Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 3, Episode 3 - Angel on High - full transcript

A man learns that a woman he knew years ago died in an accident. He also learns that she has a son, whom he believes could be his. So he hires the girls to find out. Kelly finds him and gets close to him and is waiting for the right time to tell him because he's fragile. Sabrina learns that his mother is the daughter of a criminal and that the people who are now in charge of his business are wary that her son might come and take over. At the same time, someone is trying to keep them from finding out the truth.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls who
went to the police academy...

Two in Los Angeles,

the other in San Francisco...

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.


But I took them away from all
that, and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.

[Bell Tolling]




[Bell Tolling]

Well, well, well. A
file on Joan Freeman.

Changed her name from
Joan Cabelli when she got here.

1943. That's 35 years ago.

Let's get on with it.

Why don't we just take the file?

Too obvious. We
gotta burn it all.

Come on. Let's move it before
the locals get back from the funeral.

[Charlie On Speakerphone] Now, Angels, the
woman who was killed in the auto accident...

in Caine's Corners, her
name was Joan Freeman.

When I knew her, her
name was Joan Cabelli.

How long ago was that?

Thirty-five years ago.

And you're sure that Joan Freeman
and Joan Cabelli are the same person.

Oh, yes. Yes, even though it
was 35 years ago, I am sure.

You see,

we were to have been married,
and something happened.

Something happened?

As our wedding approached,
I sensed a change in her.

[Charlie] You mean she
wanted to end the relationship?

Oh, no. No, she loved me.
But she wouldn't marry me.

- Did she say why?
- No, she wouldn't.

But I was young, very
proud and stubborn.

I walked out.

And after a few weeks, I... I
came back... to look for her.

[Bosley] Mr. Stambler, how did this
newspaper come to your attention?

I mean, a man in your position,

it... it doesn't seem would be a
subscriber to a weekly newspaper...

in a little farm town that none
of us have even heard about.

Mr. Stambler subscribes to
a number of clipping services.

Since he's been ill, it's his way of studying
marketing, general trends in the economy.

I see. Mr. Stambler,

may I ask why you're interested
in having us investigate this...

if you hadn't even seen
her in so many years?

[Stambler] In that
article they write...

that Joan Freeman lived in
Caine's Corners for 35 years?

But there's no mention of
her ever having been married...

or widowed.

Yet, they do say that she
was survived by a son, William,

35 years old.

I want you to find him.

Mr. Stambler, you control companies,
corporations all over the world.

You must have hundreds of very
capable investigators working for you.

Why did you come to us?

I have reason to
believe... that...

William mentioned
in that article...

may be my son.

[Charlie On Speakerphone] According to
what I've read about you through the years,

Mr. Stambler, you've
never married. Yes.

And so you can imagine what kind of
effect it would have on the corporation...

if they were suddenly to discover
that the Stambler fortunes had an heir.

- And that's why
you came for outside help.
- Yes.

But I expect you all
to be very discreet.

[Charlie] Angels, I
suggest you begin...

by flying immediately
to Caine's Corners.

And you say the fire started
in the records room, huh?

Mm-hmm. Started there and burned
everything inside before they got it out.

Sheriff figures whoever did it broke in the
front door while everyone was at the funeral.

So, uh, all the records
were destroyed.

The fire got everything.

What was it you
were interested in?

A woman named Joan Freeman.

Well, I can tell you one thing.

Joan Freeman was a fine,
God-fearing Christian woman.

Do you have an idea how
the fire might have started?

Sheriff figures somebody
set off a fire bomb.

Well, does he have any idea
who might have done that...

or why they might
have wanted to do that?

How do you figure
a thing like this?

Did you have any luck?

No. I-It's crazy.
What do you mean?

Well, there is nothing in this house
that tells anything about who lived there.

Most of the drawers are empty.
Everything is precisely in its place.

There's no natural clutter.

There's one of those big Bible
stands in the middle of the living room.

