Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 3, Episode 21 - Rosemary, for Remembrance - full transcript

Rosemary Garfield's 1935 murder remains unsolved after 44 years. Her widower Jake was wrongly sent to prison for it, but has been released. The Angels try to solve her murder and find out who is trying to kill him.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls who
went to the police academy...

Two in Los Angeles,

the other in San Francisco...

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.


But I took them away from all
that, and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.

Uncle Jake?

Uncle Jake, it's not safe here.

I talked to Mr. Townsend.

He is the same Charlie
Townsend you used to know.

I don't care if he is. His agency's one
of the best, and he wants to help you.

I can look after myself.

But somebody's already
tried to kill you once.

Not somebody... Renaldi.

[Tires Squealing]

[Tires Squealing]

All right. You go get Charlie.

Tell him somebody tried
to bump me off... twice.

[Charlie On Speakerphone]
Jake Garfield.

Yes, I remember his trial.

It was a sensation... lasted five months,
right in the middle of the depression.

But prohibition was over by
the time they arrested Jake.

What did they get him for? Tax
evasion, conspiracy, everything.

Since he was so well known, they
wanted to make an example of him.

But before he was sent up, he managed to sink
all he owned into blue-chip stocks and bonds.

When he was finally released
this year, he was, well, rich.

Looks like crime does pay.
[Charlie] Not really, Kelly.

You see, Jake was a young
man when he was sentenced.

He spent what amounts
to a lifetime in prison.

And while he was there,
the world passed him by.

He hasn't been able, or
maybe he hasn't wanted, to...

To live in the modern
world, so he doesn't.

Well, he's still living on that old
estate he built back in the '20s.

From what I hear, that
house is something to behold.

Look, do you have any idea why
somebody would want to kill him now?

Uncle Jake's wife, my Aunt
Rosemary, was murdered 44 years ago.

Her murderer was never caught.

Jake has always been
convinced that an underworld rival,

Lawrence Renaldi, was
behind Rosemary's death.

[Charlie] Renaldi
is still in town.

He's running an apparently
legitimate bottling company.

And Jake's out to bring him
to justice once and for all.

And since Jake has been
pressing to reopen the case,

there have been two
attempts made on his life.

And you want us to find
out who's trying to kill him.

And to protect him. Whatever he
once was, he's... he's an old man now.

Well, if these attempts on your uncle's
life have anything to do with Rosemary,

then that means we have
to find out who killed her.

[Charlie] That's right,
Angels. And after 44 years,

that trail's bound
to be a little cold.

Well, we're going to have to have somebody
out at the estate to be a bodyguard.

Oh, I've arranged for Kris to
be Uncle Jake's houseguest.

Oh, well, uh, we were planning
on putting Kelly inside the house.

- No. It... It better be Kris.
- Why?

Uncle Jake...

likes blondes.

I'll pick you up around 3:00.

- Well, I could've worn a wig.
- [Laughs]

Well, I guess the first thing we
better do is check out Mr. Renaldi, huh?

Really, it's all right. I assure you
it's all right. You can't go in there!

- Ah, Mr. Renaldi.
- Hey, who are you? Get out of here!

9480 Ponderosa Drive.

That's all right, Miss Daniels.

I'm Sabrina Duncan.

- You're the writer
who called earlier, huh?
- Uh, yes, sir. That's right.

I told you then, I don't
give interviews. Oh, no, no.

No, sir, I know. And
I'm not a reporter.

You see, I'm, uh... I'm doing
a book on the prohibition,

and I was hoping that you
could give me some insight.

I also don't give insights.

9480, uh, Ponderosa Drive.

- Means nothing to me.
- Well, it should.

I mean, it's where you get your
clear, mountain-stream water...

that you put in your
Rocky Canyon Beer.

- Really?
- Of course, uh,

it isn't really "clear,
mountain-stream water."

It's city water.
It's filtered and...

Hey, who are you?

Sabrina Duncan, sir.

And I really do need
some help on my book.

Prohibition. Uh, you know, bathtub
gin, bootleggers, voh-doh-dee-oh-doh.

All that. [Sighs]

Those days are long gone.

Nobody remembers or even cares.

I care. Now, sir, you were, uh...
you were never convicted, were you?

You were tried a few
times though, huh?

Where do you get
your information?

Ex-bootleggers like yourself.

Oh, Jake Garfield
had some great stories.

Oh, I'll bet he did.

Like I tried to kill him and got the little
woman by mistake. Did he tell you that?

Well, look, everybody knew
that you and Jake were enemies.

I mean, he was trying
to take over your territory.

He could've had
it for the asking.

