Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 23 - Toni's Boys - full transcript

After an attempt is made on the Angels' lives, Charlie hires a rival detective agency run by his old friend, Antonia Blake, to keep an eye on his employees. Blake, who likes to be called 'Toni', assigns her three boys to the case. They are: former U.S. Olympic champion Bob Sorenson, master of disguise Matt Parrish and champion rodeo rider, roper and tracker Cotton Harper. The Angels, feeling they can solve the case themselves, try to ditch the men as soon as possible.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned... [BUZZING]

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.



Excellent work, Riso.

The packages are identical.

Yeah, well, they should be.

I bought the wrapping
paper from the same store.





Uh, dreadfully sorry,

must have the wrong number.

Oh, Bos, it's beautiful.

Thank you.


Hi. Hi.

Here, I'll get it.

Oh. Okay?

Stopped at the deli, eh?


Happy birthday. Thank you.

There's more in the
car. I'll be right back.

Just a few more seconds now.


Goodbye, Angels.

Except for some
minor bruises, I'm fine,

but my car, Charlie,
uh, it's a total loss.

CHARLIE: Cars are
replaceable, Kelly, you're not.

What we can't figure out is
who the bomb was meant for,

me or Tiffany, or why?

I have a nasty feeling
someone wanted all of you

out of the picture.

You remember that
near-miss accident

the three of you had last week?

That could have
been a coincidence.

Maybe, but I don't want
to take any chances.

I want the three of you to be
at 612 Wessex Road in an hour.

Don't ask any
questions, just be there.


You think there's a party?

Maybe somebody
just has a big family.


Well, there's only
one way to find out.


Oh, how lovely.

You must be
Mr. Townsend's associates.

Come in, come
in. You're expected.

By whom?

By Toni, of course.

This way, please.

Wait a minute.

Who's Toni?

I don't know.


Where did he go?

What is this place?

TIFFANY: Like I said
before, who is Toni?

TONI: I'm Toni.

And these are my boys:

Bob Sorensen.

Matt Parrish.

Cotton Harper.

Please, sit down.

We'll be right down.


You don't think
this is some kind

of a dating service, do you?

Oh, come on. Charlie
wouldn't do that.

How do you know? Right, uh...

Well, we'll just have to go
with it and see what happens.


Well, you are three of
the loveliest young ladies

I have ever seen.

We're also three
confused ladies.

Oh, not for long.

Anyone care to join me
in a glass of white wine?

Ladies, wine?

ALL: No, thank you.

You have a tall,
cold one back there?

Apple juice for you, right, Bob?

Look, if you don't mind,

Charlie, darling,

you're punctual as always.

Antonia. Angels, are you there?

Yes, Charlie, we're here.

But I think we're wondering why.

Well, I've asked
Antonia to help us out.

When Charlie told me
about your accidents,

I suggested you
come here immediately,

and for once he agreed with me.

Well, that's very nice of you,
but, uh, how can you help us?

We're going to protect you.

What? Protect us?

What? Look, Charlie,

we don't need bodyguards,
we're detectives, remember?

So are we.

My husband ran the best
private detective agency

in the country
when he was alive.

Now that he's
gone, I've taken over.

Charlie, we appreciate
your concern,

but, uh, we can take
care of ourselves.

Not as good as my boys can.

Now, Bob is a former
U.S. Olympic Champion,

and Matt is a master of
disguises and weapons,

and Cotton is a champion
rodeo rider, roper and trucker.

BOB: And we'd like to start

by getting as much
information from you as possible.

Well, if you're such
a red-hot sleuth,

get the information yourself.

Careful, Tiff, I
wouldn't get him upset.

He might decide to shot
put you or something.

You gals seen any strange
dudes hanging around

or noticed anyone following
you in the last few weeks?

Why would someone want to hit

all three of you
at the same time?

Think about it, now.

Who would have a motive?

Wait a minute, fellas.

Hold it.

Angels, I know how you feel,

but like it or not, you've
become clients here.

Now, you see, you're
known quantities,

and that makes it impractical,

even dangerous to
work on this alone.

TONI: He's right.

Now, you go about your
business, do your usual routine,

stay independent of each other,

and we'll do the rest.

Meantime, Antonia and I will
start checking on back cases.

But until we come
up with something,

my boys go every place you go.



Psst. What are we going to do?

We can't have them
following around after us

every place we go.

Well, they can't follow
us everywhere, can they?

