Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 5, Episode 10 - Angel on the Line - full transcript

When the Angels investigate a murder at the dating establishment 'The Hot Line Club', Kelly becomes the killer's next target.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time,
there were three beautiful girls.

Two of them graduated
from the police academy.

The other graduated from
a top school for models.

And they each reaped the rewards

of their exciting careers.

But I took them away from all
that and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.



HOST [ON PA]: Okay,
all you swinging singles

you know what
those phones are for.

Now, just reach out and
dial the table of your choice.

You'll never know,
you could be dancing.

Or maybe some romancing.


Do me a favor.

Don't tell your
husband you were here.

Mm-mm. Don't tell my priest.



If it's for me, I'm not in.

You're just gonna sit there?

Well, you answer it. Why me?

Well, you're the
unattached lady in this group.

Oh, right.

MAN: May I speak
to the lady with you?

The lady with me?

Yes, please.

He wants to speak to you.

Oh, come on, his voice
sounds really divine.



You're a very pretty girl.

My, you are an old smoothie.

Pity I'm going to
have to kill you.

Did you hear me?

I heard you, and it's not funny.

What did he say?

He said he was gonna kill me.


Listen, I am not
fond of phone cranks.

I assure you, this
is not a crank call.

I really will have to kill you.

Let's get out of here.

Wait a minute.

You're not gonna let some whacko

ruin your last
night in the big city.

He said he was gonna kill me.

But he's just some crazy person.

I mean, I'm sure
he doesn't mean it.

Okay, you stay. I'm leaving.


Why are you so upset? I just am.

You just don't know...
Oh, I'll see you later.





You startled me.

What do you want?

Stay back, I don't
like being crowded.

Stay back, I said.

I'll scream.







Oh, no, Pat.

Oh, God.

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

Oh, he meant it.

Oh, he really meant it.



just spoke to Police Lieutenant Fryer.

The occupants of that car swear

your friend deliberately
ran in front of them.

Well, I don't care what he says.

I mean, Lois would not

and did not
deliberately kill herself.

And you think that the call

you two received inside the club

was connected to her death?

Yes. I know it was.

KRIS: Mary, is
there any possibility

that the killer knew
either you or Lois?

Was there anything
familiar about his voice?

No, nothing.

CHARLIE: And neither you or Lois

had ever been in
that club before?

No, Lois didn't even live
here. She was only visiting me.

Did you look at any
of the other tables,

get a look at who was
talking on the phone?

No, because there wasn't time.

BOSLEY: Did Lois
have any enemies?

An ex-husband?
A jealous admirer?

Well, if she did,

she never said
anything to me about it.

And she always
told me everything.

Well, it sounds to me

like we have an unmotivated
random Killing by a psychopath.

I agree.

I don't agree about
the unmotivated part.

However twisted and crazy it is,

whoever killed her
friend had his reason.

We've just got to
figure out what it is.

Mary, if you heard
this caller's voice again,

do you think you
might recognize it?

After what happened,

I don't think I'll
ever forget it.

Charlie, are you suggesting

that we drop in at
the Hotline Club?

Seems the most logical
course of action for the moment.

Are you up to it, Mary?

You mean, you want
me to act as bait?

Mary, if you're not up to it...

I'm not.

But I will be,
when we get there.

Somehow, I will be.



Well, why don't I grab
myself a seat at the bar

and take in a bird's-eye view?

Good idea.

Why don't you
and I take a table?

Why not? We might get lucky.


See you.

Try and relax.

We're all here and
we'll protect you.

I'm sorry, I'm just scared.

Look, he can't hurt
you with a phone call.

Let's go.

You eating or drinking?

You serve food?

Not much, the cook's a fool.

How's the bartender?

He's the cook's idiot brother.

Sounds like you love your work.

I don't like anything
about this place.

So, what do you want?

Uh, martini, dry.

Okay. And you?

Oh, uh, the same.

Thank you.

Try and relax.

Everything's gonna be all right.

I know. I'm sorry.

I don't mind being used as bait.

It's just that I'm scared.

Oh, well, that's all right.

You're allowed.


MAN: Hello?


