Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016): Season 1, Episode 15 - Episode #1.15 - full transcript


I'm Lee Yoon-sung,
the Chief General Secretary

of Haneul Group.

You came.

I came to see

if I'm a match.

Moving forward,

in order for Haneul Group to reinvent
itself under the new leadership,

you will definitely need
Mr. Lee Yoon-sung's help.

As Chief Lee has had
the chairman's utmost trust,

it won't be an issue for him
to be our new leader.

Put some pressure on that.

You can go to the next
examination room now.

You asked me what happened to me, right?



When I first came to Haneul House,

Grandpa told me he didn't know my mom.

But it turned out
that wasn't the truth, at all.

Grandpa kicked my mom out of that house.

That made me angry.

That's why I was planning to never
see anyone from Haneul House ever again.

But you're right.

Since I've come all this way,

I'm going to ask my questions
to Grandpa myself.

-So until then--

Leave me out of this.

Family matters should be settled
among family members.


This is all I can do.
This was my mission this time around.

-I'll get going now.

Hold onto my jacket for me.

I don't think I'll be able to leave
if I don't leave now, though.

What are you doing here?

Can't you tell?

We were waiting for you.

Don't wait up for me, and just go.

Go home, or go to Grandpa.

What's with you two?

We're not leaving.

Why do you keep telling us to leave?

We're not going anywhere
until you're done here.

What's gotten into you two?

At any rate, just deal with it
until the end okay?

That's how you are, anyway.

But did you come here
because of Eun Ha-won?


I have to save Grandpa if I can.

He's family after all.


Good work.

We'll notify you
as soon as we get the results.


The chairman told me
a lot about you, Mr. Kang Ji-woon.

You really do take after your late dad.

He said that he always felt the most
apologetic toward you.

He said that he was always
worried about you.

I have something to ask and hear from you

for the first time in my life.

So why are you lying here like this?

I will...

forgive you on Mom's behalf.

So wake up.

Are you all done here?


All right, then. Let's go.

I waited for this guy for so long today,
which is quite unlike me.

I never asked you to do that.

You're going home, right?

I'll drop her off.

You can get home on your own, right?

I brought my car here too, you know.

Also, I'm really busy.

Figures. We're not the types
to look after one another, anyway.


Kang Seo-woo.

Drive safely, okay?

Are you on your way home
after visiting your grandpa?

How is it that you seem busier
after Grandpa collapsed?

And you too, Yoon-sung.

I'm sorry. I haven't been around much
despite the chairman being ill.

No need to be sorry to me.

You should be sorry
to the chairman, shouldn't you?

He's unconscious now, so he doesn't know,

but he'd be disappointed if he knew.

I was just out looking
for potential donors, just in case.

But it really isn't easy.

Kang Ji-woon got tested today.

But nothing's certain as of yet.

We have to continue looking
for donors until we know for sure.

It almost sounds as if
you want something to go wrong.

Leave this to me now and go home.

Leave what to who?

You're the one I'm most worried about.

Let me escort you back home now, ma'am.

You've sure been busy, haven't you?

Keep up the good work, then.


You're done getting tested,
so take your things back.


Give it back when we get home.

I told you this already, but...

-I'm not going back to Haneul House.
-I told you, no.

There's nobody to give you
missions now, anyway.

Just stay by my side

until Grandpa wakes up.

Kang Ji-woon.

What, you don't want to?

Stop being so stubborn.

Then tell me that it's not true.

Fix this misunderstanding that I have.

What misunderstanding?

You want to be by my side too, don't you?

I know you.

I don't have anything else
to discuss with you, so go.

I'm sorry.

For letting you leave like that, that day.

I don't believe

anything you said then.

I don't care what your reason
you use to stay by my side.

Just don’t go.

Stop it.

I don't care what you do...

as long as you don't leave me.

Just stay with me.



I've canceled all of your concerts
in Seoul, and in other cities.

I will also issue a press statement

to announce the delay
of your album release.

You can finally get things done
without me having to tell you.

These were the biggest concerts
you would’ve had since your debut.

Don't just smile like that
and act as if you're okay.

I'm sorry that things ended up
this way all of a sudden.

Why are you sorry?

There are a ton of articles about
your grandpa's situation being released.

It'd have been too much to have you
go out there smiling and singing.

I can always sing again.

