Cimarron Strip (1967–1968): Season 1, Episode 11 - The Beast That Walks Like a Man - full transcript

Marshal Crown tries to prevent the Houston clan from entering the Mocane Valley before it's open for settlement. The Houston's believe they'll have little competition for prime land because...


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Two days chasing one poor
benighted farmer halfway to the outlet.

Feel like a fool.

You'll feel more like a fool
if we don't bring him back.

Aye, I doubt it.

Well, believe it.

Hmm... Let one of
them cross... Just one.

And the gates are
opened, the flood descends

and we'll be plucking
out farmers like wild weed.

You'll need all your
tricks to find this one.

He was here last night.

By the looks of things,
he left in a hurry.

I wonder why.

Aye, well, cap, I have a
noggin of groggin in me bags.

I'm daft if I know from where.

We could, uh, rekindle the
blaze, reflect upon events.

Call it.

- Heads.
- Heads it is.

What have I won?

The south fork...
I'll take the north.

Meet you back at he Cimarron.

If we draw blanks on this one,
we'll have to call in the Army.


(animal growling)

(gunshot blasts)

(animal roaring, gunshot blast)

(animal roaring)

Ahh... ah... ahh!

(metal snapping, screaming)

(animal growling)

(animal growling)




I asked you to boil up
water, not mulligan stew.

Now bring it in!

Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up.

You know, I should think
after four days' absence,

you might observe
a slight amenity.

"Oh, good morning, Dulcey...
How are you, Dulcey?"

Oh, fine, sir, thank you, sir.


- What, this?
- Half full.

I don't think you mean that.

Dulcey, I got a hundred
things on my mind and 50 to do.

MacGregor is still in that outlet,
planting barley for all I know.

Now pour.


Pure Brazilian.



Hey, you there, with the apples.

I saw what you
did... I saw that.

- Morgan.
- Yeah, Rowan?

We been around pretty good.

20 years bucking trails.

Breaking camp
with the Aston boys.

Riding panther with the
Calais Fels, the original hostiles.

- That's the fact of it, Roy.
- Bought 'em and fancy them.

The devils o' night.

Then we oughta know what it is.

I'm a deputy here.

A deputy?

Yeah, you put those apples
right back where you got 'em.

Apple deputy, you
hear that, Rowan?

I read about them people.

They go along with the fruit.

Well, hey then...

let's bring him.

I don't think so.

I seem me a high minded
flap mouth, Morgan.

Yeah, that's what I see.

Take him.

If you want to make a steady
diet out of black bread and beans...



Name is Rowan Houston, Marshal.

My blood folks,
Stacey and Morgan.

Got a howl of kin out
on the edge of town.

How big a howl?

Stacey there keeps the Bible.

24 unless Missy ran
off with that jangler.

Yeah, but Sue Ann folds.

Except old Ben, he died.

No, Ben just didn't take
a bath for two months.

He was riding in
drag this morning.

I neglected to mention.

(Rowan laughing)

Now, Marshal...

could you point the
direction to the river crossing?

Straight out south.

- Uh, you can't do that.
- No?

It's against the law.

What law?

Nobody goes into the outlet
until the government says so.

I neglected to tell you.

You'll find the settlement two miles
out of town, this side of the river.

You ask for a Wheelwright.

He'll place you.

No objection, Marshal, if we
drink a little of that holy water?

Drink it, fish it,
bathe old Ben in it...

but don't cross it.



Thank you, Marshal.

And thank you for the apple.

They're not gonna have
to ford that river to cross it.

They're gonna walk on it.


All right, we'll camp
here for tonight.

This is taken land.

We don't want no trouble.

Who's we?

Settlers' council.

Oliver Wheelwright,
duly elected chairman.

The book, Mrs. Wheelwright.

Have to have your names.


All of you?

Born, bred and married.

I can locate you three
miles down the river.

Is that the crossing?

Right here will be fine.

Locate you right in
the middle of trouble.

Never threaten a
Houston, mister, it don't pay.

Now I'm going to
tell you once more.

All we want to do is
stay here for the night,

move on in the morning,
right across that river.

