Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

A long time ago, there lived a kind
and beautiful girl named Cinderella.

She was always abused
by her stepmother and stepsisters.

But on one fateful day,
she met a wonderful prince.

And they lived happily ever after.

As if!

- Cinderellas these days don't have time

- to meet any princes

-Would you like to order?
- because all they do is work.

And on top of that, "princes" nowadays

are just complete jerks.

They all have Casanova complex,
and act so arrogant.

I wish someone would tell them
to stop being so entitled.

That little...


There you go.

That's why you shouldn't wait around
for some dumb prince

and depend on yourself
to survive, instead. Got it?



Look at those handsome faces.

Just wait, okay? I'll be a college
student starting next month too.


Your pizza delivery is here!


-Who's that?
-Take this.

Look at that.

How dare you commit a crime
in front of me?

I got you.

You're so dead.

You're totally dead.

Just a bit more.

That little...


Gosh, where did he disappear to?


Thank you so much.

Please let me buy you a cup of coffee,
at the very least.

Can I have your number?

I'd really like to thank you somehow.

What's with that guy who just left?

I feel like I just met
my knight in shining armor.

He even got my bag back for me.

Oh, so this bag was yours?

This bag is like my glass slipper.

Glass slipper, my foot.

But it seems like there are
still some decent guys out there.

Oh, yes, sir?

I just finished my delivery,
and I'm on my way back--

I'll be back really soon. I'm coming!

What do you want?

A handbag?

-A handbag?

-Do you know her?

No. I just...

Did you really have to start
dating my friend?

To me, there are only
two kinds of women in this world.

The girls whom I've already dated
and the girls I'll date in the future.

Must I create a separate category for her
just because she's your friend?


Are you really going to be this way?

Your taste in men sure is crappy.

And what do you want?

I kept you waiting, right?

Let's go.

I thought you said you weren't
interested in Haneul Group.

So why do you keep hanging around here?

Is it that when you come here,

you find yourself wanting this hotel
and this company more and more?

You're not having delusions
that you'll inherit all this, are you?

It's not like I couldn't.

You're taking the joke a bit too far.

Is it because you don't know your place?

Hey. Don't get the wrong idea.

You're a nobody, understood?

You think it's a joke?

Should I show you what's really funny?

How dare you grab
your older relative by the collar?

You should be respectful to your elders.

Older relative?

You're not my family.

Get lost.

You still have a long way to go.


Why do you always get
into fights with him?

I don't like arguing with him either.

Then don't.

Why don't you take your own advice?

But you really have low standards for men.

Make sure you get my approval
for the guy you'll marry, okay?

Again with your nagging.

You're the one who was late for lunch.

Let's go.

Gosh, you pathetic girl.

What? They don't expire
until the end of today.

And you're just going to throw
these out anyway.

So I'll eat it all.

Whatever. Just take it all.

You really are the best, sir.

You're my angel.


Whatever. Just leave.

What do we do this for? Love.

What do you get matching shoes for? Love.

What do you get matching clothes for?

What do you get matching rings for? Love.

What did I get so hefty for? Love.

I'm home.

Hey, do the dishes properly.

Are you telling us you hate doing it?

I'm sorry. I'll scrub them
really well next time.

Also, did you pick up the clothes
I left at the dry cleaner's?

Oh, no, I totally forgot.

I'll pick it up tomorrow, sister. Sorry.

Gosh, again with the sister thing.

It pisses me off.

Gosh, you don't know
how to do anything right.

I wonder who you take after.

Her dead mom, obviously.

That guy is crazy.



I'll call this one up next week.

I'll get my paycheck from
the convenience store in three days,

and I'll be getting paid
from the restaurant in a week.


I'm almost there.

You can do it, Eun Ha-won.

I really have to find another job.

Arrive exactly at 6:00 p.m.

There's an important announcement
regarding your grandfather.

If you don't come,
I'll freeze all of your credit cards.