Are you being too simple
or just overly optimistic?

Ji-woon came by, saying that
he'd save Grandpa if he could.

And you know what a terrible temper
he has, on top of his stubbornness, right?

But he came anyway.

I have a good feeling about all this.
I'm sure things will be okay.


I'll break up with him
when the time comes.

But I still need some time
to sort through my feelings.

So just until then...

Even if you want to cast everything aside
and leave,

don't do that by just running away.

After you save your grandpa,
after he wakes up,

hear him out.
Get angry at him, and yell at him.

Face this issue
between you and your grandpa directly.

I came back, Mom.

I did the right thing, right?


The results are out and you are a match.



Thank you, Doctor.


It'll be dangerous?

It seems that you're allergic
to anesthetics.

Have you ever received surgery
while on general anesthesia?

No, I haven't.

We don't know what kind of response

your body will have
to the general anesthesia.

And there is a possibility that your body
will go into shock during the surgery.

Go into shock?

And in the worst-case scenario,
you may never wake up again.

You must make the decision yourself.

Will you still go through
with the surgery?

Mr. Lee.

Ms. Eun.

Are you all right? You don't look well.

Did something happen?

No. Please go ahead and go in.

Are the results out?

We can proceed with the surgery.

Really? That's great.

Isn't that great, Mr. Lee?

I'll tell Madam Ji about this.

Let's go.

He's having the surgery.

Ji-woon got his results. He's a match.

Oh, my. This is wonderful.

That's a relief.

I can't just stand here like this, then.

I'll have to pack him
some clothes, toiletries, and food.

There are tons to prepare.


Help me, okay?

You can get your surgery done now.

I hope you wake up soon, Chairman.

The boys are waiting for you.

I was just here to visit.

I'll get going now.


Just when are you planning on leaving?

The chairman will wake up soon
after the surgery.

Just until the day of the surgery.

As soon as it's over, I'll leave quietly.

So how did things go?

They've decided on a date for the surgery.

How interesting.

Excuse me?

Remember that date.

That day is the day

we'll be having
the special shareholders' meeting.

When the chairman wakes up,

everything will have changed.



You must remain calm
and stress-free until the surgery.

You already mentioned that before.

The donor's condition is
the most important thing

with transplant surgeries.

And you've warned me
enough about that, too.

-And as I've mentioned before--

At any rate, let me know
if you experience any discomfort.

Yes, I will.

I'll leave Mr. Kang Ji-woon to you, then.

Don't worry, Doctor.

What was that about?

What are you talking about?

You hid something from me just now.

What are you talking about?

I saw it all, you know.

You're hiding something from me, right?

No, it was nothing.

If you don't tell me, I'm going to go
and ask the doctor myself.

He was just telling me
to take care of myself.

It's a huge surgery, after all.

They're all just formalities.

The things all patients are told
no matter the type of surgery they get.

It's normal advice.

I'm worried about you.

Don't worry.

The surgery will be just fine.

If you're that worried,

go out and buy something for me.

Being nervous made me so hungry.

Okay. I'll be back soon.

I recommend a scholarship student
to a fashion school in Paris every year.

And I'd like to recommend you
for that this year.

I'd like to meet you now if I can.

You came to a decision
earlier than I'd expected.

Your answer is yes, of course. Right?

Do you know

Kang Hyun-min, by any chance?

You do know him, don't you?

I promised that I'd keep that a secret.

Yes, that's right.

Hyun-min asked me for a favor.

But don't get it wrong.

I only made you this offer
because I was impressed by your designs.

Thank you so much for this offer.

But I'll have to refuse.

Hyun-min only did this because
he feels bad for what he did to me.

It seems that he did something
unnecessary out of guilt.

If this is all because of his request,
I'll have to politely refuse.

Do you know what kind of opportunity
you're giving up on right now?

If you meet with Hyun-min,

tell him he doesn't need to do
these things for me.

That won’t do.

Do you think that I made such an exception
toward you just because of him?

I put my name on the line
with whatever I do.

So I wouldn't make this kind of offer
to just anyone.

I came to this decision
after seeing your talent.

-But Hyun-min--
-Isn't it normal

for a man to cheer on
and support the woman he likes?

What's so strange about that?

But who is this woman?

She was my first love.

My first love, whom I couldn't protect.

My first love,
who I still have feelings for.

