Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 21 - Nips and Tucks - full transcript

When a renowned cosmetic surgeon is suspected of giving criminals a new face, Tiffany joins his staff as a nurse while Bosley poses as a rich patient whose wife, played by Kris, wants him to improve his looks.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned [BUZZING]

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.




That's right.

The scars will be totally gone.

There will be no
pulling of the mouth.

The symmetry of the face will
be completely reestablished.

Hemostat, please.

Think you can ease off.

Be careful. That's
ether and oxygen.

One spark around that stuff
and boom, Fourth of July.


Thank you.

Beautiful piece of work, doctor.

Brilliant, in fact.

I hope so.

That's a nice kid in
there. She'll be all right.

Telephone, Dr. Redmont. Line six.


Thank you.

TELEPHONE]: Dr. Redmont, yes?

Darling, how are you?

REDMONT: Barbara? Where are you?


And I hope my
plane leaves on time.

It's really snowing hard here.

I can't wait to see you.

I'll be at the Parkhurst
Hotel about 7:00.

I'll make it up to you.

I should hope so.

Paul, do you remember Tom Ford?

Yes. Yes, he was a patient.

Well, if I were you, I'd
sort of lose his case file.

Why? Trust me, darling.

Just get rid of it.

I'll explain when I get there.

REDMONT: Uh, Barbara...

I've gotta run now,
darling. I'll miss my plane.

[LIPS KISS] Kisses. Bye.



three years it was Tom Ford, of Chicago.

Reno, Miami, the
Bahamas, wherever.


Wherever somebody's
money tree was a bit too shady.

Yeah, Ford was some
kind of bookkeeper.

Until Senator
Thompson's committee

on white-collar crime
started closing in on him.


Didn't Ford just
disappear one day?

CHARLIE: Mm-hm. Without a trace.

Until he contacted
the senator's people.

Ford contacted them?

Yes. Ford was scared.

In exchange for immunity,
he offered to testify

before Thompson's committee.

Ford promised something,
or someone, big.

Like what, or who?

That's what the senator
wants us to find out.

So we start from scratch.

Not quite, Tiffany.

We do have a few
scraps of information.

The reason Ford has been
so hard to locate all this time

is because his appearance
had been completely altered.

Well, that takes more
than a few nips and tucks.

Do they know who did the work?

Well, three years ago

Ford checked into an
exclusive clinic and health spa

which is run by
Dr. Paul Redmont.

Redmont? He's the most
famous plastic surgeon

on the West Coast. His
reputation is impeccable.

Which brings us to our
second scrap of information.

Ford transferred some
very large sums of cash

from Central America
into an account

in Southern California,

under the name of
Collins, Brad Collins.

Oh, great, Charlie. There
must be a dozen Brad Collinses

in Los Angeles alone.

But how many of
them are about to check

into Dr. Redmont's
clinic and health spa?

Well, who is this
Brad Collins, anyway?

If I'm right, it's a cover
name for Bill Maddox.

Mm. I know this face.

Isn't this that guy who looted
some union pension fund

and skipped to Central America?

Guess who his chief
accountant was?

Tom Ford.

So Collins is really Maddox,

and now he's going to
Redmont for a complete overhaul.

Tiffany, how are
your nursing skills?

Well, I was a nurse's aide.

But that was in
high school, Charlie.

I haven't so much as given
a back rub in three years.

Your credentials are on their
way now to Redmont's office.

Kelly, you go to work

on the doctor's
personal background.

Okay, I'll get on it.

Bosley, Kris, I've already
made an appointment for you

at Redmont's office,
10:00 day after tomorrow.

Come on, Charlie. Who's
gonna believe that Kris needs

the services of Dr. Redmont.


Oh, now, wait. Just hold on.

No way.


Oh, it's been too long.

You know, you're beautiful.

Do you really mean that, or
are you just proud of your work?


You're beautiful, and
I'm proud of my work.

When you came
to see me, the scar,

burns on your face,

I doubted whether I could help.

But I was inspired.

