Cimarron Strip (1967–1968): Season 1, Episode 1 - Journey to a Hanging - full transcript

Crown leads a posse after Ace Coffin's gang. The posse is endangered by one of its members known as 'Screamer' who is only interested in the bounty on Coffin's head.


- (gunshots firing)
- (crowd screaming)

All right, you varmints!

I'm back in town
and ready to howl!

Drunk again.

Third time this week.


Hey, MacGregor,
where's the marshal?




(crowd shouting)

(gunshot firing)

(shouting continues)

(shouting continues)

I'm a blizzard from
the brothels out here!

Yahoo, ya!


(shouting continues)

100 foot high!

And in one cantina...
Never got a scratch!


(shouting continues)

Raised in the cane
breaks, suckled by a bear,

with nine rolls of jaw teeth
and a double coat of hair.

(shouting continues)

I'm gonna treat you tonight

'cause I'm a two-gun man

and ornery as a
ring-tailed screamer.


(gun cocking)

Howdy, Marshal.

You wanna play?

The game is over, Screamer.

Then you may as well shoot
me and put me out of my misery.

I might do worse than that.

I'm going to improve
your character.


Hey, you've been looking
for any excuse all along

to put me behind bars, ain't ya?

Ain't ya, you red-necked
under-cured peckerwood?

If it ain't enough to bust
us cowboys out of a job,

you gotta choke us
down too, don't you?

That's right.

Don't downgrade me.

Don't talk to me like I was a snake
dealer, 'cause I'm a full-grown man

that's parted brush from
Texas to the Powder River

and I demand my rights.

I want a lawyer.

Circuit judge will
be in town tomorrow.

I'll make sure
you get to see him.

Now, Marshall, you
ain't told me the charge.

Now, what's the charge, huh?

Stampeding chickens
on the Sabbath.

I ain't talking to you any more
'cause I'm liable to lose my temper

and tell you what
a granger-loving,

bat-biting, bosky
bird you really are.

I'm warning you, Crown,
you ain't heard the last of this.

Sleep it off.

I'm warning you, you ever
face me up man-to-man

and you're gonna be black,
blue and running red all over.

Shut up.

Says which?

There are two
things I can't stand

and one of them is
a slattern town drunk.

Now shut up.

You big...

Rocky, you save
that talk for your trial.


I ain't saying any more tomorrow

than what I said
today or yesterday.

I could have a word with the
judge and he might be easy on you.

Just one name,
that's all I want.

My friends will
make it easier for me.

Not my enemies.

You haven't got a friend.

Not in this world, Rocky.

Every man for himself
and you know it.

Now who was head man?


Whitey Bates?

Dusty Rhodes?

Bill Vincent?

Slaughter Kid?

Whiskey Jack?

Van Winger?


Small potatoes, Marshal.

Killers, bushwhackers,
bank busters, renegades.

- All like you.
- Yeah?

Well, they ain't nothing compared
to what you're gonna see.

- Least I know you.
- Not for long.

And I gotcha.

And I'm gonna put
your name on a pine box

when that judge
gets through with you.

Unless you tell me who
bossed that bank job.

You'll get nothing from me.

Get something from
me, though, Crown.

If you're lucky, maybe Rocky
will tell you a bedtime story.






(snoring continues)

Ace of spades.


The ace of spades
is very bad luck.

It inevitably signifies death.

- Me?
- No, not you.


No, you're not listening anyway.

Could it be me?

No, Jim, it's not you either.

You dealt the wrong card.

- Gotta stay with the deck.
- Doesn't say that in the book.

What book?

"Every Man's Destiny Made Easy."

I ordered it from Kansas City.

You can tell anybody's
fortune with it.

He's right, it says
so in the first chapter.

It's proven since
the early times

that the cards have been able
to show what's going to happen.

What is it you're
trying to find out?

Well, really, I want to find out
if it's the right time of the moon

to plant my potatoes.