It was 1935.
Prohibition was out.

I was smart. I went straight.

He didn't. He got caught.

They gave him 40 years in the
pen, and he can't forgive me for that.

Sir, who do you
think killed Rosemary?


Who else? Jake.

Jake? What for?


It's better not to
speak ill of the dead.

But Rosemary was no
treasure. That's all I'm gonna say.

Why can't that old
lunatic let things rest?

He can't go around
telling people I killed her.

And if I have to, I'll stop him.

Somebody's already
tried, sir... twice.

I, uh... I better
put the car away.


Hello. I'm Kris Munroe.
Mr. Garfield invited me.

Is something wrong?

[With German Accent] I am
Mrs. Himbeere, the housekeeper.


Mr. Garfield has asked me
to say that the house is yours.

There are, however,
certain rules of the house.

You are not to go to the
building above the garage.

It is locked. The
building is unsafe.

Do you understand? Got it.

I'll take your
bags to your room.

Mr. Garfield will
join you shortly.

Thank you.

[Imitating Himbeere] No going
to "ze" room over "ze" garage.

"Ze" chauffeur is
really very nice...

except when
"zere" is a full moon.

♪♪ [Up-tempo
Jazz: "Ain't She Sweet"]

♪♪ [Continues]


♪♪ [Continues]


Uncle Jake? Are you okay?

- It came from up on the hill.
- [Kris] Did you see anyone?

No. I was too far away.
They'd be long gone by now.


[Jake] I am sorry, Miss...

Miss Munroe, right?

Kris. Kris Munroe.

I was shook up
pretty good there.

Then I saw you, and...

it was like all those years
just... rolled away, and...

she was back here again.

Well, it was kind of
a shock for me too.

My nephew told me that you
looked a little like Rosemary,

but I wasn't prepared
for just how much.

Do you think that Lawrence Renaldi
is responsible for all this, Jake?

Oh, I'm sure of it.

It was me he was after the night that
Rosemary was killed. Now, I'm sure of that.

What's the matter
with the drink?

Too much soda?
You always liked it...

No, no, it's fine.

Tell me about the night
that Rosemary died.

Oh, uh, yeah.

We were, uh... We
were having a party.

It was Rosemary's birthday.

[Young Jake] Rosemary! Rosemary!

Where you goin', babe?
This party's for you.

[Sighs] Oh, Jake, I'm so tired
from all this dancing and talking.

- I want to go for a little
drive, get some fresh air.
- Belding, what do you want?

Mrs. Garfield asked
me to drive her, sir.

Oh, please, Jake. I
don't want to drive myself.

All right. Just
don't be gone long.

How do you like the rocks, babe?

Just what I wanted.

I won't be gone long.

[Jake Sighs] I don't remember
anything more about that night.

I lay awake thousands of nights
in that stinking prison trying to,

but nothing every came.

The prison doctor
said it was, uh...

It was just too painful or
something like that, I guess.

Well, if you loved her that
much, it's understandable.

I never stopped loving her.

Want another drink?

Oh, no. Actually, I'd like
to get ready for dinner.

Oh, sure. Sure.

Come on. I'll show you myself.


Oh, it's breathtaking.

It was Rosemary's room.

I had everything restored.

I wanted everything to be
exactly the same way that it was.

And now it is.

Would, uh...

Would you, uh, humor an old man?

Would you wear
this dress to dinner?

Rosemary loved it.

If you'd like.

Oh, uh, please, sit.

May I?

You have wonderful hair.

Done up like this, it's
even more beautiful.

I don't know. I... Please.

It'd do me a world of good.

One question.

Who am I, Jake?

I haven't felt as
alive as this for years,


Hey, you get
dressed, and I'll, uh...

I'll show you
around before dinner.

[Door Closes]

"Fairly Enterprises."

Why does that sound
so familiar to me?

Well, it should. Do you
remember the Sheldon case?

Yeah. Well, Fairly Enterprises
is a front for the mob.

Back in the bad old days, the owner used to
be a member of a family headed by guess who.

[Sabrina] Renaldi. Mm-hmm.

Well, so much for
his nice, new image.

Oh, Renaldi is mobbed
up. He always has been.

He probably makes this
Rocky Canyon Beer in a bathtub.

Well, no wonder he
didn't want any publicity.

Even if he didn't kill Rosemary,
Jake's charges could dig up the past,

and that could be pretty embarrassing
for a respectable businessman. Hmm!

And as far as the
mob is concerned,

Renaldi would be as
disposable as one of his bottles.

[Car Phone Buzzes] Oh.


Oh, hi, Kelly.

Good. Where?

