Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016): Season 1, Episode 13 - Episode #1.13 - full transcript

Just stay there.

I'll be the one to go to you now.


Do we have to keep some distance
when we go home?

Why? It's not like we did anything wrong.

Oh, whatever.

Oh, whatever.


-What's going on with you?

- How could you

date my Seo-woo without saying
a word about it to me?




No, this isn't true.

It's really not true.

So I guess you and Kang Seo-woo
are really close.

Look at those pictures.

Are you going to be like this, too?

You two look like lovebirds in that photo.

That's not what's important right now.
I have a favor to ask of you.

You have to keep the fact that
we're dating a secret, no matter what.

We're not the one with the dating scandal,
it's you and Kang Seo-woo.

You have to explain to me
what was going on there first.

I told you.
It's not even worth explaining.

Here. You've promised me that
you'll keep this a secret, okay?

Especially from the chairman.


You have to keep it a secret!

Have a seat.

What have you been going
around doing, exactly?

Why is this about you and not Hyun-min?

I told you already, Grandpa.
None of this is true.

He's right, sir.
This is just a misunderstanding.

Have you two plotted together
to deceive me?


Come on. They're both
saying that it's not true.

Yes. Why can't you trust us?

There's seriously nothing
going on between us.

Sir, I'm definitely not dating Seo-woo.

No way.

You're really overdoing it, Grandpa.

This is all just a misunderstanding
because of those articles.

There hasn't been anything
happening here, right?

Yes, sir. Nothing at all.

That's a relief, then.

This can potentially be the last time
that we see Ms. Eun

based on what you say now, Seo-woo.

There's really nothing going on
between you two, right?

I told you...


Why would it be the last time
that we see her?

That was our agreement
when I allowed her to live here.

If she breaks the "no dating" rule,

she will have to leave.

Furthermore, she can never meet
with the people living here again.

Hey, you're not going to park?

We're already here.

Hey, don't you know that
the driving laws have changed?

You can't drive while drunk
in parking lots, either.

You can park this car tomorrow, then.

You did what you wanted today,
but don't act like this from now on.

Why is she walking so well?


So basically, Grandpa is just doing
whatever he pleases.

Isn't this going overboard?
What's so wrong about dating her?

You can't.

I didn't bring her here
so you could date her.

Don't get the wrong idea
just because she lives here.

What idea?

Just because she lives here
with all of you

doesn't mean that she's the same as us.

You haven't been thinking that, have you?

Grandpa, you're being too harsh.

This is nothing for someone like him,
who buys people with money.

Family members are just
a part of the business for him.

So it'd be terrible for him if we were
to date someone he didn't deem fit.

Hey, School Uniform.


You know that

other fans might be opposed
to you dating someone.

But not me.

Also, Ha-won

has been through quite a lot.


Why are you acting like this?

You know, Ha-won goes crazy
for deals and discounts.

She grew up really poor, you see.

And she clips coupons
and goes to flash sales like no other.

Also, she acts before she thinks,

so she can be a bit violent.

If she happens to lash out at you,
just let her do it.

That will probably be best for you.

And you should never eat something
by yourself when you're with her.

And if there's a great group deal,
you have to let her know about it.

You just accepted all that as fact?


You saw that article too, didn't you?

There's nothing going on
between Ha-won and me.

That article was all wrong.


An article refuting those claims
will be out soon.

Oh, what a relief!

Did you come here to say that?

Of course, yes.

I'll be going, then.



Kang Ji-woon.

Jeez, how could you agree to
some ridiculous contract like that?

So you're never going to see me again
if we get caught dating?

No, that's...

I didn't know that things
would end up like this between us.

Are you angry because of the contract?

You really do have a gift
for making me worry.

I only want to focus on
our relationship right now.

But the situation keeps on getting twisted
because of contracts and rules.

All thanks to a certain someone.

What am I supposed to do?
Things just turned out this way.

Do you really think you'd be okay
never seeing me again?

You don't, right?

So hurry up and get
that contract terminated.

I don't even know if you actually
even want to date me or not.

How could a girl just go around
signing contracts so carelessly?

Come on. When I first came here,
you and Hyun-min drove me insane.

How could I expect to be dating you
when you were so mean?

Oh, I see. So that's why you
leaned on Kang Seo-woo.