You know, I've rented
Mr. Walkin's vacant lot

and I want to make sure to get
them in at exactly the right time.

Why don't you grow
something like hops and barley?

Something patriotic for
the good of all mankind?

What if the deck of cards said
to plant your spuds tonight?

Well, if the moon
is right, it's right.

Dulcey, you're going to
have to change your menu.

The right time of the
moon was last spring.


Well, guess I'll have to
plant something else then.

- ♪♪
- Queen of clubs.

What does that mean?

Uh, means that you're
going on a long journey.

First I heard of it.

- 10 of diamonds.
- (clearing throat)

Oh, yes, that's the
mysterious card.

That means you're going
to come up against some

very imposing personalities.

Let me see.

"Approach them cautiously.

They may be a very
difficult problem."

Three of hearts.

Oh, well then, that must be...

you and Francis and MacGregor.

Are you sure I'm going?

I don't want to start a batch of
brew and leave it to evaporate.

- Ace of diamonds.
- Diamonds!

Oh, that's the money card.

- A pot of gold.
- Me?


I could use it.

Well, it belongs to somebody.

Anyway, there's lots of it.

I never knew of an honest
marshal yet that had any money.

Two of spades.


There goes the money.

No money?

No money.

Quit dealing those cards.

You're gonna lose
everything in a minute.

Whitey Bates.

Dusty Rhodes.

Whiskey Jack.

Slaughter Kid.

Van Winger.

Max Stuhldreyer.

Pike Landusky.




There you are.

Now what's your name?





(horses approaching)


man: Rocky?


I didn't think you'd ever come.

Knowing you... I had to come.


(horses trotting)


He's Coffin.

(gunshots firing)

Anybody know him?

Whitey Bates.

Used to be one of the
top-notch stage busters.

Last couple of years, he's been
swamping out saloons in Nogales.

You suppose he was in
that same gang with Rocky?

I'll bet you a steak and a beer.

- Dulcey, get back to bed.
- Back to bed...

Nothing you can do or say.

Now go on.

Man ain't even safe in jail.

Some town.

I bet you were
asleep all the time.

That's what I was.

And having a
whangdoodle dream, too.

Didn't see a thing.

Prettiest girls all
dancing around.

Recognized nobody.

Yeah, one.

Little filly I used
to twirl in Hardesty.

Hair as wild as
a Mustang's tail.

MacGregor: The station
agent said he saw them go by.

Took south out of town.

There was four of them and
two of them riding on one horse,

so I think one of
them might be hit.

Hanging's too good for 'em.

Killing a man in cold blood.

You want to go with
me after that bunch?

I gotta catch a train.

Anybody else wanna go with me?

Now we'll have
to wait for daylight.

There won't be volunteers
this time of night.

Francis, go after
the undertaker.

We can't wait for daybreak.

We've gotta go after 'em now.

You can't night track, man.

That's not even a quarter moon.

I can night track.

Yeah, I got eyes like a cat.

I can trail shades of granite day or
night, moon or the inside of your hat.

- Better count me in.
- You?

- Who else you got?
- Me.

You couldn't track a cockroach
through a puddle of beer.

I'll stuff a haggis
down his throat.

No, no... come on.

You stomp-sucking puddle head.

You call yourself a marshal?

Well, hang up your badge, Crown.

You don't know your
job from whistle beans.

You can't even see I'm the only man
here who can find those belly sliders.

A dollar a day, Screamer?

You'd walk into those
guns for a dollar a day?

Yeah, now, that ain't much
for a first-class tracker, is it?

- It's dog meat.
- You said it.

But I'll take it anyway
just to get out of here.

Why are you being soft
on this misbegotten insect?

Somebody's gotta take him down
to the straight-and-narrow path.

I ain't an insect and I
don't need no reformer.

I need money.

I'll make you a side bet of $5

that you change
and for the better.


You must be having
delayed sunstroke.

I'm a ring-tailed screamer.

I'm like this here iron bar.