Well, good work. Uh, look, um,

would you do me a favor?

Find out how they
make the blood spurt.


Well, Kelly has
found the detective...

who was the investigator
of Rosemary's murder.

What do you mean, how do
"they make the blood spurt"?

Oh, uh, well, he's,
uh, retired now.

He works as a technical
adviser on gangster films.

I've always wanted to know
how they make that blood spurt.

- Bosley, you are disgusting.
- Yeah, I know it.

[Kelly] Lieutenant Sanders?

[Sanders] Huh?
Just "mister" now.

I wanted to talk to you
about Jake Garfield.

Well, he was no
different than the rest.

You know, he came to
see me about a month ago,

all hot under the collar
about Larry Renaldi.

Why did he come to see you?

Because he still thinks
it's 1935, that's why.

He wanted me to
reopen my investigation...

after 44 years. [Chuckles]

And me living the last 20
of them the life of glamour...

and sophistication in
the movies. [Chuckles]

Oh, he offered to pay me,

pay me a lot, but
I turned him down.

Because it was so long ago?

No, not just that.

You know what the official
motive was listed as?

The report I read
said "robbery."

Yeah. See, when they
found the bodies in the car...

Her and the chauffeur...
There was one thing missing...

The diamond necklace.

Garfield had given it to
her for a birthday present.

Half a million it cost... then.

Well, you can guess
what it would cost now.

It was never found? Nope.

And nobody tried
to fence it, not ever.

I told them it wasn't robbery.

The murderer thought
Jake was in the car.

You mean Renaldi?

Yeah, he hated him enough.

Had this big territorial fight.

You know, Renaldi put out
a bounty on Jake's head...


Oh, that was a
lot in those days.

So what you're saying is
Renaldi hired someone,

and the murderer made a mistake?

Hey, you're smart.
Yeah, mistakes happen.

Guy shoots up the car.
There's a crash, lot of noise.

He gets scared, takes it on
the lam without checking inside.

Only that's not the
way it happened.

What's your theory?
No theory. I know.

Jake did it.

I just couldn't prove it.

Well, why would
Jake kill his wife?

You know, when
they found the bodies,

they were both
in the front seat.

The chauffeur and the
lady of the manor. [Chuckles]

Things weren't so lovey-dovey in that big
house the way old Jake likes to tell it.

Right. Thank you, Mr. Sanders.

It usually happens with
people like that, you know.

- I beg your pardon?
- Husband kills wife,
wife kills husband.

Love and hate.

Kelly, take it from me.
In 30 years experience,

it almost always turns out to be
something that simple in the end.

Thank you.

What do you think you're doing?

I guess I could ask
you the same question.


I found this in your
desk in the library.

Look familiar?

You have no right going
through my personal papers.

And you have no right going
through my personal life.

You knew I look like Rosemary.
That's why you brought me here.


I'm sorry.

Uncle Jake's remorse
is eating him away inside.

When I saw your
picture in the paper, I...

I thought your being
here could help him.

You used me, and
you lied to Charlie.

- I was afraid Charlie
wouldn't let you come.
- I could still leave.

Why did you dress up like that?

Jake asked me to.

Then you feel
it too... his need.

He doesn't remember anything
about the night Rosemary died.

I know.

I just thought maybe if I helped him bring his
memory back it would ease some of the pressure.


A-A-And he still needs
your protection too.

Will you stay? For Jake.

I want to ask you some questions,
and I want some straight answers.

What's in the room
above the garage?

Just junk. It's been
closed for years.


[Chuckles] I don't know.
Jake wants it that way.

Now you give me
a straight answer.

You think I'm trying
to kill him, don't you?

I didn't say that.

But since you asked...

Who inherits all
this when he's gone?

Now, that's the funniest
thing I've heard in a long time.

[Sabrina] Why would somebody
want to kill you? [Kris] I don't know.

But I'll tell you one thing. I
am a dead ringer for Rosemary.

We look so much alike, it is really
frightening. And Tim knew that.

This whole thing sounds eerie.

I just feel that as Rosemary, I
might help Jake get his memory back.

He remembers the night that
she was killed, up to a point.

After that, he blanks out.

What if Jake killed his
wife? That's Renaldi's story.

And Sanders, the detective that
worked on the case, thinks so.


I've been getting to know Jake,

and I know how he
felt about Rosemary.

- I can't believe he'd kill her.
- Now wait a minute,
wait a minute.

Let's just think this
thing out, all right?

Now, suppose Jake
did kill Rosemary.

You're a double for her. You'll have to
be sure he knows exactly who you are.

I'll be careful.

I gotta go back.


