Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 3, Episode 7 - Pom Pom Angels - full transcript

Three Cheerleaders, mysteriously disappeared after receiving religious notes from religious fanatics. The Angels, go undercover as cheerleaders to find the missing girls, at a cult where they serve 'The Good One', and ended up with their hair cut.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls who
went to the police academy...

Two in Los Angeles,

the other in San Francisco...

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.


But I took them away from all
that, and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.

[Man On P.A.] Bulldogs finish
a successful scoring drive...

and kickoff with only
six seconds left to play.

The come-from-behind
team is moving again.

[Man On P.A.] Tello
hands off to McCullough.

He sweeps to the strong
side for a gain of five.

[Man On P.A.] Hayden snares the
pass, breaks the tackle, touchdown!

Three seconds on
the clock... Two, one.

The Bulldogs come
from behind to win!


Hi, sweetheart. Eddie, the sign
on the door said to please knock.

Oh, well, if I'm too old to read that,
why worry about me? [Chuckles]

I just came by to tell the mother hen to
have her chicks come down to room four...

- soon as they
put their feathers on.
- Eddie, they are very tired.

I need to build these girls
up from scratch, okay?

I'll tell 'em.


Hi, Belle. How'd
you like the game?

I don't watch games.
I watch newspapers.

And you haven't been getting these girls
enough publicity. I'm trying, I'm trying.

The whole routines are sloppy.
It's not the same with only six girls.

- I'm screening applicants.
- I sent you two. Both of them
should have been fine.

Well, you're not the
sole judge, Mrs. Asher.

Although your son obviously
has a great eye for beauty.

Oh, Timothy. I'll
talk to you later.



What are you doing here, Tasker?

I want to see Mary Anne.

Well, she's not here. She hasn't been
here all week. Now, she must have quit.

You're just saying that
to keep me away from her.

I'm not lying. She's gone.
Nobody knows where.

Now, don't hang around this
room or I'll have to call Security.


Bad news, ladies. Eddie
Cobb needs publicity pictures.

Room four, as soon as you
can dress and dry your hair.

Hey, come on. I'm
sorry, but that's it.

I'll see you all at practice
on Tuesday. Oh, come...

[Gasps] What are
you doing in here?



"Woe to ye purveyors of sin.

Take your dancing girls and begone
or they shall be destroyed one by one."

Charlie, what is all this stuff?

[Charlie] It all has to
do with our case, Angels.

Our client is Dan Abner, owner
of the Bulldogs football team.

He received that first note
a week after he introduced...

eight cheerleaders
to entertain the fans.

You can't please everyone.
Abner didn't expect to.

That's why he ignored those notes until
he got a third one just before the game.

Bosley? "To ignore the
warnings of the Lord is foolhardy.

The wanton lady who assists you
in your wickedness shall also perish."

That doesn't sound any
worse than the other ones.

[Charlie] Well, the third note makes
reference to a specific person...

The young lady in charge of these cheerleaders,
Beverly Casey, a former beauty queen.

Now, she was supposed to meet Abner and
some friends after the game for a drink,

and she never showed.

"The wanton lady
who assists you."

Exactly. Three notes,
three girls disappear.

Your job is to find out
what happened to them.

Sabrina, weren't you
a former cheerleader?

Oh, well, I mean, I was a
high school cheerleader.

It doesn't matter. You only have to act
like you know what you're talking about.

I've arranged with Abner for you
to take over Beverly Casey's job.

[Chuckles] Charlie,
what about us?

You don't... We're... We're
not gonna be cheerleaders?

I certainly hope so.

But you'll have to get those
jobs without any help from me.

Charlie, you don't
mean we have to try out?

Afraid so, Angels. Dan Abner
drinks a lot and he talks a lot.

And if he should accidentally
blow Sabrina's cover,

I want two of you on the scene
that even he doesn't know about.

Well, I mean, we don't
even know the routines.

Of course not. But
with Sabrina in charge,

I have no doubt you'll
be steamed up in no time.

Uh-oh. I think we're in
trouble. I think so too.

[Sabrina] Five,
six, seven, eight.

Turn, two, three, clap.
Turn, two, three, clap. Knee.