In the outlet?

Straight as the crow flies.

That's against federal law.

That land doesn't open
till Congress says so.

Well, I never was
much on waiting.

Houston, you're no more a
farmer than any timber wolf,

coming in here, grabbing land,

pour blood on it, try to
turn it over for money.

Yes, sir, we've handled
your type before.

Hung some of them.

Run most of them off.

You just back up and go on
down the river like I told you

or turn tail and get.


Well, we're no
land grabbers, see.

The name is Houston and
proud of it, don't you forget it.

(horses galloping)

I'll remember it,
you can bet on that.

Marshal, arrest them!

Only him: Rowan Houston.

To guarantee the peace.

You got one green
deputy, Marshal.

Against all of us.

You be tradin' half a Houston.

Bad bargain.


All right.

Oh, praise be.

Well, now you be good to
brother Rowan, Marshall,

and we'll be remembering you.

You're coming along too.

You'd arrest a woman?

That's right.

Get off the horse.

You know, I'd have
called your bluff, Marshal.

Whatever that stuff is.

You mean this?


(horses whinnying)



Well, ready to eat?

We have prairie
chicken and dumplings.

Oh, Walking Man, you ought
to be ashamed of yourself.

Do you realize that you shorten
our life by days, even months,

every time you take a
drink of that awful fire water

or whatever it is?

The next time you
feel the temptation,

what you ought to do is pray
for the strength to resist the devil.

Or do exercises.

Take a cold bath in a creek.

Something, anything!

(door slamming)


Where's Jim?

He left here about an
hour ago... He didn't...

MacGregor, what's wrong?

Where is he?

Well, I don't know...
He's, he's not here.

MacGregor, you look as if... oh,
MacGregor, tell me what's wrong.

When he gets back, tell him
to meet me at Dr. Kihlgren's.

Well, he'll want to know
if you found that settler.

Really... Where?

Mocane Valley.

- Did you bring him back?
- Don't ask me anymore, lass.

Mocane Valley.

Mocane Valley.

Not another guest.

Two of them.

There was a time a marshal
slapped a fine on the whole clan,

Cox got winged with a duck.

So you tied the Marshal,
burned down the jail and rode on.

You heard of us, huh?

All the way from Tos Cosas.

We gave as we got.

I'll remember that.

I'm sorry... We're shy
of accommodations.

Why'd you bring me along?

Just for your company.

Now I'll hold him as long as it
takes you Houstons to realize

that the river parts for no man.

Now you go back to your
people and you tell them that.

I'll take my rifle.

You get your rifle
back when I let him out.

I wouldn't trust me either.


That's our Stacey...
She's a woman and a half.


Kind of gal that gets into your
blood, wouldn't you say, Marshal?

MacGregor's down
at Dr. Kihlgren's.

Oh, that's all right... I don't
mind you looking at her like that.

We Houstons are
proud of our women.

Brother Jared sure
picked himself a prize.

God rest him.

He seems upset.

She's a widow.

Somehow that's a sad
word that don't quite fit.

Then she's really not a Houston.

- MacGregor said that you're...
- Stacey?

She's more of a
Houston than any of us.

Ain't one of us
wouldn't die for her.

Jim... Will you listen?

What is it you want?

MacGregor wants you over at...

She's probably
halfway through town.

- Follow her.
- Me?

Yeah, you.

I want to know what
those Houstons are up to.

Got eyes in the back
of your head, Deputy?


You're gonna need 'em.

Not half as much
as I'll need these two.

She's a pretty girl.

You were saying something?

I think you better get
yourself over to Doc Kihlgren's.

MacGregor found Mr. Daggett.

Now why didn't you tell me that?


I've got to talk to you.

Turn him loose.

Mocane Valley, they found
him in the Mocane Valley!


You'd make a sorry scout.

I wasn't trying to
be all that sneaky.

Well, then you did
marvelously well.

Marshal Crown send you after me?

Well, we wanted to make sure
you got back to your folks all right.

Very thoughtful
of him... And you.

Well, I guess we'll ride
together from here on.