Yes. After all, he treated me like
a human being, unlike you two.

So? Are you saying that
this is all my fault, now?

What about you, then? There's really
nothing going on between you and Hye-ji?

You two even went on a date.

That's not true.

Did it occur to you how I might've felt
seeing you and Hye-ji all this time?

Are you jealous of her?

Oh, whatever.

What about you, though?

Looks like you're jealous that
I have a scandal with a top star.

-Are you trying to start a fight with me?
-You think I can't?

Gosh, Eun Ha-won.

-All of these.
-Yes, ma'am.

And these too, please.



-Have you all been doing well?

I brought presents instead of
snacks today, like I promised.

Did you miss me?

-Yes. We missed you!
-Yes. We missed you!

All right. You need to line up,
and receive them in order.

And make sure to thank her.

-You're here?
-I'm a bit late, aren't I?

The kids were waiting for you,
asking when their pretty mom would come.

How about I hand out
the rest of these inside?


All right, let's go together.


You want to sponsor our orphanage, sir?

Yes. I was wondering how I could do so.

It's not important how you do it.

Feel free to contribute
as much as you're comfortable with.

I saw earlier someone bringing gifts here.

Oh, you mean Madam Ji?


She comes by quite often.

The children call her "mom"
and follow her around.

They call her "mom?"

Madam Ji is a special case, you see.

She lost her son at a young age,
and she said that

she wants to show these children the love

that she couldn't give her own son.

That's what she told us.

She said that she was a terrible mom

who couldn't even
take care of her only son.

But still, I'm sure that all of
these children calling her "mom"

doesn't quite compare
to hearing her own son say it.

Was I being too mean?

No, he was.

Why did I bring up Hye-ji?

But you brought up Seo-woo, first.

Gosh, I can't stop thinking about this.

Well, I was just packing up
the things here.

You can just leave it here.

You don't have another place to put it.

No. I should stop accepting
your help from now on.

I'm sorry.

So did you end up meeting up with Ha-won?

Yes. I did.

That's good.

-Then, are you and Ha-won--
-We're a couple now.


I felt like I had to tell you.

Nobody else knows yet.

I see.

And this...

Kang Hyun-min got this back for you.

He told me to bring you to the storage.



worries about you a lot.

He's so gentle and sweet to Hye-ji.

Maybe the two of us
aren't very compatible.

Should I give this a try?





What are you up to?

None of your business.

I thought about it

and there's something
that I wasn't able to tell you.

What is it?


It's about me being mean to you
when you first moved in.

I'm sorry.



I'm sorry about that, okay?

Is it that hard for you to apologize?

And my relationship with Hye-ji is

different than the one I have with you.

You know that, right?

And about me being
close with Kang Seo-woo--

It's fine.

I overreacted.

Come with me.

Where are we going?

I'm not sure I can trust you with this.

Just trust me.

Do you like cooking?

I'm trying to enjoy it from now on.

My girlfriend has an incredible appetite,
after all.


Eating isn't the only thing
that your girlfriend is good at.

Move over.

Hey, what if someone comes in?

Who'd come here now? It's so late.

It's okay.

I'm holding a knife, you know.

My girlfriend resorts to
such extreme measures.

I thought we were doing this together.
Where are you going?



This is really good.

Well, I made it.

I'd love some beer.

Hey, don't drink. If you get drunk--

Never mind.

You're pretty cute when you're drunk.

You don't look like it,
but you're a lightweight.

When should I get you drunk again?

Hey, who says that I got drunk?

Remember when we went on that getaway?

You got so wasted
you barely remember anything.

No. I remember everything.

-No, you don't.
-I'm telling you, I do.

Really? Go ahead and tell me then.


did this.


You said that you didn't
remember anything.

Apparently, you do and yet you were
so cold toward me.

Well, you know.

I was just worried

that you might feel awkward about it.


I should never trust any man.

-Hey, is that something to beat me up for?
-Kang Seo-woo is coming. Hurry! Hide!

Hide under the table! Go!

Wow, you're eating all this
by yourself, this late?

What? Yes. You know how I am.

By yourself?

By myself? Yes. Of course.

I always say,
one whole chicken per person.

You must be feeling down
because you got rejected by me.

What? Yes.

-I'll eat with you.
-Oh, no. It's okay.

Hey, how can I just leave
after seeing you eat by yourself?

