Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 24 - One Love... Two Angels: Part I - full transcript

Kelly is contacted by an attorney who tells her she may be the long lost daughter of millionaire Oliver Barrows. When Barrows sees the resemblance between Kelly and his late wife, he is convinced she is his daughter, Margaret Ellen, but Kelly remains skeptical and asks Charlie and the other Angels to look into it.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned [BUZZING]

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.




Hi. Oh.

Kelly Garrett?

That's right.

My name is Bill Cord, I
was referred to you by, uh...

Oh, Tiffany Welles, right?

I'm sorry, Tiffany who?

Look, Mr. Cord, I already
know why you're here.

You do? Yes.

Tiffany bought a new
set of encyclopedias.

She gave my name as a referral,
so she'd get the full discount.

She told me all about it.

Sorry to have wasted
so much of your time,

but I'm just not
interested. Okay?

Bye. Um.

I admire your persistence,
but I'm just not interested.

Miss Garrett, this
could be the most

opportunity of your life.

Oh, sure.

I'm not selling
encyclopedias, I swear.

Oh, you never are.
It's, uh, education.

Or research material.

But if I let you in and
you open up that case,

out will pop all those
beautiful leather bindings,

and in 15 minutes
you'll have sold me

a whole new set
of encyclopedias.

Do you already have
a set of encyclopedias?

Two sets.

Well, then there is
no way in the world

I could sell you
another set, is there?



Now, can we start over please?

I'm, uh, Bill Cord.

"Klein-Hoffman and Associates."

I'm, uh, one of the associates.

Can I come in, please?
Just for a minute.

All right.

Thank you.

Come on in.

Have a seat.


Ah, see there are no
beautiful leather bindings.

Sorry about that.

You were raised in the St.
Angus Home for the Orphan

in Dallas, Texas, right?

Yeah, that's right.

Until the fire, and
then you were moved

into foster homes in the area.

Yes, that was in... 1964.

That fire destroyed most
of the placement records.

It was the biggest obstacle

to my investigation,
as a matter of fact.

What investigation?

Does the name "Barrows"
mean anything to you?

The Barrows Hotel, San Diego.

Well, I know the hotel.

I can't afford
it, but I know it.

Well, I would, um, like you
to examine these please,

if you would.

On December 16th, 1956...

during a blizzard on the highway

between Fort Worth and Dallas

there was a
multiple car accident.

Twenty-three cars to be exact.

And in one of those cars,
Oliver Barrows' wife, Mary,

was killed.

What does that
have to do with me?

Well, also in the car
was a 17-month-old child.

A girl.

In the confusion
following the accident

the, uh, child was lost.

Lost? How?

Six different hospitals, three
different police jurisdictions.

Nobody really knows
how it happened.

But the fact is it happened.

Oliver Barrows did everything
he could to find his child,

but, um, he couldn't.

He's still trying to locate her.

And, um, that's why I'm here.

Oh, now, wait a second.

Miss Garrett, I have
every reason to believe

that you could be Oliver
Barrows' lost daughter.


Well, I'm sorry, I...
I can't believe that.

Well, I've put a great deal
of time into this investigation.

You're more than welcome to
check my research, my notes.

The fact is you
could be his sole heir.


You're taking this much
better than I expected.

Do you mean this man
really could be my father?

Would you like to see a picture?



He has a nice face.

So what do we do now?

Well, forgive me, but I, um...

I have to determine if
you're the right Kelly Garrett.

And that means, uh, blood tests.

Fingerprints, things like that.

And then?

And then I take you to San Diego

and introduce
you to your father.


KELLY: Tell me, Bos,
what do you think?

Well, none of
this is conclusive.

But, gosh, the hair, the eyes,

the birthday, the
blood type, all of it.

This man, Cord,
is very thorough.


He also seemed very sincere.

Well, you've been with
him every day for a week,

if something was
wrong you'd sense it.

Oh, I don't know.

What are you afraid of?

You three and Charlie.

You're the only
real family I have.

BOSLEY: Unless Oliver
Barrows is your father.

To tell you the truth,

I don't know if I want
him to be my father.

But if he is, I want to know.

Then go to San
Diego and find out.

I... I just don't wanna
make a mistake.

Not in this.

KRIS: But you won't.