The result is miraculous.

You mean, I turned out
better-looking than I ever was?


And I fell in love with you.

With me, or with your work?

Again, both.

It's my Pygmalion complex.

I love you, Barbara.

Sometimes I wish I didn't,

but I see you, and I love you.

Well, I don't want
you to be sure of me.

I don't want to be sure of you.

It's more exciting.

True. True.

But I guess I'm conventional,

but I think that's
not the way to be.

Well, that's the
way it has to be.

You have a wife and
children, remember?

I left them two months ago

because I want you
with me, Barbara,

not just now or a
month from now.

Paul, why can't you just be
happy with the way things are?

You have your work. I have mine.

Why do you lie to me, Barbara?

The truth won't
help either of us.

Try it.


Tom Ford.

I spoke to you about him today.


Well, you worked on
him because I told you that

he was responsible for
what happened to me,

and that if you didn't
do what he wanted,

his people would
come after me again.

Forget all this.

It's past.



I wish it were.

What do you mean?

Well, apparently Tom Ford
talked to somebody he dealt with,

someone bigger, much bigger.

Indictments from the Justice
Department have kept this man

out of the country
for about a year now.


Well, he wants desperately
to come back to this country.

Now, Ford told him that
you could make it possible.

He even set up
reservations at the spa.

At my spa?

Under what name?

Well, he... He made
the reservation.

He didn't tell me
under what name.

I won't do it.

I know.

That's what I told Ford.

That's why I called you
this morning and asked you

to get rid of his files.

I didn't want him traced to you.

Traced to me?

Why should he be?

Well, not long after he
talked to me this morning,

Tom Ford died.

So he did.

Paul, they murdered him.

They? Who are they?

Well, the only name I have
is the one that Ford gave me:

Bradford Collins.

Bradford Collins?

I think I saw his name on
the reservation list at the spa.

Is he the murderer?


I'm so scared.

Well, you don't have to be.

I'll take care of it.

And you won't have to
be frightened anymore.

All right?


You understand
we asked the agency

for an RN, Miss Welles.

Yes, ma'am, I know you
did, but as you can see here

I did work with an oral
surgeon for over a year.

We did a lot of
maxillofacial work.

I handled resections. I
handled trauma cases. I...

But that's hardly the
same, Miss Wellles.

Well, I don't see
how a blepharoplasty

or a rhinoplasty
could possibly require

more difficult post-op care.

Or a rhentindectomy,
for that matter.

It's rhytidectomy Oh.

But anyone who cares enough
to look up those jawbreakers

could be exactly
what we're looking for.

Then you, uh...

You have worked
with accident cases.

Yes, I have.

Good. Come with me then.

We deal with the
same problem here.

You see, psychologically,
our patients suffer

from much the same fears
and anxieties and depression

as that you are familiar with.

I don't follow.

Oh, great expectations.

Vanity, if you like.

That's our greatest problem.

Dr. Redmont does fantastic work,

but if the patient
doesn't adjust,

if they can't accept...

There's someone
I'd like you to meet.

Talk to her for a while.

And afterwards,
if you can decide

this is what you really want,

we furnish the uniforms.

It's a deal.

Hi, Julie.

There's someone
I want you to meet.


Tiffany, this is Julie Evers.

It's nice to meet you.

Julie's bandages
come off in a few days.

She's gonna be a
lovely young lady.



It's awfully dark in here.

Would you like some light?


I don't want the light.

It's still there.

I can feel it.

It's still there.

What's still there?

The scar.

They didn't get it.

They charged all that money,

but they didn't
get it, did they?

I think they did.

Dr. Redmont is
a very fine doctor.

I'm sure they did.

You're sure?

Look at you.

That face.

It's easy for you.

Julie, what do you
say I just sit here?

If you wanna talk, we'll talk.

If you don't,
I'll just sit here.


Hi, precious.

Well, doctor.

I understand you're
quite a miracle worker.

And I'm sure it's
pretty obvious by now

that that's why we're here.