Kick. Higher! Kick.
Knee. Knee. [Yelps]

- Higher! Knee.
- [Yelps]

Higher. Knee. [Yelping]

Kick. Oh, come on.

Are you going to quit in the
middle of your audition tomorrow?

No audition can be this tough.
Let me ask you a question.

How do you know
all these routines?

I've been watching films of the
Bow-Wows' routines all morning.

- The Bow-Wows?
- The Bow-Wows.

The team is the Bulldogs. The
cheerleaders are the Bow-Wows.

Oh. How adorable.

I built the stadium
10 years ago.

That's very
impressive, Mr. Abner.

It seats a hundred thousand. Oh?

And to think, one of them could be a crackpot
that might scare away half our crowd.

- If word got out that someone
was grabbing our girls...
- I understand, sir.

Well, the public might think he'll
plant a bomb next. And who knows?

He just might. Well, he
might, but I don't think he will.

He seems to be concentrating
strictly on your cheerleaders. Yeah.

Don't think I don't feel guilty
picking these new kids today...

without telling 'em
what's been going on.

Try not to worry about
it too much, Mr. Abner.

I will keep a very
close eye on them.

Now tell me. Do I get a
vote in the decision today?

No, just Belle Asher
helps me decide. Ah.

Belle's an agent. Oh.

She brought me the idea of starting this group
last month. I signed her on as an adviser.

Mm-hmm. Well, does she know
what's been happening lately?

[Chuckles] No, Belle just pays
attention to getting her 10%...

and keeping her wimpy son away
from the girls. [Chuckles] I see.

Tell me, Mr. Abner, how
do you choose the right girls?

Oh, I have no particular
yardstick. I like all different types.

Long as they don't
fuss with their hair. Aha.

That's a sure sign they're not
paying attention to their dancing.

That's a very good point. Yeah.

Excuse me. Sure.

Who are you? Oh, uh, Larry.

Uh, Fred has the flu. The flu.

Well, Fred knows I
like that music loud.

Oh, yeah.

You experienced at this? Oh,
yes, sir. I studied at Juilliard.

Uh, that's, uh, before
I studied electronics.


Miss Duncan. Mm-hmm.

Afternoon, Belle. Abner.

This is Miss Duncan. She's taking
Beverly's place. How do you do?

I heard Beverly went
to Hollywood for a job.

Who told you that?

Casting agents hear
everything, Abner.

Who are those two
girls on the end?

Well, they applied this morning.
They say they know all the routines.

My clients are at the other end. I
don't see how we'll do any better.


Well, let's get on with it. Sure. If
you'll excuse me, I'll get the girls going.

Ladies, if you would, would you form your
lines, please? You two just fall right in.

Could I have a
word with you two?

Uh, listen. The big boss
has a thing about hair.

Just, uh, flip your hair around
and he'll love you. Do you think so?

Oh, yeah. Hey, thanks.

Oh, you're welcome.
It's nothing, really.

♪♪ [Disco]

[Clears Throat]

♪♪ [Ends]

[Clicks Off]

[Whispering, Indistinct]

We've decided on the
two girls on the end.

May I talk to you two,
please? Come here.

Uh, girls. Girls. Girls, girls.

Listen, um... Oh,
come on. Don't be sad.

I think maybe I could have given
you a little wrong advice. I'm sorry.

But I know they're be a couple of
places open probably within the week,

really, really soon and
they're yours, they're yours.

Really? Yes, they
are. They're yours.

Thank you. All right.
Okay. All right. So long.

Bye-bye. [Sighs]

[Chattering] Ah!
I can't breathe.

Who's going to buy a
ticket to watch us breathe?

Everybody, let's just
get up on the field.

Let the photographers get a couple of
shots of everybody with the two new girls,

and the quicker we get up there
the quicker we'll get back down here.

So everybody out. Let's go.

I don't think I'm all in this. I
don't think we're supposed to be.

I knew you wouldn't
let me down, Sam.

Only for you,
Eddie. Only for you.

I mean, I've been to this stadium a thousand
times, but never to interview pussycats.

Bow-Wows! Try to remember
that, Sam. Bow-Wows.

