Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 3, Episode 6 - Haunted Angels - full transcript

Bosley's bridge partner Claire Rossmore donated her estate to a local Institute for Psychic Research so that she could contact her dead nephew Martin. Bosley thinks she's being swindled, so he and the Angels investigate.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls who
went to the police academy...

Two in Los Angeles,

the other in San Francisco...

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.


But I took them away from all
that, and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.

I apologize for the late
hour, Miss Rossmore.

Peter wanted to duplicate last night's
experiment as closely as possible.

You don't approve? Well, we're not
using proper scientific procedure here.

So I feel that my credibility as
a psychic researcher is at stake.



She seems frightened. Yes.

It was right about here that
the disruption occurred last night.

Come on, Kathy. Concentrate.

You're fading on me.

Dr. Holden, there's some
kind of interference again.

Should we stop it? No!

I forbid you to
stop it. I-I sense...

I sense another...

There is someone else present.

It's happening again.

Peter, there's
something else here.

There's somebody!

[Male Voice] Aunt Claire.

Aunt Claire, leave me alone!

Tell them to let me rest.

- Dr. Holden, what is it?
- I'm so sick and tired
of all your meddling!

I'm warning you!

- Leave me alone!
- Dr. Holden, please,
what's happening?

[Normal Voice] Peter!

That-That voice,
I'd know it anywhere.

It's my nephew, Martin.
Martin? Your nephew? I don't...

But he's dead! He's
been dead for five years.

You don't think I'm just high
strung and excitable, do you?

Bosley's bridge partner?
You must have nerves of steel.

[Chuckles] John and I have
been playing bridge together...

every Tuesday night for...

How many years is
it? Three years now.

Three years, and
you're still friends?

The best of friends.

That's why I listen to
him. It's why I'm here.

[Charlie On Speakerphone] Angels, Bosley
is convinced that Claire is being swindled.

That's right. And what's worse is
that it's with her complete cooperation.

I've asked Charlie to let
us give this case priority.

Um, just what is the case?

My nephew, Martin... Martin
Faber, my sister's boy...

Was killed five years ago.

He came home late one
night on his motorcycle.

He always drove it too fast.

He struck a tree.
It's still there.

You can see the scar...

right on our own grounds
just-just inside the gate.

He died instantly.

I'm sorry. It seems
like yesterday.

Claire donated her
estate, the entire estate,

to a private research institute.

[Charlie] In fact, she was
so generous, it's now called...

the Rossmore Institute
for Psychic Research,

and it's run by one of the most
renowned psychic researchers in the world,

Dr. Douglas Holden.

You see, I believe that
we have the power...

to contact our loved
ones in the other world.

So I've given Dr. Holden
the opportunity to prove it.

Of course, I had a
very personal reason.

You mean, you wanted
to contact, uh, Martin?

Yes. And last night,

he spoke to me through
a young woman psychic.

I told John about it, and of course,
he's convinced I'm being duped.

This Dr. Holden... He
doesn't use a crystal ball,

but it's the same
old table-tapping, uh,

Ouija board hocus-pocus.

I think it's a bunch of bunk! But I
heard Martin's voice. It was him!

How long have you been donating
to the institute, Miss Rossmore?

For four years. I
was giving up hope.

Oh, well, does
Dr. Holden know that? Yes.

Yes, I told him that I would sponsor
his work for only one more year.

I-I know how that looks,

but he's one of the most
respected men in the field.

I am looking into
the future now, Claire,

and I see money, your money,
floating into the good doctor's pocket.

This is a picture of Martin.

It was taken right
before he died.

He looks very nice.

[Claire] After my sister and her
husband died, I took Martin in...

and raised him as
if he'd been my own.

If he is trying to
contact me from beyond,

then there must be some reason.

You see, John wants you to
prove that I'm being swindled.

I want you to
prove that I'm not.

[Charlie] It means getting
inside the institute, Angels.

Now, I've arranged a
cover. Kris will be in research,

and her subject will be Sabrina.

Whoop! Hold it!
Hold it, hold it, hold it.

I wonder if that's
the tree Martin hit.

Hmm. I bet it is.

Here are Sabrina's test results.

I'd like you to look at the
graph. Look at the curve.