Uh, Mrs. Bosley...

Doctor, look at these cheeks.
Will you look at these cheeks?

I mean, they used to be cute,
do you know what I mean?

Now I wake up in the morning to

a potential mudslide.

Uh, excuse me, Mrs. Bosley,
but I think you must understand,

in your husband's case
cosmetic surgery is elective.

Elective? You must
understand it's essential.

I mean, a few more years

and it's going to
be terminal sag.

Then what'll I do?

Elena, perhaps if you go
through the orientation slides

with Mrs. Bosley, I think
she'll understand better.

Yes, doctor. Orientation?

What are you going to
prepare me for, doctor?

Nothing could be worse
than the way he looks now.

Uh, this way, Mrs. Bosley.


Bye-bye, precious.


You should have pulled
down to the flight line.

You know what it
means if I'm seen.

Well, you'd rather
I attracted attention

by pulling down
to the taxi area?

I'm sorry. I'm
just a little edgy.

That flight from
Calexico is murder.

I don't like little planes.


So, uh, when do I
see the wonder doctor?

Mm-mm. First my money
for taking care of Tom Ford.

You do remember him, don't you?



Thank you.

Don't worry. It's all there.

So what's the ticket?

Well, you'll be safe at the spa.

Redmont may be a bit
of a problem, though.

Board said you had
him in your pocket.

Another lie, the creep.

Well, he just may take
some convincing, that's all.

I might need a
little bit of help.

That's easy enough.

If Dr. Redmont won't
take care of my face,

Kemp and Burke
will take care of his.




TIFFANY: Although
I must say, Charlie,

from what I've seen of
Dr. Redmont's clinic and spa,

they're both excellent.

Of course, I haven't
met Dr. Redmont yet.

When you do, be
properly impressed.

He has a string of
degrees as long as his arm

and just as many testimonials.

Everyone has some skeletons.

Well, if you consider
separation from his wife,

he's got a skeleton.

But that's hardly a
blackmailable offense

these days.

I mean, the doctor
doesn't gamble,

and he makes enough money
to donate 50,000 a year to charity.

Then why did
Dr. Redmont do Ford's face?

And why does our Mr. Collins

believe he can get
Redmont to do it again?

I don't know.

Ford was too well known

for Redmont not to
have recognized him.

It just doesn't make sense.

Well, maybe it's
all a big mistake.

Mistakes are made
for a reason, Kris.

Problem is to find it.

Uh, Kelly, you said
Dr. Redmont was separated.

What about another woman?

Not on the surface.

Kris, what about the money

that Ford transferred
to the West Coast?

Multiple accounts.

Numbered or dummy companies.

It looks all pretty much
on the surface too.

Then dig, all of you.

If it's not the money,
as the French say,

find the woman.

Cherchez, Angels. Cherchez.

This Angel pulls duty at
6:00 tomorrow morning,

and she is going
to chercher her bed.

Cherchez yourself, Charlie.


The modeling agency I work
for was owned by Tom Ford,

or he was fronting for somebody.

Collins, maybe. I don't know.

Anyway, we travel
all over the world.

Sometimes they set it up

even when we didn't
have assignments.

Sometimes... we
would carry things:

packages, money, whatever.



I don't know.

Yes, I do know. It was drugs.

It was a long time ago.

I needed the money.

Wait here.

What are you going to do?

You should have told me.

Just wait here.


MADDOX: Ah, Dr. Redmont.

It's nice of you to take time
from your busy schedule

to see me.

Some cabernet?

No, thank you.

Mr. Maddox, isn't it?


That makes things easier.

You know what's at stake, then.

Kemp, give him the packet.

I'm not unaccustomed to the
nature of your work, doctor.

And in the interest
of expediting

my stay here, I've
taken the liberty

of having one of your colleagues
do a preliminary workup.


I knew you were
going to like that.

That's three times
your customary fee.

And if you require more,

I'm more than generous.


Look, doctor,
this is my country.

I want to come home. That's all.

You can make it possible.

A simple contract.

