Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 3, Episode 4 - Angels in Springtime - full transcript

When famous actress Eve LeDeux is electrocuted at an exclusive women's spa, the Angels go undercover to capture the killer and find the missing manuscript of Eve's memoirs, which may reveal information some would rather be forgotten.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls who
went to the police academy...

Two in Los Angeles,

the other in San Francisco...

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.


But I took them away from all
that, and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.

Hi, Miss Eve. Good evening, Amy.

Working a little late
tonight, aren't you?

Yes. Miss Ingrid asked me to polish
the equipment before I went home.

[Chuckles] And I'll bet you had
plans to sneak out on a date.

Really! But that's okay.
I don't mind though.

It's kind of fun working for the
most famous spa in the world,

even if it is for women only.

Remember what some
famous coach once said:

"Men aren't everything.

They're the only
thing." [Giggles]

Would you like me to stay,
Miss Eve? Oh, heavens no, child.

Uh, just give us a light. Sure.

Be careful of that first step,
Miss Eve. It's awful slippery.

Look, I know how to get into a spa. You just
go have a good time with your boyfriend.

Thanks, Miss Eve. You
have a nice evening.

And I'll turn the spa
on when I go out.

[Jets Hum]

♪♪ [Humming]

Amy, turn the lights back on.

[Clicks Tongue] Good Lord.


Who's there?

- [Electricity Crackling]
- [Gasps]

Well, the police report
concluded that it was an accident.

The wires were old. A couple of
them got crossed, and it short-circuited.

[Charlie On Speakerphone] Yes, people
are killed every day in this country...

by the lethal combination
of water and electricity.

But not an actress as
famous as Eve Le Deux.

If it was an accident, there's
going to be one heck of a lawsuit.

Charlie, I get the feeling that you think it
might not have been an accident. Am I right?

[Charlie] I believe your guest is
better equipped to answer that. Eve?

Oh, couldn't you tell
them, Mr. Townsend?

Not half as well as
you, my dear. Go ahead.

[Clears Throat] My
name is Eve Perkins.

Oh, I told you that, didn't I?

Eve, you don't have to be
nervous. We're here to help you.

Perhaps the young lady could tell her
story better, uh, without so much chitchat.

Eve Le Deux was my aunt.

She was something of a legend
in our family. I was named for her.

- Are you an actress?
- Me? Oh, no.

I work back home in
the library in Lima, Ohio.

The farthest I've ever been is Pittsburgh
when I went to see my aunt in Macbeth.

That was the only
time I saw her onstage.

It was a wonderful,
magical evening.

You've come a long way from Ohio
now, Eve. What brought you here?

I'm certain my
aunt was murdered.

- I know it.
- What makes you so sure?

Because I know my aunt.

We always corresponded, even when she
was the most famous actress on Broadway.

She was not careless.
She didn't make mistakes.

"To err is human,"
Shakespeare said.

I believe that was
Alexander Pope, Mr. Bosley.

But it doesn't apply to my aunt.

Besides, her
manuscript was missing.

She was writing her
memoirs at the spa,

and when they returned her
personal effects, it wasn't there.

Bosley, tell them
about Amy O'Toole.

Oh, well, Amy was the last
person to see Eve Le Deux alive.

She was the young girl that was
in charge of the exercise room.

And then after the accident, or
murder, she just disappeared.

Now that's beginning
to sound a little fishy.

Oh, I wanted to go to Springtime
myself to look into my aunt's death.

But I couldn't imagine
myself in a place like that.

I wouldn't know how to act.

Charlie, you don't mean to say that we are
going to be wallowing in all that luxury?

[Charlie] I don't believe
"wallow" is quite the word, Kris.

You're going to work there as an exercise
instructor. What about me, Charlie?

You'll take your expertise
into the diet kitchen, Sabrina.

Nothing like a 30-calorie
chocolate mousse to raise morale.

Ah, a galley slave.

How about Kelly? [Charlie]
Somebody has to be a guest.

Teacher's pet. I'll wave to you.

Uh, what about me, Charlie? It's a
woman's world, Bosley. No men allowed.