I know I'm being a coward

but it's kind of my style
to help people out in secret.

Hey, why do you look surprised?

So not only is she skilled,
she also stole Kang Hyun-min's heart?

I'm really curious about her.


My offer still stands, though,
so call me if you change your mind.

I don't want talent like yours
to slip past me.

Stop it right now, all of you.

What are you all doing, ruining the
sanctity of his hospital room like this?

Come on, he's bored.

He has to be locked in here
until the surgery.

Totally. We have to help
make him less nervous.

I chose the most upbeat of
the songs that I wrote to play for him.

Yes, of course. He has a huge surgery
coming up, so he has to be well-fed.

Isn't that right?


No. None of this is allowed.

The doctor told him many times

that he needs to be completely
calm until the surgery.

Are you going to take responsibility
if he plays games all night like you

and it takes a toll on his health?

And you.

Your music just makes people
get more worked up.

Hey, are you insulting my music?

And you, Ms. Beolgyo. The staff here
are taking care of his meals

so I'll eat all of this.
Thank you very much.

You can't do that.

I made those fried prawns
especially for Mr. Kang Ji-woon.

No. Visiting hours are over now.

No more visiting for today.

All right. Please leave, everyone.


-He didn't even get to have a bite.

-Hurry it up, folks.

-Thank you. Bye.

It's not like she's the doctor.

She's more like a nagging mother-in-law.

It would've been nice if Mr. Kang Ji-woon

could've tasted the marinated beef
that he likes so much.

Who can win against Eun Ha-won, though?

I was being super generous and
bought a bunch of limited edition games.

I won't ever pack him lunch
and bring it here again.

And I'll never let him listen to my music.

What are you doing? Aren't you coming?

Oh, you both go on ahead.
I'll be right behind you.

Please call together a special
shareholders' meeting.

To discuss what subject?

The dismissal of the chairman
from his position.

But will you really be able
to get them all to agree to that?

Don't worry about that.

Chief Lee Yoon-sung is persuading
the opposition as we speak.

This is Kang Hyun-min.

Did you look into what I asked you about?

Yes. It’s like you assumed.

Ms. Ji Hwa-ja's stocks have been
transferred over to Mr. Lee Yoon-sung.

I have a lot of work to do
on the chairman's behalf.

If it’s not urgent,
let's talk later at the hospital.

What the hell are you up to?

What are you talking about?

I know everything so tell me.

Did you know that woman
is preparing to get Grandpa

dismissed from his position?

It seems like you were with her

when Grandpa collapsed too.

How did you find out about that?

Why did you lie?

-Calm down.
-Do you love money that much?

Is that why you took her stocks
and became her little puppet?

Were you colluding to do this all along?

Stop your whining.

The chairman worked so hard
to make this company top-notch.

Do you know how bad the situation is now?

So you're just going to get rid of him?

Then protect his position yourself!

Or did you think that
it would just protect itself?

Of course, since this is Grandpa's spot.

Don't delude yourself.

What did you say?

You still don't know how many people
desire this position?

This is the type of position that can be
taken over by anyone, at any time.

Someone else can take this spot
before you even get a chance to sit here.

You still call yourself an heir

when you don't even know that.

Not knowing that fact alone

rules you out.

I'll just have to prove it to you, then.

I'll show you

just how well I protect the things
that belong to me

for the first time ever.

Get up.

Why are you sleeping?
You just had your meal.

-Stop it.

If you keep sleeping and eating like this,

you'll gain weight.

I'm still at a normal weight.

That's what you think.

The doctor told me to protect you from
sudden weight gain before the surgery.

You're being really overprotective.

Oh, well. This is all for your sake.
Come on, get up.

You can't.

What now?

You can't use these.

I can't even blow my nose?

If you're going to blow your nose,
use the tissues in the bathroom.

This is mine.

Then why did you leave it here?

I didn't put it there. Ms. Beolgyo did.

-Then it is mine. Give it here.

Hey, now you're even getting
jealous at a tissue box?

Hey, who said that I was jealous?

-Give it back, then.

This was your intention all along,
wasn't it?


Because you wanted to kiss me.

Not at all.

Don't lie.

Here, go ahead.

Oh, you little! No, thanks.

Just watch some TV.