Just go. And if
you don't go, I will,

because we are
all dying of curiosity.

And while you're there

we'll double-check
some of Cord's data.

Okay. And, uh, you'll
call if you find anything?

We'll call. Goodbye, already.



There goes one lucky girl.

No, you are wrong, Tiff. Why?

Because if she is his daughter,
then Barrows is the lucky one.

You're right.




Dora, Richard.

Good of you to come.

You know Linda, of
course. Oh, yes, indeed.

You look lovely
tonight, my dear.

Thank... We all
look lovely, my dear.

Tell me, where is
the old curmudgeon?

MAN: Who? Uncle Oliver?

I don't think he'd
appreciate that.

Ha-ha, Oliver Barrows
appreciates anyone with a check.

The Assistance League has
been very generous this year,

and I insist he make
an announcement.

Before he begins toasting
every stone and timber

in this old mausoleum.

Well, I think he'll
be happy to see you.

He's just over there, I think.

I've been trying to get
in touch with you all day.

I thought something was
wrong. You didn't return my calls.

Oh, no, just, um... Hectic.

Maybe we can talk later
over a brandy, all right?

All right.

What was that all about?

Just, uh, business.

But I have to go
check the kitchen.


Excuse me.

That's excellent.

Mark. Yes, Mr. Staley.

I want to go over the
selection of the wines with you.

Certainly, sir.

Uh, with the appetizer
I thought we'd start

with the Chassez
Montes... Right.

Yes. Then if you approve,
with the, uh, entrée,

the Chateau Margot.

Oh, Margot.

Yes, the Margot.

Uncle Oliver should
appreciate that.

Substitute a Chateau
Lacombe for the other guests.

Yes, sir.

We better open this
up and let it breathe.

Yes, sir.


That's very good.

Twenty minutes
and it'll be perfect.

Yes, sir.

Ah, there you are.

Oh, Uncle Oliver, I was
just about to come up.

No, it's better here.

Mark, would you
excuse us, please?

Of course, sir.

Can you explain to
me why Dora Carver

seems to think she
owns a piece of my hotel?

She said that?

Not in so many words.

But she was delighted
that Carver Industries

would be a partner
in the maintaining

of such a fine example
of traditional architecture.

I don't know, Richard's company

did put up most of the
reconstruction money.

But that loan was supposed to
be paid back three months ago.

It was, it was, but
I have a feeling

that Richard
neglected to tell Dora.

You be sure he does tell her.

I want no financial problems

when I turn over the
Barrows to the city.

I wish you'd reconsider.

Making the announcement tonight.

Oh, let's not go
over all that again.

You're familiar with the
clause in my grandmother's will:

On my death the
Barrows will go to the city,

unless I have a direct heir.

And I don't.

Uncle Oliver, you can't be sure.

You have a daughter.

My daughter's gone forever.

I've had to face it,
now you have to face it.

Now come and help me
handle that herd upstairs.

Oh, yeah, I'll be
up in a minute,

I have some
things to finish here.

Well, suit yourself.

You've been a good friend.

And I appreciate all the years
you've given to the Barrows.




The Chateau Margot, sir.

Oh, thank you, Mark.

Is anything wrong, sir?

Should be just fine,
I tasted it myself.

Pour a little.

Very good.

Excellent, as a matter of fact.

Fill it up.

Thank you.




Mr. Barrows, sir?
Are you all right?


Get Dr. Cotter.

Yes, sir. Maurice!

Somebody call an ambulance.

Don't worry, Uncle Oliver,
you're gonna be all right.

Everything's gonna be just fine.



Are you all right?

You mean aside
from being terrified?

Aside from being terrified.

Oh, I'm fine.

Come on.




I'm William Cord,

I believe Mr. Staley
is expecting us.

Oh, yes, sir, if you'd
follow me, please.


And you are Miss Garrett.

I'm Glenn Staley. Hello.


Well, you were right,
she's everything you said.

Um, well, I don't know
what he told you, but...

Well, he told me that
you were very lovely

and very intelligent. Strangely
enough not in that order.


Kelly's a little worried
about meeting, Mr. Barrows.

He is expecting us, isn't he?

Well, he's very much looking
forward to meeting you.

