you know to come here?

Are you here
for Ha-won's graduation today?

Are you crazy?

Well, anyway, what about Eun Ha-won?
Where is she?

-Isn't that Hyun-min?
-Hyun-min is on the screen.


I'm just saying this now, just in case.

I'm not coming back to Haneul House.

I have no right to be there.

What are you talking about?

I'm here to talk about something else.

What is it?

My confession.


-Oh my gosh.
-No way.

After meeting you,
all other women seem boring to me.

What do you mean by that?

And you keep crossing my mind.

I don't like it
when you're with other guys,

and I especially don't like you
hanging around Kang Ji-woon.

Is Ms. Ha-won all right?

I have

great looks and a brilliant mind.

And I'm first in line
to be the heir of Haneul Group.

Kang Hyun-min.

Let us

put a stop to this now.

Kang Hyun-min just confessed
his feelings for Eun Ha-won?

No way.

But what does she mean by,
"Let's put an end to this now"?

Did Eun Ha-won just dump Kang Hyun-min?


I'll be going ahead.

My confession isn't over yet.

You and I...

-Wait, why did it turn off?

-What's going on?
-Damn it.

You and I...

haven't even started anything yet.


I don't want to pretend to be
your fiancée anymore.

Let's end this fake relationship of ours.


Let's end this fake relationship of ours.

And then,

let's start a real one.

Subtitle translation by Alex Seong