Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 3, Episode 20 - Angels in Waiting - full transcript

Bosely, before going to work, meets a woman and wants to spends time with her. So he goes to the office and makes a bet with the girls if they can find him he'll do all the work, so he leaves and says he'll call them to give them a hint of where he is. After he leaves Charlie calls telling them to tell Bosley that a man whom they helped send to prison a few years ago for killing his wife has been released and to be weary of the press. But what they don't know is that the man is following Bosley.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls who
went to the police academy...

Two in Los Angeles,

the other in San Francisco...

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.


But I took them away from all
that, and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.

[Man On P.A.] Baggage on the
10:45 flight from San Francisco...

can now be picked
up in the baggage area.

The 11:00 flight for San
Diego, now boarding at Gate 11.

[Woman On P.A.] Flight
116 now boarding at Gate 4.

I just got here.

Is this how he looks today?

Where is he now?

Yeah, I'll find it. What
kind of a car is he driving?

What's the license number?

All right.

[No Audible Dialogue]

♪♪ [Accordion]

Thank you.

Enjoy your meal. Mm-hmm.

Good day, sir.

I'll just have a cup
of espresso, please.

I'm sorry, sir. We
don't have espresso.

Could you manage a
coffee... in a clean cup?

I think so. Thank you.

I hope you don't
mind the intrusion.

♪♪ [Stops]

I rarely approach strange
ladies in restaurants.

But I just felt
compelled to tell you...

that, uh, you possess
a most engaging smile.

Well, you possess a
most flattering manner.

Well, thank you.

I would love to remain here...

with my "flattering
manner," but unfortunately...

Oh, a previous engagement?


Well, I'm lunching
with a friend.

- A friend?
- Of feminine gender.

- Oh, I see.
- I'll be here quite a while.

Perhaps another time?

As I said, I'll be
here for quite a while.


Oh, I... I... Oh, I see.

Play on.

♪♪ [Resumes]

[Kris] Bosley, you arrived
here about 20 minutes ago.

Do you think your mind
will be joining us soon?

I'm not sure that it will.

I suddenly find
this all very tedious.

Well, yearly expense
accounting always is, Bos,

but we're here to help
you every way we can.

You're here to help me?

You talk as if all of
this is my responsibility.

Office matters usually are, Bos.

Oh, yes, of course.

I mean, you three naturally are at
ease in the field, where all the action is.

And all of this drudgery
naturally falls on my shoulders.

Bosley, we're a team. Right.

I mean, we do our thing,
and, well, that's how it works.

You three, uh, think
you know me very well.

Well, let's just say we're
comfortable with you, Bos.

Yeah? Well, that's
very interesting.

Because right now, I
don't feel very comfortable.

Bosley, are you upset with us?

No, no, I'm not upset
with you. Of course not.

I mean, you're my family.
I'd do anything for you.

It's just that I am
upset because you...

find me so predictable.

You know, I think dependable
is a better word, Bos. Oh, much.

Oh, yeah, much, much.

Good old dependable Bosley.

Buried under a
pile of paperwork,

when I'd rather be
somewhere else.

- Somewhere else?
- What if I should just
suddenly disappear?

Huh? Could you find me?

My, we are being mysterious.

No, no, no. Think about it.

Could you find me? Bosley.

I mean, am I that
comfortably predictable?

Are you challenging
us in some way?


Yeah, I guess I am.
Yeah, I'm challenging you.

- Well, what for?
- I don't know.

I don't know. Maybe, uh...

Maybe it's because
I'm upset with myself.

All I know is that
before I came here,

something happened
to me that, uh,

was very pleasant.

And suddenly I
want to pursue it.

And leave us here with
three days' paperwork?

Look, I'll make you a deal.

Now look, I just walk out
that door, but I will call...

I will call you, uh,

let's say every two hours,
and I'll give you clues. Ohh.

Bosley, this is crazy. No,
no, no, no. Just listen to me.