Come on. Your readers
are gonna love 'em.

[Sabrina] All right, ladies.
Number one, please, for the man.

[Shutter Clicking] There you
are. Everybody smile. Okay.

[Shutter Clicking]

Okay. Go to number
two now. There you are.

Very nice.

Okay, change, please.

[Shutter Clicking]

Number four.

Four, four.

Mary Anne.

[Shutter Clicks]

Mary Anne.

Just... That's it. That's it.

Okay. All right. All right. Have
you gotten everything you need?

Yeah, it's good. You got it all?

Okay, all right. Everybody
stop. Gunga Din, now.

Cocktails. Here
we go. [All] All right!

- Give me a drink.
- [Bosley] Be careful. Don't spill it.

Well, Eddie, it's about time.

Miss Duncan, I want you to meet my
oldest and dearest friend, Sam Braham.

- How do you do? I've always
enjoyed your column.
- Thank you.

Sam promised to mention
the new girls in his column.

Wonderful. Can he meet them?

Sure. I'll be right back.

Lovely girl, isn't she?
Yeah, they're all lovely.

Easy does it. Everybody got one?

[Chattering] Oh,
thank you, thank you.

Thank you. Oh, got
a couple of extras.

All right, all right. No. No
charge for this. I'll take out of...

Girls... Miss Garrett, Miss
Munroe, this is Mr. Braham.

He's going to write
a story about you.

[With Southern Accent] No
kidding? Oh, that's terrific.

I was hoping I could clip something
out and send it home to my folks.

I been telling them I
been doing real good here,

but, well, I think if they saw my name in
print, they'd believe it a whole lot more.

- Uh, where is down home?
- Atlanta.

Oh? Home of old 44.


Hank Aaron. He was 44.

Oh, well, see I mostly just hung out
with the younger crowd. [Laughing]

Uh, I suppose, uh, you're from New
York and you never heard of Joe Namath?

[With Eastern Accent] Well, actually, I
almost went out with Mr. Namath once.

But I canceled the date. I went to
a horse show instead. [Chuckles]

Well, uh, then you
really are from New York.

Oh, Philadelphia. But
I hated to shop there.

However, my family was terribly
sports-minded. Are you into skeet?

Skeet? No, no. I never, uh, write about
sports where they can shoot back at me.

[Both Chuckling] Uh,
tell me, uh, Miss Garrett,

uh, why'd you
take a job like this?

Oh, well, to change my image.

You see, I lost out on a
few wonderful picture parts.

The producers
thought I was too aloof.

Well, they can, uh, hardly
say that now, can they? Hardly.

Well, thank you
very much, ladies.

Uh, I think I have enough for
that mention that I promised Eddie.

Well, Mr. Braham, you sound like you'd
rather have your two front teeth pulled.

Nothing against you girls
personally, believe me.

But I've spent my whole
life covering sports,

and I like it hard
and simple, no frills.

This is a chorus line, you know.

But, uh, not that you're
not absolutely all adorable,

but I'd much rather meet
you at a church social.

Uh, at a church social.

Are you a religious
man, Mr. Braham?

Well, I've been known to pray at
a crucial extra point. Thanks, girls.

Good-bye. Yes, bye-bye.

Well, it doesn't look like Mr. Braham
is one of our bigger boosters.

No, but at least he didn't
hide his feelings. Mm-mmm.

Neither does that nut who's
been writing those religious notes.

[Gasps] You're the reason
Mary Anne ain't here.

What? You took her place.

They got rid of Mary Anne,
and you took her place.

Now listen, mister.
I don't know you.

And I don't have any idea
what you're talking about.

Dan Abner did
this to torment me.

He got rid of Mary
Anne and hired you.

Why would Dan Abner
want to torment you?

He's still sore about
that Cleveland game.

Everybody's sore,
'cause I missed that tackle.

Everybody except Mary Anne.

She said we all make mistakes.

And she's right. We all do.

But you're making a mistake right now if you
think I had anything to do with her leaving.

Dan Abner... He cut me,
and then he cut Mary Anne.

Don't dwell on that.

Or on the fact that Mary
Anne isn't here anymore.

