Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 19 - Harrigan's Angel - full transcript

The Angels team up with alcoholic private eye Harrigan to investigate the robbery of an electronics plant. Kris takes a liking to the old man and tries to get him back on track.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned [BUZZING]

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.






Nothing much happening.
Couple of deliveries.




I'm sure it will.

Good night.



It's 11.

Let's go.





You say this is the second time

your company has
been robbed, Mr. Starrett.

Yes. My plant, last night.

Then one of my trucks on
the road three weeks ago.

That's over a million dollars
in microcircuitry components.

The security guard who was
in the TV monitoring room,

he saw nothing?

No, nothing at all. Thank you.

And you believe that?

Well, yes. I mean, I...

Well, I trust him. He's
been with me for years.

Makes no sense.

STARRETT: I know, I...

I told my insurance
carrier about it this morning.

They promptly threatened to
cancel my company's policy

if I didn't get some
additional help.

Additional help?

Yes, I... Well, I've had a...

A private investigator

working on the
case for two weeks.

He's supposed to meet me
here this morning at 11:00.


That's probably
him now. I'll get it.




I'm, uh...

Uh, looking for the,
uh, Townsend Agency.

You found it.

Come in.

Oh, uh,

Mr. Starrett, I'm, uh,
I'm sorry I'm late, I...

I woke up this morning and, uh,

somebody stole my car.

I had to take a cab.

Someone stole your car.

Well, it was an old car.


Uh, who... Who are these people?

These are the people
you'll be working with.



You mean I-I-I've
gotta work with girls?

And Mr. Bosley.

Old Senator, right?


Old Senator?

Oh. Yes.

Uh, with, uh... With soda?


One of my favorites.

Oh, Mr. Starrett,
you didn't tell us

you already had
someone working on this.

Does it matter?

BOSLEY: Well, we
usually don't work

with other investigators,
Mr. Starrett.

It's, uh, sort of a rule.

Even at twice your normal fee?

Then again, rules
were made to be broken.

I must warn you, Mr. Starrett,

our usual fee is not,
uh... Not modest.

Well, I'm sure.

I'm a desperate
man, Mr. Townsend.

Money is no object.

Well, then, Angels,

on this case you
have a new partner.


Welcome aboard, partner.

Well, uh, anyone for breakfast?

Uh, you people have a... A
company car or something?

Oh, no, uh, that's
my car right there.


Uh, that one's mine.

Uh, you?

Uh, right there.

You people must be
really doing well, I...

I mean, it's tough to
survive in our line of work.

Uh, right?

We not only survive,

we try to endure. Good point.

Now, I'll, uh... I'll tell you
what I... I have planned.

Uh, we'll, uh, have
some breakfast,

and, uh, then I'll tell you
how I want you to work.

I think that's a terrific idea.

I know just the place.

It's called the Kitchen Cottage.

It's on 13th, it's right
near our client's plant.

Oh, is this yours?

Just a little
something I picked up.

HARRIGAN: You girls
are really doing well.

Thank you.

Bosley, are you crazy?

That poor man is
non compos mentis.

At twice the usual
fee, who cares?


What do you mean you
can't get me a bloody mary?

The sign says they
serve breakfast, doesn't it?

Well, we don't
have spirits, sir.

I... I don't wanna
be haunted, darling,

I just want a drink.

Perhaps you'd be
interested in our specialty, sir.


Sounds like something
you wear on your head.

Uh, I'll tell you what,

I'll have two scrambled,

also a double tomato juice,

dry toast and black coffee.

He'll have the same.

Hey, now, wait a minute.

I can't eat on an empty stomach.

I... I had a rough night.

I feel like I've been rode
hard and put away wet.

Trust me.

BOSLEY: Uh, you were going
to tell us how you planned to, uh,

handle this case, Mr. Harrigan.

Uh, call me Harrigan.

Okay. What have you
got so far, Harrigan?

Well, I, uh, I haven't
got anything yet.

You see, I... I've
developed what I call the...

The shotgun theory
of investigation.

Well, how does
that work exactly?

Well, whatever these eyes see,

I write down.


You mean you make notes?

Yes. Right. Lots of notes.

And I read them,

and I keep on reading them
until something strikes me.

