Cimarron Strip (1967–1968): Season 1, Episode 17 - Heller - full transcript

Marshal Crown is shot while pursuing a murderous gang of outlaws who prey on isolated Indian villages. He is found, hidden and nursed back to health by Heller, a young woman who was raised by Indians but now works for the outlaw gang. Crown and Heller escape to Cimarron, but are pursued by the outlaws who want to punish Heller for her treachery.


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Hide, quickly.

Be careful.

I have been
careful for too long.

They come.

This time, let us fight.

Two Eagles, listen.

Let us pay them with our rifles.


Let them come.


(men yelping)

(men whooping)


(men whooping)

Hey, Purcell!

Lookee here what I found!

Let her go!

Get out of here, Indian!

(men whooping)


You've been at those
reports all afternoon.

Keep the people in
Washington happy.

You must write some fine ones.

I figure if I have time
to write it all down,

things are peaceful.

I never see you relax, Jim.

You never have any fun.

You go to bed too early to
know whether I do or don't.

If you were having any fun, you
wouldn't know what time I went to bed.

Yes, may I help you?

The marshal.


Well, he's through that door.


What happened to you?

Purcell and his men.

They come again.

- I fight back and they...
- Come on over, I'll take you to the doc.

No doctor!

I need help.


We fight back together.

Willie, I have no
authority in the outlet.

You are law.

Purcell and his
men are against law,

so they are against you.

I'm the law here in
Cimarron, in the whole strip.

But in the outlet, I'm
just a man named Crown.

Then be a man.



I'll fix it up so that you
can talk to Major Covington.

No, not the army.

The cavalry kicked out Purcell
for mistreating Indian prisoners.

Now, Major Covington will be
glad to hear what you have to say.

We are half-people
today because of the army.

They're old hates
and they do not die.

We can only take help from you.

Willie, try to understand.

I have no jurisdiction
in the outlet.

Now jurisdiction is like a line.

I'm on one side of it,
Purcell is on the other.

I can't cross over.

Now, if Purcell breaks
a law on my side,

then I can do
something about it.

You speak words, Marshal.

Are they from the
head or the heart?

Do you know where
Purcell's hideout is?

I can point the way.

All right then.

You go over to the
doc and get patched up

and I'll take you
back to your village.

Is that all?

I'll talk to Purcell.

That's all I can promise.

It is a beginning.



Marshal, Purcell!

Marshal Crown!



Well, look who's
off the reservation.

What do you know.

You look kind of
chewed up, Injun.

You should be back in a
teepee, licking your wounds.

You are the animals.

Well, this one's got a tongue.

He talks back.


Maybe we should've cut it out
and made strip jerky out of it.

Next time you
come to our village,

we will cut out your hearts.

You just keep on walking

and I'll try to
forget you said that.



(woman screaming)

- Hi-yah!
- Come on, come on!

(all murmuring)


Who did it?



You're law.

There is something you can do.

Don't talk anymore, Willie.





I wonder where our marshal is.

Here, let me take those.


What's on the
stove, Dulcey girl?

- I'm starving.
- Stew.

- Uh, did you see Jim?
- No.

I thought he'd be here.

I have the provost
marshal's report from Fort Sill.

No, I mean in the outlet.

Do you know a man named Purcell?

Logan Purcell?

Do we.

He's a tough customer.

Aye, and that bunch
of ruffians he runs with.

Very unpleasant indeed.


Sorta like Quantrill's Raiders.

But smaller and dirtier.

For years, they've been hitting every
isolated Indian village in the outlet,

leeching off their
food and hides.

- And now their blood.
- What?

Willie Snake.

Purcell killed him.

Willie's dead?

He was a strong-minded lad.

I remember the marshal
had to toss him in a cell

to keep him from taking on a whole
pack of drunken Indian-baiting cowboys.

And I'm not too sure
left to his own devices,

he wouldn't have licked them.

Did Jim go after Purcell?

I don't know.

He said he was taking Willie
Snake back to his people.


Where's your chief?

Who speaks for the village?

There is no chief.

I am the elder
called Two Eagles.

Willie Snake?


I'm looking for the man
who killed Willie Snake.

He's called Purcell.

What do you want of us?

Which way does Purcell and
his men usually come from?

Tell me!

Which way?





Seems to me like Purcell could
have taken us into town, too.

Ha, you tell him that.

- Yeah, well, I will.
- Yeah.

About time one of
you take over lookout.

I'll go.

Ain't enough moon
out there to see by.

