Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

What are you doing?

I'm going to try and steal your fiancée.

Stop it!

Eun Ha-won.

Happy birthday.


Happy birthday, Ms. Eun.

Then, you two...

Yes. A surprise prank for your birthday.

I see.

Gosh, I told you to take it easy
with your acting.

Do you see how surprised she is?

I was being serious.


You were completely serious
about surprising her, right?

All right, let's eat.

Yoon-sung told me
Ha-won really knows how to eat.

Let's go.

Mr. Lee did the cooking

and the elaborate decorations
were done by the famous singer, right?

How did you like my present?

-What present?
-The cosmetics I left on your desk.

Who left this here?


Hey, just throw those kinds
of things away.

I can use this sample
for three whole days.


Eun Ha-won.

You're the one who gave that to me?

You can save your praise for me.

I don't need cosmetics though.

Is there anything you actually need?

Yes. My school uniform.

My graduation is next week.

There you go again
about that school uniform.

You don't have a gift for her?

If you didn't prepare one,
you can give it to me now.


All right. One, two, three.

There we go.

I'll just consider this your present.

What did you just do?

Isn't it obvious?
She took a picture of us.

You just took my photo
without my permission.

It's nice to get a photo of you all
eating together for the first time.

Well, then. Shall I give you all
a surprise of my own?

It's not my birthday today.



See? You wrote "My Birthday" right here.

Look, that part tore off.

See? It doesn't quite fit.

The date is correct,
but the month is different.


But I'll just pretend
that today is my birthday.

Thanks to you guys, it really felt like
it was my birthday today.

We're all eating together, too.

It's not even your birthday,
so I've no reason to be sitting here.

I'll keep an eye on you.
Looks like things will get interesting.

Don't mind him, and let's eat, okay?


Let's eat.

Here, try this.

Do you remember...

when I told you that I'd protect you?

Yes. I do.

I did mean what I said.

I can't do anything about
how much Kang Hyun-min hurt you

all this time,

but I'll protect you
from getting hurt by him

from this point on.

What do you mean by that?

I just thought of something

that I can do for you.

Why are you with Hyun-min, of all people?

I'm going to try and steal your fiancée.

What the hell is Kang Ji-woon thinking?

This doesn't match.


This isn't it.

Just where does this go?

This isn't it, either.


I found it!

I found it.

So Eun Ha-won's birthday is in May?


But what does her birthday
have anything to do with me?

Gosh, you surprised me.

What are you doing here?


Your heart isn't racing because of
the dumb things that Kang Ji-woon said

or anything like that, right?


Don't get the wrong idea.

The only person in his heart
is Park Hye-ji.

I know that for sure.

Well, that has nothing
to do with me anyway.

You'll just end up getting hurt.

If you're going to badmouth me,
do it somewhere else.

This is the first family photo that
these punks have taken together.

A family photo.

I should've made sure that
the camera was in focus.

Who cares about that?

What's important is
that they ate together.

The chairman has prepared
your college tuition for your first year

as well as a cash bonus for you.

What? A year of tuition and a cash bonus?

I've confirmed your skill for myself.

This is my way of telling you
that I expect great things from you,

so don't feel too pressured.

But still, you're being too generous.

That's not even that much.

How about we say

that this is a part-time job
where I get paid 10,000 won an hour?

As for the food cost,

I do eat a lot, so let's factor in
the cost of two meals a day.

Excluding the cost of the items
that were bought for me...

Ms. Eun Ha-won.


To be frank, I'm not paying you
nearly enough for your skills.

But still, sir.

This isn't the end, after all.

You're right.

You told him about my mom's
columbarium situation, didn't you?

What do you mean by that?

How could the bonus the chairman gave me

be exactly the same

as the amount needed
for my mom's columbarium deposit?

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to do
a background check on you.

But somehow I brought up the story
about your mother

-to the chairman--
-Thank you, Mr. Lee.

I felt so bad every day
because I couldn't protect my mom.

Really, thank you so much.

If you're going to the columbarium now,
would you like me to take you there?

