Cimarron Strip (1967–1968): Season 1, Episode 21 - The Blue Moon Train - full transcript

An ex-convict kidnaps Francis and forces Marshal Crown to assist him rescue a number of prisoners being shipped to federal prison on a special train.

(train whistling)

The pride of the railroad police
preparing your usual hearty

welcome for the
knights of the road.

Just gonna collect some fares.

Skysail Jack.

Cincy Red, Chicago Sam.

From the look of the register, I'd say
you missed a few of the last month or two.

Ay, perish forbid one poor devil
should ride the luxury of a freight car

for a single mile without
giving the railroad its due.

Tell me, Ragan, where do
you prefer to punch their tickets?

Over the head or
across the kidneys?

I ain't choosy.

Either way, they pay good.

All right, come on out of there.

Come on out.

If I have to come in and get
you, you'll come out in lumps.


Well, you can't
expect gold from a...

This is the end of
the line, dead head.


Oh, oh.


Somebody got a free ride.



Come in.

(knocking continues)

Yes, come in.

You need a swamper, a
broom buster, a pearl diver?

I beg your pardon?

You got any jobs I can do?

Uh, no, I'm afraid not.

I got four hands.

No, really.


I bet you're hungry.

I want a job, not a handout.

Well, we'll see what
we can do... Come in.

You know something?

Your heart's
prettier than you are.

Now, eat this while it's hot.

The smell's a meal in itself.


Dulcey, got my
saddlebags packed?


I packed enough for three days 'cause
that's when you said you'd be back.

Oh, um, this is Mr...


Just get in?

Yeah, off a side door Pullman.

Professional on the prowl, huh?

Yeah, that's it.


Tramp of the road.

You're no more tramp
than you are a parson.

You got jailbird
plastered all over you.

I just wanted to stay
around a while, that's all.

Not here.

I'm square with John Law.

I'm paid in full.

Lay it out.

All right, you'll check
the skins anyway.

I graduated from
Denver last month.


A-1 Joe.


Jim Crown.

Marshal Crown.

You need a night hack?

I know the ropes
and I never sleep.

I got a night jailer.

I was only fooling.

I never could turn
against my own kind.

There ain't much
left for a guy my age.

I just thought that you might
need an expert broom man.

Some other town, Joe.

The far side of Texas.

Little guy tries.

Horses are ready, Marshal.

Thanks for the feedbag, Dulcey.

I'll be back Friday
night at the latest.


Don't let an old
ex-jailbird spook you, huh?

Who was that?

A-1 Joe.



Prisoner slang.

Means first class outlaw.

Brainy, nervy,
absolutely dependable.

- Him?
- Yeah, him.

His name should have been as big as
Quantrell, Jesse James, any one of them.

Funny, I never heard of him.

He had one weakness...
Taking care of his buddies.

Might make a good story.

Man wastes his whole
life helping his pals out.


Jim, you surprise me.

You don't surprise
me, you shock me.

Did I lean too hard
on Mr. Lehigh?

You were positively rude.

Just because a man
was once in jail doesn't...

Dulcey, there isn't a crime that con
man hasn't committed, not a face he hasn't

hidden behind, not a lie he hasn't
he told, not a grift he hasn't ground.

Now you'd be better off
hiring on a Gila monster.

Dulcey: Even the meanest
creatures deserve another chance.

So you're gonna give
him that chance, huh?

I very well might.

Dulcey, you own this place.

I hope when I get
back, you still do.



Morning, Joe.

At least you play a
cool hand, Marshal.

Welcome home.

Dulcey told me you took root.

Did she?

I came in last night.

We chewed you over
till four in the morning.

It's a wonder you didn't spend
the night outside of my door.

Slept with one eye open.

Which one are you using tonight?

You like this job, Joe?

You planning on staying a while?

I sure am.

Maybe Dulcey will
prove me wrong.

You always play it
safe, don't you, Marshal?

Lock all the doors,
kill all the bugs.

I trust you as far
as I can reach.

Build the walls higher.

Get more handcuffs, more leg
irons, more hacks, more laws, more...

Every chance you've had to go
straight, you've paid back with bad news.

I'm giving you nothing.

I ain't a bug, Marshal.

Look out you don't
get stepped on.

