Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 25 - One Love... Two Angels: Part II - full transcript

Bill Cord has fallen in love with both Kelly and Kris, driving a wedge between the two detectives. When Bill finds out Glenn Staley stands to gain from Kelly's death, he forfeits his own life. Now it's up to Tiffany and Bosley to hold the team together and solve the case.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned [BUZZING]

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.



ANNOUNCER: In part one,

as Kelly was doing
some spring cleaning,

her doorbell rang.


Miss Garrett, I have
every reason to believe

that you could be Oliver
Barrows' lost daughter.

You could be his sole heir.

I want no financial
problems when I turn over

the Barrows to the city.

I wish you'd reconsider.

On my death, the
Barrows will go to the city

unless I have a
direct heir, and I don't.

Uncle Oliver, you can't be sure.

You have a daughter.

My daughter's gone forever.

This hotel goes to the
city, it costs me $15 million.

I wouldn't like that.

So I'll deliver.

What about the girl who may
turn out to be his lost daughter?

What about her?

She's the key to
my plan, that's all.

Well, I've been with
you every day for a week.

I think I know you pretty well.

Oh, you do, huh?

Yeah, I do, huh.


Here, put this on your head.

Ah. Come on.

Ooh. Come on out.

Come on. Take my hand.

KRIS: Ooh. Oh.

BILL: Whew. Heh, heh, heh.










OLIVER: Ladies and gentlemen,

I give you Miss
Margaret Ellen Barrows.

To you, Father.


BILL: Mr. Barrows.


BILL: Mr. Barrows.

Allen, call the doctor.

Charlie, this is Kelly.
CHARLIE: Something wrong?

I want to hire you.

I need to know who I am.


What if the new Miss
Barrows were dead?

How do you suggest I do it?

Didn't the old man
give her a new car?


And don't new cars sometimes
get mechanical defects,

little bugs that have
to be worked out?




















Somebody get over here and help.

WORKER 2: She's still alive.

KRIS: This picnic
was a great idea.

BILL: Well, we put in a
good couple of days' work,

I thought we
deserved a little rest.



Hey, there. Just stop. Aah!

Just stop. Ha, ha. Don't panic.

All right.




Well, the walk will do us good.



We should go this way.

Oh, it is so beautiful here.


How did you ever
find this place?

Well, I was, uh, defending

a whole bunch of

I was trying to
stop a contractor

from building in this area.

Oh. Well, I don't see
any condominiums.

Well, that's 'cause
I always win.


Are you getting hungry?

I'm starving.

We just happen to be
at a favorite spot of mine.

Come on.


Come on.



Need some help?



Now, watch your step.


And voilà.


BILL: You like? KRIS: Oh.

This is so nice.

BILL: Yeah. Here.

Well, I used to sneak
down here and relax

whenever I got the chance.


Well, I can sure see why.

BILL: Nice?

KRIS: Makes you never
want to go back to the city.

BILL City? Ha, ha.

What's a city?

Don't remember.

Uh, listen. Hm?

Not to bring up anything gloomy,

but what are we gonna
do about the bike?

Does anybody ever come by here?

Well, uh, do you really
want to be rescued?

No. Not really.


What is it?

Is it someone else?

You know, um,

I've wanted to do that now
for the past couple of days.

I know.


I think I'm falling
in love with you.

I love you, Kris.




Can't stop.

Can't stop.


Oh, Tiff.

How do you feel?

Not good.

Doctor says you're
gonna be fine.

Is Bill here yet?

Not yet.

But he'll be here soon.

Glenn Staley just
called from the airport.

They're on their way.

Why don't you take a
little rest till he gets here?

All right. Get a little sleep.

There you go.

GLENN: Doctor says
it's primarily shock,

possibly a slight concussion.

You're sure? GLENN: Yes.

There are other
problems here, you know.

What problems?

Because of the accident,
at least possible impairment

as a responsible
plaintiff before the court.

I tell you, the
administration of the Barrows

and everything could come
to a complete standstill.

As executor, I think it's
imperative that we press on

with the probation of the will.

