Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016): Season 1, Episode 14 - Episode #1.14 - full transcript


Hey, what is this?

Can't you see?

They're my feelings for you.


Be happy.

Don't suffer from having

unrequited feelings.

You really are the nicest of them all.

Of course I am.

I was planning to marry the woman
who gives me both of the chicken wings.

Well, I was going to marry the guy
who gives me both of the drumsticks.

All you have to do is be with them,
and smile with them.

Just like you're doing now.

There you go again,
writing lyrics to another love song.

Still, you should love.




Where are you right now?

I have to see Grandpa. Where is he?

Where are you right now?

I'm heading toward the company.

Is Grandpa at home or at the company?


-Where is he, then--



Excuse me,
where is the chairman Kang Jong-du?

I heard that he collapsed.

The chairman was taken
directly to the intensive care unit.

The intensive care unit?

Oh no. Is his condition really bad?

What happened?

Right now...

Where's Doctor Park? I heard he is here.

Doctor Park went back to
his office not too long ago.

It's been a while.

What'll happen to the chairman?

What will we do?

This is all my fault.

What do you mean by that?

What do you mean that this is your fault?

I disobeyed the chairman
and started dating Ji-woon.

The chairman was very angry about that.

Because of me...


I met with the chairman not too long ago.

If he became like this after I saw him,

You, what have you done?

Excuse me?

How dare a girl like you

say things to the chairman
that he's like that now?


Do you even know what kind of condition
the chairman is in right now?

He's fighting for his life
because of liver cancer.

He has no hope
if he doesn't get a transplant.

Our only hope is finding
a compatible donor for him.

And because of that,
we're fighting against time.

All he had to do
was hold on for a bit longer.

But you stole
the little time that he had left.

Do you understand that?

I apologize. I didn't even know.

We fed you and gave you a room to sleep
because you had nowhere else to go.

And this is how you repay us?

So, you were dating Ji-woon?


All right.

So, what did the chairman say about that?

He told me to choose between
the compensation for the work I did

at Haneul House until now or Ji-woon.

Looks like you have a clear answer, then.

Leave immediately.


Without a word.

Make sure that Ji-woon and the other boys
don't find out that you left.

Forget about the fact you came here

and that we talked. Just leave.

If you do,

I'll keep the fact that you made
the chairman collapse a secret.

Everyone is worried sick
about the chairman right now.

Is your trivial relationship so important
compared to that?

What? You can't leave?

Everyone else will be here soon.

Shall I tell everyone, then?

That he collapsed

because you deceived him?


I apologize.

Don't ever come anywhere near
Haneul Group or Haneul House ever again.

Do you understand?

Why aren't you leaving?

Visiting hours are over for today.

What happened?

He's in a hepatic coma.

They don't know when
he'll regain consciousness.

He has liver cancer.

And we didn't tell you guys on purpose.

But did you have something important
you wanted to talk to the chairman about?


At this hour?

It's nothing.

Hyun-min and Seo-woo
are on their way here, too.

Visiting hours are over,
so just sit outside.

I'll stay here.

What about Ha-won?

She said she'd come.

Okay. I'll wait outside.

The person you are trying to reach
is currently unavailable.

Why isn't she picking up?

Did you call Ha-won just now?

Excuse me?

She won't pick up.

No, she can't.

Your grandpa knew about your relationship.

So what?

She was really quite an insolent girl.

She's someone who knows
exactly what she wants.

And she does whatever it takes to get it.

Don't you dare speak about her like that.

I'm talking about money.

Well, your grandpa was a bit harsh, too.

She's so young,

and yet he told her
to choose between money and love.

What are you saying?

You don't understand why
she's not picking up your calls?

That girl, Eun Ha-won, is being wise.

Your grandpa will never stand
seeing you date someone like her.

He must have been quite harsh toward her

for her to leave at a time like this.

And yet, you're here, worrying about him
because he's your grandpa.

Stop it, already.

No, I just thought

you were worrying so much
without knowing the full story.

I'll be going now.

The only hope he has left
is getting a liver transplant.

That's why he didn't want
any of you to know about this.

He didn't want to burden you guys.

What'll happen to him
if he doesn't get the surgery?

Will things get difficult for him?


So, he really didn't want us to know
until the end?

Should I keep pretending that
I don't know about this, then?