You look like you
haven't slept in days.

You go home now and...
And get some rest. Okay?

- Miss Allison? Sergeant Webb, Homicide.
- Homicide?

Want to ask you a few questions about your
ex-boyfriend we found stuffed under your sink.

Do you mind?

Thanks, Sarge. I only wish you'd come a few
minutes earlier when I was really scared.

Who's the skyscraper? An
ex-Bulldog ready for the pound.

Not our man though. He's trying to
find one of those missing girls too.

I'll tell you about it on the way home.
Why should I ride home with you?

I want you to help me get that
ex-boyfriend out from under my sink.

Ah, that's right.

[Engine Starts]

I didn't know jumping around could
mess up a person's hair so much.

Huh. That's what used
to bother Mary Anne.

She's the girl
who quit last week.

Only it's just as well. The Big Belle
was out to have her fired anyway.

What's the big
bell? Not what, who.

She's that lady agent
you auditioned for.

She handles most of us and
gets us these jobs for exposure.

Hmm. Mighty exposing too.

Why'd she want to
get rid of Mary Anne?

Mary Anne double-crossed her.

She told Belle she wanted her to
handle her, but she didn't sign a contract.

When Belle got her the job here,
she told Belle to get lost. [Whistles]

Belle didn't like
that one little bit.

Well, where's this Mary
Anne now? I don't know.

Nobody seems to know.

Even that big boyfriend of hers keeps
coming around here looking for her.

Need a ride downtown?

No, thanks.

I think it's nigh on time
I got myself an agent.

See you, Kris. Bye.

No calls, Mother.

Uh, excuse me. Is
Mrs. Asher hereabouts?

Thank the good Lord, no.

Uh, I mean, she
just stepped out.

Oh. Well, would it be all right if
I just waited for a few minutes?

Oh, sure. Sure.

You sit right down and
be comfortable. Thank you.

I'm Timothy. I'm
Mrs. Asher's son.

- Oh, I know. I saw you at the audition.
- And you still remember me?

Well, it was just a couple
of days ago. I know.

But a girl like you must
see a lot of guys every day.

I mean, you know
a lot of guys, huh?

Well, not a whole lot. Some.

You like to go out?

Well, sure. Don't you?

When I have time.

I have to study a lot.

Oh? Well, what are
you studying? Theology.

Oh, that's nice.

Uh-uh. Been kicked
out of three seminaries.

Uh, bad grades? [Chuckles]

Bad behavior.

You know what I mean?

Oh, well, it's real nice
that you have a calling.

It's not what's calling me.

It's my mother pushing me.

She figures I should do all the
praying while she does all the sinning.

You know what I mean?

Oh, well, I can certainly understand
why you wouldn't like that arrangement.

You bet I don't.

Um, listen, how do you feel about your
mother handling all them cheerleaders?

I could handle them...

a lot better.

Oh, and have you... I mean, have
you gone out with any of them...

or picked them up, so to speak?


You'd better have come to see
me, young lady. Oh, I did, I did.

See, I've been looking for an agent, and
the girls told me that you were very good.

I can be...

for a girl who's willing to work very hard
and take my advice straight down the line.

Well, that's just what I need
too... some good advice.

Well, let me think it over. I've been burned
recently by a girl I thought I could trust.

From now on I'm going to be very careful
that the people I select aren't... phony.

Well, ma'am, I can
certainly understand that.

But I'd just be much obliged
if you'd even consider it.

Well, let me think it over.


Thank you.


Tonight's ceremony is to mark
the beginning of your redemption.

As I have told you,

the Good One found me...

and delivered me out
of a life of prostitution.

I, too, only lived on bread...

and wore sackcloth
for days on end.

But it was only when my
ego-bleached hair was shorn...

that I began to
accept the Good One...

as my guide to salvation.

[Man] The lady cutting away
your earthly bonds has learned well,

as you will learn.

Then you will teach the others.

Already two more have
taken your sinful place.

But they will be with us soon.

Very soon.

[Man On P.A.] The starting backfield
tonight: at quarterback, Rick McCullough;

at right half, Jim Payder;
at fullback, Cy Hurth.