You really are the nicest of them all.

Of course I am.

Let's eat.

We were officially dating up until
the denial article came out today.

So I'll be generous
and give you this chicken leg.

Wow, what an honor.

But you know, I prefer chicken wings.

Really? You can have
both of the wings, then.

You know, I was planning
to marry the woman

who gives me both of the chicken wings.

Oh, really?

Well, I was going to marry the guy
who gives me both of the drumsticks.

Here. Have both of the drumsticks.
I'll be generous.


This is so good.

I wonder why it tastes so good.

Yes, hello?

When are you going to pay me
for finding Kang Yeong-jin for you?

Excuse me? What do you mean?

I sent you a text before
with his information.

Were you not able to meet him?

Your wife took
his contact information though.

Are you sure it's Kang Yeong-jin?

Where is that punk now?

Kang Yeong-jin.

Did you meet with Ha-won?

How was your dad-daughter
reunion after so long?

Do you really think
that Ha-won is my daughter?

Why do you keep wasting
your time with such nonsense?


There was nothing going on
between me and Ok-seon.

Don't you dare lie to me.

You two fell head over heels for one
another while I was away working.

The only thing we were good at was sports

which is why we opened
a taekwondo center together. That's it.

Why did Ha-won's mom die
at your apartment, then?

She was at my house because of
an issue related to the center, and--

You two were trying to run away together,
but Ha-won's mom died,

so you ran away by yourself, didn't you?


You know better than I do
that Ok-seon wasn't that kind of person.

I know all about the fact that
you put the center up for sale, too.

That's true.

I sold it without telling Ok-seon.

I was being chased by debt collectors,

and I went a bit crazy for a second
and sold the center.

Ok-seon found out about that
and came to see me.

And that was when she died.

What did you say?

I really do deserve to die.

But actually,

it's Ok-seon who died.

I came home to run away
from the debt collectors.

But the house was already in flames
when I arrived.

Ok-seon was trying to rescue
the woman next door

and didn't get out in time.

Apparently, the ring that Ok-seon was
holding was from the woman next door,

who asked it to be given to her own son.

Were you doubting that poor woman

who died while trying to save
someone else's life?

I didn't even know that...

and resented Ok-seon.

And even poor Ha-won...

who treasured that ring...

as her mom's keepsake.

What's the matter?

Do you have a sore throat?

Oh, it's nothing like that.

Meet me in the storage room.

Why did you get here so late?
Didn't you hear my cue?

-You call that noise a proper cue?
-Yes. That means, "See me now."

Just text me.

That's no fun at all.

Look at the mess we're in
because of my grandpa.

We have to hide away like this.

Why do you hate your grandpa so much?

You know, my mom

was just an average woman.

Average enough to make someone wonder
how she even met someone like my dad.

Seeing how she never talked
about my dad to me,

it's clear that
they didn't part on good terms.

I came to Haneul House
because I had a lot of questions.

That's more of a reason to not
hide away in a place like this

and ask the chairman your questions.

Isn't that right?

I saw a trace of my dad
for the first time, here.

My dad's name was carved into this.

I think he used this a long time ago.

But only the camera is here.

There aren't any photos.

All right, then. Let's report this to him.


Let's report to your dad
that we like each other.

All right. Reporting time.

There we go.



There we go.

It's a mess in there, isn't it?
And it smells like gas, too, right?

I like that
since that's what you smell like.

You seemed so cool, driving around
in a huge truck like this one.

I'm sorry.

I misunderstood
something greatly this whole time.

I trusted Mom.

Yes, you were a better person than I was.

I should've trusted your mom, too.

You trusted Mom too, Dad.

I thought about
why you never got us tested,

kept on searching for Yeong-jin

even when you said that
I wasn't really your daughter.

You felt bad that you couldn't

be by Mom's side back
when she was going through all that.

Isn't that right?

And so you wanted to find...

Yeong-jin and ask for forgiveness, right?

I'm sorry.

To both you...

and your mom.

Your mom...


Don't be sorry, Dad.

Let's go back home now.

I didn't know how much
your stepmom and Yu-na

had been harassing you.

It'll be hard for you

if you come back home now.

But she's someone I chose.
I can't cast her aside now.

You get what I'm saying, right?

So please give me some time.

I'll make it

so that our family can be a real family.