No, they can't. Rolph,

is there a powder room
around here anywhere?

Yes, madam, just straight ahead.

Thank you. Mm-hm.

Well, I don't know
about you two,

but I feel like we're
on a triple blind date

with Captain America, James
Bond and the Lone Ranger.

And I think we're a little

beyond the chaperone
stage, don't you?

Charlie really must be worried.

I suggest we lose them and
meet back at the office right now.

Right. [♪♪♪]

KRIS: Well, this should
hold us over for the weekend.

BOB: I think so. I only need
more than two bags a day

when I'm in training.

Would you hurry up, Kris?

I mean, you're a sitting
duck out here in the open.

Oh, my keys are in my purse.

Can you take this?


Got it? Yeah.

All right. Thanks.




Man, listen.

You're a detective,

but you're an actor
too, right? Mm-hm.

So maybe while you're here,

how would you
feel about giving me

some pointers on what to wear,

you know, when I
work undercover.

Let's see what you have. Okay.

Here? Yeah.

Now, let's look for
that little surprise.

Like, a scarf, or maybe...

Sorry. Truly, I'm sorry.




It's over there.

Uh, the owner gave me
a ticket to get it cleaned

at the car wash
around the corner.

Okay, but I'll be
right behind you.



It's okay, fellas.

It's okay.

TIFFANY: I feel bad about
locking Matt in the closet.

KELLY: Oh, well, I
hope he gets out all right.

Listen, if he's good
at his job, he will,

and if he's not, well...

He is good.

Not as good as I thought,

or I wouldn't have fallen
for that line so easily.



I understand perfectly.

No one's to blame.

How would I know she'd leave
the present in the car so long?

You know, once that timer's
set, there's no way to change it.

Damn it.

I told you. It's okay.

Yeah, but this was our shot.

I don't like to go
that public and miss.

It's... It's bad for
my reputation.


Well, don't put this
one in your résumé.

No one can stay so lucky
as those three broads.

On the other hand,

the more difficult the hunt,

the sweeter the kill.

It's gonna be rough now.

We've lost the
element of surprise.

Couldn't be that rough.

As a matter of fact, I have
a plan. Very simple one.

Our business should
be concluded here

in plenty of time for
me to head up north

for the opening
of the new winery.


Now, I have three bottles

of Dom Pérignon, '55.

We're going to drink
one each of these

to celebrate the disposal

of each of our lovely
young ladies. Salute.

Salute. [♪♪♪]

KRIS: What I want to know
is who gave you the right

to go through Charlie's files?

Now, just hold on there, Krissy.

Please, don't talk
to me like that.

It sounds like you're
calming down your horse.

BOB: Look, Charlie gave us
permission to go through the files.

TIFFANY: Maybe we'd like to
hear that from Charlie himself.

Unfortunately, I
just did. Oh, no.

Look, we understand
how you feel,

but if you just work with us...

We work together.
Kelly, Kris and I,

the three of us, that's all.

Not this time, ladies.

Charlie would never forgive
me if anything happened to you.

We are in and we are staying in.

COTTON: There have been
several accidents already.

Now, a miss is
as good as a mile,

but nobody's going to be worried

about how clean the shot
was when you're all dead.

BOB: That's right,
and whoever it is

knows you three.

So without our help,

I'd say the odds
are against you.

Look, we're going to protect
you with or without your help,

but it would certainly
be a lot easier,

and a lot more fun,
with your cooperation.

Well, I don't know
about the fun part,

but okay.

Did you find
anything in the files?

TONI: No, but Charlie and I

came up with an
interesting possibility.

Michael Durano.

Didn't you three testify
against Durano at his trial?

It does sound vaguely familiar.

He was a man of many talents.

Drugs. Prostitution.

He did swear he'd get
all three of us, you know.

It's hard to believe that
one of Durano's men

would be that loyal
to come after us

when he's not
around to supervise.

Ah, but that's just
it. He is around.

That's what makes it such
an interesting possibility.

Yeah, he got out of the
slammer two weeks ago.

For a 20-year sentence?

Of which he only
served six months.

I think we better
locate Mr. Durano

before he figures out
his next clever move.

Cotton, first thing
in the morning,

check out the stables
where Durano's daughters

used to take riding lessons.

And, Matt, see
what you can find out

about the Rochel Modeling Agency

he used as a front. Right.

And, Bob, you check
the strip tease joint

Durano used to own a piece of.

I'll get on it.


KRIS: Uh, ahem, yoo-hoo.

