Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 3, Episode 9 - Mother Angel - full transcript

After a precocious girl, Samantha, witnesses her neighbor murdering a man, Charlie asks the Angels to look into the case, & despite the angels disbelief in the little girls story, her aunt begins to uncover new evidence pointing to an unexpected figure.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls who
went to the police academy...

Two in Los Angeles,

the other in San Francisco...

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.


But I took them away from all
that, and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.

[Man] I'm tellin' you, you're
goin' back to Boston with me.

Now, there's no reason to shout.

This can all be settled.

There's nothing
to settle. Let's go.

You cannot be as
dense as you look.

I'm offering you a
great deal of money.

You want me to cuff you?

[Sighs] No. No, I don't think
that's gonna be necessary.

I'll go.

How did you get
inside this penthouse?

Hairpin this time. I could've used
one of my credit cards to slip the lock.

You know, a "loid." You're in the
crime business. You can't not know that.

She has credit cards.

Well, they're more fun to
play with than dolls. Mm-hmm.

I haven't played with dolls
since I was practically a child.

Samantha, didn't
anyone ever tell you...

it's not nice to
break and enter?

Well, I would've used Aunt Charlotte's
key, but she took it with her to Europe.

Samantha, how does your Aunt Charlotte have
a key to this Buckley person's penthouse?

Well, they used to be lovers. Aunt
Charlotte has absolutely tons of them.

Oh. Uh, what we don't know...

is what you were doing up there.

I just went up to feed the green
monster. There wasn't anything else to do.

See, I had a Buster Burger
for lunch and some left over.

I have a feeling
I'll regret asking,

but, Samantha, what
is "the green monster"?

A Venus flytrap. They
love hamburger. It's protein.

Oh, boy. Ooh! Uh, you like that?

You eat hamburgers, don't
you? Why shouldn't a poor plant?

It's not like I was feeding him
live bugs or anything grotty like that.

You're right. Oh, you're
right. You're so right.

And I love the way you
anticipate the stoplight.

- Oh, yeah. Hi, guys.
- How'd you get here so fast?

Have you ever taken Sunset Boulevard with
somebody that came in third at Le Mans?

No, I don't think
so. [Mock Yelp]

You must be Samantha. I haven't
seen you since you were a toddler.

- I was never a toddler.
- I'm inclined to agree
with that.

They're not taking me seriously,

and they're gonna be absolutely
embarrassed... humiliated even.

Oh, it looks like things
haven't been, uh, going too well.

- [Mumbling]
- Sam, how did you
happen to call me?

I haven't been in the
country in months.

Well, I found your number in
Aunt Charlotte's private phone book,

squished between 25 men.

- What?
- Oh.

I, uh, worked on a
jewel-theft case for her aunt.

[Speakerphone Buzzes] Uh-huh.

[Charlie On Speakerphone]
Good afternoon, Bosley, Angels.

I trust you've all had an opportunity
to become acquainted with Samantha.

We certainly have. Oh, yes.

A very lively
imagination, Charlie.

You're not a very subtle
factotum, Mr. Bosley.

Factotum? Me?

Watch out, Bosley.

Let me give you the
background, Angels.

Sam's Aunt Charlotte is a very old
and, uh... and close friend of mine.

I'll bet she is. [Laughs]

She just called me from Paris
where Sam had called her.

Oh, she also called
me at the beach, Charlie.

Well, then, I take it
you've all heard the story.

Good. In that case, I'm going
to leave it up to you, Angels.

If you think there's merit in the
case, we'll take it on. Otherwise...

Well... [Chuckles]
that's up to you.

Have a nice day.
Well... Charl...

[Line Clicks] Char... Charlie?

What's he doing to us?
Charlie Townsend, you cop-out.

[Angels Laughing] He doesn't
believe me either, does he?

Well, uh, Sam,
honey, it isn't that.

It's just that, well, the, uh... the
circumstances are a little odd.

All right. You don't
have to help me.

I'll catch the murderer myself,
and I hope I get killed doing it.

Then you'll have my blood on your hands
and your dresses and your face and your...

- Ah-ah-ah! Oh-oh-oh! Okay.
- All right! All right!

Uh, look, Jill, as long as
you two are old friends,

why don't you and
Kris just look into that?

Yeah, that's a good
idea. Me? Good idea.

- [Kelly] You know. [Laughs]
- Sure. Thank you.