! never thought your friend
would show up here again.

My friend?

Yes. I've never thought
I'd see her here again.

KELLY: Really?

Why did you think that?

I just didn't think she would.

Who are you?

Why are you asking
these questions?

Why are you with her?

I'm a friend of hers.

Why are you two
whispering to each other?


I can see what you're doing.

What are you saying?

You needn't look for
me. You can't see me.

I can see you, but
you can't see me.

How nice for you.

You don't like that do you?

Me seeing you,
you not seeing me.

You don't like that much.

Not much.

Why don't you step
out and show yourself?

You'll see me soon enough.

You won't like it
but you'll see me.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means you'll
meet me, Just once.

It'll be the last face you
see just before you die.

Oh, God.

Listen here, you freak,

you don't have the guts
to face me or anyone.

Oh, my, what ugly words
from such a pretty face.

A perfect pretty face.

I've gotta get out
of here. I've go to.

Mary, wait.

Mary. No, it's all right,
it's all right. It's me.

Oh, Mr. Bosley.

What happened?

He called again.

Are you sure?

I'm positive.

I can't stay in there. I
don't wanna stay in there.

Don't make me stay in there.

Okay. It's gonna be all right.

Come on, let me
get you out of here.

What the devil's going on?

From the look on Kelly's face,

I'd say she and Mary
had a phone call.

Wait, wait, wait.
Let's stay here.

Check out all the other
tables, see who's on the phone.

MAN: Don't worry
about your friend.

!I have no interest in her.

No interest in the least.

It's you I want.

Only you, pretty face.





Listen here, you creep.

Kelly, it's me.

Are you all right?

Oh, Kris, I'm fine.

I take it from the
sound of your voice

the phone call we saw
you get was not friendly.

Definitely not.

Did our client
identify the voice

before she ran out of here?

Yes. But I don't
think we have to worry

about her safety anymore.

Why? What do you mean?

Well, he says I'm going
to be his next victim.


So he says.

I feel like I'm sitting
on a keg of dynamite

with the fuse lit.

Listen, Kelly, while
you were talking,

we checked out
all the other tables

to see who was on the phone.

Any candidates?

Uh, possibly two. What
were the table numbers?

Uh, table 6 and 11.

Both guys sitting
alone on the phone

while you were getting the call.

Six and 117

Maybe you should
call those two tables.

See if one of the
voices sounds familiar.

Okay, I'll call them.

You watch their reactions.



Hey, good evening, folks.
This is now showtime.

So the phones
will be turned off.

Now, direct from Vegas

where she was built as
hypnotist extraordinaire

and unfortunately caught
a slight case of laryngitis.

But now she's here to
surprise and entertain you.



Thank you, Frankie.
You are a dear.

Thank you.

Hey, where's your friend?

She had to leave.

Well, you still have
to pay for her drink.

I plan to.

You were gone a long time.

I told you, the
bartender's an idiot.

MARGO: He was so high,
so wide, blue eyes, blond hair

tiny scar on the
inside of his left nostril

and on and on.

It's amazing. It's hypnotism.

My, what a lovely
audience you are.

Such energy and enthusiasm.

You Americans are
simply marvelous.

I'm sure we're all going to
have a smashing good time.

I just want you to remember
that we're not having a séance.

Now, then I want to
tell you all straight off

that I'm not here to
embarrass anyone in any way.

I want you all to have good fun,

so relax and enjoy yourselves.


MARGO: People
wonder what it feels like.

Well, but I tell you,
it's total relaxation.

You lose all your
inhibitions, but don't worry.

Our fellow at Table 6 sure
seems to be watching Kelly.

Hmm, he also looks very uptight.

MARGO: All right, I'm going
to need some volunteers.

One or two couples.

Let's see. I think I want you.

Oh, come on. No.

I hate to see a man frown

when we're supposed to
be having fun. Come on.

Uh-oh, I think I'm going
to need some help.

Let's give our sour-faced
friend a big hand.

There we are.

There you are, dear.

Good. What's your name?

Stark. Oh, come
on, let's be friendly.

Is that a first name? Harry.

Harry, Harry Stark,
isn't that a lovely name?