The pages have
been turned plenty,

but there are no magazines,
newspapers, any kind of papers.

It's like Joan Freeman was
hiding from the outside world.

It's as if she knew we were
coming, and she hid it all away.

- [Horn Honks]
- What is that?

[Man] Hey, that's the
guy we saw at the airport.

He came in on that Brockhurst
Industries jet from New York.

He was asking for
Joan Freeman's address.

Yeah. Too bad he found it.

[Horn] [Sabrina]
What are you doing?

What do you think? It will
never get off the ground.

No, but it's gonna help us
get this case off the ground.

Oh? What do you mean?

I found this and all this stuff in
what I guess is a secret compartment.

[Kris] I got a feeling any kid this
into airplanes is still into airplanes.

Maybe she...

Help you?

Who are you people?
What are you doing here?

- We were just looking around.
- This is private property.

Uh, this is a court order.
Says we have a right to be here.

Now that you, uh, know
about us, how about you?

What are those? Like
you said, private property.

- Not yours.
- Or yours.

I'll come back when
it's less crowded.

Well, who would
he be? I don't know.

Not one of your
Caine's Corners locals.

Not very likely.

What we have here is one coincidence
followed by another coincidence,

and I think that makes neither
one of them a coincidence.

What are you getting at?

The hall of records at the courthouse
was destroyed by fire four days ago.

No way to get information
on Joan Freeman.

We come to the
house, you look around,

and there's a definite, if not a
deliberate, lack of information here too.


- Come on!
- [Engine Revs]

[Tires Screech]

- He's dead.
- [Kelly] Anybody get
a license number?

Uh-uh. It looked like an
airport rental car, just like ours.

- Like his too.
- Hold it. "Markle. Joseph Markle."

It's a New York
driver's license.

There seems to be a lot of out-of-town
visitors coming to Caine's Corners suddenly.

Yeah, and all of them
coming to this house. But why?

Maybe if we find out more about Joseph
Markle, we'll get some of the answers.


Get in touch with Charlie?

Yeah. The dead man's full name
was Joseph Lawrence Markle.

He's a resident
of New York City.

- [Bosley] He works for
the Brockhurst Industries.
- Employed as what?

Charlie couldn't find that out,

but he thinks the Brockhurst
Industries is underworld connected.

- Does this mean
a trip to New York?
- I guess we have to split up.

Why don't you go to New York
and we'll see where this leads us.

Why don't you
start at the airport.

It looks like he obviously loved
airplanes when he was a kid.

[Man] Billy Freeman? Know him?

Huh! I taught him how to fly.

He started when he turned 16.

Kind of a quiet kid.

Loner. Until he got
around airplanes.

Then he really came to life.

Natural pilot. He
soloed in eight hours.

How long has it been
since you've seen him?

Oh, about... six days.

Six days?

Yeah. He flew back for his
mother's funeral, then he left again.

I don't suppose you
know where he went.

Sure. Reno, Nevada.
He had a show to do there.

- What kind of a show?
- Well, he's a stunt pilot.

- Thank you very much
for your help.
- You see him, give him my best.

Sure will do that. Bye-bye.

Well, I guess Kelly and I should
go to Reno. Looks like, huh?

Well, look, Charlie says our
client wants a progress report.

So let's take the charter back
to L.A. I'll tend to the client...

and you make your reservations
for New York and Reno.

Right. Okay.

[Bosley] So, Miss Duncan
is flying to New York...

while Miss Garrett and Miss Munroe
are on their way to Reno, Nevada.

To find my son?

Well, William Freeman
is in Reno, Mr. Stambler,

but we haven't even begun
to prove that he is your son.

Well, I'd like to indulge
in some wishful thinking.

See, I've been a
pragmatist all my life, but...

So for once in your life,
Jonathan, dream a little.

See, I've won most
of the battles in my life,

but I'd trade some of those
victories just to win this one.

Well, perhaps you
will, Mr. Stambler.

