Cimarron Strip (1967–1968): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Legend of Jud Starr - full transcript

Notorious outlaw Jud Star is rescued by his gang. Under Jud's leadership the outlaws raid the Cimarron Strip and use the Cherokee land as a haven. Marshal Crown captures Star on the eve of wedding to an Indian woman and must take his prisoner back to Cimarron with Star's gang in hot pursuit.

Hey, that's a rope.

Yeah, Kentucky hemp.

Well oiled... Won't
burn the skin.

(rowdy hooting and hollering)

Well, glad you
could make it, folks.

I hope you have
yourselves a real fine time.


man: Fresh roasted peanuts,
fresh roasted peanuts!

(horse whinnying)

Five cents a bag,
get 'em while they last!

- Marshal Tillman?
- Yeah.

I'm Crown from Cimarron...
I got a mulligan for you.

- Two jayhawkers and a...
- Sorry, Crown.

You take care of it, Sam... I
got my hands full right now.

Hey, Marshal,
that was Jud Starr.

They're hanging Jud Starr.

All right, boys,
the end of the line.

Clear out the dust.

I mean, the real Jud Starr.

You know, he ran
the Younger Brothers

clean off the cover
of the Police Gazette.

That Jud always did like
his picture in the paper.

Been in jail since I was a kid.

He tried to break out a few
weeks ago, killed a guard.

All right, now, you
Judges, break it up.

You keep these two separated...
They got the same wrath.

Hey, Marshal, you
need me for a minute?

I mean, Jud Starr, he'd
take on an army payload

and hit an armed train
with four men against 20.

Yeah, but don't believe
everything you read.

Have Marshal Tillman receipt
these warrants as soon as he can.


Deputies, get these people back.

Crowd: Aww!
- Aw, come on!

Come on, come on, hang him!

Come on, hang him, get him.

Come on, hang him!

Excuse me.

Hey, where do you think you're
going with that contraption?

Uh, I'm Mr. Starr's
official photographer.

Oh, official, official, oh, stand
back, close up, give room!

Repent your sins, brother
Jud, and save yourself.

Well, I'm doing
my best, brother.

But I'm a bit outnumbered.

Where's Reverend Hall?

Reverend Hall's a little
green around the gills, sir.

I'm Reverend Agnew.

A long way to eternity, brother.

No man should be alone
at a moment like this.

Well, if you insist, brother.

You can come along for the ride.


But I have to warn you.

I'm gonna thumb my nose
at Saint Pete at the way down

and kick the devil
when I get there.

(crowd laughing wildly)

We'll head him the
right way, Reverend.

Over here, friend.


Pick up the slack
in that rope, friend.

I don't wanna be twitching around
down there like a catfish on a hook.

I haven't had any
complaints yet.

(crowd yelling)

Any final words, Starr?

I'll see you all...

in hell.

Hallelujah, brother!


(guns blasting, men hollering)

Go brother!


(glass shattering)

(guns blasting)


(horse whinnying)

(gun cocking)



How many were ya'?

Seven, 15?

From where... Who?

Going where?

High country, flat?

Where are they headed?


You give what for...

or you're gonna swallow
a fist full of knuckles

Now we start at the top.

Your name.

Moose O'Hara.

Must be the beans...
Picked up a belly.

You know him?

One of Jud Starr's old people.

Ten years, 20 pounds ago.

How's things going, Moose?

Getting by.

Knocking over grocery
stores and Padres.

Wouldn't call it a
grocery store out there?

That was big business.

Hey, you can't
forget what you know.

Nor you and Jud.

Bob Agnew maybe,
one or two others.

Well, there's Ham Kaylor.

Dobbs, Cal Dunnaway.

Kaylor's over 50.

He can still take on a
train with a log jam and iron.

Snake Dobbs.

That was dynamite.

Cal Dunnaway doesn't
know dynamite or trains.

Knows Indians.


The outlet?

You have the army
meet me in Cimarron.

They're in for a big
bleed if he makes it.


- Hey, Captain!
- Hold.

There's eight of 'em
'bout four miles back,

and they're still coming.

Give 'em my regards!

Snake, you go by
way of Sand Creek.

We'll meet you there tomorrow!



They've split up.

Half of 'em are heading
toward the outlet.

