Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 14 - Angel's Child - full transcript

Kelly discovers the police sergeant she is working with has a tendency to take out his rage on his young son and tries to get custody of the boy. Meanwhile the masterminds of the case they are investigating have their own plans for Kelly, the cop and his son.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned ( buzzing )

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.



Sergeant Cates, they're here.

Same people you've
been watching?

Same ones.

It's your ball game now.

We're moving.









Cates, he's unarmed!

Cates, he's unarmed!

OFFICER: Sergeant Cates.


He's dead.




I couldn't sleep.

It's 3:00 in the morning.

I... I was just gonna
watch for a little while,

but I fell asleep.

You said you couldn't sleep.

I... I meant...

You couldn't sleep
in your own bed

but you could sleep out
here where you don't belong!

Dad, I... I wanted to see
you when you got home.

How many times have I told
you I want you in bed by 9:00?

Dad, I... I get lonely.

I don't know. I don't
know, I try all the time

but you just won't
listen. So, what happens?

Dad, I'll go to bed
now. Don't worry.

I'll tell you what happens.
You'll wind up on the street

like the ones tonight and
someone else'll be dead.

Dad, you're hurting my arm.

Why is that I try to make
this work for us, but you won't?

Answer me. Answer me!

Come back here!


Open up this door.

Open this door, you
hear me? Open up!



Don't you ever
lock a door on me!

BOY: Dad, I' m sorry.
CATES: You hear me? Ever!

BOY: Dad, ah! Ow, Dad,

Kelly, I talked to our client

at Consolidated Appliances.

They're very pleased.

Of course, if they
recover what's been stolen,

they'll be thrilled.

KELLY: But so far,
neither of the two

who were captured
last night are talking.

What about the one
who shot the officer?

They got a line on
him yet? No, like I said,

the two they have in
custody are not cooperating.

Only if they don't talk soon,

Consolidated will
never recover the stuff.

Yeah, well, in the
last three months,

Consolidated has
been hit six times.

I'd say most of the stuff
has already been fenced.

Well, I've gotta pick
up Sergeant Cates

and get to the county
courthouse for the arraignement.

I'll see you later.
See you later.

See you later.



Who is it?

Kelly Garrett. Is, uh,
Sergeant Cates in?

He's in court today.

Yes, I know. I... I was
supposed to pick him up.

He must have forgot.
He went by himself.

Is Sergeant Cates your father?


Is your mother here?

She doesn't live here.

You're alone?


What's your name?

G... Greg.

Greg, are you all right?

Yes, I... I'm fine.


You're hurt.

No, I'm okay.

You're not okay.

What happened?

I fell down.


Outside in the
yard. I fell down.

Has your father taken
you to see a doctor?



This morning.

Oh. What did the doctor say?

He said I'm gonna be all right.

You better leave now.

Will you be all right?

I... I'll be fine.
I'll be just fine.

You sure?

I'm sure.

I just fell down. I'll be fine.

All right, Greg,
I'll... I'll see you later.




Do you know who she is?

No. No, but... But what?

I think I saw her
car last night.

You mean, at the store you hit?

Yeah, I think so,
just before I split.

She's maybe the one
who tipped the cops.

Maybe. Let's find
out. Follow her.




Where've you been?

I've been to your house.

Why? Well, last
night you told me

to pick you up at your
house this morning.

Oh. Yeah, that's
right. I did, didn't I?

Yeah. Well, something turned up

this morning. Your
son's accident?

You've seen my son?

Yes. He has some nasty bruises.

I told him to stay in the house

and I told him not
to let anyone in.

I let myself in.

Why? If I wasn't there,
why did you go in my home?

I was concerned about your son.

Look, we're not here
to talk about my son.

There are two punks in there

and one of them's got a
friend that killed my partner.

And he still on the
street, and I want him.

Sergeant Cates, I
know how you must feel.

No, you don't know how I feel,

or what I feel, or
how often I feel it.