Now, you sit right
over there, Harry,

and I will find you
a pretty partner.

Well, a lady for Harry.

Harry Stark. Thank you, Margo.

MARGO: I think I
found one right here.

What's your name?


But I'm really not
interested, thank you.

Dear, dear me,
another shrinking violet.

Well, we know what
to do with those.

Come on, be a dear, join Harry.

I can't.

Can't. Can't simply isn't
part of my vocabulary.

Come on, folks.

I think we have to
go one more time.

Let's give the lady a
little encouragement.

There we are. Just take
your seat right next to Harry.

Now, then who's next?

WOMAN: Oh, I don't think I
want to. I'm afraid of hypnotism.

MARGO: All right, who else?

One more couple who,
as you Americans say,

would like to cool out,
wake up really feeling good.

Ever been hypnotized?

WOMAN: Hey, Margo,
how about me and...?

Why were you staring at me?

Was I staring?
You know you were.

I don't like people
staring at me.


Do you have something to hide?

What do you mean by that?

If you do...

[... I mean, if you
have something to hide,

being hypnotized might
be very embarrassing.

Who are you?

Just a curious lady.

I don't think so.

You ask too many questions.

MARGO: How about
the couple at Table 7?

Just a bad habit.

Well, you'd better
break the habit.

Otherwise, you might get hurt.

MARGO: It's just as easy to
go under out in the audience

as it is up on the
stage with me.

Harry, where are you going?

Harry, come back.
We won't hurt you.

Off to the hounds, I suppose.

Well, we've lost our sourpuss.

Come on, kids, let's
have a good time.

I'd like you both to
take seats right here.

Thank you.

And where are you off to?

I seem to have lost my partner.

So I'm gonna take a rain check.

Oh, well, that's
quite all right.

I'll work with this
lovely couple right here.

Let's have a nice
round of applause

for the pretty lady.


I'd better go with Kelly.

I'll stay and keep
an eye on Table 11.


Kelly, relax. It's me.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Are you okay? Yeah.

Where's Bos?

Uh, he probably
took our client home.

What in the world did
you say to Harry Stark?

Well, I asked him if
he had anything to hide.

Well, apparently, he did. Yeah.

He panicked when I
said he might spill it

if he was hypnotized.

His voice was...

Was it like the
voice in the phone?

Well, I don't know.

All of a sudden, every voice
I hear sounds threatening.

You're really getting spooked.

Yeah. I guess I am.

I never thought a
voice on a phone

could do that to me.

It kind of hits you where
you live, you know?

No, I don't know,

but from the look in your face,
I'm beginning to get the idea.



There's our friend Stark.

Late model Caddy, 849 ASB.

I'm gonna get that checked out.

Hey, you better go
back inside with Kris.

I'll see if the man at Table
11 is worth worrying about.

Okay. Okay?


And now, on the count of three,

you will both wake up

feeling completely
relaxed and refreshed.

One, two, three.

Thank you very much. You
may return to your seats.

Your phones will
be turned back on.

Good night and thank you.


Well, we better go get
Kelly, try and find Bosley,

and see what
happened to our client.

Wait a minute. She's
getting another call.

MAN: I just wanted to
say good night, Kelly.

Who are you?

We'll meet again, Kelly.

Soon. Good night.



Was it him?


Are you okay? I'm okay.

Let's get out of here.



I thought we saw him leave.

Obviously, he came back.

Maybe he had
something else to say.

Yeah. Maybe... Maybe he did.


You're gonna
have to finish that.

I was hoping you'd do that.

Do what?

Come over here and
say something positive.

Like, "You're gonna
have to finish that."

Are you pulling my leg?


I really wanted you to come
over here and talk to me.

About what?

Well, I'm taking a night
course in, uh, social studies.

Social studies. Yeah.

You know, about
different types of people

what they do, how
they act, where they go.

You gonna finish that?

Oh, heh, right.

Anyway, [, um, like to pick out

a certain type of
person and study him.

For instance,
tonight at Table 11,

there was this guy, older guy.

Good-looking, gray hair.

A little nervous though,
kept checking his watch.