Until something strikes you.

Uh, pieces, uh,
begin to fall into place.

Uh, minor, seemingly
unrelated details

begin to weave themselves

into the warp and woof of
the major fabric of the case.

Y-You understand what I mean?

I think I do.

Good. Good, you look smart.

Where are they
now, Mr. Harrigan?

Uh, just Harrigan.


Where are they now?

Uh, where's what now?

The shotgun notes.

Oh. Oh, yeah.

Uh, back at my place.

Good idea.

Where are you going?

I've gotta call the police

to see if they found my car yet.

Anybody got a dime?


I owe you one.

Double fee or not,
this is impossible.

I mean, the man is a sweetheart,

but he's lost his north.

KRIS: Why don't I take him home,

and we'll go look for his, uh,

shotgun notes

and get him out of
your hair for a little while.

Good idea.

Kris, are you sure you'll
be all right with him?

Oh, yeah.

I used to know someone
very much like him.

Got real down on his
luck, started drinking.

But, you know,
when he got dried out,

he sure was a hell of a guy.

Anyone we know?

My father.

I think I can handle
Mr. Harrigan.

BOTH: Just Harrigan.





Uh, here, uh,

let me, uh, straighten
things up a little.



Well, I, uh,

think I'll have a
little hair of the dog.

Oh, would you
like a little glass?

Ah, good idea.

Where are those notes?

Oh, I, uh,

I keep, uh, my
files in the bedroom.

Oh. Well, I'm sort of
anxious to see them,

would you mind?

Oh, no. No. No.


That may be the phone.

I'm not in.

Uh, right.


Harrigan's resi...
Uh, Harrigan's place.

Ah, no. He's not in.
Can I take a message?


Okay, I'll tell him.

Thank you.

They found your car.


They find who took it?

Well, it was abandoned.

On 8th Street, in front of
a saloon called O'Reilly's.

Oh, I know the place.

I... I was there last
night as a matter of fact.

Last night?

Yeah, yeah.

I... I was in the...
The dartboard finals

and I, uh... [GRUNTS]

choked up on a big shot.

Oh. That looks like it hurt.

Ah, I don't remember.

Do you remember how
you got home last night?

I... I think somebody
put me in a cab.

Harrigan, maybe
your car wasn't stolen.



Your car keys.

How could I have forgotten
an entire automobile?


Why don't we take
this party on the road?

Oh, uh, where are we going?

The police impound
yard to get your car.


Oh, yeah.





I'll tell you what,
why don't you drive,

and I'll pour.

Oh, all right.


Oh, well.

No sense crying
over spilled milk.

That's not milk.

I'll, uh, go get another one.



I don't understand.

If you were watching
the TV monitors,

how could you miss someone
using a torch on the door?

I couldn't have.

Did you leave the room
at all during your shift?

No. Uh, you think
I'm lying, don't you?

We didn't say that.


I have worked for
Mr. Starrett for 12 years,

he has been very nice to me.

How do you think
it makes me feel?

I'm on my shift, I tell
him everything's okay,

next morning I find out
we've been robbed again.

And the gate-guard
couldn't give any description

of the men in the truck?

No. Like I said,
they wore stockings.

So they crash the gate,

get all the way to
the building, break in,

rip off 60 boxes,

and leave without being seen.

I told you you
wouldn't believe me.

Frankly, we don't
know what to think.

I understand that, uh,

Trans-Allied Trucking
does most of your shipping.

That's right.

Do they dispatch from here?

Mm, no. They pick
up the loads here,

they dispatch from their
terminal in the Valley.

It's the corner of
Wilson and 10th.

Okay. Thanks a lot.

Thank you very much.

Hey, uh...

I wouldn't believe me either.


What's this one?


"The Bunch for Lunch wagon

"entered Starrett Electronics,

"parked near Building 7."



Well, so it... It
might be relevant.

You mean the Bunch
for Lunch wagon

doesn't go to
Starrett Electronics?

No, it, uh, stops
there every day.

Oh, you mean it doesn't
park near Building 7?

No, it parks in front
of Building 7 every day.

Well, what's the point?

Well, maybe there is no point.

That's why I call
it shotgunning.

