Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 15 - One of Our Angels Is Missing - full transcript

Kris poses as a rich divorcée to find out why Rick Devlin has skipped parole. When the Angels proceed to lure him back to California, it turns out he is more dangerous than they first thought.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned... [BUZZING]

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.



Well, well, well.


I knew I'd catch up
with you someday.

What do you want, Mackey?

It's been three years
since we pulled that heist

in Baltimore on that
broad, remember?

You got all the jewels.

I got three years in the can.

That's the breaks, pal.


No, not to my way of thinking.

I see you made the news.

Got yourself in some
big trouble this time.

I also got a big lawyer.

He got my bail and
he's getting me off.

Now, what's your point?

Well, my point is,

the paper said that necklace
was worth about 150 grand.

I'll settle for half.

Tell you what, Mackey.
You'll settle for a thousand.

And that's for old times' sake.

And, pal, just forget that
you had this conversation.


You better think twice.

I got enough on you

to put you away for life.

Mackey, before you say any
more, you better think twice.


I think the cops
would still be interested

in hearing about the
broad in Miami, remember?

And there's the
one in, uh, Chicago.

You want me to keep going?

I need a little time.


I still haven't
fenced the necklace.


Sure, I'll give you 24 hours.


I'll be in touch... partner.








Hey, Vic, my lucky
hat is talkin' to me.


Compression in the ninth. Ha-ha!

MAN [ON TV]: Stay tuned
now for the local news.

In Santa Monica
early this morning,

a man identified as John
Mackey was found shot.

Hey, it figures...
Shh, shh, shh.

He was taken to county hospital

where he remains in a coma.

It's a winner... Shut up!

No motive for the crime.

However, they are speculating

the crime may be gang-related,

since Mackey has
a police record.

Investigators are hoping
for his sufficient recovery

to identify his assai...

What's the matter
with you? Nothing.

I'm just a little on edge.

Go on to the track
by yourself, will you?



Anything you say.


Yeah, I-I'd like some
information, please,

on your flight to, uh, Arizona.

Yeah, Phoenix. Phoenix,
Arizona. That's fine.


MAN: I've been a bail
bondsman for 30 years.

This is the first time
anyone's ever run out on me.

I could lose $50,000.

My home is mortgaged,
my wife's in the hospital.

What about the police?

They're not gonna look
for Devlin out of state.

There hasn't been a hearing.

I still don't understand
why he jumped bail.

I mean, his lawyer said

there wasn't enough
evidence to convict him.

That's right.

Even the woman he supposedly
stole the necklace from

is reluctant to
testify against him.

They were dating each
other. They had thing going.

He looks the type.


He's been linked, uh, socially

with several beautiful
and wealthy women.

Apparently, he has
something they find attractive.

So, what do you want us to do?

I want you to find him
and bring him back.

What if he doesn't wanna come?

Bring him back anyway.

Mm. That sounds like kidnapping.

I think that's against the law.

CHARLIE: Well, perhaps we can
dangle a lure in front of Mr. Devlin.

If he runs true to character,
he just might take the bait.

I don't quite
follow you, Charlie.

If the police
won't go after him,

perhaps a beautiful
bounty hunter can.

Did you say a bounty hunter?

There's no indication
he's dangerous.

He's suspected of nothing more

than filching
expensive trinkets.

And confronted
with all three Angels,

I doubt if he could
make a choice.

So I'll make it easy
for him and send Kris.

Okay, how do I find him?

Devlin's car was found
abandoned near L.A. airport.

A man fitting his description
booked a flight to Phoenix

under the name of Tony Cole.

He's checked into the Spa
Hotel just outside Phoenix.

Your flight leaves
in the morning.

Any questions, Kris?

You said he likes wealthy women.


Women that, uh, look wealthy

and dress wealthy.

Yes, I get your point.

All right, I've set up
charge accounts for you

at some of the nice boutiques.

And there's an
elegant rental car

waiting for you in Phoenix.

Hm. You got a lot
of class, Charlie.



601 from Los Angeles to Phoenix

now arriving at Gate 5.


DEVLIN: Lovely.
Lovely. So is this.

This one's very nice too.

I'm very fond of
gold, as you can see.

Enjoy your drink.

Put that on my tab.

I guess there's no easy way.

I beg your pardon.

Well, to avoid all those clichés

such as, um, "Haven't we met?"

or "Aren't you so-and-so
from such-and-such?"

There's just no easy way.

Heh. Are you trying
to introduce yourself?