Unfortunately I do have to
prepare you for something...

rather unpleasant.

Uncle Oliver suffered a
minor coronary last night.

Well, how... How is he?

Oh, he's fine, he's fine.

As I said, it was very mild.

Well, maybe we should
come back another time.

I think that would be better.

He's looking forward
to seeing you.

He's waiting for you
right now, right this way.


Uncle Oliver, this
is Bill Cord and...

someone we'd like you to meet.

OLIVER: Well, come in.

So you're Miss Garrett?

Is that your real name?

I don't know my real name.

Garrett is the family
name of one of the sisters

at the orphanage
where I was raised.

I see.

And you believe your true
name might be the same as mine?


Well, I don't know what
to believe, Mr. Barrows.

But I've done quite
well with Garrett.

Yes, I can see how
well you've been doing

by reading these papers.

Why do you want
to be my daughter?

Uh, you make this sound
like some kind of audition.

I don't want to
be your daughter.

But if I am, I'd
like to know it.

You realize you're
not the first young lady

who's been presented
to me as my daughter.

I can appreciate
your suspicions, but...

Miss Garrett.

Are you after my money?

I'm sorry to have taken
up so much of your time, sir.

I think we both made a mistake.

OLIVER: Is that all
you've got to say?

That's all I can say
and still remain a lady.


Come back here.

And forget the "sir".

Turn around.

You haven't looked at her once.

Looked at who?

Over there.


My wife, Mary.

And if my instincts are correct:

She's your mother, child.



KELLY: You should have
told me about the painting.

You can't imagine how I
felt standing there looking at...

CORD: At yourself?

All right, I apologize,
but we all wanted to see...

KELLY: How I would react?

I think that was deceitful,
manipulative, and dishonest.

No, never dishonest.

Now, ever since Staley hired us,

I've been working 24
hours a day on this case.

I deserved the chance
to see if I was right.

And you believe you were.

Well, any doubts I had are gone.

Kelly, you've got to accept it.

The old man does.

So I accept, and
everyone's satisfied.

Not good enough, Mr. Cord.

Mr. Cord?

All last week it was Bill.

I want every item
that led you to me.

I want it checked
and re-checked.

I want to be sure I am who I am.

Or at least who he thinks I am.


You're a very stubborn lady.

OLIVER: Margaret?


Mr. Barrows, you
know the doctor said

that you're not supposed
to walk on your own.

You're supposed to
stay in your wheelchair.

Oh, be quiet, girl. Margaret?


These grounds
haven't been graced

with such loveliness
in 20 years.

Thank you, Mr. Barrows, but...

And enough with
the "Mr. Barrows".

I'd like you to call me Father.

But I'll settle for Oliver,

if that will be
more comfortable.

And as for you, Mr. Cord.

I haven't had a chance
to voice my appreciation.

Excellent work.

There'll be a letter on
the desk of your firm

tomorrow morning, together
with a sizeable bonus

for you too, I might add.

That's really not
necessary, sir.

OLIVER: Well, if it weren't,

it wouldn't be worth
mentioning, would it?

Margaret, you and
I have places to go

and things to do.

It's time this city took
a look at my daughter.

CORD: I couldn't agree more.

Speaking of bonuses,
you'll have no objections then

if I take your daughter
to dinner this evening.

You'd be foolish if you didn't.


Well, what do you think?

It's lovely.

We'll take it.

And the other two.


KELLY: It's really beautiful.

OLIVER: Yes, your
great-grandmother thought so.

We spent a fortune
on those chandeliers.

Brought them all
the way from Vienna.

I can see why.

And sometimes when
there's a slight breeze

and the crystals touch,

if you listen closely
you can hear someone

playing the Strauss Waltz.

When this room
is full of people,

I bet it's like something
out of a fairy tale.

She'd be glad to know
The Barrows is yours.


No, please, no protest,
that was her doing, not mine.

I merely held it in trust.

I don't understand.

Well, she wanted the
hotel to belong to someone

who appreciated it.

Loved it as much as she did.

The 25 year-old regal, I
didn't quite fit her image.

Although she allowed that I
might have a child who would.

And I think you are just
what she had in mind.



Good evening, Mr. Cord.

Good evening, Eva.

Could you tell Kelly
that I'm here, please?