We've got to avoid these
entanglements and delays.

Glenn, at this moment

I don't care what
you do with the estate.


Excuse me.

I'm Tiffany.

And you must be Bill.

Yes. How is she?

Well, the doctors say
she's gonna be fine.

W-When can I take her home?

Well, they said
maybe this afternoon.



Well, why don't I go check?

Thank you.

Hi. Hi.


Hold me.


Oh, everything's gonna be fine.

When I thought that
I'd almost lost you,

it made me realize how
much you mean to me.

How much?



I'm so lucky.

BILL: Hm. Hm.

There could never
be anyone else for me.

Kelly, I love you.

I love you.




I'll get the door.

Come on. I'll carry
you in. No, I can walk.

BILL: Just put your
arms around my neck.

I may never let go.


MAID: Mr. Staley is
waiting in the living room.


You had us scared to death.

Hmm. I didn't expect
to see you here.

Sit right there. Can
I get you anything?

KELLY: No, I'm fine. Thank you.

You feeling all right? Yes.

Yes, well, you were
very, very lucky.

Speaking from a purely
selfish standpoint, so am I.

Do you know, if
anything had happened...

Can't this wait?

Bill, all I need is
a few signatures.

Leave her alone for
a little while, all right?

Bill, I'm fine.

Uh, signatures? What for?

GLENN: Didn't Bill tell you?

To expedite the probate.

[SIGHS] Margaret,

in light of your accident,
I think it's time that you,

well, faced some facts.

Now, any further delay
becomes terribly destructive.

And everything Uncle
Oliver worked for could be

tied up in court for years.

Is this true, Bill?

Well, it's happened.
But there's time.

I don't understand the rush.

The Barrows has very
heavy liens against it.


See for yourself.

Carver Industries?


But Carver Industries is
calling for its $3-million loan.

Now, that's long past due.

We don't have that kind of cash.

It could jeopardize
the entire estate.

If I sign this, I act as
Margaret Ellen Barrows.

Kelly, I think it's time
you accepted the fact

you are Margaret Ellen Barrows.

Everyone else has.


Tiff, Kelly's okay, isn't she?

I mean, you're not
holding back on us.

Oh, no. She's,
uh... She's just fine.

Matter of fact, she should be
there by the time we get home.

That's if we get home.

Don't ever let anybody tell
you Los Angeles traffic is bad.




Bos? Hm?

Before you talk to Kelly,

I think you'd better
take a look at this.

I picked it up on the
way to the airport.

Accident report?

Well, it's preliminary,
but it's... It's disturbing.

"Accelerator pedal
held down with a clamp"?

That doesn't sound
like an accident.

I told you. It's
pretty disturbing.

So you think somebody's
trying to kill Kelly?

I think someone's trying to
kill Margaret Ellen Barrows.

You sure you don't
want to go inside?

Not yet.

You know, it... It's funny
how much you take for granted

till you come face
to face with losing it.

Well, I'm glad your attitude
has changed about the estate.

Oh, I don't mean the
Barrows or the money.

I'm talking about you and me.

Kelly... Shh.

Hey, Tiff.

Looks like you were right.

Our patient is well on
her way to recovery.



Kelly, you look great.

Boy, you sure had us worried.

Well, it was pretty scary there.

For a moment I
thought it was all over.

Ooh. Listen, if you feel
up to it, we should talk.

Well, yeah, I feel
fine. Come on, Bill.

Sure. I'll be right with you.




It was Kelly all the time.

Kris, you have to let
me explain something.

You let me believe
that you loved me.

I do love you.

And I also love Kelly.

You can't be in
love with two people.

Look, my whole life, I've
never been in love with anybody.

Until now. And now I love you.

And I love her. I...

I know how stupid it sounds.

Then you have a
decision to make.


Doesn't make sense.

Murder never does.

Tiff, can you show me
where the car was parked?

Yeah, it's out here.

Go get some rest,
honey. We'll check it out.

KELLY: All right.


Glad you two are getting
to know one another.

Uh, yeah.

Bill and I worked
pretty closely together

when we were
double-checking his research.