Uh, if you can find
this Amy O'Toole,

it will take a certain amount of
ingenuity just to let the girls know.

Any questions?

Uh, yes, Charlie, the, uh,
matter of... [Coughs] the fee.

Oh, I can pay. I
brought my savings.

Don't worry about it,
Bosley. This one's on me.

Did I tell you that I was once
on the stage with Eve Le Deux?

Charlie, you were an actor?

- Aw, come on, Charlie.
- [Charlie Chuckles]

I'll see if I can't find a photograph of
my performance. Good-bye, Angels.

Bye, Charlie.


- Hello.
- I'm Ingrid Nyberg,
managing director.

How do you do? I'm Sabrina
Duncan. This is Kris Munroe.

I know who you are.
Come to my office, please.

I'm afraid you've
been misinformed.

It wasn't my idea that you should
come here. Please close that door.

Oh. [Clears Throat] Excuse me.

I don't understand. Charlie
said everything was arranged.

Mr. Townsend talked to the
owners, and they agreed. I didn't.

Well, I guess you're
stuck with us then.

I couldn't have
said it better myself.

- Why don't you want us here?
- I should think
it would be obvious.

What happened to Miss
Eve was an accident.

And that's bad enough in itself.

And I don't like private investigators
trying to turn it into something far worse.

Well, we'll be undercover, so no one
needs to know that we're investigators.

Oh, that is unless
you tell them.

Why should I do that? I'm sorry.

I'm the one who built Springtime into
the most successful spa in the country.

If you're so convinced that
Eve's death was an accident,

what do you suppose
happened to those memoirs?

There was nothing
like that here.

All of her personal property was returned
to her family. Are there any more questions?

Uh, no. But then
again, we're just starting.

You'll find your quarters in
the building behind this one.

Put on your uniforms. There'll be an
orientation meeting in a few minutes.

Yes, ma'am.

Think we can trust her? Uh-uh.

What if she blows our cover? Well, keep your
back to the wall and your eye on the door.

[Grunts] Huh?

The rules for new workers here at
Springtime are posted in your quarters.

You will read them. You
will learn them by heart.

And you will engrave them
in your mind and live by them.

- Uh, Miss Nyberg?
- Rule one, you will
call me Ms. Ingrid.

Everyone here at Springtime
is known only by their first name.

Is that clear? Yes, Miss Ingrid.

Rule two. You will cater
to your guest's every wish.

You will be more than servants.
You will become their slaves.

You'll make their stay at Springtime the
most memorable experience of their lives.

Until they get their
bill, at which time,

that will become the most
memorable experience of their lives.

- [Both Giggling]
- Ladies, this is
Ms. Norma Powers.

No doubt, you've heard
of the great actress.

She has starred in more Broadway
successes than anyone in history.

And she knows when she's being
conned, and it won't wash, Ms. Ingrid.

However, I'm bored, and heckling
you is more fun than an herbal wrap...

or a sunflower soufflé.

[Ingrid] I neglected
to mention...

Ms. Norma is also our resident
wit and our most constructive critic.

She has been here for three months,
and so we know that she really loves us.

Look at me, girls! Actually, I
am a 34-year-old high-jumper.

Norma, please. I am trying
to carry on an orientation.

You givin' them that
stuff about "fight the flab"?

[Ingrid] No. I was about to.

Fat is the enemy here. You'll regard
it as you would a social disease.

Yeah, well, I can't
stand any more of this.

I'll go curdle the yogurt
or something. [Laughs]

Try to have a good time here
girls, in spite of the iron maiden.

All right, ladies. You know
your duties. Go to your stations.


Well, the sooner we solve it,
the sooner we escape. Mm-hmm.

[Exhales] I think I'm going to
go check out the murder scene.

Spooky. Be careful, okay?

I don't think I'm gonna be taking
any baths. Yeah. See you later.

[Gasps] Oh! Oh, you scared me.

What are you doing in here?

I'm Kris Munroe. I'm a new
employee here. Who are you?

I'm Zora. I'm the
physical therapist here.

This happens to be my
territory, and you keep out of it.