[Man On P.A.] Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to New York's Kennedy Airport.

Please keep your seat belts
fastened until we arrive at the terminal.




[Sabrina] Mr. Faylon?
Who's this?

My name is Sabrina Duncan.

I don't know
anyone by that name.

How'd you get this number?

I found it among
Mr. Markle's personal effects.

Mr. Faylon, I think
perhaps we should talk.

- I could be at your office
in half an hour.
- Very well.

I'm on the way.

[Knocking] It's open.

The office seems to be empty.

Come on in. Thank you.

Shut the door. Yes, sir.

[Alarm Blares]

[Alarm Stops]

Where is it? It, sir?

You are either carrying a gun or
a very large lipstick. Where is it?

Yes, sir. I have a permit.
Not in this office, you don't.

I'm a licensed
private detective.

Oh? From where? Los Angeles.

Sit down.

[Clears Throat] Thank you.

How do you know Markle is dead?

Well, excuse me, sir,
but how do you know?

- He worked for this company.
- Did you send him
to California?

Oh, no. The board
of directors sent him.

I had nothing to do with it.

Now, what were you
doing in Caine's Corners?

Oh, Well, I was sent to
find Joan Freeman's son.

Oh? Who sent you to find him?

Well, I'm sorry, sir, but
I'm not at liberty to say.

Miss Duncan,

I'm not in the habit of being refused
answers to questions I've asked.

I'm not in the habit of betraying
the confidence of a client.

We seem to have
reached an impasse.

Maybe we could
trade information.

- Possibly. What have
you got to offer?
- What have you got?

You've got spirit.
I'll give you that.

Now that she's dead, I don't
suppose it matters. I can tell you.

A woman that called herself
Joan Freeman... was his daughter.

Excuse me, sir, but who is he?

Cabelli. Louis Cabelli,
founder of Brockhurst Industries.

[Thinking: Stambler's Voice] When I
knew her, her name was Joan Cabelli.

Aha! Louis Cabelli was
very ill for a long time,

bed-ridden, died of
cancer about two years ago.

You read the papers.

Uh, yes, sir. [Chuckles]

He was a very wealthy man,

and yet his daughter lived
a very modest existence.

She and her father
split years ago.

I see. Uh, one of Miss Freem...
excuse me, Miss Cabelli's friends...

called her a God-fearing
Christian woman.

Now, could the split with
her father and all of this...

have come because of
his underworld affiliation?

This company's underworld
affiliations, Miss Duncan,

have never been proven.

Oh, I quite
understand that, sir,

and I do understand the
need for the alarm at the door...

and your need for the gun
you probably have in your desk.

Well, now that I've
given you something,

what do you give me?

Well, based on
what you just told me,

I think I'm beginning to
come up with sort of a theory.

- Would you like to hear it?
- I'm listening.

Well, your position
here is very good, sir.

I mean, let's face it...
You do run the place.

The board of directors
put me in charge, yes.

Yes, sir. The same board of directors
that sent Mr. Markle to California.

And had he come
back with information...

concerning Louis Cabelli's
only blood relative, well,

your position might not have
been so good, would it, sir?

It's your theory. You tell me.

I mean, if William Freeman...

had not shared his mother's
distaste for the good life,

he could be sitting in that chair
instead of you, couldn't he, sir?

- I think it's time
for you to leave, Miss Duncan.
- If you'd like, sir.

[Clears Throat] Uh, do you mind?

Thank you very
much. I'll just...

Put it right back
in there and, uh,

wish you a good day.

Good day, sir.

[Door Closes]

[P.A. Announcer] On the
last lap in this qualifying heat,

Joe Brooks is leading
by a narrow margin...

with Ted Healey closing
fast, but not fast enough...

as Brooks wins it by a
not-very-comfortable margin.

We'll be proceeding to the
next qualifying heat shortly.

Meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, let
me direct your attention skyward again...

for one of our very
special attractions.

Bill Freeman in his Stearman
biplane is performing for your pleasure.