Eva, the first thing you do

is make Mr. Cord a drink.

He's going to need it.

What'll you have, son?

Um, scotch on
the rocks, I guess.

Easy on the rocks.

Young man, I will be in your
debt for the rest of my life.


Today was the most wonderful
day I've spent in my entire life.

With Kelly?

Margaret. Margaret Ellen,
whether she likes it or not.

Well, I think she's
gonna have to like it.

I've been back over all my
research that led my to her

and it looks sound.

I need no shadows
cleared away, Mr. Cord.

I'm her father, not
a research analyst.

This was at her request, sir.

Well, forget it.

I'm quite satisfied with
the daughter I have.

My lawyers are presently making
up all the necessary papers.

Well, then... Thank you.

She's a very lovely lady.

You don't know how lovely.


Well, I, uh, did say
the yacht club, didn't I?

That is what you said.

Well, it'll be an
interesting evening.

Let's go. Sir.

Have a good time.

Bye, Oliver.


All right. One more.

grow big and strong.

I can't eat another
bite. Sure you can.

Listen, these are better
hamburgers than they make...

I know. They're much
better than at the yacht club.

Look, I'm sorry. I should
have explained things to you,

but there really
is a yacht club,

it's... And this is a
Y.A.T. yacht club.

It means young and thrifty.


Just some friends,
we get together,

share the wealth
and have a good time.

And you're not having
a good time, are you?

Oh, I'm having a
great time. I love it.

But it wasn't what you expected.

Well, no, it's, uh, it's
not what I expected.

Did you see the looks that I got
when we walked down the dock?

Oh, don't worry
about my friends,

they're used to the
unexpected from me. It's normal.

Ah. Well, I hope I did my part

in keeping your
reputation alive.

I think you just
made my reputation.

You want to dance? Here?

Oh, sure, it's a
regular cotillion.

Come on. Ah.



I think you're crazy.

Well, I may be crazy,

but I'm not dangerous.

I thought lawyers were
supposed to be, uh,

straight and consistent,
and dependable.

And dull.

You're not dull.
No way. Not you.

I think you'd better
get to know me

a little bit better
before you make

any rash statements like that.

Well, I've been with
you every day for a week.

I think I know you pretty well.

Oh, you do, huh?

Yeah, I do, huh.

I want you to know I didn't
plan on it ending this way.

Neither did I.

Do you want me to take you home?


Come with me.



Are you Staley?

Glenn Staley?

Who are you? What do you want?

Mr. Gundy wants to talk to you.


I said, Mr. Gundy
wants to talk to you.

Richard, what the hell is this?

I came here to do the talking.

Mr. Carver tells me
the old man nearly died.

His hotel goes to the city,

it costs me $15 million.

I wouldn't like that.
What's he talking about?

Well, I, uh, told you I
needed outside money.

It's $3 million for those bonds
he was supposed to pay off.

You must live very well to let
yourself slide that far behind.

My deal is with
Carver Industries.

Your deal is with me since
I bailed your friend out.

I am Carver Industries.

Consequently, I
hold $12 million worth

of options on
properties in this block,

none of which are worth anything

for development,
without the hotel.

So I'll deliver.

Reassure me.

The old man
nearly gave the hotel

to the city the other night,

I stopped him before he
could make the announcement.

Glenn, how?

How doesn't matter,
the point is it worked.

GUNDY: He's right.

Where does that leave
Carver Industries' investment?

Exactly where I promised.

What about the girl who may
turn out to be his lost daughter?

What about her?

She's the key to
my plan, that's all.

Glenn, I... I still don't see
what you have in mind.

Just be patient,
Richard, you'll see.

We better see.

My options on the property's
come due in six weeks.

You fail, Staley,

we'll exercise
our option on you.




I appreciate everything,

but tonight,
well, it's too soon.

I see. You've been talking
to that young man of yours.

Well, I expected a
lawyer to be more discreet.

Please. Please
try and understand.

This week has been wonderful,
more than I can dream possible,

but we still don't
know for sure.

Well, I am.

And your mother would be too.

But why are you dissatisfied?

Is it me?

Oh, you know that's not true.

If I had selected a father
I couldn't have chosen

anyone more kind and
gracious and loving.

That's why I want you to wait.

