Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 18 - Dancin' Angels - full transcript

After a disappearance and a murder at an old fashioned ballroom dance contest, Bosley and Tiffany team up as a dancing couple. Meanwhile Kris and Kelly try to get information from the club ...

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned... [BUZZING]

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.




WOMAN: ♪ Button
up your overcoat ♪

♪ When the wind is free ♪

♪ Take good care of yourself ♪

♪ You belong to me ♪

♪ Eat an apple every day ♪

♪ Get to bed by 3 ♪

BOTH: ♪ Take good care of
yourself You belong to me ♪

♪ Be careful crossing streets ♪

♪ Ooh, don't eat meat ♪

♪ Ooh, cut out sweets ♪
♪ Ooh ♪

BOTH: ♪ You'll get a pain
And ruin your tum-tum ♪

♪ Keep away from bootleg hooch ♪

♪ When you're on a spree ♪

We're not gonna do ourselves
any good if those two win.

No, not hardly.

What's wrong? W-why did we stop?

The crowd. They don't
appreciate what we're doin'.

They're digging the two
stumblebums over there.

They're very good.

They're not as good as us.

Ha. Hey, if winning
was that easy,

there wouldn't be a $5000 prize.

That's the word to
remember, Jenny: winning.

Take five.

Oh, baby, wait up. I've
gotta go outside and cool off.

Will you bring me
something to drink?



Oh, I... I was expecting
someone else.

Hey, what are you
doing with that?

Are you crazy?

Stay away from me.

Stay away!

CHARLIE [ON INTERCOM]: Have you told
your story to the police, Mr. Fairgate?

I was with them all last
night and all day today.

And there's no
trace of your sister?

There's nothing. She...

She just stepped
outside for some air,

and she hasn't been seen since.

Mr. Fairgate, it's
public knowledge

that you and your sister
are well-off financially.

Have you considered
the possibility

that this is a kidnapping?
Of course I have.

But there are no ransom
demands, there's no letters,

there's no phone
calls, there's nothing.

Can you think of anyone who
would wanna harm your sister?


Everyone who meets my sister

falls immediately
in love with her.

She just doesn't have enemies.

we're hard-pressed

to come up with a
motivation, Angels.


Unless it has something to
do with the dance contest.

You know, there is one thing
that puzzles me, Mr. Fairgate.

Why were you and your sister

entered in the contest
in the first place?

Surely not for the prize money.

Well, my sister is
very competitive.

And I mean competitive. She...

She loves winning at everything,

if it's tennis or
golf or dancing.

You name it, she'll try it,

and, uh, she'll beat you at it.

CHARLIE: Competitive
people often make enemies

of other competitive
people, Mr. Fairgate.

I think Kris is right.

This may have something
to do with the dance contest.

Well, it's a good
place to start.

Uh, Mr. Fairgate,

why don't you go home
and get some sleep?

We'll try and come
up with an approach,

and we'll call you this evening.

It doesn't look good, does it?

Get some sleep. We'll call you.


Well, ladies, are you ready

to indulge in a little
fancy Terpsichore?

Bosley, I've never
heard this song before.

I think it slipped gracefully
into public domain

a few years back.

Sometimes you'll
find that mature music,

like mature men,

can be the source
of endless delight.

And once you see
these feet in action,

you will show a
little more respect.


Yes, Mr. Astaire.

Hi. Hello, sweetheart.

We wanted to enter
the dance contest.

Maybe you could tell
us who we should talk to.

Sure. You could talk to me.

Do you own this place?

You might say I
have a vested interest.

May I?


Thirty hours, ladies
and gentlemen.

Thirty hours since this
grueling dance contest began

here at the new
Dancetown Ballroom.

Look at them, ladies
and gentlemen.

These brave couples
have been dancing

ever since the first second
Elton Mills lifted his baton

yesterday at noon.

And why not, considering
what's at stake?