Ten correct responses.

Ten out of 25.

Now, that doubles pure chance.
Yes, that's very impressive.

Not spectacular, of course,

but it certainly could be
evidence of clairvoyant ability.

I don't like it here, Miss
Munroe. I'd like to leave.

Sabrina, please. It's very
important that Dr. Holden tests you.

Nothing's going to happen.

No, something
already has happened.

Someone was killed out there.

Yes, a long time ago.

You see? I am convinced that
Sabrina's talents are unique.


Miss Munroe, you are a
graduate student where?

Olmsted College, Ohio.

But we don't have a
parapsychology program there.

I didn't have the proper
facilities to test Sabrina.

You do. Excuse me.

[Phone Ringing]

Hello? Yes, Miss Rossmore.

Yes, if you insist. As long
as you understand that...

I refuse to have my name associated
with these experiments in any way.


11:30 this evening. Good-bye.

If that call had been from anyone
else, I'd be very suspicious of you.

Well, I've always
been able to do that.

It sometimes surprises people.

I think you'll soon discover
that nothing surprises me.

Come along. I'll show
you our testing rooms.

Wonderful. Miss Munroe...

Oh, Sabrina! Come on.
Everything's gonna be fine.

Come on. It's all right.

Now, from this room,
we can monitor...

all of our primary testing chambers
through closed-circuit television.

Each one of those rooms... soundproof
and they're locked electronically.

That's my research
assistant, Barbara Niles,

and that's Eric Knight,
one of our guests.

It's a pocket watch you're
holding in your hand.

My impressions are very strong.

The owner is... was a man.

I sense a great sadness
here. He's very lonely.

He loved the watch.
He wore it constantly.

It broke.

I think it was a gift to him.

Yes, it was his
retirement watch.

He couldn't afford to
have it fixed, I suppose.

He pawned it.

- Very good.
- Not for him. He loved the watch.

[Clicks Off] Come
along. I'll introduce you.

[Buzzer Sounds]

[Buzzer Sounds]

[Holden] Eric?

There's someone I'd like you
to meet. This is Kris Munroe.

She's a graduate
student in parapsychology.

- Hello.
- Student?

- I like you.
- [Chuckles] Thank you.

And this is a new
subject, Sabrina Duncan.

- Hi.
- Hello.

Eric is one of our stars.

He's one of the few people we've had around
here that make a living from his gift.

It's not a gift, but it does
pay the bills. [Watch Rattles]

I've even been
used as a detective.

You have something
against detectives?

Oh. No, no. Some of my
best friends are detectives.

Well, I guess we'd better
let Eric get back to work.

Where's Sabrina?

I don't know.

[Buzzer Sounds] You,
um, seem preoccupied.

[Door Closes]

It isn't going to work.
What isn't going to work?

The experiment tonight.
It-It just isn't gonna work.

There's an experiment tonight?

Miss Munroe, I'm sure
you must have overheard...

my telephone
conversation, and so did she.

A young woman. I
see a young woman.

Well, he spoke to you through
a young woman, didn't he?

- Who spoke to us?
- The boy who was
killed outside.

Dr. Holden, would it be possible for us
to attend that experiment this evening?

Yes, I think that would
be a very interesting idea.

That's Kathy Wade.

She's the one who made
contact with Martin last night.

- Mm-hmm.
- That's Peter Russell,
the famous psychic.

You've surely seen his
television show. No, I haven't.

I prefer the circus.
[Door Opens]

Who are these people? What do we
have to have an audience for, Doug?

I'll take
responsibility for that.

I think we can start now.

Peter, shall we begin?

[Envelope Rustling]

- Star.
- She's fading. I can feel it.

It's here... another presence.

- Kathy?
- Yes, I feel it.

[Peter] It's stronger.
It's stronger this time.


Is that you,
Martin? Kathy, wait.

It's different this time.

[Martin] Is there no rest? I've asked
you to leave me alone! I've warned you!

It's in there! He's
in there with her!

Something is happening to Kathy!
Holden, please, let me help her!


Martin, no!

[Buzzer Sounds]

She's dead.

Oh, boy.

That's all for this evening.

[Sighs] The medical examiner
said she died instantly.