Rest of 'em south.

Through the
strip, your territory.

Why south?

(gun shots blasting)


They cut us off pretty
good... What's left?

I don't know, couple maybe?

Have 'em take
care of these boys.

What about you and me?



(crickets chirping)

(muffled cry)

(guns shots blasting)

(door opening)

(rifle cocking)


(horse whinnying)

(horse whinnying)


(empty gun chamber clicking)

Ahh... you.

(gun cocking)

First man fans a hammer...

her head rolls in the river.


All right, move!

Come on.






No, no, no.

Kill a man just as kiss
him, wouldn't you, huh?


That's right.

You know, you had me
worried there for a while.

I thought living in the same
house with that old man,

why, he might've
put the fire out in you.

Why did you have to kill him?

That's the heat I recall.

Old man who tried to help me.

Yeah, how did he help you,
honey, by turning you into ice, huh?

He was kind.

Well, I put him
out of his kindness.

I'll kill you, I swear.


You always did.

Where are you taking me?


Everything we ever dreamed about

lying under those Kansas
stars nine years ago.

Free and clear where no
lawman can ever touch us.

You and me.

With a ring on your finger.

I'll never look at you
again without hating you.

No, how long is never...
until tomorrow night?

You're gonna marry me and I
won't have to coax you... No, ma'am.

You're gonna shout
and smile and say,

"I do.

Oh, yes, I surely do."




Francis: Don't open the door.

Please, Francis, I've
got to begin dinner.

Francis: I'll only be
few more minutes.

No, this is the last
time, absolutely not.

MacGregor, would you
please do something?

Aye, lass, if only I could.

$85,000... Here, read.

I know, I know, I've read nothing
else the last two or three days.

- It's a fantastic escape.
- But here, that army payroll!

Did you say $85,000?

They say Starr
took it from a train

before he was
caught nine years ago.

It's never been found.

MacGregor, this is important.

That's the truth from here... He'll
be heading for that now, you can rely.

To catch him with it.

That would be he pot
at the end of the rainbow.

MacGregor, would
you kindly listen?

Lass, I am.

Francis, out permanently.

My kitchen is not a
photographer's darkroom.

He needs a place to
develop his pictures.

I know, but get him someplace
outside or upstairs or somewhere.

Oh, it's not as bad as all that.

You complained about the
soup last night, didn't you?

I thought you were a little
free with your seasoning.

He mixed his
chemicals in my kettle.

Oh, well...

Well, get him out now!

When he's finished, lass.

The eastern papers will
pay a handsome price

for a picture of
Jud Starr's escape.

All I got was the
tail of his horse.

(muffled chuckling)

(galloping and hooting)

Hey, all you people,
look who's here!

Doctor and hero are
home... He's here.

How will we pick us
the side of the law.

Our hero, the sheriff!


Hey, Marshal!

You going into ambulance
service, Marshal, huh?

Are you carting around
cut-down lawmen

got their little fingers bit off
from trying to take poor old Jud?

Right boys?

Well, he's hurt, bad.

Get him down to the
Doc will you, Mac?

And you, you loud
mouth... You help him.

Yes, sir.

How long they've been waiting?

About three quarts.


(door slamming)

I asked for the army.

On your feet.

Who's your commanding officer?

Captain Bragg.

You tell him this...

I've been chasing Jud Starr and
his gang halfway through my territory.

They're in the outlet now.

It's Bragg's responsibility
to keep him there.

If he wants to argue the
point, I'll be right here.

Yes, sir.

Well, anyway, that ought to be
the last we'll hear of Jud Starr.

Won't it?

Well, boys?

Jud, we've been thinking.

Man's gotta be
crazy to go up there.

All right, $85,000 split three
ways is better than eight.

Yeah, that's right.


Well, I sure hope you
know what you're doing.

Well, I do.



Excuse me a minute, excuse me.

Excuse me.

Why, Jud Starr, I
thought they hung ya.

They tried, Ezra, they tried.

But I guess somebody
forgot to tell them

I'm the only man who's
gonna live forever.

It's a bad place to try to live
forever, Jud, if you got a white face.

Oh, excuse me, Mister.

Would you take your
hand off that gun, please?

You're making me nervous.

Oh, Ezra.

