Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 3, Episode 5 - Winning Is for Losers - full transcript

Several attempts are made on the life of golf pro Linda Frey, who is an old friend of Kris. The Angels investigate suspects in and around the tournament, while Linda's manager Bill Montclair tries to woo Kelly.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls who
went to the police academy...

Two in Los Angeles,

the other in San Francisco...

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.


But I took them away from all
that, and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.

Well, here we are.

Right down to the 18th hole here at
the Cyprus Pines Women's Invitational.

And Linda Frye, the new
young professional on the tour...

is holding on to a one-stroke lead over
the defending champion, Donna Dawson.

I think we're ready to go.

Linda's about 150
feet from the pin.

Beautiful shot. Beautiful shot.

About four feet
away from the pin.

Now it's time for Donna
Dawson to take her shot.

Another terrific shot.

It's just as we anticipated,
ladies and gentlemen.

The winner of this round won't
be decided until the final putt.


All right. Donna is
now lining up the ball.

She can read the green
like nobody in the business.

All right. Here we go.

- [Crowd Groans]
- Ooh, by inches.


It's Linda's turn now.

There's a lot of pressure
on the youngster.

If she makes this putt, she goes
into the clubhouse one stroke ahead.

Here we go.

There she goes.

Here she is. [Applause]

She's done it! She's done it.

Linda takes a one-stroke lead over
the defending champion, Donna Dawson.

Linda! Linda, can we talk
to you for a moment please?

Congratulations on a
terrific second round.

Thank you very much. Do you think you're
gonna be able to maintain that pace...

throughout the rest of the
tournament? Uh, I don't know.

I just hope to do my
best. Good luck to you.

Thank you. Terrific gal.

Linda? Linda!

Hi. Kris?

[Laughs] How are ya? [Gasps]

Why didn't you tell
me you were here?

Well, I didn't want to disrupt your
game. Besides, do I look blue?

I've been holding my
breath for the last three holes.

You're so fabulous. Thank you.

How long's it been?
Uh, four years.

Four years. Acapulco!

Acapulco! Now, that
was a vacation. [Laughs]

Oh. Oh, sure.

Well... [Giggles]

Do you mind if we leave? No. As a
matter of fact, I have my cart right here.

Come on. I'll drive.

Yeah, that's great putting!

[Linda] And every year we
exchange Christmas cards...

and promise to get together, but
somehow it just never happens.

[Kris] You've been so busy.
Every time I pick up the paper,

there you are, off playing
in another tournament.

I know. It's crazy, but it's the first year
as a pro that I've really started to click.

I'm so proud of ya.

[Gunshot] Get out! Stay down!



[Footsteps Departing]

If this had been the first time, Mr. Townsend,
I might be tempted to pass it off.

But, uh, there've
been other things.

[Charlie On Speakerphone] By other
things, what are you referring to, Linda?

Well, it started about a month ago, right
after I won the East Bay Open in Florida.

I went back to my hotel room...

and written on the bathroom mirror in
lipstick was, "Cyprus Pines, off limits".

Have any idea who did it? None.

I'm practically new on the circuit.
And I keep pretty much to myself.

I don't know. Maybe
it was just a crank.

Cranks don't use
high-powered rifles. That's true.

All I know is, I'm getting pretty
scared. And now Bill's getting in the act.

- Who's Bill?
- Oh, Bill Montclair. He's my manager.

The tires on his car
were slashed last week...

with a note saying,
"Cyprus Pines is a no-no."

- What about the police?
- We haven't called them.

Bill's wanted me to,
but I've been holding off.

Uh, why are you doin' that?

See, Cyprus Pines is an
invitational tournament.

And, uh, you know, the slightest
bit of bad press or scandal...

They may ask me to bow out.

How much are you willing to
risk, Linda, before bowing out?

- What do you mean?
- There are gonna be an awful
lot of people on the course.

Any one of them could
take another shot at you.

That's right, Sabrina. With only one day
left in the tournament and nothing to go on,

if somebody wants to kill you...

No matter what happens, I'm
not backing out. Cyprus Pines...