- Why?
- I just told you why.

Look, I was just looking around.

I like to stay in shape, and
this looked like the place to do it.

Oh, there's nothing wrong with your shape,
honey, and the door to this building was locked.

It was open.

I'll see you later.

I tell you when you can
come in and when you go out.

Look, lady, I
don't work for you.

Let go of me.

A pretty little neck.

I bet it would break easy.

♪♪ [Soul] [Kris]
Ready, five, six...

Five, six, seven, eight.

Right two, left two,

right two, left two,
right two, left two,

right two, left two.

Stretch, two, three,
four, five, six, seven.

And back, two, three,
four, five, six, seven.

Good? Okay. Now we're
only moving from the waist up.

One, two, three, four.

One, two and three and four.

And let it flow.

One, two, three,
four, five, six.

Good. Now the hips. Two...

Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse
me. Excuse me.

Where are you going? Well, I was
going to check with the new arrival.

Why? Uh, well, because
I'm the new dietitian.

I was going to see if she
had any special requirements.

I see. Well, I'm about
to examine her now,

so would you come back
some other time, please?

Sure. Thank you.


Hello. I'm Dr. Slavin,
the staff physician.

Well, won't you
come in? Thank you.

What can I do for you, Doctor?

Well, I pay a little visit to all of
our new guests here at Springtime.

Oh. That's very
nice, but what for?

It's part of our procedure to
give everyone a physical...

before she begins
our exercise program.

- Is that all right with you?
- Well, I guess so. Yeah.

- May I sit down?
- Oh, sure.

Would you like a brandy?

No, thank you, and I much
prefer you didn't either.

Alcohol is a depressant. Besides,
it might affect your heartbeat.

My heart could use a little
jazzing up after the last few months.

Nevertheless, I must insist, no
liquor of any kind is allowed here.

Even your luggage will
be taken away from you.

We provide everything you need.

Well, you make it sound like some
kind of prison or sanitarium or something.

If you choose to
look at it that way.

Actually, everything that's
done is for your own good.

Well, this is my first visit.
Maybe you better tell me about it.

You're very beautiful.

Why are you here?

That's a funny question.

When I drove in, I saw all
kinds of attractive women.

I suppose they want to
go on being attractive.

Mm-hmm, but why you?

For one thing, I just went
through with a very painful divorce.

[Sighs] I see.

You'll soon be going
back on the market.

That's very blunt,
Doctor. I'm sorry.

But I have seen so many
of our guests hurt by men.

And I believe in treating
the whole person.

Well, the truth is,
I-I'm just exhausted.

If I don't see another man
for a month, uh, I'd be ecstatic.

All I want here is R & R.

You know, if you're feeling a bit
depleted, I might be able to help.

We have a program
here involving hypnosis...


Does that frighten you?

No. It interests me.

Good, good.

Tonight, after dinner.

Would you open
your blouse, please?

Now it won't be so cold.
[Chuckles] [Exhales]


Ladies? Carrots?

Carrot? Everybody
needs a carrot. Carrot?

Hey, what you got there?
Hors d'oeuvres. Care for one?

My grandfather lived to be 94. He
never ate anything a rabbit would eat.

Uh, listen. I figured as long as I was out and
around, I would go by Miss Nyberg's office,

and if she's not there,
I'll, uh, do a little checking.

- Maybe find Eve Le Deux's file?
- Yep, if it's still around.

You sure you don't
want a carrot? No, thanks.

No, no. Absolutely certain?
All right, if you're positive.


Miss Ingrid?

Miss Ingrid?

♪♪ [Disco] Five,
six, seven, eight.

Hip right, left, right, left.

Let it go. One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight.

Boogie. Let it all go. That's
right. Make it feel good.

Other side. Good!

Let's see it. Right.

Shake it out.

Now stretch. Deep breath.

[Exhales] And relax.

Thank you, ladies.
See you at 4:00.

Oh, uh, may I speak
to you? [Chuckles]

I used to move like that...
about 100 years ago.

Oh, I bet you still
got a few moves left.

[Chuckles] That's a very
nice thing for you to say.