Mrs. Himbeere?

Please, don't go. I
want to talk to you.

I have rooms to clean.

Do you think my being
here is bad for Mr. Garfield?

No. I've never seen him look
happier since he came home.

But he's still upset.

About the old memories.

About her.

She was bad for him.

Even now she still makes
trouble for him in the mind.

But I want to help him.
Do you believe that?

Ja. Maybe.

Will you answer some questions?

For Jake?

The room over the garage...
It's the chauffeur's room, isn't it?

Ja. Belding.

If you want to
help Mr. Garfield,

it's best you not stir
up these old memories.

But we can't help
him if we hide the truth.

You don't understand.

I saw him.

That night.

I saw him take the gun.

[Rosemary Laughing]

[Partygoers Chattering]

[No Audible Dialogue]

[Rosemary Laughing]

[Laughing Continues]

Get out of here. I have
to make a phone call.

Elsa? Have you seen my wife?


Where you goin'? This
party's for you, babe.

I'm going for a little drive.
I need some air, Jake.

- Is he driving you?
- What if he is?

- Mrs. Garfield asked me to...
- You shut your trap!

Look, what are you
gettin' so sore about?

What about your guests?

They won't even know I'm gone.

Look, I just want to go for a little
ride, that's all. I can't drive myself.

Well, maybe you better
leave the rocks here.

Now, what good's a present if
I can't wear it when I want to?

I'm going for a little ride, and you're not
gonna stop me. So don't pretend you are.

I never tell the
police about the gun.

She was no good.

And Mr. Garfield killed her.

Now she haunts him.

You see why you should
leave the past alone?

There is no help for
Mr. Garfield in the past.

I want you to pack
up and leave right now.

I can't. Look, it's
getting out of hand.

I can't control him.

Well, then why don't you tell me
the real reason you brought me here?


You're right. I did use you.

It's the necklace...

Rosemary's diamond necklace.

What about it?

You want to know
who inherits all this?

I do.

All the maintenance
costs, repair bills, debts.

The money's all gone. He squandered
most of it redecorating this house...

before he asked me to
come here and run things.

I've been treading water ever since,
trying to keep us out of bankruptcy.

You thought the
necklace would save you?

It could be worth close to
four million dollars today.

Without it, Jake's gonna be out
in the cold in a very short time.

And you too.

I've been there. I can
take it. It would kill him.

You thought I'd bring
back his memory.

It was the only chance. But
now it's getting too dangerous.

He thinks you are Rosemary.

I don't want to
see you get hurt.

You think he killed her too.

What's going on here?

Uh, there's no problem.

Just a little difference
of opinion, that's all.

Would you mind leaving us
alone? I'd like to speak with him.

Look, Jake, I... Go
back to your guests!

I've heard of you, Mr. Bellechek.
I think we have mutual friends.

And those friends back
east asked me to talk to you.

You see, they're worried about
this business with Jake Garfield.

You tell them Jake
Garfield is crazy. He's nuts!

Nevertheless, some bad
publicity could come of this.

So our friends hope
that you realize...

if anything unfortunate
should happen to Jake...

that the finger of guilt is going
to tap you on the shoulder.

You tell our friends
I got the message.

I can assure them then that the
matter is closed, completely forgotten?


You can assure
them. I'm out of it.


Well, it's a pleasure
meeting you, Mr. Renaldi.

Oh, uh, you know,

I should make it
out here more often.

- Climate's wonderful.
- Oh, drop in anytime.


[Door Opens]

[Door Closes]

Yeah, this is Renaldi.

We have to meet.

[Bosley] Oh, I shook
Renaldi up. I'm sure of it.

He's tough, but he thought I was from the
syndicate, and he's not going to buck them.

If he's the one who's after Jake, he's
gonna think twice before trying again.

Okay, so you've probably
taken care of Renaldi,

but I still think Jake is our prime
suspect in Rosemary's murder.

Which means Kris is
still very much in danger.

[Phone Rings]
That should be her.


Oh, hello, Captain. What?

Are you sure? No
mistake on the I.D.?

Yes, fine. Thank you very much.

[Receiver Settles In Cradle]
That was Central Division.

The police found Renaldi in a car
parked near his office... shot to death.

Well, that leaves one
suspect... and it's Jake.

♪♪ [Ballroom Jazz]

Is this all for
me? Just for you.

♪♪ [Man Singing,
Indistinct] What's the occasion?

Just wanted to
surprise you. Did I?

Yeah. You're full of surprises.

I've got another
little surprise for you.

- What's that?
- In your room upstairs.

In a few minutes we'll slip out.

Nobody'll miss us.

