Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 20 - An Angel's Trail - full transcript

Jill drives up to a robbery in progress at Pioneer Gasoline/The Rock Store. The perpetrator, along with his two sons as accomplices, decides he wants to take her as a hostage into the hills of the nearby isolated desert on their way to Canada.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned ( buzzing )

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.





Do you work here?



M-my daddy and
b-brother are inside.

That's good.

But don't... Don't go in there.

Why not?



Get her in the
van. Hold on to her.

Hold on to her. Get her in.

Stupid, Clint, real stupid.

But he wasn't gonna
give us the money.

Let's go.


Who's she? Never mind. Let's go.



JILL: Help!

Not so tight, Harley,
we may need her.

Ah. I'm sorry, I... I
didn't mean to h-hurt her.

You all right?


Keep your eyes on the road.

I'm sorry, you just
happened to be

at the wrong place
at the wrong time.

We'll turn you loose
just soon as we can.


We don't mean you no harm.

Trust me.


Jill's car was found just before noon.

The old man was shot
and killed inside the store.

Are you sure it was
Jill's car, Charlie?

I'm afraid so, Kris.

Well, maybe she ran out of gas.

Maybe she had engine trouble.

I wish that's all it was.

Bosley, you have the
file on Sam Mason?

Yeah, right here, Charlie.

Who's Sam Mason?

He's an escaped killer who was
convicted of murdering his wife.

And the owner of
the store they robbed

identified Mason before he died.

I don't see what
that has to do with...

Kris, I'm afraid he's
taken Jill as a hostage.

Now, Mason has two sons
believed to be with him,

and to have helped
him in his escape.

I suppose they have records too?

One boy is retarded,
never been in any trouble.

The other one, Clint, had
minor brushes with the law

starting at age 12.

Shoplifting, that sort of thing.

And then at 15, he stole a car

to get the retarded
boy out of an institution.

At 19, he robbed a liquor store.

And then he was
sent to the same prison

where the father
was serving time

on an earlier
conviction for robbery.

Where his father taught
him everything he knew.

We have to do something.
We have to find her, Charlie.

We'll all do our best, Kris.

Do you have the map, Bosley?

Yes, Charlie, I've
got it right here.

Now, the police have set
up roadblocks east and south.

What about this area?

Uh, that's a wilderness area,

there are no roads in there

and the mountains
are impassable.

Wouldn't that be the
best place for them to go?

It might, if they could get
through there with a vehicle,

but they can't. Too treacherous.

Besides, they go south,
they'll be only a few hours

to the Mexican border.

Well, maybe when
they get to the border,

they'll let Jill go.

We hope so, Kris.

We have to do something.
Isn't there something we can do?

We could go up there and see
if we could help in the search.

Fine. Now, the highway
patrol and sheriff

are working out of a
little town called Dry Falls.

The store is just west of there.

What are we waiting for?

Kelly, are you still there?

Yes, Charlie?

Kelly, we know that Sam
Mason is a vicious killer.

His sons may be worse.

One man has already
died since the escape.

The Masons don't have
very much left to lose.

What are you trying
to say, Charlie?

I think Charlie's trying to say,

don't let Kris get her
hopes up too high.

You don't think
she has a chance.

Not without some
kind of a miracle.


SAM: You sure, boy?

Yes, sir. I'm sure.

You blow a tire before we
get to the supplies, we've had it.

I won't. I've been
right so far, ain't I?

Are we there yet?

Not yet. Won't be long.

W-w-what's...? What's your name?



That's a p-pretty name.

My mother's name
was Jenny, that's...

That's... Pretty
name too, isn't it?

Sure is.

Where's your mother now?


Somebody killed her.

Th... They said it
was Daddy, but...

But my brother and me
don't believe them so...

We went and got him.

Went and got him from where?


Button your mouth, Harley.

Your own sons broke
you out of prison?

Don't you know they can
go to prison for that too?

Don't you care about them?

He's about the only one in
the world does care about us.

You can't get away.

Oh, yes we can.

My boy Clint. He
figured it all out.

Nobody's supposed to be able

to get through the
mountains this way,

but I found a way.

Police will be looking
for you at the highway.

How about that, Clint?

Why the police are gonna be
looking for us on every highway

headed south into Mexico.


And that's why
we're going north.

Soon as we get
through these mountains

there's nothing
between us and Canada.

You're going to Canada?

Y-yeah, Canada.

And... And we get
to build a log cabin.

And go fishing.

And go swimming
without no clothes on.