You're an overpaid,
underworked private eye

who's doing this for a fat fee.

Now, let's stick to business

and leave my personal
life out of it. Okay?

All right.

Anything you say.

Well, I don't know if she
tipped the cops to you last night.

But she's certainly
involved in this somehow.

Which gets us
back to who is she?

And how come you three didn't
know you were being watched?

Maybe because we were
so busy taking all the risks

delivering the stuff to you two.

Listen, smart mouth,
you're a cop killer.

Every cop in the city is
gonna be looking for you.

And that makes
you a liability to us.

Best you mind your manners.

Mind your manners, Stone.

And you better make
sure I keep breathing,

because if I don't stay
healthy, my two friends

are gonna start
talking. Listen...

Leave him alone. Stand off.


I think we better get
his friends a lawyer.

Then figure a way
how to spring them.

And you better do it quick

because they gonna
get scared, fast.


That ain't gonna be easy.

Cates has got a kid,

and the lady is only a lady.

We'll find a way.



progress with the two

the police have in
custody yet, Kelly?

Negative, Charlie.

But a very expensive lawyer

arrived at the
arraignment yesterday,

and they went very
quiet very quickly.

Hm, I'd love to know
who hired that lawyer.

Obviously someone very
near and dear to those two.

And worried they
might not stay quiet.

Well, in the meantime,

how do we find our
client's stolen merchandise

and not get in the
way of Sergeant Cates

and his investigation?

We wait, Kris.

For the moment, the
investigation is more important

than recovering
Consolidated's merchandise.

When Cates breaks his
case, he'll also break ours.

So for the moment, we wait.


Kelly, something wrong?


You seem preoccupied.
Is something on your mind?

Yes, I guess there is, Charlie.

You wanna tell us about it?

No, not yet.

Not until I'm sure.

Where are you going?

To see a little boy
with a bruised face.

I'll call you later.




Well, Stone, who is she?

That good-looking thing is a PI.

She just came out of a place
called Townsend Associates.

Meaning what?

Meaning that she's
probably been hired

by the people we've
been ripping off.

Meaning she could know plenty.

You got it. Follow her.


Hi. Hi.

Remember me?

Miss Garrett.

How are you doing today?


Would you tell me something?


Tell me how you hurt yourself.

I told you, I fell down.

Yeah, I know... I
know what you told me.

I just don't understand how
you could hurt yourself that way.


It looks like somebody hit you.

N-nobody hit me.

I'm sure you love your father.

My father didn't hit me.

Well, I'm not saying he did.

Why should I think that?

You shouldn't.


Greg, I wanna be your friend.

Can you believe that?

I guess.

Then listen to me.

Your father's a good man.

But he's tired.

And he's been under a
great deal of pressure.

And he can lose his
temper very easily.

Do you understand
what I'm saying?


So if he did lose his temper,

if he did hurt you,

it doesn't mean
he doesn't love you.

I know that.


Then you might also
have to understand that

he needs help.



You can help him. We both can.

If you tell me the truth.


He doesn't mean to.

I know he never means to.

I know he doesn't.

You won't tell him I told you.

Well... If we're gonna help him,

we've gotta be
very honest with him

Please don't tell
him I told you.

Promise. Please.

All right.

I promise I won't tell him.

Greg, where's your mother?

She died.


Three years ago.

My dad misses her real bad.

I miss her real bad.

Greg, I wanna be your friend.

So no matter what happens,

I want you to remember that.

All right?

I'll remember.

All right.

I've gotta be going.

Will I get to see you again?

Yes, you'll definitely
see me again.




Why is she spending so
much time with Cates' kid?

I don't know.

I don't care, but if she
makes it to court and testifies

against his two friends,

we'll all take the gas.




Kelly, where have you been?

To see Sergeant Cates' son.

I'm on my way back
to the office, Bos.

I need to talk to somebody.

Anyone in particular?

You'll do for starters.