Five thousand dollars in
cash to the lucky couple

who receives the most votes
from you wonderful people

who've come here to
show your appreciation

by casting your ballots.

For that, they thank
you and I thank you.

One of him and three of you?

Who dances with who?

Oh, I was hoping to
pick up a partner here.

What do you think?

Dead meat.

Why don't you and I, uh...?

But you're management.

Well, like the
judge just explained,

it's too late to enter the
marathon for the big money.

The best you can hope for
is a modest specialty prize.

And I promise not to step
on your very pretty feet.

Whatever's fair.


Now that Kris has the
executive section covered,

where do we start?

Well, our client said
his biggest competitors

were Couple Number 6.

There they are.

They're good.


Tiff, why don't you and
Bos go check out those two.

I'll go talk to the bandleader.

From where he stands,
he might've seen something.


Shall we get their attention?


Oh, I'd love to.

The pleasure's entirely mine.

Well, now, here's
lookin' at you, kid.


You didn't really say that.

I beg your pardon.

You didn't really just say

"Here's looking at you, kid."

Well, I didn't say it first.


Um, Bogart. Casablanca. 1941.

Nineteen forty-two.

Also a good year.

It's a habit of mine,
doing lines from old films.

Oh, that's all right.
You like Bogie.

I loved all those guys.

Bogart, E.G. Robinson, Cagney.

They saw what they wanted,

they went after
it and they took it.

Those were good days. Good days.

Those were good old movies.

Pretend, you know?

No, movies reflect life.

So there had to
be guys like that.

Well, whatever. Heh.

You know, I came here
because a friend of mine

told me about this place.

You might know
her. Sally Fairgate?


Yeah, she and her brother
Joe are contestants here.

You know them?

Name doesn't register.

Too bad. They're
really good people.

Mm-hm. You'd like her a lot.

BOTH: Smooth moves.


You have smooth moves.

Huh. Well, Couple Number
6 is not very friendly.

No, but our client was right.

They are the heavy
competition on the floor.

Oh, present company excepted.

I would hope so.

I told you once you saw
these little feet in action.

All right, well, uh, what are
we gonna do about them?

Them? Yeah.

I would say proceed
with extreme caution.

He made that tango
seem absolutely sinister.

I haven't seen you here before.

I haven't been here before.

Frances Farmer.


You remind me of Frances Farmer.

Ah. She was an actress, right?

Oh, she was a star.

One of the brightest.

I played a featured role
in one of her pictures.

She was kind to me.

A lady of quality like you.

Well, how could you
possibly say that?

You've just met me.

Well, in this very
ungracious world,

there's only one quality
that's easy to recognize.

And why do you find
the world ungracious?

Well, today's
music, for example.

It's all, uh, electronic
noise and confusion.

That's why what's happening
here is so important.

You mean the dance contest?

Well, this is all a cheap
sham and pretense.

But it'll serve my purpose.

When it's over,

I'll have reestablished
myself and my music,

in this time, in this place.

You're very eloquent.

You're very lovely.

Thank you.

I hope I'll see more of you.

Oh, I'll be around a while.

As a matter of fact, I'm...

I'm looking for
a friend of mine.

Maybe you've seen her.

Her name is Sally Fairgate.

What does she look like?

Um, blond, about
30, very pretty.

She and her brother Joe
were competitors in the contest.

Number 3.

Ah, yes.

Yes, I think I recall them.

Oh, good.

Uh, maybe if you see her again,

you could tell her
I'm looking for her.

My name is Kelly. Kelly Garrett.

The perfect name
for the perfect lady.

MAN: One, two. One, two, three.

Thanks for the dance.


Listen, I have to take a
rain check on that drink.

Our client is here.


I thought you were gonna
go home and get some sleep.

What are you doing here?

police found Sally and...


On the beach.

She's dead.



Who are those
people with Fairgate?

I don't know yet.

But I think we'd
better find out.

The blond's been asking
questions about his sister.

Questions? What
kind of questions?

Just questions.