Morning, Mac.

Jim, just came in.


Closed train stops
Cimarron for water only.

Noon the 22nd.

Use maximum
force for train safety.

Well, that's tomorrow.

We'll have to take
on 10 deputies.

Shotguns loaded with... buck.

It's one train.

Might only be carrying guaranteed
beef or government dynamite.

Call it guaranteed dynamite.

Red Statum, Max Morrell, Soapy
Yancy, Pike Stratford, Harry Tracton and PJ



No wonder they
want maximum force.

The last of the Denver jailbirds
being transferred to Atlanta.

All his buddies.

I wonder how he's gonna try it.

A-1 Joe?

Try what?

Try rousting his
pals off that train.

Joe, why don't you
take the day off?

You've been cooped
up here too long.

Oh, that's all right.

All I want to do is stay
here and swamp out the...

And do exactly what
you tell me to do.

Well, I tell you exactly
to take the day off.

You gotta be joking.

It's only two dollars, I don't
know if it's... You keep it.

Buy yourself something pretty.

Money don't mean nothing to me.

You've got to learn
the value of your work.

Now take it.

All right.

You know, this is the nicest
time I ever spent in my life.

You ever need anything, you yell
for A-1 Joe, KSO, you hear me?

Oh, and be sure to turn up tomorrow
morning with a clean, clear head.


Don't you worry none.

That is guaranteed,
genuine whale bone.

Won't stretch.

Hold like a mountain.

No offense intended.

Help you, mister?

I could use me a
pair of stretchers.

Yes sir.

You're two days later.

Business was good up north.

Here you are, sir.

I'll get me a better buyer.

- You wanna take delivery here?
- Why not?


Nothing to talk about.

Just want a cut
of a few touches.

You and me and uh,
Dum Dum McCandless.

Dum Dum?

He ain't gonna talk unless
he's got a new clapper.

Well, he listens good.

Tonight, the hotel room.


No deal.

I'll meet you in the jungle.

I like the smell of the air.


It's the only way I
play, do you hear me?

Eight o'clock.

Step right up, folks.

Got the latest fashions
from Paris, right here.

Right here, folks. Here we are.

Come right up here
and get your buck.

What's the matter, Joe?

I was just thinking about home.

The Denver pen?

No, I spent more time in Kansas.

They got some old-time
sharp shooters in both places.

Yeah, that's right.

The best.

We got some here too.

You'd be surprised.

That's your problem, not mine.

Now there's no reason why we
should have any problems, Joe.

Dum Dum and me,
we just want to help.

Who are you?

What have you ever done?

Boost a couple of drunks,
push your bandwagon.

I'm the KSO, I work alone.

Well, a job like this
is too big for a single.

What do you know about it?

Well, for one
thing, I know these.

You got a sticky beak.

You're paid to
deliver, not to read.

When the best pen artist this side
of the Mississippi sends his samples

to the KSO, I just
naturally got an itch.

Max Murrell.

Pike Stratford.



Staegger and Plummer.

Big names, Joe.

They make a lot of noise.

In the cell block,
they're a squeak.

Prison transfers...
They're moving.

When, where.

Like I said, Joe, me and
Dum Dum, we're gonna help.

Boy, you two.

You can't even gouge with class.

You want these transfers?

You take us.

No buy...

These are beautiful.

I'm gonna have him do
my headstone someday.

I'll keep 'em.

I changed my mind.

No buy...

Give them to me.

Don't ever draw on me again.

'Cause next time, it'll be
the blade, not the knuckles.

Nobody minding the store?

Goodnight, Marshal.

Hurry up, Francis.

Well, it's a little
late for swimming.

Oh, we're working.

Francis got a bit behind
schedule and we're helping him out.

Well, you're not exactly the...
They type for the "Police Gazette".

No, no, this is for the Kessler's
"Young Lady" magazine.

They're having a contest
as to who can design

the most fetching
bathing costume.

What can you win?

Two tickets to Niagara Falls.

Well, all right
then, but hurry up.

We got an early start in the
morning and I want a complete shake

down of the freight yard.

We'll be ready, Jim.

Since when are you the new
photographer around here?

Oh, uh, just helping out.

Jim, this is what all the best
dressed fox hunters are wearing.