I don't ever change.

Then you don't want the job.

No, I'll take the bet.

And I'll take the job.

I don't like
being in a jail cell

where the marshal sets you up for a kill
like a steer in a slaughterhouse chute.

Taking him along.

You must be daft.

Just trying to save a soul.




Where's Rocky?

He ain't coming.


Yeah, they joined up
with some more right here.

That makes a gang.

That's a crooked horseshoe.

Hey, they might as well
have left a mile-high sign.

He ain't ever gonna
shake me now.

You're earning
your pay, Screamer.

Yeah, a little bonus
too, huh, maybe?



Ain't exactly home sweet home.

It'll do for a rest.

I left a bottle of
whiskey in there.

Wish you'd left a couple
of spare broncs, too.

(birds chirping)

They made it.

Give me a hand here.


Think we'll make it back
to Tennessee, partner?

Sure, Dusty.



How soon can you travel?

He ain't going nowhere.

No more than Rocky went nowhere.

It may be we gotta trail
back into the Wichitas.

Back to home camp?

There's an army
paymaster at the other side.

It ain't so much but it's a
quick dollar, if we hurry.

What about Rocky?

Nobody said anything
about killing him.

He'd have given
away the whole set up

soon as the judge
measured his neck.

You know, I come all the
way from El Paso on request

because somebody promised
me and all the rest of us here

a big bail of money

if we was to join up with
the big moneymaker hisself.

Now I wonder where
all that money is?

We'll get it.

Just hit a debt of bad luck.

It's still there,
ready to spend.

Yes, sir.

I come all the way from El Paso

on a borrowed horse.

Set up camp

at the worst end of the Wichitas

and then ride out of here to
bungle a simple small little bank job.

And on top of all of that,

you said you was gonna
give Rocky his orders.

Well, you gave him
his orders all right.

Right between the eyes.

Now there's two dead and
another one on the way.

And so far, we ain't
made us a plugged nickel.

Look, Jack, if
you don't like it,

you can always go back
to sandbagging drunks.

You just don't get
the idea, do you?

The idea is I come over
1,000 miles on a man's word

and the rest of us here
come from different places

on a man's word.

Now we come here for money
and that's all we come for.

Not due bills, but
money and lots of it!

You know, fellas, so far all we've
been getting is a lot of cool, blue smoke

puffed in our face by
Mr. High-and-Mighty Coffin.

We got us a lot of wind

but ain't nobody turned up
with so much as a paper peso.

Now here's a man
with all the plans.

He's an expert on
killing his own people.

Yeah, he's got the key
to all the new banks.

He knows where all
the railroad money is.

But we're riding out here
for a half-pint army payroll.

He ain't got no keys at all.


He's dead.

Blew a horse out for nothing.

He's just the same as we are.

He come here for a
bankroll and he got paid off.

In the belly.

You looking for a
show, Don Jack?

I'm looking for the money!

Ain't you?

Seems like you're
in too big of a hurry.

No wonder you never
got to be top dog.

I may not be a top dog,

but I come here
for a quick 50,000.

And I know where I can
collect me at least 10.

(gun cocking)

You're not gonna
get it off of me.

Anybody else interested in
collecting quick money at my expense?

You can ride out
any time you want.

I can always get better.

All right.

As long as that's settled...

get that tub of
guts out of here.


(birds chirping)

They better come
to home ground soon.

The horses are tiring...
Stride's shortening.

They rode them into
town, they rode them out.

- A long way.
- Yeah.

Gonna be on top
of them in no time.

What's your hurry?

At a dollar a day, if
we grab 'em too quick,

how much can you make?


(horse whinnying)

Home ground.

Well, let's take 'em right now.

Slow down.

You just gonna stand
around sniffing posies

while they're getting
their wind back?

Ease off.

You wait for me to get the
first shot off, you understand?

You just give me
enough time, that's all.

Francis, you tie down the
horses and keep 'em covered.

Come on, Mac.

