Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016): Season 1, Episode 16 - Episode #1.16 - full transcript

I will now announce the results

regarding the dismissal
of Chairman Kang Jong-du.

Those who opposed, 52 percent.

Those in favor, 46 percent.

And two percent abstained from voting.

Chairman Kang Jong-du
will not be dismissed.

Why did you do that?

You made a terrible mistake today.

Your decision

pushed us to the end of the cliff.

This was the only way
that I could stop you.

Did you want to protect them so much
that you betrayed your own mother?

Was Haneul Group, the chairman,
and those brats more important?


What happened?

I don't know.

The chairman was moved
to the recovery room, but Ji-woon...

The chairman's liver transplant
was successful.

What about Kang Ji-woon, then?

Mr. Ji-woon went into shock.

he's no longer in critical condition,

but he hasn't regained consciousness yet.

You said that there weren't any issues
when you tested him, though.

Actually, when we tested him,

we discovered
that he's allergic to anesthesia.

I warned him that he may fall
into shock during the surgery.

But he still wished
to have the procedure done.

Does that mean

that he may not be able to wake up?

We'll have to monitor his condition.

This can't be happening.

You're alive now, thanks to Mr. Ji-woon.

I'm so relieved, Grandpa.

He's okay now, right?

There are no signs of his body
rejecting the organ just yet,

but we'll have to monitor him closely.

Is Ji-woon

all right?

He's recovering from the surgery.

You don't need to worry, sir.

Go and rest.
You spent all night here yesterday.

Well, I'm fine.

I'll contact you when Ji-woon wakes up.

You know...

I never once considered the idea

that Ji-woon could possibly go away.

I just thought it'll all be okay

if I stay away from him.

That's why I tried to forget about him

and ran away like that.

There's so much that we haven't done yet.

I want to go to Namsan Tower
and put a love lock,

go to a theme park,

and go shopping
to pick out some clothes for him.

I didn't even

properly tell Ji-woon that I like him.

I should've loved him more.

But I've never really ever done anything
for him, now that I think about it.

I'm sure that Ji-woon knows how you feel.


I've processed your letter of resignation.

Make sure you formally disown
the stocks you have before you go.


give this to Madam Ji.

They're divorce papers.

I apologize, sir.

Madam Ji

is actually my mom.

My mother did nothing wrong.

This is all my fault.

I'll take responsibility for everything
and leave.

Thank you for everything up until now,

I thought I told you
to never see Grandpa again.

I was giving him my last goodbye.

And you think you have the right
to do that?

Let's never see each other again.

Aren't you

curious about

why I liked you?

At first,

you were a real jerk.


you showed up whenever
I was going through a hard time.

And before I knew it,
I started waiting for you to show up.


you were all I could see.


I was thankful for all the little moments
that made me fall in love with you.

Right now,

you're right in front of me, like this.

And yet, I miss you like crazy.

I did warn him that he may fall
into shock due to anesthesia,

but he said that he was the only one
who could save the chairman

and insisted on having the surgery done.

Can you watch over Ji-woon, Hyun-min?

I'd like Ms. Ha-won
to escort me to my room.

I thought you had left.

I'm sorry, sir.

I felt like it was our fault
that you collapsed,

so I felt so sorry and guilty.

So, I was going to leave as soon
as Ji-woon's surgery ended.

You're not the reason I collapsed.

So please don’t think that.


just until Ji-woon wakes up...

Chairman, you know...

I don't care about my future,
or about money.

I'll return all the money I got from you
for completing my missions, too.

Since I don't have anything,

there is nothing to lose.


does that mean you've chosen Ji-woon?

I want to stay by Ji-woon's side.

Even if you find yourself in a position
where you really need money,

even if you get a chance
to escape your dreary reality,

do you think you'll still be able to

give up on everything and choose Ji-woon?

If you can't take responsibility for
your feelings toward Ji-woon to the end,

you shouldn't even bring up such matters.

What's going on?

Your dad is at the police station.


Dad fell asleep behind the wheel

and got into an accident.