It has been revealed that there will
be a special shareholders' meeting

this afternoon to discuss the dismissal
of Chairman Kang Jong-du.

This has attracted much attention
as to who the successor of Haneul Group

will be as Chairman Kang continues
to be in a comatose state.

Some believe it may be
the newly-appointed third-ranked member

at Haneul Group, while others believe
that it may be one of the Kang cousins.

The special shareholders' meeting
has just been announced.

We've gone too far to go back now.
You know that, right?

All you need to do now
is what must be done.




Did you see the text?

They're dismissing Grandpa?
What the hell is this about?

They're basically saying
that they’ll take him down.

Wait, you knew about this?

Then everyone's betraying Grandpa now?

Be quiet. I need to think.

They'll never get enough people
to agree to dismiss Grandpa.

No. We're at a huge disadvantage here.


The other side has already
begun making their moves.

They're in the process of convincing
those on our side to switch over.

Wait... Who would do that?

It's Yoon-sung.

What did you just say?

Yoon-sung was orchestrating
all of this behind the scenes.

Go meet the shareholders
from the entertainment side.

I'll meet with those related to
the chemical and construction industries.

We have to hang on until
Grandpa wakes up, no matter what.

Got that?

Got it.





It's Kang Seo-woo.

-Please make way.
-How is the chairman doing right now?

-Please say something.
-Any comments?

-Please say something.
-Please tell us anything.


The reason I called you all here today

is to protect Haneul Group.

I'm sure you may have doubts

about what a person like myself
can accomplish in this situation.

Yes, I'm well aware of that.

However, I'm not so incompetent
as to allow the company

that my grandfather has protected
for 50 years to slip through my fingers.

Furthermore, I'm not immature enough
to be unaware of the hard work

that all of you have put in
since the founding of this company.

I'm well aware of

just how much of a burden
this position is.

As the heir to Haneul Group,

I want to take responsibility for it all.

I hereby

humbly ask that you believe
in my earnestness.

I want to protect Haneul Group
which is not just mine and the chairman’s

but yours as well.

Isn't it normal for a man to cheer on
and support the woman he likes?

What's so strange about that?

You don't need to worry anymore.

Your dad wanted this to be given to you.

And this...

Kang Hyun-min got this back for you.

He told me to bring you to the storage.


worries about you a lot.

The management rights for Haneul Group
will be the main issue of this meeting.

According to a related source,
a third-ranked member

is being considered as the successor.

All eyes are on Kang Hyun-min,

-one of the chairman's grandsons...
-I have to step out for a bit.

-I'm sorry. It's really urgent.

Well, okay.


I worked really hard.


When you wake up,

tell me I did a good job.

Seo-woo told me that you've been
putting in a lot of effort these days.

Are you trying to piss me off?

Any results yet?

I'm only holding back right now
because your surgery is tomorrow.

What's this?

My power of attorney.

Despite everything,
I'm a shareholder of Haneul Group too.

Did you call me out to give me this?

I'll be in the middle of
my surgery tomorrow, anyway.

How unexpected.

Of all people,
you would step up and help me.

This doesn't only concern you.
This concerns me, too.

I'm helping Grandpa live
by giving him a piece of my liver,

but if he finds out that he’s lost
his position, he’ll just collapse again.

I can't let that happen.

Make sure you protect him tomorrow.

Why did I even come here?


I told you,
I really don't have an appetite.

Just look at how much weight you've lost.

I got my paycheck today,
so let's have three whole pizzas today.

What? Three whole pizzas?

Hey, wait.

You're really not going to eat?

How could I eat by myself
when everyone else is suffering?

Grandpa and Ji-woon are having
their surgeries tomorrow.


There's the thing with the company,
and with Ji-woon and Grandpa.

But there's nothing I can do
to help with any of that.

I have no idea what I should do.


What did you need most
when you were going through tough times?

It was someone to cheer you on, right?

So you can cheer them on by singing,
which is what you're good at.

That's what everyone needs
the most from you right now.

You still haven't realized that yet?

But the funny thing is,

why were you the first person
I thought about at a time like this?


Figures. We were fated to be together.

Hurry up and eat.

Eat up.

I need to talk to you.

Can you leave?

I'm really tired today.

You can stop now.

You no longer

need to feel sorry anymore.

Toward my brother

or to me.

It wasn't your fault, Hyun-min.