I'll call back every two
hours, I'll give you clues,

and if you can figure out by the
clues where I am or what I am doing,

I will come back here right off,

and I will do all of
this work all by myself.

- All of it?
- All of it.

But that is providing that
the three of you stay here...

and continue to work
until the game is over.

Now, that way,
the sooner you win,

the less work you do.



I don't know what you're up to,

but whatever it is, it
seems real important to you.





Okay, but you're gonna
call us in two hours?

I will. Thanks.

Thanks very much.

Have fun. Two hours,
Bosley. Don't forget.

What's that all about?
I don't understand.

♪♪ [Accordion]

I was going to offer a seductive
hello and then say your name.

And then I suddenly remembered
I don't know your name.

[Chuckles] It's
Ellen. Ellen Miles.

Hi, Ellen. I'm John Bosley.

Uh, may I? Oh, please, yes.

Your, uh, lady
friend never arrived?

No. No.

Minor family emergency.

I suppose I should say
this is a pleasant surprise.

You mean, it isn't?
Oh, it is pleasant.

But not quite a surprise. No?

You know, I almost
expected you to come back.

Really? Well, there
was no reason to expect.

It was just something I sensed.

Oh, uh, waiter,

has the lady had the
strawberries and cream?

No. Well, then
you bring her some.

Oh, and bring me some
coffee too, would you, please?

Fine, sir. I think I'm an addict.
I just can't break the habit.



Would you play
something, uh, pianissimo,

and, uh, play it from the bar.

You are a rather
spontaneous fellow, aren't you?

Well, if you believe
I am, then I am.

I, um... I have time
to spend. Do you?


I have time to spend.

Well, good.


[No Audible Dialogue]

[Charlie On Speakerphone]
Angels, when did this "game"...

with you and Bosley begin?

- [Sabrina] 'Bout an hour ago, Charlie.
- I see.

So, you won't hear from him until 2:00
with his first clue. [Kris] Yeah, Charlie.

Was there something important you
wanted him for? Moderately important.

A man named Harrison Wellman
was released from prison yesterday.

What's that got
to do with Bosley?

Well, Bosley and I worked with the
police as investigators on the case.

It was Bosley's testimony
that helped convict Wellman.

Hey, wait a minute. I
remember that case.

As I recall, there was a great
deal of publicity on the trial.

And there'll be a lot of
press concerning his parole.

Now, several reporters have
attempted to question me.

I'm sure they'll be
trying to reach Bosley.

So you want us to tell him not
to talk to 'em, right? That's right.

We can't keep a low
profile with the agency...

if we're being
quoted in the press.

Okay, Charlie, we'll tell him
as soon as we hear from him.

Fine, and, uh... and
good luck with your game.

It really would be a shame if you
three had to do all the paperwork.

Bye. [Line Clicks]


[Sighs] Do you get the impression
Charlie is rooting for Bosley?

I don't think he's
rooting for any of us.

♪♪ [Calliope]

[No Audible Dialogue]

You know, you can't
really get the feel...

of a place like this until
you've had a candied apple.

A candied apple? Yes.

Oops. Bread and butter. [Laughs]

Don't tell me you've
never heard of them.

Actually, I think I did have
one once when I was a little girl.

Once? Well, I had a
very protected childhood.

Oh, what were you
protected from? I'm not sure.

My parents sensed
adversity everywhere.

Oh, well, in that case, little lady,
step right up and live dangerously.

Can we have two
candied apples, please?

Would you pay for those? I'll
be right back. I gotta make a call.

- Hello, Angels.
- Six minutes late, Bosley.

Watching the clock, are we?

- Uh, Bosley,
Charlie has a message for you.
- Which is?

Well, you're to avoid any
reporters who try to question you...

about a man named
Harrison Wellman.

- Harrison Wellman?
- Yes, he was recently
paroled in San Francisco.

Oh, yes, right.

Harrison Wellman.

I helped send him to prison for
killing his wife about eight years ago.

If he killed his wife, how come he's
getting out of prison in eight years?

Well, it was all
circumstantial evidence.