It's right near my home. My daddy taught me
to play it when I was just a little girl.

My kinda childhood dream was to grow
up, become a pro, and win the invitational.

Well, it's here now.
I can't back out.

Then it's settled.
Now, Angels, Bosley,

first thing you do is check
into Cyprus Pines as guests.

Try to get rooms as close
to Linda's as possible.

The only way I could afford the Cyprus Pines
is if they rented the rooms by the hour.

By that, I mean, by the time my bags
got to the room, I'd have to check out.

- [Kris Giggles] - [Charlie]
Now, move Linda around.

Off the course, keep her out
of sight as much as you can.

I'll check into
some of the players.

Someone may feel that Linda's too
good for them. [Clicking On Speakerphone]

Whatever we find,
let's keep in touch.

Charlie, what is
that clicking sound?

Oh, uh, since our client is a golfer,
I decided to brush up on my game.

So, I, um... I hired
a private instructor.

[Ball Clatters] [Giggles]

[Girl Sighs] Sounds like you're
shooting par again, Charlie.


♪♪ [Lounge] [Chattering]

Hi. Hiya. Okay, we got
four rooms in the same wing.

They should be able to take
our bags up in about an hour.

Okay. I think as soon
as we get checked in,

one of us probably ought to
change rooms with Linda. Good idea.

Which will probably confuse the assailant as
much as it does the chambermaids, hopefully.

Can I have a drink?

[Exhales] Where you been?
I have this interview set up.

Bosley, Kris, Sabrina, Kelly,
this is Bill Montclair, my manager.

How do you do? Hi.

This is a pleasure. I
mean, a real pleasure.


I went looking for you right after
the tournament. I couldn't find you.

Linda, I think you ought to tell
him. There was another incident.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah. Just frightened.

That's why my friends are
here. They're private detectives.


You're not ready for female detectives?
Is that what you're saying, Mr. Montclair?

Ma'am, I'm ready for Laverne
and Shirley if they can help us.

For weeks I've been wanting to go to the
police about this thing, but Linda here...

Look, if there's anything I can do, any way
at all I can help to stop this maniac...

I'm sure there will be. As soon as
we get organized, we'll let you know.

Well, one thing we've got to do
right now is go to that interview.

It's a taping for
tomorrow's match.

Oh, that's one of those TV
things. Bill likes me to do them.

Would you all like to come along? I
could sure use some friendly faces.

No friendlier face in
the world than mine.

[Laughs] Okay.

[Sabrina] Okay.

Are you interested in golf?

Oh, I play. But, uh, I'm just a
buffer. Or is the word "duffer"?

Well, listen, if we got the chance,
maybe I can talk you into playing a round.

Huh. [Chuckles]

That didn't come out
right, now, did it? No.

But, uh, I got the message.


Okay. [Continues, Indistinct]

Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen,

and welcome to the beautiful
Cyprus Pines Country Club.

We have with us today the two
leading contenders in the tournament,

Donna Dawson and Linda Frye.

Good to see you again, Donna.
You're looking great. Thanks, Tom.

I'm glad to be here. How many
times will this be for you if you win?

I'm trying for number
three. [Chuckles]

Well, I guess you know, you'll be the
first three-time winner in Cyprus history.

- Yes.
- How do you feel about that?

Well, Tom, I've
had a long career,

and there have
been a lot of awards,

and I guess this is one
of the few challenges left.

Well, I guess you know there are a
lot of folks out there rootin' for you.

If you win, are you
gonna retire? Oh!

Now, that I don't even
want to think about. [Laughs]

Tell me, Linda. Do you think
you'll be able to pull it off?

Well, if I hold my concentration
and keep my game together.

You're a newcomer in the circuit.
I imagine for somebody new,

the important thing would be
the first-place money. Excuse me.

- Well, to tell you the truth,
I already have it spent.
- Ah!

Actually, there's a lot of
sentimental importance.

Yes, I know. You, uh... You
live not too far from the course,

and your father used to be
a golf instructor here, right?

Well, he must have
been a big help.

Well, he taught me never quit.