If you don't come,

I'll keep the circumstances
regarding your birth a secret forever.

Is Grandpa in ruins?

Did Grandpa collapse?

Where's Grandpa?

What is it that you'd even freeze
my cards over for?

I canceled today's plans for this.

I wouldn't have been able to see
all three of you at once otherwise.

Was it you who contacted us?

Are you messing with us right now?

This is Grandpa's...

Grandpa's wedding invitation?

Are you serious?

Honestly, this isn't right.

I'm not going.

Hey, you're not the only one
who doesn't want to go.

All three of you must attend as a family.

-Who's family?
-Who's family?

First, there was a cousin
that popped out of nowhere,

and now we're getting a new grandma
who's my mom's age?

-That's why I said I won't go.
-Are you two fighting again?

Kang Ji-woon.

Don't call me that.

I'm Han Ji-woon.

I'll be leaving too then.

My schedule is packed.

You have to come.

Of course.

It's Grandpa's fifth wedding, after all.

I'll even bring a gift.

This is

where the chairman's other grandchildren
reside together.

We've prepared a room for you over there.

Please get some rest, then.

The chairman will be here for dinner.

Yes, sir?

I just escorted him here.

Who the hell are you?

And who the hell are you?

You don't know who I am?

Are you new here or something?

The new cleaning guy?

Sure. I'll let you off the hook
since it's your first time.

You can go.


Mr. Kang Ji-woon.

You two...

are cousins.


Mr. Kang Ji-woon is the son
of your uncle, the late Seok-cheol.

How could Uncle Seok-cheol have a son
when he never even got married?

That's just ridiculous.

Did you really check this thoroughly?


Which family is your mother from?

I mean, what kind of great family
are you from

that they kept you hidden all this time?

Did you live abroad this whole time?

What school did you attend?

I lived in an orphanage after my mom
passed away ten years ago.

And I dropped out of high school.



-Mr. Kang Ji-woon is--

I was worried for nothing.

But then again,

is it Grandpa's hobby to go find himself
new grandsons or something?

It wasn't even that long ago that
he took that busker kid off the streets.

Well, one thing's for sure.
He definitely is an interesting old man.


You'll soon get used
to things around here.

I have to get used to this?

-Director Kim.
-Oh, yes.

Director Kim is here, sir.

Ten minutes.

The Hanyeong Financial Times keeps
releasing gossip articles about us

and it's been having some effect
on our company's image.

Also, regarding your wedding
and your grandsons--

There's no need for you
to worry about that.


I took over that publication yesterday.

If any more troublesome things happen,
go and buy a web portal.

That'll be all. You can go.

How did they react?

I don't think any of them will be coming.

So not a single one of them
understands how I feel.

I can't do all this by myself any longer.

I need a successor
that will lead Haneul Group.

They're all still quite young, sir.

But I'm sure I'll see which one
of them deserves the position

by watching them live together
and duke it out among themselves.

Yes, sir.

Make sure you get them to show
their faces at my wedding.

There will be many people
watching us on that day.

If I let them off the hook for mistakes
they make just because they're young,

all of that will add up eventually
and make them terrible people.

And that will be detrimental
to Haneul Group as a whole.

I understand, sir.

How many times has this been already?

I have to pay the repair fees again?

You'll put us in a difficult position
if you continue acting this way.

This isn't my fault!

What's going on over there?

-Gosh, not that guy again.
-Hey, sir.

-He's some blogger.
-What did you do to my car?

He did something to his car
and is trying to blame it on us.

How many times has it been already?

And he keeps threatening to post
a bad review of us online.



Who the hell are you?

-Do you have a death wish?
-Not particularly.


What? What did you say, you little punk?

Do you know how expensive this car is?

I'm sure I know better than you.

I'll pay for the repairs
on both of these cars.

-Get whatever you want fixed.

But in exchange, apologize.

Apologize and don't come back here
with this entitled act ever again.

Where is Kang Seo-woo?