Is that what Tom Ford was,

a simple contract?

Best you remember
Mr. Ford, doctor.

That work could cause problems
for you with the authorities.

I won't be blackmailed.

You're going to have to find
yourself another doctor, Maddox.

Ford said that you were
good at altering fingerprints.


So am I.

I figure that's
about 200 pounds.

I'd hate to see anything
happen to your hand, doctor.


Let her go.

He's right. Let her go.

Do what he wants.
Please. For both of us.

All right.


That should make
you feel better.




Bosley, what on
earth are you doing?


I can't understand a
word you are saying.

Ew. Ten miles of biking,

and a hundred miles of chewing.

A hundred miles of chewing?

For the pterygoid and mylohyoid.

The what?

Double chin, remember?



Why are you so late?

Tiffany's been here since 8:00.

It was easy.

Would you please remember
we're not really married.

Tiffany works here.


Honey, you... You
really don't look too good.

Oh, no kidding.

Well, you wouldn't either
with all of this going for you,

and snooping around this
place until all hours of the night.

Well, did you find out anything?

Yeah, I found out one thing,

and that is that somebody
moved into that suite

that Bradford Collins reserved.

Also, I saw Redmont
going in there this morning.

Did you get a look at Bradford?

No, they stood out on the patio

and it's too well hidden.

Tiffany, do you think
you could get in there?

Mm-mm. Room's restricted.

But the head nurse told me

that surgery is
scheduled for tomorrow.

APPROACH] Now, if we can...

[WHISPERS] Tomorrow.

Well, I don't see why
you're complaining.

After all I do to stay
in shape for you.

I mean, do you think it's easy
keeping track of the servants,

managing the menus?

Hello, Mrs. Bosley.

Oh, hello, doctor.
The nurse here tells me

that my husband is
cooperating with you

a little bit more than
he cooperates with me.

doing very well,

as a matter of fact.

Well, that's something.

I am having a
very difficult time

explaining his
absence to our friends.

Why should you? There's nothing
we do here to be ashamed of.


Well, perhaps not for you.

But when your husband
lets himself get in this...


You'll have to excuse me.

I have an appointment
with my hairdresser.

I'll see you to your
car, Mrs. Bosley.


Bye-bye, precious.

Difficult to be married to
a beautiful woman, isn't it?

Well, like the old saying goes,

"Marry an ugly wife
and have a beautiful life."

That's right.

Been married before?

Once, up till now.

How about you?



Well, I'm sorry.

Uh, Kris is, uh...
Is... She's young.

Uh, she's awfully pretty.

I mean, she's...
Well, she's exciting.

She's everything, I guess,
that a man could ask for.

And yet, sometimes
when I look back, uh...

I'm not complaining, mind you.

But when I think
about my first wife, uh...

She just felt more like...

home, if... If you
know what I mean.

I know very well what you mean.

You'd better put
your biteplate in.

Mm-hm. Oh, okay.




How you doing? Hm?

I told you I didn't
want you to do that.

You know, your sutures

are coming out
in a little while.

The doctor's gonna want
some light, even if you don't.

I don't want anyone to see me.


You've been through
the difficult part.

It's time you
faced up to the fact

that you have nothing
to be frightened of.

Oh, Elena,

I'll need a suture set
up in Miss Ever's room.

Oh, Miss Welles just
took that in a minute ago.

Would you like me to assist?

No, it won't be necessary.

Start working up some
graphics on the Collins workup,

it's on my desk. Surely.

I'll run duplicates for
the files while I'm at it.

No, no. Just the
surgical grahpics.

We won't need any copies.

Yes, doctor.

TIFFANY: Listen to me, Julie.


how you must feel.

You can't know.

Look at you.

You don't hurt when
you look in the mirror.

I knew a girl once,
she was happy,


She was a beautiful girl.

Until, one night on the
way to a school dance,

her face went
through a windshield.

It was two years of
plastic surgery and therapy

before she got her face back,

and you know who
she had to thank for it?

A doctor.

