Cimarron Strip (1967–1968): Season 1, Episode 13 - The Last Wolf - full transcript

When a band of wolf hunters, whose very success has put them out of business, are becoming a problem for the settlers of the Cimarron Strip. Broke and hungry, they resort to killing cattle ...

(dogs barking)


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I don't want them turning on me.

I mean, I done more than I should
for you out of just plain good nature.

You're getting fatter
on your good nature.

What's he up to?

Can I help myself?

That's Michael.

Our name's Varner.

We're from Illinois.

Where are you from?

Out beyond.

It's a fearsome country.

I can see you've been
through great hardship.

Oh, no, I was making
out pretty good.

We plan to settle here and farm,

When they open the outlet.

What do you do?

I hunt.

Well, now.

That's what my husband's
doing this very minute.

He says the hunting's
fine hereabouts.

I'm afraid it's all played out.

Why, he brings in jackrabbits
and prairie chickens every day.

That's part meat.


All right.

Let's find out.


But of course, John's an
uncommonly fine hunter.

You sold out, Sam.

Pack horse... dogs... traps.

Might as well.

You can pay us the money then.

You divvy it up, Brom.

Come to five dollars apiece.


Steady now, there's the
mother and there's the child.

This ain't no place to tussle.

You sat down here on purpose.

Yes, ma'am.

Any other place and
they'd like to tear me apart

before I could open my mouth.

You mean we wore ourselves
out all spring for five dollars?

Well, now how could I have
knowed they'd take off the bounty

while we were gone?

We're not the only
ones had to sell out.

Before I'd sell out
for this kind of money,

I'd feed the horse to them dogs.

Put them dogs in them traps
and shove 'em in the river.

That makes good sense.

That makes real good sense.

You know it ain't fair.

Well, now why
didn't I think of that?

Just run up to somebody,
say, "It ain't fair,"

and they'll fill our
pockets with money.

You mocking me, Sam?

That's a fact, Brom.

Come on, leave it be, Brom.

- Whoa!
- (dogs howling)



I oughta cut your throat.

You take 'em.

Wolf pelts.

You tack 'em on the wall and
you point to 'em, talk about 'em.

These are the last three.

We killed 'em all.

There ain't no more.

Guess I'll just have
to find something else.

(baby crying)


(saloon music playing)

Miss Weatherby, I'm half
persuaded to get married myself,

if I could find someone
as lovely as you.

Why thank you, Marshal.

Aaron, you picked
yourself a pretty girl.

Thank you, sir.


Thank you.


Howdy, everybody.

(crowd dies down)

Well, you said come one, come
all, so I... Take off your hats.

You and your friends
are welcome, Mr. Miller.

Some of my boys are
fetching a buckboard full of beer

and Lord knows what all.

Oh, this is Dub Lewis.

Best fiddler in the territory.

We're going to have a real do.

Whip her up, Dub.


Now put that down!

How did they get in here?

Jess, throw that trash out.

Come on, boys.

(loud chatter)

Keep your hands off these boys.

Keep your hands off.


I'm reminded of that old saying.

The devil and idle hands.

They're no more trouble
than a tub full of eels.

(laughing continues)

Sam, you was flying.

I could have told you, Sam.

We ain't good enough no more.

Sam, Sam.

Did you ever see a
woman built that way?

Not when I was sober.

Everybody fill your glasses.

Let's make a toast
to the newlyweds.

To the newlyweds.


Marshal Crown, those wild
men have broke my window!

Miller, come with me.

I might need some help.



Look at that beer!

How about some of that beer?


Give me some.

I'll take it in my hat.

What in tarnation's
come over you, Bill?

I'm Sam Gallatin!

I'm a poor, dumb mule.

I'm a sore-backed horse.

I'm a... a toothless
dog looking for a home.

I'm all bottled up and
I'm gonna pull the cork!


Daly, let me borrow your gun.

Hold it!

Hold it.

I want to tell
you a little story.

I rode into town today.

Being overtook by drunkenness,
I'd fallen off my horse.

That animal left
me and went away

and I decided that I was
gonna stay in this here town

and as I was lying there,
middle of the street, 64 farmers,

16 cowboys, two squaws and a
mangy hound all stepped right over me.

I kicked the hound hoping at
least he'd pay me some mind,

but he wouldn't even bite me.

That there didn't bother me.