It's that dangerous, honestly?

Well, wouldn't want to
take any chances with you.

Well, uh, it's been a long time
since a man really worried about me.

I wonder why.

The Deputy was gonna protect me.

- Him?
- You?


I was only trying to be helpful.

That's right, that's right.

You were being real neighborly

and we can't do any
less, now can we, boys?

Turn in, turn about.

Rowan's enjoying the
marshal's hospitality

and his deputy can enjoy ours.


10 times over.


I've never saw done to any
creature what was done to him.


Doc, what do you
think killed him?

Man or beast?


I've seen men who've died
in a hundred different ways.

Gunshots, stab wounds,
clawed by a grizzly,

strangled, stomped
by a horse, gored.

You name it, I've been
there to pick up the pieces.

But this is something...

something else.

There's gotta be
some explanation.

All right, you call it.

Man, beast?

Say he was killed by a
rock slide if you want to.

But whatever killed Walt
Daggett, I can't put a name to it.

Doc, ever since I
first came to Cimarron,

I could depend on you
for a straight answer.

Well, maybe you haven't
been here long enough, Jim.

Yeah, maybe that's it.

Across that river,
there's an unknown land.

Tell him where
you found the body.

Mouth of the Mocane Valley.

Aw, not that superstition.

You're right.

Superstition feeds on
ignorance and rumor.

Well, ain't nothing I can
do about the ignorance,

but I won't add to the rumor.

We'll nail him up in a box, put him in
the ground 'fore anybody else sees him.

Pretend it never happened.

(gun blasting)

Clear the streets!

You hear me...
Clear the streets!

Take all your flags, Walking
Man is on his way to hell.

Don't you try and
stop me, Marshal.

I'm going to the Mocane Valley
and kill the devil while he rests.

If you don't believe me...

that great beating winged sinking
down out of the sky at noonday

and blotting out the sun.

It's still there, Marshal, and
there's no hiding from it no more.

I've got a place for
you right in there.

You've got a dead man over
there by the name of Daggett.

That's right, he's dead
and that's the end of it.

How... I'll tell you
'cause I saw it.

In the Mocane Valley two
years ago, I saw it tear and break

the best friend this
old horse ever had,

leaving nothing behind
but the stump of a hand.

And how many have
disappeared since then?

Answer me that, how many?

And now Daggett.

It's got to end, Marshal.

I've been slipping by
in the shadows too long.

I want to walk in the sun again.

I've got to kill the devil,
Marshal... I've got to kill him.

- You're coming with me.
- You've got to help me, Marshal.

Help me kill the devil.

(crickets chirping)

It's a great hairy beast...

and it's got a claw that's
10 times the size of a bear's.

Or it's a devil with wings that
just swoops down out of the sun

and tears a man limb from limb.


You don't believe that nonsense.

Did I say I did?

Mocane Valley, huh?

Sounds like a good place for
the Houstons to put down roots.

Now they like a rattling old ghost story to
keep the superstitious sod busters away.


Mac, we cut away the bad
dreams and all the nightmares

and I think we finally got
ourselves a straight story.

He has a friend by the
name of Joshua Broom.

I've heard the name.

The last of the great old trappers and
one of the best trail scouts I ever saw.

You knew him?

Fifth Cavalry, back in the '70s.

When he was big as a
mountain and hard as a rock.

The story went that he'd have a
dozen Sioux for breakfast every morning.

And every night, he drank
himself silly with a keg of whiskey.

Well, he and Walking man,

they thought they found the
last wilderness in the outlet.

Instead, they found the devil.

Or something he calls the devil.

You see, he
actually didn't see it.

I saw...

Broom's hand, ripped
off, lying there in the trap.

Later went back in
with old Hendricks,

hung Bloom's bones
scattered all around,

like some child was
playing with ‘em.

The devil.

Then Hendricks...

I find him torn, twisted and
thrown down like a rag doll.

Then the sun
blacked out in the sky.

And I run.

Marshal, I run.

Well, the running's over now.