A blow to the back
of the neck. How?

The door was locked. Holden
had one key, Barbara has the other.

Neither one of them
were out of our sight.

Peter Russell was in plain
view. Claire was with us.

Who does that leave?

Nobody human.

Wait a minute. If
you're telling me...

that Kathy Wade was murdered by
a ghost, how do we investigate that?

Okay, look, I know it
sounds really crazy,

but we heard his voice, and
she was alone in the room.

He sounded angry, resentful.

- Who did?
- Martin.

What am I saying?
[Kris] All right, look.

I think we have to
investigate this the same way...

we would investigate
any other murder case.

- Who is our prime suspect?
- Martin.

Right. So, Bosley, why don't
you check out Martin's past?

Before he died or
after? [Kelly] Well, look.

Charlie discovered through
his earthly contacts...

that Kathy Wade
was a fictitious name.

Her real name was Kathy
Brendleberry. No wonder she changed it.

I'll see what I can
find out about her.

Good. All right. Kris and I
will be inside the institute...

amazing Dr. Holden
with my psychic powers,

and we'll poke around
while we're in there.

But what if the
killer is a ghost?

Then he will get life
like anybody else.

Oh! Bree, I'm sorry. I
didn't mean to startle you.

That's all right. I think
this place is getting to me.

I always used to like trees.

Listen, Holden's waiting
for us in the house.

Now, we're gonna do
the first tests in his office.

Yeah. Okay, let me
see if I got it straight.

One finger is a square.

Two's a star. Three's a circle.

Four is a rectangle.
And... What did I forget?

Ah! Wavy lines.

Wavy lines. Okay,
now don't... Listen.

Don't get 'em all right,
because he'll kick us out.

Don't give me all the
right clues. [Clicks Tongue]

Thank you, Sabrina.

Well, that's very interesting.

It's certainly a lot
better than pure chance.

However, it's not high
enough to be suspicious.

And so ends another
astonishing report on the unknown.

Ladies and gentlemen, this
is your host, Peter Russell,

bidding you farewell until
next we meet and journey...

Beyond The Infinite.

[Applause] [Peter]
More applause.

More, more, more! Build it.

Okay. Perfect.

Excuse me. Mr. Russell?

Your dreams come
true the very next day.

[Chuckles] You have
been out of body?

Not since puberty.

Who are you then? Kelly Garrett.

I'm a private investigator.

Claire Rossmore hired me to
look into the murder of Kathy Wade.

I understand she
was your protégé.

Yes, she was.

Do you watch my TV
show, Miss Garrett?


Well, a lot of people do.

Oh, I'm sure of that.

Could I ask you a few
questions? It won't take long.

Of course. I'll help
in any way I can.

Did you know that Kathy's last
name was really Brendleberry?

She has a grandmother by
that name living here someplace.

That's the first I've heard of it.
She never talked about her past.

How did you meet?

She showed up backstage one night
after a taping... oh, five, six months ago.

I'm sorry I didn't
learn more about her.

- But it didn't really matter,
you see.
- Why?

Because of my show, many people
come to me claiming to have occult powers.

Kathy was one of few
whose powers rivaled my own.

That's why I had
Dr. Holden test her.

How did you come to be
part of the Rossmore Institute?

Claire invited me originally, and I
see the institute as a chance to silence,

once and for all,
the disbelievers.

Hmm. What about Dr. Holden?

Was he a disbeliever?
Yes, at first.

Holden doesn't believe in
show-business psychics.

He believes only in
charts and statistics.

I make him very nervous.

I see. Well, thank
you for your time.

Miss Garrett?

I'm sorry I couldn't
be of more help.

I was very fond of Kathy.

But I don't think you're
ever going to find her killer...

in this world.

Thank you.

Hello. Is this a private stroll,
or can anybody tag along?

Well, not just anybody.

But you can.

Thank you.

You didn't like it when Dr. Holden
called your psychic powers a gift.

Nope. It's more of a curse.

How would you like it, being forced to
eavesdrop on the private lives of strangers?

You mean, you can read minds?


But I see pictures
sometimes... Brief flashes.

I hold in my hand an old watch
touched with life I can see, Kris.