As a matter of fact,

we've gotten to know
each other pretty well.

Kelly, I have to
tell you something.


All r... What is it?

I want you to understand
that I didn't plan this.

It just happened.


What happened?

What happened?

[SIGHS] We're in love.



It's true, Kelly.

I'm sorry, Kelly.

Have... Well, thank
you for telling me.

When I thought I'd lost you
today, I realized how much

I do love you. Everything
I said is true, but...

I love both of you.

And I don't know
how to explain that.

I need some time
to think. I'm sorry.







Look, you've got to
give me a chance.

I didn't know about
the two of you.

If I had, I never would
have let anything get started.

What do you want
me to say to you?

I don't know.

[SNIFFS] So where
does that leave us?

I can't give him up.


Neither can I.

Okay, so there's no physical
evidence in the garage.

Where does that leave us?

Well, we should start with
who would gain from her death.

Yeah, and I wager that you're
way ahead of me on that score.

[SNIFFS] I wish I were.

You're kidding?

Well, with all the
money that's at stake,

there has got to be
somebody with a motive.

That's what I keep thinking.

Yeah, well, I'm thinking it's
time for me to visit Mr. Cord.

And I'll start checking
his documentation of Kelly.

Yeah. Hey.


Hey, Kris!

Where do you
suppose she's going?

I don't know.



I wanna thank you for seeing
me. I know you've been busy.

If this meeting has to
do with Kris and Kelly,

I would just as soon keep that

between the three
of us, all right?

Well, I haven't come
here to play Miss Lovelorn,

if that's what you mean.

But I don't mind telling
you that you have broken up

what has been a darn good team,

much less two good friends.

Look, you tell me, all right?

What are the odds that
a-a man looks his whole life

for one woman, just one, that
he can really love and care for?

Somebody like Kris, or Kelly.

Somebody that you want to
spend the rest of your life with.

[SCOFFS] I didn't plan
it this way, believe me.

Well, you couldn't have
done any better if you'd tried.

I know.

But recognizing my own
stupidity doesn't make the decision

that I have to make any easier.

Maybe somebody's trying to take
that decision out of your hands.

I mean, Kelly's accident.

It looks like somebody
may be trying to kill her.

What? How?

I think the question is "who?"

If Kelly were dead,
who stands to gain?

Well, I don't know.

Oh, I think then that
you better recheck

everything that you
have on Oliver Barrows.

There's gotta be something
that none of us has thought of.

I'll do it.

Get back to me as
soon as you can?



LINDA: Bill.

Well, Mr. Cord.

Bill, what can I do for you?

What I have to say,

maybe we'd better
go to your office.

Well, I have no
secrets from Linda.

Ah, Bill, come on in, sit down.

You look like a man
who could use a drink.

Scotch, isn't it?

Forget it.

Is it Margaret? What's wrong?

No. No, Margaret is just fine.

It's Glenn that's in trouble.

What kind of trouble?

Carver Industries.
Does that ring a bell?

Sure it does. I
mentioned them to you.

Today, as a matter of fact.

But what you failed to mention
is that you own 10 points

in one of their
development projects.


It's a business investment.

It's a conflict of interest.

What conflict of interest?

Carver Industries
has an option to buy

on every other piece
of property on this block.

I knew they had investments,

didn't know they
were that extensive.

Guess I made a better
investment than I thought.

BILL: Come off it, Glenn.


Boy, you really had me fooled.

Everything. With Kelly.

The whole thing, I
thought it was legitimate.

But you needed her, didn't you?

Because without
an heir to leave it to,

this hotel goes to the city
and your plan is ruined, isn't it?

I think you're letting your
imagination run away with you.

I think you need
that drink after all.

Is it my imagination that
Carver Industries' investment

is worthless without
this hotel, is it?

What does Margaret
have to say about that, Bill?

She stands to gain,
what, 7, 8 million dollars,

after taxes, when
the barrels are sold?

You know very
well what she'd say.

Does that mean
you haven't told her?

I'm hoping I won't have to.

