Cimarron Strip (1967–1968): Season 1, Episode 14 - The Deputy - full transcript

Marshall Crown hires a one-handed gunslinger as a deputy, not realizing the man has assumed the identity of a slain lawman and is intent on avenging himself on members of his former gang who abandoned him after he was wounded in a payroll hold-up.

What do you suppose
it means, Sarge?



We hear you, we hear you.


Stay awake!

Who's sleeping?

Something, Sarge?

Yeah, it's something.

Where you going?

See if anybody's alive in there!

Let's get out of here, Sarge.

Nah, we got trouble
coming, it'll catch us.

This steel hearse can't
make over five miles an hour.

(gunshots firing)

- (shouting)
- (horses neighing)

let's get her before she...

(gun cocking)

You're all right,
miss, you're all right!

- We're soldiers, United States Army!
- No!

You're gonna be all right!

There... there were Indians
and they burned the wagon.

My husband... my husband!


Carl, open up!

(gunshot firing)

(gunshot firing)

(gunshot firing)


Were you figuring on
looking them to death?

Rapp, pull this man
out of the wagon.


Now move as fast as you can.

Do it right but do it fast.

Bo, Z, come on, move out.

How you doing, Benji?

Benji, how's it going?!



(birds chirping)

It should blow, Tate.

It should.

Get in there and check it.

It's gonna go.

Just another minute.

The fuse must be a little damp.


In there.

It's gonna go.

It's gonna go, believe me.


(Z screaming)

Buford, give me a hand!


50, 60,000 here.



- Okay?
- All set!

Come on, all of you!

Mount up!

Z, get up on your horse.

You're not gonna leave him!

That was the deal.

No wounded to slow us down.

- No!
- That's your vote, sister?




Leave him!

- Buford!
- You know what I say.

You're the only one, Z.

He's bleeding to death as it is.

You're backing a dead man.




For once, I ain't an
accommodating man, Marshal.

But your hours are
from 8:00 to 6:00.

And a fact that
ain't too recognized.

That's D-I-S.

I beg your pardon?



Mr. Ruckles, the
word is "deposition."


Always willing to do a courtesy
for the constabulary, understand?

And it's nice to
know the marshal

can mosey off to Carson City

any old two, three
days he's got a mind to.

Kansas City, Mr. Ruckles.

- With a "K."
- Whichever.

I'd appreciate it if you
send that off right now.

Who's left to keep the peace?

- Mr. MacGregor?
- Mr. MacGregor.

Respecting your friendship?

He's right now checking all
the windows and the doors

of the good people who
work from 8:00 to 6:00.



Dulcey, you've got
the soul of a nun.

(gunshots firing)

- Dulcey...
- Get Jim!

- Yeah, but...
- Just get Jim and hurry, please!


Two more bottles.

You catching flies?

Give me.

He owes me for
two bottles already.


Pay up.

(coin clinking)

A quarter.

That don't reach?

Buford... please.


One in each hand.

No more, Buford, please.

There's sweat and
blood, he'll never hold.

Oh, he's holding 'em.

I don't want to do it, Buford.

You came to me whimpering
for a touch, didn't you?

A dollar, you said.

Well, I say you earn it.

Two bits a bottle.

(men laughing)

What's going on down here?

Oh, I don't know, it's these men,
they're just shooting up the place.

- Mac...
- Oh, come on.

You'll get stiff holding those
bottles up like that too long, Benji.

You gonna stop me?

Or join me?


if it's in your mind to pay
for all your drink and break,

I'll join you with a free
spirit and an open hand.

Of course, if your intentions be
otherwise, I'll stop you for sure.

(glass shattering)

Leave him alone!

Oh, ain't no harm gonna
come to him, young lady.

People around
here do like I say.

- (gunshots firing)
- (men laughing)

I ain't through with you yet.

Get him two more bottles.



Did you know that desert mouse
made $10,000 in one afternoon?


Now, what's a man like you
do with all that money, Benji?

Holed up in a room,

drinking booze by the case, huh?

Afraid to go out in the
street because somebody'll

take it away from you?


You shut up!

Oh, but I had me a
time with mine, Benji.