What'd you want
to talk to me about?

I get my exercise watching
other people get theirs.

Why don't we go over to the pool? I
can do some work on my pectorals.

Okay. Would you like me to push?

I've been pampered
all my life, and I love it.

By all means, push!


I know who you are.

Oh? Who am I?

A private detective... from
the Townsend Agency.

Who told you?

Our Amazonian
directress, Ms. Ingrid.

That's a little strange. I didn't think
you guys were exactly best friends.

Does a cobra love a mongoose?

No, she told me, because
she was afraid not to.

Are you sure you were in
the theater and not the Mafia?

You don't miss much.

Come to think of it, my dear,
what else is there for me to do?

Well, you're right. We're here
investigating the death of Eve Le Deux.

I know. But I don't think you're
going to get very much help here.

Does that include you?

We're talking about one
of my dearest friends...

About a woman I
knew for 30 years,

worked with through the
sad and the sweet times.

We worked, and we
fought, and we made up.

And it's very hard for me
to believe that she's gone.

I'm sorry.

Must be awful to lose
a close friend like that.

They're marvelous memories.

She was Eve Le Deux. Hmm!

Who could replace her?

What do you think
happened to her?

Oh, I don't think. I know.

She was murdered.

Why do you think so?

Because I've spent my
lifetime in the theater.

Because I played women like Eve.

And I know they don't
stumble into death.

They're dragged into it
kicking and screaming.

Just the way I will be.

I'll bet you will too.

Miss Ingrid. What is it, Zora?

I just saw that new dietitian
come out of your office.

So? Maybe she
was looking for me.

Maybe, but she had locked
the door from the inside.

Thank you, Zora. I
thought you'd want to know.


Springtime Spa. Miss Ingrid.

Oh, hello, Miss Nyberg. This is John
Bosley of the Charles Townsend Agency.

I wondered if you could get a
message to, uh, Sabrina Duncan?

I suppose so.

Uh, would you have her please
call me at this number, 555-7263?

It's very important.
I'll wait for her call.

Very well.

[Steam Hissing] [Sabrina] Hello!

[Kelly] Hello. Hello.

Oh, boy. Whew! I know.

I didn't think they
allowed employees in here.

Are you kidding? They'll let anybody
come in here who's crazy enough to.

[Inhales] I think this is
a terrific place to meet.

It's hot in here!

Look, everybody knows what
everybody else is doing around here.

Yeah, I know. I got the same
feeling, so I looked around.

Not only is my room bugged,
but there's a peephole in there.

I'd dress in the
closet if I were you.

Sounds like a blackmail operation.
Anybody heard from Bosley?

No. There's no phone in my room.
Phones are an intrusion, they say.

Well, I checked out
the exercise room.

What did you find out? Well, I
ran into our physical therapist, Zora.

She caught me. She's
a frightening lady.

I think we better keep our eye
on her, definitely from a distance.

Yeah, I got something too... you
know, when I went into Ingrid's office.

There is still a file
on Eve Le Deux.

And, um, there's a memo
from her publisher in it.

So that means that Ingrid did know about
the memoirs, and they probably were here.

I think we ought to
keep looking for 'em.

I think I'll check out her
old cottage. Mm-hmm.

I mean, maybe she hid
them somewhere. Good idea.

Well, if that's everything.

I'm gonna get out of here. Oh,
what a good idea! You coming?

No, I'm gonna stay. I like
being parboiled. You're crazy.

See you later.

Something odd
happened. [Sabrina] What?

I was examined by
a Dr. Slavin. Yeah?

She wanted me to take some kind
of hypnotic therapy. I don't like that.

I don't either. I've
been through it before.

The only way she'll put
me under is with a club.

Yeah. That's what I'm afraid of.

[Steam Hissing]


Hey! Open up!

What's going on? Open the door!

Open the door!

[Pounding] [Coughing]


Look, I'll find you after dinner and let you
how the session with Dr. Slavin came out.

Okay. What time is it?

I forgot my watch. See
you later. Yeah, okay.


Oh, Kris, come
on. You all right?