I care for you, Oliver,

and I want this to
be right and true.

That's why I want you
to wear this tonight.

It was your mother's.

Her favorite.

Oliver, it's beautiful.

So are you.

Now no more
protests, understood?


Mr. Staley, nephew or not,

I never allow anyone to
fuss about in the kitchen.

Well, it's force of habit.

You know how particular
Uncle Oliver is about his Margot.

Well, you'll find out
how particular I am

if you're still here
when I come back.





I know you're all
aware that tonight marks

a very special
moment in my life,

the return of my daughter.

Few men have been so
blessed as to have lost

and found such
a beautiful jewel.

Made more precious
by the loss of time.

Affection, like good wine,

does not wither with age.

Which reminds me,
I'm entitled to one glass.



A full glass, if you please.

WAITER: Yes, sir.

OLIVER: It is with great pride
and joy that I announce today,

not only in my heart,
but legally as well,

that the beautiful
lady sitting at my right

is my daughter.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you

Miss Margaret Ellen Barrows.


To you, Father.



Mr. Barrows?


Mr. Barrows?

Wallert, call the doctor.

Kelly... [♪♪♪]

I'm so sorry.

Anything I can do.

Any of us.

Thank you.

Well, Uncle Oliver
was a good man.

If it's of any comfort to you,

you made him happier
than I've ever seen him.

I only wish that...
Thank you, Glenn.

GLENN: Margaret, I know
this isn't the time or the place,

but as Uncle Oliver's
executer there are some details

concerning the estate
that need to be attended to.

So when you're
ready, you call me.

I don't want it.

I understand you're
upset. We'll talk later.

KELLY: No, I'm not upset,

I just don't want
something that's not mine.

It is yours.

The Barrows belongs to
you, it's your responsibility.

Uncle Oliver gave it
to you, to no one else.

Kelly, he's right.

We'll talk when
you feel like it.


Here. Oh, no, thank you.

What I need are answers.

I have to know, Bill.

Kelly... don't put
yourself through this.

Oliver Barrows was
satisfied, why can't you be?

You said it yourself, because
now it's my responsibility.

And I'm not gonna be satisfied

until I know the truth.

Will you help me?

You know I will.

You won't be working
alone this time.



Charlie, this is Kelly.

Kelly, you sound strange.

Something wrong?

Oliver Barrows is dead.

Oh, I'm sorry. I truly am.

If there's anything I can do.

I wanna hire you.

I need to know who I am.


TIFFANY: Kelly went
through all that alone?

Why didn't she call us?

CHARLIE: Well, she has now.

Angels, William Cord's
work was done as a lawyer,

primarily research.

I want to start fresh. I
don't understand, Charlie,

who's challenging the
right to the inheritance?

She is.

That's why I want you to
go to San Diego, Tiffany,

work with Kelly.

Go at it as though
neither of you

had ever heard of
Margaret Ellen Barrows.

Concentrate on the estate
and anyone associated with it.

If there's anyone with
anything to gain, besides Kelly,

in all this, it should be there.

All right, Charlie.

What about me, Charlie?

You stay here, Kris.

Cord should be in Los
Angeles within 24 hours.

I want you to pick up the
trail where his research left off.

If there's the slightest
variance, dig it out.

Will do.

Any questions, Bosley?

No, Charlie, uh, just concern.

Depending on how this
goes, somebody could get hurt.

And I, uh... well, I just
wish I could be sure

that it wasn't
going to be Kelly.

So do I, Bosley. So do I.



CARVER: You realize, Mr. Worden,

that we went to a
great deal of trouble

to make sure that
your law firm handled

the probate to the
Barrows' estate.

WORDEN: Much appreciated.
By far the largest I've ever handled.

So I shouldn't think
time would be a problem?

I don't know, the pay
cells and the title structures,

no legal incumbencies.

Takes time before
the state taxes

can be paid and
everything wrapped up.

It's important that you
understand you have three weeks.

Three week...?
That's impossible.

Three weeks to sell just
the hotel, The Barrows.

That's all we're interested in.

Well, what you're
asking could be

very expensive.

I mean, I-I have to
answer to the state.

There are others
that have to be paid.

GLENN: Cut it.

You just do it.

Three weeks.

Enjoy your lunch, Mr. Worden.