Ascot and a pink coat.

Pretty as a pink
petunia in Virginia.

I think you'd look grand in it.

Well, I don't chase fox.

I do my best to keep
the rattlers cooped up.

Something's wrong around here.

Where's Francis?



Oh, Francis!


Heard you, Marshal.
First thing in the morning.

Check the freight yard.

What are you up to?

Me? Up to?

Yeah, you.

Now come on out of there.


Let out the air,
you're turning blue.

Well, I offered to pose.

The physique would
have been more mature.

Yeah, but the
suit didn't fit you.

Take your pose, Francis.

It's getting late.

Jim, Jim!

Do you mind getting
out of the way?

You're spoiling my masterpiece.

Obviously, Francis,
you missed your calling.

You could have been a
first class clothes dummy.

Right, now, Francis,
take one of those flowers.

Take the violet.

All right, now
offer it to Dulcey.

Try and look civilized.

That's right.

Now put your big toe
forward a little more.


Now show the lovely
angle of your bony knee.

Now lift your
heel a little higher.

That's right.


Right, now bend
over a little more.

That's it.

A little more.


What happened?

You get him?

Ay, caught by surprise.

- You never had a chance.
- Was it a burglar?

There's nothing around
here anybody want to steal.


I mean, we haven't got any rich
or important guests or anything.

We got one.

What's the charge?

Protective custody.

Make any difference?

How long?

Time worry you, Joe?

Even a dog's got rights.

You'll get your rights back
when the train goes by.

What's that?

- Goodnight, Joe.
- Wait a minute, wait a minute.

You think this is fair?

I'm a cautious man.

I'll take it over
fair eight to one.

You should be able to
understand those odds.

Now I know why you
lived so long, you...

Hey, kid.


What do you want?

What time is it?

About a half an hour till dawn.

What do you say
to some breakfast?

The kitchen doesn't
open till seven o'clock.

Will you give me some
water so I can wash up?

Sorry I interrupted
your writing, kid.

Who were you
lying about this time?

I was writing about Elam
Hill and I wasn't lying.

Elam Hill and the
Grapevine Stage?

That's right.

You mind moving to the back?

I suppose you said that
Hill killed the stage driver.

That's what he did, didn't he?

That shows how much you know.

I pulled that job.


Yeah, that's right.
All by my lonesome.

Move. Out the door.


Still two sets of tracks.

Aye, doesn't make sense.

Everything Joe does
makes sense to him.

Well, he could have killed
Francis or just left him.

He didn't.

Well, he isn't out on a
pleasant morning canter

and Francis didn't just
go along for the ride.

Ah, whatever.

We're not more than an hour
behind and there's four of us.

He's just about got
us where he wants us.

They're gonna have to be
awful dumb to miss that trail.

You don't want it to
blow away, do you?

What do you want?

The marshal.

Move out.


They're leaving a trail that
a blind man could follow.

You ride...

I'm going to ride
point from here on out.

Coming along just fine.

Mind if I wash up?

Help yourself.

Why don't you just put flags up?

Signs with arrows
pointing the way?

Don't make no difference now.

They're just about in my pocket.

That's your first mistake.

You look like a
smart young fella.

Why don't you just
watch and remember?

Maybe you'll live to tell your
grandchildren how you seen A-1 Joe

make his moves.

You mind if I take some notes?

I might be able to get a
newspaper or a magazine story.

"Police Gazette", maybe.

Go ahead.

I'd rather see the
truth than the usual lies.


Due south.

Not too long ago.

Making one big sweeping curve.

Francis leaving all that sign.

What's he doing?


For what?

For whatever he needs.

Pay attention, kid.

I learned this the hard way.

You plan right,
everything comes out right.

Now get back, get back.

Ordinarily, I'd take the one
riding point, but I need him,

so I'm going to take
the one on the right.

(gun shots)

Be careful you
don't hit Francis.

(gun shots)


Somebody's always
trying for a medal.

(gun shots)

Mac, look after him.



Wants what?

He wants me,
that's what he wants.

Could have gotten me first easy.

You're going to have to
take them back to Cimarron.

Old Jack here, he's hurt bad.

What about Joe?

- He's my meat.
- Mine too.

They can't get
back on their own.