I don't like that, Al.
I don't like it at all.

Neither do I, pal.

Neither do I.





BOTH: ♪ Any time
you're Lambeth way ♪

♪ Any evening, any day ♪

♪ You'll find us all ♪

♪ Doing the Lambeth walk ♪

♪ Every little Lambeth gal ♪

♪ With her little Lambeth pal ♪

♪ You'll find 'em all ♪

♪ Doing the Lambeth walk, oh ♪

Hi. Hi.

Where's Tiff? In
the powder room.

Something about a toe you
stepped on during the tango.


How's our client?

Well, I got him home, but
he's in pretty rough shape.

Did you hear from Charlie?

Yeah, he called me
on my way back here.

Did he come up with
anything meaningful?

Yeah, the fellow that
you had a drink with,

Al Norman, he's
got a police record.

Somehow that
doesn't surprise me.

He's from back East.

He was arrested on
minor bunco charges.

Any convictions?

BOSLEY: Yeah, a couple
in phony land promotion.

He was tied up with the big
boys until he made a mistake.

Then they kicked him out.

He came out here.

Strictly a small-timer.

Does Charlie know how
Mr. Norman is tied into this operation?

Well, Dancetown is owned
and operated by P.J. Wilkes,

but it went into
receivership last month,

and Al Norman bailed it out.

So now, according to
the business license,

they're partners.

Well, I think one of us
should get close to Mr. Wilkes.

I'll give it a try.

Okay, you take
care of Mr. Wilkes,

and I'll concentrate
on Mr. Norman.

And I'll see if I can get close
to our Couple Number 6.

Oh, listen, I almost forgot.


When I was taking
our client home,

he recalled something
that could be very relevant.

Like what?

Well, he says that
he recalls seeing

our angry Mr. 6 go out that exit

just moments before Sally.

Now, that could be
a coincidence or...

Maybe not.

Right. I think I'd
better find out which.

I'm gonna find Mr. P.J. Wilkes.



BOTH: ♪ Just around the corner ♪

♪ There's a rainbow in the sky ♪

♪ So let's have
Another cup of coffee ♪

♪ And let's have
Another piece of pie ♪

♪ Mr. Herbert Hoover ♪

♪ Says that now
is the time To buy ♪

♪ So let's have
Another cup of coffee ♪

♪ And let's have
Another piece of pie ♪

Hey, I know this is supposed
to be heavy on nostalgia,

but who can dance to that tempo?

Apparently, everybody but you.


Yeah, but they dance
like you sing: boring.

Listen, pal, the man pays
me to sing this cornball muck.

I personally think it's lousy.

But a buck's a buck, so I sing.


Now, you got some
kind of problem

about what's coming down
here, why don't you take a hike?

How'd you like me
to break that finger off

and shove it up your nose?

Why don't you try?

JENNY: Steve, stop it.

You wouldn't hurt a guy
when he's down, would you?

I will. Get out of my way.

Well, I'm not gonna.

STEVE: Maybe
you'd like the same.

Steven, that is
enough! BOSLEY: Right.

You don't wanna get thrown out
when you're so close to winning.

Hey! Hey, what's going
on here? Come on now.

What is this? What's going on?

Uh, nothing really. Just
a little misunderstanding.

But, uh, everything's
all right now, right?

Yeah, right.

KELLY: Uh, see? No problem.

Play, maestro.

Take a break, 15 minutes.

Hey, I'm still
runnin' this show.

Now, I wanna know
what's going on here.

Oh, you must be Mr. P.J. Wilkes.

Yeah, I must be. Who are you?

I'm Kelly Garrett. I was
just on my way to see you.

Garrett, huh?

Look, I told you to
watch your temper.

Hey, look, Wilkes, I
didn't start it. He did.

Mr. Wilkes. People who
work for me call me Mr. Wilkes.

And I'm up to here
with your bad manners.

You hear me? Look,
I work for the band.

I don't work for you.

You don't shut your mouth,

you won't be
working for anybody.