So no matter what happens in this tournament,
I think I'll be around for the finish.

There you have it,
ladies and gentlemen.

The age-old battle... youth
versus experience, so stay tuned.

We'll be right back for the exciting
final round of this tournament,

right after this
message. [Chattering]

That'll do it, Al.

Nice job. Good interview.

It'll be on just before the match
tomorrow. Oh, great, great.

Thanks a lot. It
was a lot of fun.

Donna, good luck. Thank you.

"Lady Cool." Isn't that
what they're calling her?

Not to worry, my dear.

This tournament has
only begun to heat up.

This room's about as secure as we
could get under the circumstances.

[Sabrina] Yeah. And nobody
even has to know she's here.

Her name's off the register, and
the operator is holding all the calls.

[Kelly] If you need
anything... [Glass Shatters]

It's all right. It's all
right. Stay there.

It's okay.

I'll be right back.

[Tires Squeal]

[Tires Peel Out]

It was a truck. But I didn't
get a license. You okay?

Yeah. All right. What you got?

This was attached to it.

"Drop out of the tournament or
you'll be dead by the final round."

Okay, we have got
to check out doormen,

parking attendants,
gardeners, chambermaids.

Somebody must
have seen something.

Sure, a full-scale investigation's a
great idea, but I don't think there's time.

No. Kelly's right. Tomorrow's
the last day of the tournament.

What we need now are some shortcuts.
Yeah, but where do we find them?

Well, we start out by going
over everything we know so far.

There was the interview with
Donna Dawson this afternoon.

Are you suggesting Donna tossed
that brick through the window?

I'm not saying anything of the sort,
but there's a very heavy motive there.

She wants to win the tournament.

Well, look, I've been a fan of
hers since her career first started.

Why don't I follow up on her? You
got it. At the interview this afternoon,

did you notice standing behind us there
was a man in an army fatigue, about 30?

He was nice looking.
Did anybody see him?

Dark hair, rumpled
clothes? Right!

Rumpled clothes,
very rumpled clothes,

but he had on very expensive shoes,
and he was wearing a gold watch.

Maybe he's rich or eccentric. Well, he
could be. I think he bears looking into.

Yeah. Well, I have to tee
off early in the morning.

If I don't get a good night's sleep, I might
as well hand Donna Dawson that tournament.

With all the, uh, photographers
and reporters in this hotel...

keeping your whereabouts a secret
is going to be almost impossible.

Yeah, didn't you say you
were brought up near here?

Yeah, my house is
about a half-hour drive.

I think that's where we're gonna
be spending the night. Okay? Sure.

Get a good night's rest. You'll be relaxed
for tomorrow. Maybe Bill will drive us.

- You're gonna be okay?
- I'm feeling better already. Thanks a lot.

We'll get it together. Yeah.

[Phone Rings]


Kelly? Bill Montclair. I was wondering what
you had going for the next hour and a half.

Well, I-I don't know.
What did you have in mind?

Well, I'm driving Kris and
Linda out to the retreat.

Sure would put a smile on
my face if you came along.

All right, Mr, Montclair.
You can start smiling.


Wish you could stay.
We have plenty of food.

Oh, sorry, babe. I gotta head back.
I'm gonna meet a couple of clients.

Well, it's your loss.
I'm a terrific cook.

- It's a lovely place, Linda.
- Thank you. It's got
everything I need.

Fresh air, trees...
It's my big sanctuary.

I keep telling her, sanctuaries
are for birds, not people.

- What does that mean?
- Linda spends
too much time here.

It's like a hideout for her.

She'd be much better off if she
got out more and met people.

Linda la recluse, that's me.

There's something
I don't understand.

If Linda never meets new
people, who's been terrorizing her?

Old enemies? Or old friends?

Good question.

Listen, I gotta run. You two have a good
night. I'll be back for you in the morning.

Okay. 'Bout 10:00? 10:00.

Bye, Kel. Bye. See you later.

Now, what are we
gonna do about dinner?

You have an appointment
with some clients, remember?

Aw, they can wait. That's
not what you told Linda.