Aren't you forgetting something?

Like what?

Like us.


Listen, I'm a singer,
and I was wondering if...

Sorry, honey, no girl singers.

Would you just listen to her?

We really need the work.

Hm. Your accompanist?

Yeah, sort of.

Oh, I might have a spot
for you. What's your name?

Bob Sorensen.

It's nice. Has a
certain ring to it.

Take your shirt off.

Take my shirt off?

Yeah, I want to see
the merchandise.

What instrument,
uh, do you play?


A little piano.

That's perfect.

Is the rest of you that good?

Well, I haven't
had any complaints.

I'll bet.

Uh, how does 500 a week sound?

Well, I don't know, uh,

a buddy of mine
used to own this place.

Mike Durano.

And, uh, honestly, I,
uh, wouldn't want him

to see me working
here as a bouncer.

I'll tell you in
the first place,

Mike Durano is out.

He said he was going
into a legitimate business,

and in second place,

I'm not seeing you as a bouncer.

Nobody's going to touch
you, honey. I mean, you're...

You're a work of art.

I think we got our signals
crossed somewhere.

What job do you want me for?

Well, I want you to back
up Arnie in the band.

Who's Arnie?

Who's Arnie?

What are you, a
banana? Arnie's a star.

Hey, Arnie, you
ready to rehearse?


Arnie's my class act.

Yeah, a real Fred Astaire.

He's a male stripper.

Uh, he prefers to be
called an exotic dancer.

Oh, yes, that's much better.

You should see the
women flocking in here.

All ages, even
grandmothers, they love it.


I think it's time us ladies had
something yummy to look at,

don't you think?


Uh, can I ask you a question?


As a member of the backup band,

uh, what would I wear?

Nothing much.

Just your cello.



Look, why don't you let
me handle this one? Okay?

Excuse me.

I'm looking for the
riding instructor,

Sunny O'Day?

I'm Sunny.

I guess I do about
everything around here.

Including instruction.

You want to sign
up for some lessons?

No, not exactly.

But there were two girls
who used to take lessons here:

Lauren, Morgan Durano?

I can't keep all the
kid" names straight.

Looks like a kicker to me.

You need a hand?

Nah, I can handle her

Now, you go right
ahead and pull that shoe.

I used to know this old
shoer up in Montana.

Had himself this little
scrawny sort of mutt.

Followed him everywhere.

That dog was smart, though,

he'd sit right under the horse

until that old man had cut off

a piece of hoof trimmings.

I do that for my
own dog sometimes.

Yeah, well, I hear
having a dog around

really calms down
a spooky horse.

Makes him feel like
he's got a buddy.

You know, Cotton, that's
a real heartwarming tale.

She with you?

COTTON: Yeah, we're, uh...

Yeah, she's with me.

So you sure you don't
know anything about those,

uh, Durano girls?

What do you want to know?

Well, I talked to the
father a while back

about some horses for 'em.

And then I heard he
went away for a while.

Sort of lost contact.

SUNNY: Well, tell the truth,

the girls quit
lessons a while back,

but they just started up again.


Wouldn't happen to have
an address on 'em, would ya?

See, I've got two
beautiful Arabians that I...

I think those girls might like.

I think they have got a
ranch up in Far Valley.

Hang on.

I'll get the address for you.

I sure would appreciate it.

I'm sorry, I'm not doing
any interviews today.

Well, I suppose I spend a
couple of moments of my time.

I'm Anne Moore.

And you are exquisite.

No, I am Tiffany Welles.


I'm Matthew Parrish.

Are you together?

No, we're not together.

I'm just back from
six months in Europe,

where I did a lot of work
for Beau Monde and Visage.

If you'd like to see
some pictures...

Some other time.

Your look is a little last year.

Do you have a portfolio?

Me? No, I'm just
kind of starting out.

Are you sure there's
nothing for me?

Look, why don't you come
back in a couple of weeks, okay?

A bientôt.

You may have exactly the
face we've been looking for.

Why don't you fill
this out for me? Okay?

All right.

Will you excuse me for a moment?





Durano here.

Hello, it's Anne.

You know, I never forget a face.

Especially one I've
seen on the witness stand

testifying against
you at the trial.

Which one?

Tiffany Welles.

Beautiful. Can
you keep her there?

We'll meet you outside.




You are not going to
believe the luck. What?

We can go see
the client right now.

Right now? Mm-hm.

Oh, I can't go right now.