Is Dad okay?

He's not badly hurt, is he?

Your dad is fine, but...

the other driver was injured
and admitted into the hospital.

They're saying that they'll put him
in jail unless we settle with them.

How much money are they asking to settle?

Six million won.

He begged me not to tell you about this,

but we don't have any money at all.

You're close with the people
at Haneul Group, right?

Can’t you ask them for some money, please?

This isn't the time for you to be nursing
someone else's grandpa.

You're close with the people
at Haneul Group, right?

Can’t you ask them for some money, please?


What did you just say about Ji-woon?

Even if you find yourself in a position
where you really need money,

even if you get a chance
to escape your dreary reality,

do you think you'll still be able to

give up on everything and choose Ji-woon?

If you can't take responsibility for
your feelings toward Ji-woon to the end,

you shouldn't bring up such matters.

I'm sorry.

I really am.

It's okay.

What about Ha-won?

Thanks for waking up, Ji-woon.

Thank you so much.



Is that you, Hyun-min?
Did you take care of the discharge papers?

Just listen to me.

I got the divorce papers.

Looks like
I just ended up disgracing myself

by trying to cause trouble
while you were asleep.

Did you

really love me?

I loved you.

It's true that all of this started
because of love.

But then,

I saw Yoon-sung

and my maternal instincts took over.

It seems that I was being far too greedy.

So, you want to

blame your maternal instincts
for your wrongdoing?


That was just my way of loving my son.

Even if it was wrong of me to do this,

I have no regrets.

I just feel apologetic toward you.

If you feel apologetic toward me,

you can live with that guilt
for the rest of your life.

I will never

forgive you.

I don't want your forgiveness.

So just keep hating me, but only me.

That child protected you,
your grandsons, and the Haneul Group

until the very end.

He couldn't bear to sit
and watch me do this,

so he held
the special shareholders' meeting,

only to vote against your dismissal.

Yoon-sung’s only fault

is having a terrible mom like me.

Wretched woman.

Yes, Mother.


I sent the settlement money.

They told me that Dad will be out soon,
so don't worry too much.


-Are you all right, Dad?

You must have suffered so much.

I heard that it was you
who got that money.

Where did you get the money?

I worked hard at Haneul House.

I got that money honestly, so don't worry.

Let's go home, Ha-won.

Mr. Ji-woon,

are you feeling better now?

Where's Ha-won?

She wasn't at the hospital with you?

I'm going to go and buy something
before heading home.

Let's talk.

Let's just talk here.

I have to go home.

I waited for you.

I opened my eyes, but you disappeared.

I thought, "She'll come in the evening."
Then, "She'll come tomorrow."

"Maybe when I'm being discharged."

I missed you terribly.

I told you already.

Getting you to the hospital
was my mission.

My final mission.

That's all that there was to it?

Of course.

I felt like you were hesitant
before such a big surgery,

so I stayed with you until you went in.
That's all there is to it.

Don't lie.

When you were with me,
the look in your eyes, your smile,

and your actions were all genuine.

You couldn't have acted that way
if you were going to break up with me.

You still don't get it?

I'm doing whatever I can
to start a new life.

I just stayed by your side for the money.

I told you,
I don’t care about your reasons.


stay by my side now.

It matters to me.

The chairman told me that

he'd pay me for my missions,
my college tuition,

and even send me to study abroad

if I just gave up on you.

So, this was just because of Grandpa,
in the end?


It's because of me.

I definitely know now.

I don't fit

into the world that you live in.

That's why I chose

my future instead of you.

For my own sake.

Please, stop this.

I'll leave Haneul Group, then.

No, you stop it.

You saved the chairman

and just managed to reconcile with him,
but what?

I hate it when you act like this.

You live in an amazing world
that others can only dream of

but all you do is throw fits and get mad.

Stop acting so full of yourself.

I never want to see you again.

Eun Ha-won.

I can't live without you.

If I lose you,

it's the same as losing everything.

No other guy but I would do this for you.

It's fine. I'll do it. I'll...

I'm sorry that I keep running away.