He was supposed to be on standby.
Where did he go?

Kang Seo-woo's manager?


-Hey, you look over there.
-Yes, sir.


How could you dump someone over text?

What's wrong with texts?
I even sent an emoji.

Did I not send you a crying face?

-You said that I was your woman.
-Oh, that.

That's right.

Because all the women
in this world are my women.

That's why I'm a bit busy.

Hey, Kang Hyun-min.

Why, I should really...

Is that rumor really true?

What rumor?

I heard that you grant girls one wish
when you break up with them.

Just say the word.

There goes another one of my cars.


Oh, what's that over there?


I don't see anything.

You fell for it again.

I love how gullible you are.

Come on, sir.

I mean, honey.

Oh, what's that on your skirt though?

There's something on my skirt?

What a nice bow.

Gosh, you drive me insane.

You absolutely do.

No need to congratulate me.
I'm just getting started.

His grandsons?

They're nothing to worry about.

They're all predictable
third-generation conglomerates.

I have a plan up my sleeve.

My new grandma and my mom
are the same age.

And at this rate,
I might get myself a baby uncle.

That'll make one seriously
complicated family tree.

Does he look down on me?

He doesn't seem to care about
what I think.

Hey, I shouldn't just sit still
and do nothing, right?

What are you going to do, then?
The ceremony is tomorrow.

All right, let's shake up
Grandpa's wedding.

Let's do it. Come here.

I'll take the first girl who walks
through that door to the wedding.

I really want to analyze your brain.

Just what kind of thoughts
do you have in there?

I'm sure that girls who come here
won't be such easy catches, though.

I don't care.
It'll be more fun if she's a psycho.

Your pizza delivery is here!

That's weird. Are you sure
you came to the right place?

What? You ordered five pizzas.

No, I'm talking about this.


That's for requests like

"The elevator is broken
so take the stairs."

Or "Nobody is home,
so leave it by the door."

Those types of things are
the only things you should be writing.

Says who? Is that a law or something?

I requested the prettiest
delivery girl to deliver this.

But some ugly girl like you showed up.

Isn't it only fair that I get to express
my discontent as the customer?

You'll be paying with a card, right?
That'll be 184,500 won.

I'm too annoyed to eat.
What will you do about it?

Stop messing around and pay up
while I'm still being nice.

It's 184,500 won.

What the hell?

Are you threatening a customer right now?

What now? Does that piss you off?

Why are you talking back so much

when you're just some
damn delivery vermin?

Hey, what are you planning to do?

You'll just end up paying hospital fees
if you use your fists.

Who said that I'd use my fists?

Here, I'll pay.

Please, let me pay.

Apologize for calling me
"delivery vermin."

Fine. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, all right?

There are so many delivery people
in this country riding around

at this hour of the night
for the sake of customers.

And yet, you dare call us
"delivery vermin?"

-How dare you compare us to insects?
-All right. I'll apologize for that too.

Stop living your life like this.

I sincerely apologize for the scene.

Do you think you'll be able to bring her?

-Are you underestimating me?
-She's a total thug, though.

Come on.

I'm a man of my word.

I'm a true Korean man
and honor the promises I make.

I keep my word. Here I go.

Is this the last college?




I told you,
I didn't want to go to college.

I said I'll be a singer.

I sent you to expensive prep schools
and got you all of the rich kids' tutors

so you could meet Kang Hyun-min.

And since that didn't work, the least
you could've done was get into college.

I just wasted my money.


Why are you taking all of this out on me?

I'm home.

Why do you keep wearing your school
uniform when you're graduating soon?

If other people saw this,
they'd say you're from a poor family.

They'd direct their insults at me,
not you.

It's just that this is comfortable.

Oh, is it now?

I'm sorry.

Check it just one more time.

Why? It's not worth looking again.


Can I use the computer just this once?

Did you apply to college by any chance?

Fine, go ahead and check.

University of Education?