The trouble is, I
have to feel it all too.

Sometimes joy, but
much more often...

it's shock, terror, pain, death.

I know what it's like to die.

You're right. It's no gift.

Well, sometimes there
is a certain satisfaction.

And you get to travel too.

Become psychic,
see the world. [Laughs]

What is it?

I saw you.

I don't wanna know. It was in
a classroom. It was no college.

- Look, Eric...
- You were wearing a uniform... and a gun.

[Man On TV, Indistinct]


Uh, easy, now.

[Barking] Good boy.

Is anybody here?

[Woman] Just you,
me and the dog, dearie.

He's growling. Will be bite?

Only if you don't buy anything.

I'll buy something.

Sheffield, come here!

Mrs. Brendleberry? That's me.

I'd like some information
about Kathy. I like your face.

You brighten up the shop.

You can stay as long
as you like. Thank you.

Kathy was your granddaughter?

Where do you
think I got this TV?

Almost new! [Sirens Wailing]

I understand Kathy
had remarkable powers.

[Growling] Sheffield.

Hush, Sheffield.

Did she always have
an interest in the occult?

- Not around me, she didn't. I'd have tanned it out of her.
- When did she become interested?

Well, about five
years back, I think, uh,

when that boyfriend of
hers got himself killed.

Oh, I remember the
last time he rode up.

I wouldn't let her
go out with him.

- I guess it was what you would
call a premo... premo...
- Premonition.

- That's it, honey.
- Do you remember his name,
Mrs. Brendleberry?

- [Growling]
- Hush, Sheffield.

Well, now, let me
think. Um, Michael?

No. Martin. That's it.

Martin somebody. Martin Faber?

- [Rattling]
- You know, at times, he could
be sweet as strawberries.

And then suddenly, he'd go all
sour. Sheffield wouldn't go near him.

[Growls, Barks]


It's okay.

It was definitely
not an earthquake.

I've never been so
scared in my whole life.

- There was something
in that shop.
- Martin sure gets around.

Well, at least we know that there's a
connection between Martin and Kathy.

That's right. Kathy became interested in
the occult right after Martin was killed.

I think she wanted to get into the institute
so she could attempt to contact him.

Yeah, or to fleece his aunt.

If she was part of a scheme to fleece Claire,
I doubt that she'd agree to be killed.

- No, that is a bit drastic.
- So who was she working with?

Russell? Barbara Niles? It
could have been any of 'em.

I hate to say this, but Eric
Knight's kind of strange.

He says he saw me in his
mind at the police academy.

- You think he said that
to scare you off?
- Oh, I hope not.

Well, I-I mean, he seems
like a very caring person.

I mean, he's scary,
but I really like him.

Oh, boy. That doesn't
make any sense.

You know, if he is a suspect,

he was the only one who wasn't
in plain view when Kathy was killed.

You're right.

I don't even wanna go back to that place, if
you wanna know the truth. It is so creepy.

And Dr. Holden... Ever since he's been
studying Bree, he's had her under lock and key.

Ah! Which reminds me.

Charlie sent this over in case you're
gonna do any more ghost chasing.

It's one of those electronic
keys they use at the institute.

Bosley, what about our original suspect,
Martin? Do you know anything about him?

Right now, I've got a list of his old
friends, his schoolmates, his hangouts.

By the end of the day, I should have a
complete portrait of our late Martin Faber.


Oh, yes.


Yes, yes. Uh...

His aunt says he
sang in the choir?

Yes, uh, briefly.

That was the year the robes
were all destroyed by fire.

Oh. Did Martin have
anything to do with that?

Oh, well-well, nothing
was ever proved.

Um, his voice had
began to change.

Some of the boys
teased him about it.

Um, he tended to have a temper.

A temper?

Oh, I'm afraid so.

There was the church picnic.

He had a quarrel with,
uh... With Mary Lou Murphy.

She was 12. They
quarreled over a sandwich.

We had to pull
her out of the lake.

The lake? What
happened? Well, hard to say.

Martin was either trying
to teach her to swim...

or trying to drown her.

Uh, but then, it's... it's best
not to speak ill of the dead.

Martin Faber? Yeah, he was
on the track team for one race.

I tossed him off
the team. Too slow?