Until you're put away in jail

Glenn... GLENN:
Oh, no, no, no, no.

It's all right,

Bill has a right
to his suspicions.

We just have to be
proven in court, that's all.


You are taking this
whole thing very coolly.

The act won't hold
up in court, Glenn.

You're forgetting:

Innocence needs no defense.

Here's to truth.

May you always be as
persevering in seeking justice.

The only thing I
can't figure is Kelly.

Now, how did you set that up?

You amaze me, Bill.

You found her, I didn't.

LINDA: Glenn... Shut up.


He asked for a call down.

All right.

Why don't you let me go down.

Good afternoon.

John Bosley, I took your call.

That him?


We had his ID, we
needed confirmation.

How, uh... How'd it happen?

Drowning, looks like.

Wearing street shoes.
Must have slipped.

The maintenance man found him

between the boat
and the dock out there.

Okay, he's yours now.

Uh, look, could you, uh,
just give me a second?

His girl is up there.

Yeah, sure.

Is it Bill?

I'm sorry, Kelly.

Oh. I'm so sorry.

[CRYING] Oh, my God.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.



I don't know what
to do for these girls.

We can be here for them,

as much as they need us.


There's something
else we can do too.

What do you think of this?

Bill's keys.

They were in the ignition.

And I'll lay you 8 to 5
that the keys to his boat

are on this keychain too.

Would you go down to your
boat without the key to the cabin?

Well, you better lay
that on Inspector Burton.

I'm gonna do more than that.

I don't care if you
have to call Charlie,

I don't care if we have
to blow up city hall,

you get that coroner to
run an immediate autopsy

on Bill's body.

Why, what have you got?

Right now, not enough yet.

But I may have.

I'll see you back at the house.

I'm so sorry.

Bill Cord was... Was my friend.

I know that's insignificant

compared to the loss
that you feel right now,

but I want you to know...

that you have
someone to lean on.


the next several
days will be difficult.

But we'll get through it.

Somehow, you'll see.


Oh, Mr. Staley.

Uh, I phoned your office.

I was wondering,
would it be convenient

if I stopped by this afternoon?

If you like, we can talk now.

Well, I, uh...

I think it would be better
if we spoke privately.

Four o'clock,
would that be okay?

Yes. Certainly.


Anything at all, you call me.


All right.


On the dot.

How you feeling?

I'll be fine.


Well, get a good
grip on yourself,

because I just came
from the coroner's office.

Now, he's only
just gotten started,

but I can tell you
this right now:

Bill Cord didn't drown.

There was no water in his lungs.



Are you sure this is everything

that was on Mr. Cord's
desk this morning?

Yes, I never disturb any
work Mr. Cord leaves,

he's... He was very particular.

I'm really sorry about Mr. Cord.

I know you are.

And you've been a real
big help, and I thank you.

Do you mind if I use the phone?

Help yourself. Thanks.

Oh, and, Roger?

If a Mr. Bosley calls for me,

please tell him that I went over

to the new Carver
Industries construction site?

Sure thing.




TIFFANY: Hello, Kris? Tiff.

I want you to hop into a cab
and meet me over at the mansion

in about an hour.

I'm sorry, Tiff. I'm going home.

Not unless you wanna be
sorry for the rest of your life

you're not.

Look, no games, okay?

This is no game, Kris.

I want you to sit down
and take a hold of yourself.

There's a very good chance
that Bill Cord was murdered.

With your help I
think we can prove it.



Think you guys would wanna
answer a few questions for me?

Various projects... Wallert.

WALLERT: The foreman
says she's a reporter

from some lady's magazine

doing some article on
hardhats or something.

Oh, she's doing
an article, all right,

we're all gonna be in it.

That's the Welles woman.
From Townsend Associates,

the one who's been rummaging
through my files all week.

What are you talking about?

She's a detective from L.A.

You don't wanna
take my word for it?

Why don't you
invite her in here?

She'll be happy to
take your picture.

Wallert, you're an idiot.

How was I supposed to know?

Lane, handle it.

And make certain
you get the camera.







Hey, lady? You all right?

Look at that car.
You okay, lady?