Some still think that he's innocent.
It's a very controversial case.

Yeah, well, Charlie wants you to
stay out of the controversy, Bosley.

Look, I don't have the slightest desire
to even discuss Harrison Wellman.

Are you ready for your clue?

- Ready, Bosley.
- All right.

The ambience is equestrian, the
route is circular, and the mood is festive.

Give up, Angels?

Oh, come on. We gotta
have more than that.

What do you mean? I'm all
but spelling it out for you now.

Wait a minute!
You're at the racetrack.

Better luck next time.

Hey! Hey, hey,
watch it, will ya?

What was that? I don't know.

I don't know either, but
I've heard that sound before.


I can't remember, but it's
real familiar, you know?


[No Audible Dialogue]

♪♪ [Calliope]

[No Audible Dialogue]

♪♪ [Ends]

[No Audible Dialogue]

You know, it appears
to me that you not only...

did not eat many candied apples,

but you spent very little
time on the merry-go-round.

[Laughs] That's true.

Why, may I ask, was your
childhood so insulated?

Money. Ah, the lack of it.

No, too much of it.

Old eastern money.

[Ellen] Told we were of
superior stock. [Bosley] We?

Oh, my brothers and I.

They went to Harvard.
I went to Saint Anne's.

Oh, of course.

Where you majored in the
social sciences and literature.

Close. Actually, I
majored in journalism.

My parents felt that it was too practical
for a young debutante destined to marry,

but I insisted and persisted
and, uh, actually did graduate.

Did you ever escape this
bondage that you were born into?

Well, I never married,
if that's what you mean.

I've never committed
to anyone or anything.

I've been safe all my life.

Yeah, well, I guess that, uh,

"safe" can be a pretty
lonely place to live.

Yes, it can be.

[No Audible Dialogue]

Stay back! Stay back! What in
the world? But what's going on?

What happened? I don't know.
Somebody's shooting at us.

Stay here. What are
you doing with a gun?

When somebody shoots at
me, I sometimes shoot back.

Now just stay where you are.

Do you have espresso?

My customers couldn't
even pronounce it.

I'll just have a cup of coffee.

John, what are you
doing? What's that?

It's a wad of wax. Wax?

Yeah, like they use
with blank cartridges.


You mean, someone
was shooting blanks at us?

It would seem so. But
why? What's going on?

I don't know. Well, you
must have some idea.

I mean, people don't go around just
shooting at people for no reason at all.

Who are you, John Bosley,

and... and why are you carrying a
gun anyway? Because I have a permit.

But why do you have a
permit? Are you a police officer?

I'm a detective. A detective?

Private. Oh.

Well, do you know who it was
that shot at you? No, I don't.

I've got a vague idea, but it's just
too preposterous to even consider.

Come on. Let's
go to a restaurant.

What? You can eat
at a time like this?

No, no, but I can have a
drink. Come on. Oh, no, sir!

I am not budging from this spot until
you tell me what you're not telling me.

- What am I not telling you?
- That's what you're
gonna tell me.

All of it, right from
the beginning.

All right, all right.

I will tell you all of it, all of
it right from the beginning.

First, I'm going to a restaurant and
have a drink and make a phone call.

[People Chattering]

A Chablis. And a Chablis.


Boy, I'm looking
forward to that drink.

Ah. Oh, thank you.

Now, my friend, talk to me.

All right. I am a
private investigator.

And at the moment, I am playing a
sort of a game with my associates.

A game? Yes. If they can
guess where I am, they win.

And if they don't, I win.

Well, could this game
have something to do...

with those shots
that were fired at us?

Well, if I were
inclined to paranoia,

I would say that
my three friends, uh,

somehow found out where I was
and are playing head games on me.

But that's bizarre
behavior, even for them.

[Sighs] Well, then
who do you think that...

But on the other hand,

they did tell me that a fellow
that I helped send to prison...

was released yesterday.

You mean, to coin a
phrase, a violent type?

Well, he was convicted
of murdering his wife.

Well, anybody I
might have heard of?