Gotta put an ear to the ground.

Sure was cold.

(crickets chirping)

Hey, Purcell.


I'm not sure.

You're hearing shadows.

(horses approaching)

Horses coming.

How many?

- Two?
- It's about time.

Let's make sure it's them.

(horses approaching)

That's them all right.

(horse whinnying)

How'd it go?

Where are them ponies?

You find yourself for 'em?

We deliver in three days.

Purcell, I'd sure like to get
my hands on some cash.

I ain't been to town
in over a month.

It's gonna be a lot longer
before you get there.

We're staying clear
of Cimarron for a while.

- Trouble?
- That Injun was in town.

The one I kicked in the face.

What about him?

- We shot him.
- What for?

Just 'cause he's an Injun?

You know a better reason?

Anyone see you?

- Probably.
- Relax.

We were on our way out of town
before that Injun hit the ground.

How do you know you didn't
get the marshal on your trail?

We didn't.

Besides, Crown doesn't do
business this side of the river.

We're not going to stay
here overnight, are we?

I done enough
riding for one day.

Don't move, Purcell.

(gun cocking)

Or anybody else.


Kind of far out of your
territory, aren't you, Crown?

So were you this afternoon.

All right, now.

Everybody undo your hardware.

Slow and easy.


Hold it right there.

(gun cocking)

Sherman, keep firing.

Ab and I will box him in.

(gun cocking)

(gunshots firing)

(crickets chirping)

(gunshot firing)



(gun cocking)

Crown's been hit,
he's heading off!


Purcell, he's getting away!

(horses galloping)










Didn't much think you'd make it.

I'm not sure I did.

Do you mind telling
me where I am?

You're here.

Well, that's a lot of help.

That's where you are.

How'd I get here?

Who brought me here?



I don't think I'm
hearing too well.



I guess I have to be.

Here, drink this.


You usually take
in strays like this?


My name's Jim Crown.

Well, you don't talk
very much, do you?

What's your name?





Thank you, Heller.

It's all right.


Marshal Crown around here?

Not see him.

(gun cocking)

Lawman not here.

We searched them
teepees inside and out.

There ain't no sign of him.

He either cashed in or got away.

Well, if he hadn't cashed
in, he hadn't gotten away.

If he comes around,
we better know about it.

Or we'll grind you up like corn.

What ya gonna do now?

Back to the stockade,
we need fresh horses.

File out.


(horse whinnying)



(birds chirping)



What you trying to prove?

Don't take much
brains to be a marshal?

I've been here too long.

Well, you're not
goin' nowhere now.

So I'm finding out.

You should get back to bed.


You don't act much like a girl.

Well, I am.

I suppose so.

But most girls are curious
to know about things.

You haven't even
asked how I got shot.

Bullet hole's a bullet hole.

I've seen plenty of 'em before.

Maybe you're not nosy because
you got an idea how I did get hit.

Maybe I just figure it's
none of my business.

A bushwhacker did it
by the name of Purcell.

There's not many in the outlet

that would take care
of a wounded lawman.

I'd do the same
for a sick jackrabbit.

And when he got well, why,
you'd chop him up for a stew, hmm?

Gotta eat.

I reckon you can make
it back to bed now.

(horses approaching)

- Seems like company.
- I gotta hide you.

- Come on.
- Where's my gun?

- There's no time.
- That's Purcell, isn't it?

What are you doing, cooking
up some jackrabbit stew?

- I'm trying to hide you.
- Why?

You want me to help you or not?

(birds chirping)

Get under the hay.

Maybe I'm just finding a
softer place for your gun.


Smell that!

It's venison, I killed a deer.

Not many girls good with
a gun and cook stove both.

Then let her tend
to the cooking.

Sit down.

Get me a drink.

You staying long?


Planning on having
something to eat or not?

We'll be here long
enough for that.

The boots.

Nothing like it for
warming a man's belly.

Well, you could say thank you.

Thank you.

Let her be.

It's all right.


You start drinking
like that, boy,

you won't live long enough
to get your first shave.

No woman's worth it, kid.

Anybody care about them ponies
outside better get up and lend a hand.

What's wrong with 'em?

The fence rail's down.

A couple of them
done already got loose.

Well, what are you waiting on?


We're the only ones that
do any work around here.

They ain't going nowhere.

Just out there on the
other side of the fence.

We can round 'em up easy enough.

Don't bother setting
a place for Ab.

What happened to him?

He's dead.

Leaned in on Marshal's bullet.

But I put a slug in Crown.