I'm okay.

Do me a favor, would you,
and call the rental company?

Tell them where they
can pick up their compact.

So then it's your guess

that it was the
sale of the hotel

that was the key to
this whole charade?

Yeah. But I had to
be hit on the head

with a ton of bricks
before I realized it.

But Bill Cord knew.

He had it nailed down
in black and white.

There's a direct link
between Glenn Staley

and Carver Industries.

Then Glenn had to have
an heir for Oliver Barrows

in order to get
possession of the hotel.

That's right.

Kelly, I'm so sorry.

But my guess is, the
documents proving your identity

are just as phony
as Bill's accident.

Mr. Bosley, there's a
telephone call for you.

Oh, thank you.


Now, we know that
Richard Carver's involved.

He's president of
Carver Industries.

But there's a new
member invited to this party.

The license on the limousine
at the construction site

was registered under the name
of none other than Arnold Gundy.



Isn't he the one the
government tried to nail

for that mail fraud
a few years ago?

He's the one.

He's been doing
pretty well since too.

At least well enough to
buy a controlling interest.

From Carver Industries.

Thank you very much.

KELLY: What is it, Bos?

Bill Cord was murdered.

KELLY: Are you sure?

BOSLEY: Yeah, the coroner said
he found traces of a synthetic poison

in his bloodstream.

Seems that if it's
ingested, or even inhaled,

it goes through the
mucous membrane

into the bloodstream
almost immediately.

Results in a heart
attack or a stroke.

Apparently it can
emulate almost anything.

Then it must be Glenn.

Well, we can't be sure of that.

Oliver Barrows died
of a heart attack too,


I was there.

It was Glenn.

I'd stake my life on it.

You may have to if
you wanna prove it.



Well, tell him I'll be
down in my office...

in about a half an hour.

Hi. Hi.

Oh, I'm glad I got this
chance to talk to you

before I go.

Oh, you're leaving?

Yes, as a matter of fact,
all three of us are leaving.

Kris and Tiffany and myself.

An emergency has come up.

I really hate to go right now,

I'm very concerned about Kelly.

Heh. You mean Margaret.

Uh, yes, Margaret.

I wish that she could
accept that name as easily.

You know, I hate to see her
just throw away all that money

because of some fool notion.

What notion is that
exactly, Mr. Bosley?

Well, really it's, uh,
her state of mind.

As you can appreciate,

Bill Cord's death really
hit Kelly very hard.

And now she's
taken it into her head

that maybe it's all wrong.

You know, some kind of an omen

that she's really not
Margaret Barrows after all.

But I have documentation.

BOSLEY: Oh, I-I know that,

but I don't think that is
what Kelly needs right now,

so much as companionship.

That's why I
wanted to talk to you.

You see, uh, Kelly was
going to have us all for dinner

but now that we're
leaving, I was wondering if...

If you'd be good enough
to drop by on her tonight.

I think it would make
her feel a lot better.

Of course we will.
Won't we, darling?

She's had a very difficult time.

You can count on us.

Oh, thanks very much,
I really appreciate that.

Look, uh, could I use the phone?

I have to call the airport.

Oh, please. Thanks.



Okay, let's try it.


Let's reenact it.

It's a good idea.

All right, Harmon,

you pretend that
I'm Mr. Barrows.


You pour for me, right?

Thank you.

I taste it. Right?

Then I pour for Kelly.

Oh, no. No, no, no.

No, it wasn't like that.

No, Mr. Barrows
would never pour,

not even Château Margaux,

without first checking the cork.


The cork.

Anybody check this
cork after Mr. Barrows?

Oh, that simply isn't done.

No one questions the
judgment of the host.

Which means that
I sat next to Oliver

all the while he
was being murdered.


GLENN: Hello.

Ah, so glad the two
of you could make it.

LINDA: Well, it's our pleasure.

Your employer, that is,
your ex-employer Mr. Bosley,

said you might
like some company.

"Ex" is right.

But then I don't have to
worry about that anymore, do I?

Thanks to you.

Where are the servers?

I gave them the night off.