He ran in the marathon. Some kid
twisted an ankle, fell in front of him.

Martin ran right over him without
blinking an eye, and he was wearing spikes.

Get those knees up!

Oh, excuse me, fellas.

Did either of you
know Martin Faber?

He used to ride a
motorcycle around here.

It was black with "Demon"
written over the, uh...

Thanks. Thanks a lot!

[Martin] "Demon." That's what
I'm naming my new motorcycle.

I'm going to drive it
home this weekend.

Oh, school is a drag.
So don't mail my check.

I'll pick it up when I
see you. Bye, now.

Martin didn't write letters. He'd
send me these from school instead.

That was the last tape he sent.

Poor child. Poor child?

Oh, come on, Claire. You've
got to know better than that.

You've heard those old
stories. I don't believe them.

I talked to a dozen people, Claire.
They all said the same thing...

Rages, temper
tantrums, violent attacks.

He was very high strung.

Always had to have his own
way. But I understood that.


what happened the night he died?

Can you tell me?

If I must. It's very important.

Well, he'd been at college
for only one semester,

but he wasn't happy.

So without telling me, he quit.

And with his tuition money, he
bought that horrible motorcycle.

When he came home, we argued.

He roared off into the night
in one of his rages and-and...

And you felt guilty because
you'd upset him. Yes.

Well, you weren't the last person
to see him that night, Claire.

He went to visit a girl, and
he wasn't allowed to see her.

And that made him even madder.

Now, Claire, Martin
was walking a tightrope.

He was bound to fall sooner or
later, and you couldn't have stopped it.

But I wanted him to come back.

I wanted him to tell me that...
That he hadn't killed himself.

And he didn't. Now, look.
You know about blind rage.

I don't think he even knew where
he was going until it was too late.

It's so good to
talk about it at last.

Thank you.

Look, Claire.

Now I have got to
ask a favor of you.


Well, we have a plan.

We'd like to try to
contact Martin again.

I don't know if I can
go through anymore.

After what happened...
But that's just the point.

It's not a question of
fraud now. It's murder,

and we have to know the truth.

Don't you?

- Yes.
- Good.

Now, here's what
I'd like you to do.

I'm sorry, Claire. I
came as soon as I could.

Peter, sit down.

Miss Rossmore wants us
to do another experiment.

- We're going to need
your cooperation.
- Of course.

Peter, I want you to attempt
to contact Martin again...

using Sabrina
here as the medium.

But it's too dangerous. We-We
have no way of protecting her.

I'm willing to take the chance.

Well, I... I'm not.

Look, I've never worked with her before. I don't
know anything about her powers as a medium.

Well, Dr. Holden
can vouch for me.

I feel she might make contact.
Actually, that's... what frightens me.

Then you do believe
my nephew has returned?

Miss Rossmore, I've been over those tapes
time and time again, and I must confess...

I am still looking
for a logical answer.

This is Kelly Garrett. I hired her as a
detective to investigate Kathy's death.

Yes, we've met.

- I want her present
tonight as well.
- Now wait. I haven't agreed.

Peter, I am a very
wealthy woman.

And I got that way because
I'm stubborn as old ketchup.

You will either do this, or
you will leave the institute.

Which will it be?


I'll do it.


We will, uh, assemble outside
the monitor booth at midnight.

Until then, I expect everyone to remain in
their assigned rooms. Try to get some rest.

Barbara, would you show Miss
Garrett to her room, please? Sabrina.

[Thunder Rumbling]

This was Martin's room.


- May I come in?
- Sure.

I wanted to see you.

The other day, I felt a
kinship with you, Kris.

I felt it too.

Then I read you, and
you were frightened.

Well, you take a little getting
used to. Well, that's how it always is.

My "gift"... I can't control
it. I don't blame you.

I'd like to understand.

What you're planning to
do tonight... It's a mistake.

You're no student,

Sabrina Duncan's no psychic,

and Martin's no ghost.

But he crashed. He died.

I've been by that tree any
number of times. I feel his rage.

It's a terrible rage.

Martin crashed. That
was the end of him.

Look, I'm not concerned with the
dead now. I'm concerned with the living.

- You.
- Eric, what are you trying
to tell me?