Now, Bill is one of the top
aerobatic pilots in the nation,

and we're privileged to
have him with us today.

Bill Freeman brings back
a warm touch of nostalgia,

remembrances of the days when flying was
truly an outlet for man's need of freedom...

and self-expression.

In a time of instrumentation
and jet-age speed,

it's perhaps wise for us in aviation
to occasionally glance back...

and look at where we've been...

and then recall a period of aviation
that perhaps passed all too quickly.

Ladies and gentlemen, William
Freeman and his Stearman biplane...

in his own private
salute to aviation history.

He's incredible!

How will you approach him?

Cleverly, I hope.

Here you go. Thank you.

So we better call
Bree in five minutes.


[Phone Rings] Hello?

Bree. Hi. I thought
we'd missed ya.

- No. Somebody else just did.
- Run that by me again.

Somebody just took a shot at me.

- Are you okay?
- Uh, well, yeah. I seem to be okay.

Did you get a look at him?

No, I didn't get a look. I
got a few things to tell you.

I'm gonna catch the
next plane out of here.

[Kris] Okay, listen,
you be careful, okay?

- Oh, yeah, believe it. Good-bye.
- Bye-bye.

[P.A. Announcer] Ladies and
gentlemen, for those of you...

who haven't yet seen the
artistry of pilot William Freeman,

let me direct your attention upward
where Mr. Freeman is presently doing...

what he does best... performing
his own special kind of aerial ballet.

Like many of his contemporaries,

Bill Freeman finds the true thrill
of flight in aerobatic maneuvers.

And to many experts, Bill
Freeman is one of the finest...

aerobatic pilots
in the world today.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Freeman
is younger than the plane he's flying.

So we have a very graceful union of a
young man and a somewhat older machine.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Mr. Bill Freeman.

Looks like Mr. Freeman's
come a long way...

since the old wooden
airplanes in the garage.

A long way.

I'm gonna meet you back
at the hotel. I'm starving.

Okay. Okay.


Let's see. Um... I'll have a
cheeseburger and coffee.

Oh! Ooh.

I'm sorry. I spilled
it all over you.

That's okay. It's just a little
bit. I hope it doesn't stain.

No, no. I'll just take
it to the cleaners.

I can't believe it.
Clumsy, stupid...

Will you relax? It's
okay. Don't worry.

- Okay, I won't, providing...
- Providing what?

[Chuckles] You let me
buy you that cheeseburger.


Okay. I hate to see
a grown man cry.

Jake says to say hello. Jake?

Jake Meadows? Yeah. He
said you were good. He was right.

Oh, Kelly Garrett.

No, thank you.

What were you doing
in Caine's Corners?

Just passing through.

On your way to where?

Anywhere that
feels good, I guess.

- There aren't very many
of us, are there?
- Many of us?

That go anywhere it feels good.

I manage it with that.

How do you manage?

I work a little, play
a little, pray a little.

I could use that. Use what?

I've been trying to come up
with a name for my beauty.

Never seem to come up with one.

Maybe it wasn't a
name I was looking for.

"Work a little, play
a little, pray a little."

I like it. What do you think?

I think I'd have to get to
know your plane better...

before I could give an opinion.

Okay, let's get to it.


[Mouths Words]

Ooh! Nice little place
you've got here. Mm-hmm.

Now what? Now?

Lunch. Ah! That sounds nice.

[Chuckles] No finger bowls?

[Chuckles] I wasn't
expecting company.

As a rule, I eat alone.

I'm glad you broke the rules.

So am I.

♪♪ [Marching Band]

Thank you. What it
boils down to is this...

Joan Freeman was Joan
Cabelli, just like you thought,

and she did have a son.

And somebody doesn't want us to
find out whatever it is we're finding out.

Now we know who the man is,
what I want to know is he my son?

That's gonna take some time.

Well, hello.

Hi. Welcome back. Thank you.

Did you find out who was
shooting at you? Nope.