Sh... She's little
like Mama too, huh?


You can trust her
just about as far.

I... I trusted Mama.

And-And I trust Jill.

Units 23, 45 and 48,

set up a roadblock
on State 16. Ten-four.

Make matters worse,

there's a storm
heading this way.

Reaches this far, it'll put
the aircraft out of commission.

Now, Mason's boys
are bound to surface

on a highway somewhere
between here and Mexico.

Well, shouldn't somebody
be searching up there?

They wouldn't go up there.

Road only goes so far.

Those mountains are impassable.

No, Mason and his boys
have got to be in this area.

Now, they pulled a robbery.

You don't need any money
in this wilderness area.

What did the air
surveillance show?

Miss, please.

KELLY: Sheriff.

Look, they've got her sister.

We've got one plane
searching the area,

but there's just no
place to go up there.

I'm sorry.

Well, Mason couldn't
have just disappeared.

And there must be
something special

about that area up north.

There's gotta be a way
through those mountains.

That only Sam Mason knows about.

Look, I could take a run
up to the state capital.

Maybe there's some old
maps of the area in the archives.

Good idea.

Okay. I'll get going.




Aw, hey. Good job.

Looks like your
luck just run out.

What's C-Clint
gonna do to her, Dad?

Why don't you go watch, Harley?

Hey, stay outta there.


Help me! Hey!

Oh. Don't. Teach
you to run away.



Pull me up, Harley.

Leave her.

Da-Daddy, there are
snakes down there.



There sure are.

Why, whole bunches of them.

Help her up, Harley.

SAM: It's all right, boys,
she's yours. Just not quite yet.

Come on.

Are you all right?

[PANTING] I guess so.

Why, you shouldn't go
running off by yourself like that.

You's lucky we was
here to help you.


All right.


Well, they're someplace.

Only a matter of time.

Look, we're doing
everything we can.

Except searching up north.

Plane's on its way
back from there now.

Spotted nothing, as I thought.

Look, I know Sam Mason.

He's not about to
go into that area.

He won't cut himself
off without a way out.


Harley, hand me a screwdriver.



Where is he?

Necking on the girl.

She'll talk him into
leaving her loose.

Leave the boy alone.

She's liking him too much.

You wanna hurt
him? Keeps her busy.

We ought to just finish
with her and leave her.

You just won't think
ahead, will you, Clint.

You never have.

Look, if the cops catch on,

they won't blow the van
apart if she's in it, will they.

I don't like him
being alone with her.

Hm. How about that.

You don't like it.

Finish the tires.

I'll check on her.

And I... I'm gonna go fishing,

I'm gonna catch a
fish this... This big.

M... Mom's gonna cook it.

N-no, y-y-you cook it.

No, I won't, not with
my hands tied like this.

Untie my hands.

It hurts?

Yes, it hurts.



Dad said that... That
I wasn't supposed to,

and g-good boys always
d-do what their dad tells them.

I get to have some
d-deers as-as pets.

And every time I go outside
they're gonna come up to me.

And... And I'm gonna have a
dog and he's gonna have puppies,

and I won't squeeze them
very hard till they're big dogs.


I... No, but I
will, I always do.

No. No, you won't.

I always do!


I'll show you how to...

To love them
without hurting them.

How you gonna show me?

Well, I'll show you how to...

To pet their fur and hold them.

And not hurt them.


Well, I can't show you
unless you untie my hands.

See... You're
trying to trick me.

No, I'm not.


And I could pet them
and I won't hurt them?

That's right.

SAM: Harley.

I... I... I'm sorry, I...

HARLEY: Don't... I'm sorry, Dad.

Not... Not the belt. Don't...

D... Don't whip
me, I... I'm sorry.

Don't beat me!


Damn you, woman.

Why couldn't you
leave that boy alone?

Why'd you have to go mess
with his head, he was being good!

The ropes are hurting my wrist.

Ain't no place for you to go.

Van's ready.


Still nothing?

Is there anyplace
else I can look?

Maybe. If I knew what
you were looking for.

I don't know myself.

Just something unusual.

I grew up in this
state and I can tell you

that very little is
known about that area.

Few people have gone
through that we know about

and there are no
government records at all.


Thank you.

I wish I could
help, I really do.


I don't know if this
is any help, but...

If what's any help?

Well I used to go with this
guy who was a grad student

in history at the university.

He did his thesis
on the Mormons,

and according to him,
they looked that part

of the country over pretty well

before they settled in Utah.

They leave any records?