Hey, I didn't drive all the way
out here just to eat dinner alone.

Please? All right,
Mr. Montclair.

But let's hurry. I don't want you
to lose a client on my account.

[Chuckles] Honey, on your
account, I'd lose any client.

Coffee twice.

These people you're meeting,
are they really important?

Yeah, I'd say they're important.
Does that surprise you?

No, should it? Well, some folks'
impressions of a small-town lawyer is...

someone who specializes
in wills and fender benders.

Well, you're more than a
lawyer. You're a manager too.

I would guess from your
lifestyle you do pretty well.

Well, just for the record, what
happens in the big city happens with us.

We see all the movies and
plays and hear the latest records.

'Bout two months back, we had
a rock concert with Alice Cooper.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I understand that girl's
one heck of a singer.

[Laughs] What's the matter?

Well, Alice Cooper's a guy.

- She is?
- Yes.

[Chuckles] Well!

Looks like I wandered into the
chicken coop in my bare feet that time.

Well, it happens
sometimes. [Chuckles]

Well, it's too bad I
got this appointment,

'cause out on the dance
floor I'm something else.

Give me a rain check, okay?

Anytime. Just any old time.

[Sighs] Oh, hey. Wait a minute.


Hi. [Grunts]

What are you doing
in here? Nothin'.

- I'm looking for
a place to sleep.
- In the linen closet?

Well, yeah. I need
a place to sleep.

Mmm. Mr... Wilcox. E.V. Wilcox.

- What does the E.V. stand for?
- Nothing.

Won't tell me your first name?

Hey, come on. Look, just
leave me alone, will you?


Oh, excuse me. Uh, the desk clerk
told me that Donna Dawson was in here.

Uh, yes, sir. All morning.
Far end of the bar.

Oh, thanks very much. Yes, sir.

You know, they say that one Bloody
Mary can add 10 strokes to your score?

What if I've already had two?

Oh, well, uh, in that case, you
wouldn't care whether you won or lost.

[Laughs] It would take a lot
more than two for that to be true.

By the way, my name is John
Bosley. Do you mind if I join you?

Oh, thanks. I'll
have one of those.

You know, it was about 10 years to the
very day when I saw you for the first time.

It was at the Don Pasqual
Tournament in Pasadena. Did I win?

Oh, indeed you
did... By six strokes.

And I became your instant fan.

I don't believe that.
What do you mean?

Men don't identify
with women athletes.

At most, we're all freaks.

Well, what do you say if you
have good-looking legs? [Chuckles]

That's where it's at.

A long drive. A great
approach. Not enough.

What you need are tight
shorts and plenty of cleavage.

Well, maybe it was
because of that...

that I not only noticed that
you were the hottest golfer,

but also the best looking.

It was almost 10 years ago,

long before my shoulder
started giving me trouble.

I used to hit that ball...
25 yards farther then.

Yeah. The game was a lot of fun.

And it's not fun now?

Now? It's just mean.

You think people
love sports figures?

Sure, they love to build them
up, so they can tear them down.

You read the sports pages?

They're telling
me it's time to quit,

without so much as a gold
watch or a pen-and-pencil set.

Yeah, but, uh, what
about retirement?

I mean, you're
already a living legend.

Oh, no way. I'm not through yet.

I'm about to become the first three-time
winner of the Cyprus Invitational.

Now, that's a record they'll
have to shoot at for years.

Look, uh, let's
play a little game.

You and I, okay?
I'm the devil, all right?

And I am going to give you
this tournament... right now.

You are the winner!

But, what are you willing
to pay for that prize?

What's immortality
going for these days?

Why don't you tell me?

Is it worth it to you to do anything
to get rid of your opponent?

So there you are.

Do you realize
tee-off time is at 2:00?

I planned on being there. Oh,
Mr. Bosley, this is Tom Rogers.

How do you do? I'm sorry, but
I've got another appointment.

Nice to have met you. Oh, by the
way, the answer to your question...

is yes.

[Sighs] Who's he?

Oh, I don't know. Somebody
I picked up in a bar.

Hey, I only want what's
good for you, Donna.