Oh, am I glad to see you.

[Groaning] Just sit down.

[Panting] There.


You know I, uh, really
came back for my watch.

I certainly didn't
expect to find this.

Surprise. [Coughing]

Just stay still until your body
temperature comes down, okay?

Do you have any idea who it was?

Well, I saw that Zora creeping
out of here like a bandit.

I told you we had to
keep our eye on her.

We'll get you a cold shower
when you're ready. But not in here.

Oh. Are you okay?

[Exhales] I'll be okay.

Yes? Hello. My
name is John Bosley.

I'm here to see Sabrina Duncan.
She's a dietitian here. No men allowed.

Oh, I know, but
this is important.

Well, you'll have
to call Miss Ingrid.

I know. I already have.

I've done everything but
throw rocks over the wall.

Well, I've got my orders.

Yeah, well, I... She's an
employee here, not a convict!

[Engine Starts]

♪♪ [Light Jazz]


I must say of all the
spas I've been to,

this is the very first where the
employees dine with the guests.

I like it.

All of our girls are in excellent
shape, as you can see.

The idea is they serve as a
great inspiration at mealtime.

It also lends a certain specious
democracy to the goings-on around here.

[Ingrid] If you choose
to look at it that way.

Uh, excuse me, Miss Ingrid. This is
my special salad, if you'd like to try it.

It has sesame, sunflower seeds, walnuts
and my very special lemon dressing.

- Mmm. It's very acceptable.
- Wonderful.

I'd like to try it. Certainly.

[Norma] Unfortunately, my
salad days are long since gone.

This'll probably put
hair on your chest.

[Sabrina] Oh! If having hair
on your chest is desirable.

You may serve it.
Thank you very much.

[Diners Exclaiming]

Did someone bring a flashlight?

As I was saying... about sex!

- [Giggles]
- Someone, do something!


I'm sorry, ladies. I'll
have it fixed in a minute.

What are you doing here?

[Bosley] Uh, electric company, ma'am.
We've got outages all over the area.

But if you'll show me your fuse box, I'll
guarantee you that it won't affect you.

Uh, Miss Ingrid, I'd be happy to
show him. Well, all right. But hurry.

We don't allow men
on the premises.

No. I wouldn't either. Uh,
if you'll follow me, please.

This way.

[Utensil Clatters] [Kelly Sighs]

Yeah? This place is
really hard to get into.

Okay, look. Here's
the key to my room.

Now let's be sure that you
stay in. What have you got?

Well, I found the girl who was in charge
of the exercise room when Eve was killed.

Amy O'Toole? Yeah.

She was hiding at her sister's down in
Long Beach. Did she witness the murder?

- Not exactly. But she saw the murderer.
- Who was it?

She knows it was a woman, because
she saw her running away from the scene.

But it was so dark,
she couldn't identify her.

Bosley, did you sneak all
the way in here to tell me that?

No, I came to tell you the reason Amy split
right after is because she was paid to.

- And she was threatened
if she didn't.
- Who?

By someone, uh... a physical
therapist named Zora Stafford.

Do you know her? Mm-hmm.

She locked Kris in the sauna.
Kelly got her out. She's okay.

Well, the interesting thing is
that this Zora gave her $5,000.

Five thousand dollars?

That's a lot of bribe
for a physical therapist.

Yeah, but not for a
murderer of means.

You know, one of my leftover
husbands... I think it was number three...

Decided to make a
list of my idiosyncrasies.

And later, a most
unkind biographer said...

it covered three and a half
pages of legal-sized tablet.

At any rate, under the general
subdivision of perversions,

my mate said I
was a foot fetishist.

Now that is a filthy lie.

I am fascinated by feet.

I think they're the key
to a person's character.

That, uh, electric company
employee who was here, for instance.

Anybody else notice that he was
wearing very expensive loafers?

Well, what is that
supposed to mean?

No, I didn't think you noticed.

Well, maybe he's the supervisor.

Maybe I'm the queen of Babylon.

Kelly, don't forget to come
along to my office after dinner.

That is, if you're still
interested in hypnotherapy.

