Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 3, Episode 22 - Angels Remembered - full transcript

The girls and Bosley gather in the office and Charlie calls them and they talk about their adventures.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls who
went to the police academy...

Two in Los Angeles,

the other in San Francisco...

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.


But I took them away from all
that, and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.

[Charlie On Speakerphone]
Angels, you're probably wondering...

why I asked you to meet
me here this evening.

Well, we are a little
curious, Charlie,

uh, especially since I'm
leaving for Bimini in the morning.

And I'm off to New
York in two days.

And I have a ticket to Rome.

By the way, Charlie,
where's Bosley?

[Charlie] He should
be along any moment.

So I'll wait until he arrives before I
explain the reason for this gathering.

Sounds very mysterious.
Too mysterious.

Charlie, I am leaving for
Bimini in the morning, aren't I?

This doesn't have anything to
do with a new case or anything?

Nothing like that, Kris.
Do I hear a door opening?

[Sabrina] Well! [Kelly] Wow!

Yes, you do,
Charlie. I have arrived!

I guess you have
arrived. What's all this?

This is very old, very
French and very expensive.

I'll say. And what's that?

That happens to be domestic,
but also very expensive.

Well, Charlie, what is
this, somebody's birthday?

Good guess, Sabrina.
That's exactly what it is.

Well, it's not my birthday.

Hey, not mine. I
had mine last month.

Bosley? Aw.

I never age.

- Charlie.
- Wrong again.

It's our birthday, Angels...
Three years together.

Well... That's right. It is.

We have been
together three years.

[Clears Throat] Two for me.

Oh, well, then let's drink to
either two or three great years.

It's a lovely thought,
Charlie. Thank you.

Thank you, Angels.

I wanted you to know how I felt
before you left on your vacations.

I wanted to tell you how
much I appreciate you,

care about you, and
how much I'll miss you.

To missing each other.

Hear! Hear! To
missing each other.

[Charlie] I love you all.


I can't believe that it is two years
since I walked through that door.

As I recall, you didn't walk
in. You sort of roared in.

[Angels Chuckle]
[Laughs] Now wait a minute.

It may have seemed like a roar,
but, boy, did I have butterflies.

I'll never forget
that first case.

[Charlie] These are instructions
from the people I'm with.

Fly over to Hawaii immediately.

Wait for someone
to contact you there.

Is it a case, Charlie?
You might say that.

- I've been kidnapped.
- What?

If you talk to the police
or the F.B.I., I'll be killed.

Okay, go home and pack. We'll meet
at the airport. I'll make the reservations.

I can't believe it. Charlie's been
kidnapped, and I haven't even seen him yet.

[Charlie] There was a surprise waiting
for you that first day at the beach.

Well, unless our contact's fishing
hukilau style, he isn't here yet.

Look! Out there!

I think we just got our signal.

[Kelly] Watch out!


You run and hide. Somebody see
your face, and you're one dead mahimahi.

Run! Hide!

It's a pleasure to meet
you, Charlie's Angels.

Mr. Bosley. I'm not so sure.

You mind telling us what
all that was about, Miss...

Mrs. Leilani Sako.

That was business.

You're certainly in
a violent business.

Why did you kidnap
Charlie Townsend?

I want to hire the Angels.

Why didn't you call the office?

That's the way
it's usually done.

My husband is in jail.

And it is a very
dangerous place for him.

We have many enemies,
and they will try to kill him...

unless you break him out.

What if we don't get
your husband out of jail?

Then your Charlie's a dead man.

[Charlie] While you
were trying to find me,

you had to play some
very strange games.

♪♪ [Group Singing In Hawaiian]

♪♪ [Woman Singing In Hawaiian]

[Applause] ♪♪ [Ends]

Getting Billy Sako out
of jail was hard enough,

but then you had to rescue
me from Mr. Blue's yacht.

She's right on time.

Hey, how about slowing
down? I'm getting seasick myself.

We're almost there!

Just get under that thing
and keep your mouth shut!

Go to the bridge.
Check the radar.

See if there are any
other boats coming.

What's that crazy broad doing?

Okay, now!

Get out of my way!

As soon as she gets here, go
check under the whatchamacallit.

The whatchamacallit?
Under the cover!

[Gasps, Laughs] I'm sorry.

It's all right. Make sure
there's no one else on this boat.

There's nobody
on that boat. Yeah?