Eventually, I'm
afraid it's gonna be

the Department
of Social Services.

What are you talking about?

A battered child, Bos.

A battered child.


Sergeant Cates'.


Yeah. I'll be there
in a little while, Bos.

Yeah, well, I'll,
uh... I'll be here.




I think we should
move on her now.

You mean kill her?


Kill her.

The sooner the better.


All right. Get ready.



How are we doing? All right.

Go for it.






Hey, do me a favor.

Next time you make
a move on a lady,

let me out.



CHARLIE: You couldn't
see who was in the car, Kelly?

Charlie, I can hardly remember
what the car looked like.

I... I think it was a Cadillac.


Well, maybe these
people in this Cadillac

were involved in the
Consolidated case.

Yes, it could have been
them, or it could have been

any number of people.

We make enemies
in this line of work.

Meanwhile, there's a
more immediate problem.

You mean Sergeant Cates' son.


CHARLIE: You're really serious

about this, Kelly.

Dead serious, Charlie.

Kelly, I really understand,

but this could get very messy.

I mean, accusing a police
officer of child abuse?

Police officers are just
men who wear uniforms.

They can get in
trouble like any of us.

And Sergeant
Cates is in trouble.

CHARLIE: All right, Kelly.

We'll go along with you.

But before you do anything,

I think you should
talk to Sergeant Cates.

I think you owe him that.

I've already
called him, Charlie.

We're meeting for lunch.

All right. Keep in touch.

I'll help in any way I can.


You're late.

Five minutes.

Five minutes wasted
is five minutes lost.

Or is it the other way around?

Does it matter?

It depends.

On what?

If you're in a hurry.

And you are?

Well, my partner's dead.

The punk that killed
him is still on the street.

Yeah, I'm in a hurry.

Too much in a hurry.

Sergeant Cates, I think
you'd better slow down.

What's that mean?

I've got something
to say to you.

I've given it a lot of thought,

and it's very difficult for me.

Well, what are you getting at?

Your son, Sergeant Cates.

I wanna talk to
you about your son.

We've already discussed your
staying out of my private life.

Well, I'm sorry, I can't.

What do you mean
you can't? I'm telling you.

I'm telling you, sergeant. I
know what's been happening.

Stop right now before you
say something you'll regret.

Sergeant... Sergeant,
I... I know it sound ugly,

and it is ugly, but
it's gotta be said.

You've hurt your son.

You've been hurting him.

Lady, I don't have
to listen to you.

Oh, yes, you do
have to listen to me.

You can hear it now,

or you can hear it
in front of a judge.

What are you saying?

I'm saying that your
son is a battered child.

I'm saying that I'm...

I'm not here to accuse
or pass judgment.

I'm here to help
you in any way I can.

Why you sanctimonious...

Where did you get the right to
mess around my personal life?

It's not my rights we're
talking about, sergeant.

It's your son's.

Did he tell you I hit him?

He told me nothing.

You're lying. He said something.

He said nothing.

I figured it out for myself.

And I'm telling you, if I
see another bruise on him,

I'll do everything I can to see
that he's taken away from you.

Lady, you are making
one big mistake.

No. If you don't face this now,
you are making the mistake.

I'm here and I'll help
you in any way I can

if you'll let me.

It's your choice, sergeant.

I'll see you in hell.


I'll see you in court.



All right?


Let's get on with it.

These are rather serious
charges, Sergeant Cates.

How do you plead?

My client pleads
innocent, Your Honor,

and we request a continuance.


On what grounds?

Sergeant Cates is
presently involved

in the murder investigation
of a fellow police officer.

I have a request from his
superior, Captain Deacon,

stating that, uh, Sergeant
Cates' skills are needed

in this particular

It's a stall. They're stalling.

Your Honor, may I
approach the bench?

JUDGE: Come forward.

Yes, this seems to indicate that
Sergeant Cates is indispensable.

Your Honor, this is the report
of the court-appointed physician

who examined the boy.