I still have some work left to do, too.

Gosh, you're home, honey?

Honey. Did you meet Kang Yeong-jin?

Well, that's...

Did you meet him, or not?

I did meet with him.

It seemed like you were trying
to find Ha-won's real dad,

so it'd be good for everyone
if we did that for her, right?

I was just trying to get money from him,
as compensation for raising her--

Park Su-gyeong!


Ha-won isn't his daughter.

She's my daughter.

You. And you, Yu-na.

Yes, Dad?

How have you been treating
Ha-won all this time?

Tell me, right now.

I'm so sorry, Honey.

I'm sorry, Dad. I'm sorry.

Please forgive us.


I'm cold.

I'm cold, too.

Why do I keep getting
kicked out of places lately?

How did Eun Ha-won manage to sleep here?

She has a lot of extra fat,

so she can bear cold temperatures
better than us.

Mom, what if we end up getting kicked out?

I don't know. What do we do?



2016 MARCH


Here. It's a birthday present for you.

This is awesome.

What about mine?

Oh, this is Hye-ji, my little sister.

I gave Jeong-hyeon a present
because it's his birthday.

Me too.

It's my birthday today, too.

You too?

We're twins,

so we share the same birthday.


I'll definitely get you a present
on your next birthday.

I'll give you a present
for every birthday. Okay?

It's tomorrow already.

Where are you going?

I have a lot of plans today.

Did the chairman tell you
to keep an eye on me?

I wonder what I did wrong.

Why does he keep doubting me?

I don't know why either.

Do you think that I'm cheating on
the chairman, too?

It's not my place to make
that kind of judgment.

We're here. You can get out.

Can't we have a meal together?

I'm sorry.

I didn't have the right to have you
buy me a meal with your first paycheck.

But I really wanted to buy you a tie
if you got a job somewhere.

I know it's quite overdue,
but will you accept it?

Yes, hello.

Please, take a seat.

I'm trying to find a room.

For rent?

Well, yes.

How much can you afford to pay
for the security deposit?

Is there a place I can move into
without paying a security deposit?

You'll have to look into basement rooms,
or a student hostel.

A student hostel?

It wouldn't be the best place for
a young lady to live by herself, but...

Oh, just a moment.

Let me take a look here.


-Please give me a call, then.
-Yes, I will.


Where are you?

Why do you care where I am?

It's your birthday today.

Yes. So I'm meeting up
with some friends today.

So can we hang up already?

What a great age to be.

Hey, you. I'm going to kill you.

You go in first.

No. You go in first.

Okay. I'll head in first,
so come inside soon. Okay?

Hey, quiet.

What are you doing?


This sure feels nice.

Yes, it does.

What are you doing?

Oh, Yoon-sung.

You know. I feel really cramped.

-So I'm trying to stretch a little.
-Finish whatever you're doing, then.



My shoulders feel so stiff.
Can you massage it for me?

Oh, please. At your age?

Come on, I'm being serious.
My shoulders really hurt.

Young people have this problem too.

It's probably because I play
the guitar so much. Please?

Your shoulders seem fine.

-You have a knot here.

-Yes, right there.

That was our agreement
when I allowed her to live here.

If she breaks the "no dating" rule,

she will have to leave.

Furthermore, she can never meet
with the people living here again.

That smells so nice.

Do you want some too?


Did something good happen to you recently?


Well, no. Not really. Why?

Really? Just because.

You just seem to be smiling
more than usual.

Am I?


You get a lot of gifts
from your female fans, right?


Yes, so a friend of a friend
is dating for the first time.

She wants to get her boyfriend a gift
but doesn't know what to get.

Well, is there anything special
that she could get him?

Men don't really need things like gifts.


All you have to do is be with them,
and smile with them.

Just like you're doing now.

There you go again,
writing lyrics to another love song.

Hello, sir.

Could you come see me, Ms. Eun?

Why isn't she back yet?

Thanks for everything.

And I'm sorry.

I really wanted to say this to you.


No, there's nobody like that living here.

The person you are trying to reach
is currently unavailable.

You'll be forwarded
to the voicemail service.

I'm quite disappointed in you, Ms. Eun.

I trusted you.

And yet you lied to my face.

I apologize, sir.

What will you do now?

Well, I'll give you some choices, then.


Choose either one of these options.