Looked like a Scotch drinker.

What about him?

Well, I thought he'd
make a great case study.

I don't suppose you know
the fella I'm talking about.

Sure, I know him.


Oh, what's his name?

You finish that,
I might tell you.


I'm listening.

His name is Harkins.


Mm-hm. Joe Harkins.

He comes in here every
night. I run a tab for him.

Every night?

You think he's the,
uh, social studies type?

Oh, definitely. Great type.



Hi. Hi.

Hi. Where's our client?

On a plane to Cincinnati.

KRIS: Cincinnati?

her folks live there.

She wants to hide out

until our phone
killer is in custody.

Not a bad idea, actually.

Did you come up with
anything while I was gone?

Yeah, a couple of names
Charlie can check out.

Yeah, a Harry Stark
and a Joe Harkins.

The two guys who were
sitting at Table 6 and 11.

Okay, I'll follow up on that
first thing in the morning.

Quitting time.

I didn't realize
it was that late.

It's always later
than you think.


Mind if I sit down? Not at all.

I'd offer you a drink, but
the bar just shut down.

That's very kind of
you, but no matter.

May I ask you a question?


What happened with
your partner tonight?

That Harry Stark fellow?

He decided he didn't
wanna be in your act, I guess.

Well, I hope I didn't
embarrass you,

or him either for that matter.

Oh, no, you didn't.

Good, because like
I said, it's all in fun.

Listen, I simply must tell you
why I put you two together.

I noticed that he
was watching you

from the moment you came
in tonight with that other lady.

He was?

Yes. And when I saw you
on the phones together,

well, I naturally
assumed that...

You saw him call me?

Oh, well, of course, I
couldn't be absolutely sure,

but, well, when I saw you on
the phones at the same time

I just naturally assumed
that he had called you.

Well, after all,

he was watching you all evening.

Does this Harry
come in here often?

Oh, yes, I've seen him
here quite often recently.

He always goes to Table 6
and he's always a sourpuss.

Well, bedtime.

Oh, listen,

would you take my
card before you go?

Well, you're a detective?


You heard about the
accident in the parking lot?

The woman that got run over?

Yes, it was awful. Poor thing.

Well, I'm investigating
for her insurance company.

And since you're
here every night,

if you think of anything
that might help,

would you give me a call?

I'd be glad to.

I'd appreciate that.

It's nothing.

It's been awfully
nice talking to you.


You about ready
to call it a night?


Listen, Kris and
Julie just told me

that our killer has
taken a fix on you.

So he says.

Kelly, maybe you should
stay with Kris or me for a while.

I don't think so.

Why not?

I won't let him
make me run scared.

Kelly, if you're not
scared, you should be.

I'm scared. I'm
just not running.

I'll see you at the
office in the morning.












MAN: I thought I'd call to
say one last good night, Kelly.

How did you get this number?

Magic, Kelly.


You're never gonna get
away with what you've done.

You know that, don't you?

All I know is,

that you're a very pretty girl.

And I'm going to
have to kill you.

Why... 7? Why
are you doing this?

Why are you doing
this to me? Why me?

Because I have to,
Kelly. I just have to.

We'll talk again
tomorrow. Stay well.

No, don't hang
up. Please don't...





CHARLIE: Uh, Kelly, you
couldn't see the license on the car

that was following you, huh?

No, the headlights
were in my eyes.

Could you tell
what model it was?


Was it big? Small?
Foreign? Compact?

I told you, the headlights
were in my eyes.

I'm... I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to snap at you.

It's just that when the phone
rang in my house last night,

well, it shook me up pretty good

and I haven't
gotten over it yet.

We understand, Kelly.

I imagine it even
gets more frightening

when something
like that follows you

into your own home.

Frightening, Charlie,
and very personal.

Kelly, did he say anything

that might tell you why
he's focused on you?


You know, there is one
thing that we should consider.

And that is the dead girl.

She was fragile,
pretty and a brunette,

general size and
coloring of Kelly.

Not much to go on.

Crazies don't need much.

They can just fix on a type
and that can trigger them.

Here, Charlie sent us
these computer readouts

on Stark and Harkins.