Three days and two
nights and it was all gone.


Eight years ago, it was.

I remember it like
it was yesterday.

Buford, for God's sake!


Drowning in it.

Now, that's what I'm
gonna do to you, Benji.

Desert mouse drowned in whiskey.

(glass shattering)

(gun cocking)

(gun cocking)

(Dulcey screaming)

Those two.

Just took off wild.

- Mac, you all right?
- Aye.

They're both dead.

Busting things up
and that ugly one

fanning his gun all over.

- He stopped it.
- I'll tell you that he did.

Took 'em both head-on.

- You know that...
- Getaway.

I just don't believe
what I seen.

That quick, clean as a whistle.

All right, everybody,
break it up.

Go on home now.

Come on now, let's move it.


I never saw anything like it,
that man, what he did, it was...

You go to the kitchen, Dulcey.

No, I don't want
to go to the kitchen.

You and Mac fix some dinner.

No, we've already eaten.

I haven't.

I seen a fair amount, Marshal.

I'll talk to you in
the morning, Glen.

Old Jim Ridger
and his Winchester?

But that one?

You're a fair hand, mister.

Francis, go on down
to the undertaker

and tell them we'll need
a pair of pine boxes.

Anytime you want a free
drink, mister, just let me know.

Lock up, Fabrizio.

- But the bar is a mess.
- In the morning.


Any comments you'd like to make?

Well, I'll take his free drink.

That isn't what I had in mind.

Well, I guess they
about said it all.

They said a lot.

It was self-defense.

It was them or me.

Two shots, two dead.

Now that's pretty impressive.

Well, if you're through
with me, Marshal.

You ever do a thing
like this before?

- For some.
- Where?

I, uh, was hoping
to find a room.

The sign outside
said "vacancies."

Well, that won't be hard.

Last time there
was a shooting here,

place was empty for three weeks.

I didn't mean to make a
big noise my first night.

Can I keep this?

For all the good it's doing me?

Top floor.

First room on the right.

Thanks, Marshal.

Good night.

Jim, would you like
some more coffee?

- Jim?
- Hmm?

More coffee?

You can heat it up
a little bit, thank you.

- MacGregor?
- Aye, lass.

Jim, that man, who was he?

A vagrant gunslinger.

- I've met the sort.
- Name is Rig Harper.

You can bet there were more
than just two men to his revolver.

You know, it all
happened so fast that...

Well, what did happen, Dulcey?

Well, the two men were there.

I mean the gunplay.

I don't know exactly.

Before I knew what was
happening, the men were dead.

Well, did you see
Harper go for his gun?

Of course.

Well, I must have,

but it happened so fast that...

Oh, they were drunk,
the pair of them.

A man didn't have to be
that fast to do what he did.

But he was fast.

Why, one of them snuck up
on me like a thief in the night.

Well, I'd still say that Mr. Harper
did a good night's work.


Well, then hire the man,
you so fancy his work.

That's a great idea.

He must've really been something

the way the whole town
was talking about him.

Oh, you can't be serious.

Of course, I want to
get your side of the story

before I write it down.

My side?

Yeah, you know, "Deputy
Saved By Fast-Draw Stranger."

Look, you write a word and...

And I'd get that goose
egg measured, too.

- That what?
- That lump on your head.

I want to get it measured
and tell them how big it was.

I was taking a bath.

And that's where I'm
going... Good night.

Did I ride him too hard?

Did you?


What are you doing in there?

- Taking a bath.
- Well, I can see that.

In water that I
heated and carried.

You wouldn't have liked to
borrow my razor, would you?

No thanks, I found one.

You have less than 30 seconds
to get yourself out of there.

Well, I just got in.

Your first mistake.

Your second is sitting
there instead of vacating.

It's my bath!

Jim: MacGregor!

If you've come to keep the
peace, you better move fast, Jim.

Well, possession is
nine-tenths of the law.

Now, one-tenth is all I need.

Mac, I thought you
were gonna take a bath.

Well, I was... well, I will!

- Oh, what do you want?
- Just passing by.

Why'd you leave Texas?

When this happened,

they said a deputy
with only five fingers

wasn't enough to handle the job.