- Now turn it loose.
- Turn it loose?

That's right. Turn it
loose. You heard me.

Just in case you want to
leave before you're supposed to,

- you're gonna have
to swim back to shore.
- I don't swim.

You don't even know how to drive
this boat. You almost ran into us.

You almost hit us with
that boat. I know. I'm sorry.

Yeah. It's the speed.
It makes me crazy.

I can't help it. It
makes me crazy.

Sexy, I'm sorry.

Yeah? Sorry.

What are you looking at? [Sighs]

Wanna go inside? Mm-hmm.


[Sonar Pinging] Hi.

- What are you doing here?
- Just swimming by. Come on.

Just swimming by?

Does Mr. Blue know you're here?

Does Mr. Blue have to
know everything? No, he...

[Alarm Ringing]

- Get in there. It's a raid.
- What?

I said, go on and get
out of here. It's a raid.

Yes, ma'am. Whatever you say.

[Alarm Continues]

[Chuckles] That was
some caper, Charlie.

We thought for sure
we'd get a look at you.

[Charlie] You came
close, Kelly. Very close.

Hawaii was lovely. Mm-hmm.

Then we went on to bigger and better
things... if you'll excuse the cliché.

[Laughs] You know, some of our
cases really came from left field.

Remember when we
went to the ice show,

and it turned into an
international caper?

Yeah, that was really a
brain twister, wasn't it?

Right. All those skaters
kept disappearing.

None of us could figure
out why. [Bosley] Yeah.

And then, Kelly, you had to follow
those fellas to that Arabian restaurant.

Oh, I'll never forget that. Hmm!

They retreated to that private
room where I wasn't allowed.

[People Chattering]

[Kelly] Oh. Well, hello there.

My, aren't you something?

My, my, what a
fine figure of a man.

Well, if you'll excuse me.

Oh, well, you don't understand.

I told my first cousin,
Irmadine, that when I travel,

I'm gonna see every sight
and eat every exotic dish.

So if you'll excuse me,

I heard there's some very
fine vittles in that direction.

Room is private.

She came from there. She dancer.

I want to thank you for
being so kind and courteous.

I'm gonna be sure and talk about you
to my Cousin Irmadine now. [Laughs]

[Charlie] But you came back,
Kelly. Boy, did you come back.

- [Laughs]
- [Laughs]

[Man Speaking Foreign
Language] [Man] Section "D," east.

♪♪ [Middle Eastern]
[Conversing In Foreign Language]

[Foreign Language]

♪♪ [Continues]

[Man Clapping]

♪♪ [Speeds Up]

As many times as
you've explained it, Kelly,

I still think it was
a fantastic trick...

getting out of that warehouse.

Lucky before I was an ice-skater,
I used to work in the circus.





[Grunting] Good, Kelly.

[Grunts] There you go.

Hold on there.

That's it. Good girl. That's it.


It's great.

I'll come back and get you
or send help. Just hang on.

♪♪ [Trumpet Fanfare]

[Charlie] Kris, your cover as the
clown worked out magnificently.

It got you close enough to see
that the whole thing was a setup...

for an attempted assassination of
those Arab dignitaries in the audience.

♪♪ [Brass Band]


I gotta talk to you. What are
you... What are you doing?

I gotta talk to you. In
front of 10,000 people?

Just act funny. You act
funny. I can't stand up.


[No Audible Dialogue]

[Crowd Laughing]

Come on, Bos. Where?

To the tunnel. Charlie
said to watch section "D."

We'll watch it from the
tunnel. What's going on?

Someone's gonna get killed
if we don't get there. Huh?

Tomorrow our country will be
in the hands of the true patriots.

♪♪ [Continues]



Mostly when I think of that
case, I think of my ankles.

- [Bosley] Your ankles?
- Yeah, skating is very hard
on your ankles, Bosley.

Oh. I mean, there's
a lot of stress.

Speaking of stress,
does anybody remember...

a 40-hour dice game in Vegas?

Yeah. He was really
something, wasn't he?

Mm-hmm. Frank Howell
and his own private world.

Right. Showrooms, crap
tables, and, uh... and dice games.

And an enemy he
couldn't even see.

As I recall, that case was
very hard on my ankles also.

♪♪ [Orchestra: Cancan]

[Bosley] And when you
were dancing your heart out,

that very determined
Oriental gentlemen was trying...

to break Frank
Howell's financial back...