Hey, you surprised
any, hmm, long time...

Lot of changes been
made around here,

since you were
a little gal, huh?

Oh, Ezra, this is Roseanne Todd.

Please to meet you, lady.

Oh, Jud, I don't know
what your business is.

But will you get on with it?

I don't like the
way they're looking.

I knew your daddy
pretty well in the old days.

There never was a white
man that loved the Cherokee

as much as he did...
except maybe me.


I wanna get out of here, now.

We don't wanna disappoint those
nice people in there now, do we, huh?

- What do you mean?
- I got a surprise for you.

The new president of the Tribal
Council wants to talk to you.

Come on.

All right, boys.



Uncle Henry?

Dear Little One?

Your mother...

if she had lived to see you
as I see you now, Little One.

A flower.

Are you the man who
brought her back to us?

This is only the
beginning of all the things

I'm going to bring back to you
and your people, Mr. President.

Only the beginning.

"Fearlessly, Crown pursued the
outlaw and his legendary sweetheart

"across the barren
wastes of Cimarron Strip.

With his superior forces..."

Hey, listen, I got it.

I mean you're really gonna...
wait till I read you this thing.

"Jud Starr and His Roseanne,

The True Story of
an Outlaw Romance."

Redoubt Creek.

Yeah, you were right about that.

She was Jud's girl
before he went to prison.

If he took up there
he's got to raid north.

- Yeah, whatever...
- Tall House cookies.

I just baked them
and they're hot.

Hey, you gotta listen
to this, this is great.

Mother a Cherokee, father
a circuit riding preacher.

Married a farmer named Todd.

You haven't even
touched your food.

Doobey Springs.

She's got to have some
people right around there.

Do you realize I went all
the way down to Spanger's

to get those eggs?

Look, then I go on to write.

Finding her in a dance hall
when she was just 18 years old.

Jud Starr...

She's the key to this...
Somewhere, somehow...

Mac: ♪ Yet all the
girls they smile on me ♪

♪ When coming through the rye ♪

Peace and serene,
I've circled the town.

Nothing brewing but
breeze through the clover.

Four days.

Do you think they're
done with him?



If you don't want any friends
you're doing a very good job.

But there are three people
in this room of which I am one

who feel that they have
something to offer in friendship.

In which case I feel that
they should be noticed.

Well, but if you disagree, and,
of course you've got the right,

well, then, they
should be notified.

How long has it taken
you to dream that up?

Three weeks?

You still don't
believe it, do you?

You still think this is
a a wild west show.

A dime novel.

Well, I just think that Jud
Starr isn't he only living thing

on the face of this earth.

You haven't met him.

What about women?

There must be one.


No, I meant...

for you.

He's killed all his life.

It's what he knows best...

and he's not through.

What did you say?

I'll go warm some coffee.

Marshal, Hardesty's...
Starr's hit it.

We tried to wire but
the telegraph's down.

We chased him.

- Jim: Back to the outlet?
- North.

- North, huh?
- Yeah.

Shade's Well.


Don't anybody move,
don't even breathe.

Take your own advice, boy.

You hold it right there, mister.

Where are the others?




It's empty.



What is it, lass?


Masterstroke, Mr. Starr.

Worthy of Wellington, himself.

There he is and here you are.

Jim Crown must
be eating his boot.

Like the man says, here I am.

Get your grimy hands off!

Give him a message for Crown.

A big one.


It's all right.

Jud, people showing up.

Somebody's libel to get brave.

You tell the Marshal,
we're sorry we missed him.

You tell him we'll be back.


Hey, Mister photographer?


Hey, I'm talking to you, boy.

When you gonna take my picture?


You got yourself a
proper bad man here, boy.

I am a nail-chewing bear cat.

How 'bout this
pose right here, huh?

I'm not asking, I'm telling ya.

Since you know my job
better than I do, Marshal...

Starr's got a woman with him.

A half-breed... That's his pass.

To what?

The Cherokee.

Crown, there are seven
Cherokee villages in the outlet.


You got 300 men.

We can do the job in four days.

These people have memories.

You know what the sight of
blue could do to them up there?

I know what Starr can
do to us down here.

You listen to me, Crown,
and you listen to me carefully.

I am not gonna light a
match in a powder keg

hoping to find
one grain of sand.