I don't know. His name
was, uh, Harrison Wellman.

Harrison Wellman. Yes.

Oh, I remember
that case very well.

As a matter of fact, I followed
the reports of the trial quite closely.

Well, as I said, if I were
inclined toward paranoia,

I mean, I could probably
come to the conclusion...

that my three friends
deliberately mentioned his name,

then came down
here, and pop-pop!

Uh, shot a couple
of blank shots at me,

hoping then that I would
flee back to the office.

Oh, that seems pretty unlikely.

Well, I agree.

Which leaves us to a rather
frightening thought. Which is?

Well, maybe
Wellman really is here.

Firing blank cartridges?

Well, perhaps he
wanted to frighten you.

To what purpose? Well,
you did send him to prison.

Now, as I remember the case...

Didn't he claim that the
shooting was accidental?

A hunting trip or something?

Well, he supposedly was shooting
at a deer, and he hit his wife.

Unfortunately, though, I
found bloodstains in their cabin.

Well, this is
really fascinating.

Let me ask you something.

If you had seen that
man that shot at us...

If you had seen Wellman
pointing a gun at you,

how would you have felt
at that precise moment?

I would have felt,
uh, fear, of course.

And a sense of irony?

Irony? Well, that
after all these years,

a man that you'd hurt...

suddenly wanted to hurt you.

There was nothing personal
in my hurting Wellman.

I mean, I merely testified.

I did my job.

Come on.

Here's to more...
pleasant thoughts.

[Phone Ringing]

Townsend Agency. Bosley here.

How goes the bookwork, Angels?

Slowly, Bosley.
Very, very slowly.

Not too slowly, I hope.

Oh, don't you worry, Bosley. We're gonna
save some for you. [Kelly, Sabrina] Mm-hmm.

You three have been
toiling since last we spoke?

Yes, Bosley. Eagerly
awaiting your next clue.

You never left the office?

We've been here ever since you
left, Bosley. Just like we promised.

Well, a few minutes
ago, I didn't think so.

What do you mean,
you didn't think so?

I considered the possibilities
that one or all of you...

came here and
tried to gaslight me.

Gaslight you? Yes.

Someone or several someones...

took a couple of potshots at me.

Bosley, what are you saying?

I'm saying that someone shot at
me and my companion. Companion?

Now wait a minute. You think
we would do a thing like that?

I only considered it for a few
moments because the shots were...

Well, they missed by a safe
margin, and they were blanks.

What? Bosley, what are
you talking about? Explain.

There is no explanation. At least
nothing I can come up with at the moment.

Bosley, I think we better forget about
our game and come to wherever you are.

Oh, no. A deal is a deal.

Look, Bosley, something
serious is going on,

and I think we
better get involved.

Meaning that I cannot
handle action in the field?

Meaning you might be in danger,
Bosley. We should be there.

Maybe I am in danger,
and maybe I am not.

But there is one thing for sure, and that
is that I am going to handle the action.

Now, here is your clue.

Bosley, forget about the clue.

Above the sea, beyond the
shore, but in need of a boat no more.

Where are you, Bosley?

That is for you to
figure, Angels. Bye.

Bosley! Bosley!

I do not like this.

Yeah, I don't like it either.

Charlie says this Wellman
character gets out of prison.

All of a sudden, somebody's
shooting at Bosley and his companion.

Look, who is Bosley's companion,

and where did he
find this person?

Or did this person find Bosley?

I don't know, but I think
we better call Charlie...

and tell him our little game's
gotten out of hand, huh?

In the meantime, we
better think about this clue.

Yeah, it's, "Above the
sea, beyond the shore"...

- "But in need
of a boat no more."
- "Above the sea."

Well, you're looking
very pleased with yourself.

Oh, and I am.

This little mystery that you
and I have become involved in...

has given me the chance to
rely solely on my own resources.

And I find that challenge
very exhilarating.

You mean, you didn't tell your associates
where you are or who you're with?

I most certainly didn't.

Much to their dismay.

You know, I'm
very grateful to you.