You always came to me first, and yet...

You won't be sleeping much for a while.

You have to make up
for all the events you canceled.


What? Why are you calling
my name so seriously?

You'd like it if I continue to sing,

Of course.

You shine the most when you're singing.

Twinkle, twinkle.

I'm going to travel on foot
and go back to busking.


Travel on foot?


-What are you doing?
-Kissing you.

People are watching, though.

I don't care.

I'm going to kiss you if I want to,

and hug you if I want to, too.

And if I want to hold your hand,
I'll do that too.

I'll never let you go.

I'm not going anywhere. Ever.

Why are you so pretty?
You're making my heart skip a beat.

What's with you?

You still can’t get in touch with Ha-won?

She said she never wants to see me again.

Eun Ha-won said that?

She took care of someone she never wants
to see with such dedication?

I guess I gave her a hard time.

At first,
I thought it was because of Grandpa.

But I'm not so sure anymore.

I don't understand how she feels.

I'm not sure of anything.

I think I should let her go
if she's having a hard time.

Well, of course.

Since you like her.

I think that she's feeling
the exact same way, though.

You know...

I never once considered the idea

that Ji-woon could possibly go away.

I just thought
it'd be the right thing to do

for me to stay away from him.

That's why I tried to forget about him

and ran away like that.

She acted like

she had to leave, for your sake.

Eun Ha-won likes you a lot.

It's as if you're the only person
in her world.

Make sure you don't let her get away,


Since you stole
my first love away from me,

you should be good to her.

What did you say to Ha-won?

Did you tell her to leave me, for my sake?

This is the best decision,
for the sake of your future.

Did you do what you did to my mom?

You told her how things would end up
and didn't want to put her through that.

The end would've been different

if only you hadn't been so against them.

Do you think that you two
will have a different ending?


I don't care if we end up the same way

or I have to suffer through
the same things they did.

I want to be with Ha-won,
even if I end up hurt in the process.


If I let Ha-won go like this,
I'll regret it for the rest of my life.

Just like you always regretted
sending my dad off like that.

Are you going to regret again

after you lose me?

If you've acknowledged me,
acknowledge Ha-won as well.

That's a different matter altogether.

I'm begging you, Grandpa.

I can't breathe

without her by my side.

Please, give us your blessings.

I want to stay by Ji-woon's side.

Please enjoy.

Thank you.

We came all the way here, just for you.

They say you're supposed to have tofu
after you get out of jail.

I couldn't take care of you well yesterday
since I was all over the place.

I wasn't even in the detention center
for that long.

That short amount of time
was like hell for me, though.

I can't live without you, honey.

All right, let's eat.

Hey, I'm not going to have any of that.

Eat up.

Let's all eat together.


Yes, sir?

I'm glad to see that you're healthy.

Everyone is worried about you

because you left the house without a word.

I’m sorry.

You don't need to apologize to me.

I'm the one who told you to leave.

How was your stay at Haneul House?

Were you bothered by anything?

No, I wasn't.

What did you think of Hyun-min

while you were living there?

Well, Hyun-min

he's the type of person who never seems
to be serious about anything,

but he's quite thoughtful

and innocent.

He made me laugh a lot
whenever I had a lot to think about.

And he's not a playboy at all.
He's actually a total romantic.

What about Seo-woo?


he's good to others and he's warm-hearted.

That's why it feels so comfortable
to be with him.

He's one of the most caring people I know.

He may seem like he’s too carefree,
but he has his own philosophy about life,

and he's a grandchild of a millionaire

who knows that life isn't easy.

What about Ji-woon?

Start getting to know about him
from now on.

I'm giving you my blessings.


seems to miss you a lot, Ms. Ha-won.

You were right.

When I really needed money,

I couldn't choose Ji-woon over money.

I'm the one who ran away from Ji-woon.

It wasn't because of anyone else.

It was my choice.

But I was happy
while I was living at Haneul House.

I don't think

I need to continue with these missions
since they have matured. Right?

You know, the three months
that we promised

has not passed yet.