There's a lot of people in town
that wouldn't agree with that.

For how long were you a deputy?

Oh, I've been with the law
the last eight-and-a-half years.

Ha! In or out of jail?

Some of the best
lawmen I ever worked with

saw the inside of a cell
once or twice in their lives.

Yeah, I've known a few.

We could use a new man, Jim.

- Why don't you sign him on?
- Oh.

The job only pays
a dollar a day.

A man with his experience
wouldn't be interested.

Well, at least I wouldn't have
to steal another man's bath.

Why not?

You're gonna be out of town a few
days and Mac and I could break him in.

- If it didn't work out, we'll just...
- Well, it's up to Mac.

When I'm gone, he's in charge.

What do you say?


I don't know.

I could handle it myself, Jim.

I have before.

Well, that settles it.

No, wait.

Hey, you!


You know what a
tramp herder is, laddie?

Every menial job that
comes up is yours.

You'll walk the streets at night,
a watchman, checking doors.

You'll jail the drunks
and clean up after them.

That's the job.

- If you want it, fine.
- I'll take it.

Right, then that's
the way it'll be.

Now get out of my
bath and fill it up again!

I cannot stand that man.

Well, looks like I'm
gonna need a friend.

You just do your job.

- He'll come around.
- I hope so.

Two men working close together

might have need of each
other from time to time.

Oh, Marshal?

It's kind of drafty in here.

I wonder if you'd
mind closing the door?


Much obliged.



Benji: Mac!

What is it, Benji?

- I gotta talk to you.
- Aye.

Well, speak up, man.

- Oh, here now...
- No, no, no, it's not that, it's not that.

It's, uh...

You see, my...


It's nothing!

Steady, steady, Benji.

Oh, Mac?

Seeing that I was the one that shot
those two fellows, I'll see to the burial.

- You won't have to bother.
- Aye.

Well, go ahead, then.

- I'll be up at Boot Hill.
- All right, all right!

You want to tell me
what's wrong, Benji?


He is out to get us!

The way I heard it,
it was self-defense.

I don't believe that

and you are crazy if you do.

We gotta do something, Tate.

- Kill him?
- Right, before he kills us.

Eh, five, six years ago, it
might have been a good idea.

Now I got too much to lose.

Took me a long time
to build up this place.

You got your life
to lose if you don't.

He is out there burying
Buford on Boot Hill!

Now, that is the
calling card, Tate.

He is just waiting for one of us
to step out there and see him.

I don't think so, Benji.

According to what you tell me,
there's not too much left of him.

He's probably been
sweating in jail 'til now...

missing a hand.

And from what I remember of
Bo, he shied away from killing.

No, I don't think he
means to get blood.


- Well, you tell that to Buford!
- Buford was a fool.

He gave Bo no choice because he
panicked, just like you're doing now.

I am scared, Tate.

My heart ain't stopped pounding
ever since I heard Bo was here

and it feels like it's
gonna bust open on me.

Well, if it does, Bo won't
be bothering you anymore.


We said what we had to, Benji.

All right, all right.

But you gotta let me stay
here in your place, Tate.

- I won't get in your way.
- No.

Please, you've got to!

I don't gotta nothing.

Get out of here.



I've been kind of
down on my luck.

I need some money.

Look Bo up in town.




(footsteps approaching)


Maybe I was.


About Bo?

I'm tired.

I was up late with Duchess.

She foaled.

Oh, you're a mother.

you finally made it.

You've got something just
burning a hole in your head,

dying to spill it out.

Why don't you just say
it and leave me alone?

Well, we'll come to it.

Why did you marry me, Z?

It's too early for this.

For love?

That's right, love.

You've hated my guts for years.

First I figured you wanted to kill
me because of what happened to Bo.

- I did.
- What stopped you?

- Why didn't you do it?
- Because I was no better than you.

I ran off and left him to
die, just like everybody else.

I married you because I
didn't deserve any better.

Get out of that bed and dress.

In black.


Where am I going?

To a funeral.


I been waiting here
for hours, mister,

and I ain't gonna wait no more.

Like I said, I'm...