No. Mom and I will take the bus there.

Okay. Then, please,
don't be home too late--

You know what?

Your nagging really reminds me
of my mom. Or is it my dad?

My sons.

Your sons

had a meal together
for the first time in their lives.




This woman is the one who married
the chairman of Haneul Group, right?

Yes, that's right.

You'll be shocked when you see her.
She's incredibly young.

Can you switch things up so that
I'll be the one to take care of her?

Well, sure. She doesn't have
a regular girl she prefers yet.

Of course.

The wife of Haneul Group's chairman's skin
is a cut above the rest.

I saw your Customer Card earlier.
You're the same age as me.

But your skin is 12 years
younger than mine.

But then again,

you just got married
and you already have three grandsons.

Doesn't that make you feel
a bit uncomfortable?

They're my family,
so why would I feel uncomfortable?

That's right.


I heard some rumors about Haneul House.


That's the place
where your grandsons live, right?

But I heard that there's a girl
living there now, too.

Where did you hear that?

Well, my daughter heard it at school.

She goes to school in that neighborhood.

There's way too much talking going on.
Don't you think so?

Yes. I'm sorry.

Hey, I guess Ha-won really is
living at Haneul House.

Hey, calm down.

I met the chairman's wife and tried
to pry while I was massaging her.

How the hell is Eun Ha-won
living at Haneul House?

This makes no sense.


Calm down, okay? It's not like
she's married one of them.

Calm down, okay?

I can't because I feel so wronged.

This makes no sense.



I think I'm really going to be able
to go to college next year.

Something really amazing
happened to me, you see.

I got a new part-time job

and I work for a super-rich chairman.

And he has three grandsons.

But all three of their personalities
are something else.


But despite that, we've gotten close.

I guess I've even made myself
some rich friends now.

Isn't that funny?


They even threw me a birthday party.


they did it on the wrong day.

Still, it made me happy.

It made me feel like someone
was looking out for me.


I'll be sure to earn enough
for my tuition, and go to college.

Make sure you get a lot of rest,




Okay, that's all done.
Get the rest of the fruit, too.

Do we have a party or something?

It'll be the anniversary of
the chairman's sons' deaths soon.

His sons?

You know, the boys' fathers.

The food must be made
by those who work at Haneul House.

So there's a lot to be done.

But did all three of them pass away?

That's right.

Goodness, I feel so bad for the chairman.

His second eldest son took his own life

and the other two died
in a car accident at the same time.

All of them died.

So we observe the anniversary
of their deaths on the same day together.

I know that none of the boys liked
their dads, but they're too cruel.

They've never once shown up
to mourn their deaths.

They haven't?

Well, this happened to them
even before they were old enough

to learn about the sadness of the loss.

So I do understand them a bit.

But still, the pain of losing a parent

is nothing compared to
the pain of losing a child.

They should have at least a little bit
of consideration for their grandpa.

They say you make funeral food
for your parents with tears,

but you make funeral food
for your children with tears of blood.

Isn't that right?

Gosh, those inconsiderate boys.

You have to go this year.
Ji-woon is with us now, too.

-I don't know.
-Such a nuisance.

The chairman will be waiting for you.

I'm sure the people
at the temple will help.

That's right.

What about you, Ji-woon?

It's your first time to attend.

You'll come, right?

It's only been a year
since I even knew of my dad,

so do I really need to go?

Aren't they all being too much?

They weren't even listening
when you were talking to them.

Why would they refuse to observe
the anniversary of their fathers' death?

I understand them though.

I totally don't understand, either.

Wait, what did you say?

You'll come to know
the circumstances soon enough.

There are many things at Haneul House
that can't be explained simply.

Should I give it a try?

Ms. Eun, you'll give it a try?

Yes. You paid me so much,
so it's only fair that I work hard.

If you leave this to me,
I'll definitely succeed.

This will be much more difficult
than getting them to eat together.

It's also that much more important.

I really want to succeed.

Because I think their fathers
must really want to see them.