One very much like Dr. Redmont.

REDMONT: Hello, Julie.

How do you feel today?

Ready for the unveiling?

Yes, sir.

I-I guess so, if Tiffany
can stay with me.

I'll stay with you.

That's right.

Just hold on to
Miss Welles' hand.

We've got a little
while here, hm?



You were very good
in there, Miss Welles.

The bandaging was perfection.

Thank you.

I confess, I hit the
books last night.

Oh, no, the way
you handle a patient

doesn't come from books.
It comes from here and here.

Most aides would have
reached for a mirror immediately.

Oh, no.

Book says it takes 14
days for initial healing.

I think Julie will be in better
shape to handle it by then.


Oh, by the way,

Mr. Brad Collins,
Mr. Restricted,

the new patient,

I went in there this morning,
some man stopped me.

Celebrity case, very
paranoid about his identity.

We get a few.

Okay by me if he's willing
to live with dirty linen.

Elena will take care of it.

By the way,

that was a very touching
story you came up with.

What story?

The little girl who
went to the dance.

That helped her.

And I will use it
sometime, if you don't mind.

That wasn't a story.

I was talking about my cousin.



Hello, darling. What
are you doing here?

Well, what do you
expect me to do?

You know I feel responsible.

It's enough to have to worry
about my staff and patients

with Maddox and his hoods here.

People are going to be
wondering who you are.

Well, I don't care
what people think.


what would you have
done this morning

if I hadn't come in when I did?

Please, darling, just hang
on a little while longer.

After tomorrow, Maddox's
surgery will be finished,

and from then on, all
my time belongs to you.

Oh, really.

I seem to remember some
talk about our respective careers.

That's all it was. Just talk.

After tomorrow...

it's just us.

I hope you mean that.

I do.

More than I've meant
anything in my whole life.


KELLY: Mrs. Redmont, you
are divorcing him, aren't you?

My, uh... My lawyer
has filed papers, yes.

But if you're worried
it's going to be

one of those nasty
financial things...


Paul can have whatever he needs.

Whatever he wishes.

Is something wrong?


It's just that, uh,

your attitude is
very rare these days.

Why is it rare that a
wife love her husband?

Well, our...

Our preliminary
investigation indicates that...

That there's another woman.

You needn't be
coy, Miss Garrett.

I've known that Paul's
been seeing someone else

for over a year.

I'm sorry.

But you understand that
any loans of substantial sums

require a thorough investigation
as to the client's future

as well as his past.

Well, you should already know

that I don't figure
in on Paul's future.


I can't do this to
you, Mrs. Redmont.

I just lied to you.

I'm not with any bank
or financial agency.

I'm with Charles
Townsend and Associates.

It's an investigative firm.

Okay? I...

I don't blame you
if you throw me out,

but I'm here because
your husband is...

Or is about to be involved
in some very deep trouble.

I don't understand.

The woman.

Do you know who she is?

Well, she was a patient,
uh, some time ago.

For a long while I thought
that's just what it was.

A fascination, a pride in
what he'd accomplished.

You see, she, uh...
She is truly beautiful.

Mrs. Redmont,

have you taken a
look in the mirror lately?

But it's different,
don't you see?

He did it.

He created her.

She was everything.

The crystallization of his work,

his sense of beauty...

Her face came to
life at his fingertips.

I can't compete with that.

My bet is you can.

Much better than you think.


Know her name?

Better than that.


MADDOX: What's the delay?

Why can't we get
this over with now?

Surgical workup
is almost complete.

You go to surgery at
8:30 tomorrow morning.

You should be back in
the room by the afternoon.

No stalling, doctor, I'm
a sitting duck like this.

Anyone makes me,

Kemp and Burke
make you, understand?

It's my hand that will
be holding the scalpel

so don't push.



What are you doing? I'm
looking for Dr. Redmont.

Come with me.

Miss Welles.

I specifically explained you
are not to enter that room.

I'm sorry, doctor.

Um, I need these papers signed

and I can't find Elena anywhere.