What do you think
is good for me, Tom?

A long vacation.

A home to call a home, Donna.

Maybe even a husband.

Donna, if I could, I'd wrap this tournament
in a pink ribbon and hand it to you.

Nothing would make me happier.

Do you think I have a chance?

- I mean, really.
- Are you kidding?

She can't keep that pace.

By the back nine, she'll
start feeling the pressure.

My last hurrah.

It doesn't seem
like it's a lot to ask.

I'll be there.

No matter what happens.
You know that, don't you?

Yeah. [Sniffs] I know that.


Anybody hear from Kris or Linda?

Montclair's gone to pick them
up. I talked to the guard at the gate,

and he said that, uh, four vans
were left on the grounds last night.

Yeah? But all of them were
making legitimate deliveries.

Did you get anything on that guy who
was trying to sleep in the linen closet?

I'm having Charlie
run a computer check.

Leaves us long
on questions. Yep.

Short on time and
answers. Let's go.

[Kris] So how'd you like my cooking?
Did you get enough breakfast?

[Linda] As good as mine.
Bill missed my tamale pies.

Ahh, look at this!

Like it? Oh.

You know, my daddy and I used to
walk along these banks all the time.

There used to be a tree stump
over there we used as a picnic table.

We'd bring sandwiches and sodas
out... spend the rest of the day fishing.

It was terrific.

Ah, this is the kind of place kids
dream about... read about in fairy tales.

[Sighs] I'd like to
preserve it just like it is,

and turn it into a sanctuary
for underprivileged kids.

Oh, Linda, that's beautiful.

As a matter of fact,
it's a fabulous idea!

You've got all this land. I mean,
you could grow your own food.

[Laughs] It's still in
the dreaming stages.

[Chuckles] It'd
be terrific though.

Is that the pitch-and-putt
course over there? Yeah.

Let me show it
to you. All right.

Everybody says my
strength's in my short game.

If that's so, this is
where I learned it.

I can't believe you have a
golf course in the backyard.

It's not really a golf course.

It's just two holes, one up, one
back. A really terrific place to learn.

I always remember Daddy saying,
"All right. Keep your head down.

"Left arm straight.

Follow through. Too much right
hand." And on and on. [Laughs]


[Creaking Continues]

[Kris Gasps]

Kris, watch out!


[Board Snaps] [Grunting]

Kris, there's another one!

I'm stuck!

Kris, there's another one!



Please, help!

Help! Please! Help!

Bill! My leg!


What happened?

I'll tell you something. This
bridge did not just collapse.

[Montclair] Where the
devil did they come from?

Alligators aren't miles from
here. It's the marshlands.

Then what are they doing here?

Somebody brought
'em here obviously.

It's not safe anywhere
anymore. Not even here. [Sighs]

No way.

No way. I say it's
time to pack it in.

You mean, walk away
from the tournament?

Look, it's no reflection
on the girls here.

The closer you get to winning that
tournament, the more dangerous it becomes.

But it's the last day!
Linda, they've gone this far.

What if they mean to go the
rest of the way? I just can't quit.

You still looking
for a place to sleep?

Why don't you go inside?
You can hear better. Huh?

Got company. What's going on?

Well, I found him outside. So I
asked him if he'd like to come in.

Mind if we ask you a
few questions, Mr. Wilcox?

Or I tell you what. We'll
make it easy on you,

and I'll just tell you a
few things about yourself.

You see, we know your name.
You're Evan Victor Wilcox.

You're 31 years old, and you received
your medical discharge from the U.S. Army,

but not before you scored
marksman with the M-14.

Now, would you like
to hear a little more?

Well, who are you? What
do you want from me?

Just answers. That's all.
What are you doing here?

I... I just wanted her to
autograph my picture.

Are you kidding? It was in
the newspaper. I cut it out.

You've been hanging out around the golf
course, and you were here outside the door,

'cause you want her to
autograph this, 'cause you're a fan?

Mm-hmm. I'm-I'm
telling you the truth.

- How do we know it wasn't you
who was taking potshots at her?
- Right.