I'm expecting visitors to
say goodbye to this one.

That's all right with me.

But you have to pay
me extra for my time.

We can wait all day.

No, you go on, I'll cover him.

Suits me.

(carriage approaching)

Been a long time.

I know.

You've changed, Bo.

Eight years older,
one hand less.

Yeah, Benji told
me about the hand.

Too bad.

But at least you're alive.

That's more than Buford can say.

That is a fact.

About Buford...

Well, I hear you're
a big rancher now.

Highly respected citizen.

Uh-huh, I've done all right.

How about you?

Prison life is pretty quiet.

You had a tough break.


A bad break.

Well, that's all over now.

Z, say hello to Bo.

You remember Bo, don't you?

I guess she's too
surprised to see you.

Must have lost her voice.

I forgot to tell you.

Z and me, we're married now.

Well, you know how it is, Bo.

She thought you were dead.

Shut up, Tate!


You want her, Bo? Take her!

If you think you've been in
hell these last eight years,

you don't know it was,

living with a woman who's
in love with another man.

She's all yours.

I didn't come here for her.

That brings us back to Buford.

What did you come for?

Eight years...

one hand... $10,000.

I was hoping it
wouldn't come to this.

You don't give me much choice.

Buford didn't have any, either.

Thank God, Bo.

You're not half the man
you were eight years ago,

and I was twice the
man you were then.

You look soft and
fat to me, Tate.

You're a dead man.

That's what you
thought eight years ago.

Oh, you better
finish me now, Bo.

'Cause if I walk
away from here...

You will, Tate.

You will.

I waited a long time for this.

I got everything laid out.

It ain't time for you... yet.


Buford was first.

He was an animal.

You don't hate an
animal like you do people.

Benji's next!

He never meant anything
to me one way or the other.

Rapp follows Benji.

I thought he was my friend.

Then you, Tate.

It was you who left me behind.

One word from you and the rest
would have taken me with them.

One word.

You're lucky I hate you so much.

You might be dead by now.


How about me, Bo?


Well, you're last.

I saved the best for the last.

Say, Mac.

Are these the new ones?


Now haven't you got
anything better to do?

The composition about these
things always bothers me.

No talent, no taste,
no imagination.

You know, it's
the same old thing.

These pictures aren't
meant to hang in a museum

for your artistic
appreciation, laddie.

Now find yourself
something else to do

before I set you to
mopping up the cell block.

Oh, I thought that was my job.

You better take it
easy with Mac today.

Marshal's been out
of town since morning

and he's really
feeling his oats.


- See what I mean?
- Aye, laddie.

Starting tonight, you
and me share the rounds.

Four hours on, four hours off.

Every hour on the hour,

you'll check the shop doors
and see that all is as it should be.

You'll start from 8:00 to 12:00

and I'll relieve you
from 12:00 to 4:00

and you'll go back on from
4:00 to 8:00 in the morning.

Is that..


I asked you a question!

Is that all clear?

There's one thing bothering me.

Oh, what's that?

When do I get to
mop up the cellblock?

Oh, you'll have
plenty of time for that.

You're a hard man, Mac.





What'll it be?

A deputy doesn't
drink when he's on duty.

You heard what the man said.

Checking up on me, Mac?

Oh, I wouldn't say that exactly.

It being your first night, I just wanted
to see how you're getting along.

Well, thank you.

Oh, fine, fine.

I checked all the shop doors,

put all the cats to sleep

and worked my way down
here to the barrel houses.

Everything quiet?

Like a church six days a week.

Oh, well, the usual
one or two drunks.

Well, if they give you
any trouble, lock them up.

I'll do that.

You drink too much, Benji.

Bo, you leave me alone,
you leave me alone!

Settle down, Benji.

You know, that bad
heart of yours might pop.

Any trouble, Deputy?

Oh, none I can't handle.

Does he always go
this crazy from drink?

He's usually pretty quiet.

Help me!

You leave me alone!

He's gonna...


I guess I'll have to let
him sleep it off in a cell.



Feeling better?

What you gonna do with me, Bo?

Oh, we got plenty of
time to talk about that.

You know, you
don't look so good.

Bo, please.