He's out there
someplace, hurting.

When I run into him again,

Ab's gonna have some company.

You had a feeling for Ab?

Young girl,

alone all the time can't help
but get ideas about a man.

Maybe Haw.

He's got ideas about you.

- He's just a kid.
- He's old enough.

You stay away from him.

All of them.

You're mine.

I'm talking to you!

I hear.


I... got a present for you

in the saddlebag.

Well, get it!


Marshal, it's all right.

They'll be leaving soon.


Something wrong?


Looks like blood.

I was just gonna
feed the horses.

That is blood.

Well, I told you
I killed a deer.


So you did.

What's going on?

Take a look at this.

He don't even know deer
blood when he sees it.

I say she's been acting strange.

Looks like you'd know by
now to keep away from her.

I wasn't trying anything.

I was just checking up on her.

Any checking to do, I'll do it.

Now get something to eat,
we're leaving in an hour.




You must think I'm pretty
dumb to hide your gun in there.

Well, I've got to clear
out and you know it.

You get on a horse and they'll
track the blood from here to Cimarron.

Where are they?

They went to sell the ponies.


They work out of the Wichitas.

When will they be back?

I don't know, as
soon as they're done.

You seem to be
on to their habits.

I've been with them a while.

They find me useful.

You like being used?

What do you mean?

Cleaning up for them, cooking.

Taking care of the stables.

What else do you do for them?

I do what I have to do.


I owe 'em something.

What do you owe 'em?

I owe 'em who I am.

You're Purcell's squaw,
that's who you are.

I'm no Indian.

He stole you out of a teepee...

just like he steals
everything else.

He didn't steal me.

He rescued me.

There was a time I
wasn't with the Indians.

But I don't... I don't remember.

There was a time,
I know that though.

Purcell gives me things.

Purcell even gave me my name.

You know, when he found
me, I didn't even have a name.

See, I was too young

and I didn't remember
and he said...

he said, "Hey, look at that kid.

She doesn't even know
what the hell her name is."

And that's me, I'm Heller.


come to Cimarron with me.

I wouldn't fit in there.

People don't want nothing to do with
anybody who's been with the Indians.

Purcell tell you that?

They all told me that.

You haven't told
me any different.

When Purcell comes
back, he's gonna kill you

for what you've
been doing for me.

- You gonna tell him?
- I don't have to.

If I stay here much longer, he'll
be able to work it out himself.

We'll see.

You're staying right here.

I don't see any bars.

They're there.



Positively the last.

Eggs... yuck!

Shouldn't Jim be back?

It's all day up and all day back,
slow as he has to move with Willie.


In the box, lass?

Uh, yes, please, and
a couple in the stove.

If you don't mind my saying,

it's beneath the dignity of a
peace officer to fetch and carry fuel.

Fetch and carry?

That's a partition
occupation compared to this.

I know, I know.

I'm just waiting
until I get help.

Is Jim back?

What is this?

Oh, it's goulash... I mean stew.

Well, it tastes like bad haggis.

That's the only kind there is.

Look, let me
rephrase my question.

It's been two days since
Jim went into the outlet.

Now, I've been in
Hardesty all day.

Has anybody heard anything?


Maybe I ought to go look for
him first thing in the morning.

No, that's my job.

You stay here and
keep an eye on things.

I'll leave at dawn.



Oh, it's you.

You shouldn't come
up on a man like that.

Bad for his heart.

How's your leg?

It's getting stronger,
thanks to you.

I'd have fixed you a hot bath.

No, you've done
enough for me already.

- Oh, I don't mind.
- Well, I do.

Oh, here, I can
wash this for you.


I said you done enough for me.


I'm gonna need it, so I
want you to dig up my gun.


I'm going back to
Cimarron tonight.

You can't go back on that leg.

I can make it.

Oh, oh...

You all right?

See, you're not strong enough.


Well, you ain't.



I'm going back to Cimarron.


- Now...
- No!

I'm going right now.



Harder, you missed a spot.


Well, if I rub any harder,
I'll rub through the window.

Try your side.

He's back!

- Did you see Jim?
- Did you find out anything?

Not a single, solitary,
helpful, comforting,

blessed word in
that whole outlet.


But, MacGregor, he's
been gone for five days!

You think I don't know that?

But I'm telling you, the
man simply disappeared.

- Find anything?
- Aye.

Buffalo grass.

And dust.

- MacGregor.
- The Willow Spring Trail.

Took that... nothing.

Beaver Creek, Onion Creek.