See you all later. Yeah.

Yes. Mm-hmm.

Oh, yes, it's times like this you
find out who your real friends are.

[Jill] Ciao. Thank you.

Bye. Mm-hmm.

What can I... Samantha!
Where have you been?

I brought some detectives, Nanny,
even though they don't look like it.

I've been so worried about you.

You come inside right away.

Mrs. McNaughton,
I'm Jill Munroe.

This is my sister, Kris.

Hello. Samantha has been at
our office, Townsend Associates.

Uh, yes. Her aunt wanted us
to look into a little matter for her.

I know all about that
nonsense. Please come in.

Thank you.

You won't think it's
nonsense when they prove it.

Now, there's a box of
cookies in the kitchen.

Get yourself some milk
and let the grown-ups talk.

I'm afraid I'll miss something.

Oh, now, go along,
dear. Do as you're told.

Otherwise, no
television for a week.

I don't care.
Television's grotty.

She only stuffs me with cookies
to keep me from the sherry.

[Sighs] Oh, that child.

Yeah, she's quite a handful.

She's not a bad little girl
really. She's got a good heart.

It's just the circumstances
of her upbringing.

Well, I know what
you're here about.

She told me the
whole silly tale.

I should never have
allowed her to call her aunt.

Then you don't think there's any
truth in it at all? Oh, my goodness, no.

She's always telling such...

Well, you have never
heard such things.

Um, do you know
this Victor Buckley?

Oh, certainly. He has the
penthouse here, you know.

He's a charming man
and very, very wealthy.

His hobby is horticulture.


Did, uh... Did you also know that
Samantha broke into his penthouse?

Well, I had heard it
had happened before.

Anything that you
say will be confidential.

Well, you see,
Samantha's aunt...

My employer...

Was once very
close to Mr. Buckley,

if you understand my meaning.


And, uh, Samantha,
although she's only 11,

she is in many ways
overly mature, and, uh...

So she was jealous
of their relationship.

Wait a minute. Are you saying that
Sam had a crush on Mr. Buckley?

- Ah.
- [Scoffs]

It went so far that
she once sneaked in...

and wrote something
on his bedroom mirror.

Something that no
young lady of her age...

should even know about.

How sad.

Yeah, it is.

But I think we know what's,
uh, behind all this now.

I hope we did the right
thing leaving Sam there.

Well, it's her home. What
else are we gonna do?

I know. But something's not
right. Something's nagging me.

Oh, come on, Jill. You don't...
You don't believe that story, do you?

I mean, that kid's really got
problems. Yeah, I know. I know.

Look, you take the car. I'm gonna
stay here and check things out.

Sam said the victim
was a big man...

and that she remembered him
saying something about Boston.

So if he had a car here,
I might be able to find it.

Hmm. Well, it may
be pure chauvinism,

but I always trust
a woman's intuition.

Okay. I'll see you later.

See you later.

[Engine Starts]


Max? Yeah.

Come in.

[Sighs] Where did
you put the body?

We got it stashed. Now, don't worry about
it, Vic. I got everything taken care of.

Man, the guy was big. You know, he broke the
trunk of my car while I was stuffing him in.

Hey, you know, I'll
have to have that fixed.

I'm paying you enough for that.

Now, Max, wait until
it's dark enough...

before you put him on the
boat, and then take him way out.

He's gonna make
a lot of fish happy.

The next thing I want you to do is
find Robbins's car and get rid of it.

- And how are we gonna find...
- It oughta have
Massachusetts plates.

Is that your car, lady?

- Is it yours?
- Hey, that's none
of your business, honey.

Why don't you go to Beverly Drive
and spend some of your daddy's money?

Come on. Beat it. If it's
yours, let me see your license.

Who are you?

Why don't we take her in private
and talk to her somewheres, Max?

- [Sighs]
- [Grunts]

[Engine Starts]

Hey, come on!
Could you move it out!

Where'd she go?
Come on! Start the car!

Oy, my foot!

[Engine Starts, Revs]

Hey, did you see a blonde lady?

No comprendo,
señor. Una "bionde"...

Oh, un cigarro.

Gracias, amigo.



Do you have any
idea who she was, Vic?

No, I have absolutely no idea.

Maybe it was
Robbins's girlfriend.

But one thing I am sure of... There was somebody
out here on this terrace when I hit him.

If there was, maybe you'd better
start thinking about moving on.