[Rings] with his computer.

Yeah? Frank, this is Jake.

This cutie-pie with the computer
wants to raise the table limit.

How much? Three thousand.

[Sighs] What's he into us for?

A little over 90,000.

All right. Let him have
it, but keep in touch.

Okay, Frank. Okay, folks.

[Clears Throat]
[Croupier] Comin' out.

Comin' out rollin'.
Comin' out rollin'.


Yeah, a man at
one of the tables...

trying to beat me with a
computer. Is that possible?

Oh, no. Why not?

Well, uh, winning is
instinct with feeling.

Feeling? Hmm.

I've been wondering if
you ever use any of that.

Oh. Well, stop wondering.

[Bosley] Yeah, that
was a tough case.

We couldn't figure out who was out to ruin
Frank, because we couldn't figure out why.

Oh, then, Sabrina,
do you remember?

You took him off to a picnic
so as to cool off the crap game.

And things got even hotter.

Frank, move!

Let's get 'em! Frank,
what the hell's going on?

You two stay here! Like
hell. This is my boat. Get in.

You get a look at him? No!


Rock it!

Can't this thing go any faster?


[Motor Sputters]

What's the matter? I don't know!

Aw, no! [Kris] Oh!

I'll never forget the last
trip to that crap table.

As long as I live, I'll never
forget the look on Frank's face.

[Frank] Line loses.
Pay the "Don't Pass."


I'm all right. No,
you're not all right.

Stop now. Stop now
and take your losses.

I told you. That's
called losing.

Raise the limit?

One more pass for all of
it. Everything on the table.

The hotel... If you
win, it's all yours.

If you lose, it's all mine.

Oh, for God's sake, Frank.

He's been playing "Don't Pass,"

and "Don't Pass"
is for nonbelievers.

And, Sabrina, sooner or later,

you have to be a believer.

Frank, sooner or later
you're gonna have to stop...

putting your life
on a pair of dice.

For all of it...
on "Don't Pass."

[Coins Rattling] "Don't Pass."


[Dice Rattling]

[Crowd Murmuring]

Seven. "Don't Pass" loses.

You lose.

Ladies and gentlemen,
this table is closed.

Still yours, Frank.

I'm glad for you.

Yeah, you win some
and you lose some.


[Man Singing] ♪ So
one's for the tears ♪

♪ One's for the tryin' ♪

♪ Give us a smile ♪
Good-bye, Frank.

♪ When you do the
good-byin' ♪ Good-bye.

♪ One for the crowd ♪

♪ And one ♪

♪ One for the dealer ♪♪

Hmm. Just one roll
of the dice for all of it.

Now that was an
interesting case.

[Bosley] You know, personally,
one of my favorite cases...

was the one where I met the
charming Miss Martha Milton.

Lovely, isn't it?


Eight cylinders.

Chrome rings, advanced
spark distributor,

20 amp generator,
updraft carburetor,

and, uh, would you like a sip?

Oh. Thank you.

You, uh, certainly
know your cars.

Mmm. And your wine.

Are you, um, an aficionado?

No, I'm just an admirer of
old cars... and mature women.

[Sabrina] Talk about James Bond.

Stolen rocket fuel hijacked out of
the country in an antique-car rally.

Hey, Kelly, look. There's
the guy that was following you.

[Kris Grunting]

Hey, they've got Kris! Oh,
they're gonna make a run for it.

Come on!

Wait a minute. We're never
gonna catch 'em in this!

Hey. Nichols's car. Come on!

[Man] Hey, what are they doing?

No way!

[Sabrina] Get off the car,
dummy! Get off the car!

Stay with 'em, Bosley!

[Whistle Blowing]

Go for it, Bosley! Come on, Bos!

- [Whistle Continues]
- Look out!

Slow down, will
you? Let 'em pull up.

Okay, now.


[Grunts] [Gunshots]

- Will you hold her?
- [Gunshots]

Okay, Bosley. Pull up
on their left rear fender.

And then what? That area up
there... It's flat and it's sandy.

You're gonna force
'em off the road.

[Kris Grunts]

[Train Whistle Blows]

[Kris] You know, Charlie,
memory's kind of a funny thing.

It can be, Kris. Why?

Well, sometimes it can
make you feel really good.

Like now.

Sometimes it can
make you feel... bad.

And sometimes it can just
leave you feeling nothing.