Now, get your act together or
you and me are gonna tangle.

All right, ladies and
gentlemen, it's all over.

Just have yourself a drink.

The band's gonna take
a 15-minute intermission.

We'll be right back. Thank you.

You said you wanted
to see me. Yes.

My office is right through
that door and to the left.

Why don't you go in
there and wait for me?

I'll be right in. All right.

Do you realize
how close you came

to blowing this
whole thing for us?

Hey, don't start on me.

If he hadn't stepped in,

you'd probably be on
your way to jail right now.

Yeah, but I'm not on my
way to jail. We're still here.

Right? We're still in
it for the big bucks.

Yeah, well, I think you
owe him an apology.

I owe him nothing.

You're wrong.

Steve, you're letting this
ambitious drive of yours

turn you into some
kind of an animal.

Look, I'm no
different than I was

when we left New York.

And I'm just a little bit
more angry and frustrated.

And I'm tired.

Yeah, well, so what?

I'm tired too.

I'm telling you, Steve, if
you don't start acting civilized,

I swear to you,
I'll... You'll what?

I'll walk right outta here.

Don't be stupid.

Outta here, outta your life.

You know your big
problem, Jenny?

You're all mouth.


Watch me.

All right.

I'm sorry.

Yeah. Okay.

Tell it to him.

Don't plan on winnin'
anything around here, pal,

'cause I'm gonna
see to it that you don't.


How you doing?

Uh, look, I'm, uh...

I'm sorry I got
so uptight before.

Oh, forget it. It's
just like I said.

It'd be a pity for you
to get thrown out now,

when you're so close to winning.

How come you're so
concerned for your competition?

Well, I'm not, uh... I'm
not really your competition.

My name's Bosley.
John Bosley. I'm an agent.

You're an agent? You m...?
You mean a theatrical agent?

Yeah, that's right.

I heard there were some very
talented dancers down here,

so I came down to take a look.

You handle dancers?

Yeah, mostly. You
know, for TV and films.

As a matter of fact, there's a
picture in the works right now.

A period piece.

They're planning to
use a couple of dancers

in some featured roles,

and they wanna go with unknowns.

Hey, look, now, I'm really
sorry I got so hot before.

Ah, forget that.

The point is, I'll
be watching you.

Oh, uh, also, somebody told
me to watch another couple.

Uh, young lady with blond
hair, dances with her brother.

Uh, think the name was Fairgate.


Yeah, Joe and, uh, Sally.

Joe and Sally Fairgate.

Have you seen them? I
heard they're very good.

Oh, I know the couple you
mean. Ooh, they are very good.

But, uh, I haven't seen
them since last night.

Oh, well, I'm sure
they'll show up.

Good luck to you.

Wait a minute. Listen,
what am I thinking of?

Where are you kids from?
What are your names?

Oh, this is Steve Ames
and I'm Jenny Wills.

We're from New York.

Ames and Wills.

It's got a nice ring to it.


I'll see you later.

Oh, it was nice meeting you.

Now, that was really stupid.

What are you talking about?

Tellin' him about how
good the other couple was.

I thought we had an agreement.

You were going to
start acting civilized.

Hey, listen. Listen.
Wait a minute, baby.

Maybe you forgot about the dives
we worked in before we got here,

but I haven't, so
I'm not interested

in being a good
sport or a good loser,

or about being civilized to
anyone who gets in my way

for any reason, you understand?

What I understand is
if you don't let go of me

I'm going to take
that walk out of here.

I wouldn't do it, Jenny.

Are you threatening me?

I'm just telling you how it is.

Now, you're not
gonna go soft on me

and mess me up, all right?

Nobody's gonna mess me
up, you understand? Nobody.









That Couple Number Six
sure doesn't smile much.

No, she's cool,

and he's like a
bomb ready to go off.

I think I will run our
Mr. Aims and Miss Wills

from New York through
Charlie's computer.

Oh. Sorry I was detained.