(gun cocking)


Move, you
lop-eared spittle foot.


Go on!

We're getting out of here.

The horses need a breather.

They're all we've got.

There may be some
fresh ones in Tres Cruces.

Shoot... blind.

Lame-brained cow milker, you.

You had $10,000 served
up to you like a birthday cake

and you shoot
like a blind bedbug.

How many are there?

Can't tell.

They're all around us!

Let's get out of here.

All right, go.

Latch, Mike, cover us!

Mac, down!


(horse neighing)


Rotten miserable little bug.

I told you.

Is it bad?

Oh, it's bad enough.

Listen, go get our horses
and bring them down.

What are we hanging around for?

Let's get after 'em!

I told you to wait
for my signal.

I couldn't help myself.

I had a clear shot at him.


At who?

Well, how do I know?

One of those owl hooters.

He spotted me... It
was either me or him.

You jack-legged skunk.

Of all the rotten
ideas we ever had,

the rottenest was
to bring him along.

Don't agitate that wound.

Just take it easy now.

One wee drop of
Scotch whiskey will fix it.

And the closest
place is Tres Cruces.

Might be a doctor there, too.

Somebody should
keep on the track.

You're gonna stay right with me.



You look around.

Just leave it be.

There a doctor around here?



No, no, señor.

No medico.

There wouldn't be a...

wee glass of Scotch whiskey
back there, would there?

Some gringos come through here?

Mucho malo hombres?

No, señor, no.

No, senor, what?

No sabe nada, señor.

No sabe nada?


The bleeding has stopped,
but it's a pretty bad tear.

He needs a doctor to sew him up.

What... what kind of
Scotch whiskey is this?


Looks like you don't scare
as easy as your friend does.

He is a rabbit.

Are you so frightening?

Might be.

Right time, right place.

A little for me?

You sabe nothing, too?

I sabe very much.

Some gringos come through here

about three, four hours ago?

Many men come here.


Place is like Piccadilly Circus.

They more than likely
needed some fresh horses.

You look like a lot of men

with a lot of money.


And no.

Hey, they were here,
they were right here.

That mile-high sign's
right outside in the dust.

Where would you be
without me, Crown?

I told you I was the best
tracker in the whole world.

Why, lookee here, what
did we track down here?

Buenas dias, señorita.

You haven't
answered my question.

As well as you answered mine.

Si, they were here
looking for horses.

They frightened poor
Pablo half to death.

But not you.

Men are always
different with me.

Well, that's doggone certain

and I'm the "differentest"
you'll ever see.

And they had nothing for me.

Dirty, no money.

- But you...
- Leave him be, honey.

He ain't got no money.

I... I'm the one you
should be talking to.

You hide your wealth very well.

Yeah, but supposing
I was rich, huh?

You must think I ain't.

Well, that's human nature.

What if I had a
thousand dollars?

Saved up on wages.

Don't mind him.

- $5,000.
- You?

Yeah, me... I can get it.

I can get more, $10,000...

You trying to make a fool of me?

Maybe she doesn't like the
way you tie your neckerchief.


I'm going to send you and
Francis back to Cimarron.

Maybe you can get
back there before nightfall.

What's west of here?


tarantulas, Gila monsters.

No game.

No cattle.

No people.

And beyond that?

Beyond that, waste.

The old Indian gods
went there to die.

One place...

to die is as good as another.




Keep 'em moving.

I want to make camp before dark.

Nags need rest and a good feed.

Ain't the only ones neither.

Stop crying.

I ain't crying.

You just keep remembering
what I'm going to do for you.

All of you.

You'll be belly high in clover.

- They're gaining.
- How many?

I can't tell for sure, maybe
only a couple in the lead.

Why don't we just go take
care of them right now?

The marshal will have a
hundred men right behind him.

Their horses are
fresher than ours.

We gotta slow them down.


You and Van Winger

lay back in these rocks and cut
them down when they ride through.

No, no thanks.