Your future or Ji-woon.


Forget about Ji-woon,

this talk with me,

and the time you spent in Haneul House.

Forget everything then leave.

If you do,

I'll give you all of
the support I promised you before.

I'll pay for your college tuition
and pay you for your services.

You can have it all.

However, you can't have Ji-woon.

I'm sure you'll want to continue
seeing Ji-woon in secret.

It's not like
it'd be impossible to do that.

Will you choose some unpredictable love
that may not even last?

How long do you think
you can continue seeing him?

A few months?

A few years?

Do you understand what you must do now?

Wait just a moment.

There's no need to say goodbye to me.

It was difficult serving you,
but I thank you

for the opportunity.

Hurry up and leave.

You're being too cruel.

How could you do this to my dad,
who's only served you his whole life?

What did I even do wrong?

Your existence in itself was a mistake.

Do you understand?


You kicked out Jeong-sun's family?

Stop overreacting.
The other workers are watching.

They probably don't
even have a place to go.

Why did you do this
without even telling me?

You know the reason why
better than anyone else.

I love Jeong-sun.

It didn't seem like she felt
the same way about you.

See how she accepted my money and left.

This is why I told you to
be wary of people like her.

This is why I told you not to be
affectionate toward people like her.

Don't you know that you're more of
a coward for playing with people's hearts

with that damned money of yours?

"Damned money?"

All the things you want are impossible
without that "damned money."

Don't you know that?

I don't need

things like money.

Let's see just how much you mean that.

So basically, Grandpa is just
doing whatever he pleases.

This is nothing for someone like him,
who buys people with money.

What are you doing?

Can't you tell?

-What the hell are you doing?
-Go away.

-My friends will be here soon.
-Your friends?

-Who, exactly?
-Mind your own business.

This is the perfect place for us

to say farewell forever.

Open it.

Will you marry me?

Well, I don't know.

Are you really going to be like this?

In ten years.

I'll answer you in ten years or so.

I'll give you my answer to your proposal

from ten years ago.

My answer is no.

Things won't work out between us.


but go back to Haneul House.

If you feel uncomfortable there,
I'll leave.

So don't go around doing
stupid things and go back.

Seriously, mind your own business.

I'll take care of it myself.

Why won't you listen to me?

I have no reason to listen to you

and I definitely don't have a reason
to go back to Haneul House.

I can just go to my uncle's house.

Don't lie.

Are you going to go live
at a student hostel?

You've been looking at places like that
because you have no money. And what?

You're going to live with your uncle?

Did you see me?


So you're pitying me now?

You're going to give me a place
to eat and sleep because you pity me?

And is that why you got
the stuff from my studio, too?

It's not like that.

You disappeared as if
you'd never see me again

and then made me miss you so much
that I almost went crazy.

And when you reappeared in my life,
you gave me the coldest treatment.

And when I came to you with
that kind of expression on your face

you hurt me so much that it felt
like my heart was ripped to shreds.

Is it that fun for you to toy
with someone's feelings?

Was it fun for me?

When you missed me,

I missed you a hundred times more.

I wanted to touch you
when you looked at me

and I wanted to hold you tight
whenever you approached me.

I wanted to do that
much more than what you think.

I treasured you

and loved you more.

But the two of us can never be together.


We can't be together.

On the day that Jeong-hyeon died...

On that day, ten years ago...

I was with him.

I saw a car hit him

and then speed off.

I was so scared.

I had no idea what to do back then,

so I ran away.

This is the type of
cowardly bastard that I am.

That's why you and I...

can never be together.


that's the reason why
you pushed me away this whole time.


you deceived me.

Let me make one thing clear now.

Whether it be intentional or accidental,

let's never see each other again.

Let's never be in the same place

at the same time, ever again.

The person you are trying to reach

-is currently unavailable.
-Jeez, why isn't she picking up?

You'll be forwarded to--

What happened with
the favor I asked you for?

There was nothing worthy of reporting.

Is that right?


All right.

That's a relief.

Are you all right, sir?

I'm fine. You can go now.

Shall I escort you back home, sir?

I'll call Driver Park, so you can go.

I'm going to stay here a bit longer.

I understand, sir.

So you came.



lived at Haneul House?

Does the food taste okay?


Thanks for coming out.

Subtitle translation by Soo-ha Lim