I want to become a teacher.

That was what my mom wanted.

Gosh, what's the use of raising you

when all you care about is your dead mom?

-That's not what I meant.

You shouldn't dream too big, you know.

If you do, you'll only end up
getting disappointed.

Know your place and have a dream
that suits your level.



Well, it's not like just anyone
can go to college, you know.

You need money to go.

I've saved up enough money
for the initial deposit

and I'll pay the rest off
with part-time jobs while I'm at school.

This is amazing!

Gosh, I had a pretty rough day.

But this makes up for all of that.

Mom, I'm a college student now.
I got in, Mom.

Very soon, I'll fulfill your dream of me
becoming a college student.

Your daughter is totally awesome, right?

I miss you, Mom.

I'll come see you soon.

Mr. Kim!

Mr. Kim!

Damn it.

Butler! Are you here?

Mr. Kim!

Why is the house such a mess?

What's that noise?

There's nobody here.

Over here, sir.
I'm over here, on the ceiling.

I'm sorry, sir,

but I'm quitting.

Your grandsons are devils.


Well, sir. That's not what I meant.

It's fine. It's hereditary, after all.


Not a single day goes by quietly.

This was expected when you called
the boys together, was it not?

Even so, it's been a year already since
those three have been living together.

I can't let them act this way any longer.

I'll find a new butler
as soon as possible.

Just use the money to get someone.

I'm sure someone will be willing.

And if they quit,
we can hire a pricier one.

Yes, sir.

Gosh. Who could I hire that can
knock some sense into all of them?

I can pay my deposit
when I get paid tomorrow.

I finally saved up four million won.

Four million...

Yes, four million!

-I think you miscalculated.
-Excuse me?

This thing costs four million won?

I'm sorry, sir.

That'll be 1,500 won.

This one is a buy-one-get-one-free item.


-What does that mean?
-You get another free ice cream.

There's such a thing? Amazing.

But what should I do?
I'm only planning to eat one.

Still, the other one would be free.

Gosh, you eat well.

-It is free, after all.
-Are you speaking informally to me?

-Well, you started it.
-But I'm a customer.

-But you already paid.
-Look at this punk.

How thuggish.

Whatever. I think someone
like you will be perfect.

Let me ask you a favor.

What is it?

Give me some of your time tomorrow
from 9:00 p.m. to midnight.

Just three hours.

Leave, okay?

Hey, I'm still talking.

If you want me to listen,
say something that actually makes sense.

I'm not asking you to do this for free.
I'll give you one million won.

Okay. How about two million, then?

Was that ice cream spoiled?

I have money.

People who say that
are usually the most untrustworthy.

Are you trying to imply
that you can buy people with money?

Yes. Why not?

Using money to solve problems
instead of arguments or violence.

Isn't that a lot more pleasant
and peaceful?

Using money to cover up your problems
instead of actually dealing with them?

You know what I'm talking about.

Prove it, then.

Prove it?

Prove that you have
that kind of money to buy my time.

I've proven myself now, right?


Do you want a tax receipt?
Give me your number.

The lengths people go through
to get someone's number these days.

-Hey, come on.

You're at a loss for words
because I'm just way too cool, right?

Call me.

Can I have 27cm of this?

We only sell wholesale amounts.
We don't sell such small amounts.

There's no other place that sells
this fabric in this color, though.

I walked around here so many times
and only barely managed to find you.

That's not my problem.

I don't sell anything less than 9,000cm.

Please? Just this once.

You're a student, right?
Just take that sample and go.

I wouldn't have gone through
all this just for a sample.

I'm making something
for a really important occasion. Please?


My gosh.

What's wrong with you?

You mixed up all of my samples!

It'll take a whole day to reorganize them.

-I can do it for you in 30 minutes.

I'll set your display back up
to the way it was in 30 minutes.

In return, you have to sell me
some of that fabric, okay?

Fine, go ahead and try.


Why did you come here so late at night?