I met Mr. Crown once.

I'd just as soon keep going.

I ain't never met Mr. Crown.

I know you, Latch.

I know you inside out.

Make up your mind.

All right.

You and Vince.

Try and save their horses.

We'll keep heading
for the wastes.

You stay down here.

I'll take the high ground.


Like walking into a cave
full of hot horny toads.

Don't get nervous, Marshal.

You just lean on old Screamer.

If we poke along,
we're gonna lose them.

And if we push them too fast,
they're gonna stand up and fight.

That's what I came for.

I thought you came
for a dollar a day.


(gun cocking)

(gun cocking)

(horse whinnying)


Bill Vincent.

- Expert bushwhacker.
- Yeah.

Appears he turned his
back on a better one.

I guess maybe I
owe you something.

Mister, uh...

Just call me Latch.

I happened to be passing by

and I seen that jasper down there
getting ready to bushwhack you.

Took a chance, but
I'm glad now that I did.

Good shot.

That's my game.

I travel around living
off the country boys

who think they can
shoot better than me.

Anything wrong?

No, just thought your
horse looked kind of lame.

But it's just a
crooked horseshoe.

You see any riders on west?

Saw a lot of dust.

Just you two in the track down?

That's right.

I could travel along with you.

Even up the odds.

For a dollar a day?

That's a lot for a
man making nothing.

You're hired.




Francis: Dulcey.

I've been wondering when you...

MacGregor, you're hurt.

Just a bullet, not the last.

Why didn't you go to the doctor?

He did... doctor's out.

There's more babies
born around here.

Well, listen, there's
hot water on the stove

- and clean towels on the second shelf.
- Right.

Oh, MacGregor,
didn't Jim teach you...

Where is he?

- He kept on going.
- Alone?

He might as well be, all the good that
misbegotten crow is going to do him.

- Ow!
- Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Behind the bar, lass, there's
a bottle of my private stock.

Your private stock's
not going to help this.

It's me, the inner
man, needs the help.

Just keep it clean 'til
the doctor can tend to it.

Oh, Dulcey, girl.

Behind the bar, lass.

- Hold still.
- Take it easy.

- Is it very dangerous?
- Lead's always dangerous.

Whiskey's the cure.

I mean Jim, will
he be all right?

Well, he's after
six or seven men.

The whiskey, lad.

A simple, reasonable request.

You mean it's just him
and the Screamer person?

For purely medicinal purposes.

Why does he take
so many chances?

A remedy prescribed
by Hippocrates himself.

Oh, Francis, you should
have gone with him.

Well, somebody had to
bring MacGregor back.

Aye, and to what?

A channel house where
a mortally wounded man

is denied the smallest comfort.

Oh, nonsense, MacGregor.

Just a few stitches
and you'll be all right.

What you need is a drink.

Maybe it'll improve
your disposition.


If you had done like I said,

we'd have caught
up with them by now,

but you gotta move slow and
poking through every veranda,

you're scared of
your own shadow.

For a ranger who's
supposed to know horses,

you certainly display
a world of ignorance.

It don't take horse sense to figure
you gotta hurry to catch a man.

We're a lot closer now
than we were this morning.

They can't hold on to
this pace much longer.

You really think they might have
fresh horses up in that canyon?

You don't know bees from
buffalo feed about trailing, man.

I'm learning.

Wait a minute.

That's cow track.

Isn't supposed to be
any beef around here.

Maybe some longhorns
lost from a trail area.

That's something.

Something's wrong here.

Something's a-jangling the
curly hairs on the back of my neck.

Indians, maybe.

Closest settlement
is 40 miles east.

(cows mooing)

Well, lookee there.

(cows mooing)


Seven "T."

(cows mooing)

What do you make of it?

Indian cattle.

They shouldn't be
here, but they are.

They've been
dehorned and rebranded.

They didn't just walk
here by themselves,

so keep your eyes open.


Smell it?




Probably from their fire.