"Shoe polish,
macaroni, Old Senator..."

What does this mean?

Oh, that's, uh,
just my grocery list.

Uh, say, what about
a... A shot of lunch, huh?

"North Valley Industrial
Photo Engraving.

Truck entered the Starrett
plant five days ago."


Another regular customer?

No. They've never been
at the Starrett plant before

or, uh, since.

Well, that's interesting.

Yeah, they stopped
in front of Building 7.

And did what?

Nothing. They, uh,

stayed there for a
minute and then, uh,

drove off.

Drove off where?

Oh, out the front gate.

Now, don't you think
that's a little odd?


Yeah, it is odd, isn't it?

Maybe we better go check out

North Valley Industrial
Photo Engraving.

Well, uh, uh, what about my car?

What about lunch?

Ha-ha. Work first. Then play.



Come in.



What can I do for you?


We were wondering what
sort of work you do here.

What sort of work we do?


Well, what is it you want?


Your sign outside said that
you do industrial photo engraving.

Well, that sort of
covers a big area.

Yes, it does.

And if you tell me
what your needs are,

uh, I'll be able to tell you if I
can be of some assistance.

Uh, signs.

I beg your pardon?

Do you do signs?

You mean, do we paint signs?

No, uh, what I mean is, uh...

Uh, do you, uh,
photo engrave them?

We can, yes.

What, uh, size do you want?


Well, uh, what size do you make?


On what?

Various factors.

Degree of the blowup,

amount of fine
detail that's needed,

that sort of thing.

Um, do you have a
brochure or a price list,

something that we
could look at, study?

No, uh,

you see, our customers,
they know what they want,

and generally how
much it will cost.

I'll tell you what, why
don't you come back

when you can be more
specific about what you want?

Hm. Good thought.


We'll do that.
You'll be seeing us.



So, what'd you think?

You know, he looked at
you like he'd seen you before.

Well, maybe he saw
me when I saw him

at Starrett's plant.


Lunch now?


Lunch now.

Thank you.

Yeah, this is Belkin.

Listen, two of
them were just here.

No, no. Harrigan and the blond.

I don't know what they wanted.

Look, don't worry,

they didn't know what
they wanted either.

They're fishing.

Okay. I'll keep
playing it straight.




You gals say that you, uh...

You work for Mr. Starrett?

Yeah, Starrett Electronics.

You hauled a log for you
about three weeks ago?

Oh. Yup, yup.

That was a truck
that was hijacked.

Right, yeah.

We're investigating
that robbery.

We were wondering if you could
answer a couple of questions.

Oh, yeah. Sure, I'll
be glad to if I can.


For openers, uh,

who knows what
truck carries what cargo

and for what company?

Well, let's see.

Load contractor.

Billing clerk.

Uh, me.

Uh, whoever loads the stuff.

And, uh... [CHUCKLES]

The driver, we hope.

In other words, it
wouldn't be hard

to get information about
any load going out of here.

You know, I guess not.

I mean, if somebody
really wanted to know.

The driver of the
truck that was hit,

could we speak to him?

Well, you could,

but I'm afraid you're not
gonna get much out of him.

He's been in the hospital for
three weeks with a concussion

and he didn't get, uh,
a look at who hit him.

Did the police get any
fingerprints off the truck?

No. Nothing.

Well, uh, if you can
remember anything,

or if you hear anything,

would you give us a call?


I'd be glad to. Thank you.

And the next time Mr. Starrett

plans to send out a load,

why don't you let us know,
we'll help you set up security.

Ah, that's a good idea.

Okay? Yeah, thanks.

Thank you. Thanks again.

Yeah, I'll see you.


What's the matter?

The coffee.

What... What about it?

Mr. Felber didn't
offer us any coffee.


Maybe he wasn't
feeling very hospitable.

Yeah, but he acted hospitable.

He answered all our questions.

And he kept smiling at us.

Now, if a man
keeps smiling at you,

and is drinking coffee, but
he doesn't offer you any,

it makes me feel like he's...

uneasy. You know what I mean?

I'll think about it.



Trans-Allied Trucking.

Uh-huh. Yeah.

Oh, hi, yeah.

Yeah, I can talk. Where are you?