One grain?

Starr will turn this strip
into his private ice box.

I won't risk an
uprising, not on my own.

You wire the War Department.

You get me some orders
and I'll hunt, I'll search.

This place will go up in cinders
before you get that directive.

I'll be at the camp.

- Doing what?
- My job.

Your job?

You quit that job 12 years ago

when you traded in your
saber for a stack of memories.

Hey, Mr. photographer!

Hey... When you
gonna take my picture?

Just don't know what
you got here, boy.

You don't know
what you got in me.

I blowed up warehouse
one time all by myself.

Just blowed it up!

I mean, don't you see,
Jud and me, we're a team.

I'm his boy, he
wouldn't do nothing

without his Billy
Joe, you kidding me?

If we could figure it out.

- Which village?
- Hey, Mr. photographer!

He's gonna bust me out
of here before you can wink

at that pretty girl there.

That's right, uh-huh!

I'll tell you, you better, you better
just hurry up and take my picture

for that newspaper
before I am gone!

Yeah, famous
robber Billy Joe Shaw.

Temporary guest
of the local jail.

You like the sound of that?

Hey, Mr. photographer, hey!

Famous robber Billy Joe Shaw.

Boy, you got a big mouth.

Yeah, that's right, uh-huh.

And that mouth could tell
you a thing or two, mister.

But it won't, no siree,
my lips are sealed, see?

Go ahead, you hang
me up by my thumbs.

I'm gonna tell you a thing...
Go on, you hang me up, go on!

Come on.

I'm not afraid of
you, I'm not afraid.


take his picture.

You mean it?

Anything to stop that noise.

Do you remember when you
told me to go back to Providence?

I didn't take your advice.


Stupid and stubborn and foolish.

And still here.

And even if nobody notices.

Or cares what you do.

Or tells me to fly
over the moon.

You're gonna stay.


Yeah, I was only 16 years
old when I shot this fat fella

trying to put Ma and
us kids off his land.

Hey, this pose good
enough for you right here?


Yeah, old Jud's boys busted
me out else I would've hung.

Yes, sir, I swore on
my mama's grave, I'd...

Swore what?


Well, yes siree, sir, I swore
on my mama's grave I'd, uh,

I'd ride with old Jud
till the day I died.

All right, we're almost ready.

Marshal... Marshal.

You forgot to lock the cell.

(gun blasting)

Missed him.

Well done.


And I ran smack into Crown
himself, he's right there.

- Yeah, Crown?
- Oh, yeah.

Holding that big
shotgun in the middle.

- That shotgun of his, you know?
- Oh, yeah.

And I just, I checked
him... Come back.

And then...

I just tipped my hat to him.


And then I go for his knees,
just let loose with both barrels.

(imitating gunfire)


I towed into him, knocked
him head over teacups

right in his tail, just
boom, just boom, just gone.


Billy Joe?

You have never seen such a look
on a man's face all your born days.

Billy Joe?

I want you to tell us what
really happened, huh?

That's the gospel truth,
Captain, I'm telling you, I swear.

Well, now, uh, Billy Joe?

The Billy Joe that I
knew nine years ago,

why he didn't have very
much going up here, huh?

Now maybe you bought a
new set of brains or, uh...

somebody's lying.

No, not lying,
Jud, I'm just, uh...

trying to show
you what I'd done.

I mean, I'm your boy.

Billy Joe.

I want the truth.

Yeah, that photographer?


He, uh... must've left that
old cell door open there and...

See, I just, uh, I kinda slipped
out when his flash went off.

(uproarious laughing)

You know, I tell ya, I was gone
before they knew what happened.

Give me that thing.

How much... That Marshal,
how much money did he give you?

What do you mean?

Well, I could understand that.

I mean, if, uh...

Well, you know,
things been kind of lean

since old Jud's
been sorted away.

Now if I was in your boots and
some law dog offered me a...

What'd he offer you,
Billy Joe... Reward?

Well, I'd be tempted myself.

Now wait.

Now how could you think
I'd do a thing like that?

I mean, I swore on
my mama's grave...

Well, like you say,
you're my boy, huh?

Why, uh...

I care for you.

Now I tell you what you do.

I want you to tell me just
exactly how it happened.