Are you allowing her to do this?

I want to believe in her.

Do you think that she'll be
successful this time, too?

Who knows?

Thinking about it,

for ten years

I've been going by myself.

What, did you not wear
anything today, either?

So you know. I'm coming out.

I don't care.


You said that you liked me.

I was thinking that maybe
I should swim with you.

So you've finally gone crazy.

But would you

be able to say
that you like me in front of Hye-ji, too?

And why would I have to do that?

You, Kang Hyun-min, and Park Hye-ji.

The three of you share a love triangle
that's complicated enough.

So I'm curious as to why you're
trying to force me into the mix.

Is having complicated relationships
a hobby of yours?

Yes. It is a hobby of mine.

I'll really take my clothes off, then.

What are you doing?

I want to know how comfortable it is
to swim naked, so I'm giving it a try.

How does it sound?

While we're at it,

do you want to have a conversation
in there naked?

Stop messing around.

Gosh, look at him.

He's totally frazzled.

What a gullible little punk.

One, two, three.

What the hell?

There's only one shower room
in this swimming pool.

You surprised me.

You said you want a conversation.
Go ahead now.

When I said I'd steal you away,

I meant it.

So look forward to it.

Gosh, that good-for-nothing handsome jerk.

Why is he making my heart flutter?

Get it together, Eun Ha-won.

Get it together.

I couldn't even ask him
about his father's memorial service.

I'm not up to go to a memorial service.

It feels like Grandpa only acknowledged
my dad as family only after he died.

What do you mean by that?

My grandma

wasn't married to grandpa.

In the olden days, they'd call
a person like her a concubine.

That's why Dad was forced
to live in hiding until he died

from Grandpa's other wives.

I see.

I know that you have good intentions,
but I have stuff to work on right now.

Oh, really? Sorry. I was distracting you.

-Not at all.
-Good luck.

Do whatever you want. I'm not going.

It's up to you whether you come
to Korea, Mom.

Just don't try to use that
as an excuse to see me.

What's the occasion?
To what do I owe this pleasure?

I have something to talk to you about.

Gosh, I'm really used to stuff like this.

What do you mean?

Right, people are always nervous
when it comes to things like this.


Say what you need to say, slowly.

Why are you acting like this?

Here. You feel your heartbeat, right?

Your heartbeat tends to get faster
when you're in front of the one you like.

No. It doesn't feel like that at all.


What about here? Do you feel it here?

It feels a bit irregular.
Do you have an arrhythmia?


You never go with the flow.

My heart is completely normal, thank you.

Are you really not going to go?


Your dad's memorial service.

No. I'm not going.

Why not?

Because someone I don't want to see
will be there.

I'm sorry, but you'll have
to give up on this one.

Right, there's no way that
they would go without a fight.

But I'm not giving up easily, either.

What are you doing?

Why are you blocking the door to my room?

Well, it's...

It's about your dad's memorial service.

I have no dad.

Kang Seo-woo.

Kang Seo-woo.


What are you doing?

I had something to talk to you about.

Why are you touching this?

I'm sorry. I was waiting for you, and...


want to sing this song
for your dad, don't you?

If you miss him, go and pay your respects
to him and tell him that.


Excuse me.

Pardon me?

So it is you.

You're the girl who came
to the chairman's wedding.

With my Hyun-min.

But who are you?


I'm his mom.

Hello. It's nice to meet you.

You're prettier in person.

Well, that is...

Thank you.

But it seems that Hyun-min
has gone off somewhere.

Oh, is he not in his room?
I'll go and check.

No. How about

you help me with something else?


Turn it over.

I should stop here,
or it'd be too hard on you.

No, it's okay.

You're really going to say that
when you're sweating so much?

This is...

Because it's so well-heated in here.

What else will I need
for a week's stay here?

What about a toothbrush and toothpaste?
Things like that?

They have all that stuff
at the hotel, my dear.

I see.

I think we're pretty much done here.

Oh, right. A book.

-A book?

Oh, a book.

You might get bored if you're staying
at the hotel by yourself.