Garrett, right?

Yes. Kelly Garrett.

Sit down.

Thank you.

I saw you when you came in.

You, uh... You came
in with the blond

and the couple who
have been dancing, right?

Well, you're very observant.

I understand that you and
Mr. Norman run this place.

Who told you that?

Well, I... I can't remember.

But you two are partners, right?

In this venture, yes.

By the way,

what's the point of this
venture, Mr. Wilkes?

Well, the point of this venture,
Miss Garrett, is promotion.

This place, like
this neighborhood,

has been going
steadily downhill.

I figure if I can
get it on its feet

with this dance contest gimmick

I can make a little money.

Make it a paying proposition.


Then it wouldn't look too good

if Sally and her brother
got the most votes.


My friend Sally Fairgate.

She and her brother
entered your contest.


Well, you know.

Uh, Fairgate oil refineries,

Fairgate meat packing,
Fairgate financiers.

Point is, I don't think you
would have drummed up

much local
business in this place

if two of the richest
people in the country

waltzed off with
the $5000 prize.

No. No, I supposed not.

Anyway, Sally felt
really bad about it.

So, uh, she and her brother
are dropping out of the contest.

When did she tell you this?

Oh, a few minutes ago.

I talked to her at her home.

You spoke to her?

Yes. And she wanted
me to tell you her feelings.

And that's why you
wanted to see me?


Anyway, good luck.

I hope you and Mr. Norman
make it all happen.

Thank you.

Thank you.



You said she talked
to Sally Fairgate?

That's what she said.
She said she talked to her

on the telephone just
a few minutes ago.

Well, since we know
that's impossible,

the next question is,
why is Miss Garrett lying?

I don't know why she's
lying. All I know is I don't like it.

Now, this Garrett lady and those
three people she came in with

are definitely up to something.

And I know it's no good for us.

I can tell you that.

The blond,

she mention Miss Fairgate
to me a little while ago.

Mr. Wilkes is
frowning rather heavily.

What did you say to him?

I, uh, told him I
talked to Sally Fairgate

a few minutes ago.

Well, he's acting like he
knows Miss Fairgate's dead.

And since we and her
brother and the police

are the only ones who
are supposed to know...

How come he's so upset?

KELLY: It looks like he's
discussing it with Mr. Norman.

Maybe Mr. Norman
will discuss it with you.

Well, he said he
wanted to buy me a drink.

Guess I'll hang in here.

Okay. Okay.

I better find out what
kind of head games

Miss Garrett and her
friends are playing.

You get back to your office.

And keep your mouth shut.


Get out number 21,
28, 32, 43 and 54.





I think it's time you start
leveling with me, doll.


Again with the
old movie dialogue.

Never mind the dialogue.
Let's get to the plot.

What are you and your
three friends doing here?

I thought we were dancing.

You were asking me questions
about Miss Sally Fairgate.

Then Miss Garrett said
she called her on the phone.

She's a mutual friend.
What's the problem?

The problem is I want to know
why you keep talking about her.

I just told you, she's a friend.

Why don't you and
I take a little walk?

Who are we doing
now? Bogie? Cagney?

Look, I'm getting a little
tired of this macho routine.

Listen, I've got
every dime I own

in this little piece
of promotion.

So I ain't about to let
anybody mess it up.

Now, let's you and I
go somewhere private

and get some answers.

Slow, hard way to
make a fast, easy buck.

KELLY: Yeah.

Have you seen Bosley?

Even as we speak.


Hi. Charlie's computer come up

with anything on our
dynamic dance duo?

Oh, yes. As a matter of fact
some very interesting stuff

on Steven Aims.

Only 24 and he already has
a record the length of your arm

with the New York
police department.

Such as?

He got started when he was 16.

Petty theft, grand theft auto,

petty larceny, along with
two visits to the county jail.

Anything current?

BOSLEY: Something very current.

Right now he's wanted
for questioning in regards

to his partner, Jenny Wills.