I should, Max, but
I'm not going to.

I've got too much here, and
I've worked too hard to get it.

Hey, why don't
you just relax, huh?

I mean, she didn't go to the cops
yet, so it's... probably be just fine.

Maybe she's got
blackmail on her mind, huh?

We got the body
and we got the car.

It's really gonna be tough
to make a case against you.


Just make sure there's
no trace of that car left.

This is for getting
rid of it fast, huh?

Now, don't mess with me.

You got that, pop?

Hey, Al, this is next up.


[Charlie On Speakerphone] It sounds to
me like we've got a case after all, Angels.

I know they were Massachusetts
plates. Why can't I remember the number?

That's all right, Jill. The
thing now is to find it again.

- Kris, you'll look into that.
- Sure.

Do we have any info on this Buckley
so we know what we're up against?

Only that he's been
here for five years,

he lives luxuriously on no known
income and is very, very social.

Very, very social.
Sounds like a weakness.

[Charlie] It is, Kelly. One
that you're going to exploit.

His hobby is horticulture, so get
over to the library, Angel, and dig in.


Uh, just how big are those
Venus flytraps that love protein?

Hmm. They're pretty big.


[Laughs] What's my
assignment, Charlie?

To get Buckley's fingerprints.

Fortunately, his maid is
about to take a long trip.

- How do you know that?
- Charlie talks to leprechauns.

- Trust him.
- Aha. You're getting weird,

What about Sam? Now we
have proof she might be in danger.

[Charlie] You're right, Jill, and
it's thanks to you that we know that.

I'm going to put you in
charge of guarding her.

You have your assignments,
Angels. Good luck.

[Line Clicks] Me
and my big mouth.

Mother Jill.

Oh, it'll be fun. She'll
teach you about life.

That's what I'm afraid of.


- Bridget?
- Is it me you're talkin' to?

Come over to the car a second. I
have something I want to give you.

What would you be after givin' the
likes of me? I don't even know you.

What would you like most
of all in the whole world?

Well, to see Galway Bay again,

lay eyes on me old da
who'll be 85 this very month.

What would you say if I
gave you a ticket on a plane...

that leaves at
5:00 this afternoon?


I'd be inclined to
discuss it further.


[Vacuum Cleaner Humming]

Bridget, could you do
that some other time?


[With Irish Accent] Oh, I am sorry,
sir. I didn't mean to disturb you.

Who are you? Where's Bridget?

Katie Maguire, sir. Bridget's returned
to Ireland from what I'm told, sir.

But she was just here on Friday.

Well, I wouldn't be knowin' about that,
sir. You see, the agency sent me down.

Although, I don't know if I'd have
come if I'd known you lived so high.

I've never worked
above the fourth floor,

and why a man as wealthy as
yourself would prefer to live...

like a squirrel among the
trees is beyond me, sir,

if you don't mind my sayin' so.

Do you think you'll
be able to, uh, adjust?

Well, I don't know, sir. You see, then
there's the matter of the naked statue, sir.

I'd prefer not to
be cleanin' it...

Bein' a well-brought-up Irish
girl, if you understand, sir.

Well, I hope you don't
expect me to clean it.

Oh, well, sir, maybe the wind.

Is it your boat,
sir? Your very own?


Ah! Well, a man with the sea
in his blood can't be all bad.

Could I sweeten
your drink for you, sir?

If it won't offend your morals?

Oh, no, sir. Not if
you knew me father.

That's scotch and water.

Aye, sir. The devil invented
scotch to make the Irish poor.

You're a very
unusual maid, Katie.

Uh, yes, sir. That I am.

[Kris] Okay, let's try that one.

[Bosley] I have seen enough
mutilated tin to hate cars for life.

We get so many darned
cars in here, little lady.

I'll tell you, my
memory's so bad lately,

I've been thinking about retiring to Fort
Lauderdale, Florida, one of these days.

[Chuckles] Soon as I can
get enough money together.

Aha. Well, perhaps we could, uh,

make a contribution to
your pension fund. [Laughing]

You know, the strength
of my mind is returning.

Come on. I'll show you.

There it is. Where?

Here. This is it.


[Laughing Continues]

If I'd have thought you was interested in a
license plate, I'd have mentioned it sooner.

Well, we would have preferred
to have the car attached to it,

but, uh, we'll take
what we can get.