Why not?

Uh, I look a mess.

You look fabulous,

and you're exactly what
he's been looking for.

All right, I'll follow
you in my car.


He's going to pick
you up himself.

Wait a minute.

My client doesn't like to wait.

You always interview
models like this?

If they're from the
Townsend Agency.



MATT: I feel terrible.

I should have stayed with her.

Don't blame yourself, Matt.

Tiffany wouldn't want you to.

I know that we haven't
been very cooperative,

but Kelly and I would like
to put all that aside, okay?

Now, we know Durano
has Tiffany, but where?

Well, we know he has
a ranch out in Far Valley.

TONI: Well, he
has lots of places.

Condos, heaven knows what else.

And we also know from
the lady at the male strip joint

that he's been trying
to clean up his act.

At least on the surface.

Mr. Durano's internal revenue
report is on top, madam.

Thank you.

Well, look what we have here.

He just bought a
controlling interest

in the Fiorno Brothers Winery,

and he has a private plane
he uses for business travel.

Ahem. Excuse me,
madam. Yes, what is it?

ROLF: I do seem to
recall you were invited

to some sort of gala by
the Fiorno wines people.

Oh, why didn't you tell me?

Oh, madam, Fiorno
produces a very ordinary wine.

Wait a minute.

When Tiffany and I went
into the modeling agency,

the two girls came out
carrying bottles of wine.

So someone there
contacted Durano.

Matt, back to the
modeling agency,

go home, prepare,

I want you there when it opens.

I'm on my way.

Mr. Durano, the plane's ready.

Yes. I'll be right there.

I have to go north for
some business at the winery.

But don't worry,

I'll fly back tomorrow morning.

Well, you'll understand if I
don't wish you a safe flight.

Heh-heh! Miss Welles.

Very witty young lady.

But somehow I think
I'll have the last laugh.

Marta, I know you look
stunning in black, darling,

but they don't make black wines.

All the gowns are
color coordinated

to go with the wines
for the presentation.

If you will meet me there,
we will figure something out.

Two days in a row.

What, are you stubborn
or just desperate?

Well, from my point of view,


Trust me.

Take no for an answer.

I have a real problem
with that word.

Then I think I'm gonna have
a real problem with you too.

I can buy you a drink and
maybe we can figure out

how to solve both our problems.

Very smooth.

I don't think so, no.

There's that word again.

I don't have any work for you.

Nothing at all for a man
with a long list of credits?

Why don't you take a
look through my portfolio?

Will I get a real thrill?



You're outrageous.

Only sometimes.

And only with certain people.


but I have to co-host
a show tonight.

A very important
show for Fiorno Wines.

Can meet somewhere later.

Well, the show starts at 8
and I'm sure it's not going to be

near finished until about 11.

What a coincidence.

I'm at my best after 11.

I bet you are.


Are you sure there's
not a job for me

at the show tonight?

I can do anything.

Why don't you let me
take tickets at the door?

That way I can be close,

at a moment's notice
when you're finished.

You really don't take no
for an answer, do you?


How do you look in a tuxedo?


If you say so.


If the show is presenting
Fiorno Wines' new products,

Durano has to be there.

And so do we.

Phone my old friend
Harlem Wainwright

in Santa Barbara.

He has a very
special bottle of wine

he's been trying to
give me for years.

I think now is the
time to accept it.

I'll take care of it.

Cotton, go home,
put on your best suit.

Oh, Rolph?

Please find the invitation
to the wine show.

I think I'll be going after all.

Very good, madam.

Toni, what about Kelly and I?

Oh, you'll be going too.

What will we be doing?

What's our cover?

You won't have any.

But Durano will
recognize us right away.


Of course. We're the bait.

They'll take us to Tiffany
and the boys will follow us.

I wish we'd thought of that.


[IN SOUTHERN ACCENT] I'm Estella McQueen
and this is my foreman Dallas Harper.

But, ma'am, your name isn't...

Oh, no, no, belongs to
my friend Antonia Blake,

but she gave it to me.

She thought I might
have some fun here.

Well, I don't know.

What don't you know, boy?

What seems to be
the problem here?

Uh, Mr. Durano, Mrs. McQueen...

The problem is, this
fool won't let us in.

He's just doing his job,

I'm the fool for not putting you
on the guest list to begin with.

But, please, accept my
apologies and a place at my table.

Oh, well, now, that's
very nice of you, Mr...


Michelangelo Durano.


I think I'm gonna call you Mike.