Well, that was the plan,

but I seem to fresh
out of clever repartee.

Well, maybe you should
just tell me your name.

All right. Tony.

Tony Cole.

Hello. Hi.

See? That was easy.

Yes, it was. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Uh, may I join you, Miss...?

Munroe. Kris Munroe.
And yes, you may.

Thank you.

You alone?

Very much so.

That's hard to figure.

Well, I want it that
way, at least for a while.

Where you from?


I've been to L.A., but it's
not one of my favorite places.


What is your favorite place?

Right here next to you.


Why, Mr. Cole, you haven't
run out of clever repartee.

Well, it comes and goes.

By the way, was
that Miss or Mrs.?


Recently divorced.


Would you join me
for a drink tonight?

Well, you certainly don't
waste any time, do you?

Well, time is precious.

I'll think about it.

Good. I'll be in Room
301, waiting by the phone.



Los Angeles, please.


Townsend Agency. Oh,
hi, Kris. How's it going?

Well, Mr. Cole
certainly is a fast worker.

I don't know what all those
other women saw in him.

Frankly, he makes my skin crawl.

Well, whatever his flaws,
bad taste isn't one of them.

He picked you out right away.


Listen, the less time I have
to spend with him, the better.

Do you have an address? Did
you find a house we could use?

Yeah, I checked
with a friend of mine

who's a real-estate broker.

We've got a house in
Bel Air that we can use.

The people that
own it are in Europe.

Great. What's the address?

It's 2234 Ridgecross.

Two-two-three-four Ridgecross.

Okay. I'll call you right
after I set up the bait.

Okay. Great.


Room 301, please.

Mr. Cole, hello. Kris Munroe.

Oh, Tony. Okay.

Listen, I got your
roses. They're beautiful.

I'd like to accept
your invitation.

What time?

That should be fine.

Thank you.


Looks like a custom-made piece.

I'll probably have
to break it up.

Just remember that's
worth 150,000 retail.

I want 80 grand. No less.

Get a load of her.


And she's all mine.

I'll expect an answer tomorrow.

Good evening.

Good evening.

Thank you.

Guess who's the envy
of every man in this room.


You're very good
for a divorcée's ego.

Oh, something tells me
you're used to being stared at.


I took the liberty of
ordering champagne.

What a nice liberty.

Thank you.

What'll we drink to?

To my new friend, Tony Cole.

And to my stunningly
beautiful lady.


So fill me in.

How did I get so lucky
to find you unattached?

Well, it's a short story.

My ex-husband
owns half the world,

and I got very tired of
being another possession.

What brings you to Arizona?

I'm cutting the old ties.
Actually, I'm selling my house.

I didn't wanna be there
while they were showing it.

And I wanted to spend some time
alone, get my thoughts together.

Well, I'm sorry I
spoiled your plans.

That's a lie. I'm
not sorry at all.


Neither am I.

What do you do for a living?

Oh, I dabble in a
little of everything.

It's boring stuff.

I'm growing tired
of the rat race.

I feel like my life
is passing me by.

I've never been married,

never found the right woman.

Well, I didn't find
the right man, either.

So there you go. Ha-ha.

Seems like we have
a lot in common.


What happened?

Tsk. I broke my bracelet.

May I?

Looks like the clasp is broken.
I could have this fixed for you.

I know an excellent
local jeweler.

It breaks all the time. I
know how to fix it. Thank you.

I guess I'll have to
think of another way.

Another way?

To see you again.


Well, you can always ask.

To asking.

To asking.




Thank you for a lovely evening.

You're welcome.

Really. It was just
what the doctor ordered.

Um... What's wrong?

I'm just taking things a
little more slowly these days,

that's all.

I'll call you in the morning.

Please do.






MAN: It's all there, 80,000.

Well, I might have something
else for you pretty soon.

Let me guess. That
blond you were with

in the lounge last night, right?

Well, I think the lady has
possibilities, don't you?

I don't know from
ladies, Devlin.

I only know from diamonds.

Keep in touch.

Take it easy.

Can I help you?

Uh, L.A. General Hospital.

Yes, sir.

Yeah, I called earlier about
Mr. Mackey's condition.

Mr. Mackey died this morning.

If you want any
further information,

I'll have to transfer you.

No, t-that's all right.

Thank you.




You know what? What?

You have succeeded
in doing the impossible.

I have? Mm-hm.

You've really helped me
get my mind off my troubles.

My divorce and everything.

Glad to be of assistance.

Um, I think we should
get back to the horses.