Calm down.

He was spouting out nonsense
about being a family,

but he was the one
that didn't consider us as one.


That wasn't his intention,
and you know that.

I'm just going to ignore all this,
until he tells me himself.

We're the only blood-related
family he has.

That's why we've had
such a hard time finding a donor.

But why did he collapse all of a sudden?

Did something happen?


How did he end up like this?
He was going to work, and everything.

You don't know
why his condition worsened so much?

I don't know either.

I guess it just happened suddenly.

I'll have to meet Doctor Park, first.

I'll come with you.


The person you are trying to reach
is currently unavailable.

Please leave...

You should've contacted me sooner.

Do you know how worried I was,
after seeing the news about your family?

Stay here for a while.

I even cleared out a storage room for you
to stay in.

I really didn't want to burden you
like this.

Oh, it's fine.

There's no space at my place,

so this is all I can do for you.


And I'm sorry.

Liver transplants are difficult
on the donor, as well.

And even if you're prepared for that,

the procedure is impossible unless
the two people are completely compatible.

I'm aware of that, Doctor.

Can you finish running the tests
as soon as you can?

Yes, I will.

On my way here, I left my car somewhere
and took a cab the rest of the way.

I couldn't drive properly
because my hands were shaking so much.

I didn't know you could lose your calm.

I lost my dad when I was ten,
and Grandpa is all I've had since then.

That's true.

I'm really worried about him.

Will they even be able to operate on him?

What are you doing right now?

Where are you planning to go?

I don't belong here.


My part-time job here is over now.

What's with you?

I think I was deluded.

I thought I became Cinderella

when someone like you said that
you like me.

I only came here to work part-time.

I got kicked out of my house
and had nowhere to go

but I was given food and a place to stay.
They even paid me.

-Who in my position would pass that up?
-Stop it.

This is really hard for me to hear.


Let's stop this, already.

Let me go.

Don't be like this, Ha-won.

I'm having a hard time as it is.
Please don't add more to it.

I know this isn't how you really feel.

Don't be like this. It doesn't suit you.

Eun Ha-won.

If you leave like this now,

I'll never see you again.

Just stay there.

I'll be the one to go to you now.

Wait. No!

-My necklace! You found it!

It's fine. I'll do it. I will...

You don't have to say anything.

Just cry as much as you want.

I'll stay here with you.

I think I was deluded.

I thought I became a Cinderella

when someone like you said that
you like me.

Let's stop this, already.

Let me go.

Oh, what should I do with all this?

What's this?

These things belong to Ms. Park,
but she left them here.

It'd be a waste to throw them away,
so I'm putting them away somewhere.

What is it?

Are you with someone?

This has nothing to do with you,

so mind your own business.


-About last night.
-Oh, that?

Let's pretend it didn't happen.

You are a complete jerk, Kang Hyun-min.

On that day, ten years ago...
I was with him.

I saw a car hit him and then speed off.

I was so scared.

I had no idea what to do back then,

so I ran away.

Just what am I to you?

Someone I used to be friends
with when I was young?

Is that all I am to you?

Someone would change after ten years.

It's been ten years
since we last came here.

Doesn't this make you feel anything,
to come here with me?

Not at all.

All of this means nothing to me.

What am I to you?

A friend?

Or the younger sister of my brother,
your friend that died?

We don't have any kind of relationship.

And does this also mean nothing to you?

If you keep acting like this,

I won't see you ever again.

Nobody knows that

we were at the place
where the chairman collapsed, right?


How did he know that we were there?

Is that what you're
worried about right now?

I met with Doctor Park.

We don't know when the chairman
will regain consciousness.

And what Haneul Group
needs right now is a leader.

What are you saying?

Who else would be fit
for that position if not you?

This isn't the time
to be talking about this.

I'll finally

put you in a place that suits you.

That's not for you to decide, ma'am.

I'll make the judgment calls
and act as your mother.

I'll do that from now on.


The chairman is...

in a really bad condition because of me.

And everyone is having a hard time
because of that.

They're all important to me.

And yet,

because of me, everyone is...

What do I do?

What do I do, Mom?

I'm so scared.

I don't know what I should do.



We've moved the chairman
to a private ward, for now.

All right.

Neither of the individuals who were
tested last time are a match.