We're going back in
there tomorrow morning

and we're going in with open
eyes and whatever there is to see,

we're going to see it.

And if it's the devil?

(banjo playing and singing)

Oh, what is going on now?

♪ Come out tonight
come out tonight ♪

♪ Buffalo gals won't
you come out tonight ♪

♪ And dance by the
light of the moon ♪

♪ As I was walking down the street
down the street down the street ♪

♪ A pretty little girl I chanced to meet
and we danced by the light of the moon ♪

♪ Buffalo gals won't
you come out tonight ♪

♪ Come out tonight
come out tonight ♪

♪ Buffalo gals won't
you come out tonight ♪

♪ And dance by the
light of the moon ♪

♪ Oh yes pretty boys
we're coming out tonight ♪

♪ Coming out tonight
coming out tonight ♪

♪ Oh yes pretty boys
we're coming out tonight ♪

♪ And dance by the
light of the moon ♪♪

Dulcey: Hey!

What's going on here...
What's the meaning of this?

What are you doing?

We decided to bring a little
supper to brother Rowan.

Well, you can't
come in here like this.

What's that?

Hey, I got me a pretty gal!

You had you a pretty gal!

Let me go!

Can't you see my brand on her?

Oh, you mean that little
notch by the ear there?

Yeah, that's the one.

- Well, that's my
brand - Let me go!

No, I got your brand.

I'll handle this.

Easy now, lads...
No roughhousing.

Hey, just watch how
you handle my brother!

Don't push my brother around!

- Listen, I'll take care of this!
- No, he's mine!

- Jim, aren't you going...
- Boys!

Two against one, that
ain't the Houston way.

Now you remember
these folks are our guests.

You show 'em hat
Houston hospitality really is.


Get another foot-stomper there.

♪ Putting on the fancy
putting on the style ♪

♪ That's what all the young
folks are doing all the while ♪

Get that food out here,
that smell's driving me wild.

♪ To see so many people
putting on the style ♪

You obviously
don't mind invasions.

No harm in a
family get-together.

A family riot is more like it.

Of course any time the Marshal
leaves town, I'm in charge.

It's a pretty big job being a deputy of
a town the size of Cimarron, you know.

Hi, Marshal.

Well, it seems to me I just
asked you to follow them.

That was all.

Well, you see, I kind of
got invited to join them.

And you couldn't resist it.

You might say that.

They're a great bunch of people.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

♪ Young man in a restaurant
smoking a dirty pipe ♪

♪ Looking like a pumpkin
that's only halfway ripe ♪

♪ Smoking drinking and
cursing and thinking all the while ♪

♪ That there's nothing equal
to putting on the style ♪♪

(clapping and laughing)

I never bluff, Marshal.

And that makes you different.

All Houstons.

All the settlers that come in
here are different except to me.

To me they're the same.

You wanna cross hat
river and I say you can't.

And before you cough yourself to
death trying to be something you're not.

What was that supposed to mean?

Roll it over in your
mind for a while.

It'll come to you.

Look, Marshal, we're none
of your nowhere sod busters.

The Houstons owned 40 square miles
of Colorado before there was a Colorado.

That should have been enough.

Except the river ran dry and
the land died under us so we left.

We're not shiftless and
we're not claim jumpers.

And there's 10 million acres in that outlet
and we aim to have a little piece of it.

You can't cross
until it's open to all.

Now how are you gonna
figure on stopping 14 of us?

How do you figure on
getting him out of here?

Haven't decided yet...
You got any advice?

You can start by telling that kinfolk
of yours to quit rifling in my office

looking for those jail keys.

He's on a cold trail.

I'll tell him... Anything else?

- Come here, gal.
- Let me go!

- Oh no, calm down, calm down.
- Let me go!

And he's scratching
the wrong pussycat.

The only information he's going to
get out of her is that her eyes are blue.

You're not being
very helpful, Marshal.

And you're the expert.

Now how would you
figure on busting him out?

Try to distract the
marshal with a pretty girl.

Well now, why
didn't I think of that?

I'd tell that gentleman standing
behind me who's got that rifle in my back

to be careful who
he's aiming it at.