Seems that there's been
a missing persons report

filed on her by her parents.

She's only 17 years old.

Hm. Just the kind of fellow

you want your
daughter to run off with.

Yeah. Oh, and as a matter
fact, I forgot to mention

he's been arrested twice on
assault and battery charges.

Let's not dance
too close to them.

Good idea.

Have you seen Kris?

I saw Al Norman leading her

toward P.J. Wilkes' office.

He looked very grim.

If she's not back
here in five minutes

I think we should see
if she needs a hand.

All right.

Meet you back
here in five minutes.

Right. Come on, dear.


Hey, what's wrong?

Oh, it's Billy.


Billy. He's lying out there.

I think he's dead.

Come on, let's go.


When Billy didn't come
back after the break,

I went looking for him.

Oh, God, it's awful.



Betty, I've got to ask
you some questions.

I think we'd better
call the police.

We will. But first
you've got to talk to me.

Did you see anyone back here
before you found Billy's body?


I don't know. I...
I don't remember.

It's important.

Uh, no. No. I... I
didn't see anyone.

No one walking in the area?


KELLY: You're sure?

BETTY: I'm not sure of anything.

Why don't we call the police?

Why do you keep asking
me these questions?

KELLY: I'm a private
detective. BETTY: What?

KELLY: I'm a private detective
and I'm working on a case here.


I don't believe you.

Look, I work for the
Townsend Detective Agency.

Here's my identification.

BETTY: A gun.

You have a gun?

Yes. Now do you believe me?


I guess so.

All right. This is
what I want you to do.

Go back inside.

And if anybody asks
you, you haven't seen Billy.

Pretend like nothing's
happened. BETTY: But why?

KELLY: Because we have
a better chance of finding out

who killed Billy if
we do it this way.

Trust me. All right?

All right.


Go back in and...

And don't say
anything to anyone.

Go on.



Oh, you startled me.

I'm sorry.

What are you doing?

I was wrong about
you, Miss Garrett.

You're not a gracious lady.

You're not acting very
gracious yourself, Mr. Mills.

I'm afraid you've
made that necessary.


Over there.

I'd rather not.

I'd rather you would.





In there.

Well, sit down.


A detective, huh?


I thought I was a
better judge of people.

I, uh, suppose I'll have

to dispose of you somehow.

I'll have to think about this.

Take all the time you need.

Listen, blondie, I'm
getting impatient with you.


You know, you really have got
to stop saying things like that.

Why are you and your
friends asking questions

about Miss Fairgate?


You really should start
learning to control your temper.

It could get you
in so much trouble.

Don't you think so?



I don't get it. What?

Kelly said she'd meet us
back here in five minutes.

It's not like her
just to disappear.

Well, maybe she stepped outside.

Let's go see.



BOSLEY: That's
Kelly's purse, isn't it?


Minus the gun.





Oh, my God.

Let's go tell Kris.

MILLS: You realize, of course,

that I'm very
disappointed in you.

I guess I'm not the only one.

Who disappointed you, I mean.

Billy too?

Well, did you hear what
he said about my music?

"Cornwall muck." Did
you hear him say that?

What did Sally
Fairgate say about you?

It's not what she
said. It's what she did.

Everyone was watching her.
They weren't watching me.

They weren't... They
weren't listening to my music.

I listened.


Yes, you did.

But you pretended
to be one thing

when you were
something quite different.

It didn't used to be that way.

People were...

People were more simple,
direct, honest like my music.

That's why they loved
me in those days.

I was hoping it would
be that way again.

That it would all
start again here.

I guess I was wrong.

Nothing is simple anymore.

The music and the people...

They're all
dissonant, ugly, ugly.

I will have to kill
you, you know.

When all the talk is over...

I will have to kill you.

Look, Mr. Norman, I'm
getting pretty bored with this.

I think it's time
for me to go home.

Listen, you'll go
home when I tell you.

You and your friends.