Hey, you can take the car
too, you know. You paid for it.


Look, just because I'm bodyguarding
you doesn't mean we have to stay here.

In fact, I can't think of a safer
place to be than Disneyland.

That's for absolute children.

Oh. Okay, let's go swimming.
I have a beach house.

I don't even own a swimsuit.

I have a ton of them there.

I'd certainly look terrific in one of
your bathing suits with my figure.

Look, Sam, you're not supposed
to have a figure at your age.

You're supposed
to enjoy the water.

Listen, you don't have to
entertain me out of guilt, you know.

Why don't I entertain you
just because I like you?

[Laughs] Well, there is
something I'd like to do.

What? Come on.
I'll surprise you.

I'm gonna check in on the car
phone and let 'em know where we are.

You don't move from
that spot. Understand?

Of course.

[Doorbell Rings]

[Clears Throat]

You've interrupted me
vacuuming. Yes, miss?

Mr. Victor Buckley, please.

Uh, Mr. Buckley's resting, miss.

Might I inquire as to what business
it is you're about? Personal business.

Ah, well, you wouldn't be sellin'
somethin', would you, miss?

He don't need no encyclopedias.

I beg your pardon! Will you
please tell Mr. Buckley that I'm here?

I'm not used to being
questioned by the servants!

"Servants," is it, miss?

Well, whom shall
I say is calling?

Kelly. Oh, tulips!

What is it, Katie?

Who is that? Says her
name's Kelly O'Tulips, sir.

She's a good-looker,
but, uh, no manners.

O'Tulips? Yes, sir.

Thank you, sir.

What are you doing here?

Oh, you startled
me. Who are you?

I'm Kelly Garrett, and I'm from the
National Horticulture Association.

But if you're Mr. Buckley, I must tell,
you seem to be as rude as your maid.

No, wait a minute,
please. [Sighs]

I am Victor Buckley,
and I'm sorry.

I-I just didn't understand,

and, uh, I'm afraid
she's temporary...

and a bit peculiar.

She certainly is.

Well, Miss Garrett,
what can I do for you?

Well, the society has
heard of your work,

particularly your cymbidiums.

We hoped that you would consider
a display at our charity flower show.

It's at Brookings
Estate next month.

[Laughs] I am so flattered.

I've never been asked to
show my work at Brookings.

That's wonderful!
Well, you have now.

Mrs. Brookings just
happens to be my aunt.

[Laughs] Well, Miss Garrett,
may I show you my cymbidiums?

Why not?



The minute I was gone, they
said she just ran out the back.

I'm sorry. I feel
terrible about this.

You can't always protect people
from themselves, Jill. Even children.

Any idea where she might've
gone? Yeah, I can guess.

She was mad because we
wouldn't let her work with us.

Buckley's place. Bad news.

[Water Flowing]


Samantha, what do you
think you're doing up here?

I've been up here lots
of times, Mr. Buckley.

Yes, you have... with your Aunt
Charlotte or with my permission.

But this time you broke in, didn't
you? Well, the door was open.

But if you want
me to go, I will. No.

No, I don't. Come in.
We'll have a little talk.

You don't have to hold on to me.

You must think I'm positively
a burglar or something.

Sit down.

Where is your Aunt
Charlotte right now?

In Paris.

Does she know that you
sneak up here like this?

She wouldn't care. She
thinks you're a nice man.

What do you think? Hmm?

You used to like me quite a lot.

That was before.

Before what?

Before you broke up
with Aunt Charlotte.


You were gonna say
something else, weren't you?

Maybe I was. I've forgotten.

You been up here recently?

If I say yes, you'll
get mad at me.

And if I say no, you
won't believe me.

So I think I'll take the
Fifth, if you don't mind.

Ah, but I do mind.
I want an answer.

I definitely don't think my aunt will
appreciate the way you're speaking to me.

You were here, weren't you?

Hmm? Weren't you?

What did you see?

You'd better tell
me what you saw.

- You...
- [Doorbell Rings]

Aren't you gonna answer it?

Oh, Victor, I hope you don't mind
my simply dropping in on you like this.

Uh, no. No, of course not. I...

Well, you did say I could take some
photos of those gorgeous cymbidiums.

Ye... Thank you for the tea
and cookies, Mr. Buckley.

What a charming
little girl! Is she yours?

Uh, no. No, no, she's not.

Uh, well, she lives
here in the building.