I'm sorry

that I didn't know about this beforehand.

I'm sorry.

I'll head in first.

It was hard for me.

I have to protect Grandpa
and the company now.

But I've never once protected
anything that belonged to me.

I couldn't protect what was
most important to you.

And I felt like
all I ever did was hurt you.

It made me miserable.

That's why I pushed you away

and shut myself off.

But I don’t want to do that anymore.

I was wrong to run away from you
in the first place.



I'll protect you properly.

In the worst-case scenario,
you may never wake up again.

Will you still go through
with the surgery?

What if...

something goes wrong
during my surgery tomorrow?

Don't say things like that.

If you do,
I’m really going to tell you off.

Looks like the almighty Eun Ha-won
is scared.

That won't happen,
so don't say things like that.

I'm not scared at all.

You're by my side.

Stop it.

Do you remember the first day we met,
at the columbarium?

Thinking about it now, I think
my mom led me to meet you that day.

That was the anniversary
of my mom’s death.


That day was my mom's, too.


Wow, that means we were both
in the same place on that day every year.

What's the matter?

Tonight's the last night.

You know...

there are tons of things
that I want to do with you.

Like what?

I want to sit next to you and see a movie

and go for a walk in a park with you.

And I want to eat tteokbokki
at a street stall with you too.

That's so simple for
a third-generation hotshot.

Oh, right.

You still haven't granted me my wish.

A wish?

If I find it first,

you have to grant me a wish.

Grant me my wish.

And what's your wish?

Let's go on a date.


Right now.



You all are working so hard until so late,

so I wanted to give you this.

You didn't need to. Thank you.

I'm so thankful
for all the hard work that you do.

-Thank you.
-Thank you.

Thank you for the drinks.

Please try this. Thank you.

Drink up. It's great for your skin, too.

You'll be totally re-energized.


This is like the animal kingdom,
or something.

Why are there so many animals here?

One, two, three.

-They're so cute.
-They look like you.

No, they look like you.

-This is so cool.
-It is so cool.

Hey, what are you doing? Stop it.

Wow, look at that.


-Hey, shouldn't you be living in there?

Because the Little Mermaid
lives underwater.

Shut up.

All right. One, two, three.


Does that taste good?


And you're not even sharing.

You're the one who wanted to come here.

All I did was grant your wish.

But I can't eat this.

Of course you shouldn't be eating.

You can't eat when you're getting
surgery tomorrow. No, you can't.

Then we could've come back another time.

Must you really eat that
by yourself today?

What, do you not want
to come back with me next time?

Why aren't you answering me?

Of course we should come
back together next time.

Let's come back.

Hey, it's the green light.
Let's hurry up and go.

Wait for me!

Hurry up.

Wait, my phone. I think I left it there.

Way to go.
Hurry up and cross over. I'll get it.



I got your phone right here!

Kang Ji-woon!

Don't be surprised if I'm not there

after you wake up from the surgery.

What did you say?

I'm sorry.

I can't really hear you!

I said that I love you!

Did you hear me?

Don't worry.

I'll definitely...

come back to your side.

Make sure you protect
your grandpa's position.

Just like you promised you'd protect me.

Why did you go all the way to the market
across the road

just to buy 2,000 won worth of sprouts?

There are tons of supermarkets
around here.

It's a lot cheaper at the market.

We're getting some exercise, too.

Exercise? My legs hurt.

Come on.

Get it together.

You don't even have a job.

I did some part-time jobs.

Oh, you mean that part-time job where
you kept falling asleep, and got fired?

Hey, those people were the weird ones.

They should've drawn my sleeping form.
That in itself is still a work of art.

Are you kidding?

How are you going to live
when you can't do anything?

I'm sure that Dad will earn
some more money.

Why, you little...

Do you know what your dad
is going through now?

It would've been a bit better
if I hadn't gotten fired.

He's working himself to death right now.

I'm so worried about his health.

Oh, look at you
and your lovey-dovey words.

Who could this be?




We're all done here now.

We will now be starting

the 2016 Haneul Group
Special Shareholders' Meeting.

The topic for discussion today is
the dismissal of Chairman Kang Jong-du.

We will now begin the voting process.

Good work.

It's almost all over now.


We will now announce the results

regarding the dismissal
of Chairman Kang Jong-du.

We will now begin the operation. Scalpel.

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