Oh, well, as a matter of
fact, I'll come right now.

Good. I-I'm not hungry.

Will you excuse me? Of course.

Think of your
body as very heavy.

Breathe deeply... and slowly.

Ah, that's it.


Out. Yes.

Now, you are
giving yourself to me.

Trust me.

Your eyelids are getting heavy.

Very heavy.

You feel relaxed...
and peaceful.

You are going to sleep,

but you will be able to
hear everything I say.

You will tell me about yourself,
Kelly, all about yourself...

All about Kelly, and
you will conceal nothing.

Slavin's got another
pigeon in there right now.

With all the trouble going around here, we
figure we might as well score as much as we can.

What are you going to do?

Slavin and me? Uh-huh.

Take off for Brazil or Mexico.

We got quite a stash. [Laughs]

I know that, having
contributed lavishly to it myself.

I bet you'll be
glad to see us go.

I'm sure you'll let me know
where to send the checks. Ow!

Please! Try to be
a little more gentle.

You're a better blackmailer
than you are a masseuse.

Listen, honey, if you
hadn't killed that old ham,

Slavin and me would
have made a fortune here.

It was you who
brought all the heat.

Eve Le Deux was not a
ham. She was a great actress.

Not as great as
she thought she was.

How come? She was your buddy,
and then you go kill her like that.

If I hadn't been out for a little walk that
night, you might have got away with it.

You know that lovely little
blonde, Kris, the dance instructress?

Yeah, I seen her.
She's real nosy.

Well, of course she's nosy.

She's a detective.

Help me up.

[Groans] Are you
sure? How do you know?

She's here looking
for Eve's manuscript.

Dear Eve's memoirs. Poor Eve. She
didn't have the brains God gave an ostrich.

Her manager ran
her whole career.

Anyhow, she was dumb enough, or vain enough,
or vicious enough, to show me that manuscript.

And there are some... hideous
things in there about me.

What do you care
about a bunch of lies?

They're not lies. They're true.

Well, at your age,
what do you care?

At my age, what else
have I got to care about?

Well, it's none of
my business anyway.

You've got to find it, Zora!

Eve hid it, and I've
looked everywhere.

It's none of my business.

If someone else
finds it, it'll lead to me.

And if it leads to
me, it'll lead to you.

That should be simple enough even
for a muscle-bound nitwit to understand.

Or maybe I'll just
wring your chicken neck.

- I'm sure you threaten that
quite often. You won't do it.
- How do you know?

Because, my dear Zora, outside Molière
you're the greediest character I've ever met.

And I'll give you $50,000
to find the manuscript.

[Chuckles] I'll get
your wheelchair.

Now, Kelly, tell me about
the married men in your life.

- There are many.
- Rich, powerful men?

Yes, some.

Has this led to
problems for you?

Yes. Paul.

Paul's wife.

What happened? You can tell me.

She had a gun. It was terrible.

Paul who?

What was his name?

She shot him.

No one knew. She
said it was an accident.

What was this man's
name? You must tell me.

Give me his name.

I-I loved him so much.

So much.

Kelly, breathe
deeply and slowly.

Very deeply, very slowly
and relax completely.

And Paul's name
will come to you.

I want his full name...

and every detail of everything
that happened, Kelly.

Breathe deeply and slowly.

Paul's name and
give me all the details.

Focus on Paul...

and what happened
and Paul's name.

I'm going to give you an
injection, Kelly. It won't hurt.

It's just a little pinprick, and
it will help you to remember.

Breathe deeply and slowly.

Very relaxed.

[Tourniquet Stretches]
Everything will come back to you.

I don't think so, Doctor.



You weren't under! I
couldn't afford to be.

[Gasps] What do you mean?

What I mean is, it's all over.

I know exactly what you're
doing. Come on! [Struggling]

It's not what the doctor
ordered, is it? [Panting]

What is it, Dr. Slavin?
Sodium Pentothal?

Yes. Truth serum.

I was merely going to ask her a
few questions, part of the therapy.

You already had me hypnotized,
or at least you thought you did.

Why the syringe? You
were not responding.