[Sighs] Her aunt
is a friend of mine.

Oh. I bet you have
lots of female friends.

[Laughs] Kelly, why don't you
decide what pictures you'd like to take,

and I'll be with you
in just a moment.

Oh, well, I... I'll
be on the terrace.


Max, get over here right now.


[Jill] Okay, young
lady, you've had it.


What are you doing here?

Uh, might we ask
where you have been?

You really gave us
a scare, you know?

I can take care of myself.

Sam, I saw your face when
you came through the door.

- You were scared.
- I was a little.

Now, you know, it's not very nice to
sneak away when Jill's responsible for you.

- It makes her feel awful.
- I didn't sneak. I walked.

Well, I guess it
wasn't very nice.

I just wanted to be a
detective like you guys.

- I wanted to help.
- Well, you have helped.

You're the only witness we have.
Without you, we haven't got a case.

Listen, honey, we
didn't believe you at first,

and I know that that hurt.

But we really want to
help you. Please trust us.

- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, go get
your things together.

We're going out to my
beach house and stay there.

Jill, I'm sorry.

I'm not. I'm happy
you're still alive.

Okay, come on.

[Engine Starts]

No murder weapon. No
body. No I.D. on the victim.

[Sighs] We don't even know
who this Buckley is for sure.

What about the fingerprints
on that glass that I took?

No, no luck there either. He either used
acid or had surgery performed on them.

Wiped as smooth
as a fat man's smile.

Well, that tells us
something about him:

He's a fugitive, whoever he is.

What about the
license plate, Bos?

Well, that is our hope.
Charlie's following up on it.

It seems that it belongs to a
man named Tommy Robbins.

He is a bounty hunter
for bail bondsmen.

Fugitive angle again, huh?

You know, we have
a time problem here.

I mean, Buckley does
have a 60-foot yacht,

and he could take off
whenever he wants to.

Yeah, well, we have
another problem.

[Sabrina] What?

Buckley knows that Sam
witnessed the murder.



I talked to the neighbors, but they
didn't seem to know the blonde very well.

Say they just got
back from Europe.

Been over there for a while.
The name is Jill Munroe.

But what does she have
to do with the child, Max?

I don't know, except that
she's got the kid hidden out.

Hmm. Maybe she's holding her for ransom.
That seems to be the thing nowadays.

- Will you shut up, Richie?
- [Buckley] You don't know much, do you?

Come on now. Give me
some time. We'll find out.

I don't have time!

The way I see it,
it is very simple.

The girl saw me.
I know that now.

We'll just have to
get rid of both of them.

- Oh, you're puttin' us on.
- No, he's not.

[Scoffs] That's got a bit
of a risk to it, you know.

- I'm gonna want more.
- I expected you would.

Bring them to the boat, Max,

and then we'll all take a
nice, long ocean voyage.

Just as soon as
it's dark enough.

My parents were in Africa on a safari when
they were killed. It was a plane crash.

My Aunt Charlotte was the
only one willing to take me.

She's not really mean, you know.

She's just not home very often.

Well, from what I hear about Charlotte,
she's not really the mother type.

But I think she's
doing the best she can.

Let's decide on a hairstyle
for you. How shall we do it?

Like yours.

Well, I think everyone should have a
style that's best for them. Don't you?

Well, then can I do
yours? Of course you can.

Here, hold this. And this.

Thank you.

What'll we do when
we're done doing our hair?

Well, I have some popcorn.
We can roast it in the fireplace.

Great. Okay.

I'm gonna have a glass of
wine. What would you like?

I'll have wine
too... A dry white.

[Laughs] You'll have cider.

Fortunately, I like cider.

There you go. Thank you.

Cheers. [Laughs]

Samantha, what's
wrong with being a child?

What do you mean?

Well, you work so hard at being
grown-up, you don't have any fun.

I'm having fun tonight.

So am I, honey.

I know. There's a really grossed-out
horror movie on TV tonight.

We can watch it together. Well,
first we have to see what time it's on.

Then we have to see
just how grossed-out it is.

Jill? Uh-huh?

- Can I ask you about something?
- Sure. Anything.

Even if it's about boys?

Uh, yeah. Uh, go
ahead. I'll do my best.


[Screams] Look out!

Hold it, baby. You wanna
get somebody killed?

Come on. Get her! Get her!

- Just take it easy. Sit down.
- Where's Buckley?