Now you make me believe it, hmm?

'Cause I want
to, boy, I want to.

Captain Jud!

- No, I...
- Captain Jud.

Three men cross that dry
wash about nine miles back.

Looks like they know
just where we are.


No, Jud, I didn't say
nothing to nobody.

I didn't say nothing to nobody.

Come on, boys, you know me.

Tell him, I didn't say
nothing to nobody!


Crown, he let me go
on purpose, that's it.

He let me go on
purpose, you see?

You know, do you see?

He let me go on purpose.


You remember, you always
said I didn't have much up here?

- Remember?
- (laughing)

Well, boy... we'll have to
keep tabs on that Marshal.

Well, yeah.

Tell you what.

You go on back and take care
of the horses like you always do.


I'm on my way,
captain, I am on my way.

I'm on my way... I'm on it!

What are e gonna do with him?

Love that boy like a son.



(tribal drumming in distance)

You boys sit a while.

(whooping and hollering)

Christmas come early this year.

That it did, that it did.

(bell ringing)

Tobacco, sweetenin'...
all kind of goodies.

And would you feast your
eyes on the Sunday best.

- Well, Hardist, he was good to us.
- Better than Cimarron.

Well, if you don't get it
today, you get it tomorrow.

Just like old times.

Hm, yup... Jud
Starr and his boys.

Missing a few from what I see.

Purdy, Moose, Billy Joe Shaw.

Well, I suppose I'll have
to fill up a few saddles.

With Cherokee?

They invented the game.

I guess I'll put this to the
president of the Tribal Council.

Chief Henry Youngblood.

Mr. President.

I takes wise man to be a chief.

Too wise to sell his people out
for saddle and a sack of flour.

You're talking to stone.

See, uh... he
don't know English.

He did eight years ago.

Well, you know how
it is... they forget.

Do they?

It goes with the breed.

The breed I once
knew owned Georgia.

That was then.

And me... I'm now.

The Moses of the Cherokee.


Well, well, you just might
have something there.

Tell him, honey,
about the wedding.

You gonna marry him?

Lock him in with your people?

Protect him?

And give him all the necessary
help to rob and murder?

You'll do that for him?


Well, maybe you'd better spend a
little time helping persuade the bride.

She doesn't look all
the overjoyed to me.

Mr. President.

Here we are!

All right there, Ezra.

Enjoy yourselves,
brothers, enjoy yourselves.

Compliments of
the bridegroom here.

Nights like this only
happens once in a man's life.

You did it, Captain
Jud, the promised land.

Now the army
payroll, where's it hid?

In the morning, Bob.

$85,000 now, boys
are getting edgy.

Well, I've gotta marry
the girl first, Bob.

- Why?
- Why?

Oh, that's right, you
don't know, do you?

Well, you see, it's an
old Cherokee tradition.

The bridegroom has
to bring a... A berry bush

to the mother of the bride and
then plant it outside her lodge.

Well, in this case, Mama's dead.

So I go to her grave and I dig
me a hole real nice and deep

so I can plant the bush in it.

And, uh...


what do you think I find, huh?

You didn't?

I did.

Well, what better
place to hide it, huh?

You bull winded dog, you.


Yeah, will you see the
Chief stays sober, huh?


So... so I turned to her.

Not knowing she
was a nun, of course

- and said to myself...
- He's been gone forever.

For myself, I'm large
with the classics.

When you come to
know me you'll agree.

Hours, aye.

(wood cracking)

Don't ever do that again.

Just what do you think
you're after giving us?

A knife in the back
if I'm a wrong man.

Ahh, I told you to
watch them rocks.

Me, you're supposed
to watch them rocks.

You're looking
flush for the kill, man.

What did you find?

Starr's up in the
village, all right.

They've given him sanctuary.

Ah, but the wheels are
grinding, I can tell from your face.

How do you wanna hear it?

I'm a lad that likes
his mare's milk straight.

Me too.

There's three ways we
can get him out of there.


One is the military.

Of course!

The army, yeah.

Except I don't think they'll
take a chance on an outbreak.

Not yet, not now.

Could take them months
before they're pushed into it.

You cannot see that.

A posse.

There's the notion.

20, 30 men.

50, a frontal attack.

Against 400 Cherokee.

Posse, huh?