My table is right this way.

Were there any particular wines

you were interested
in, Mrs. McQueen?

Ms. McQueen.

I'm in the market again,
if you know what I mean.

Mr. Durano.

Pardon me, be right back.

Did you see Matt and the girls?

Not yet.

But that guy taking
invitations is, uh,

one of Durano's top hands.

His name's Messina.

Ah, yes,

I remember reading
his name in the dossier

Charlie did on Durano.


Anybody else you recognize?

Nope. But I'll keep looking.

Excuse me, do you mind?

I'm trying to get
ready for the show.

We'll only take a
couple of minutes.

Well, who are you anyway?

Hotel security.

You don't look
like hotel security.

We're undercover.

Uh, we got a tip that there
was a bomb planted in here.

A bomb?

Look, it was probably
just a crank call.

What do you mean,
"probably"? Wh-what if it's real?

Don't worry, we'll find it.

We have the police
bomb squad standing by.


Look, we don't
wanna cause a panic.

Look, I'm gonna wait
out in my car, okay?

It's out in the parking lot.

That's probably the best idea.

We'll let you know when
it's okay to come back in.


Thank you.

Fiorno Brothers burgundy
and Chandon Blanc

are excellent choices
for house wines

for any type of cuisine.

Our burgundy is a
robust hearty wine

with a rich ruby color,

and a body to match.


That fellow down
there's staring at you.

Do you know him?

Oh, that's Riso. Uh,
he works for Mr. Durano,

along with that guy
sitting next to him.

Chandon Blanc, for those
of you who prefer dry,

but not too dry, white wine.

Remember, gentlemen,

those beautiful gowns
are available for purchase

if you feel like
buying a present

for that lovely
lady in your life.

That one's Riso,
the explosives expert.

Now, as soon as Bob gets
here to cover backstage,

we'll be ready.

Hi, gotta deliver
these backstage.

Look, uh, nobody goes
backstage during the show.

He just came in.

Hey, if these things wilt,
I'm in big trouble, you know?

Okay. Wait here.
I'll see what I can do.

Thanks. Appreciate it.

Fiorno Brothers' sparkling rosé

adds a festive touch
to any dining occasion.


I wish I could see his face.

Just do your jobs.

I'll watch Durano.

ANNE: Of course,
our superior Chablis

will delight customers of
the most discerning palates.




I think we got his attention.

Think he'll go for the bait?

Just go with whatever happens.

Bob will be back
there to follow you.

My, those last two
girls are sure attractive.

Tell me, do you rate the wine

by the quality of
the girls shown?

No, not in this case.

Is something wrong?

No, nothing's wrong,

things are working
out perfectly.

It's just that these
last two models

weren't what I expected.

Get ready to go backstage.


This stuff tastes like vinegar,
you trying to poison me?

I want some bourbon.

There's nothing
wrong with this wine.

Are you calling me a liar?

No, I'm calling you an idiot.



What is that crazy woman doing?

I think she's trying
to send back the wine.





Who started it? I did.


Well, it seemed like a
good idea at the time.

Look out!

Why are you hitting him?

My teeth are my fortune.

Hold it.

Back off, cowboy.

Let's go.



CHARLIE: Antonia, are you
trying to tell me you lost them all?

Only temporarily.

What happened?

Well, it was this slight
hitch in the plans,

but I assure you,
everything's under control.

What are you doing
to get them back?

Our boys are
checking all the places

Durano may have taken them,

but it seems to come
down to one place:

his ranch at Far Valley.

Now, our plan
is to hit the ranch

from three different
directions and then...

Antonia, are you trying...?


Charlie, please don't worry.

We'll find them.





would you be good enough
to ring up a Mr. Michael Durano

and tell him Mr. Matthew Parrish

wishes to conduct a small
piece of business with him?

Oh, Mr. Durano doesn't
do any business at home.

Ever. My dear fellow,

feast your eyes on
this little treasure.

Uh, Mr. Durano
makes his own wine.

I'm talking about a
Château Lafite Rothchild,


I think you better
get outta here.

Listen to me, little man,

get your crayons out
and copy this label down,

and tell Mr. Durano I'm here.

A buy like this only
happens once in a lifetime.

Come back later.

I am leaving for New York at 10.

I have less than an hour to
conclude my business here

before hopping
over to the airport.

Very good then.

Be sure to tell Mr. Durano
you made the decision for him.

Good day.

Hey, wait.