What's the surprise?

It's on your dressing table.

Open it.


How do you like the rocks, babe?

Let's go down and
show the guests.

Uh, Jake, I think I'd like
to freshen up a little bit.


Uh, don't take too long.


[Punching Keypad]

[Line Ringing]

[Kris Whispering] Bosley? Kris,
we've been waiting for your call.

I couldn't get away from Jake. Listen,
you're not going to believe what's happening.

It's... It's like a time
machine around here.

Jake's reliving the night
of Rosemary's death.

- Wait a minute.
- Bosley, it's happening
all over again.

- Listen to me.
- A few minutes ago
Jake gave me a present.

- Any guesses?
- Yeah, a diamond necklace.

I'm wearing it right now.

From the looks of the metal box it
came in, it's been buried a long time.

So anyway, that means if Renaldi did
kill Rosemary, he didn't get the necklace.

Kris, listen. I've been trying
to tell you, Renaldi is dead.

He's been shot to
death earlier tonight.

So if Jake had the necklace...

[Sighs] Then Jake did it.

Jake killed both of them.

Kris, put down the phone
and get out of there now!

If Jake's reliving that night,
then he thinks you're Rosemary.

Okay, I'll get Tim. I'll have him
take me to the bottom of the road.

- I'll meet you there.
- Good! Do it now!


The necklace!
Where did you get it?

I'll explain later. I have to get
out of here. Can you drive me?

The car's outside.


Where you goin'? This
party's for you, babe.

I have to go, Jake.
Don't try to stop me.

Is he driving you?

- She asked me to.
- Shut your trap!

What about your guests?

Good-bye, Jake.

Mr. Garfield, no!


Wait a minute.

It's still happening. Huh?

If I get in that car,

I'm repeating Rosemary's last known
act on the night that she was murdered.


Oh, no, you don't.

You thought you were going
to play me for a sucker, huh?

- Get away from that car!
- Uncle Jake, it's me, Tim!

You cheap grifter. You
weren't coming back, were you?

That's right, Jake, honey.
We weren't coming back.

And I wanna thank
you for the necklace too.

'Cause it's going to get me just what I
want... as far away from you as I can get!

Hey, baby, now just a minute.

Now, ain't that the limit? I should
have known you didn't have any guts.


Let's get out of here!

[Whispers] Come on,
Kris. Let's get out of here.

[Car Doors Open,
Close, Engine Starts]

So that's what happened. He killed
them when they were trying to leave.

But they weren't killed at
the house. They were killed...

Out of the car. This side.

Where's Garfield?

I remember you. You're the
ex-cop Uncle Jake tried to hire.

Ironic, isn't it?

Asked twice to investigate a
murder that you committed.

[Chuckles] Oh, you're smart.

You're smarter than
the other Rosemary.

Yeah, I was supposed
to kill Garfield.

- Why?
- For 5,000 bucks...

Renaldi's bounty.

Well, it was a lot of
money in those days.

When Renaldi found out that
Jake was free, he hired you again.


Told me I had to finish the
job I bungled 44 years ago.

Then you killed Renaldi.

Why? Because he
wasn't gonna pay me!

He tried to call it off. He
wasn't going to give me a cent.

The cheap bum. All that
money. He deserved to die!

They all did! Even Rosemary?

Well, that... that
was a mistake.

I-I-I couldn't see who
was in the car. It was dark.

Where did Jake find you?

I couldn't believe my eyes.

I should have taken care of
you when I had the chance.

What are you gonna do?


I gotta kill both of you
and... go back for Garfield.

Forty-four years.

Why... couldn't you
have stayed dead?

What did you hit him with?

The past.

♪♪ [Ballroom Jazz]

[Man Singing] ♪ When did you
leave heaven ♪ How you doing?

- ♪ How could they
let you go ♪
- [Sighs]

♪ How's everything ♪
I remember.

♪ Up there ♪

♪ I'd like to know ♪

I owe you a lot, kiddo.
♪♪ [Continues, Indistinct]

I gave you a hard time, and
I'm awful sorry about that.

- I'm sorry it was me that
had to put you through it.
- Oh, it was for the best.

I'm, uh... I'm glad
I got to know you.

Could you see your way clear
to having one last dance, Kris?

I'd love to.

♪ If I kissed you ♪

♪ Would it be a sin ♪

♪ I am only human ♪

♪ But you are so divine ♪

♪ When did you leave heaven ♪

♪ Angel mine ♪

♪ I am only human ♪

♪ But you are so divine ♪

♪ When did you leave heaven ♪

♪ Angel ♪

♪ Mine ♪♪

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