Chop-chop. Let's go. Time
to go. Who lost a sandal?

There you go. Don't forget
your pom-poms. Mm-hmm.

You two stay here a minute. I
want to check your new outfits.

What's wrong? Something
not showing? Listen.

Dan Abner got another one
of those notes this afternoon.

Oh, great. So far, every note
means another girl disappears.

I still think it's Belle
Asher's creepy son.

I told Charlie you wanted
to talk to him alone.

He said, "All right,"
but he didn't like it.

[Sighs] That's just it,
Bree. He's never alone.

He's always parked next
to that mountain of a mother.

Well, Charlie's found
a mountain mover.

- Who?
- Bosley. He's on the job. Get your pom-poms.

Poor thing. [Sabrina] Let's go.

Mm-hmm. Let's
go. Catch. [Squeals]

[Man On P.A.]
Costello looks downfield.

It's complete to
Hayden. [Cheering]

Zell charges off tackle
for a gain of three.

Second down and
seven. Excuse me.

These seats are reserved. Oh, of
course. I wouldn't sit anywhere else.

No. Fine.

♪♪ [Disco]

Oh, they're looking good. You've
done a nice job. Thank you, Eddie.

You see Sam Braham's column
today? No, I haven't had a chance.

Oh, well, he mentioned
the two newcomers,

and in a very nice
way. That's wonderful.

How did you get
him to do that, Eddie?

Well, uh, Sam and I
go back a long ways.

He got me a job in the
paper when I first came here.

Uh-huh. Well, it always
helps to have friends, huh?

Yes, we all need help.

[Man On P.A] Payder bulldogs
through the line for the T.D.

And that's what
this team is all about.

It's the Bulldogs 20
and the Cougars 7.

Hi. Oh, hi.

Say, I need to get a biography on you, and
I should get it written as soon as possible.

What say we have some dinner after the
game and you can give me some background?

Oh, shoot. Listen, I
might have a date.

Might? Uh...

As a matter of fact, I'm pretty
sure I'm gonna have a date.


Listen, why don't we do it first thing
in the morning. Would that be all right?

Sure, I'll call you. Okay, fine.

I like a career woman...

who puts that career
first and foremost.

Well, I, uh... [Clears Throat]

certainly put my career
first and foremost.

But tell me, how is it that I
never heard of your agency?

Oh, I never opened offices.

No, no. I very quietly
handle one, two stars...

and try to keep a low profile.

No, I find that I operate
much better this way.

[Clears Throat]

What's that, uh, new girl's
name? Uh, the brunette?

[Eddie] I want to talk
to her. Uh, Kelly Garrett.

Why do you need
to talk to her, Eddie?

I want to get a bio and all
that after the game. Uh-huh.

Uh, you know you got a
smudge on your jacket here.

Oh, well, that's printer's ink.
I'll... I'll take care of it. Okay.

Uh, Kelly Garrett,
you say? Right.

[Man On P.A.] The
final score is 21-7.

Tonight's victory moves the Bulldogs into a
tie for first place in the Western Division.

Good night, ladies and gentlemen.
Drive safely and have a pleasant evening.

Well, that was
exciting. It certainly was.

[Clears Throat]

We're going out to talk business.
So you take a cab straight home...

And I mean, straight home.

Here you go.

And I would think that, uh...

Well, I would think
that you would do,

uh, just about anything
to be with them,

no matter what your mama says.

Well, here we are.

Oh, well, uh, that's
not exactly what I mean.

I would like to hear
about the other times.

Never been any other time.

It's true.

Oh, I think a lot,
and I stare a lot,

but Mother just never
let me out of her sight...

Until tonight.

Oh, well...

Say, I think I'm gonna go freshen
up just a little bit, if you'll excuse me.

Oh. I'll be right back.

[Sighs] Eddie, what
are you doing here?

Your mother saw you leave with
this girl. She asked me to follow you.

[Phone Rings]

Townsend Associates.

Yeah, hi, Bree. Well, it looks
like I got heartburn for nothing.

If this creep knows anything
about those two girls disappearing,

uh, I think he'd be
bragging about it by now.

Well, if that's what you think,
you might as well dump him.