All right, the keys to that cell or I'll
blow me a tunnel through his head.

You wouldn't.

Maybe not, but he wouldn't
be the first marshal we ever

dipped in tar and hung
from a church steeple.

Or the last.

I just bet you'd do it
and after kissing him too.

Ah, but that was
pleasure... This is business.

And we got us a river to cross.

Well, if you're foolish
enough to cross that river,

I'm just foolish enough
to let you cross it.


Cox on point, Morgan on
drag, Stacey on the flank.

You know the order in
the wagons... Let's go.

I'll see you the next time
I get to town, little gal.

Keep a candle in the
window for me, Dulcey.

I'll be back.

You take your choice, honey.

We'll make a
Houston out of you yet.


Poor Jim.

Never had a chance.


- Ho!
- Ho!

Cross that river free and clear.

It's all downhill
from now on, Rowan.

Not quite.

We gotta shake that
marshal once and for all.

You think he'd dare follow us?

Well, you kissed
him, didn't you?

He's not likely to forget that.


He'll be along, you
can bet your bustle on it.

- How you gonna stop him?
- You leave that to me.

Bring up my horse.

Get this map up to Cox.

It's all marked off.

Turns into this dry wash
here about three miles ahead.

Be rough going, but if
he keeps on the rocks,

won't leave a trail
for anyone to track.

And over here, turn a cross
country gets ahead of this valley

and look around for a
place for a night camp.

Mocane Valley,
isn't that where...

That's right, where that half-breed
saw the devil and the beast.

The devil and whatever
the next tall story calls it,

that's the place, all right.

That superstition will keep
those sod busters out, huh?


Yeah, we can settle down
there, get some breeding stock.

In a couple of years, we'll have the
finest herd of white-faced beauties

you ever did see.

It'll be like it was.

It'll be better... A lot better.

And this time, no one's
gonna move us off our land.

Not even the law.

Mother, you let Davy
have a turn at the lines now.

Rowan, are you gonna kill him?

Marshal Crown?

Would you care?

I do.

I'll remember that.



That's far enough, Marshal.

Hold it right there.

Just keep on looking to
the front and don't move.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our
hospitality back there at the inn.

I hope to return it soon.

Don't go out of your way.

I already have.

Marshal, we're not
gonna be stopped.

Now you're going to have to kill
each one of us, starting with me.

Can you do that?

If I have to.

That's a future out
there waiting for us

and we came to
claim it for our own.

Now why don't you go
back across that river

and tell them sod busters
that you lost our trail.

We just up and
disappeared on you.

Nobody'll know the difference.

I will.


If you had my job,
what would you do?

That's not a fair question.

Then you know the answer.

Can't you see I
don't want to kill you?


So I'll save you the trouble.

I expect my deputy's
standing behind you by now.

He'll see to your rifle.

That's an old trick,
Marshal... It won't work.

(rifle hammer cocking)

I told you we'd
return your hospitality.

That's to bring my
other two deputies.

We couldn't be sure on which
hill we'd find you waiting for us.


Ma, look what I found?

Oh, Davy, honey, can't
you see that we're busy?

Found it in a cave.

Can I play with it?

No, Davy.

Honey, I'm sorry...
I'm really sorry.

I didn't mean to
jump at you like that.

Where is the cave, Davy?

Up in those rocks.

Was there anything
else in there?

No, ma'am.

Can't I just scare
Morgan with it?

No, Davy, you can't.

You see, honey, this
was someone human

and we have to show
respect for human life

and bury it decently, see?

Yes, ma'am.

You go and bury it now.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Stacey, are you sure this is where
Rowan told us to make camp?

Near as Cox and I could
figure out from the map.

Well, I wish he'd get here
so we could know for sure.

It's wild country.

You only have to look at
the soil to see how good it is.

Grow anything here:
cattle, cows and kids.


Mocane Valley.


Friend, where did you learn to slip up
on a man like he was his own shadow?

Born into me, I guess.

Or the half of me that's Pawnee.

I used to say I could go a month
without food, a week without water.