You're going to have to run herd
on that guard when that train pulls in.


Do you really think
Francis was hit?

It looked that way to me.

Maybe not too bad.

Otherwise, Joe wouldn't
still be holding on to him.

Who can say what
that scruffy... will do?

I'm going to go find out.


Morning, Joe.

Oh, hello, Marshal.

You're late.

This is as far as we go.

End of the line.

There's some beans, crackers
and sardines over there.

Help yourself.

You know, I've been debating.

This younger generation don't
know beans from whistle berries

about us old timers.

This is a lot of trash.

I wonder why these paper
fighters don't run down to McCoy

and print the
truth for a change.

They're a pack of howlers.

A man can fight like a steer all his
life, but nobody gets the facts of it.

Yeah, that's exactly my idea.

I've ridden with the
biggest and the best of them.

Nobody knows the
truth except maybe you.

So I'm going to set
the facts straight.

I thought that's why
you wanted Francis.

That's his side business, writing
the gospel about you old timers.

Joe: Yeah, something like that.

Two hours to go.

Even an old tramp
wants to know the time.

You ought to.

I guess you've done
near 30 years, all told.

Oh, that ain't time.

That's just
jailhouse arithmetic.

It's like this town.

I bet 20 years ago, they had big
plans for it, but that's history time.

Big money, big plans.

All that's left now is
this windy rat's nest.

Train stops once in a blue moon.

Sometimes it stops long enough.

What took you so long, Crown?

Have to go easy around the blind
corners or else they'll libel to get dusted

by those two boys
who rode with me.

I thought you figured it.

I'm simple.

Why didn't you take me
out when I was riding point?

'Cause I need you
and nobody else.

Everything's going
according to plan.

What plan?

I'll fill you in in a
couple of hours.

You'll fill me in right now.

If you'd have asked for
that, I'd have given it to you.

That's a shameful waste.

Five years' pay on a rock
pile for an iron like that.

Breaking jail, kidnapping,
bushwhacking two deputies.

Why you'll be back on
the payroll in no time at all.

Joe, hand me over Francis
and I'll call everything even.

Stop talking,
you're sucking wind.

You keep in shape,
don't you, Marshal?

Francis. Where is he?

The town, didn't you see him?

Don't push me.

It's tough being on
the taking end, isn't it?

You figured on some hell for leather
stunt to bust your old pals off that train.

Well, it's no go.

Wasn't talking about trains,
I was talking about Francis.

You're bluffing.

I don't believe you got Francis
and I don't believe he's hurt.

I can do this all day.

You ain't got all day.

We deal first.

All right, Marshal, take a look.

Fresh blood.

The best kind.

- Deputy blood.
- I got him.

You better believe
that, Marshal.

I got him good.

The clock is ticking away
and Francis is bleeding away.

Francis will run out of blood
before the clock runs out of ticks.

Why, you mud-crawling...
No more muscle.

You'll get tired
and I'll get hurt.

You'll get no nearer Francis.

Give me a couple of hours.

I'll deliver him
on a barrel head.

I'll give you the rest of
your life in the Atlanta pen.



Oh come on, Marshal.

Now Francis is too
big to fit in there.


Yeah, they're spare clothes.

Thought maybe I'd like
to stick around awhile.

Planned ahead.

Well, like I told Francis
before, if you plan

things right, everything
works out right.

Come here, will you?

Give me a hand.

Ah, see you around.


You're not going
to find him up there.

Come on in.

Don't let me stop you.

Why don't you look in
the feed box, Marshal?

That's right.

Count to 10.

Fix it good, Joe.

It's the only way
you'll get to leave town.

Ain't lost a touch.

On the button.

We even got time for a
little celebrating, Marshal.

To the blue moon train.

I see you finally figured
the whole thing out.

Just making a guess.

It's been a month since you
were sprung out of Denver.

I figured you had enough time to collect
that dynamite, the rest of the gear,

stash it here in town, set
up that tumbleweed wagon

and ride blind into Cimarron.

That ain't a guess, Crown.

That's a fact.

I'm coming on.

Denver, Cimarron.

That train is going
east for Atlanta.

Now we're right in between.

That train'll be coming
through here at little after two.

And I'm gonna stop it.

No, I am.

That you are, Crown.