Neither of them is a match?


No one is a match.

Doesn't he have any other blood relatives?

Statistically speaking,

it'll be difficult to find a stranger
who is a perfect match.

Even if they're distant relatives...

I've bought so many new items that
I don't want to keep any of my old ones.

That's why I brought them here.

I'll take a look at the goods, then.

We barely even used them.

Yes, they're pretty much brand-new.

I'll take a look at the condition, first.

Do you happen to have

the certificate of authenticity?

Oh, I threw all of those things away.

Can't you tell just by looking?

It's obvious even without them

that all of these were bought
at department stores, isn't it?

I don't think that this is authentic.

What are you talking about?
Do you know how much that cost?

Wow, I can't believe you.

You don't know about bags at all, do you?

Excuse me, but the authentic ones

have even stitching throughout.

But look here.

The stitching stops right here.

We can’t buy these bags from you.


You can lowball us a bit if you want.

How about 50,000 won per bag?



Was this taken 21 years ago?


can you put this on display for me?

Sure. Go do what you need to do.

Are you sure you can
handle this on your own?

Of course. Don't worry.

-I'll trust you and go, then.

Hello. It's Hyun-min.

Could I see you for a bit?



Here's your coffee.

Yes, thank you.

Did you break up with someone recently?


There are tons of people who come back
to find the notes they wrote, like you.

I can tell by just looking.

Most of them are here
because of someone they broke up with.

Oh, I'm not here because of me.

Oh, that seems like quite an old photo.

May I take a look?


Wow. 1995.

Oh, who's this?

My mom.

Oh, I see.
I suppose your dad took the photo.

Oh, just a second. Wait right here.

Here are the notes from 1995.
Would you like to take a look?

Who knows?

You might find the note
that your parents left behind.

Thank you.

I'll never make you leave me again.

Thanks for finding me.

I'm sorry I ran away.

But I've become so scared of everything.

-Excuse me, sir.

Can I see the ones from 1996, too?

Yes, I'll bring them over.

I keep coming back here

in case I run into you.

I've named him Ji-woon.

I can really see him in you now.

Whenever I come here, I think about you.

It's fine for me to not have a husband,

but it's hard to see my child have no dad.

Please cheer me on.

Don't hate your dad too much.

Also, don't hate me, who hid Ji-woon away.

I resented the chairman a lot, too.

I want my son
to live with the woman he loves

without having to worry
about social status.

That's why I can't go back to you, honey.

I'm sorry.

I won't come here anymore, either.

So, Grandpa...

He did that to Mom.


They just sent him that one thing?
That's it?

Poor Grandpa.


You're here?

What brings you here?

I couldn't sleep.

What about work?

I blew it off.

How long are you going to sleep, Grandpa?

I've been quite disobedient
toward you over the years

so I can't force you to listen to me.

So, just get up on your own, will you?



-Why don't you listen to me!
-What's wrong with you?

-Stop it!

-Come here!

Get out of the way!

I’m going to head out for a bit.



Wow, I really can't win against you.

What's your secret?

I just have something important
that I wish to protect.



-Oh, you're here?
-Wow, it's been a while.

-Yes. Have a seat.

Wow, you look better than before.

I'm sorry.

You had a fashion show in Korea
for the first time in a while,

and yet I couldn't even make it.

I sent you all the new clothes
from this season. Did you like them?

Of course.

I'm so grateful that
you always take great care of me.

No, it's an honor for me
to have my clothes worn by you.

I'll wear all of them happily.

Why did you want to see me?

I don't think you called me
just to say hello.

Well, that is...

I have a favor to ask you.

A favor? From me?



What is it?

I couldn't get in touch
with Ms. Eun Ha-won.

Eun Ha-won? Why?

Oh, you didn't know?

She said that she wanted to be a donor,
if she could,

and came to see me the morning
after the chairman was hospitalized.

Eun Ha-won did?

Unfortunately, she's not a match either.

Hello. I'll just check some things.

Excuse me?

We got a call from a restaurant.

They said that they have some
of the chairman's things there.

All right.

I'm sorry.
We should have contacted you sooner.

It seems that he dropped this
while he was being taken away.

Thankfully, we picked it up right away,

so we wanted to give it
to the secretary who was there then,

but he disappeared all of a sudden.