That you don't want to rush.

[Crying] Jill, I'm
scared. It's okay.

You two go in there and put on some street
clothes. It'll be better for us that way.

Come on. One at a
time. Leave the kid here.

You stay here.
It'll be all right.

Just do what they
say. It'll be all right.

Just stay cool. Don't
make any noise.

I'll be right outside.

A padlock.

[Richie] You know, Max, I mean,
hustling around is one thing, right?

But I never killed a kid before.

Don't worry about it. Now, you're
not gonna have to do anything.

Vic? Yeah, it's Max. We got 'em
down here in the boat. Yeah, you bet.

Say, we got a
problem, uh... Yeah.

All right. You be down here the
first thing in the morning. Okay.

What did he say? He said
he's gonna do it himself.

Now, I'm gonna hold him to it.

Okay, as long
as that... [Grunts]

Nothing. Look, it's probably the same two
head-busters who grabbed Robbins's car.

Let's just don't
touch anything, okay?

Look, they must have
taken her by surprise.

I bet they threatened
to hurt Sam.

It's a mess. But we'll believe that
they're all right, and we'll find them.

Okay? Okay.

Any news? No, no.
We were waiting for you.

Look, we know that
they got rid of Robbins.

They're probably gonna do
the same thing to Jill and Sam.

But where?

[Snaps Fingers] The
boat. Buckley's boat!

That boat was at the
marina. I'm sure of it.

It's worth a try. Yeah. Come on.

Jill, I can get through there!

It's too dangerous, Sam. Kris
will have gone to the house by now,

and she'll figure out something.

It'll be all right.

I'm all cramped up in here, you know? I mean,
where is he, Max? I wanna get out of here.

He said he'll be here. Now,
he'll be here. What are you doin'?

[Engine Starts] I'm
just warming it up.

Jill, please let me try.

I've got to break the
glass. Get me a blanket.

Okay. You get back now.

[Horn Honking]

Okay, let's give it a try.

- See anyone up there?
- No, nobody.

- Well, go on. Get outta here!
- What about you?

Don't worry about
me! Would you go on?

[Richie] How'd you ever
get tied up with Buckley?

Oh, I was working for a friend
of his... a skipper on this boat.

We were running
some dope out of Baja.

Oh, I'll bet you got busted.

Yeah, you can believe
that. We got busted.

Coast Guard. God. Coast
Guard? What happened?

Well, we were running at night
without any lights, you know.


Sam, what are you doing?

I think I can get this lock open.
I told you to get out of here!

- I can't leave you.
- Go on! Run!

Jill, I got it! I got it!

Come here.

Okay, give me this. Come on.

Give me your hand.

Come on.

- Take care of it.
- Us? What, are you crazy?

Listen, if you wanna cancel their
tickets, then you do it. That was the deal.

Just pay him off, Vic.
Let's get outta here.

Let's first see the merchandise.

[Grunts] God dang it!

Where'd they go?

There! Cut them off
before they get to the road.

[Tires Squealing]

Try to get to the
road. You can do it.

The kid! Get the kid!

Come on, little girl. I
don't wanna hurt you.

Come on. Make it easy on
yourself, all right? I got the kid!

[Groans] [Grunts]

[Shouting, Indistinct]

Hold it!

- Sam!
- [Sam] Hurry!

Mr. Buckley's after
Jill! Come on, honey.




Are you all right? I
was so scared for you.

- I'm okay.
- What'd you hit him with?

- All of me.
- [Laughs]

And Victor Buckley's real
name is Daryl Francis Hanrahan.

That goes back about
five years ago in Boston...

when he was the brains behind one
of the biggest jewel robberies in history.

- And the loot
was never recovered.
- Did he do time for it?

No, that's just the thing. He
was arrested, then he jumped bail.

- And Robbins worked
for the bail bondsman.
- Right.

Sam, we all owe you an
apology for doubting you.

I especially want to apologize,
Sam. No hard feelings?

No hard feelings, Mr. Bosley.
In fact, I brought you a present.

You did? A present for me?

Mr. Bosley loves presents.

In fact, he starts to get excited
about Christmas somewhere in June.

It's a Venus flytrap.

Oh, is... is that vicious? I
mean, does it snap or anything?

It's so small, Bos, it won't eat nearly
as much as your cocker spaniel.

Well, do you like it?


Hey, gross-out!

[All Laughing]

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