But then this here old
bull flea sat up on my wrist.

He took one look at me, one
look at that mangy hound dog,

spit once and he hopped
off over to the hound,

taking the rest of
my fleas with him.

I said to myself, "Sam,
what's become of you?

I can understand you
being took by the cattlemen.

I understand you being
swindled by the merchants.

I can even understand the
dog being too choosy to bite you.

But when I lose my fleas, I can't
get no lower without digging a hole."

I tell you, I was
walking pretty small

and I come on some
fellas hanging around

outside that there
farmer's wedding.

They were old rovers,
buffalo hunters like myself,

I feared to go in.

And then I seen this here wagon,
some of you trotting along behind it.

Turkey Bill, Charlie.

Some of you travelers.


Begging the cattlemen.

Wasn't it the cattlemen who
come whining and begging to us?

Saying, "Oh boys, the wolves

are eating us out
of house and home

and we'll pay you
to kill them for us."

And that's what
we did, didn't we?

And where was the farmers
when it was worth your hair

to stand up here
on the Cimarron?

Back east, that's right,
they were back east,

shaking in their boots, afraid of their
own shadows, while we were here.

We were standing here.

We walked this land like kings

and now you got your tails
between your legs, begging.

Boys, that was never our way.

That's right.

Where we wanted to go, we went

and what we wanted
to take, we took.

And I say we take it now.

Free beer!

Come and get it!

(gun firing)


All right, now
everybody break it up.

Come on, it's over.

Break it up.

Go on!

Tell me again.

I like that part best about them
being less trouble than a tub full of eels.

Aye, I may have
misjudged a trifle.


Where are you going with that?

Gonna get a picture
of Sam Gallatin.

Marshal wouldn't even put
him in a cell without a bath.

A bath?

May be the first
one he's ever had.

Historical occasion.

Well, I think it's indecent.

No, you don't...
The job's half-done.

I'm gonna pull up lame.

You're going to need some money.

I got money.


Just enough to pay for
the damage you've done.

It was worth it.

I can get you a job.

It pays pretty well.

Doing what?

Riding scout for the Army.

Out at Fort Supply.

No, they'd never take me on.

They would if I asked them to.

And you'd ask?



You don't know me
from a kick in the head.

Well, now maybe it's
because I feel sorry for you.

Oh no, oh no.

You're thinking ahead to
something entirely different.

You're almost clean.

It's a step in the
right direction.

Almost clean?

I feel skinned.

What about that job?

That there Fort Supply's a
fair distance from here, ain't it?



You wouldn't be trying to get
me out of town now, would you?

You think about that job.


I have.

More people than
fleas in this here town!

Morning, ma'am.



Marshal Crown!


I'm gonna pull this place
down over your ears.

I'm gonna dance on your grave.

The man's incorrigible.

He's gonna be a real
joy to have around.

Come drifting in
here, squatting.

We've been losing two
or three head a week,

but I got a good look
at the fella this time.

Just point him out to me.

Let him be.


Come here.

Take a look at this.

And we'll find the hide
around here somewheres.

What's your name?

What's my name?

That's what I asked.

Well, I'll tell you, Marshal, they've
been calling me Kiowa for so long,

it's hard to say.

What's that there smell?

Sure is rank.

No, it ain't cowboy.

It stinks a lot worse than that.


That's what it is.

Stinks like a polecat, but a
good nose can tell 'em apart.


Afternoon, Sam.

You ain't wanted here.

Get out.

Somebody's been killing beef.

Not nobody around here.

There's gotta be one place
a man can clear his nose

of marshal and cowboy stink.

How about it?

Let's grab a hold of these two
and run 'em out of here so fast

the breeze will
burn their britches.

- That's right!
- Man: Let's get outta here.

It's gonna be hard doing.


I told you, I don't
want no part of fighting.

You never did have the
spunk of a grasshopper, Bill.


What's your last name?


How about it, Charlie?

You're with me, ain't ya?

No, Sam.

It don't hardly seem
worth the effort.

Is he the one?

Well... I wouldn't try taking
him out of here, Marshal.

Is he or isn't he?

Sure looks like
beef they're cooking.

Now that there's jackrabbit.

Jackrabbit... Ha!

Well, I know they grow 'em
big around here, but not that big.

Let me borrow your knife, Sam, and
we'll destroy some of the evidence.

That's not jackrabbit.