Junk food joint in the Valley.

Harrigan's trying to
drink a milk shake.

I got five bucks says
he doesn't get it down.

Yeah, I figured.

Ah, listen, those other
two gals were just here.

Did you tell them anything?

Don't be ridiculous. Of course
I didn't tell them anything.

However the next time Starrett

wants to send a
load out of here,

they, uh... They wanna
set up security for him.

Yeah, that could get stinky.

Maybe it's time I...
I discourage them.

I'll check you out later, okay?

What's the matter, don't
you like a milk shake?

Oh, uh, milk shakes
are full of dairy products.

This is true.

Dairy products come
from inside cows.


I never heard it put
quite that way before.

Well, the idea of
putting something

that comes from inside
of a cow inside of me, it...

It just doesn't seem right.

Uh, where are we going?

I thought I'd touch base
with Kelly and Tiffany.







HARRIGAN: What the devil?


What's going on?
Who's in that truck?

You're looking, you tell me.

No, I-I can't see his face.

Get the license number.

Oh, yeah.

Y-7-2-2, uh, 1-5-9.

Write it done, Harrigan.




Y-7-2-2... 1-5...
What did I say?

Nine, uh, 2-1-5-9.

Harrigan, you got your gun?

Uh, no, I think I,
uh, left it in my car.

Oh, terrific.
That's just terrific.

Mine's in my purse.



What are you doing?

I'm having trouble
with the claps.

I mean, the clasps.

I never did know how
to open a lady's purse.

Wait a minute.

Up at the top of the
road here, it forks.

Now, you, uh, look like
you're gonna turn left, okay?

Then what do I do?

Trust me.

When I tell you, just
drive right and gun it.





Harrigan, that was very clever.

Thank you.

Where'd you learn
how to do that?

Oh, it's something I dreamed up

when I was dodging German
patrols in occupied France.

Well, I'm impressed.







BOSLEY: Y-7-2-2-1-5-9.

Now, you're sure that was
the license on the truck?

Y-7-2-2-1-5-9, right.

That's what he said.

Did you get a make
on the truck, Bos?

It's a phony number. No
such license was ever issued.

Well, maybe you didn't
get a clear look at the truck.

I have perfect
vision, young lady.

What are those?

These are cookies.

And this is milk.

Would you like some?

What is it with you
girls and dairy products?

Bos, did you find
anything out about Felber,

the dispatcher we talked
to at Trans-Allied Trucking?

Yeah, I ran him
through the computer.

Uh, his full name
is Anthony Felber.

He just was recently
paroled from prison

after doing six years
for grand theft auto.

Along with other
charges, including hijacking

and grand larceny.

TIFFANY: I knew it.

The minute that guy
didn't offer his coffee,

I knew he wasn't straight.

BOSLEY: All right,

all we've got is that Felber

might be involved
of the truck hijacking

of our client's goods.

But that still doesn't explain

how our Mr. Starrett's
plant got ripped off.

Well, I think Harrigan and I

may have come up
with something on that.

BOSLEY: Oh, really?

Yeah, well, it's
just a... A theory.

Love to hear it.

KRIS: Should I tell them?

Oh, um, sure, go,
uh... Go right ahead.

Well, this photo engraving
place we went to in the Valley,

Belkin's, it gave
Harrigan an idea.

Suppose Belkin took a
photograph of Building 7

at Starrett's plant the
day he was parked there.

And then?

And then he takes his photograph

and he enlarges it.

Life size.

And puts it in
front of Building 7.

KELLY: A picture in
front of the building?

Right. Then he pulls the
truck behind the picture,

breaks in, loads up the truck.

In the meantime, the guard
in the TV monitoring room,

is looking at the picture.

And he thinks he's really
seeing the building itself.


That is a very interesting
theory, Harrigan.

Ahem. Thank you.

You like the cookie?

Very tasty.

I baked it myself.


Well, uh, what do we
do with our theory now?

I think we ought
to bring our client

up to date on what's happened.

Okay, why don't you and
Tiffany go see Starrett,

and I'll take Harrigan home.

Uh, wait a minute.

You know, I think I
should go see Starrett.

After all, I'm the
chief investigator.