I thought you might've missed me.

-Have you had dinner?
-No, I'll eat later.

Oh, really?

I'll go stop by a convenience store
nearby then.

-No, it's fine.
-Just wait.

-Can you heat all these up, please?

Of course.

That'll be 98,000 won.

-Just a moment.

Convenience store food?

Why does he treat us so poorly?

What is it now?

He shouldn't use all that money

and lend us some of it.

How nice would that be?

You caused trouble again, didn't you?

Well, no.

Actually, my younger brother
beat someone up

and they want six million won
as a settlement.

Forget it.

He asked us to treat him
just as we did before.

It means he doesn't want us
to talk about money.

But back then, all of us were miserable.

Honestly, isn't he being too much?
We've known each other for so many years.

Stop saying things like that.

It only takes a single moment
to sever ties with someone else.

What's going on?


You have to pay for the food.

Do you not have money?

You asked me to heat up everything,
so I already opened them all.

I'll pay you tomorrow.


Gosh, why is the world against me today?

How am I supposed to believe that?

I said I'll pay you.

You're just doing this so that
you don't have to pay, right?

I have way too much money
to be pulling that kind of scam on you.

Are you serious?

Hurry up and pay.

You're such a jerk.

You can't even say you're sorry?

Make sure you bring
that money by tomorrow.

Yes, Jeong-hoon?

Park Hye-ji! I have a piece of
unbelievable news just for you.

What is it?

Hyun-min might be bringing a girl
to his Grandpa's wedding.

You should brace yourself.

A girl?

I mean, Hyun-min has tons of girls.


Are you hurt?

I'm okay. When did you get here?

You do this to your fingers all the time.

Where are your Band-Aids?



Dad, are you busy?

It's been six months since I've seen you.

When are you coming home?

Tomorrow's the anniversary of Mom's death.

Can you not make it?


Excuse me.


Where's the urn that used to be here?

My mother's.

This one?

Did you not know?

The payment on this space
is five years overdue now.

And we couldn't get in touch
with the guardian.

So are you saying you threw it away?

We didn't throw it away.
We have it in storage.

-In storage?

How could you just shove it in storage
because of overdue payments?

Do people need to be evicted,
even in death, due to rent overdue?

We have our internal rules as well.

How much money do we owe you?

Five million won.


Five million won.

Five million?

Get out of the way.

Can you keep things quiet around here?

I apologize.

Let's continue this outside.


Please, sir.

Can you take my mom out of storage?

Please, sir.


Sir! You have to pay for the food.

You can't even say you're sorry?

A present for you, Mom.

My kindergarten teacher told me

that you're supposed to give
white roses to people you respect.

Make sure you become a teacher
that is well-respected, Ha-won.


I do have the money,

but your wish was for me to go to college.


That was your wish,
so I'm going to go to college, okay?

I can go to college, right?

I'm your daughter whom you're proud of,
so I can go to college, right?


I'm sorry, Mom.

I'm sorry.

I don't think I'll need to go to college.

Forget everything I just said.
I'm sorry, Mom.

Sorry, Mom. I only said that because
I'm going through such a hard time.

Things are so hard for me right now.

I miss you so much, Mom.

Sorry, Mom.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.


What do you think?

I made this to wear to the wedding.

What wedding?

Your Grandpa's.

You're going, right?

I'm not going.

You're really not going?

Nobody wants me there, anyway.

Hyun-min is apparently bringing some girl.

Does that bother you?

Can't you come with me?

I'd usually do you any favor, but--

All right.

Sorry for asking.

You knew the answer yet you still asked?

I feel bad now.

All right.

All I need is one more million won.

Your offer is still valid, right?

Of course.

Fine. But in exchange, give me cash.
And I can't give you a tax receipt.

You're quite amusing.
That isn't what I expected you to say.

Fine, then. But let me get
something extra, too.

What are you talking about?

Act like my fiancée for three hours.

What? Your fiancée?