All we need now is
the cask of Amontillado.

I never would've guessed you
were an Edgar Allen Poe fan.

TIFFANY: And a wine grower too.

My, my. How the criminal element

is coming up in the
world these days.

You ladies have a lot of style.

I'll grant you that.

Yes, we do.

We also work for a man who
would pay a lot to get us back.


KELLY: Think about it.

A man of your myriad taste

could always use an
extra Rolls-Royce or two.

You. Hurry up with that.

I don't need money.

I can get all the
money I want, tax-free.

Divine justice
is what I'm after.

An eye for an eye,
like it says in the Bible.

Those six months
that I spent in prison

were an eternity of darkness.

How poetic.

Sweetheart, I'm
glad you think so.

Because an eternity in darkness

is what the three of you
are going to suffer in return.

There's a guy outside the gate,

says he's got a bottle of, uh,

"Château Lafite
Rothchild's, 1934."

Let me see that.

Says he wants to sell
it, but it's gotta be now.

He's gotta catch a plane
to New York or something.

Well, my luck is
changing already.

There aren't six bottles
like this in the world.

Give the order to let him in.

Now, don't start
screaming, girls.

I'm going to be heading
north for a wine festival.

And then after that,
who knows? I'll...

I'll go to France.

I'll tour the wine
country there.

I'll be gone a few months.


So, heh,

seal them up and don't
bother to affix the date.

This is going to
be a very bad year

for all three of you.




Mr. Durano, here's
the guy with the wine.

Mr. Durano?

That's right.

My card.

Well, it's nice to
meet you, Mr. Parrish.

But isn't it a little odd
your popping in here

so early in the
morning unannounced?

Why me?

Well, to be frank,

I keep quite abreast
of the wine world,

and from time to
time I find it necessary

to sell a bottle or two
from the family's cellars.

Is that right?

A bit of pecuniary
embarrassment, if you will.

I'd rather we discuss
business without your...

servant present.

My servant? Oh.

Mr. Riso is one of the family.

You take my advice, Mr. Parrish,

you grab this
check while you can.

It's more than anybody
else will offer you.

Yes, that's very
generous indeed.

But I'd like a little bonus.

Say, the three ladies
you've been entertaining?

your man, tell him to relax.

Do what he says.


I don't see what
you're laughing at.

That just proves you don't
know as much as he does.


why don't you take
Mr. Parrish down to the cellar,

give him a tour
of the winepress?

Back the way you came.

Mr. Parrish?

Thanks for the wine.






What was your
best time in the 440?

Forty-six two.

Then you better go after him.


Go get him, Cotton.

Ride 'em, cowboy.

You all right?


What about the girls?

Oh, it's under control,
Matt will find them.

That was some rope trick.


That's nothing. You
should see me in Salinas.

What about him?

Oh, he can come too.

Yo, you been to Salinas?

I'm sure he's never
been to Salinas.

Anyway, I was roping this steer,

got my leg caught in the slack,

snatched me out
right over his head.

There I was, eyeball to eyeball.

Well, what happened?

I wrestled the sucker down,

gave him a big kiss.




ALL: To Charlie.

Thanks for getting us
help when we needed it.

CHARLIE: I can't tell
you how happy I am

to hear all your voices again.

Charlie, we're having a
little trouble hearing yours.

Well, then I... I guess
I better hang up.

I'll talk to you back
at the office, Angels.

ALL: Bye, Charlie.

All of you were really terrific,
and we want to thank you.

All it took was
a little teamwork.

Mixed with a sense of style.

And a big dose of horse sense.



Anyone in here I might know?

ALL: Hi, Bos.

Come on in and have a drink.

How was your trip?

Thank you.

Fine, just fine.

I hear that you had
a little excitement.

A little?

Oh, uh, Toni?

Wasn't that Charlie's car I
saw going down the driveway?

Mm-hm. Uh... Charlie was here?

Yes, you just missed him.

As a matter of fact, that's
why there was so much static

on the line.

My security system always
interferes with the radio phone.

Toni, tell us what
Charlie looks like.

You work for him and
you've never met him?

Uh, no, we haven't.

Please, tell us
what he looks like.

TIFFANY: You gotta
tell us what he looks like.

Oh, well, he's, um...

He's a very tall short man.

He weighs between
125-250 pounds,

he has jet black blond hair,

uh, clean-shaven
with a full beard,

and he dresses very formally.

ALL: Cheers. TONI:
Cheers for the next time.



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