That might be a little difficult.
He's awful fast on his feet.

You want us to come down
with our "look who's here" routine?

- Thought you'd never offer.
- We're on the way.

Eddie? Oh, hiya, sweetheart.
The marines have landed.

Where's Timothy? Mama sent
me to save the innocent lad.

Oh, you're kidding. No, no, no.

Part of my job is hushing
up this kind of sordid mess.

Why don't you finish your coffee
and I'll give you a ride home?

Actually, I'm waiting
for some friends.

Oh, well, then, I'll, uh, wait
with you, okay? All right.

You're sort of a

aren't you, Eddie?
Have been, have been.

You always been in publicity?

No, this is my first job
away from the City Room.

I even had my own column once.


Yeah, I love newspapers.

The feel of them... [Sighs]

the smell of them.

And the power.


You can influence
so many people.

[Groans] Here, I'll get
you outside, get some air.

What's wrong? Oh, she has fainting
spells. She'll be all right outside.

Well, you sure you can handle
her by yourself? Very sure.

So that's it, Charlie. The
waitress said Kris seem sick...

and that a man helped
her out of the restaurant.

Belle Asher's son?

No, no. The waitress said that he left and another
man came in. It sounds like, uh, Eddie Cobb.

Cobb, huh?

I'm afraid this fits with a background
check I just received on him.

Uh, he did work on
newspapers with Sam Braham.

But he wasn't a sportswriter.
He wrote a religious column...

until he had a very severe crack-up,
and could be having another one.

We got his address out of the phone
book. We're on our way to his apartment.

Good. But if he's not there, go see Sam
Braham at the Times. He's Eddie's best friend.

He might know where else
to look. We're on the way.

Don't die. Please
don't die. Please.

Oh, are you all right? Who...

Oh! Who are you?

Oh, you're all right. Thank God.

Who are you? Beverly.

Ohh. Beverly?

Beverly Casey?

From the Bow-Wows?

- Did Eddie bring me here? And you?
- Mm-hmm.

- The other girls?
- We're all here to
serve the Good One.

The what?

Put this on. The Good
One will be back shortly.

- Who's that?
- Margo.

Beverly, what kind
of a place is this?

I don't know. He keeps us here.

And when he's gone, is
she the only one here?

I think we could take care of one
wicked witch. But that witch is tough.

And she's been eating
regularly and we haven't.

I don't even know what's
been in the food. Don't worry.

I've been fed.

Pretty fed up with this too.
Please, just don't try anything.

If they get angry they
might kill us... all of us.

Please, just wear this and do
whatever they say until help comes.

It's okay. It's okay. Besides, I
don't look too good in brown.

Come on. It's all right.

Nothing but shirts and
socks. Anything there?

No, nothing. He could have
taken Kris anywhere. [Sighs]

Maybe we ought to go over to the Times
and see that sportswriter. What's his name?

Sam Braham. Yeah.

Did you check this, Bree? What?

Oh, yeah, I looked through
the pockets. There's nothing in...

Hey, wait a minute. That's the same
stuff that Eddie had on his jacket sleeve.

He said it was printer's ink.

Come on. Let's go. Yeah.

This way.


You will find the path much
smoother without resistance.

The only path I want
is the path out of here.

That is not to be at this time.

But if you should try and
succeed in getting away,

the Good One would
take such an act...

as a sign that the Lord did
not approve of his leniency.

We would promptly
kill the others.



[Sam] Printer's ink? No.

No, no reporter nowadays goes
anywhere near a printing press.

Look, we really need some
help here, Mr. Braham. I know.

Gee, I'm sure sorry about Eddie.
I thought he was finally over it.

- Over what?
- He had this kid sister
he was crazy about.

He raised her himself,
gave her everything.

Then one day she ran away, and
Eddie nearly went wild trying to find her.

He spent a whole year searching for her
in the drug scene and the call-girl joints.

He finally found her.

- Jane Doe in the morgue, O.D.
- Ohh.

- Wow.
- Yeah, Eddie really
went off the deep end.

I mean, he started breaking into
drug parties spouting Scripture.

He'd drag prostitutes away from their
tricks, make them kneel on the pavement.