That's what we call slow elk.

That's prime yearling,
shot for the table.

All right, boys, that's it...

Sam, don't swallow it.


All right, Sam, I got
no more use for you.

Get out.



I'm the original catawampus,
but I still got the hair...

I'm mean.

I'm mean.

Aye, there's nothing like the dew off
the heather to make a bad man talk.

It's the Kiowa Kid

So Jess told me.

Whose land is it?

What are you
going to do about it?

Well, we was here first.

They wouldn't even be
here if it wasn't for us.

Cleared all the land for 'em.

Belongs to us.

Kill the cows and the
cowmen will go away.

Run 'em.

Ooh, run 'em!

And farmers come
in, kill 'em too.

Sam Gallatin talking.

I've been uneasy about
those men getting together

and making trouble
for a long time.

Why do we have to put
up with that kind of truck?

There's just enough truth in what
Gallatin is saying to stir them up.

One of these days, Washington's gonna
decide who's gonna take over that land

in the outlet... the
farmers or the cattlemen.

Then you're going to have
to stand up and fight for it.

That's what Sam is preaching.

Let's burn out that
hole they're squatting in.

That'll end it.

That's no way to handle it.

That's just what he wants and
the law will move over to his side.

Say, Kersey.

You think you and your people
will take some of them on,

give them odd jobs?

- Odd jobs!
- Doing what?

They're not farmers.

Chopping wood, lugging water,
mending fences, something like that.

And Miller, you think you
can talk those ranchers in

to putting a bounty on coyotes?

Two bits a head.

For what?

Right now, we have
buffalo and wolf hunters

wandering the streets
looking for something to do.

Well, let's give them
something to do.

I'll tell you what you do.

That one in there, you
throw him in prison so deep

the rest of them
will think twice

before they even look
sideways at a cow.

You know how close you are to having
150 wild men climbing all over you?

Well, they were here first.

So were a lot of other varmints.

(distant whooping)


Yearling hide.

Looks like your brand.



Jess, who done it?

I don't know, Mr. Miller.

I don't want to know
no more... I'm gettin' out.

There goes your witness.

I'll see what I can do.

Maybe we can find jobs
for eight or 10 wolvers.

Maybe more, I don't know.

That'll be fine.

I'll be sending over a man by
the name of Bill Henderson to start.

Miller, don't make
a big thing of it.

Just drop it.

There's one way
to handle varmints.

Hand feeding 'em ain't it.


The boys have got more respect
for you than anyone, Charlie.

Oh, I don't know about that.

Oh, you throw in with me, a
lot of them gonna come along.

Just be a lot of trouble.

We ain't gonna get nothing
unless we make trouble.

Sam, I got kind
of a long feeling...

That's my point.


Now when you see Sam
Gallatin, you tell him for me...

Any more of this and witnesses or
no witnesses, I'm coming after him.

You understand that?

Oh, I understand that, Marshal.

But I'm the Kiowa Kid
and I ain't been combed

and I ain't been curried.

Now you do like you're told
or you're gonna get curried.

Let's get him off.

Just lay him down.

Lay him down here.

Roll him over.

Easy, easy.

- Sam?
- You all right, Sam?

You all right?

Leave me be.

Austin, you stay.

I wanted to help you, Sam, but I
don't know what come over me.

I just couldn't move.

You still can help me.

Tell me what.

Let me go off with an easy mind.

Oh, Sam.

You ain't gonna die.

They stomped me.

I'm broken up inside.

That's mean.

That's... that's wicked.

They just don't need
us anymore, Charlie.

You remember we followed the
great northern herd up into Canada?

You and me wintered up there.

Living under a
mountain of buffalo hides.

You think you'd know
those cowpokes on sight?


Can you do it?

Well, I'm a little stove
up in the mornings,

but once the sun gets to
me, I'm as spry as ever.

Cut 'em down for me, Charlie.

I'd do the same for you.

Sure, Sam.

So long, Sam.



Is he gone?

You sure improved.

Oh, I've been worse
hurt falling off pool tables.

I guess so.


Oh, MacGregor, it's beautiful.


So soft and luxurious.

Can you picture a muff?

A rough?

A wrap, a coat?

Is it really sable?

Jim Crown.

Jim, come in here.

I've got the answer
to your problem.

And your fortune, too.

Now, I defy you, I defy
you... you cannot tell what it is.