All right. Did she see me?

I tried to block her view.

I don't think so.

If she did, we could
have another problem.

But not one that I can't handle.

You're cold, Barbara.

Beautiful, but cold.


Hello, Mr. Bosley, and
how are we this evening?



Hold it.

You call this dinner?

That's what it says here.

Eh, well, it's not
funny, Tiffany.

I hope whoever the
guy is down the hall

he's not getting any better.

Well, if it isn't
the little woman.

Now, Bosley, I was
just playing my part.

You know what? Hm.

Seriously, you really
are looking better. Ah.

So is our case.

Take a look at this.

Hey. That is the lady
that I saw Redmont

talking to out on the yard.

She's also the woman

who wouldn't let me in
our mystery man's room.

Well, who is she, Kelly?

Barbara Brown,
alias Betty Rogers,

alias, Beth Richardson.

She was a homecoming
queen turned explosive expert

for the underground.

Six years ago she was
supposed to be blown up

in a New York bank robbery.

She looks pretty good

for being through an explosion.

I'm afraid Dr. Redmont fell
in love with his own creation.

Kelly and I will have
Charlie check it out.

Okay, I'll meet you
back at the office

as soon as I get off work.

Well, uh, just what
am I supposed to do?

Eat your peas.


ELENA: Come in.

Oh, Miss Brown.

What a surprise.
You look wonderful.

Thank you.

I was looking for Dr. Redmont.

He's still out doing the
rounds. Have a seat.

Something wrong?

ELENA: I'm sure I've
seen this face before,

but the name's wrong.

Brad Collins.
Doesn't ring a bell.

Maybe when I run
up on the graphic.

I never forget a
face, believe me.

Can't afford to around here.


Mind if I watch?

Of course not.

Why those interesting lines?

They give a definite
reference point during surgery.

When the field is obscured,

the doctor refers to the matrix.

Not "matrix." "Maddox."


Bill Maddox.

What did you say?

That's who that is. Bill Maddox.

He's a swindler.
Was in all the papers.

Nearly $100,000,000
from some pension fund.

He skipped the country
nearly a year ago.




Well, everything times out.

Three months after the
explosion in New York,

Dr. Redmont did
Barbara Brown's surgery.

Other pieces begin to fit in too, Kris.

It was a bomb that
took out Tom Ford,

Senator Thompson's witness.

From terrorist to hit
woman in three years,

that's quite a move.

Hit person, Charlie.

Of course. "Hit
person." Sorry, Kelly.

Tiffany, what time does
our Mr. Collins go to surgery?

Eight-thirty in the morning.

Charlie, how can we be sure
that the man registered as Collins

is really Bill Maddox?

I mean, we could be
making a big mistake.

There's always that possibility,

but I bet it's Maddox.

Okay. Whatever you say.

I'd also bet that
if it is Maddox,

he won't stay in the clinic
any longer than necessary.

Which will mean an ambulance.

Kris, can you and
Kelly handle that?

Can do, Charlie.

Tiffany, you will alert Bosley.

Sure. Uh, Charlie,

there are other
patients in that hospital.

What if there's trouble?

That's why this has
to be timed perfectly.

I want no one hurt,

but if the timing is right,

if we can snatch him
on his way to surgery,

we can save
Mr. Collins an operation,

although I would have
loved to have seen him

do his convalescence
in a prison hospital.


Well, how do I look?

Uh, Dr. Kildare you're
not, but you'll do.

I wish Kelly and Kris would
get here with that ambulance.

Yeah, they can't get
here too early, you know.

The operation is in 20 minutes.



Have you seen Elena?

She knew we had a
surgery this morning.

No, I haven't seen her.

Check in the office, will you?

Surely. Darling.

Good morning.

You better tell your friend
there's going to be a delay.

He won't like that.

Like it or not,
that's the way it is.

My anesthesiologist
hasn't shown up yet.

Well, surely there's
someone else.

Barbara, this is a clinic,
not an assembly line.

There are some things
even Maddox can't change.