Then there's the third.

Now you'll hear it, lad:
The stroke of genius...

or he's not the one
that I know him to be.

You, me and him.




That's right, you
ride out of here.

You're gonna break
that old man's heart.

Oh, you.

You needed me so you
could use Uncle Henry.

But it's a sanctuary, honey,
right here in these hills.

We can ride out
and raid the strip,

the whole Oklahoma Territory
and then slip right back...

Oh, you ought to know me by now.

You planned it all.

That's right, from slipping
the noose to snatching you

to raiding the strip.

Ooh, you know, I bet they're
gonna eat molten lava down there

wondering whether to
come in here after me or not

and risk an uprising.

Two years.

That's all we need,

two years and we've got
everything we've ever wanted.

And then we can run,
you and me, gal, together.

And when they hang
ya, I wanna see it.

You're gonna marry me, Roseanne.

Or it's gonna end right here.


That's my little Cherokee.

- She's dead.
- Oh, is she?

Well, then you better tell
your heart to stop beating.


(whooping and hollering)

Hey, Ezra, give me another.

Save some for the wedding, Luke.

Hey, how 'bout a
bottle for old Jud?

From the sound of that bleed
he don't need no warming up.


Just turn around and sit quiet.



Ez, again!

Musta watered that
last bunch, I hardly feel it.

You ran out.

Say it.

Ran out.

You gotta have
something in there, Ez.

You're on your way
to your still to get more.

I'm on my way to
my still to get more.

Now the sooner he leaves,
the sooner he's gonna be back.

Now leave him alone, huh?

Squeeze it quick, you
old coot, I'm parched.

Come on, let's go.

Francis, let's go.



From here, a cannon
could neigh do worse.

Let him out all the way.

And don't stop till
we get to our horses

the other side of the razorback.

Go on.

Starr, you just sit back
and think heavy thoughts.

I already got one, Crown.

Somewhere between here and hell

one of us is gonna
make it all the way.







Go ahead, sweat, Marshal.

My men are all nose.

They'll be smelling
out this trail right now.

Well, let's see what they
can do with two of 'em.

We're splitting up.

Francis... Mac...

come on.


Marshal, I'm red raw!

Keep moving.


You know, Marshall...

You know, you're
gonna be some hero

riding down Main
Street with old Jud.

That's gotta make any
law dog's reputation.

You know, I'll tell you
something, Marshal.

If it's gotta be somebody,

I sure am glad that
it's gonna be you.

Yup, you know
believe that, do you?

Well, it's true.

You know, I like you.

Yeah, I really do.

You know, I may say something
nice about you on the gallows.

Through that cut.


Ladies and gents!

On this high occasion!


Did you get that, Marshal?

High occasion!


Every step of the
way you sweat, Crown.

Any time, it can happen.

(gunshot blasting)

Hey, boys!


You shot her!

You thought she was one
of my boys and you shot her.


What are you gonna do now?

Just leave her here to bleed?

Yeah, sure, go ahead, why not?

You carting me off to hang's the
only thing on your mind anyway.



Well, if you ain't
the angel of mercy.

What are you gonna do,
try and cut that bullet out?

Well, I don't pull you
a bucket of sweat.

It'll be dark soon.

Guess who's out
there just waiting, huh,

while you do all this.

Riding point on your coffin.

Roseanne, it's all
right, Jud's here, honey!

How'd you like to have a
woman like that, Crown, huh?

Come busting in here
ready to kill for you?

Take a slug for you,
do anything for you?

A man hasn't got that,
he hasn't got anything.

Hey, you got a...

You got a hankering for
her yourself, don't you?

Yeah, sure you do.

Why not?

You're the same
kind of man as me.

Yeah, same thing.

We're gonna have to move out.

You can rest laying forward
on the neck of the horse.

You can't do that,
you can't move her.

You move her, you'll kill her.

What kind of a man are you?

I never killed a man
in cold blood, Starr.

But you, I can.



Hey, Snake, Luke!


Hey, Blake, how are
you... Hey, Bobby.

You ugly red-eyed sons of Satan.

I love you like I love myself.

You know we'd
find you Captain Jud.

I never lost the
faith, brother, never.

Suckered us after
that whiskey wagon.


Two hours before we
got back on the scent.