What do you mean?

Oh, I was just thinking about my
trip into momentary forgetfulness.

[Charlie] Oh, yes, yes.

You came out of
that restaurant...

and accidentally saw what
you weren't supposed to see.

Right. Boy, did I
walk into that one.

♪♪ [Whistling] [Banging]


Come on!

What are you, out
of your mind? Get in!

- [Car Door Slams]
- [Tires Squeal]

Hey, hold it!



[Charlie] Amnesia... one of the
most frightening experiences...

anyone can go through.

[Tires Squeal]

Hey, lady! Are you crazy?

Are you trying to
get yourself killed?

Paper, lady?

You know, lady, there are
easier ways to hail a cab.

I still don't remember to this
day how I ended up on the beach.

I just remember I woke up feeling
really scared and really lonely.

[Seagulls Cawing]

Did you get this man's name?

[Charlie] Uh, yes.
Burton. Ted Burton.

- Are you sure?
- Yes. Why?

Charlie, Ted Burton is
the man I told you we met...

at Jarvis's restaurant, the
one who's been helping us.

[Kelly] It was crazy.

The guy who was helping us
find you really wanted to kill you.

[Kris] More ironic than crazy,

because I really don't
remember seeing him kill the guy.

[Gun Clicking]


[Bosley] Penny.

What? Penny for your thoughts.

Oh, I was just thinking
about Doug O'Neal.

Oh, yes. Very resourceful
fellow, Mr. O'Neal.

Hmm. Rather attractive.

Mother said, "Pretty
is as pretty does."

And Mr. O'Neal didn't
quite have his act together.

Nope. He had
distinct possibilities,

but that money we were both
after kept getting in the way.

Whoa! Whoa. Whoa.

[Horse Blusters] [Laughs]

You gotta let me win
the next time. Hey!

Doug. Is something wrong?


Uh, well, yeah.

You know I told
you I was a writer?

And you're not?
No. Uh, no. I am.

I'm, uh... I'm a writer.

Uh, but I'm
working on a story...

about the... the murder
that happened here.

I just wanted you to know that.


Well, I guess I have a little
confession to make myself.

Something that you
should probably know.

I knew Frank Slater,
the man who was killed.

- You did?
- We served together in Vietnam.

How well did you know him?

About as close as two guys
can get that shared the same love.


Girl? Airplane.

[Chuckles] Bonnie Jean.

Frank was the crew chief.
I was the flight engineer.

She was his on the
ground, mine in the air.

Why did you come here?

I read about Frank's
death in the newspaper.

I don't know. Crazy, I guess.

I thought, here was
something useful that I could do.

Maybe help find Frank's
killer. I... I don't know.

I guess we've both been
keeping secrets, huh?

[Sabrina] Did it ever occur to you
two that Doug could be telling the truth?

Yeah, it occurred to
us. But not for long.

Okay, look. Then what is he
doing hanging around here, huh?

Why isn't he in South America or Europe
or wherever it is skyjack millionaires go?

Okay, okay. Let's forget the
newspaper clipping for a moment.

[Sabrina Sighs] How did he
explain his connection with Slater?

They knew each other in Vietnam.

He came here to see if he
could find out who killed his friend.

But, Bree, why
didn't he tell anybody?

We are undercover, aren't we?

I tell you what.
I've got an idea.

Why don't we just come out from
under cover and ask him head-on, huh?

Why don't we do that?

Well, if the whole
operation was so simple,

where'd it go wrong?

A slight miscalculation.

I was, um... I was a flight
engineer, not a paratrooper.

Oh, I bailed out of the plane...

with the ransom safely
enough, but I landed in a tree.

When I woke up, I thought
my back was broken.

Evidently so did Slater.

He was still my ground crew,

waiting for me down
there... Transportation.

So you followed him here
and you killed him? No.

You said he was
strangled. I didn't do that.


Lon Molton.

Hildy said... after
Slater was shot,

when she ran to get help,

she left Molton alone with him.

Oh. You see?

That puts me in the clear.

That clears you of murder.

What about the skyjack?

You're the only one that
knows anything about that.

And that's the problem.

I do know.

Bree, that's ancient history.

What? Just pretend like
it didn't happen? Is that it?


I love you, Bree.

[Footsteps Approaching]


Have another piece
of cake, Bosley.

Oh, no, no. I've
already had two pieces.