Excuse me.

Well, if all this was mine

I wouldn't take a
chance of losing it.

Neither would I, if
it really is all mine.

That's why I wanted
you and Kris and Bos.

I-I want no ifs, no questions.

Questions? I have
one. Why didn't you call?

I would have arranged lunch

in one of the private
dining rooms for you.

Glenn, this is Tiffany.

She works for
the same firm I do.

How do you do, Tiffany?

Between us, I
think your employer

should arrange a
replacement for Margaret here.

Kelly. Please, Glenn.

All right, Kelly.

But it is Margaret Barrows

that has some important
decisions to make.

You seem very sure that
Kelly is Mr. Barrows' daughter.

No doubts, huh?

My only concern is
that Kelly has doubts.

Uncle Oliver didn't have any.

I have a whole file
cabinet full of proof.

Good. I'd like to start
there then, if I may?

I don't understand.

I want Tiffany to
examine everything.

Oh. Well, she's welcome
to look at whatever she likes.

Thank you. But, by the way,

there are some documents,
and I do need your signature.

Margaret Barrows' signature?

I'm sorry, but not yet.

Kelly, it could take months
or years to clear up this estate

and there are the other
bequests to consider.

Financially speaking,
it's extremely irresponsible

to continue this way.

I'm sorry, but I said not yet.

Well, of course.

There's so many things
I didn't know about Kelly.

You know, I had no idea
she ever lived up here.

I don't think she did either.
Mrs. Blaine had to give her up

after a year when
her husband died.

They weren't as lenient in
foster home placement then

as they are now.

Next stop.


Well, it has been an
incredible four days.

What an adventure.

Wait a minute, this
is only the beginning.

I still don't know
how you did it.

Did what?

Well, you have a missing
child, born at home in San Diego,

lost after a car crash
in Texas, no fingerprints.

Well, I hate to admit it,
but it really wasn't me,

it was a computer.
Glenn Staley's idea.

I don't get it.

I didn't either till I saw
the computer work.

You see, Barrows only
had pictures of the baby,

his wife, Mary, and himself,
and two generations before him.

So you put the pictures
in the computer?

That's right.

And it gives you back
is projected possibilities

of facial characteristics
at different ages.

That's all there
is to it? [LAUGHS]

Hardly, then comes the legwork.

Driver's licenses,
government employee records,

state licenses, etcetera,
etcetera, etcetera.

Yeah, I guess we're
all on a file somewhere.

Especially pretty
lady detectives.

But I had six good,
strong possibilities,

so I worked backwards from there

until I found state
foster care people

who handled children
from the orphanage.

The Blaines took the job
while they lived in Texas.

Brought Kelly to California
when they moved here.

I think you missed
your calling. How's that?

I think Charlie could use you.




Oh, no.

Wait a minute. Bill.

Don't panic, I'll have to
find a place to pull over.

Bill. Hold on.


Wait a second,
I'll put up the top.


What's the matter? It's stuck.

Here, put this on your head.

Come on. Come on out.

Come on, take my hand.


Oh, my shoe.

I got it, I got it. Come on.




Well, one thing about the
weather this time of year,

it's very unpredictable.

Yeah, especially if it's
one of those freaky storms

that comes up from the south.

Sure doesn't look
like it's gonna let up.

Ooh. Here.

Put this around you. Thank you.

Try to stay warm.

Um, we might be
here a little while,

so I'll go out and see if I can
get the top up on the car, okay?

Yeah, that's
probably a good idea.


Four days that woman's
been at those files. Four days.

I can't afford four days.

What does she hope to find?

Nothing to find.

Why does she have
to be a detective?

There was no way of knowing
what she was gonna be.

Couldn't this Tiffany Welles
be putting on some kind of act?

What difference does it make?

If this drags on much longer
we're all going to be ruined.

Glenn, what if the new
Miss Barrows were dead?

I don't like it.

I don't like what
your suggesting.

You've heard the
phrase all or nothing.

Wait a minute, Uncle
Oliver was different.

I put up with everything
from him over the years.


There's really very
little difference.

We're so close.

How do you suggest I do it?

Didn't the old man
give her a new car?


And don't new cars sometimes
get mechanical defects?

Little bugs that have
to be worked out?









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