Anything on Harkins, Charlie?

The man who was
sitting at Table 11?

Well, you'll notice he
has a police record.

Mm-hm. Drug
abuse, armed robbery,

assault on two women.

Nice fella.


Perhaps he's graduated
from misdemeanor assault

to something more deadly.

Our Harry Stark is
no Boy Scout either.

racketeering, assault.

BOSLEY: I would say that we
have two very likely candidates,

wouldn't you?

KRIS: Okay, how do we proceed?

For the moment, all we
can do is observe them

and see how they observe Kelly.


Kelly, do you think you're
up to going on with this?



Are you gonna be up
for this? Are you all right?

I'll be fine.

CHARLIE: Are you sure, Kelly?

I'm sure, Charlie.

You know, if all this
is getting too personal,

none of us would blame
you if you wanted to pull out.

I'm all right, Charlie.

I'm all right.

As of now, I wanna hurt him
as much as he wants to hurt me.



Miss Garrett.

My name is Ford, Edward.

What can I do for you, Mr. Ford?

Well, I hope it's something
that I can do for you.

Margo said I
should speak to you.


The hypnotist lady
at the Hotline Club.

Oh, yes.

See, I'm a freelance
feature writer,

human interest type stuff.

I couldn't help noticing
you at the club last night.

You are mighty pretty.

So this morning,

I called Margo on the chance

that she just might
remember your name.

And she did.

You were at the
Hotline Club last night?

Oh, yes, ma'am. I
go there a whole lot.

Anyway, Margo tells me

that you're a
detective of all things.

Well, that just naturally piques

my journalistic curiosity.

So I was wondering if you just
might have lunch with me today.

Why not?

Wonderful. Do you
know a place nearby?

Yes, there is a lunch
spot about 10 blocks down.

Perhaps you'd
like to go in my car.

No, I'd prefer to
meet you there.

Very well.

I'll follow you.

All right.



Kris, Kelly.

I want you to check out
a license number for me.

247 PCE.

Black '79 Lincoln.

Man driving it says
his name is Ford.

Edward Ford.

Check him out.

Yeah, I'm all right.
Just check it out for me.

I'll be at Parsons.



No, thank you.

Thank you.

How long have you
been a freelance writer?

Quite a few years now.

And you think you can sell
a story on a lady detective?

A very pretty lady detective.

You seem very
preoccupied with that.

With what?


I am?


Heh. But you are.

Very pretty, I mean.

There you go again.


Well, maybe you're
just a mite too sensitive.

Oh, that may be true.

It's just that last night,

my life was
threatened three times

by a man on a phone

who was also
preoccupied with pretty.

A call for you, Miss Garrett.




KRIS: Hi, Kelly, it's Kris.

Oh, hi.

Hi, listen.

Uh, we've been checking
out this Edward Ford

you called about
a few minutes ago.


Well, for openers,

his name doesn't even show up

at the Department
of Motor Vehicles

in connection with a
license on a black Lincoln.

Really, whose does?

A fellow named
Factor. Paul Factor.

Charlie says if you can get
him a detailed description

of this fellow Edward Ford,

he'll do some more checking.

Well, I just can't do
that right now, Bos.

Well, why not?

I just can't.

Wait a minute. Are you saying
he's there with you right now?


KRIS: Well where
did he come from?

His name didn't even come up

when you were in the
office a few minutes ago...

Why am I asking
you these questions?

If he's there with you,
you can't answer me, right?

That's right.

I'll just keep muddling
through and we'll talk later.

KRIS: Kelly, wait.

Uh, you'll hear from me.


I don't like this. Neither do I.

Where did this
fellow Edward Ford

come into the picture?

Somewhere between our
front door and the restaurant

where Kelly is right now.

We better get over there.

Yeah. Well, you two go ahead.

I'm gonna see what
more I can find out

about this fellow
Factor. Paul Factor,

whose car Edward
Ford is driving.


That phone call seems
to have upset you.

Why do you say that?

The look on your face.

Oh, there's just been a mix-up.

I can straighten it out.

I'd like the number
of the Hotline Club,

it's on 40th Street.