We don't wanna be
out here after dark.



Well, there's more to
you than meets the eye.

What are you carrying a gun for?

Uh, my husband
taught me how to use it.

We had some kidnapping threats.

It's sort of a habit.

Well, I hope you
never get mad at me.

Listen, uh, I'm
feeling kind of shaky.

Can we go?


DEVLIN: It was nothing.

Thank God.

Uh, would you like to
join me in the Jacuzzi,

get the knots out?
I don't think so.

I think I'll settle for a hot
shower and a short nap.


This is kind of important.
I forgot to mail it.

Would you mind?
No, I'll be glad to.

Thank you. Okay,
I'll see you for dinner.

See you for dinner. Okay.



Bos, Kris.

Yeah, fine.

I gave him the envelope
with the Ridgecross address.

No, I'm fine. Stop worrying.

I'll get back to you later.


BECK: I'm glad you're
all right, but let me tell you,

my lucky hat and myself,
we're doing all right too.

We got something
nice in the eighth.

Yeah, never mind your lucky hat.

I want you to check
out a house for me.

A house?

Yeah, take down this address.

You got a pencil?


Two-two-three-four Ridgecross.


Ridgecross. Bel Air.

It's for sale.

Now call Timely,
T-I-M-E-L-Y, Realty.

Make an appointment to
see the house. Check it out.

Look over the
furniture, the paintings,

the security systems,
and call me back. All of it.

Timely, huh?

Okay, I'll talk to you later.


BOSLEY: Thanks, Bob.
I appreciate the favor.

Well, that was my
friend at Timely Realty.

A Mr. Beck wants to see
the house at 2234 Ridgecross

this afternoon at 3:00.

Beck? Yeah.

The servants are on vacation,

and the gardener doesn't
come in till tomorrow,

so we're in the clear.

Didn't our client say
a guy named Beck

was living with Devlin
at his beach house?

Right. Fred Beck.

Which means Devlin
has taken the bait.

Time to go put the
signs up at Ridgecross.

Let's go.


Here he comes.

Ah, how do you do? I'm Mr. Beck.

I made an appointment
to see this house.

Oh, of course. I'm Kelly.

Hello. Heh. So nice to know you.

Won't you come in?

Ah, charming. Cape Cod?

Uh, no. No, not quite.

Hey, how you doin'? Heh-heh.

Could we get started, please?

I'm in a bit of a rush.

Oh, of course. Uh,
Mr. Beck, Mrs. Stevens.

Uh, she's here to
see the house also.

I hope you don't mind.

Not at all. It's my pleasure.

Okay. Likewise.

Here we go.

Uh, this is the dining room.

Notice the moldings?
Very unusual.



Uh, after this,

I'd like to take
you to the kitchen.

A gourmet's delight.

[CHUCKLES] It has everything.

Custom cabinets,
built-in Spanish tiles,

you name it. Ooh.

Yeah. And then we're
gonna see the game room.

It is really something.

This is exquisite.

Quite a layout. Reminds
me of Roman days.



I just love these antiques.

Miss Munroe has exquisite taste.

I must agree.

KELLY: What more
could anyone ask for?

At a million and
a half, it's a steal.

Why, it certainly is.

Yes, uh, very reasonable.

Is everything all right?



The problem seems to be
somewhere in the switch.

I'm gonna have to
disable the alarm system

for a couple of days,

until I can do some rewiring.

KELLY: Well, I guess
that about does it.

It's lovely.

Yeah, I like the appointments
and, uh, your drapes.

Oh, I'm glad. Uh,
here's my card.

Mm-hm. And as I said,

I don't think it'll be
on the market long.

You'll have to beat me to it.

I'd like to see
it all over again.

Heh-heh. Well, I'll
discuss it with the wife.

She makes all the decisions.

Thank you. Bye-bye.


His tongue was hanging out.

Let's hope he chokes on it.




BECK: I'm tellin' you,
Vic, it's some joint.

They're asking a
million and a half.

There's this blond
broad that wants it.


Hey, uh, listen.

There's a big safe.

It looks kinda tough,

but I think it's your lucky day.

Security man was over there,
he was turning off the alarm.

What was that all about?

Something to do with the wiring.

But, look, I gotta go
back there today anyway.

I gotta go back there. I
left my... My lucky hat there.

Would you believe
50 bucks in the lining?

All right, stay near the
phone. I'll get back to you.


Ah, gracias.

Thank you.

Hi. Hi.

Ah, guess what. What?

I got an offer on my house.