I'm warning you. I don't want
anything bad to happen to you.


Your life, Sabrina's...

All of your lives are gonna be
in danger if you stay here tonight.

[Door Closes]


Kelly, what is it?
I just had a visitor.

It made my glasses
do a dance. What?

Come on. Let's get Bree.


Where is she?

[Motorcycle Engine Revving]

Someone's out
there on a motorcycle.


[Martin] Leave me alone!

Let me rest!

I'm so sick and tired
of all the meddling!

[Whispering] Hey,
Marty, you know what?

You're beginning to
sound like a broken record.

[Thunder Continues]

[Buzzer Sounds]

Bosley, you've been sleeping!
We're supposed to rest.

Bosley, listen. Bree has disappeared,
and somebody is outside on a motorcycle!

Motorcycle? [Together] Shh!

[Martin] Leave me
alone. Let me rest.

I am so sick and tired
of all the meddling!

Let me rest!

I'm warning you.

I'm so sick and tired
of all the meddling!

Let me rest!

[Clicks Off] Good night, Martin.

You know, we don't have much
time. It's almost 11:30. Bosley.

- Psst!
- Hey, Bree.

[Sabrina] You're probably
wondering why I've gathered you here.

I found out how Kathy
Wade was murdered.

The answer was right
in front us all the time.

Boo! [All Gasp]

Oh, God! Did I scare ya?

Yes! Hey, wait a minute.

- Videotape.
- [Sabrina] That's right.

What we were watching the
night that Kathy was killed...

was a videotape of Peter
Russell on that monitor.

So Kathy and Peter were working
together? Yeah, they had to be.

They must have rehearsed it,
and then Peter prerecorded his part.

I found all the equipment down in the basement.
It's directly hooked up to all this stuff.

So all the while we were thinking that we
were watching Peter in the isolation room...

He had time to leave his
room, enter Kathy's and kill her.

You know, I think we should put Martin's
spirit to rest once and for all. [Sighs]

[Buzzer Sounds]

[Buzzer Sounds]

Dr. Holden, I want
this clearly understood.

I don't like it. I'm
doing it under protest.

I understand that, Peter.

[Doorknob Rattles]

[Buzzer Sounds]

I'm ready to start
whenever you are, Peter.

Mr. Russell? [Door Opens]


Holden, open all the
doors to this place.

I want everybody out of my way.

Do as he says.

[Buzzer Sounds]


Better stay put.

Stay there unless you
want Sabrina hurt! [Grunts]

[Motorcycle Engine Revving]

Well, look what I found
hidden in the gardener's shed.

Is he all right?

Bosley, I think you
nearly scared him to death.

That's right, Bosley, and we've got
enough ghosts around here already.

I sensed there was a danger. I
just couldn't pinpoint the source.

I hope I didn't frighten you. I
sometimes have that effect on people.

That's okay. I understand.

[Charlie] Angels, it turns out
that Peter Russell was a genius...

But in electronics,
not the psychic.

Those glass-shattering tricks he
pulled were done with sound waves.

- The police found the equipment.
- And Martin had tape-recorded
his letters to Kathy too.

So Peter had his actual voice.
All he had to do was edit it.

And Bosley was right. The
whole thing was just a big con.

Peter wanted to
take over the institute.

[Charlie] Kathy Wade probably tried to get
out of the scheme, so Russell killed her.

Which just proves I
was right all along.

This parapsychology
stuff is a big fraud.

Well, now, you really
think so, Mr. Bosley?

Oh, now, look, Eric, I know
that Kris is rather fond of you...

That's all right. Look,
I'll make a deal with you.

You at least, um, reserve
your opinion for a while.

Keep an open mind. And I
won't tell them about that...

late-night skinny-dipping in
Rocky River. [Angel Laughs]

[Stammering] That
was high school!

Did you ever find your
clothes, Mr. Bosley?

- Bosley!
- Bosley!
- [Giggles]

[Kris] You didn't, Bosley! Look,
that was just youthful exuberance!

That was the most embarrassing
moment of my life! Wait just a minute.

I'm not so sure. What about that
time... All right. You've got a deal!

- [Laughs]
- Ohh!
- [Laughing]