You know what, let's let
them handle the small stuff.

You and I should shotgun
some more of those notes.

We might get lucky.




You ladies have certainly come
up with an interesting theory.

A large photograph
of Building Number 7,

in front of Building Number 7,

while the robbery
is in progress.

Oh, at the moment
it's only a theory.

But Mr. Bosley
is running a check

on the man who runs the photo
engraving place in the Valley.

His name is Belkin.


Harold Belkin.

Name mean anything to you?

How should it?

Old employee, old enemy?

Well, not that I can remember.

What about the dispatcher
from Trans-Allied Trucking,

Anthony Felber?

Well, I'm sorry.

That name doesn't
ring a bell either.


Well, Mr. Starrett,

we just wanted you to know
that we're making progress.

Well, it's very encouraging.

And please, by all
means, keep me informed

every step of the way.

We will.

Thank you.


Bye-bye. Goodbye.

Bye. Goodbye.



They weren't kidding, were they?

They really are making progress.

In fact, they're about gonna
blow us out of the water.

Shut up!

You know it's the
Townsend people. Huh?

Without them Harrigan would
have stumbled around for months

and never figured it out.

Whatever possessed
you to hire them?

I told you, I had no choice.

My insurance carriers insisted

that I get someone
to help Harrigan out,

or they'd cancel on me.

How was I to know that
drunk and those three broads

would figure it out?

So, what do we do?

STARRETT: We need some time.

To cover our tracks.

Maybe the two that
just walked out of here

should spend some
time in the hospital.

Results of an auto accident.

Well, I'll get the truck.
I'll pick you up out back.

All right, what
about the other one?


Her and Harrigan are
the ones coming up with

the important information.

Yeah, they work a
little too well together.

Garrett said that Munroe
was with Harrigan.

Why don't you
two get over there?

Fast. And... don't
make any mistakes.

You mean kill them?

Like you said, they
work too well together.




Hi, Bos, what's happening?

I've been trying
to get a rundown

on a place where one could fence

stolen micro-circuitry

Any luck?

Yeah, I came up with
a dozen possibilities.

Warehouse companies,
distribution companies.

The whole thing was
one big crapshoot

until I decided to check on
who owned these companies.

You sound like
you struck pay dirt.

I struck confusion.

It seems that our
client, Mr. Starrett,

owns the distribution company
that handles micro-components.

It's not a crime to own
more than one company, Bos.

Yeah, I know that.

But, uh, the coincidence
just bothered me

so I did a complete
rundown on Mr. Starrett.

Seems that seven years ago,

he was arrested for
stock manipulation

and insurance fraud.

He wasn't convicted.

But guess who was
arrested along with him.

I don't know, I can't imagine.

None other than
Mr. Belkin and Mr. Felber.


Starrett just told us he
didn't know Belkin and Felber.

Well, he lied.

You know, another
thought occurs to me, Bos.

The guard in the TV
monitoring room said

that Starrett called him
the night of the robbery.

Now, you think that phone call

could have been a
deliberate distraction?

You mean to take his
attention off the monitor

when they pulled that
photo blowup gag?


Why don't we come
back to the office

and reevaluate
our thinking on this?

We'll see you in a few minutes.

What's wrong?

You're not gonna believe this.

Well, Mr. Starrett is not
what he appears to be.



What's wrong?

Well, somebody could
have been waiting

to crack me on the skull.

When a case gets heavy,

like a truck trying to
run you off the road,

I get safety conscious.

Always check to see if
anything's been disturbed.



"Best wishes and
deepest gratitude.

Dwight Eisenhower."

You knew Ike?

Well, I, uh...

I did some special
work for him in France,

during the occupation.

Special work?

Undercover, um, OSS
type stuff, you know.

"Certificate of Appreciation.

Omar Bradley."

General Omar Bradley. Phew.

Can't figure it, can you?

What do you mean?

You've been coddling me all day,

keeping me out of the sauce,

out of the way so your
friends can do their thing.

And now suddenly
it looks like the, uh...

The dummy wasn't always a dummy.

I'm sorry, Harrigan.

Don't be.

You made all the right moves.

I'm the one that's out of step.



Those were good days.

Somehow, between then and now,

I seem to have
gotten off the track.