You a regular there too?

No. I've only been there once.

And since my life was threatened

as you can imagine

it's not one of my
favorite places.

Thank you very much.



Is this the Hotline Club?

Oh, is Margo there please?

Kelly Garrett.

Oh, when do you expect her?

Half an hour.

All right, would you tell
her I'm on my way there

and that I called?
I'd like to talk to her.

Thank you very much.

Everything all right?

Fine, but I have to go.

Well, I was hoping to
talk to you a little bit more.

Well, you have my card.
Why don't you give me a call?


Waitress, honey.

I'm in an awful big hurry.

I'll bring your change
right away, sir.

Thank you very much.


Hello. We're not open.

Well, I just called a few
minutes ago about Margo.

Oh, yeah.

Like I told you,
she's coming in here

to get some costumes
or something.

Mind if I wait?

Suit yourself.

Have you found Kelly?

JULIE: No. Parsons said
she left about 15 minutes ago.

I don't suppose he
knows where she went.


Why are you frowning?

Jump in the car. I'll
explain along the way.

Along the way? Where?

The Hotline Club.

I think I know who
owns that black Lincoln.


Well, hello. Hi.

What a surprise. What
are you doing here?

The bartender said you had
to pick up some costumes

and I wanted to talk
to you about something.

Cleaning day.

You look worried.

Listen, did you talk to a
man named Ford about me?


Yes, Edward Ford.

Doesn't ring a bell.

You mean you didn't
tell him who I was

and what I do for a living?

No, I would never
tell anyone that.

Are you in some kind of trouble?

I'm not sure.

A man approached me, said
his name was Edward Ford,

said he was a writer,

and that he'd seen
me here last night

and that you gave him my name.

Well, uh, he was lying to
you. I've never met the man.

What did he want?

Well, he took me to lunch

and he asked a lot
of questions about me.

What kind of questions?

Oh, personal stuff,
about me, my life,

relationships with men.

He asked if I'd
ever been engaged,

married, divorced.

Then he kept asking if
I'd ever been rejected.

Well, that is odd.

What do you mean?

Well, there was a man
here just a few days ago

had exact same
conversation with me.

Really? Do you remember
his name? What he looked like?

He was slim.

Rather intense.

Curly hair.

Said his name was...


Factor? Paul Factor?

That's it. Why?

Well, that's the name the
DMV had on the black Lincoln

that Edward Ford was driving.

Not the car that's outside now?

Outside? I did...

I didn't see a car
when I came in.

It was just arriving as I
came in the stage entrance.

Oh, would you take me
to the stage entrance?

Why, yes, of course.


Did you see the dri...?









Hold it!




No, no.


Oh, my God.

Kelly, this is Paul
Factor, alias Edward Ford,

alias Margo.

Alias the voice on the phone.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

But I think you two will have
to wrap this one up without me.







Angels, I'm glad this case is over with.

But I am curious about
our other two suspects,

Harkins and Stark.

Why were they
acting so suspiciously?

Well, the reason for their
odd behavior is very simple.

Stark and Harkins were talking
to each other on the telephones.

Seems they were dealing in drugs

using the Hotline
Club as a contact point.

The police have
been staking it out

and they arrested
them last night.

And Stark was afraid

that Kelly was an
undercover cop, huh?

He didn't know who she was.

He just knew she asked
too many questions

and it scared the devil
out of him, and Harkins.

Kelly, you're not saying much.

Are you all right?

No, not yet. But
I will be, Charlie.

! know you will.

By the way, I understand
the state psychiatrists

are having a field day

with Margo's
disturbed little mind.

It's gonna take
some unscrambling.

I'll be anxious to
the read the report

when they're finished.

Well, Kelly, especially
for your sake,

I'm deeply grateful it's over.

You should sleep better tonight.

Well, it's not quite
over yet, Charlie.

What do you mean?

Well, before I go home, I
have to stop by and pay this.

What is it?

Apparently, I messed
up on my bookkeeping.

This is an overdue
notice on my phone bill.

They're threatening
to turn off my phone.

Well, honey,
you're a dollar short

and as usual,
they're a day late.




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