I had to go deeper
into your subconscious.

You've got enough in
here to kill her, Doctor.

Ah, here we go.
And still running.

Another therapeutic tool, that's
all. It's my way of keeping notes.

We tear this place apart, we're
gonna find a lot more of these.

We put those together with the
names of some former guests here,

and I bet we'll have witnesses.

- Where's Kris?
- Over at the Le Deux cottage,
looking for the manuscript.

If she gets lucky, and she finds it,
we may be able to wrap this up tonight.

Oh! [Groans]



Here we have the
well-known little black book...

with the name of the payees
and the amounts they paid.

Hmm. Zora and
you, right, Dr. Slavin?

Which one of you killed
Eve Le Deux? Neither of us.

Oh, come on, Dr. Slavin. You were blackmailing
her, and she began to give you trouble.

- Isn't that how it happened?
- No, it isn't.

Hey, wait a minute. You know,
Eve's name is not on this list.

Maybe she's telling the truth.

Who then?

You'd never believe me.

Honey, the rich broads that come around
here pay a lot of money for an herbal wrap.

You're gettin' it for free.

Please. I can't breathe.

It's gonna get harder and harder,
unless you start answering better.

What were you
doing in Eve's room?

I told you. I'm a fan.

I was just looking for mementos.

Oh, come now! Mementos, really!

What did you do
with the manuscript?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

She isn't going to
tell you anything.

Why don't I take one of these
and put it over her face? End it.

In good time. All in good time.


Is this the way you want it?


[Kelly] Let's try the gym.

[Panting] Guess
we've finished with her.

I'll go take another
look in Eve's room.

I'm sure she hid it
in there somewhere.

I'll do it here, then drop
her in the swimming pool.

Look like she drowned

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

that I shall say good
night and all that stuff.

Romeo and What's Her
Name, Act Two, Scene Two.

You're committing murder!

I already have.

You can get the
death penalty for this.

It could mean a few years in
the slammer if I don't, sweetheart.

And I don't call that
living. I know. I been there.

Don't struggle. It'll be easier.

- This one should do it.
- Please...

Back off! [Groans]

Oh! Norma killed Eve.

She went around the
back... Around the back.

We'll find her. Okay.

Name's John Bosley. [Groans]


You're kidding. Oh, my God!


Uh-uh. Okay. Whoa, Norma.
Come on now. Take it easy. That's it.

You're just full of
surprises, aren't ya?

It's all over, Norma.

It's all right. Come on.
Everyone's waiting. Come on.

[Charlie] Did anyone find out why Norma
Powers has spent years in a wheelchair...

when she didn't need it?

She sprained her ankle while she was doing
Blythe Spirit, so she played it in a wheelchair.

- She loved the attention.
- Does that make sense
to anyone?

Being an ex-actor yourself, Charlie, you
know they are not indifferent to attention.

- [Door Opens] - Hi, everybody.
I brought you a surprise.

Aha! Strawberry
cheesecake from Delmonico's.

No, uh, Eve Perkins,
formerly of Lima, Ohio.

- Hey, hey!
- [Kris] Ooh, look at you.

Oh, my goodness. You
look great. Thank you.

Kelly did it all. I feel like I've
just come out of a cocoon.

Eve's decided to stay on here.
She has a whole new career, right?

Oh, yeah? What
you gonna be doing?

I have a job at the downtown public
library. I couldn't look dowdy for that.

Well, congratulations.

Oh, oh, I have a
surprise for you.

I found it when I was going
through my aunt's things.

And it's a picture of Mr. Townsend
when he was appearing on stage with her.

You're kidding! We're
gonna get to see Charlie!

No, no! You can't! You mustn't.

[Chattering] Ah, ah, ah, Bosley.

- [Sabrina] Oh, good grief.
- That was the high point
of my career, Angels...

The part of Bottom in
Midsummer Night's Dream.

Well, I can see why you opened the
Townsend Detective agency. [Laughs]

Bosley, you're strangely silent.

Yes, well, anything I
said would cost me my job.

Mm-hmm. [Chuckles]

Oh, Charlie.