To, uh, better times.

I'll make you a deal.


If you put that down

and talk to me
for a little while,

I'll cook you dinner.

Nobody's cooked dinner
for me for a long time.

Well, I'm pretty
fair in the kitchen.


Start cooking.



I don't wanna be
seen walking in there.

Let's wait till
this crowd clears.

Uh, Harrigan,

I've just been through
all your cupboards

and your refrigerator.

Based on what you
have in this apartment,

I could wax your
floors, poison a few rats,

polish, oh, 60,
70, pairs of shoes

and maybe make you a
navy bean and celery omelet.


Well, uh, my wife's
fed me stranger things.

You never told me
you were married.

Well, she's, uh, been
dead for some time.


Yeah, we had some good times.

She and I.

We even decided to have a kid.

It almost happened but, uh,

neither one of them made it.


I'm sorry. I... I
didn't mean to pry.

You didn't.

She was a good lady.

Maybe that's why
I went off the track.

I guess I better
get to that omelet.



Which license do
you have showing?

The phony, like before.

Now, let's try not to
make a mistake this time.



Remember the truck that tried

to run Kris and
Harrigan off the road?

What about it?

Didn't Kris say it was
black with dark windows?

Yeah, she did.

There's one just
like it right behind us.

Tiff, there are a lot
of black trucks around.

Yeah, I know there
are a lot of black trucks,

but remember the license number

that Harrigan picked up,

the one that Bos
said didn't exist?

Wasn't it Y-7-2-2-1-5-9?

I think so.

Yes, it was.

Well, then it does exist,

because it's on that
black truck right behind us.

I can't see who's
driving. Neither can I.

I don't feel like playing
bumper tag on this road.

Neither am I.

Why don't we cut the formalities

and see who's
driving that truck?

Good idea.

Put your hands up.

And keep your
hands on the wheel.

Well, Mr. Starrett.

What the devil are
you doing here?

I think I'm about to get
some answers from you.

Such as?

Why you hired us for a
case you didn't want solved.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about grand
theft, insurance fraud,

and attempted murder.

I'm usually very
good at riddles...

Drop it. Drop it, Starrett,
she's got us wired...

Shut up. You shut up.

I'm not gonna face an
accomplice to murder charge

if I can avoid it.

You better call Harrigan.

He sent Felber and
Belkin there to kill him.

And your blond friend.

Call Kris and Harrigan
and warn them.



A celery and a navy bean omelet.

Who would have thought?

Who would have thought what?

Uh, that it could be tasty.

You are saying
that this is tasty?


Look, why don't we
go pick up my car?

Good idea.

Also a very clever way
to change the subject.

No, no, I-I really like it.

Harrigan, this is awful.



What, you're not gonna
answer the phone?

Why sweat it? It's
only a telephone.

But Kelly and
Tiffany know I'm here.

They might be trying
to get a hold of me.

Okay, go ahead and
answer it but I'm not in.


Harrigan's place.

Kris, Tiff. Hi, Tiff. What's up?

Belkin and Felber are on their
way to kill you and Harrigan.

What? I'll explain later.

Just cover yourselves.


What's wrong?



Drop it, Belkin.

I said drop it.

All right, get your
nose on the floor.

Watch him.

HARRIGAN: I'm watching.

Is it bad?

Yeah, it's bad.

It's your shoulder.

No, in my stomach.

Your stomach, where?




You're right.

It, uh, wasn't one
of the greatest.

Harrigan, this may not be
the time to argue about this,

but I'm a terrific cook.

Give me a rain check?






How long have you had this car?

I've had it, uh...

long enough.

You know what I'm gonna do?


What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna get back on the track.


I went a day without a drink
and I can go another one.

One day at a time.

I think I got a chance.

Thanks to you.

Oh, I didn't do anything.

You did it all by yourself.

I just sort of hung
in there, that's all.

Well, you hung in
there pretty good.


Well, there's my ride.


Well, I, uh,

guess I'll see you
at the Starrett trial.

Right. They'll definitely
call you as a witness.

And I owe you dinner.

I think, uh, dinner
will be on me.

We'll, uh, go some
place with a little class.

I'll even wear a suit.