You think that's wise, Margaret?

You know, you really
shouldn't be here in this house

all alone.

But I'm not.

You're here.

She's right, darling.

Well, it looks like we're early.

We didn't know you
were having a dinner party.

Oh, well, uh, I'm not.

But it is beautiful, isn't it?

Oliver would have loved this.

Don't you think?

Margaret, are you
sure you're all right?

Margaret is just fine.

Wonderful in fact.

Come on, sit down. Sit down.


Ah, there now.


How rude of me.

One moment.

Hm. You know, uh,

corks and wines can
be very dangerous.

It was one of these
that killed my father.

Uncle Oliver died
of a heart attack.

Heart attack, death, murder.

They're all the same
anyway, aren't they?

No, there's quite a difference.


Money is a difference, isn't it?

Margaret, you're not
making much sense.

I think we better cut this short

and let you get some rest.


Bill Cord is resting.

Bill had a heart attack also.

Did you know that?

I understood he drowned.

So did the coroner at first.

Big, strong, loving Bill Cord.

Died of a heart
attack, just like that.

Why did you have
to kill him, Glenn?

I understand your grief.

I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry.

But you've obviously
had too much to drink.

You killed them
both, didn't you?

Just a few drops
of heart attack.

There are drugs that
can do that, you know.

Glenn... No, it's all right.

KELLY: But the real
poison was greed, wasn't it?

A greed by the name
of Carver Industries.

You have a very lively
imagination, Miss Garrett.

It is Garrett, isn't it?

Kelly Garrett.

Not Margaret Barrows.

I wasn't the child
born in this house.

With no footprints on file.

No record of life
after 18 months,

no identity.

But then you created
one for me, didn't you?

Very carefully.

I think you're giving
me too much credit.

I think not.

Where did you see my picture?

My resemblance to Mary.

In the newspaper?

In the Bureau of Motor Vehicles?

Yes, I think it was there.

No, as a matter of
fact, it was neither one.

It was an old magazine.

Featuring a very
pretty young lady

graduating from
the police academy.

Glenn, stop it, that's
exactly what she wants.


I found what I wanted
this afternoon in the attic.

That's Margaret Barrows.

You should've checked the attic.

A mother always
keeps these things.

My fingerprints will
never match these.

So there goes your whole scheme.

Ungh. Glenn... Oh!

Ah... Oh.

We all know the tragic loss
that Margaret has suffered.

All the grieving
she's been though,

we've seen it ourselves tonight.

Grab that paper and get the car.

You know, it's too bad.

Because all you had to
do was take the money.

It was all yours.




Let her go, Staley, it's over.

You stay back. You stay back.

BOSLEY: There's no
place to run, Staley.

You come any closer,
I swear I'll kill her.



Don't move, Staley.

Thanks, Kris.


That was for Bill.

It's all right, honey.



Ah, and what is this?

It's my resignation.

I'm quitting.


Look, uh, I made up my mind.

I don't wanna
talk about it, okay?

Well, Charlie's gonna
wanna have a reason.

It's all in there.

You tell him.

Oh, no.

No, no, you handle
this one yourself.


Kris, listen to me.

You can't quit. We're a team.


We were a team.

Hello, Charlie.

CHARLIE: Yes, Bosley.

Uh, look, Charlie, I
have a problem here.

Uh, Kris just dropped her
letter of resignation on me.

Just forget it, Charlie.

Kris doesn't have to leave.

I am.

Seems to be a lot
of that going around.

Care to tell me what it's about?

Well, I caused it, Charlie.

I did some very selfish things

that make it impossible for
Kris and me to work together.

Let's just leave it at that.

That's all I have to say.

KRIS: Look, it was me.

I was the one that was
childish and jealous.

If anybody should
leave, it should be me.

I won't let you
leave because of me.


Look, it was my fault.
I should be the one.

Would you just listen to me?



I'm so sorry, Kris.

I am.

I'm sorry too, Kelly.

Truth is,

I think we were both pretty
lucky to have known him.


No resignations?

Cancel the
resignations, Charlie.



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