Could be mink.

Or sable.

Now what is the most
common creature here abouts?


Jackrabbit it is.

You're joking!

With the addition of dyes and
oils of my own compounding.

Now the hunters can
bring them in for us.

It'll keep them busy.

We'll pay 10 cents
a pelt... a fair price.

My ingredients cost a penny.

Then we sell them
for two dollars apiece.

That's a fair price.


It'll take some capital to get
rolling, but you're all my friends,

so I'll let you all in
on the ground floor.



Aye, um.

The dye does
loosen the fur a might.

Jim, Jim, will you let a few details
stand in the way of a fortune?


(gun firing)



They shot two of my men.

We're gonna burn them
out and don't try to stop us.

Go ahead.

They're all gone.

They pulled out.

That's right.

Maybe when this is done, you'll
wish you had hand fed them.


I have some hot
coffee if you like.


I just helped take them
inside at the undertaker's.

Old Charlie Austin and
those two men he shot.

I don't want to know about it.

I always heard what
these Buffalo guns could do.

- Seeing it is something else.
- Two lumps or one?


Oh, Francis, why?

I've seen some mean,
vicious, ugly things before

and even here inside,
some mean, ugly people,

but Charlie Austin
killing those two men...

He was a kind old man.

Crown: Francis!


Your horse saddled up?

- No.
- Take mine.


- What's going on?
- Kersey.

You know where to find him?

Down at the church
with some of his people.

And I doubt they're praying.

- Well, get him here.
- Right.

Miller, too.

Yeah, well, sure.

- But...
- You ought to have that shotgun

pretty well taken apart by now.

The mood he's in, he'd
settle for the lice off their hides.

So watch yourself.

What's happening... Why?

Because I said to.

You know, I haven't heard you
take off anybody's head like that

since you found my
washing in your bathtub.

Dulcey, there's a box of
cartridges in that top drawer.

Let me have it.


You and Francis are a pair.

Charlie Austin is dead.

Jim, he shot those two men and
they killed him and that's it, isn't it?


They're predators, Dulcey.

Professional killers.

That's all they know.

They're like wolves, only there isn't
anything more to kill except people.

Now that's what
we're up against.


Kersey, tell your people
to stay out of the outlet.

Is that where those
wild men are headed?


Boys caught this one about a
mile out of town with a squaw.

Turn him loose.

He was slipping out of town!

That's his privilege.

Howdy, Mr. Kersey.

Hello, Bill.

Where's Sam?

I don't know.

Not exactly.

What it was, they
beat up Sam pretty bad.

I don't blame old
Charlie for what he done.

Sam was pretty close.

Any of the other
men still around?

Nearing the river, maybe.

Can you find them, Bill?

Talk to them?

Make them change their minds.

Mr. Kersey, I appreciate what
you and the marshal is trying to do.

I'd have took that job of yours and
so would some of the other boys,

but it's too late now.

We're gonna need two
groups, eight to 10 men a piece.

Kersey, you take one of the
group north, through the outlet.

Right, Marshal.

Miller, you and I will
take the other group south.


I'll pick up a couple more boys.

Well, I'm all set.

Well, if it comes to a fight, I'll be
able to sell every picture I can get.

If you can tie all that junk
onto a horse before it's all over,

- it's all right with me.
- Thanks, Marshal.

MacGregor, are you ready?

Dulcey: Wait.

Got a little something
for you to eat.

For me and what army?

Now it's good, nourishing food.

Now eat all of it.

Thank you, Dulcey.

Oh and... be careful.

With the tablecloth.


I'll give it to you later on.


Man: Help!

Help me... Over here!

Glory be, I'd about given up.

How long's it been?

I think they come swarming
down on me right after first light.

Gallatin, that Balkan devil.

The very traps I put for him.


Set the dogs on him, he said.

Praise Providence I sold
them the day before yesterday.

Where they heading?

They headed out that
way, but I don't know.

They cleaned me out.

Boys, I'm a ruined man.

They'll be leaving a trail now
that we can follow in the dark.




(gun fires)

Let's talk!

Come on ahead!

(gun firing)

You keep 'em pinned down.

(gunfire continues)

Drop it.

(gun fires)

Come on!

Look what you made me go and do.

How far up ahead of us are they?

You're spitting in
the wind, mister.

I put my hand to Sam Gallatin's.