I don't feel right.

I had nothing to do with
the way we left you, Bo.

It was you who messed
up that fuse, Benji.

I paid a heavy price for that.

You can't blame me for that.

Nobody asked you to
run into the payroll wagon.

Bo, I need some water.

In a minute, in a minute.

How about you running out on me?

Can I blame you for that?

It was Tate's orders!

And you know me, Bo.

All I ever did
was follow orders.

I was against leaving you.

I even fought with Tate.

One more question.

Anything, Bo.

Only, Bo...

please don't kill me.

I won't lay a hand on you.


Where do I find Rapp?

He's got a farm about
ten miles east of town.

Now we'll talk about what
I'm gonna do with you.

I'm gonna turn you over to
the marshal for that holdup.

He's gonna send you to prison.

Maybe even the
same one I was in.

No, you won't like it there.

Oh, especially the nights.

That's when the
men start screaming.

Some of them want
to die, others just...


You'll get used to that.

You'll even get used to
the guards beating you up.

One thing you won't
get used to, Benji...

the rats.


My heart!

At the beginning you'll
try fighting them off.

Won't do any good...
There are too many of them.


First time one of them
bites you, you'll think

you're gonna die of poisoning.

But you won't.

No, you'll just go on,
feeding them your flesh.

Feeding them your flesh
for a long time to come.

(breathing heavily)

Well, it's about
time for me to turn in.

You have yourself
a good night, Benji.


You know, the cell you're in is a palace
compared to the one you're going to.

Bo... I can't... breathe!

You have yourself
a good night, Benji.



(Benji gagging)





- Hold on!
- Mac, Mac!





Was it you who brought him in?


Oh, the drunk.

Aye, the drunk.

Sure, it's my job, ain't it?

Clean the cells, jailing drunks.

What's the matter?

He's dead.

That's a shame.

Sorry to hear that.

He looked as though he saw
the ghost of Hamlet's father.

What did you do to him?

Threw him in a cell, that's all.

Didn't even bother
to lock him in.

He was drunk at the Bull's
Horn, kicking up a fuss.

You don't believe me,
you can check it out.

He had the same
kind of look on his face

as he did this morning
when you came up to us.

Oh, you're getting yourself all
worked up again, MacGregor.

You better get some sleep.


I don't see why you
think it's peculiar, Mac.

I mean everybody knows
Benji had a bad heart.

He's had a bad heart for years.

Why did it fail him now?

Just when this heroic new
deputy of ours should arrest him?

What are you saying, MacGregor?

I don't know what I'm saying.

I haven't slept the
night for the thinking,

the imagining...

and the questions.

This man Rig
Harper arrives in town

and three men
are strangely dead.

Why do you say strangely, Mac?

You saw it all, you
know it can be explained.

Aye, up here,
perhaps, but not here.

Oh, come on, Mac, just
because you don't happen to like...

No, wait a minute, Francis.

You really are worried,
aren't you, MacGregor?

Lass, if my
suspicions are false,

if it's all only
happenstance, then no harm

but a lost night's sleep.

Otherwise, it's murder.

I think we better
get a hold of Jim.

No, nonsense.

Mac, the way you've
been carrying on...

Suspicion, that's all I've got.

You think I can drag the
man back just on that?


I'm the deputy in
charge here now.

I'll work this out myself.


Telegraph office won't
be open for a couple hours.

And it may be difficult
to explain in a wire.

Well, the court needs Jim's
deposition, but I was there.

I could tell the
judge the same thing.

Is it a long ride?

- Four or five hours.
- I'll pack a lunch.

You know, if Mac's wrong,
we'll look mighty foolish.

Who cares how anyone looks?

MacGregor just might be right.


(chickens clucking)



Well, you should have
warned me you were coming.

Riding in here bigger than
life after all those years?

It's a good thing
my heart's in shape,

I'd have keeled over
at the sight of you.

That puts me in
the mind of Benji.

You ever seen the rest of him?

Oh, once or twice when I
go into town after supplies.

We all rode out here together.

We thought the Indian Territory
would be a good place to get lost...

to get lost in.

We split up.

Nobody sees anything of the
others and that's fine with me.