- Or writing her hate mail?
- Or throwing bricks
through windows.

I-I-I don't know what you're
talking about. I... I couldn't hurt her!

God knows, I couldn't hurt
her. Hey, leave him alone!

[Chuckles] Look,
w-we're just wasting time.

All we got here is some kid who likes to
build fantasies out of newspaper clippings.

Do you have a better
suspect, Mr. Montclair?

No. And that's why I
say we should pack it in.

Linda, I've known you
since you were a little girl.

Nothing would wake me happier
than for you to win this tournament,

but not if it means
risking your life.

Sorry, Bill. I gotta do it.

I give up.

If you change your
mind, I'll be in my room.

[Clears Throat]

Well, um, I'm really
awfully embarrassed,

and, uh, we won't be
keeping you any longer.

Wait a minute.

[Pen Scratching]

[Clears Throat] Oh.
Thank you very much.

[Exhales] Thanks.

[Sabrina] So long.

Well, tee-off time's
in a couple hours.

I think I better take a nap.
Okay, get some good rest.

[Sighs] Okay, uh, look.

She's not going to give up, so we'll just
have to keep a real close eye on her, right?

I wish we could give her
more than just moral support.

Well, she's forcing their hand. And
I keep thinking they're not bluffing.

What do you suppose is
the matter with Bill Montclair?

- What do you mean?
- Well, the way
he reacted to, um, Evan.

Yeah, he did come
on a bit strong.

Yeah, I mean, we don't know that he's not
the suspect, but neither does Montclair.

I tell you what.

Why don't you and I talk to him
alone while Linda takes her nap?

Okay. Bos and I'll stay here.

I'll, uh... [Clears
Throat] see you later.

What's going on? Oh,
the chambermaid let us in.

She liked my smile.

What do you want? Well, just
what you promised us, cowboy.

That client of yours bowing
out of the tournament.

Time's up.

So what's it gonna be?

She won't quit.

I tried everything... talking, reasoning.
Nothing works. You guys gotta forget it.

[Chuckles] What, uh... What
does that mean, "forget it"?

Look, I ain't no dummy. I saw what
you two did with those alligators.

If I hadn't drove up when I
did she might've been dead.

Well, now you're getting
the picture, bright boy.

You know, you're too easy, and I'm getting
pretty sick and tired of running around here...

acting like a dummy
just to cover my tracks.

- It's time to get rough.
- What kind of rough
are you talking about?

Hey, listen. I agreed to try and
convince her, but there's a limit!

Funny, you didn't talk about a limit
when you took our money, now, did you?

Yeah, and don't you forget, your
retainer was a big, fat 100,000 bucks.

[Scoffs] I'll get you
your money back.

Oh, yeah?

And where are you gonna
get a hundred big ones?

I'll... I'll get it. Where?
From your practice?

It's too bad some of those fancy suits
and calfskin boots aren't returnable.

I'll get you your
money back somehow.

Look, it's no good, Montclair.
We're up to our elbows in this.

- Your client is finished.
- What are you talking about?

Well, there's a little knoll...

overlooking the last few
holes of the golf course.

You can draw a perfect bead.

We'll be in a getaway car
down at the bottom of the hill.

Wait a minute.

You're asking me
to kill her? Linda?

No. We're telling you.

We'd do it ourselves, but
we're kinda squeamish.

No way. I mean,
no way. I won't do it!

And one more move out of you
two, and I'm going to the cops.

I don't care what happens to me.

Montclair, that was
a real bad decision.

Hey, are you crazy? [Grunting]

Where is he? [Gunshot] This one.


Is he dead?

[Kelly] Bill? Bill,
are you there?

Close to it. I... I didn't
figure it to go this way.

[Kelly] Bill, are you all right?
[Sabrina] Open the door!

Let's get out of
here. [Knocking]

Excuse me, can I have the key to this
room please? Yes, that's right. Thank you.

Bill, what happened?

It's all right. Can you
tell me what happened?

[Breathily] What happened?

Guess I'm still a
small-town country boy.

That's what happened. [Gags]

- Nobody out there.
- He's dead.