Don't you miss books written in Korean
since you've lived abroad for a while?

What an interesting idea.

Then can you recommend
a book worth reading to me?

Yes. I'll be your guide.

Have you arrived?

I'll head down now.

Hello, ma'am.


-I'm telling you, it's true.
-All right.

Yes, come in.

I've prepared the item
you asked me about yesterday.

It's finally here.

What is that?

Something I've never had before.


It's our first family photo ever taken.

It would only be a family photo
if you and I were in it, too.

All right, then.
Let's take one with them, too.

She really isn't an ordinary girl.

-Take the books, too.
-Yes, ma'am.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Do you want to eat together?

You worked hard all day.

Yes. Thank you.

Didn't you see your mom?

It looks like all that sweating
made me hungry.

Eat up.

Thank you.

You worked hard today.

This much is enough, right?

-Excuse me?
-It's only fair for spending your time.

You're paying me?

You don't have to do that.

I only did what I should have.


Why is that something
that you should have done?

Well, that is...

I don't think we have
that sort of relationship.

You don't think that you've already
married into this family, do you?

You know, we're quite picky
about allowing people into our family.

It's to choose the wife
of the heir to Haneul Group.

We can't let just anyone be it.

You understand what I'm saying, right?

This is the exact nature

of our relationship.

So I'd like it if you didn't assume that
we were any closer than that, okay?

Bye, then.

Let's go.

Hey, what are you doing?

You're not even going to say hi
to your mom, my son?

I said let's go.

Hey, wait.


Hey, what's with you?

Are you an idiot?

Following random people around
and acting like their slave?

"Random people"?

What the hell have you been up to?

She's not just some random person.

She's your mom,
which is why I followed her.

And I didn't act like her slave.
She asked me to help her, so I did.

Stop assuming things.

Helping? Yeah, right.

It's because she's your mom.


Is it that strange to help
my friend's mom?

Stop overstepping your boundaries.

You totally crossed the line just now.

I thought that I was more than just
a fake fiancée or a part-timer to you.

I thought that maybe we could be friends.

That's why I helped
my friend's mom for a second--

What do you mean, friend?

What do you even know?

Fine. Sorry.

I guess I overestimated
my significance in your life.

Is your hand okay?

I just want that girl gone.

Gone from Hyun-min's side.

What are you doing?

I'm going to try and steal your fiancée.


The person you are trying to reach...

Are you the one who brought
Eun Ha-won to Haneul House?

Of course, I did.

Who else would invite
my own girlfriend to my house?

This has nothing to do with you,

so mind your own business.

I knew you'd be like this.

You didn't pick up my calls.

Sorry. I didn't realize.

Will everything be over
after you throw this away?

Sorry. I have a lot to do today.

Why aren't you eating?

I don't have much of an appetite.

Is it because of the upcoming anniversary?

I always think about those kids
around this time.

I obviously can't completely understand
how you must feel,

but please lean on me a little.

Thank you.

Are your grandchildren coming?

My sons never showed my grandsons
any paternal love before they died.

It's only natural that
they ended up this way.

What you need right now
isn't your grandsons,

but a son that you can depend on.

Yes, exactly.

Why are you working out at this hour?

I feel a little sick.

-Take some medicine, then.
-I already did.

Then go to sleep.

It just makes you feel worse to be alone
when you don't feel well.

That's why I'm out here.

Hey, don't mind me. I'm sure I'll be okay.

Follow me.

-Just follow me.


Be quiet.

It's been a while
since someone pricked my finger.

I'm not doing this for you
because I want to.

Just sit still.

Wait. No!

You're definitely a pro at this.

I've been doing this for my mom
ever since I was eight years old.

You were so skilled even as a little punk.

Go to sleep now.


If it hadn't been for you,
I would've been miserable by myself.

This reminds me of my mom.

Nobody's done this for me
since my mom died.

You have your dad, though.

He wouldn't do it for me.

Since I'm not his biological daughter.

Isn't it funny?

But you know what?