Grateful to me? Why?

Oh, because this morning,

life had started off
so... oh, so painfully.

Painfully what?

Painfully predictable.

And then I looked over, and
there you were smiling at me.

All of a sudden, I
felt uneasy, uncertain.

- Ow.
- What, do you have
a headache?

I'm just a little dizzy.

Well, I felt... I
felt uncertain.

I suddenly felt foolish.

I felt like a high school kid.

Or maybe... Maybe
like a college kid.

But liked that
feeling very much.

John, you don't look
well. Are you okay?

Oh, I'm all right.
Ellen, you're caring.

You know, I think I could
learn to like you very much.

I could learn to like you too.

- What is it?
- Oh, I don't know
what's the matter with me.

I... I can't keep
myself in focus.

I think we'd better get some
fresh air. Let's get out of here.

Oh, I think that's a good
idea. Oh, yeah. Here. Oh.

That'll take care of it.
Here, let me help you.

I'm sorry. Oh,
don't be silly. Here.

And Bosley refused to tell you
where he is or who he's with?

Yes, Bosley has developed a severe
case of complete self-reliance, Charlie.

Charlie, do you remember this Wellman
as being sort of a revengeful type?

Well, whether he'd want revenge
or not doesn't matter now, Kris.

What do you mean? Well, one of the
women reporters from an eastern paper...

who was trying to question
me about the case this morning...

She told me that Wellman had been
hospitalized last night in San Francisco.

Severe heart attack.
He's not expected to live.

Well, then he's obviously not
down here shooting at Bosley.

No, but Wellman's release and that shooting
is still a coincidence too big to ignore.

- The pier!
- [Both] What?

The Santa Monica Pier.
Bosley's at the Santa Monica Pier.

- How do you know?
- Remember that sound
we heard in the background?

That out-of-tune... That
thing. You know, the...

The calliope. Right!

The merry-go-round. Everything
goes in a circular motion.

"Above the sea, beyond the shore,
but in need of a boat no more." Right.

- You're right. The pier.
- It all fits.

You better get over there.
Meanwhile, I've got an idea.

What is it, Charlie?
That lady reporter.

She told me Wellman's brother
brought him into the hospital,

and that he was extremely
agitated over Wellman's condition.

I remember the brother
at Wellman's trial.

He did seem like
the revengeful type.

Okay, Charlie, you can
reach us on the car phone.

We'll be at the pier in
less than 10 minutes.

Oh, I think I'd better drive.

Here, let me help you.

Oh, boy. You better
get me to a doctor.

That won't be necessary.

I'm telling you, I really feel
bad. I think I'm gonna pass out.

No, you are not
going to pass out.

You're going to be partially
immobilized. But you'll be able to talk.

What are you doing?

We're gonna get
to the truth, John.

The truth about what?

About you and Harrison Wellman.

One way or another, we're
going to get to the truth.

Don't move.

[Engine Starts]

[Engine Starts]

[Tires Squealing]


[Car Phone Buzzes] Hello?

[Charlie] Kris? Yes, Charlie?

I checked all the flights that came in
from San Francisco since last night.

Lawrence Wellman was on one
that came in at 10:45 this morning.

Well, that means he probably
rented a car at the airport.

He did. A brown Mercedes,
license number, 497 QLL.

License number 497 QLL.

A brown mercedes.
That's right, Kris.

Well, it sounds like
it's fitting together.

So it seems. How far are you
from the Santa Monica Pier?

Almost there, Charlie.
We'll get back to you.

What did you put in my drink?

I told you. Something to
immobilize you while we talk.

So it was a setup, right?

Right from the beginning.
You at that restaurant.

You were waiting for me.
Well, I did some research.

I learned you go
there every day.

[Chuckles] The girls were
right. I'm a creature of habit.

[Tires Squealing]

We'll talk about you and
Harrison Wellman now.

Why did you perjure
yourself at his trial?

Why do you care about
Harrison Wellman?

Because I'm his sister. Huh?