Run down a horse, track
a lizard to cross a rock

or a hawk in the still air.

But now, now I ain't much.

We're almost there, Marshal.

Mocane Valley.

Fine... Show us the way.

Marshal... Smoke.

Mac: Maybe a camp fire.

Hyah! (horse whinnying)

Morgan, Cox... I'm coming!



Stacey... Davy!

No, no... Don't
touch me, please.

They're all dead.

Well, who did it?

I don't know.

I don't even know what
happened... I don't know!



Speak over 'em, Rowan.

Make it so I can
understand what happened..

No... No words.

No comfort... They're Houstons.

All they want to hear is the
sound of their killer dying.

Nine dead.

You've got to remember, Stacey.

You've got to
remember something!

- Now tell me!
- Shh, you'll wake Davy.

But you were here... You
saw something... Tell me!

You'd be better off if
you got some sleep.


No, we... We made camp.

We settled down for the night.

Went to bed.

The animals were fussing, but...

Then, late, the horses went
mad and they, they broke free

and ran and we, we tried...

but there was just a lot of yelling
and screaming and... I don't know.

- You saw something?
- It was...

No, nothing... Nothing
clear, just shadows and fire.

The wagons were burning.

Johanna, she was running
and her clothes were on fire.

Rowan, I'm sorry.

I didn't see any
more... She was gone.

Well, somebody.

You had to see somebody.

I was by the wagon with Davy

and something lifted
up that whole wagon

and heaved it over,
right on top of us.

I just lay there holding Davy.

I heard screaming.

I don't know who was screaming.

I think, I think it
was me... screaming.

Davey: Stacey... Stacey.

Something's coming
through the woods.

Don't let it get me... Don't!

(leaves and branches rustling)

(rifle hammer cocking) Hold it.

Walking Man.


No sign.

Nothing at all.

Nothing at all.

I'm afraid, Stacey.

- Something's gonna...
- Oh, no, no.

No, honey.

We're all here and nothing
can happen to you now.

I don't wanna sleep.

Nobody said you
had to go to sleep.

Do you wanna hear the end
of the story about the princess?

- Walking Man...
- Nothing... There was nothing.

He didn't want to find anything.

There had to be signs somewhere.

What if it's the devil turned himself
into a beast and then disappeared?

That was no ghost that
massacred nine people.

I want something real!

Maybe it was a raiding
party... Cherokee.

They been civilized for years.

Comancheros looking for loot?

They wouldn't leave without
taking everything with 'em.

Guns, wagons, supplies.

Just a thought.

Devil don't need for nothing.

No guns, knives, clothes.

There's nothing but the air around
him draped with his own curse.

Kills with that great claw.

You put them in the
ground... You looked, you saw.

Torn by the claw.

Nothing else kills like that.

Francis, the first sign of light,
you head back to Fort Supply.

Get Army help.


You're gonna have to take Stacey
and the boy back to Cimarron.

Aye, the poor lass.

You're gonna stay here
with just Walking Man?

Yeah, I'll be scouting the
area until you get back.

Walking Man, go back up
on that noel where you were.

Take first watch... I'll
relieve you after a bit.

Mac, over by the wagon trail.

You cover the other side.

Keep an eye on Walking Man.

He looks a little edgy to me.


So we're going to sit
through a wasted night

while whatever it is that
killed my people is out there.

Well, we can't track at night.

Where are you going?

Out there.

And stumble around
like a blind man?

Better a blind
man than a coward.

If they were my dead,
I'd probably do the same.

But only a fool will set
himself up as a target at night.

Maybe that's what I
want to be, a target.

Whatever it is,
that devil beast,

let it find me 'cause
that means I find it.

And that's all I ask.

Just one chance to
get my hands on it.

Not this way.

Can't you get it through your head I
don't want your advice or your help?

You've got a boy
in the lean-to alive.

You wanna leave him with
nothing but another nightmare?

I know what I'm doing, Marshal.

Well, so do I.


You hit him!

Only way to stop him.

You can't do this,
I won't let you.

He's full of anger and grief.