Feel free to come back anytime.


You said that you want to go back
to the beginning

and start all over as a busker.

Even if you want to go back to the way
things were, your face won't allow it.

What are you saying?

People will go crazy
if they hear that you appeared.

I have to protect my artist.

Hey, your bag looks a bit heavy.

So, I got you a porter.

-A porter?
-Hey, Porter.

School Uniform.

Hello. I'm Hong Ja-yeong,
who will be your manager starting today.

No, you're not his manager.
You're in training.

I only gave you this job
because you begged me for it,

but I'll fire you if you don’t do
a proper job. Got that?

Yes, sir. I'll work hard.

-I'll work hard.
-All right.

-Let's go.
-Let's go.

This is

your dad's keepsake.

Your parents exchanged matching rings,
and this one was your dad's.

Give that to the woman you love, too.


I split your mom and dad apart,

so I only have your dad's.

Your mom should've had the same ring.

Have you ever seen it?


My mom never wore a ring--


It's a ring. A keepsake, from my mom.

I don't think it's a wedding ring

since Dad doesn't have one.

But I think that this was something
that was really important to my mom.

Apparently, she was holding this tight
in her hand when she passed away.

That was the anniversary
of my mom’s death.


That day was my mom's, too.

Hey, it's not like you
committed a sin or anything.

You left your room empty

and asked me to bring the rest
of your things.


are you mad that I asked you
to do me this one favor?

Looks like I'm not important
since you're dating Hye-ji.

Do you regret losing me?

You two really suit each other.

What about you two?

This is because of Kang Ji-woon, right?

You took care of him with such dedication.

But why did you run away when he woke up?


What's this?

You left this behind
during Grandpa's wedding.

I found one

and it turns out Yoon-sung had the other.

Who do you think you are, Cinderella?

Leaving shoes behind like that?

These aren't mine.

It's just like you said.
I'm not Cinderella.

And these don't suit me.

Yes, they do.

It's not like you wore these
because you wanted to.

I put them on you.

Well, it's an honor to have a cool guy
put shoes on your feet.

When you want to,

and when you go to the person you like,

wear these.

I've suffered from love myself,

and it’s obvious even though
you try to hide it.

So, don't hide

and don't run away, either.

You like Kang Ji-woon, right?

Just think about your feelings for him.
That's all you need to do.

Got that?


Are you the president of
the Bereaved Families Association?

I'm Han Ji-woon, who used to live
at Yeongak Apartments, suite 307.


Could I take a look at the
registry of the deceased...


Someone was looking for me?

Ha-won's mom died in that accident, too.

My mom did, too.

Did you live

in suite 307 back then?

Yes, that's right.

Can you check to see
if this was your mom's?

Ha-won always wears this necklace, right?

She thought that it was her mom's
and wore it.

But it turns out
that her mom was trying to save

the woman living next door
and ended up dying.

That woman gave that ring to my wife

and asked her to give it to her son,

but we thought that it was Ha-won's mom's,

since she had it in her hand.

It would've been great

if Ha-won's mom could've saved your mom,

but I guess

it was their time to go.

But I wonder what the
significance of that ring is

that she asked for it to be given to you,
with her dying breath?

It was the ring that my dad
and she exchanged.

I think she was trying to help me
find my family.

Looks like Ha-won's mom
did one last good deed before dying.

That ring felt like

it held Ha-won's mom's last wish,

so I wanted to return it
to its rightful owner.

Thank you.

If you lost your mom in that fire,

you lost your mom the same day Ha-won did.

I'm sure we used the same funeral home.

It seems like your connection
with Ha-won runs quite deep.

The same funeral home?

You don't remember?

We both had the funeral
at the same hospital.

If you do this,
you'll be able to see your mom in heaven.

If you hold onto this, I'll recognize you.

Make sure you give that back to me, okay?

So, don't hide

and don't run away, either.

You like Kang Ji-woon, right?

Just think about your feelings for him.
That's all you need to do.

When you want to,

and when you go to the person you like,

wear these.

Yes, Dad?