- MacGregor, maybe he didn't...
- The north fork, south fork...

MacGregor, now, listen.

If he didn't go after Purcell, then
there's nothing to worry about.

Lass, what are you talking?

Maybe he did take the Indian boy
back to his people like he said he would.


Well, then, all right, I'm
wrong, something else.

Maybe he went to the army.

I've been to the army,
I've been to the Indians.

I've talked to Chief Two Eagles.

Well, maybe something else...

He's gone after Purcell.

You don't know that!

I happen to know that
because I know Jim.

Oh, lass... face it.

They've got him.

I don't think so.

It'd be too big a
thing, taking Jim.

They'd have to crow
about, especially Purcell.

We'd have heard about it.

Then where is he?

I've scoured the outlet.

One man.

Look, if you think the
people in this town...

The prideful people in this
town... Are gonna help, forget it.

Anyone who could help, doesn't
know one end of a gun from the other.

I saw Miller down by the yard.

The cattlemen.

Yeah, I'll take Miller,
Messner and Dutton.

You take Krull and Bramhal.

It'll be dark in
about a half an hour,

so we'll meet here at first light
with all the men they'll give us.

They wouldn't give you
the sweat off their ear.

Well, let them tell you that.

Find him.

Before Purcell does.


You heard the lad.

It's done.



All right, now, Heller,
give me my gun belt.

I've gotta go back for help.

I don't want you to leave!

Don't be difficult.

I saved your life,
I made you well.

You belong to me.

Nobody belongs to each other.

Not that way.

Now give me my gun belt, please.

(gun cocking)

(men whooping in the distance)

They're coming back.



That lawman you were
looking for was just here.


He went up over that hill.


Well, what are you waiting for?

Come with me.



I don't see him, but we
can't be too far behind.

My horse.

She pulled up lame.

Go back and get another one.

(men whooping)


(gun cocking)

(gunshot firing)

- Come on.
- I can't.

You got no choice.

They know you lied to them.



He's down there at the shack!

- Here, get on!
- Whoa!

Ha... hi-yah!

(horse neighing)

(gunshots firing)

There's no chance
of catching them now.

There's only one place
they could have gone.

Go get her.



It's getting so a man's room
is not his castle anymore.

Particularly if the
landlady has a key.


Well, I gotta do
something about that.

I was just trying
to let you sleep,

but I see that my
thoughtfulness is not appreciated.

There's your breakfast.

Thank you, Dulcey.

I never drank coffee
out of a tray before.

Jim, you don't know how
worried we were about you.

We were out of our minds

wondering what happened to
you and, and you almost get...

Close to getting killed

and here you are, up
instead of sleeping and...


I've never known you to get
emotional before over a couple of eggs.

Well, I'm sorry, but we
were worried about you.

And I appreciate that.

Is Heller up?

She's getting dressed.

I offered to lend her some
clothes, but she refused.

Well, she's got a
mind of her own.

So I noticed.

From the way she looks,
it's difficult to tell she's a girl.

Not if you look close.

I imagine you must be feeling...

rather grateful to her.

Well, yes, you could say that.

Well, it's easy to tell that...

that she's taken
a liking to you.

Well, what I mean to say is,

well, it's understandable,
of course, the way...

you and she, uh,

well, being thrown
together like that.

- Dulcey?
- Yes.

If you want to know
about Heller and me,

why don't you come
straight out and ask?

Eat your eggs
before they get cold.

I haven't got time.

MacGregor and Francis
are waiting for me.

We're going back
into the outlet.

But you just got back!

You need time to
rest and recuperate!

I'm gonna do just that.

As soon as I finish
some unfinished business.

What about Heller?

I'd like for her to stay here
until she sorts things out,

knows what she wants
to do from here on in.

Is that all right with you?

Of course, Jim.

It seems to me there's
something specially female

buzzing around
that brain of yours.

No, just the usual
female nonsense.


I bet there is.


A strange girl that one.

Deep, wild.

What a story this
is gonna make, Mac.


Jim's gonna have
his hands full with her.

Raised by the Indians,
enslaved by the outlaws.

And he doesn't even
suspect it yet, I warrant.

Risked her own
life to shelter him

and nursed him back to health.

But it's plain to see.

Shines out of her eyes
every time she looks at him.

And then discovery.


A dramatic escape.

The girl's fallen
in love with him.

That means trouble.

It's a perfect happy ending.

Mac, sometimes I think you don't
know what you're talking about.

Happy ending indeed.