That you are.

You're dreaming.

- That train'll never stop here.
- It better.

And when it does, they'll turn over their
prisoners to you, you'll turn them over to

me, I'll turn Francis over to you, then
we'll shake hands and say goodbye.

My job is to see that
that train gets through.

After that, I worry
about people.

It's the same thing with me.

Train first, then the kid.

I'd break no law for a
muck worm like you.

You rag-picker.

I've lost so many
times I'm used to it.

But if I lose this
time, the kid loses.

There's killers on that train.

Strong arm...

Turn them loose and this whole
territory will become coyote bait for them.

Yeah, I know. I'll
be leading them.

Leading them
right to the pickings.

You? A dungeon rat on the run?

Not anymore.

I'll be with my pals.

We'll be free and loose
and riding like hurricanes.

Coming up on time.

It's going to take more than me
and my badges to stop that train.

There's too much at stake.

You say stop, it better stop.

Now come on, give
me a hand with this.

Come on, come...

I'm not saying stop
to that train, Joe.

After all that come on,
you're gonna let the train die?

You don't hear very
good, do you, Joe?

My job is to see that
that train gets through.

Except this Francis.

I'll be back here
tonight with 50 men.

Take this town apart.

And you'll find him stiff.

With his eyes wide open staring at
you and saying, "Where you been?

Why didn't you help me?"


I ain't bluffing now, Crown.

Kid's hurt bad.

I believe you.

You're gonna run
out on him, huh?

Come on, Joe, we're
going back to Cimarron.

He's dying, Crown.

You rag-picker.

At least we stick by our own.

But you, the marshal, the high
and mighty with the big star,

you got the guts of a weasel.

You eat your own.

I don't fault a man for
taking care of his pals,

but you're loyal to
the wrong people.

That's the different between us.

People like me have
to stop people like you.

Sometimes it's hard,
but that's the job.

It goes with the star.


Now who are you?


Just a dry land
sailor on the move.

Most call me Walla Walla Dan.

Where'd you come from?

Got tossed off a bum
stick about eight miles back.

Figured I'd move up a ways
and grab a handful of rides west.

Don't go through here
but once in a blue moon.

Now roll out of here.

I figured on resting up.

It's been eight miles.

Slope out now!

Yes sir.

I'll go over and put my
moniker on the register.

That ain't too
much to ask of a pal.


Now listen, mister.

I leave you alone,
you leave me alone.

That's everybody red
road if you can ride it.

I'm gonna register.

Nobody cooks my...,

you speck bum.



Names on the water tower.

What's your hurry, Marshal?

You got no place to go.

Back inside.

Yeah, Joe, this is your work.
You always good with a sticker.

And in the back.

That's murder, right, Marshal?

Well, that's one sentence.

Joe's always missed.

Hey, I wish I could
let you take him in.

Friends of yours?

These two-bit dimwits?

You want another mouth
in the back of your head?

I'd call that murder too.

I'll see your neck stretched.

It's going to be just as easy
putting away two, Marshal.

Don't let him switch you, Crown.

He's got no stomach for killing.

Not even a cockroach.

Dum Dum takes care of details.

Dum Dum's awful good at details too,
like that time he bleated on Grady Stone

to the Abilene sheriff.

Dum Dum, your tongue fit any
better since it's been shortened?

Hold it, Dum Dum.

When we get him,
it'll be in the gut.

It takes longer.

We'll be quicker
with you, Marshal.

- And blow the whole...
- Taking it over, Joe.

I asked and nice.

- You got ornery, so...
- So you think you can pull this off?

Well, there's nothing special
about blowing track to stop a train.

You ever see such
cactus heads in your life?

That train is
carrying a small army.

Two men every prisoner.

A squad in each car.

Any sign of trouble, unscheduled
stop, the law will come out shooting.

And you're gonna take
'em on, just the two of you.

You were going
to do it single-o.

With what I got here and Crown, I
got enough to flummox the whole army.

Is that right, Crown? Right?

Right, Joe... just like
you're trying to flummox me.

What do you think I'm going to
do with those transfer papers?

The marshal's taking
over the prisoners.

Oh and he's gonna
turn them over to you.

Well, that's the
biggest flummox yet.

Marshal Crown, big law man.