So soon?

I know.

The only problem is, I have
to go back to L.A. immediately

and start escrow, get some
valuables out of the house.

Well, that's unfortunate.

I was looking
forward to establishing

a more permanent
kind of a relationship.

I didn't know things
could happen so fast.

And besides, I didn't
know I'd meet you.

Guess we have a mutual problem.

I hate to think that you're
gonna go out of my life forever.

What are you doing
the next few days?

Heh. What do you got in mind?

Why don't you go back with me?

I told you L.A. is not
one of my favorite towns.

Well, it's the
company that counts.

You could stay with me.

You make it hard to say no.

Ha. Now look who's
putting up resistance.

What's in it for me?

Now, isn't that
a silly question.

Why don't we get
a flight tonight?

Uh-uh. I told you
I... No more flights.

I can't fly since I
crashed my Learjet.

You know, even with
hypnosis, I still can't handle it.

Mind driving?

I turned in my rental.

So I'll rent one. I don't know.

My broker wants me
back as soon as possible.

It would only take us 12 hours.

We'll drive straight through
and split the time at the wheel.

It's the only way I'll
get you to go, huh?

It's the only way.

I guess we're driving.

Shall we pack?

It'll just take me a
minute. Beautiful.


BOSLEY: What is it,
Charlie? What's so urgent?

CHARLIE: I've just learned
from a source that Mr. Devlin

is not the simple con man
we supposed him to be.

Now, if that
information is correct,

Kris is in danger.

What do you mean?

A man named John Mackey

died at county hospital.

But before he died,

he named Devlin as his killer.


Now we know why
Devlin jumped bail.

There's more. He also fingered
Devlin as the man responsible

for the rape-murders
of three women.

Charlie, are you sure?

Unfortunately, yes.

Bosley, call Kris.

Get her away from Devlin fast.

I'm right on it, Charlie.






Uh-oh. What's the matter?

I forgot my earrings. I'll
meet you right downstairs.




Hi, Bosley, I've been
trying to get ahold of you.

Listen, he took the bait. I'm
heading back to L.A. with him.

What do you mean I'm not?

He's what?

Kris, he's killed three women.

It's time for the
police to take over.

Since it's a major crime,

they'll start steps
for extradition.

Listen, Bos, by the time
the police do their paperwork,

Devlin could be in Brazil.

I think I better hang
in there with him.

Kris, Devlin sounds
like a psychopath.

Anything could trigger him off.

You just can't put yourself
in jeopardy like that.

How do you know he's not gonna

get you out on the
highway and try to kill you?

Because he thinks there's
a big payoff in Los Angeles,

and I'm the icing on the cake.

Kris, Charlie
wants you out of it.

Bosley, I can't.

If I back out now,
we could lose him.

Three women raped and
murdered. I couldn't live with myself

knowing I didn't do
everything I could to stop him.

Kris, I have got to
clear this with Charlie.

Bosley, I'm hanging up.

I don't dare keep him
waiting much longer.

Listen, I'll call you when I
get to a gas station, okay?









You looking for somebody?
Yeah, I was here yesterday

to buy the house.

I left my hat behind.

Hey, where are the
real estate women?

Oh, I don't know what
you're talking about.

This house isn't for sale.

[LAUGHS] Hey, old pal.

You got the wrong information.

No, I haven't.

The owners are out of town.

I'm taking care of the place.

Well, where were you yesterday?

I'm only here a
couple of days a week.

Look, pal, I was here yesterday,
there was a real estate woman...

I don't know, I forget her name.

She showed me
through the entire house.

There was this other
woman, she walked with us.

There was this guy that
was working on a safe.

You better get out of here.

Hey, that's all I
want is my hat.

That's all. I... You
better get out of here,

or I'm gonna call the police.

Don't break out
in a rash. All right.

All right.





Getting tired?

No. Energy to burn.

We're gonna need some gas.

Well, we should be hitting
a station soon. Good.

I have to call my attorney,
let him know I'm coming in.

BOSLEY: We'll be waiting inside

the Ridgecross
house with the police.

He steps through
the door, we'll nail him.

Okay. KELLY: Kris, if he makes

any unexpected moves,
don't stick around.

Uh, I won't.

About five hours should do it.

Right. Okay.


Ah. Honey, I'm gonna take over.



How you feeling?


You seem a little tense.

I've just been thinking about

all the stuff I have to get
done when I get home.

Sure it doesn't have
something to do with me?

Don't be silly.

Well, you've been kinda quiet.