But I can't get over
seeing you alive, here!

It's kind of hard
to believe, isn't it?

You just don't know
what it means to me.

Tell me.

Well, I don't think I can.

Not yet, anyway.

It's gonna take me a
little time to get used to.

What are we standing
around here for?

Come on in the house.

Wait 'til you see Little Bo.

Little Bo?

You don't even know I'm married.

- No.
- Yeah.

Things are moving around
in my head so fast, I forgot.

Her name's Millie.

She's a good
woman, you'll like her.

When the little guy was born...

Aw, you named him after me.

Right, Boez.

Come on, we'll have a drink.

I only drink with friends, Rapp.

We were friends, Bo.

I was.

You're right.

I wasn't much of a friend
to run out on a sidekick.

I thought about
it all this time.

That's mighty nice of you, Rapp.

Well, there wasn't
much I could do.

The way I see it, you owe me.

What do you want, Bo?

I want my share of
the holdup money.


Well, I ain't got that
kind of money, I swear it.

I'll give you everything I have.

If you want, I'll even sell the place,
because you're right, I do owe you.

But it wouldn't come to
more than $4 or $5,000.

I want... ten.

Maybe Tate.

I want it from you.

My friend.

I just ain't got it, Bo,

and I got no way of laying my
hands on that kind of money.

There is a way.

- I got a wife and a kid.
- I might have had the same.

If you hadn't run out on me.

What is it?

The bank in town.

My deputy rounds begin at 8:00.

I'll let you into the Assay Office
next door to the bank about 10:00.

Too many people on
the street before that.

Oh, you'll need a crowbar.

The bank wall is brick.

You should be
through in an hour.

But the safe...

Not the safe.


I took it off the train this morning,
20,000 in gold certificates.

All I want is ten,
the rest is yours.

I don't want any of it.


After this, you and me are even?

After this, you'll
never see me again.

That is a promise.

All I want is the money.

All he wants is the money.

My stock and farm will
come to about half of it.

I need the other 5,000.

Can you let me have it?

I haven't got it.

Not a penny of it.

Everything's in Tate's name.

- That's what I thought.
- What are you gonna do?

Well, like he says.

Help him rob the bank.

He's gonna kill you, Rapp,
you've got to believe me.

It's Bo we're talking about, Z.

He's changed.

Well, sure he's changed, he's
been through a lot, but not that.

- Him and me were...
- Friends?


I owe him, Z.

Not your life.

You're wrong about him, Z.

I know.

I'll get the money.

Don't make trouble for yourself.

I'll bring it over
to your place.

Well, you better get it
there before 8:00, then,

because that's
when I've got to leave.



Well, what do you say, Tom?

Is that judge ready for me?

No, they all just quit to eat.

Probably won't get to
you 'til late this afternoon.

Then I suppose it'll be time
for them to quit for supper.

I could have come by way of Kansas City
and they still wouldn't be ready for me.

Oh, now, why don't you
just stop complaining?

Boy, you're as good
as on a vacation.

Vacation, huh?

Yeah, some vacation.

I don't see this room
jumping full of trout, do you?

Francis: Sheriff?

Excuse me, have you
seen Marshal Crown?


- Marshal.
- Francis?

What are you doing here?

I've been looking for you
over at the courthouse?

What's wrong?

Uh... well, I don't know.

You don't know?

I'm not sure.

What do you mean
you're not sure?

Well... I don't know exactly.

Well, you didn't come all
this way just for the ride.


It's kind of hard to explain.

Fact is, the more I think
about it, the crazier it sounds.

Well, stop thinking
about it and start telling.

Well, it's MacGregor.

He's real worried.

He's not sure, mind you,

but he's got this feeling,
and so we thought that...

Well, Dulcey and I thought
that you ought to know about it

- in case you want to do something.
- Francis, get to the point.

Well, it's about
your new deputy.

- Rig Harper...
- New Deputy Rig Harper?

Oh, son.

Someone's trying to
put one over on you.

What do you mean, Sheriff?

- You know Harper?
- Well, I used to.

He's dead.

No, he's not dead,
he's back in Cimarron.