[Kelly] You're all right,
aren't you? [Sabrina] Yes.

Where have you been? Well,
I've been to about 10,000 feet,

I've been upside
down, downside up,

front ways, back ways, some
ways I can't explain. What?

I drank wine from a paper
cup under a tree in a meadow,

named an airplane, came home.

Oh! And what did
you do for excitement?


Oh. I don't know if he's
your son, Mr. Stambler,

but I can assure
you, he is an original.

Have you told him who
you are, what you want?

No. Why not?

Well, he's a very
independent fellow.

A definite loner.

I'm afraid if I told him
what I wanted, he'd back off.

Are you telling me that
you need more time?

I-I know time is
important, Mr. Stambler.

I hope you'll trust me to
handle it the way I think best.

I get the distinct impression...

that you like this young
man, whoever he is.

I do. Whoever he is.

Hmm. [Clears Throat]

Well, I'm real sorry that I haven't
gotten to meet this man among men.

Oh, well, we're meeting
at the pool for breakfast.

Why don't you
drop by, take a look,

turn green with envy?

[Laughs] I see. Uh, okay.

I tell you what. Why don't
we turn in for the night.

I'm a little tired. Good night.

Good night. Good night.


I get the feeling you
haven't come down yet.

- What do you mean?
- Well, I mean I think
your flying friend...

still has you a little
bit off the ground.

It's not a bad feeling.

No, as long as you
don't crash and burn.

That's not the plan.

No. [Clicks Tongue] Never is.

Come on.

Hi. Welcome to a lovely morning.

You can get your
orange juice right here.

Okay, thanks. Can we
have scrambled, bacon crisp,

rye toast lightly buttered
and, uh, coffee, right?

How'd you figure that out?

We just seem to keep
moving in the same groove.

We do, don't we? [Bill Laughs]

Here you go.

So cheer up. There's
worse ways to go, right?

Right. So where
do we go from here?

Like you said,
wherever it feels good.

Okay. Only, uh...

I don't know a thing about you.

I'm from Caine's
Corners, remember?

Yeah. Your folks live there?

My mother lived there.

She was, uh, killed in an auto
accident a couple of weeks ago.

I'm sorry. Were you close?

No. Well, I loved her because she
was my mother, but we were never close.

That's too bad. That's the way it
was. She lived in that little house,

read her Bible, worried about
being the perfect Christian lady.

She never smiled.

She never looked up.

She didn't really
live, she existed.

What about your dad?

I never knew him.
I don't understand.

Do you have to?


Just curious. I'm sorry.

When I was a kid, I noticed
that the other kids had fathers...

and maybe even a
grandfather, and I didn't.

- Naturally, I asked my mother
how it came to be that way.
- What did she tell you?

She said that my father was a
good, morally ambitious man,

but she wasn't with him
anymore because of...

- [Mutters]
- Because what?

She said that she had
inherited sinful blood.

I think that was
the term she used.

So she left him. Did she
ever tell you his name?

Nope. And after a
while, I stopped asking.

Or caring.

Kind of hard to understand, huh?

[Chuckles] Yeah.
Especially for a kid.

So I made up my mind right then, I'd stay
away from people who wore false faces...

and nobody and nothing would
ever get a hook in me again.

[Woman] Two of a kind, right?

Right. Two of a kind.

Hi, there. Hi, there.

Hey, why don't you sit down
and let me spill something on you.

[Laughs] I'd love to, but
I'm about to meet my friends.

- Oh, isn't he
that stunt pilot?
- Yeah.

Is your, uh, girlfriend
his girlfriend?

Well, she's working on it. Ah.

He must be a pretty interesting
guy... pilot, daredevil, Batman.

Well, I'm about to find
out. I'll see you at the races.

Uh, hey, um, want to have lunch
today about 1:00, same spot?

- Come on. Come on.
- Hmm.

Sure. Great.

Find out anything?

Oh, they're getting closer. And
sooner or later, they're gonna tell him.