His brother is in the
car right behind us.

Our brother, I should say.

Lawrence Wellman. Oh,
you remember Lawrence.

From the trial.

So that... That's
who fired at us...

Fired at me just now, right?

Blanks... to frighten
you without hurting me.

You can be sure there are very
real bullets in his gun right now.

We were willing to chalk it all
up to eight years of bad luck...

and help Harrison make
a new life for himself.

But he's dying in a
hospital in San Francisco.

So now you want,
what, revenge? No.

We want the truth.

Harrison can't
tell us, so you will.

You better start talking now. I'm afraid
my brother is far less patient than I.

Listen. Listen to me.

Your bother killing his wife
had nothing to do with me.

Look, I know you
probably love your brother,

and you can't understand how
he could kill another human being.

And maybe you feel
that his guilt is yours,

but that has nothing to
do with me. [Horn Honks]

Don't open that door.

[Horns Honking] Hey, move it!

You're not gonna shoot me.

Not with all these
people looking. Oh, I will!

Oh, I mean it. I will.

No, you won't.

For eight years,

you've been hoping that you'd
hear me say what you wanted to hear.

But you haven't, and you won't.

So you won't use that gun.

[Honking Continues] [Man]
Get that thing out of here!

What's the holdup?

Let's get goin'! Come
on! Hey, move it!

Why did you let him go?

Why did you let him go?

[Honking Continues]

[Woman] Pull across! Get
moving! I gotta get out of here!

[Horns Honking]

♪♪ [Calliope]


[Tires Squealing]

[Horn Honking]

[Man] If you can't
drive it, push it!

[Honking Continues]

[Honks, Tires Squeal]


Let me through! Let
us through, please!

Let me through, please!

Come on! Come on! Hey!


Sorry, sorry.

Under the pier!

- Wellman!
- [Grunts]

Okay, put it down nice and slow.

She said, put it down.

[Wellman Groans]

Ah-ah-ah! Uh-uh. Bosley,
where are you hurt?

I'm not hurt. I'm all
right. Bosley, you sure?

Yeah, I'm sure. I'm
okay. I'm just dizzy. Oh!

Let's get out of here.
Okay. Come on, Bos.

Hold on to him.

Wait a minute.

Give me a minute, will you?

Sure you're okay, Bos?

Yeah. Okay.

In case you're wondering,

this is Harrison and...

Lawrence Wellman's sister...

A charming and
rather devious lady.

- John...
- She set me up.

Rather cleverly too.

And it would seem,
gained nothing by it.

I don't know about that.

That depends whether
you believe what I told you.

Well, then maybe
it wasn't a total loss.

Because I do believe
you, John Bosley.

And I'm sorry.

Boy, what a pity.

I mean, under different
circumstances, for you and me,

it might have
been very pleasant.

There's not much
more to say, is there?

Not to me.

Let's go.

You stay back.

Up, Bosley.

What? Get up. Put on your coat.

Why? 'Cause you're
going somewhere.

[Phone Rings] Hi,
Charlie. We just got here.

You don't have to pack. We
bought you a whole new wardrobe.

You can go straight
from here to the airport.

And you better hurry, because
your plane leaves in less than an hour.

- Here's your ticket
and some extra cash.
- But where am I going?

[Charlie] I'm sending you to the
Bahamas for a few days, Bosley.

- The Bahamas? To do what?
- To do absolutely nothing.

Nothing? I don't understand.

Psst! Bosley, it's
called a vacation.

A vacation?

But... But I've got all
this bookwork to do.

That's okay. We're gonna
take care of the bookkeeping.

No, no, no, no. I lost
the game. You won.

I'm supposed to
do all the bookwork.

What you're doing
doesn't make any sense.

- Well, that just
goes to show you.
- Which is?

We're all not as
predictable as you are.

[All Laugh]

[Charlie] Have a
good time, Bosley.

Come on, Bos. You know, I
am crazy about all three of you.

Or did you happen to
know that too? Oh, we know.

We know everything about
you, Bos. You're predictable.

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