Why? You don't want to?

You're never going to get another chance

to earn so much money in three hours.

Why do you need a fiancée for three hours?

Because of my grandpa.

Your grandpa?

He's quite ill

and really wants to see me
tied down before he dies.

Is he really ill?

One of my relatives is
getting married today.

And today

is the last day that Grandpa gets to...

leave the hospital.

Okay, fine.

I don't want to participate in your lie,
but I'll agree to this for now.

But in exchange,
if you try to pull anything,

I really won't stand for it. Understand?

All right. Since we're engaged,
we should introduce ourselves.

I'm Kang Hyun-min. And you are?

I'm Eun Ha-won.

Gosh, you sure are peculiar.

How could you look elsewhere
when you're right next to me?

What's wrong with you?

Don't act like we're close.

Hey, we're engaged, you know.

So we should try to act the part.

Forget it.

You'll be my fiancée
for three hours tonight.

A chance like this won't come again,
so let's have fun.

All of this will be over
at midnight on the dot.

This is the location of Haneul Group's

Chairman Kang Jong-du's fifth wedding.

They say rich families in Korea
will be divided

into two categories tonight.

Those who were invited to this wedding,
and those who were not.

here's the biggest question tonight.

Will the Kang cousins, who've never been
seen together in one place, all show up?

Lady Killer Kang Hyun-min
has made his entrance.

Oh, my. He's brought some bumpkin.

Kang Seo-woo, the youngest of
the cousins and a huge star is here.

The handsome Kang cousins
are about to come together at last.

Now, if the rebellious
Kang Ji-woon shows up,

then all three cousins
will have made an appearance.

Will Kang Ji-woon come
to the wedding hall?

What's all this?

You have to turn into my fiancée now.

Let's have some fun.

What is it?

Are you with someone?


-Someone you don't know.

What kind of girl is she?

Don't you get tired of obsessing over me?

This has nothing to do with you,

so mind your own business.

He wants me to wear this?

What a total pervert.

Gosh, should I just punch his face
and tell him to get something else?

No, I can't do that.

His grandpa is waiting.

All done.

What the hell is this?
This isn't a children's choir.

I've had so many raw eggs
to be chosen for this.


I'm the prettiest one here.
It's okay. Let's do this.

I'm halfway there now.

Halfway there.

We're ready now, sir.

It's showtime. Let's go.

What are we doing right now?

The wedding march.

We're getting married.


-Hey, are you crazy?

Hey, this is different
from what you told me!

It's only a tiny bit different.

-We can't do this.
-It's fine.

What are you trying to pull here?

People are waiting. Come on.

No, this isn't right.

Let's go.

What are you doing?

-Put me down, now.

My lovely grandpa.

I give you my fiancée
as your wedding present.

Why, you...

Where are you from, young lady?


If you're someone that
our Hyun-min would bring here--

I'm a senior at Jungsan Girls' High.

Hey, say hello.

This is my grandpa's fifth wife.

How dare you speak so rudely!

I'm sorry.

It wasn't my intention
to ruin your special day.

What are you doing?

That's what I'd like to ask you.

You're rebelling against him here
of all places?

What are you doing?
Hurry up and apologize.

Why should I?

Hurry up and do it.

I don't want to.

I'm so sorry.

Time out. I'm leaving.

No allowance for lost time?


What? Is she really your fiancée?

Of course! Say hello.

You know him, right?
He's the singer, Kang Seo-woo.

We're cousins.

It's nice to meet you.

The time right now is...

Oh, yes.

Aren't you being too harsh on Hye-ji?

It's not like I'm in a relationship
with her.

How about you stop overreacting

in front of my girl?

So you're Hyun-min's fiancée?


I'm Park Hye-ji. I've been friends
with Hyun-min since we were young.

Nice to meet you.


"Nice to meet you?"

Have you no pride?

Ji-woon, what are you doing?

Did you come all the way here
because of money?

Are you that desperate?

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