Your Honor, I really
believe, for the child's welfare,

this case has to be heard now.

Your Honor, Sergeant
Cates has been put under

severe emotional pressure
because of the death

of his fellow officer.

I feel it would be
extremely unfair

to ask him to defend himself
in this matter at this time.

JUDGE: Well, we certainly can
sympathize with Sergeant Cates.

Perhaps the matter would
be more judicially weighted

at a later time.

On the other hand, it's
the welfare of the boy

that must be the first
concern of this court.

I will allow the continuance.

And the boy must be placed
in the custody of the court

until the matter is settled.

Thank you, Your Honor.

And you will find a suitable
environment for the boy

until the hearing.

Miss Garrett has
offered to take the boy

until the custody
matter is settled.

That's a rather unusual
request, Miss James.

Considering that she's the
one who initiated this action.

And I object strongly
to her keeping this boy.

Listen, Miss Garrett
doesn't want to see this

on Sergeant Cates' record.

Now, she thinks she
can persuade him

to voluntarily surrender
the boy for a while

until he can seek
psychiatric help.

Well, this is all very unusual

I know, Your Honor.

But the circumstances
are very unusual

Maybe, if we can bend
the rules just a little,

we can save father and son.

Pending the custody hearing,

the boy may stay
with Miss Garrett.



I'm fine.

Why don't you take
a couple of days off?

That's a good idea.

Thank you, Bos.

Listen, maybe one
of us should stay

with you and the
boy for a while.

Oh, we'll be all right.

Are you sure?


Go on. I'll call you.


Promise. I'll call. Okay.



I'm sorry.

You gave me no choice.

I'll get him back, you know.

I don't wanna take
your son away from you.

When you get rid of
whatever devil you've got,

he belongs with you.

It's easy for you to
sit in judgment, isn't it?

When you can't know
any of my reasons.

You're right.

I can't know any other reasons.

But then, even if I did,

it wouldn't make any of your
son's pain go away, would it?


Greg, you understand, you
have to stay with Miss Garrett.

When will I get to
see my father again?

I hope very soon, Greg.

Meanwhile, how would
you like to see where I live?

I'd like that.


Let's go.



So it was about a custody
hearing for the kid, huh?


What I could find out,

she's trying to get
the kid away from him.


what's this got to
do with our problem?

She's still gonna be a
witness against my buddies.

Let's concentrate on that.

Listen, when...

We needed some
leverage against Cates

when your buddies go to court.

Maybe that's it.

What do you mean?

Can you think of
any better leverage

than having a man's kid?



Hey, would you, uh,
step inside, Miss Garrett?

Who are you?

Who am I?

A man with a gun in his pocket.

Step inside.



Listen, uh, I don't know who
you are or what you want.

We'll get to that later.

Meanwhile, the
kid's had a rough day.

Oh, we don't want
to hurt the kid,

Then before you start
waving guns around,

why don't we put
him in the bedroom?

Hey... Hey, in there.

Do what he says.

It'll be all right.

And stay away from windows.

What's going on? Who are you?

We're three guys in a bind.

And you and that
kid and his father,

you're gonna help us out of it.

Let me guess.

You're the people who
have been ripping off

Consolidated Appliances.



Sergeant Cates.

Yeah, this is Sergeant Cates.

Cates, we're with Miss
Garrett and your son.



We don't wanna hurt them,

but we'll need a favor from you.

Who is this?

Who we are doesn't matter.

What does matter
is that you've got

a couple of friends
of ours in custody.

Who is this?

Keep your voice down. I'm not
in the mood for temperament.

Either you listen to
what I have to say

or you'll never
see your son again.


Okay, I'm listening.

Good. Now, our two friends
were arraigned a little while ago

on the Consolidated
Appliance case.

They're going back to
county jail later this afternoon,

is that correct?

Yes, that's the usual procedure.

Well, you're going to change
that procedure, sergeant.

What do you mean, change it?