Don't you understand...
Those were our people!

He has to answer
the call of their blood.

I said let him go!

I'm not going to let any more
Houstons get themselves killed.

Stacey, I'm sorry.


I'm alive and I should be dead.

I'm alive...

I'm alive...

It never happened.

It did.


Walking Man's gone.

I told you to keep
an eye on him.

I looked... one second he was
there, next second he was gone.

You all right?

- Rowan?
- Cut me loose.

- Rowan, I...
- Pick up that knife and cut me loose.

I can't... I don't
want you to die.

- He's right...
- You don't give a hoot about me.

You got a man looking at you the
way you want him to look at you.

- Nothing matters anymore.
- It isn't like you think.

- I don't know why...
- I'll tell you why.

Because we're animals.

Even in death, we take our
places where we can find it.

- Oh, Rowan, don't shame me!
- With our people still warm in the grave

- No!
- You turn your back on us... on me!

- Never, never!
- Pick up the knife and cut me loose.

A Houston don't shy away
from what has to be done.

You know I gotta
go out there, Stacey.


Now, if I hurt you...

Don't matter.

Now you've been good for
this family, Stacey, I mean that.

Now if anything happens
to me, you take care of Davy.

He needs you.



'Cause I'm a Houston and
so is he and we have a pride.

Well, that foolish pride
is going to get him killed.

You both keep her here,
even if you have to hog-tie her.


(horse whinnying)

(horse whinnying)

Saddle up.


We're moving out.


Because I said so.

He's dead.


I got a right to know.

I found his horse, that's all.

You mean he's still out there?

You're gonna turn
your back on him?

I'll find him.

His horse was
dead... Slaughtered.

I searched for him...
No trail, nothing.

There's miles of
wild country out there.

You could search for him
for weeks and never find him.

I've done all I can
and now I need help.

Well, I don't need any help.

I'm a Houston and we
take care of our own.

My husband went up against
four Comancheros to save me.

He got himself killed for me.

I owe Rowan as much.

I'll find him.

- You're coming with me.
- No.

Now why do you Houstons have
to be lords of the earth or the dead

without a way
station in between?

You know what drove Rowan here?

Pure stubborn pride.

A man who couldn't live with the
fact that his 40 square miles were gone

and that, maybe, he'd have
to settle for something less.

- That's not true.
- It is true.

Oh please, just...
just let me go.

You're going to have to die along
with him to prove your family loyalty?

You're not even a Houston.

Don't you understand?

They gave me life.

I had none before.

My father was a righteous man.

He put the fear of God in me.

So I was sin.

I'd be consumed in a fiery
furnace if I even looked at a boy,

but I looked anyhow

and I saw Jared Houston and
suddenly, I didn't care anymore.

It was like I saw the sun
come up for the first time

and I wanted to run toward
it and never stop running.

And Jared's family took me
in and they faced down my pa.

And a miracle happened.

A scared little girl learned
to laugh and sing and love.

And I became a Houston.

Not just married to one, but
born and bred into my bones.

So don't you ever say to me
I'm not a Houston 'cause I am

I'm Jared and Rowan and Morgan
and Cox and every one of them

and I always will be.

And that's why I can't leave
one of my own out there.

That's why I gotta kill
whatever killed my family.

And you can make me go with
you, Marshal, but I'll be back.

Mac: Jim!

Walking Man.

Where you been?

- You see him?
- No.

Walking Man, you could track a
lizard on a rock, a hawk in still air.

You were one of the best.

You still are.

You tracked him.

Too many.

All the devil's men.

Can't go back... Never.

The devil can't be killed.

Stacey: Jim!

- Davy, he's gone.
- Gone?

I saw him here
just a minute ago.

- How about the lean-to?
- I looked inside and all around.

I can't find him anywhere.

Well, I don't think he came this
way or we would have seen him.

Well, let's find him.






Jim, he couldn't have come
this far... Not by himself.

Cut over to the
left and circle back.

You all right?

I'm fine.


MacGregor... I found
him... He's over here.

You found me.

He's playing a game.

A game.

What kind of a game, Davy?