Aww, you
bloodhounds, you, you...

You'd track into hell to
save old Jud, wouldn't you?


One for all and
all for one, huh?

One for all, all for one.

Which one, Captain?

I don't mind a little
horsing around, Bob.

But poll axe on a man like
that... Why'd you do that?

Did a good job, Marshal...
Delivered him proper...

- Where is it, Captain?
- I don't know what you're talking about.

The $85,000 you promised for
busting you out of that hanging.

Where is it?

I'll show you where
that money is.

When I know it's gonna
be a five-way split.

You do believe
him, don't you, boys?

I bet my mare against that sway-back
nag of yours you'll never see it.

That's a bet you
won't live to lose.

Or either will
they, right Captain?

What's he talking about?

I don't know.

$85,000 that doesn't exist.

There isn't any
money, there never was.


That's a lie.

- Army payroll.
- Took it off his train.

Did he?

Marshal, do you
believe that I couldn't?

I forgot, where was it?

Tell him.


That was a mighty
big job, Captain.

Uh-huh, yeah.


Where is it?

You do have it.

Tell him, Jud, tell him!

Tell me, Jud... Let me hear it.

Arkansas, which train?

- None of your bloody...
- Tell him!

Now what's going on here?

Tell him which train, Captain.

Why, Luke...


Well, all right, it was the
train out of Farnsworth.

That's a short line.

Yeah, that's right.

Up Bunion Creek to Fort McCall.

Fort Mc... Yeah,
that's the train.

You hit it and then
they pounced on you.

Well, I buried the money
before they caught me.

What year?

What year?

Well, uh...

It was a bit ago, you know.

Uh... what year, '77?

No, no, that's when we were
together, wasn't it Bob, yeah.

Yeah, well, uh...

'78, that's right, '78.


Looks to me like you
been in the army, '78.

Does that right a bell with ya?

Fort McCall was
burnt down in '75.

Two years later they
pulled up that rail.

'77, that's right.

He stole that money,
I read it in the papers!

- Yeah.
- Sure, you read about it.

In some dime pulp magazine.

That makes a
legend out of rumors.

That makes legends
out of a nobody.

(gun cocking)

What's a matter, Jud?

Did I say something wrong?

$85,000 for busting you loose.


Not a lousy red dime.

Now Bob, now,
now I swear to you.

Now I never sworn before.

I swear to you, you
got this all wrong.

Not anymore.

(gun cocking)


All right, Bob, go ahead...
Make it clean, though.

You always were a good shot.

You could take he
core out of an apple.

Well, go ahead, I'll tell
the devil you're coming.

(gun hammer closing)

Bob, don't do this.

Bob, Luke!

Boys, look, you leave
me here, I'll hang!

Repent your sins, brother Jud.

It's a long way to eternity.

I hope you roast!


My little Cherokee.

You're still my woman.

It sticks in your
craw, don't it, Crown?

We'll take it nice and slow.

Show him how much you love me.


- Show him.
- Jud, my sling.

- Show him.
- Get your hands off her.

Jud! (screaming)

(gunshot blasting)


Roseanne, get his rifle!

Get his gun... Get it!


Shoot him!

Shoot him now!

Shoot him!


Give me that gun.

- Give me that gun!
- Jud, Jud, don't kill him.



Oh, Jud... Jud.


Oh, hell, honey.




Oh, dang it.

Aye, another one down.

That's what galls a man.

The thought of it...
All that treasure.

And none of it true.

I had the camera all set up.

Coulda caught her
right there by the casket.

In death, she was
still his Roseanne.

Just couldn't take it.

I know what you mean.

If you want the
coffee, it's on the stove.


It's all over town.

Talking about nothing else but
where she'll go, what she'll do.

How she came back here with you.

Not that I care,
mind you, I mean...

I don't care what
they talk about.

I wanna know something.

I know it's none of my business

and you don't have to
answer if you don't want to,

but this is my house.

And we all live here
in this building and...

And if all you want
me to do is just...

What's the matter?

What's that?

What's what?

That mark right
there on your cheek.

Uh... a birth mark.

I've always had it.

What is there that
you wanted to know?

Um... we're having old
English beefsteak pie for dinner.

How do you like your crust?

Golden or brown?




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