You're going to make sure they
never make it back to county.

You're going to see that
they're returned to us.

I can't do that.

Of course you can, you're
the officer in charge of the case.

You have the authority.

Wait. You know,
it's not that easy.

Nothing worthwhile in
life is easy, sergeant.

Now, if you wanna
see your son again,

start setting it up.

We're moving around town,

we'll call you from
another phone booth

in exactly one hour.


You got any food around here?

I just ran out.

Look, I don't like ladies
with smart mouths.

You best keep yours shut.

STONE: Now, see if there's
any beer in here, will you?

You're never gonna
pull this off, you know.

Well, you better
hope we pull it off

for your sake
and the kid's sake.


CHARLIE: Sergeant
Cates, how long ago

did you get that call?

About a half-hour ago.

And they said they'd
call again in an hour?

Yeah, from a public phone booth.

To discourage a tap.

I guess.

You know, something
occurs to me.

What's that?

Well, these three men,

they would've had
a very difficult time

trying to make a move
on Kelly and the boy

when they were driving the
car. I mean, she's just too good.

Yes, they'd have
waited until she stopped.

Yeah, I think so.

Where was she going
when she left the courthouse?

I think she was going home.

BOSLEY: We can
easily check that out.


Do you want me to answer it? No.

We don't know that
she went directly home

from the courthouse.

She could have got
caught in a traffic jam.


For that matter, this
whole thing could be a bluff.

They may not have
her and the boy at all.


Who turned the machine off?


The answering machine,
who turned if off?

I rarely ever turn it on.

It was on when I
finished the call to Cates.

I know because I want you
out in case anyone calls here.

I don't think so.

The machine's a bother,
I hardly ever use it.

I'm telling you it was on.

Oh, okay.

The machine was
on, have it your way.


That's odd.

CHARLIE: In what way, Bosley?

Kelly's phone rang several
times, but no answer.

Well, that doesn't
make any sense.

Why not?

Well, we have a
procedure that we all follow.

We turn our
answering machines on

as soon as we leave the house,

and then we turn it off
as soon as we get home.

That way we're always in touch.

Well, maybe she forgot

to turn on her tape
machine this morning.

If she did, it'd be
the first time in years.

You'd better get
over there and fast.

We're on our way, Charlie.


Let's get out of here.


Get the kid, let's
get out of here.


Because I don't think
it's safe to stay. Get up.

Why the sudden rush?

I said get up!

Hey, wait a minute,
man, what's the problem?

I think she conned us.

I think she lied about
the phone machine.

The phone rang, nobody answered.

That makes nobody
home like we decided.

It's so obvious this is the
last place they'd look for her.

I'm with you.

Look, lady, one more word
from you, you become a casualty.

My lips are sealed.

I'll get the boy.

I think you're overreacting.

Maybe. But if she
lied about the phone,

she had a reason.

And we're not gonna
hang around long enough

to find out what it is.


Get him!


Back off!


Stop it!

Stop it right there.


Leave it.

I'm only gonna say it once.


You're hurt.

He shot you.

Bah. It's okay.

It's really okay,
it's not too bad.

Really, it's okay.

I'll get some help. Let's go.




An ambulance will be
here in a couple of minutes.

I love you, Daddy.

I didn't wanna leave you.

I know.

I know.

Can we go home now?

Can we?



No, I don't want you
to come home now.

GREG: But why?

You said you loved me.

You even got shot for me.

And I'd do a lot more for you.

I'm a real tough angry fella.

And that's just the point.
You see, too much angry,

that's not good.

Sometimes it gets away from you

and you hurt the
people you love most.

Now, maybe... Maybe I've
been on the street too long.

Maybe I've heard too
much or seen too much

or felt too much, I don't know.

I guess I gotta find somebody
to help me figure it out.

But until I do, and
I promise you I will,

I want you to stay
with Miss Garrett.

You hear me?

When I do come,
I'll take care of you.

And I'll let you.

Thank you.