I want to believe that he's my real dad.

There are people like me who've
never known their dads, you know.

Yes, you're right.


You know...

If and only if...

my dad isn't my real dad,

I'd like to see him, just once.

My real dad, I mean.

Hey, gross.

Wow. You're the best.

My indigestion is gone.

-You really have a magic touch.
-Gosh, you're so disgusting.

What's disgusting about this?

Just look at you go.

Gosh, your burp smells.

Hey, it doesn't smell.


That's why I was helping
my friend's mom for a second--

What do you mean, friend?

What do you even know?


The person you are trying to reach
is currently unavailable.

You'll be forwarded
to the voicemail service.

Gosh, why isn't she picking up?

Was I too mean to her?


Eun Ha-won.

Eun Ha-won.

You know...

You secretly do want
to see him, don't you?


I mean, he is the man
that your mom loved, after all.

Your dad, I mean.

Stop acting up.

Go and see your dad.

I missed you, my son!

You're so handsome.

-Hey, come on, Mom.

It's just that I'm so happy to see you
in such a long time.

You should've gone to a hotel.
Why are you here?

I wanted to see you, so I came
straight here from the airport.

You haven't changed one bit.

-Let's go in.
-Let's go in.

Let's go!

How is my son so handsome?

And so sweet?

And so sexy?

Stop it. You're going overboard again.

What? You don't like it?

Stop it, it's hot.

Don't be like this
when I only see you once a year

during the memorial service.

This time, I'm going to stick to you
until we get a heat rash.

There you go again. I saw you when
I went to do a concert in the States.

That doesn't count.

I only saw you for a second
in your dressing room.

This time, I'm going to go on
tons and tons of dates with you.

-I'm so excited.
-Gosh, let go.

Want to go see a movie? No, a musical.

Wait, no.

I want to keep staring at your face,
so let's stay up all night and talk.

Mom, I want to do that too,
but I have to record tomorrow.

So I have to practice.


Wait, then are you not going
to your dad's memorial service again?

I'm not really feeling it.

Dad's right here,
so I don't need to go there to see him.

Gosh, my son's all grown up.

But still, you have to go and see Dad.

-Come on, let's go.
-Let go.

Come on, Seo-woo. Let's go together.

Oh, my. That's Hyun-min's fiancée's room?

Then, are those two
really getting married?

Gosh, you sure are nosy, Mom.

Does Ji-woon come home nowadays?

Hi, Aunt.

Oh, Hyun-min.

You're the same as ever.

Is my sister-in-law doing well?

I'm talking about your mom.

Why are you asking me that?

Have a safe trip back.

Looks like they're on
horrible terms as always.

-Maybe. Let's go, Mom.


You'd better be there tomorrow.

What is she saying?

I missed you too, Dad.


Did I really snore?

Yes. You talked in your sleep, too.

What? What did I say?

What did I say?

I missed you too, Dad.

I don't know.

See you tomorrow, then. I'll be waiting.

I told you to stop acting up.

Hey, don't make such a scary face.
Okay? Come on.


Don't come in.


Looks like you two had a lot of fun.

You were all giddy.

-Were you two flirting?
-Mind your own business.

Hey, don't you know that dating
is forbidden in Haneul House?


You can't do this to me.
You're my fiancée.

And with my cousin of all people?

Why are you acting like this?


You said we're nothing like friends.

Don't you think you're being ridiculous?

Can you draw a clear line for me
so I know where I stand?


The person you didn't want to see

is your mom, right?

I won't tell you to make amends
with your mom

or to go to your dad's
memorial service tomorrow.

I have no right to say so.

But I will say this one thing.

Your dad must be so lonely.

You secretly do want
to see him, don't you?

He's the man that
your mom loved, after all.

Your dad, I mean.

She was raising her son on her own.

How terrible is it that
this happened to her now?

Does the child even know
what his dad looks like?

Gosh, you think he'd be sitting there
alone like that if he did?

It's obvious his dad knocked
his mom up and ran away.


I'm sorry.

I failed...

this mission.

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