Francis, you're daft.

You two getting ready
or just cutting up touches?

Just waiting on you, Jim.

I wish you'd give it a
second thought, Jim.

There's no harm in
rounding up a posse.

I don't think we have time.

Purcell would get wind of
it and hightail for Wichita.

Good morning, Heller.

Well, come on in.

How'd you sleep?


Soon as I got used to the bed.

Maybe we could
talk sometime, Heller.

See, I'm an
independent journalist

and I know we could sell your life
story to most any magazine back East.


Well, it'd make
great reading, Jim.

"I was captured by the Indians."


What's the use of living
with all this exciting material

if I can't write about it?

Oh, um...

I have a better idea, Francis.

The life story of a bumbling,
addlepated journalist living in the West.

We'll meet you outside.


Pay no mind with Francis.

Well now, you listen here.

You give yourself a chance.

By the time I come back,
everything's gonna be fine.

You going after Purcell?

You knew I would.

Take me with you,
don't leave me here.

Dulcey's gonna look after you.

I'm scared.

There's nothing to be scared of.

In a few hours, it's gonna
be like you were born again.

- I have to be with you.
- You're gonna stay put.

You understand, young lady?

You come with me.



I'm taking off now, so you
keep a good, close eye on her.

All right.

I'll take you through town and
maybe we can do some shopping.


I'll see you all
when I get back.

You better get back.


You ever been in a town before?

Well, Cimarron's not as big
as, uh, Providence or Boston,

but it's the biggest
thing we have in the strip.

- Morning, Miss Coopersmith.
- Morning, Mr. Glass.

This is, uh... Miss Heller.

It's her first time in Cimarron.

Glad to meet you, Miss Heller.

I hope you enjoy your stay.

I'm sorry, I...

I don't know your last name.

Oh, Heller... it's all I got.

Good morning, Mrs. Stoddard.

Both: Indian squaw!
Indian squaw!

Indian squaw!

- Go away, you nasty little children!
- Both: Indian squaw, Indian squaw!

- Now go away!
- Both: Indian squaw!

- I'm going back.
- Nonsense.

They're just stupid
little children.

Now don't pay
them any attention.

Now come on.

Come on.


I don't mean to
offend you, but...

you need some new clothes.

Well, not as dressy as this one,

but perhaps inside
they have something

just as nice but more practical.

Come on.

What's the matter?

You pick it out.

But, Heller, it's your dress.

All right, well, I'll go
inside and pick out a couple

and bring them out to show
you, but you make the decision.

Now, just stay right there.




You filth!

After all I've done for you.

I took you away
from the Indians,

gave you a place to
live and food to eat.

And did I ever once
treat you less than a lady?

Did I ever touch
you or let the others?

You lied to me.

You cheated with Crown.

What did he ever do for you?

Say something!

Back to the cabin.


Two Eagle?

You want something of us again?

I need your help.

We have none to offer.

Four men.

And you'll never
see Purcell again.

We have found...

that to fight the
white man, we suffer.

We want only to be left alone.

Now's the time to fight.

Or Purcell will
keep coming back.

It is better to face
the known evil

than the unknown.

Two Eagles...

I am a squaw and
should not speak,

but I ask, are you
all squaws, too?

Is there no manhood
left among us?

Are we empty people,

barren of pride?

(horse whinnying)

Is it buried with Willie Snake?

I am old and weary.

I cannot stray from my teepee.

But those of you who wish...

go with the marshal

and walk in the
footsteps of our ancestors.



Someone's down there all right.

Can't tell how many.


you take the boys and
spread yourselves thin

in case more show up.

All right.

Down this way, boys.


You keep me covered.




Where's Purcell?

He ain't come home
from the church social yet.

That's not a proper
sort of answer, laddie.

That's the only
one you gonna get.

We'll wait.

Time is on our side.

Now get your
nose in those cards.

No cheating.

(gunshots firing
in the distance)

Purcell and two others up there.

- We've got 'em ringed in.
- Fine.

Let's take care of business.

Be right back.



(gunshots firing)

(gun cocking)

(gunshots firing)


You're outnumbered.

Boxed in.

There's no way out.


Hold it, Crown.

I'll make a deal with you.

You've got nothing
to make a deal with.

How about this?

How about this
for a deal, Crown?

Now let's talk.

Well, let her go,
then we'll talk.

Let her go, Purcell.

Oh no.

Not 'til I'm in the clear.

Or she gets her head blown off.

Watch out!

He's gonna shoot you!





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