What do you think, Screamer?

I think we're there.

Slow and easy.

Man: Help!


Somebody help me!


Hey, anybody!


Somebody help me!

I can't hang here
the rest of my life.

Help me!

Get me out of here!

I'm sure glad to
see you fellers.

My name's Smith, Marshal.

Nobody believes it,
but that's my name.

Call me thankful,

call me beholden
and call me Smitty.

See a gang of men come
through here about an hour ago?

Yeah, them's the ones.

Meanest bunch of
jaspers I ever hope to see.

Telling you, they...

Wouldn't mind the hanging so
much but they took my boots.

My pretty handstitched Chihuahua
boots and that made me mad.

Must have had a reason for it.

Look like an honest man, so they just
natural took their meanness out on me.

I hope they don't come back.

Why should they?

I don't know.

See if there's any gold
in what few teeth I got left.

Or anything.

You can't tell about
jaspers like them.

We could hold up for a spell.

My horse is close to broke down.

But if we don't keep
moving, we'll never get 'em.

There's a good place to camp
right up on the hill yonder, Marshal.

It's a lot safer, too.

We'll sit for about
an hour or so.

Smitty, you can
use a spare horse.

Thank you, Marshal, thank you.

I can't walk very well
like this, I'm telling you.


(horse whinnying)


(gun cocking)


You wanted us to do
your dirty work for you.

I thought them was the
jaspers you was after.

How was I to know?

You knew they were
Indian cow punchers.

Just wanted us
to kill 'em for you.

He was the one that spread-eagled
me down there on that rock.

I was just gonna
get even with him.

Besides, they got my boots.

Just wanted to make
sure you stayed here

'til they got back from
picking up all that cattle

that you've been
rustling from them.

Rustling's a mighty
serious charge, Marshal.

You've been
stealing Indian cattle,

rebranding it and sending
it into south of Texas.

You can't prove a thing.

They're gone, the stock's gone

and old Smitty's on his way.

Barefoot and horseless, huh?

You wouldn't be that savage.

Go ahead.

It's all downhill.

Well, all right,
what do you want?

I need someone who knows

what's over that
wasteland over there.

Someone that knows
where the water is,

where the pitfalls are.

Wait a minute, you got me
for tracking, that's enough.

You don't know what's
over the next ridge.

You don't know which canyons
are boxed off or open-ended.

Thanks for your
confidence, Marshal,

but I think I'd just as soon just
heel-and-toe it on out of here.

It so happens I know one
of those Indians down there.

His name is Dave Penny.

He'd be a witness
against you if I need him.


I'm sure glad you got a
sense of humor, Marshal.

I'm sorry.

Call me ready, let's go.

We could have
been two hours along.

Instead we're
standing on this hill,

three Indians
between us and them.

What I'd like to know is

how many politicians' boots did
you have to lick to get that badge?

I love the way you
sound, Screamer.

You remind me of
a pack of coyotes

sitting in front of a new
moon, howling up a storm.

No, Screamer, you
just keep on going

'cause when this is all over,
you gonna be a new man.

New man.

I think you're gonna
be the new man, Crown.

You're shoveling
coals with a pitchfork.

Marshal, would you mind telling
me why you're so all-fired bulldoggy?

Time you catch up
with them jaspers,

they're liable to be all
the way to California.

And besides, you're
liable to get burnt

with a lead branding ore.

I had a man in my jail and
he was my responsibility

until he came to trial,

until some slimy-brained
back-shooter came along

and shot him down
like a dog in a cage.

Mister, that man is gonna
stand trial for murder.

Nothing I like better
than a dedicated lawman.

Yeah, it kind of gravels you

to have somebody
slick you in your own jail.

Don't it, Crown?


I'm going to get the
man that killed Rocky.

You can drop off, Latch
can drop off and Smitty can,

but I'm going on

'cause that man is mine.


- Hello there!
- Hello!

Lie down and have some
coffee soon as she boils.