Meantime, I've arranged
to meet her for lunch.

I'm gonna make that phone call.

The two of them are with him
now. What do you want me to do?

I can't lose it all now.

And after all the years I've
invested in him... he owes me.

He's needed me, and
I've always been there.

If this man is his son,

I won't be cheated, not
now, not when I'm this close.

- You want me to kill him?
- I have no choice.

What about the two with him? Want me to try
another near miss like I did in New York?

I'm afraid a near miss won't do.

This time, it seems they refuse to be discouraged.
By now, they could know too much already.

I've got to end John's dream...

before it becomes my
nightmare, you understand.

Miss Wales, all we understand or
care about is the money you pay us.

You owe us for the one who came
snooping around from New York.

Now you want three more put
away. That's triple the expense.

Are you prepared for that?

Yes, I... I suppose I must be.

I am.

[P.A. Announcer] It's
the final qualifying heat.

George Brye and Roger Haines have been having
a running battle for the past 20 minutes.

Brye is presently leading with
Haines running a close second.

These two will no doubt
qualify for the finals later today.

And I must say, the
final run for the money...

promises to be a very
exciting event, to say the least.

Tell the board I'm coming back
when I'm good and ready to come back.

John, has anyone ever told you
you sometimes appear tyrannical?

Yes, you have, countless times.

Do you suppose I'm right?

You're the only one who could
keep on telling me and still be around.

I'm still around, John, because
you're very important to me.

I hope you realize
how important.

Hello. Hello.

Hi. Hello. Hello.

- Well, you learn anything,
Miss Garrett?
- A little.

Well, when can we
expect some answers?

Soon, I hope, Mr. Stambler.

I think I'm getting close.

I've, uh, made some sandwiches in case
anyone is hungry. No, thanks, none for me.

Not for me. As a matter
of fact, I have a heavy date.

I'll walk halfway with you.

Pick me up at, oh, say
1:00 at the hot dog stand?

No later. Charlie's
calling at 2:00.

Okay. See you later.

Ah, good, you're
not using wax. Wax?

Icarus the Greek. He
used wax on his wings.

The sun melted it,
and he fell to Earth.

There's a lesson
in there somewhere.

[Laughs] Never fly
with a Greek god.

[Laughs] That
could be the lesson.

You know, after the show
is over, I'll be leaving here.

And then where do you go?

I thought maybe you
could help me with that.

I should decide where you go?

I was thinking in
the plural... we.

- Where we go?
- The idea doesn't
appeal to you?

It appeals to me.

Much more than I
would have imagined.

I don't see any
ropes tying you down.

Are there any?

Bill, there are things we
should talk about. Why?

I am what you see.

I'll always be what I
am. Nothing will change.

You can't be so sure about that.

Oh, I can be. And I am.

Bill, nobody can be that sure.

I don't know about anybody else.

I only know about me.

You know, it's tough
to get to that place,

but once you're there,
it's a fine place to live.

You should try it.

Bill, there's something
I want to tell you.

I'll be here when you come down.

[Engine Starts]

Hi, Kris. Hi, how are you?

Right on time. How
you doing? Good.

Well, what'll you have,
coffee and a cheeseburger...

or a cheeseburger and a coffee?

Let's see. Surprise
me. Okeydoke.

Three cheeseburgers,
three coffees. Three?

Oh, I ran into an old friend of
mine. Joe, I'd like you to meet Kris.

Kris, Joe. Hi, Kris.

Hi, Joe. He tells me you
had breakfast with, uh...

Oh, yeah, this morning with
my girlfriend. Why do you ask?

- I'm a big fan of his.
- Oh. You into planes?

No, but I've admired him for
a long time. Know him well?

No. Actually, my girlfriend knows
him. I just met him this morning.

Boy, I'd sure like to meet him.

Say, you think your
girlfriend could arrange that?

Oh. Well, I could ask her.

But aren't you a little
old for autographs?