Right, Charlie. We'll
keep in touch. [Sighs]

Bree? Yeah?

It doesn't make sense that they
would threaten Linda by killing Montclair.

No, it's reaching. Unless
Montclair was in on the whole thing.

But Montclair wanted
Linda out of the tournament.

Yeah. He wanted her out. They wanted
her out. They have something in common.

- And Linda wouldn't get out.
- Mm-mmm. Exactly.

Montclair was her manager, her legal
adviser... Supposedly, he ran the whole show.

Maybe he promised
something he couldn't deliver.

Which brings us
back to square one.

Sure does.

Wait a minute. Bree,
whose coat is this?

Montclair was wearing
a solid Western suit.

This just isn't his
style. [Rattling]

What do we got? Hey.

124. Let's go.

[Key Rattles]

Somebody bailed out of here
in hurry. Sure did. Look at this.

Left a gun patch. [Kelly]
What's a gun patch?

It's a piece of cloth
you use to clean a rifle.

Let's a name from the desk and
have Charlie run a quick check.

Good idea. Come on.

[Crying] Why didn't I listen to
him? Why just didn't I listen?

You can't blame yourself
for this, Linda. Yes, I...

[Sniffs] He'd be
alive right now.

Kris is right, Linda. I know it seems
to fit the pattern of all that's happened,

but there's still a lot of
unanswered questions.

I have all the answers
to all my questions.

I just want to pack
up and go home.

Well, I guess no one would blame
you if you did. If you give up, they win.

You really expect me
to play after all this?

We can't answer
that. That's up to you.

Oh, Linda. I'd... I'd give anything
for you to finish out the tournament.

Okay. I'll try. That's my girl.

I checked out the occupant in room
124, Angels. I have some information.

Okay, Charlie. Who
are we looking for?

The room is registered
to Eric Williams.

E.W.? You know
him as Evan Wilcox.

Uh, wait a minute. You mean,
the same guy, two different names?

One and the same, Sabrina.

Evan became Eric
about three years ago...

when he came out of federal
prison and tried to start a new life.

So you mean, the army jacket and the linen
closet bit were, uh... were a cover...

so he could follow Linda around
without looking suspicious. Exactly.

Williams is an ex-gambler
and a utility strongman of sorts.

He's partnered with a George
Ritlin, a disbarred lawyer.

He's been involved in a number of
phony stock deals. Now wait a minute.

Are they in business for themselves
or did somebody hire them?

I wish I could
answer that, Sabrina.

I did find a tie-in, though, with
them and Montclair, Linda's manager.

It has to do with a land option deal in
that area that's being sold for back taxes.

Somehow, Linda
fits into all of this.

Well, I'll keep looking.

Meanwhile, Angel, Williams and
Ritlin are the ones to keep an eye on.

Will do, Charlie. [Line Clicks]

Well, what do you know? Our assassin has
a sidekick. They may have been hired out.

Hirelings eh? Mm-hmm.

Well, then Donna
Dawson's back in the picture.

Maybe I better talk with her. We
don't have time for talk, Bosley.

You better run a hard,
fast bluff. Okay, will do.

Thanks a lot. Donna?

Hello, again. I
want to talk to you.

Okay, sure.

Look, I guess there's just nothing you
wouldn't do to win this tournament, right?

You lost me.

Well, when I mentioned getting rid of
the opposition I was just playing a game.

But you were serious.

Where did you find those
clowns, under some rock?

What clowns? What
are you talking about?

What's a hit going
for these days?

Or does that depend
on the marketplace?

I mean, have they got a price list for
throwing a brick or dropping an alligator?

If this is some kind of funny
word game, I'm not amused.

Donna, I'm saying that you hired someone
to keep Linda Frye out of this tournament.

Keep Linda Frye out
of the tournament?

How? Why? I
thought you'd tell me.

Look, I don't know what the heck you're trying
to get at, but I want to tell you something.

If it weren't for Linda Frye, there would
be no tournament... for me anyway.

You are only the best when
you know you've beaten the best.

You know, you... you almost
make me believe you mean that.