I remember him saying
there were a lot of old maps

and journals on file
at the university library.

Thanks, Lee.

Thanks a lot. Good luck.


Anything new on your end, Bos?

No, I'm afraid not, Kelly.

How's Kris holding up?

Well, pretty well so far.

She's trying to convince them

to search north of
the main highway.

Uh, good, uh. How's Tiff doing?

Well, she struck out
at the state capital,

but she did come up with a lead.

She's on her way
to the university now,

and there's a chance
they may have something.

Oh, that's good.

Uh, listen, Kelly.
Tell Kris to hang on.

Jill's okay, I can feel it.

I know. I can feel it too, Bos.


HARLEY: And you know what else?

She used to bake a cake for me

and Daddy and-and my brother.


Heh. Can you bake a cake?

Mm-hm, but probably
not as good as she could.

Well, I-I-I bet you can.

W-Would you bake a cake
when we get to Canada?

I sure will.


Harley, I'm tired of hearing
about that stupid cake

and that cabin,
and that stupid deer,

and the mother that never was.

She wasn't any good, Harley.

She wouldn't stay home with us.

So I don't wanna
hear it anymore.

S-She left because
I was a bad boy.

No, that's not true.

I'm sure your mother
loved you very much.

And your daddy wasn't lying when
he said he'd take you to Canada.

Just shut up!

I'm gonna bake you a cake.

CLINT: I said for
you to shut up.

You know, your
ride's about over.

You ain't gonna
be baking nothing.



Hold it, the road's playing out.

In a while.

I said hold it.

There's a rock behind
the car, Harley. Move it.

Be careful.

Th... There's not
much to hold on to.

It... It looks like
a real big rock.

I don't care how
big it is, move it.


CLINT: Can you do it?

You afraid to help him?

The boy can do it. You
can afford to lose him.

Keep quiet.


I... I did it!

I did it.

Then get on back in here.

I must have taken
the wrong road.

Well, stop, stupid,

and figure out where
you went wrong.

JILL: You're lost.

There's no way through here.

CLINT: This road going
out here and stopping.

Don't show.

How far off are you?

Couldn't be far.

It's up to you, boy.






A... Are you okay?

I'm okay.

Now what are we gonna do?

Thanks to your great
driving, we'll walk.

To to the highway, see if we
can get another car. Harley?

Hm. Give me a hand.

Clint, get the
stuff out of the van.

Let's go.

14, this is Dry Falls dispatch

requesting a weather
check, come in.


Oh, no thanks.

I'm pretty coffee'd out.

Do you think she's alive?

Of course she is.

Don't even think that.

You know why she
went out there? No.

There's this little
girl in Phoenix.

She's 12.

And she wanted to
be a racecar driver.

And then they found out
that she had leukemia.


So Jill and some of the other
drivers wanted to go see her.

Oh, Kelly.

Don't cry.


Heh. A four-wheel drive.

Talk about your luck.

What if the people are there?

What if they are?

Clint. Harley, keep her quiet.




KELLY: Tiffany.

What did you find out?

Well there is a way through

the mountains to the north.

It's an old trail that
the Mormons made

during the Mormon Wars,
an escape route to Mexico.

Comes out now in
what's an old ghost town.

Kelly, somebody
else got the same

information two months ago.

One of the Mason boys?


The lady who's in
charge of the stacks

identified his mug shot.

Well, at least we
know we're on their trail.

How soon can you get back here?

Two hours from
the time I get started.

Okay. Hurry, Tiff. Hurry.

I'm with you.


Tiffany said that the,
uh, Mormon trail came out

right here at the
old ghost town.

Now are you gonna
search that wilderness area?

I mean, if the
Mormons can make it,

the Masons can make it.

Well, I better have a look.

I'm going with you.

SHERIFF: Now, wait a minute.

Look, I'm a private detective.

I can take care of myself.

Besides, that's
my sister out there.

Uh, look, I'll wait
here for Tiffany

and we'll catch up with
you as soon as we can.

Okay. Okay. Careful.


HARLEY: Are we
almost to Canada yet?

SAM: Just about.



Can't trust her for a
minute. Watch your arm.

W-women are a-always
trying to run away.

Don't you w-wanna go to Canada?

She ain't going to Canada.

I guarantee it.

She ain't going nowhere.




Tire tracks.

Doesn't mean it was them.

Doesn't mean it isn't.



I'll get some planes and
choppers on up ahead of us.


SHERIFF: Dispatch,
it's Mobile 3, over.

Go ahead, Mobile 3.