He's gonna give us back
what was took from us.

He's gonna make things
like they was before.

Who's gonna bring back the
wolves and the buffalos, huh?

Now how far up
in front are they?

- I know how to make him...
- Hold it, Miller, hold it.

Injuns caught me once.

Took my toes off
one joint at a time.

Me singing "Green Grow the
Lilacs" to 'em the whole while.

So go ahead, cowboy.

I got an awful voice.

Miller, have someone take
him and Fred into Hardesty.

Take care of him.

This much I'll tell you.

It's where you
can't root 'em out!

I hope you get cut down trying!


Crown: Put it back,
we're moving on.


(gun firing)

Back off!

(gunfire continues)

They got into the pass.

Our toeless friend was right.

That'll be the devil's own
work getting him out of there.

Mac, ride over to the railroad and get
this wire off to the Secretary of Interior.


Explaining our situation and
requesting further instruction.

We'll meet you
back over at Potter's.

Take it easy.

Here, fill your face.

I've important things to do.

Any blueberry pie in here?


Okay, boys, look smart.


Well, come on...
Look more heroic.

After all, how would Napoleon have
looked with a chicken leg in his hand?

That's better... Hold
that while I focus.

They've dropped it
right back into my lap

with the exception
of the cavalry.

That's a lot of help.

Well, you're gonna
bring 'em in, ain't you?


But you gotta bring 'em in!

Do I?

We're up against hunter.

They've been chasing and
have been chased all their lives.

We lost a good man this morning
by bringing down a half-cripple.

What chance do you think those
troopers have up in that pass

against those buffalo rifles

with a killing range
with a quarter of a mile?

Well, you know they're not
just gonna hightail it out of there.

Now what are you
gonna do about it?

I dunno... Something.

Like what?

Something to keep them busy.


Howdy, Sam.

We got nothing to parlay about.

We got a fight.

That's up to you.

You'll have to
go looking for it.

Nobody's gonna bother you.

It's no trick, Sam.

I don't understand.

As far as we're concerned,
it's over and done with.

You can stay right
here until you take root.

Sam, you hear that?

(excited shouts)

(distant chatter)

I feel like a bear
in the berry patch.

I'll whip you, outrun
you, outfox you.

If it makes you happy.

You got what you want.

We're gonna clear the outlet.

Drive everybody off.

You gonna run cattle?

No, we're not
gonna run no cattle.

If you want a farm, you
got enough right here.

No, I made up my mind a long
time ago and I'm not gonna change.

I'll tell you this...
You better change.

You ever do any hunting?

Real hunting?

You know how it is, running behind
the dogs as they're working out the trail,

yapping to beat the band,
you yelling just as loud.

Worse than still hunting.

Your throat gets so dry,
you lie there quietly, listening.

Used to be my heart beat so hard

I thought I was gonna
spook the whole countryside.

Even the traps.

You get the same
feeling coming up on traps.

You ever see a
full-grown wolf in a trap?


You can't put your
hand close to him.

He's got iron on his leg.

He hasn't got a chance
and he'll still go for you.

What are you going to hunt here?


And then after you wipe
them all out, then what?

Prairie dogs?

The first thing you know,
you'll be chasing grasshoppers.

What do you want
with the outlet?

I don't want the outlet.

They want the outlet, the
farmers and the cowboys.

It's the only thing worth
having around here

and we're gonna
take it away from them.

No you won't.

I'll have the cavalry here
and we'll chew you up.

Old Charlie Austin.

I had a great regard
for that there man.

Hadn't hunted in two years.

Teeth half falling out.

He ached all the time.

I set him on the
cowboys, you know.

No, I didn't know it.

I done him a favor.

Some favor.

Well, that there were a favor.

He died proper.



On his feet, juices running.

I tell you, that
there were a favor.

Oh, I haven't felt this good
since they took off the bounty.

I could pull down that there
moon, tromp it to flinders.

You better watch out
you don't get tromped on.

Who's gonna do the tromping?


If I have to.

You go back to that there town of
yours while I'm still in a good mood.

You lock the door, bar the
windows, crawl under your bed.


You and I aren't through
with each other yet.

That's your neck.


First they says we
can't come in the outlet.

It's against the law,
he's gonna stop us.

Then I bring us into the outlet and
he says it's all legal and we can stay.

I say his talk is bullshine,
I say it's horse feathers.