Hide and seek.

And he won.

He beat Aunt Stacey.



(horse whinnying)

(horse whinnying frantically)




Ahh... Oh!



No... no!


Could have a hundred devils
hiding in this misbegotten valley.

We'd need an army
to cover even half of it.

That's what we will have.

I sent Francis with
the boy to Fort Supply.



(rifle hammer cocking)

I didn't want to do this to you.

But he's the only
friend I ever had.

Now he's the devil.

No one or nothing
can kill the devil.


Joshua Broom?

I thought you were dead.

Once maybe... Never again.

You have the same
look Walking Man had

when I took him into
my arms this morning.

He saw my face for
the first time in two year.

Not dead.

Joshua Broom can never die.

I've come up from the bowels
of the earth to rule my people.

Stand up.

I spared him today and now
he serves me like the others.

What about the
others you didn't spare?

Can't you see he's crazy?


No, not anymore.

What was... I was.

My hand caught in that trap.

And the wolves all about.

And the night coming
on with a freeze.

So I tore myself free.

My hand was all that
was left of the me that was.

And the pain.

The pain, like fire in
the stump of my arm.

And I ran.

I ran until there was
nothing left in my legs.

Come on a bear and I killed it.


Tore out three of its ribs,
like Adam made woman.

I fashioned me three blades.

Then they found me.

Them renegade Arapahos.

And I tore one with the claw
and roared with the strength of it.

And the rest of them...

the rest of them, they fell down
and they called me "asagoya."

I knew.

I knew what they
called me was true.

I knew that.

I could hear it...
I could see it.

I could feel the power
of it in me, like fire.

I knew who I was because I could
see the fear of me in them Indians' eyes.



I am the devil.

You see him, Walking Man?

You hear him?

He's the devil.

You believe that?

Or is he just an ordinary man?

Man... with his brand of green,
using fear and crazy strength

to keep this land for himself.

You don't believe...
You don't believe.

Open your eyes, Jim Crown.

Look at the devil's fire.

The devil's fire will take
them clean and quick.

Then you, Jim Crown, you.

When word gets back to Cimarron,

no one will dare to come to
the place of the devil again.

No one.

You see what he is?

Cut me loose.

Walking Man!



He told you he was the
devil and he couldn't be killed.

He lied.

Fight me, Broom.

Not like a wolf at a man's back.

Face to face... Man to man.

I move my eyes,
they'll tear you apart.

And still believe
what you say you are

or will they see that
you're a lie and turn on you?

Dead man.

Well, Broom?

Dead man... Dead man.

Devil wants dead man.


(furious growling)






Marshal, I know I didn't say more
than two words on the way back,

but it's been a real comfort
having you along with me

to gather up whatever was left.

If there's any more
I can do for you...

No, you, you've done
more than you know.

Have a good trip to California.

Oh, that talk about
California last night,

that's just man running
away from himself.

I've decided to stay
out by the Cimarron.

Wait for that outlet to
open up for settlement.

We Houstons have a tough
time waiting for anything,

but you can see we can learn.

Well, take a load off your feet.

I'll have Dulcey whip
us up some lunch.

No, no, I'm, uh, I'm
going to move on and...

you tell Davy I'm
out there, will you?

Tell Stacey I'm there.

I asked her a question and
she promised me an answer.

Well, good luck.


Now, don't show him what you
got in the package until tonight.

Then it'll be a big
surprise for him.

You know what?

He carved his
father a bird whistle.

Where's Stacey?

Um, upstairs.

Come on, let's show your
father how handsome you are.

It's Dulcey's.

She's been so good to all of us.

You'd look good in a flour sack.


Rowan is anxious to get started.

He, uh, he asked
me to marry him.

I know.

I'm needed.

That's a very fine
thing for a woman to be.

The right thing.

I'll never forget
you, Jim Crown.

So much pain and heartbreak.

I hope everything
will be all right now.


A woman has to feel needed.


Well, it looks like you
need some clean clothes.

You'll find them in your bureau
drawer, all washed and ironed.

Well, thank you, Dulcey.