I do mean it! And if you were that
so-called instant fan as you put it,

you'd believe it. Donna!

Look, I'm... I'm sorry.

Just forget everything
I said, okay?

[Clicks Tongue]
It's okay. [Sniffs]

Listen, I'm... I'm sorry too.

[Rogers] Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen.

Here we are, right down to
the exciting third round of play...

in this sensational golf
tournament here at Cyprus Pines.

Now, it's right down to the wire between the
two contenders, Donna Dawson and Linda Frye.

Linda enjoys a one-stroke
lead in this final round,

but with all of this pressure...
And there's a lot of it here...

Anything's liable to
happen and probably will.

We're ready now to... We're
ready now to tee off for Donna.

Mmm! Aha! [Applause]


At least 250 yards, and right
down the center of the fairway.

All right. It's
Linda's turn now.

[No Audible Dialogue]

Ooh. [Crowd Murmurs]

Another terrific shot.

Ladies and gentlemen, this thing
promises to go right down to the wire.

[Crowd Murmurs]

[Bosley] Hey, girls. Wait up.

Girls? Hold up a
second, will you?

What hole are they
on anyway? Sixteen.

Oh, boy. Feels more
like 116. Who's ahead?

Well, last we heard, it
was Donna by one stroke.

Well, maybe if Linda doesn't win,
they'll leave her alone, huh? Let's go.

Yeah, maybe. Come on, Bos.

Yeah. What's the hurry?

That ties it. That ties it.

Donna Dawson and
Linda Frye are tied.

It's all tied up and going into the
18th hole. It's still anybody's match.

You heard enough? Yeah,
she's liable to pull it out.

We can't take any chances.

Leave it running. We'll need
every second. [Engine Starts]


Is this gonna be close
enough? Are you kidding?

I could do it with a blindfold.

[Rogers] This is the final hole.

Now Donna has about a 15-foot putt and
Linda Frye, I'd say about a 10-foot putt.

Let's watch the action.

The match is still tied.

All right. Dawson's
about to putt now.

Oh, on the low side.

Hold it, Bos. Give me
the glasses. Uh-huh.

You got something?

A flash of light. Let me see.

Where? Y...


That's them. Let's go!

[Crowd Murmurs]

[Rogers On Radio] If Linda makes
this putt, the tournament is hers.

Now, you heard the man. If she
makes it, she wins. She won't make it.

[Groans] If she'd
just stand still.


Just hold it ri-i-ight there.

Uh-uh. You hold it right there.

Right there.

[Grunts] Hold it!

Hold it right here.

[Rogers] She's
got it. She's got it.

Congratulations. Thank you.

[Rogers] She wins it!

Well, well, well.
Guess who loses.

Well, it was wonderful seeing
her win the trophy, Charlie.

But in a way, it was very sad.

[Charlie] I can understand that, Angels.
Montclair was like a member of her family.

Actually, he was
a very nice man.

He just got himself mixed up with those two
sharpies and found himself out of his league.

Yep. From what you told us,
Charlie, and from what Linda told us,

we gather that her
father left her his estate.

But there was over $100,000 in back
taxes and mortgages to be satisfied.

That's right, Sabrina.

The deadline on this payment was the
settlement of the estate on her 21st birthday.

Montclair was handling the estate and knew she
could never come up with that kind of money.

Yeah. That's when Wilcox
and Ritlin came into the picture.

Uh, they promised Montclair
$100,000 if he would convince Linda...

to sell them the property at a
fair price when the time came.

Well, Montclair thought
it'd be good for both of 'em.

And he just never believed that Linda would
become a successful enough golf pro...

to come up with that kind of
money and pay those taxes herself.

It's like we said. He
was just out of his league.

What about you, Charlie?
How are your lessons coming?

[Chuckles] Not well,
Angels. Not well at all.

Aww! Charlie! You don't
have your instructor anymore?

Yes. As a matter of fact,
she's here with me now.

Well, you'll just have to
keep practicing, Charlie.

That's all there is to it.

I don't know about that, Angels.
Sometimes you learn more just by watching.

[Ball Clatters] [Laughs]

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