I was lucky to get him into a
hospital before somebody knifed him.

How long ago was
that? About three years.

I was working at the Chronicle then and when
he was released, I got him a job on the paper.

He still wrote the religious column, but
nothing wild. I mean, I was sure he was well.

Do you have any idea where
he might have taken these girls?

I wish I could
think of someplace.

But to tell you the truth,

Eddie and I haven't seen that much of
each other since the Chronicle folded.

Even then, all we did mostly
was play cards down at the plant.

- What's the plant?
- Eddie was broke when he
got out of the hospital,

so they let him use an empty office at the
printing plant the Chronicle had down on Main.

Wait a minute. Wait,
wait, wait. Printing plant?

There's your printer's ink.

You may raise your eyes.

Tonight, we are here to accept another
fallen sparrow into the comfort of our nest.

And tomorrow, there will be
another... and more to follow.

- Don't be too sure, Eddie.
- Silence!

She may speak.

On this first night, she may voice
her fears and then be rid of them.

You're the one that should be
afraid. Timothy saw you with me.

And certainly people saw you take me out
of the restaurant. That doesn't matter now.

There's no longer a need
to hide my mission here.

The Lord will protect me from
those who would hinder my work.

And I shall send forth you and the others
as examples of my accomplishments.

And now you must
prepare yourself.

Her hair offends me.

Hey, now, wait
a minute. Silence!

You will bow your head.

I'm not gonna bow my head to you
or anybody else in this grease pit.

[Grunting, Groaning]

Come on. Let's get out of here!

Come on now. We gotta move!

Let's go. Let's go. Hurry.


[Kris] Okay, be careful
now. Watch your step.

Let's go.

Help 'em out. Got her?

Yeah! Come on. Come on.


Take it easy. Come on. Come on.

Eddie's still inside.

Ah-ah-ah! Uh-uh. Kelly,
watch her. Show me. Come on.

Eddie! Eddie, we want you to come
with us. Come on. Let's get out of here.

Please, Good One, lead us
out of the flames of purgatory.

- [Siren Wailing In Distance]
- Come on.


We'll take him down with the lady,
but we'll need statements from all of you.


I saved you?

You saved us, Eddie.

You saved all of us.

You sure Charlie
said he'd call at 5:00?

Well, that was the message.

Maybe Charlie's getting thrifty all of a
sudden. The rates go down after 5:00.

Good afternoon, ladies. You'll
please pardon the intrusion,

but I have an important
business call to make.

Not on line one, Bosley. We expect
a call from Charlie. Oh, don't worry.

Charlie's intelligent enough to
call back later if the line is busy.

- [Sabrina] Bosley!
- Ah, hello, hello.

This is Mr. John Bosley. I am the new
consultant with the Belle Asher Talent Agency.

Belle asked me to call you and
close the deal on the Tahitian cruise.

As I understand it, uh, you wanted
three beautiful girls for one week...

at $1,000 each?

Oh, no, no. No, of course
not. There's no trouble at all.

As a matter of fact, I do have the
three girls, and, uh, as a matter of fact,

they've all signed their own contracts
and they're on their way back to you.

Oh, no, I didn't realize that.

You really wanted six
girls. [Whispers] Six?

Uh, well, no, I don't
know about that.

[Snaps Fingers] I mean,
to find three more girls...

who could be ready to
sail on such short notice.

Uh, look, uh, I do happen to have three
ladies in the office just at this very moment.

Look, why don't I put them on
and let them talk to you themselves?

Hello. My name
is Sabrina, and, uh,

my two friends and I just happened to
drop by our agent... Mr. Bosley's office.

And it's just a
wonderful coincidence,

because we certainly
do love to travel.

Well, my friend
is absolutely right.

Uh, my name is Kelly.

And I especially love that,
uh, warm, tropical climate.

Oh! Oh, I'm... I'm Kris.

I love all kinds of climates,
so I'll go anywhere. [Chuckles]

I'm Charlie, and I
love all three of you.

Relax, Angels. You've earned
this vacation trip as a bonus.

So pack your sarongs
and bon voyage.

[Angels Squealing]

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