Three. But who's counting?

You know, it occurs to me
that we're very fortunate.

We've met some very
interesting people in our work.

Any of you recall Tinkle Belle?

[Laughing] How could we
forget Tinkle Belle, Bosley?

She knocked you
totally off balance.

I beg your pardon.

While we were out trying to find
out who was sabotaging the circus,

you were playing
with Tinkle Belle.

[Laughs] My big romance.

Hi, cutie.

Ah. Well, hello.

- Got a name?
- Bosley. John Bosley.

Bosley John Bosley.
Nice ring to it. Married?

- Not lately.
- Me neither.

Oh. I'm Tinkle
Belle. Tinkle Belle.

Oh, I love the way it sounds when
you say it, Bosley John Bosley.

Uh, look. Just
Bosley. John Bosley.

That's what I said.
Bosley John Bosley.


Uh, see you around, big boy.

Don't forget Tinkle Belle.

Say hello to Peter Pan.

[Charlie] While you were
tinkering with Tinkle Belle,

Kris was having a little trouble
with her friend the knife thrower.

Watch it, Helmut. You
wouldn't like me with short hair.

Helmut, what's wrong with you?

This has been
fun, but I gotta run.




Okay, where's Reed? And
who else is in it with you?

It's Tarloff. One of the swords
is real. He's gonna kill her.



He couldn't do it. [Exhales]

[Kris Laughing]

Come on. Come on.

[Sighs] Well, I'm glad you chose
the right sword, Tarloff. Are you?

Yes, I am.

What's going on?

You look so much like
Nadia. I just couldn't do it.

Couldn't do what?

What is that?

Well, you never would
have had to diet again, babe.

Your friend Kelly...
You'd better warn her.

When she makes the
jump, they're going to kill her.


[Engine Revving]


- All right!
- [Cheering]

- Yes!
- Bravo, honey!

I mean, bravo! Pretty good?

Pretty good? Fantastic!

My! Oh, that was great!
Huh? How about that?

If you want to talk
about a far-out case...

I mean, real far out... Yeah?

Remember Dr. Perrine
and his U.F.O.'s?

Oh, well. What a
con he had going. Oh.

Boy, he had us almost believing
that they really were U.F.O.'s.

- I'm not so sure there aren't.
- [Bosley] I agree.

I may be seeing
several very shortly.

I certainly saw one that day.

Ladies and gentlemen,
no talking, please.

Lights out, please.

[Crowd Gasps]

[Woman] Oh, my goodness.


Bosley. Hey.


[Whirring Intensifies]

- [Crowd Murmuring]
- [Man Gasps]

[Murmuring] [Gasps]

[Light Switch Clicks]
Oh, my. Oh! [Chuckles]

[Kelly] Flying
saucer was a phony,

and so was that
good-looking Mr. Britten. Hmm.

Where are we going?

[Charlie] Kelly, someone must
have been watching over you...

when you noticed your
seat belt had been cut.

Jim, I want to go back.

[Seat Belt Clicks]

[Seat Belt Straining]

[Engine Revving]

[Engine Revving]

Take it down.

Kelly, I'll crash,
and I'll kill us both.

No, you won't.

[Charlie] Well, Angels, as
tough as it's been sometimes,

you'll have to admit that
some of the covers you used...

were interesting,
to say that least.

Oh, Charlie.

"Interesting" is kind
of an understatement.

[Bubble Pops]

Oh! [People Murmuring]

[With Swedish Accent]
I just love that jade.

[With Eastern Accent] I lost out
on a few wonderful picture parts.

The producers
thought I was too aloof.

Charlie Townsend
is a no-good, sadistic,

totally insensitive
male chauvinist pig.


I'm a dignified person.

[With Southern Accent]
Well, mornin'. Howdy.

[With Southern Accent]
We're your new neighbors.

[Charlie] Well, my friends,

how can I thank you
for three exciting years?

Well, I think you
just did, Charlie.

And very elegantly. Very.

Just a small
token of how I feel.

Oh, not too small, Charlie.
Wait till you see the bill.

[Laughs] This is one bill I
don't have to look at, Bosley.

You're priceless, Angels.

Aw, Charlie. The
feeling's mutual.

Have a good vacation,
Angels. I'll be thinking of you.

To next year.

- And many, many more.
- Hear, hear.

We love ya, Charlie.

[Laughs] Ahh!

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