- He's not the one.
- I sure hope not.

Who you looking for?

Rustler of some cattle.


Ain't seen anything
like that out here.

Just a lonesome farm
boy on my back to Kansas.

(gun cocking)

And all of my friends.

Easy there, gents.

We're only being cautious.

We're looking for a rustler
who killed two of our riders.

Shot them in the back and
was laughing all the time.

Well, that's hardly a laughing
matter to get shot in the back.

To tell you the truth, I wouldn't
steal a cow for any reason,

but if I needed a
horse bad enough,

I might shoot somebody
in the face to get it.

How about it, boys?

- (gunshots firing)
- (horses neighing)

Not gonna miss this time.



Keep a cool head, boys.



Ought to poke your
eyes out and leave you.

Blind man, dead man.

Slow-dying blind dead man.

- You'll trade.
- Trade?

You got nothing I want.

You don't know how many
men I've got or where they are.

There's just him.


And you.

And that's all.

You sure?

You'll be staking
your neck on that.

It's dark out there.

You don't know where they are.

But I know this...


(gunshots firing)

Let's get out of here!

(horse neighing)

(gunshot firing)

You all right, Marshal?


- You hit bad?
- Just a flea bite.

From here, it looks like you're
gonna take some mending.

(breathing heavily)

Oh, yeah.


- There's your Indians.
- Your Indians.

You brought them out here.

Walked right into
a trap, Marshal.

Yeah, set for you.

So you can call me Mr. Even-Up.


Now they got fresh horses, too.

Well, now I never
thought a piece of cowhide

could feel so good
to a man's feet.

I was getting downright
embarrassed too,

running around here with
my bare toes hanging out.

Well, the time has now come

for little old Smitty to
be winging on his way.

You're not going anywhere.

Well, now your witnesses
just ain't gonna identify me

as a rustler or anything else.

Couldn't afford
to turn you down.

Dollar a day?

You talk like my foot's asleep.

You know what the price
of beef is in San Antone?

Any brand of Iroquois?

$10,000 interest you?


Now you just keep
right on talking, Marshal.

'Cause I'm a fool for any kind
of a pocket-money proposition.

Tell him.

You knew?

You knew!

Oh, you gave it away
over a hundred times.

Tell him, Latch.

I guess you know him
better than anybody else.

I rode with him for a while.

Well, let's go!

Where's the money?

Out there, head money.

$10,000 reward in Texas
for bringing in Ace Coffin.


He held up the Texas Pacific.

Killed three guards
and two passengers.

I ain't never seen no
$10,000 on the hook before.

But it does make for a
better target than Indians.

No target, no lead.

If he's killed, all we'll
end up with is his carcass.

The reward is for
bringing him alive.


Lucky miss, huh, Screamer?


You, you vulture bait.

You knew all along.

You got me clear out
here knowing all along.

You tried to fox me,
but I'm gonna get you.

I'll get you down.

I spotted that sucker
first and he's mine.

He's mine.

You take it easy, Screamer,

or you won't get anything except
a pile of rocks on your head.

(horse trotting)

Hey, don't let him go.

Get him.

I'll let him break trail.

There's only one way to go
and we'll be right behind him.

Latch, get my horse.


Well, how you feeling?

I'd travel with two
broken legs for my money.

You're gonna wait here for us.

Oh, no you don't.

Yep, I'm gonna
tie off that bleeding

and you're gonna
wait right here.

You're not getting
any of my money!

Now you quit jumping around
like a jackrabbit in a dog pit...

or you're gonna
snap off this leg.

I'm going.

I'm going right now.

That Smitty, he's
gonna take it all.

Now you want me to take your
boots off and hang you in a tree?


I ain't one to
ask favors, but...

I'd count it fair if
you'd take me with you.

I'd feel sorry for a
man with one leg

and you'd take half the
pleasure out of my life.

You thieving root
stealer, you're lying.

You're after my money.

What do you need all
that money for anyway?