I'm sorry.

You having any second thoughts?

About me, I mean?

No. What makes you think that?

Just want you to
feel as good as I do.

I'm just a little
moody, that's all.

Don't let it bother you.

You hungry?

No, are you?

No, but I will be.

Well, why don't we stop
someplace for the night,

instead of driving
straight through?

I'd really rather
just keep going.

You see, i-it's my
back. It's bothering me.

I hurt it playing tennis.

The only thing that helps

is a hot tub and a
good night's rest.

Maybe a little massage.

You look like you
have real strong hands.


Well, if it's the driving,
it doesn't bother me.

You could sit over here,
put the seat back, relax.

Nah, it's too uncomfortable.

Is there any reason you have
to be in L.A. before tomorrow?

Well, I did make an early
appointment with my lawyer.

Well, we'll leave first
thing in the morning.

I really would
feel a lot better.

I know a nice motel nearby.

We'll stop there. I really...

Please. No more
discussion. We'll stop there.

Besides... Ha-ha-ha!

I already made our
reservations this morning.



I'll go in and get us a room.


Okay. Rooms. For the moment.

Sure you don't want
something to help you relax?

Sleep relaxes me.

Sounds like a good idea.
Don't let me keep you.

No, no. The plan was that
I was going to sleep here

and you were going to your room.

Very unimaginative.

But safe.


You're very
attractive, Mr. Cole.

But like I said before,
my head's really not into it.

Maybe tomorrow, when
we get to my house.


Why is everything always
"tomorrow" with you, my love?


Unh! Wait, please.

Look, I'm just not ready.

Give me some time. Time?

Don't you play
head games with me.

It upsets me. I
don't like to be upset.

It brings out the worst in me.

No, no, no, no. Look, tomorrow.

Tomorrow, when
we get to the house,

I promise you.

You have a surprise
you'll never forget.



Good night.

Yes, I'm calling Los Angeles.


Townsend Agency.

We're out for the moment,

so please feel free
to leave a message.

KRIS: Hi, Bos. Kris.

Listen, I'm at the
Moonlight Motel in Blythe.

Everything's under control.
Call me in the morning.


What are you doing here?
I've been driving all night.

I'm glad you told
me you stopped here.

We gotta talk.

Devlin, you've been had. That
Kris Munroe broad is a phony.

Don't tell me I was
in the wrong house.

I know exactly where I was.

I'm telling you,
somebody's playing games.

That house on
Ridgecross ain't for sale.

And that little lady friend
of yours, she doesn't own it.

Beck, if you're
telling the truth,

and you're too stupid to lie,

then somebody's setting me up.

Setting you up for
what? I don't know.

But I'll bet she deliberately
gave me that letter to mail,

figuring that I'd
look at the address.

I don't understand any of this.

Naturally. Fix me a drink.

You know, I thought I
was doing the con job.

That dame must
think I'm some jerk.

Well, two can play
the same game.

Miss Munroe didn't
tell me she lost her key.

She told me.

Aw, come on, can I
have another key, please?

That'll cost you a dollar extra.

And don't lose this one.


Sit down.

What are we gonna do?

First thing we're gonna do
is get out of here in your car.

KRIS: Tony? Good morning, love.

Hi. How'd you get in?

Who is this? Well,
this is a friend of mine.

He just got in from Los Angeles

with some very
interesting information.


Yeah, about you, doll face.

Me? What about me?

Well, that's what
I wanna find out.

Like who are you?

I don't understand.

I mean, who are you?


Aren't you gonna answer
it? Probably a wrong number.

Nobody knows that
I'm here. Answer it.


We got your message
on the service

saying that you checked
in there for the night.


KELLY: You okay?

Has Devlin been giving
you any more problems?


Kris, are you there?



You're right.

It was a wrong number.



KRIS: Ouch!

You'll have to go over
all that again for me,

Mr. Bosley.

You say you were talking
to her, and you were cut off.


Hold on.

Hey! Wait a minute! Come back!

She just got taken out of
here in a car with two men.

I tried to stop them,
they nearly ran me down.

Something's gone
wrong. Yeah, I'd say so.

What kind of a car?

Did you get a
look at the license?

No. But it was a Ford.

Uh, four-door sedan,
uh, vinyl top, green,

'73 or '74.

All right. Now, look,
sir, this is an emergency.

I want you to call your
local Highway Patrol.

Give them a
description of the car.

Also, tell them there's a
kidnapping in progress.

We'll call the field office,
fill them in on the details.