Move all search units north.

Looks like they stopped
putting up planes for us.

Maybe we ought to
stop and hold up till night.

SAM: Eh. We'll keep going.
It's not that far to the highway

and nobody will be
looking for us in this thing.

Yeah, they're on foot.

We got them now.

Not yet, we don't.


Dispatch, this
is Mobile 3, over.

Go ahead, Mobile 3.

We found the van
wrecked in a gully.

Up near Long Valley.

They are now on foot.

Unless they found
another vehicle.

Look, just in case they
get up to that other highway,

set up a roadblock up there.

I want this area
closed off completely.

We'll find them.


I-I-It sure is bumpy, huh?

No kidding.

Watch the road, boy. Yes, sir.


I told you to watch
out for them rocks.

I'm doing my best.

Yeah, well, always that
ain't near good enough.

Now, keep your mind on that...

That's what I'm doing.


SAM: Get her.

Let's leave her, we're
not far from the highway.

Clint, get her.



Let's just shoot her. No!

Get out of the way, Harley.


Shoot him, Clint.

But he's my brother.

He's also in our way.


They're gonna shoot you too.

No. No!

Hold it.

Ain't that sweet?

Get behind the wheel.


Not you, Harley.

Move it! Move it!

All right. Let's go.

You can't just
leave them out here.

Oh, yeah, we can.

Forget about them. Let's go.


No! No! Daddy! Don't leave!

Don't... Don't leave me!

[SOBBING] He's gonna kill me.

He killed my mother.

There's part of the highway,
Clint was right for a change.

Don't bust nothing.

How can you just leave
your sons out here?


What happens to
make a man like you?

Oh, yeah.

You another one of them

high and mighty ladies
like my wife, ain't you?

Ha. "What happens to
make a man like you?"

I'll tell you, first you start
with a no-account woman

with eyes for anything in pants
and then you add a half-wit kid,

you wait a couple of years
and you add another kid

and he ain't got no guts.

He killed a man for you.

I didn't tell him
to kill nobody.

You work 4 to 12
everyday of your life,

but you never have no
money, because she's busy

throwing it away with both hands

on fancy clothes
and dumb religion.

Well, that wasn't good enough
for that high and mighty lady

and so she was gonna cut out.

She took the kids and she
left and I brung her back.

She took the kids, left again,
and I brought her back again

and this time I put the kids
where she couldn't get at them.

Only this time she
run off by herself,

and then I brung her back,

and I put her in a place

where she ain't never
gonna be able to run again.



All right. Right up there.

Let's go.


Well, the highway has
to be over that next rise.

What if the map's is wrong?

Well, in that case,

I don't have much to lose, do I?


I'll get ya!

By God, I'll get ya!


Look at that.

SHERIFF: They find a
four-wheel drive someplace.


Well, let's see where they went.

Even if we find something
we don't want to.

Wait a minute.

Look over there.


Over there. Hurry.



Stop it. Stop it!

You'll kill him. Your
mother would cry

if she knew you were doing this.

He made her cry
then he killed her!

You don't wanna be like him.

Then there'll be no place
for you to live and go fishing.

You couldn't pet the deer.

[SOBBING] There's no
place like that anyway.

I know a place like that.


But you can't go
there if you kill him.

Wh-why everybody l-lies to me?

I haven't lied to you, have I?


What took you so long?



Are you okay? Yeah.


It is nice here. I
told you it was.

He saved my life. You
know, it's important to me

that he have the
best care possible.

Oh, here he comes. Ah.

Oh, Jill!

[CHUCKLES] Oh, oh.

How are you?
Th... Jill, they got...

They got a creek and everything.

A-And th-they...

A-A-And they let me
go... Go fishing everyday.

I got a... A fishing
license with my name on it.

Did you catch anything yet?

Ye... Yeah! And I ha...
Had to throw him back,

because i-it's against
the law to keep them un...

Unless they're this big.


He's doing fine.

know what else? What?

They got deers here.

They do? NURSE:
The deer will come down

and eat out of his hand as
soon as they get to know him.

Uh, do you make
cakes often here?

Oh, not as often as they'd like.

Um, could I bring him one?

That's against the rules.

But then, rules are
made for two reasons.

To be kept and to be broken.

Fine, bring the cake.

Oh, good.

For you. Oh.

Open it. Go ahead. Yeah.

Taste it.

NURSE: Try it.


I-It's chocolate.

It's like... Like my mom made.

Do y-you want some?



Just a sample. Yes.

There. Hey.