You been getting
along all right.

None of your business.

I guess maybe you're right.


I need that...

I want... I want that money.

- A ranch?
- Hmm?

No, not barbed wire.

A saddle shop.


I want to become respectable.

I wanna buy a nice little saloon

with big mirrors on the wall

and nice pictures


shiny brass
cuspidors and curtains.

I wanna stand by the door

and gives out cigars to my
buddies when they come in

and wear a striped silk shirt,

pearl gray derby.

Have a gold watch

and diamond stick
pin in my cufflinks.

Big red ruby ring
for my little finger.

And patent leather slippers.


(horse whinnying)

Don't look like
he died laughing.

They was in for him.

Probably figured they'd
take all of us in one bag.

Left him as a warning.

Well... I'm sticking.

Hmm... I figured you would.


(horse whinnying)


Think you're gonna
leave old Screamer to rot

while you're stealing his
money, you're out of your mind.

I'll have you smelling...

brimstone through a manhole
before I'm through with you.

I'll die...

Got no way else to go now.

Have to make a
stand pretty soon.

Any more men at the base camp?


They got plenty of ammunition
and plenty of supplies.

Can hole up there for a month
or two if we don't cut them off.

Think we can?

Got just the spot.

That's what I wanted to know.


They'll be cutting down
the other side of that hill.

We'll hit 'em from the
top and pin 'em down.

Move around and come in close.

Fair enough.


Just stop 'em.

I want Coffin to stand trial.

I got 10,000 reasons.

I know.


One less cut.



(horse neighing)

Only one who can
shoot like that is Latch.

With him and the Marshal out
there, we don't stand a chance.

They can have you, Coffin.


Don't shoot, he's yours!

Don't shoot, Latch!

- (gunshot firing)
- (horse neighing)


(hammer clicking)

Good old Latch...

you lousy back-biting weasel.


(gunshot firing)

(hammer clicking)

Goodbye, Crown.

Screamer, you're never gonna
amount to anything in this world.

(gunshot firing)


Thanks, cowboy.




And you, you're worthless.



How come I'm always
waking up in jail?

Whatever I did this
time, I didn't do it.

You still owe me
for the last time.

Wait a minute.

I worked my way out of here.

Not quite.

At a dollar a day, plus
bonus, I owe you $5.

And how much do I owe?

$15 bail, plus the damages,
and I'll stand for the loan.

Well, I ain't gonna
hang around this dump.

You gotta find
someplace quiet to stay.

And then there's
that side bet of $5.

What bet?

Well, I bet him that his attitude
would change for the better.

But I didn't.

I'll never change.

I still think you're a
switch-tailed bunch quitter

and I always will.

I figured that when you
saved my life, you lost the bet.

I won't pay.

I'd rather stay
here and rot first.

I know you for a
ram-squabble skunk

that'll never change his stripe.

All right, you win.

Your attitude
hasn't changed a bit.

Here's the $5 and
the $5 you earned.


you make sure he gets
three square meals a day.

Aye, beans for
breakfast, beans for lunch.

And then for supper,
we'll have some beans.

Wait a minute.

For $5, you wouldn't.


I mean, after all I did for you.

I mean, I gave up my money
for your double-swivel neck.

Now nobody could be that mean.


$15 or 15 days.

I'll advance you $5 if
you'll plant my rutabagas.



You ring-tailed Judas.

You bean-eating farmer.

You mule-faced, goat-headed
sorghum-licking crawdad.

I'll take it.


You see?

His attitude is changing.

His attitude is changing for
the better and all the time.

Oh, brother.

Oh, Crown.

You ain't heard the
last of this, Crown.

You hear me?

You ain't heard
the last of this.


Dulcey, I hate to
tell you this, but...

Wrong time of the year
to plant my rutabagas?


Well, you're wrong, Mr. Crown.

Any man who can give up
$10,000 to save a switch-tailed

ram-squabble skunk
has a very green thumb.



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