Oh, give me a cup of coffee.

[Announcer] Before leaving us in his
aerial pursuit of a muse, so to speak,

Bill Freeman offers one
last glimpse of the past...

as he again performs his artistry for
your pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.

If you've enjoyed the past
three days here at Reno,

believe me when I tell you the men
who perform for you feel the same way.

And we only hope you've found some
insight into the world of these men...

who cross the skies
of this country of ours.

Good luck to all of
you and good flying.

You're missing some
great stuff out there.

So what do you think?

What do I think about what?

Well, can you get your girlfriend
to introduce me to Freeman?

I'll ask her when I get back to
the hotel. She's not here now?

She is, but I really don't
have time right now.

Wouldn't take
that long, would it?

A little longer than I
have, unfortunately.

Listen, thanks for
the cheeseburger.

Why don't you call me when
you get back to the hotel?

I'm afraid that won't do, Miss.

What is this?

We want to meet your
girlfriend and Freeman... now.

What's going on?

If you don't want to get
hurt, and I'm sure you don't,

just give me the little
gun in your purse.

And do exactly as
you're told. Now move.

Hey, there she is. Where?

- Kris!
- Hey, who are those guys?

I don't know. I've
never seen them before.

Hey, Bosley, she's not going
anywhere. They're taking her. Come on.

How'd I do?

No wax on your wings.

I, uh... I wasn't sure
you'd still be here.

Well, like I said, I...

- Hi.
- Hi.

I thought you were
meeting Bosley and Sabrina.

There's been a change of
plans. Who are these two?

You know the heavy
date I told you about?

Little heavier than I figured.

What the hell is going on?

Nothing personal, Mr. Freeman. I'm afraid
somebody wants you dead... all three of you.

This is a joke, right?
Somebody's pulling a joke.

I don't think so, Bill. Get
on the truck, Mr. Freeman.

Mister, I don't know who
you are or what this is about...

Mr. Freeman, get on the truck
or I'll drop her where she stands.

I'll take your gun, Miss.
Do as he says, Bill, please.

[Man] Smart. move out.

[Tires Screech]

Get him off!

What the hell is
going on around here?

I think it's the perfect
time to find out.

Oh, God. No.

Who are these men? What is this?

I think maybe you'd
better ask Miss Wales.

[Stambler] What's
this all about?

John, you've got to understand.

I care so much about you.
I really do! I always have.

[Sobs] I was
afraid I'd lose you.

Everything. Everything.

I was just so afraid.

Please, please. I'm sorry. I
didn't know what else to do!

Please, I really
am sorry. [Sobs]


Bill, he wants to meet you.

I've listened to everything you had to tell
me. I don't know if your client is my father.

Your mother never... I told you
everything my mother ever told me.

Bill, maybe if we talked and spent
some time, you'd remember more.

I don't want to remember more.

What about your mother's
family in New York?

What about 'em? You
have possible legal claims.

There's a lot of
money there too.

You've kind of got it coming
at you from all sides. Oh, yeah.

And a lot of responsibility
and ties, compromises, right?

Usually goes with the territory.

I told you. Nothing, no one was
ever gonna get a hook in me again.

Bill, I wanted to tell
you why I was here.

Yeah. Well, now you
got your place to go,

and I got mine.

Hey... it's okay.

Just went down
wrong, that's all.

Keep the wax off your wings.


[Engine Starts]

He didn't want to see me.

I guess not, Mr. Stambler.

We still don't know anything.

After all that...
we know nothing!

Well, maybe knowing isn't
important. Maybe feeling's important.

I mean, if you really
believe that he's your son,

nobody can take that
away from you. Yeah.

But... But why wouldn't
he at least see me? Why?

Mr. Stambler, you told us...

you were once young,
proud and stubborn.

- So is he.
- He'll come around. I know.

Now that he knows, sooner or
later, he'll come around. You'll see.

Maybe I will,
Mr. Stambler. Maybe I will.