All: Yeah!

What the marshal says
makes good sense to me.

Well, we know you, Bill.

You'd buy the ticks off a bull's
nose anybody sell it to you.


What do you got against us, Sam?

The same thing I got against
putting my neck in the hang rope.

I'm gonna tell you
the truth about it.

They was scared to come up and
fight us in here, so they sent him in.

"Promise him," they said.

"Calm him down.

Get the guns out
of their hands."



And I'm gonna tell
you what's behind that.

They want us scattered out around
here so that they can come one night

barreling in here and
wipe us out one by one.


All right, now, just hold it.

Nobody's gonna pull
a raid on you, nobody.

I guarantee you.

Now, if it doesn't work
out and you can't stay here,

you'll be allowed
to go peacefully.

You got my word on it.

Your word is hogwash.

I'm inclined to
go along with him.

You boys are acting like
horses out of a burning barn.

I get you out and
you run right back in.

We got this far because
we're ready to fight for it.

They're not gonna give
us something for nothing.

You're gonna
have to work for it.


There it is.

There's the word... Work.

That's what they're offering us.


It's all played out, Sam.

Ain't nothing else we can do.

Not by a long chalk, Bill.

Go on, Sam... Keep talking!

Come on, Sam, let's
hear what you got to offer.

All right, maybe
the game is gone.

There are people down there...
Farmers, cowboys, townsmen.

They got all we need to live on.

I say we run 'em and
we take what we need.

You know what will happen
to you then, don't you?

There's a word for
it... It's called outlaw.

I'll have the cavalry down
your neck inside of 12 hours.

They'll blow you right
off the face of the map.

Do you want to chase cows?

Wanna dig in the dirt?

Wanna be half alive
and not know it?

Well, that ain't for me
and I don't think it's for you.

I say we don't change.

There comes a time to stop
fighting, take care of what you got.

If it takes some changing, then I
say we dang well better change.

Why don't you all
take a vote on it?

(all shouting at once)

Hush up.


(gun fires)

All right.

Those of you agree with
Sam, step on his side of the line.

Those of you want to go with
the marshal, step on the other side.

Those of you that go along
with Sam are asking to be killed.

There's no two ways about it.

Now that's what
you have to decide.

Oh, Bill.



Kiowa, kill him!

(gun fires)

Well, never in my life have I
seen such a sorry, sullen bunch.

It's all been settled, Sam.

Which one of you
gonna pull me down?


We'll keep our end of
the bargain, Marshal.

You'll get no more
trouble from us.

I'll do what I can to make
sure nobody bothers you.

You going after Sam?

If I know that old bounty hunter,
I won't have to go after him.

He'll be coming after me.

Goodbye, Pete... Boys.


(gun fires)

Sam: Howdy.

What took you so long?

(gun fires)

Didn't know you were
such a bad loser, Sam.

I'm the worst you ever saw.

Sam, you know your
shooting's actually pitiful.


What with one thing and another,

it's been a pretty
disappointing day all around.



We can keep this up all day.

I'm willing.

Well, now it ain't hardly a healthy
way for either of us to spend the day.

Care to make a deal?

No dice.

Don't say I never did offer you.

What's the deal?

(gun fires)



Hold it.


Dang fools.

They dry up and blow away.




I want you to
take a look at this.

Look's the same as before.

I'm using totally
different chemicals.

I think he's got it
whipped this time.

Dig your fingers right into it.

Oh, go on, I'm busy.

Give it a pull.

Oh, have no fear, man, tug away.

What's this?

- Clean as a whistle.
- Well, that's marvelous.

It's nice and soft and...

(sneezing loudly)

Such a wee drawback.

Francis, what's the name of that
surveyor that lives around here?

Uh, St... uh, Ster...

Oh, Sturdeman.

Yeah, Sturdeman.

I'm going to give you a bunch
of homestead applications.

You can take them out to the
bend tomorrow and get 'em started.


Gonna be a lot of
homesteaders named X.


Well, thank you Dulcey.

That's a very neat job.

Won't stop blood poisoning.

You're about as reassuring
as a Comanche medicine man.

Imagine a man
biting another man.

I told you about Gallatin
the minute I laid eyes on him.

I said he's incorrigible.

I believe he was arranging
how the others were gonna die.

Yes, I guess you'd
call that incorrigible.

Among other things.



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