Well, speak of the devil. We
wanna talk to Miss Monroe.

Go ahead, talk. Alone.

It's rather urgent.

I've got a few things
to say to you myself.

Mr. Norman, why don't
you sit down and be quiet?



The lady has claws.

And she knows how to use them.

What's happening?

We just found the
boy singer out back

with his head caved in.

We also found Kelly's
purse on the ground,

but no sign of Kelly.

Well, you said you wanted
to do some talking. Go ahead.

Tell us what you know
about Sally Fairgate's death

and our friend's disappearance.

Nothing. I don't know
what you're talking about.

Listen, you musical
comedy mobster,

I have had it with your dumb
dialogue and your bad manners.

And if you two are
in any way involved

in these killings or Miss
Garrett's disappearance,

we're gonna string
you up by your ears.

We didn't kill her.
Shut up, Wilkes.

But it's the truth. We didn't.

Didn't kill who?

Anybody. We didn't kill anybody.

We just moved
the body, that's all.

Whose body?

Sally Fairgate.

We found her dead out back,

so we took her body down to
the beach and we dumped it.

Why? Why did you do that?

Because if word ever got out
that somebody had been murdered

around here,

this whole thing would
go down the drain.

Every dime we've got
is sunk in this place.


Well, I hate to say it,

but I think I believe him.

These two are just low
enough to do something like that.

You know what?

You're right.

Let's go find Kelly.


Okay. You walk and you listen.

Your competitor Miss
Fairgate's been murdered.

Are you aware of that?

Now, how the devil
would we know that?

How about the, uh,
singer you tangled with?

He's lying out back
with his head caved in.

You know anything about that?

What are you trying to
pull? Those two are dead,

and my friend Miss
Garrett has disappeared.

I want answers. I
want them in a hurry.

What do you expect
me to do about it?

I expect you to tell me what
you feel you should tell me.

I'll wait outside.

Come on. What are you
looking at me like that for?

You think I had anything to
do with anybody getting killed?

I'm just remembering
what you said

to me about not letting
anybody stand in your way

or mess you up.

I said it and I meant it.

Then and now. All right?

So just follow my lead

and stop thinking about anything
except the 5000 we're gonna win.

'Cause like I said before,

that's all that counts, winning.

Come on.

Okay, where do we start?

Well, I think we had
better spread out.

Check the buildings, and
if you find anything just yell.

Come on.

I'm really sorry I
have to hurt you.

We'll go outside
and walk to the beach

where no one will hear the shot.


I think you had better put
the gun down, Mr. Mills.

Put it down.


Maybe it's just
as well this way.

It all got out of hand somehow.

All dissonant, ugly...

There doesn't seem to
be a place for me anymore.

You know what I mean?




You all right?

Yeah. You?

Well, I've had
my fill of dancing.





Look, with the arrests and all,

things have gotten
a little complicated.

And the police have decided
to shut the place down.

Shut it down?

Yes, but the ballots

will be counted. And...

And there will be a winner.

But for the moment
there's no more dancing.

When are we gonna
know? In a day or two.

Well, the winners
will be notified.

I'm sure you two will
get the most votes.

BOSLEY: Oh, uh, and
by the way, Jenny, uh,

the police talked to
New York about you.

Uh, you know, the
missing persons report.

Well, your parents
want you to call them.

That won't be necessary.

I'm going home.

You're going home?

On the first plane I can get.

What are you, crazy?

I mean, did you hear
what she just said?

We're gonna win.
The money's ours.

You keep it.

But this is it.

I mean, we won.

Hey, it's just the beginning.
From here on we move.

We'll get it all.

You get it all.

As far as I'm concerned,
it costs too much.

Who cares? I'll
find someone else.

Broads, they're like streetcars.

You know, one comes
along every 10 minutes.

You don't think so?

You'll see.

A year from now, I'll
have this town by the tail.

If you don't think so, watch me.

Just watch me!

Anyone for a foxtrot?

I think I'll pass.