I found the owner of the ring
and gave it back to them.

That's great.

But do you know who it turned out to be?


The grandson of Haneul Group
who came to see you last time.

It was Ji-woon?


Do you like that boy?

I don't know if it is
a good or bad twist of fate,

but your mom had that ring in her hand
when she died.

And you kept it for ten years.

Also, we held our funerals
at the same place, too.

I don't think it's just mere coincidence
that you met him.

I was quite late in returning this to you,
wasn't I?

Thanks for coming to give it back to me.

When you look at this ring now,

don't think about your mom,

but think about me instead.

You too.

What kind of magic spell
Did you cast on me?

I've become an idiot

Who only has eyes for you

I, who'd forgotten how to smile

Now laugh

When I call your name

I'll protect your smile

Because that is the reason

Why I live now

One more time.


One more time!

Attention! Bow!

-Thank you, sir.
-Thank you, sir.

You're really not coming back?

I don't have the right to go back.

I'm sorry that I couldn't
trust you to the end.

I want to protect you as much as

you wanted to protect Haneul Group.

Come on, let's go back.

Grandpa is waiting for you.

This is a new insurance policy
that just came out.

The payout is incredible, too.

Oh, it's all right. I'm sorry.

-You'd regret not buying this plan!
-I'm sorry.

I don't want to have any regrets.

I made a huge mistake with my son
because I thought I knew what was best,

but I almost made the same mistake

with my grandson.

Ji-woon asked me if I was going to live
with that regret for the rest of my life.

Ms. Ha-won understands too,

so she told me to go back and find you

and cheered for our love.

Why are you crying?

Because I'm sorry.

And I'm thankful.



You're doing well, right?

Park Jeong-hyeon.

It's been a while.

I've only been thinking about you

for the past ten years

since you died.

But now,

I'm only going to think about Hye-ji.

Understand where I’m coming from.

Okay, Jeong-hyeon?

I'll love Hye-ji a lot

on your behalf, too.

It hasn't changed at all here.

It's so pretty.

Aren't I amazing?


I want to see you,
even when you're right next to me.

And yet, I held back for ten whole years.

Who told you to do that?

Your eyes are pretty.

So is your nose.

And so is your cheek.

My lips are pretty too, right?


What are you doing?

Taking photos of you
since you're so pretty.

You're so pretty today.


Let me take a photo of you.

-Of me?

-Go stand over there.
-It’s a little embarrassing though.

Come on, hurry up.

All right.

One, two...




Where's your ring?

What are you talking about?

This ring, right here. Where is it?

Oh, I took it off for a bit
while I was helping Ms. Beolgyo.


"Took it off"? "For just a bit"?

do you know what kind of ring this is?

I didn't take it off for a month,
even when I was showering.

"Just for a bit"?

All right, already.
I'll never take it off again.

Forget it.

Do whatever you want with it.

I'll take it off, hide it,
and throw it somewhere. And you!

No physical contact with me

for an entire month.

Don't get close to me.

Hey, are you mad at me again?

Wow, how is it that
every little thing sets you off?

It feels like I'm dating a child.


no touching?

Let's just see who suffers more from that.

Oh, all right.

Hey, what are you doing?
I thought you said no touching.

Get off.

It's just that

this ring linked us together
for such a long time.

I just want you to treat it preciously.

I know that too, you know.

-Give me the ring.

Just give it to me.

I love you, Eun Ha-won.

Well, I love you too.

You still like dating me,
despite me being childish, right?

Stop it, Mr. Grumpypants! Go away!

You're so stubborn. Come on.

-What do you want?
-Don't be mad.

-I'll do better.

I thought touching was forbidden. Let go!

-Come on, don't be like that.
-Let go!

You're all here.

Kang Seo-woo!

Oh my gosh.

It would have been nice
if you bit it neatly.

I'll feed you. Here.

Fine. Thanks.

-Thank you.
-Open your mouth!

Come on.

Hyun-min, open your mouth.

-I'm full.
-You still have to eat it.

Subtitle translation by John Lee