Hold it.

I saw those papers myself.

Texas Deputy Marshal.

Not anymore.

He was killed last month.

Medium height?

Slight build?

Left hand missing?

Oh, no, Rig never had no...



Did you say, "Left
hand missing?"

That's what I said.

All of a sudden, I
don't feel so foolish.

The man you're talking about?

That's him.

He's the one who killed Harper.

Francis, you talk to the judge.

Hey, wait a minute,
Crown, what about the trial?

It's all right, Sheriff, I'll
take care of the deposition.

This is a murder
trial, you can't...

The marshal's got a murder
of his own to worry about.



What are you doing?

I asked you, what are you
doing at the money box?!

- I need $5,000.
- Why?

- It's my money and I want it.
- For what?


Rapp says all he wants is
money and he'll ride out of here.

What's the matter with you, Z?

Wipe the cobwebs
out of your brain.

You knew what he's doing.

Benji is dead.

- His heart.
- Then Bo did it.

Rapp next, then you, or me.

What are you gonna do about it?

I done it already.

I got two of the best
guns around out there

and the third one
is due in tonight.

It won't cost me any $5,000.


(crickets chirping)

(gunshots firing)

(crowd shouting)

Look at me.

Is he dead yet?

Which one?


You got a lot more to
worry about than Rapp.

Got another bullet
in that Derringer.

If I were you, I'd use it.

I missed you so.

Is that why you married Tate?

That was my prison.

I could figure the rest of them.

Even Rapp.

But not you, Zena.

Bo, please.

If I could only go
back to that day

eight years ago, Bo.

I love you so.

There's never been
anything, anyone else.

Just give me a chance
to make it right for you,

to make it up to
you, please, Bo.


I'll give you one thing, Z.

Next train that comes to town,

you be on it,

'cause when I
finish with Tate...

I'm coming after you.


You'll never get
him, he's hired guns!

He's waiting for you!

Everything quiet?


But, Bo, uh...

the only thing you want
is the money, isn't it?

Why do you ask?

Well, I... I just wondered.

I told you that's all I want.

Now get back
there and work fast.

And quiet.


- MacGregor!
- All right, Jim.

All right, Jim, you
can leave him to me.

Your watch.

Haven't you ever heard of gently
shaking a man out of his sleep?

- Was I too rough for ya?
- Is everything quiet?

Not a peep.

After everything else
that goes on around...



(crickets chirping)




Why did you do that?

It looked to me like he
was gonna rob the bank.

I had him under control.

That's not the way I saw it.

You killed him in cold blood,
pure and simple murder.

- I shot a bank robber.
- Murder!

I'm wearing a badge, that
man was breaking into the bank.

Duty, not murder.

There ain't a court in this world
that'd convict me and you know that.

I might have saved your life.





Who is it?

MacGregor: It's
me, lass, MacGregor.

Open up...

Okay, just a moment.


Is something wrong?

Aye, every...


I need your help.

For what?

Your memory is
what I want, lassie.

A clear and accurate
account of what happened

the first time you
saw this Rig Harper.

Well, you were there.

Aye, well, I was and I wasn't.

What do you want to know?

The gunplay.

Do you remember it, Dulcey?

Did you actually see
him draw his gun?

Did he move for it at all?

I answered these
questions the other night.

Aye, well, tell me again.

Was there a faceoff?
Was anyone called out?


His gun.

Did you see him draw it?

- I must have.
- But did you see him, lass?

Did you see him draw his gun?

Well, I think so.

Ah, but you just
assumed that, isn't that it?

You just naturally
assumed that he did.

MacGregor, everyone in the
saloon said so, it was in self-defense.

Self-defense, was it?


Are you sure?


While sitting
there at that table...

with a gun in his lap,
waiting to shoot a man.


Now, that's a far
cry from self-defense.

MacGregor, that's murder.



MacGregor, don't think that.


It's all right, it's all right.

Don't pay my foolish
conversation any mind.

In the wee quiet
hours of the morning,

I usually set my
imagination out to roam a bit.

It's a feeling I'll
have to see to.

Forget it, girl,
go back to sleep.

I'll see you in the morning.