That's why we ended up
calling the hospital.

The secretary?


The chairman's secretary was already here
with Madam Ji.

The chairman came after that
and ended up collapsing.

Mr. Lee didn't come to work today.

He didn't come to work?

Yes. He said he's going to the hospital
with Madam Ji to visit the chairman.

Hey, Yoon-sung. Where are you?

I'm at work. Why?


Yes. Is something the matter?

No. I was just wondering
when you'd be coming to the hospital.

I'll come by later.
Is it an urgent matter?

No. I'll see you at the hospital later.

This is a document certifying
the transfer of stocks.

If you sign this,
my stocks will be transferred to you.

Must you...

Remember the first day
that the chairman introduced us?

I asked you for a favor that day.

I told you

I wanted to live happily as a woman.

And I told you to play dumb.

That wasn't the truth.

I didn't want to live happily as a woman.

I wanted to live happily as a mom.

I wanted to

act like a real mom to you, just once.

So will you let me?

The choice is yours.

I'll be waiting.

She wants to show these children the love

that she couldn't give her own son.

That's what she told us.

I'm sure that all of
these children calling her "mom"

doesn't quite compare
to hearing her own son say it.

Seo-woo has canceled all his appearances
for the next two weeks.

Let's cheer on our Seo-woo,
who must be heartbroken over his grandpa.

Look at you, slacking off again.

Hey, you knew about this, right?

About what?

About Seo-woo's grandpa.



How could you not tell me about this?

What's the point? You'd just be worried.

Is it really okay for you to be here
doing this, though, after you've left?

The manager said she'd only
let you sleep here for a week.

I can just go and find another place,

Don't be like that,
just go back to Haneul House.

Hey, I told you. I'm fine.

Well, if it doesn't work out,
I can work late nights at a movie theater.

-That's the--
-You'll get sick too, at this rate.

I know that you're suffering,
even though you're smiling.

-I don't know what happened, but--

You're not okay.


Have some of this, Dad. It's delicious.

Weren't you working at Haneul House?

Well, I have two jobs.

Are you doing okay over there?

Are you eating and sleeping well?

Of course. I totally am.

I'm a bit worried that
you're spending so much time

with the people
who are so different from us.

It's because you live with rich people
that guys like Yeong-jin come after you.

I'm fine.

Oh yeah, Ha-won.
Do you still have your mom's ring?

I have it right here.


Well, apparently,
that ring didn't belong to your mom.


Mom had this in her hand when she died.

I just heard this from Yeong-jin.

Your mom died after going back in
to try to save a woman

who lived next door.

She wanted her son to have that ring.

No way.

I didn't even know that, and...

I misunderstood and resented your mom

for so long because of that ring.

But still, it kind of seems
like your mom's last will, to me.

How about we return that ring
to its rightful owner?

Yes, Dad.



Ms. Park Hye-ji?

-Have a seat.

I saw your designs, Ms. Hye-ji.

I want to become your mentor.

I recommend a scholarship student to
a fashion school in Paris every year.

And I'd like to recommend you
for that this year.

Wow, I can't believe this.
This feels like a dream.

But how did you see my designs?

I'm always diligent about looking
for up-and-coming designers.

It seemed you received quite a bit
of attention in school for your work.

What are you doing?

Do you know what this is?

What is it? A cell phone?

It's Grandpa's phone.

Why do you have that?

It just ended up that way.

So, nobody came by today?

Yes. Not a single person.

So, you're saying that
Yoon-sung didn't come by either, right?


What's wrong? Is something the matter?

No, it's nothing.

I can't unlock this, though.

Really? Give it here.

Oh, I got it.

How did you do that?

I just tried the pattern that I use.

And what's that?

Just a basic "L" shape.

It's easiest to unlock my phone.

I didn't know that Grandpa
would have the same pattern as me.

Wow, you two really are similar.

Eun Ha-won went to the hospital
without telling any of us

and got tested.

-But she's not a match, either.

The only one left now is Kang Ji-woon.

But where did that punk go?

The hospital take care of the sick,

and people who are close

should take care of the caregivers.

Thanks for all this.

My dad was in the hospital for
a few years because of cancer, too.

He's fine now, though.

He can't work yet, though.

I see.

I was in middle school.

Since mom had to work,
I had to stay with him instead.