Also, though, I
want you to tell them

that we'll need a helicopter
when we get to Blythe.

Now, do that right
away, will you, please?

Let's go.


Okay, let's get down to it.

That house in Beverly
Hills you don't own.

My friend here checked on it.

You've been setting
me up for something.

Okay, I'm sorry.
Look, you're right.

I was supposed to
come and get you,

then bring you back to L.A.

I was doing a
favor for a friend.

Well, that's not
really true either.

I was doing it because
I need the money.

Who? What friend?

Who wants me?

Your bail bondsman,
Harry Silvers.

Look, I'm sorry I got
involved in this whole mess.

I didn't count on
falling in love with you.


That's terrific.

I can't even touch her.

Suddenly she's in love with me.

Hey, Vic,

I think she's telling you the
truth. It makes perfect sense.

Harry Silvers is
out of a lot of bread.

Shut up, Beck.

Don't believe a word that
comes out of her mouth.

Listen, that guy back at the
hotel may have called the cops.

Maybe we better get
off the road for a while.

Pull in that turn up ahead.


I guess we're out of water.

Put any in lately?

I think so. I don't know.

You keep your eyes on her,
and watch her. Watch her good.

She's a lot smarter than you.


Pull the hood.

Thanks for standing up for me.

You shouldn't have
double-crossed him.

You know him a long time?

That's none of your business.

I know him. What if I told you

I could prove that your
friend's a murderer?

You're trying to do to
me what you did to him.


Well, it's not gonna work.

Get rid of the gun. Out.

Now what?

Now we go for a little
walk to the highway.

Suppose I say no?

Then I'll have to use this.

Gosh, honey, you sure
fell out of love in a hurry.

Well, you can't
win 'em all, Devlin.

Yeah, I can.

Stay where you are.


Ha-ha-ha! Sorry.

Unh! Now don't move.

Sorry it isn't a
gold bracelet, baby.

It's gonna do
the trick just fine.

Hey, uh, what are
we gonna do now?

We're gonna take a walk. Where?

Ah, same direction. Now move.



DEVLIN: Come on. Get up.


I don't see anything.

The green sedan didn't
go through the roadblock,

so it... It must have gotten
off the main highway.


Take a walk, Beck.

Miss Munroe made
me a promise last night,

and I'm gonna hold her to it.

Now, wait a second.

Uh, there's no
point in hurting her.

We got enough problems.

That's right, Beck.

And you're about to become
an accessory to a murder.

What are you talking about?

Think he's gonna let me
go when he's finished?

He's already killed three women.

You're crazy. KRIS: It's true.

A man he shot in Los
Angeles, John Mackey,

talked to the police
before he died.

DEVLIN: I told
you to take a walk.

He named Devlin as the man who
raped and murdered three women.

Hey. Wait a second. Mackey.

That was the guy on television.
That's why you were upset.

That's why you threw the glass
across the room. She's right.

You killed him because
he knew about you.

DEVLIN: Beck, you're
thinking too much.

Ain't no way I'm gonna stand
around and let you kill her.

I don't need that
on my conscience.

DEVLIN: You really
think I'm gonna stand by,

let you spoil my fun?


No! No!




BOSLEY: There's
nobody down there.

Looks like they've abandoned it.

Why don't we just
keep going this way,

follow the road?





There's Kris. Look!



Can we go down? Can you
get close enough to pick her up?

Right. Let's go!




Honey, are you okay?

It's the only way to fly.


Funny. What?

He doesn't look nearly
as good as his picture.



CHARLIE: I suppose I
should reprimand you, Kris,

for insisting on bringing
Mr. Devlin in alone

and scary us all half to death.

Everything would
have gone smoothly

if it hadn't been
for Beck's lucky hat.

By the way, we should do
whatever we can for Beck.

He did try to help
me... Oh! [POPS]

Bosley, my nerves. Oh!

Oh. Sorry.

We have this compliments
of our client, Harry Silver.

I think Beck will probably
get a light sentence, Kris.

His biggest crime seems to
be a poor choice of friends.

And Devlin?

There's enough evidence

to put him away for
the rest of his life.

By the way,

that's a very beautiful
bracelet you have on there.

Mm. Oh.

How careless of me.

I suppose you'll be
wanting this back, Charlie.

I think you should
let her keep it.

I think she
deserves it, Charlie.

She has my
vote. All right, Kris.

You can keep it.

Maybe it'll serve as a reminder

that you're to follow
orders next time.

Yes, Charlie.

You still got a lot of class.





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