REDMONT: Tiffany.




Dear God, Elena. She's dead.


My guess is because
she recognized this.

It is Bill Maddox, isn't it.

Very astute.

You have very
competent help here.

I think this young
lady could provide you

with any assistance
you need during surgery.

Barbara, what are you doing?

Just keeping you to
your schedule, that's all.


Don't underestimate her, doctor.

Elena did.

You see, I told
you she was bright.

Come on. Let's get it done.

Get full gowns.

We don't need him.

But I was told to take
Mr. Collins to surgery.

We have all the
assistants we need,

don't we, doctor?

Yes, that's right.

Whatever you say.

What's going on?

Just a little added security.

Seems Dr. Redmont had
some second thoughts.

Here. Put these on.

This isn't going
to hurt, doctor?

Just sedation.

Dr. Redmont's not
going to hurt you.

He knows this operates
much faster than he does.

Doctor, will you be using
inhalation anesthesia

instead of a local?

Inhalation anesthesia?

Seems to me this is
a very special case.

If you're thinking
what I'm thinking.

I would bleed the lines.

Some of the ether and oxygen
mixture would get into the air.

That would be okay, wouldn't it?

I think it would
definitely be okay.

Unless someone were to fire
a gun in the operating room.

In which case, we'd all
go up with a real boom.



Inhalation anesthesia, please.

Thank you, doctor.
What's the hold up?

I thought surgeons were
known for their speed.

Help me with my gown.

You'd still like to put your
arms around me, wouldn't you.

Even now.


You're contaminated.

What happened? You were
supposed to have Collins.

Yeah, they just now
wheeled him into surgery.

Well, where's Tiffany?

Redmont's gonna take
her in there with him.

She's no surgical nurse. I know,

and neither are those two goons

of Collins' or Barbara

You mean, they're
all in there? Right.

Oh, great. Could
be the first operation

where the patient
survives and the doctor

and the nurse don't.



Wh...? What's going on?

Just bleeding the lines.


I'm not bleeding, am I?

No, you're not bleeding.

You're going to be just fine.

She's right.

We're all going to be just fine.

Just lie still.


Lines have been
bled? Yes, doctor.

Ether? Yes, doctor.

Oxygen? Yes, doctor.


Okay, Kelly, you ready?

I'm fine, just move it.

Some patients are intolerable.

It's your bedside manner.

Where do you think you're going?

Emergency. Has
to see the doctor.

Nobody sees the doc. He's busy.


Don't move a muscle.

Tie him up, Kris.

What's the hold up?

Get it done.

It will not be done.

I will not perform
the operation.

It's over.

If you don't move, you'll
see who it's over for.

So sorry, but you
can't fire that gun.

What are you talking about?

You're an explosives
expert, take a goof whiff.

Ether and oxygen.

One powder spark and this place
is going up like a Roman candle.


That's right.

BARBARA: You worship beauty.

If you don't want to
see this face destroyed,

just turn off those tanks

and take care of that face.

You have 10 seconds.

Sorry, Tiffany, we tried.



What's happening here?

Why, Bill Maddox,
as I live and breathe.


Well, doctor? How's that
for instant anesthesia?



Don't frown,
you'll get wrinkles.



I can't believe it.

Believe it, Julie.

You're beautiful.


It's almost as
strange as finding out

you weren't a real nurse.

You don't know
what you did for me.

She did a lot.

For all of us.

KRIS: Dr. Redmont.

While I'm here, could
you give me an estimate

on what it would really
cost to fix Bosley up?

After what you people did,

it's on the house.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Charlie is quite content
with the fee that he got

for the recovery of the money
that Maddox had salted away.

So pleased, in fact,

he's spoken to
the district attorney.

With your testifying
against Barbara Brown,

he's willing to forgo
any accessory changes

in the Tom Ford matter.

That's very kind.

I wish I felt as lenient.

Oh, I wouldn't be
so hard on myself.

When you've been a
fool, you can't change that

with a few nips and tucks.


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