In the morning, lassie.

Sleep tight.


You've given up the stuff?

If I had two drinks in me,

I might kill you here and now.

Oh, why would
you want to do that?

Oh, don't play your wiles on me.

I know what you are
as well as you yourself.

You know, it sounds like you
got something you want to say.

- Maybe you should.
- Aye.

Maybe I should indeed.

(gun cocking)

Now put your gun on
the bar and slide it to me.

If you're aiming to shoot
me, I can turn my back.

It might make it easier.

I'd like to.

Want the tin star as well?

You used that star, didn't you?

And me.

You worked your
way into getting the job

to kill four men, without as
much as batting an eyelid.

Coldblooded murder.

You give yourself
too little credit, Mac.

How could I use you?

You did.

Aye, you did.

From the time you walked
into the saloon two nights ago,

you've been winding
me around your finger.

You murdered.

And I helped
you to carry it out.

Buford and Tullis were first.

Then Benji...

who'd never find the
courage to kill a fly.


Then tonight.

All in the line of duty.

Your duty.

As you planned it.

All the way, right down
to getting that star.

And they call you a simple man?

Well, what do you
aim to do with me now?

Throw you in a cell
where you belong.

You know, you almost
did a big thing tonight.

About eight years ago,

I was in on an
army payroll holdup.

There were five men, all told.

I got hurt and they
left me behind to rot.

The one thing that kept me alive
was the thought of killing them.

Well, you did.

Four of them dead and
you, that makes the five.

No, Tullis just got in my
way... He didn't belong.

But there is one man, MacGregor.

The man who planned it.

Who is he?

No, he's mine.

Not with you sitting
in a cell, he isn't.

That's my point.

I know him.

Who and where he is, you don't.

But tell me his
name, I'll bring him in.

I'm in on the finish.

You take him, he's
yours, you get the parade.

But I want to see it.

What happens to me
after that, I don't care.

But we both of us ride out
of here together to get him.

And you put a bullet in my back?

I got no gun.

You cuff me to the
saddle, I won't go anywhere.

It will make a big difference how
people around here look at you,

bringing in a man like that

and the evidence to send him
to prison, maybe the gallows.

I didn't do nothing, MacGregor!

If I don't?

He comes here, for me,

takes out you and this
place and that girl upstairs.

He knows what I'm here
for as well as you do.

Well, what cell do
you want me to take?

First one to your right.

MacGregor, light 'em up.

That I will.

Move along, bucko.

You know the way.


Just stand there,
Marshal, don't move.

That's your trouble,
Mac, you're too trusting.

In the holster.

Get over there.

I'll be seeing you.

You can bet on that.


Give him three minutes.

You already want that
other man, don't you?


(horse trotting)


You're not going anywhere.

We're in this together.

You're staying
right here with me!

(crickets chirping)


Anything you see, blast it!

Tate Hanson.


Where's Bo?

He's down there...


How is he going to
get past those guns?

(gunshot firing)

Now we know where he is.

Mac... keep 'em busy.


(gunshots firing)

(gun cocking)

(gunshots firing)

(gunshot firing)

Something go wrong, Bo?

Oh, you are a prize fool.

Well, it doesn't
take much brains

to get in a mess like
this, I'll grant you that.

(gunshots firing)

(hammer clicking)

Now, look how easy
you made it for me.

You're breaking into my place.

I'm clean, Bo.

Oh, you never would have
made anything out of yourself.

You're like the rest of them.

They all fell down.

You always were the
kind of man who wanted to

stick his neck out for somebody,

then look surprised
when it got chopped off.

Nobody cares about nobody, Bo.

It's all a big lie.

Maybe you're right, Tate.

I used to think
that when people...

two people loved each other...

But we're all of us all alone.

Like you say, Tate.

Nobody cares about nobody.

(gun cocking)

Goodbye, Bo.

Rot in hell.


(gun cocking)

Bo, don't make me kill you.

We can go away together...

just you and me.

They're all gone.

There's nothing to stop us.

Don't make me kill you.

Tried that once before
and you couldn't do it.

I have to do it.

But you won't.

(gun cocking)


It's the end of the line, Z.