Blowing the glass straight.

And he's teaming up with a
cheap gandy dancer like you.

The glass straight gets me $30 a
month and a free..., sooner than most.

I'm walking out while
I still got a chance.

Come on, Marshal, come on.

Joe and his boys are gonna
cut up that strip like a fat steer.

And I get prime cut.

You believe the man now?

You're selling
me a bill of goods.

- I swear...
- You're selling

yourself out of the whole play.

Now don't debate it.

That train'll be through
here in a half hour.

You go or you don't.

All right, but we're in.

Stay out from underfoot.

Give me a hand, Crown.

Let me have those.

I thought you said you
weren't gonna blow the tracks.

This is just in case.

Case of what?

Case the train don't
answer the signal.

You'll wreck the train.

Some of our boys might get away.

It's worth the chance.


Line this up with the detonator.

I'll get the torpedoes.

Hold it, Joe.

I gotta wire these to the rails.

When the engine wheels
go over, they'll explode.

The engineer will
start to slow down.

Yeah, where?

'Bout a half mile
down the track.

I'll do it.

All right, hurry it up.

We got less than five minutes.

Dum Dum?

He blinks wrong, you
forget the whole dodge.

Give it to him right in the gut.

Peckerwoods for sure and
they think I'm gonna blow this job.

All right, I'll take over.

You rig the flags.

You still with the...,
we'll take them out later.

Don't bet on it.

I got to rig this up to the
detonator in the shack.

All right, Dum Dum,
make up your mind.

Him or me.

Him or me!


Francis, hold.

I know you're there.

What's holding you up, Crown?

Take it down.


You leave that high ball up and
the train's gonna go right on through.

Now we only got a
couple of minutes.

We gotta make this look
legit when the train stops.

Here are the transfer papers.


And all beautiful.

Yeah, they sure are.

I got friends on the
inside and on the outside.

Remind you of
Quantrell, doesn't it?

Torpedoes are set, what now?

Now you stay here.

I'm going over to the
shack with the detonator.

You'll stay out here.

We'll be in the
shack watching you.

I'm running the show.

(train whistling)

Want to debate it?

All right.

Get the horse out of here.

Don't touch that detonator till
I give the signal, you hear me.

You do what's right, Joe.

That's all you got
to worry about.

Now wait a minute...
I'm the marshal.

They have to hand those
prisoners over to me, right?

That's the way Joe
said you'd play it.

You ever see a lawman on
the job without his hardware?

You know something, he's right.

Strip his belt, Dum Dum.

Hurry it up.

(train whistling)

At least you'll
look like a marshal.

You know, you
figure and you figure.

All of a sudden, a couple of...
walk in and mess up the whole deal.

Marshal, when we get the
men off the train, these two,

- they're down, under, out.
- Joe, give it up.

About a half mile
down the track.

Those are the
torpedoes he's run over.

For both of us.

You think those buzzards are
gonna let you take the glory?

They'll pick the fat
meat off your bones first.

Their play, their idea,
they'll get the glad hand.

Is holding out for myself.

Well, how will they know that?

Because I'm the KSO.

- Wait a minute!
- No!

You dirty, double-crossing...

(gun shots)

The detonator.

(gun shots)

(train whistling)


Crown, where are you?

(gun shots)

No deal, Crown.

No deal without that train.

I keep my word.

I'm the KSO.

Joe, get off that tank!

Take it, Crown.

(gun shots)

Still with us?






After the second shot, A-I Joe pulled
me off my pony into the mesquite.

Didn't seem to bother the
old outlaw the posse was still...

Whoa, wait a minute.

How do you spell "mesquite"?

With a c or with a k?

Make that bushes.

- Morning.
- Morning.

Morning, Dulcey.

- Morning.
- Uh, coffee?

I'll get it.

No, no, I'll get
it, you sit down.

Thank you.


What's going on in the kitchen?

Oh, nothing, it's just...

Well, you know, I just
don't understand it.

For the past few days,
people have been coming

to the back door asking

for handouts and now
they act as if I owe it to them.


You were nice to Joe and
now you've been mobbed.

Oh, please, Jim, I can't
bear not to feed them.

Dulcey, they'll eat you
right out of house and home.

Well, there's always
something if they're hungry.