I would eat the leftovers
from my dad's hospital meals.

And I'd lie to my dad that
I ate at the cafeteria.

One time, Ha-won got me tons of food
that were close to expiring

from the convenience store she worked at.

All those foods were
so delicious that day.

And we've been best friends ever since.

I’ll eat as much as I can
since you worked so hard to make it.



Let me go get some water.

My Seo-woo ate lunch that I made for him.

Oh my gosh.


No way.

We were meant to be?

Ninety-five percent?

What are you doing?

Oh, it's nothing. It looked like you had
something smudged there, so I wiped it.

-Do you...

Do you know where Ha-won is?

Well, I'm not supposed to tell you
where she is.


I'll wait for you. Let's talk.

How's the chairman?

He's the same.

And in the meantime,
time is cruelly passing by.

How could you ignore all your calls
after you got tested?


Did the results come out?

You're not a match either.


So, Ji-woon is the only blood
relative that Grandpa has left.

Ji-woon didn't get tested?

I haven't been able to get in touch
with him since Grandpa collapsed.

Something's definitely up

since we haven't been able to
get in touch with him.

That's why I need you.

This is Grandpa's phone.

There's something in here
that you have to show Ji-woon.

Eun Ha-won.

You're the only one
who can bring Ji-woon back.


I know about your relationship.

Oh, you do?

I was going to keep it a secret,

since it'd be bad if Grandpa found out.

But now that I think about it,

we've been living together
for a year as cousins,

but I have no idea where

or what situation he may be in.

That's why

I came here to ask you this favor.

I'm having a hard time as it is.
Please don't add more to it .

Eun Ha-won.

If you leave like this now,

I'll never see you again.

You're the only one
who can bring Ji-woon back.

His name is Ji-woon.

I hate his mom,

but she gave him a good name.

He takes after you.

He's smart and likes fixing things.

How could you leave behind
a son like him and die?


-Excuse me.

Is Ji-woon here, by any chance?

Yes, just a moment.

Hey, Ji-woon! Han Ji-woon!

Someone's here to see you.

Mr. Yoon-sung told me where
you used to work, so I went there,

and they told me that this is
where you first started working.

You've come a long way,
so drink that before you go.


It's the chairman's phone.
There's something in here you need to see.

I don't need it.

It has to do with your dad.

Turn it on and read the text messages.


What is this?

The chairman

sent your dad many text messages.

He's been doing that every day

since he found you.

Do you want to see your grandpa?

Everyone's waiting for you.

Don't misunderstand anything.

No one there is waiting for me.

The chairman is going through
an extremely hard time right now.

-So, he definitely needs you.
-Well, I don't need him.

Kang Ji-woon.

Is this all that you amount to?

No matter how much you hate him,

the fact that he's your grandpa
won't change.

What are you doing
running away like a coward?

I have no idea what happened, but--

You don't know anything,
so don't you dare talk to me that way.

Sure, fine. I don't know anything.

But I do know that
you're the chairman's last hope.

I was wondering if I could help,

and even went to get tested,
but I wasn't a match.

Do you know why?

Because I'm not his family.

Because I'm not related to him.

But you're his family.
And yet, what are you doing here?

He’s the one who didn't
acknowledge me as his family.

Can't you tell
what he really wants to say to you,

after reading these text messages?

It's because you've never
properly heard him out.

Even if you want to cast everything aside
and leave,

don't do that by just running away.

After you save your grandpa,
after he wakes up,

hear him out.
Get angry at him, and yell at him.

Face this issue
between you and your grandpa directly.

We've descended into a state of crisis

as the news about the chairman
has spread to the press.

If we are to overcome this crisis
as soon as possible,

we need to have a fresh start.

What right do you have
to talk about a "fresh start"?

Now, now. Let's hear her out first.

What's there to hear?

She called me, a busy person,
out for this?

Do you think we're your puppets,
or something?

I didn't call you here today
to hear me out.

As of this moment, the five major
shareholders of Haneul Group will change.

Were you all aware of that?

What is she saying?

I've called that person here today.

The chairman's liver
has failed completely.

Then, what'll happen now?

We must perform a transplant
as soon as possible.

We have no time to waste.

Let me introduce all of you

to the new major shareholder
of Haneul Group.


Subtitle translation by John Lee