Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 3, Episode 2 - Angel Come Home - full transcript

Jill Munroe's friend Paul Ferrino wants her to drive his new car in the Grand Prix, but it's vandalized right after he shows it to her. Could Jill's fiancé Steve Carmody be the culprit?

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls who
went to the police academy...

Two in Los Angeles,

the other in San Francisco...

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.


But I took them away from all
that, and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.

[Waves Crashing]



[Both Squealing]

Let me look at you!
I've missed you!

[Muffled] I've missed
you! How are you?

I'm terrific now.

Working with Charlie
agrees with you? Oh, I love it.

I want to hear about you. I
want to hear about Europe.

You've been racing cars? You
came in third? I came in third!

Oh, that's fabulous.

Oh, oh, I gotta tell ya. I think Bosley's
keeping a scrapbook, but he won't admit it.

Oh, it's so sweet. Aw.

Oh, Bree and Kelly are gonna be so
excited to see you. Will you slow down?

Oh, oh, oh, oh! Uh, tell
me about the French baron.

What's his name?
Let's go swimming.

Jill! You are crazy.
Come on now.

Is it the French baron,
or is it the ski instructor?

Was. Huh?


It's one man now.

Jill, are you sure? [Giggles]

I'm betting the
rest of my life on it.

Aw. Well, who is he? [Giggles]
Oh, let me tell you about him.

He's in Europe. He's
gonna be racing at Le Mans.

He was so upset when I
had to come back here.

What's the stupid
emergency anyway?

What? What do you mean,
"What?" The cable you sent.

I didn't... "Top urgent. Come
back. Matter of life or death."

I didn't send you any cable.

There's no emergency.

Somebody says there is.

"Life or death."

[Bosley] Here's our
new client and his wife.

Charlie says not to contact
them directly. Mm-hmm.

[Door Opens]

- Hi.
- Whatcha doin' here?

- I thought you had the day off.
- Oh, I do.

I was just in the neighborhood,
and I have a friend with me.

I thought maybe
you'd like to say hello.

[Sabrina] I don't know. We're
pretty busy here. Pretty busy, huh?

What? Hey!

- Aw, no!
- Hi.

[Squeals] You are kidding!

Welcome back! Bosley!

Oh, my goodness! How are you?

Are you ready to go
to work? [Phone Rings]

Well, I don't know about that
yet. Are you here for a race?

Hey, hold it. Hello, Charlie.

[Charlie On Speakerphone]
Good morning, Bosley.

You will never guess who is standing
right before me this very moment.

Good morning, Jill. Huh?

[Jill Laughs] Charlie, it's so nice to
hear your sweet, sweet voice again.

I've already checked out
that phony cablegram, Jill.

[Bosley] Phony cablegram?
[Charlie] Jill received a cablegram...

supposedly from Kris, asking
her to come home immediately.

Bosley, look at this. "Urgent.

Come immediately.
Matter of life and death."

[Charlie] The telegraph company said
the message was phoned in by a woman.

- That's all they know.
- Well, somebody
must have paid for it.

[Charlie] Somebody did. It was
charged to a phone number... mine.

That's a strange sense of humor.

[Charlie] Let me
double your pleasure.

This morning I was contacted by
somebody trying to reach you, Jill.

You're kidding? Nobody
knew I was coming here.

A man named Paul Ferrino did.
He phoned me just an hour ago.

Who is Paul Ferrino?

Oh. Well, Paul, uh, designs
and builds formula racing cars.

I haven't seen him
in almost a year.

Where is he, Charlie?

Good question. I don't
know. Nobody knows.

He doesn't have an address, a
phone number, a contact... nothing.

- Strange man.
- Hiding.

Uh-huh. Hmm.

[Charlie] Jill, he wants you at the
Century City parking lot, 2:00 today.

- He'll make the contact.
- Uhh, I don't know.

- Hmm, I know. I mean, Paul and I were close.
- Past tense, Jill?

Well, if Paul's in trouble,
I have to help, right?

That'd be okay. I mean,
we'll all go. We'll all be there.

- Right.
- I don't like it.

[Clicks Tongue] Come on. I'll be in a public
parking lot surrounded by all my friends.

The only danger will be the
exhaust fumes, right? [Coughs] Right.

- Bellissima.
- Paul.

Oh, beautiful as
ever, Jill. Oh. Hi.


Oh! Now, this was for
friendship. The past is... past.

[Jill] What about your present?
Full of serious problems?

Ah, not serious... deadly.

But all right now. How
can I help you, Jill?

My touring office wouldn't have forwarded
your message if it hadn't been so urgent.

My message? Mm-hmm.

Wait, did you get a cable
sounding really urgent?

Something about a
matter of life or death?

You didn't send
it? I didn't send it.

Then somebody's
using you to find me.

And now they have. It's
all right. I have friends here.

No, I'm sorry, darling. I
trust nobody I don't know.

But you, Jill. I have
to get away from here.

Will you trust me?
Come with me. Of course.

Yeah? But how?


[Engine Starting]

[Angels Shouting, Indistinct]

Hey! Come back!

Is she out of her mind?

Well, whatever she's doing, she
didn't look too unhappy about it.

She sure didn't.

[Dog Barking]


There it is. One of a kind.

I'm running it at
the grand prix.

It's really something.

I don't get it. I mean, you're
running it in the grand prix.

Is that the big secret?
You've won races before.

This race means very little.

A quarter of a million.

My stakes are much higher.

Five million dollars at least.
Perhaps as much as 50.

Fifty million dollars?
Okay, I'm hooked.

Now, I've developed a new
method of turbo charging.

Not only great speed, but...

Would you be interested
in a Cadillac, say,

that gave you over
100 miles to the gallon?

Yeah. I think a lot of people
would be interested in that.


I have the backing
of a major auto firm,

and if this baby
does well in the race...

Not win, just do well...

I'll receive a $5,000,000
development fund.

And when it's
tested and patented,

I become very, very rich.

That's very, very nice. [Laughs]

You think the people who sent us
the fake telegrams are trying to steal it?

Or destroy it. I've been hiding
this car for the last six months,

and now they've
used you to find me.

I'm sorry. I'm not.

I think this may turn out to
be the luckiest break I've had.

Jill, how would you
like to race this car?

In the grand prix?

You're kidding, aren't you?

I mean it. I need a driver...

One whom I can trust totally.

And if this driver happens
to be a trained investigator,

so much the better.
An investigator on leave.

Jill, I'm serious.
I need your help.

Okay, on one
condition... Granted.

I don't just race to do well,

I race to win. Hmm.

[Laughs] Oh, uh, Danny?

I want to introduce you to
our new driver, Jill Munroe.

- Driver, huh?
- That's what I said. Hmm!

She's been racing in
Europe the past year.

We've competed. You're
going to be surprised.

[Paul] Danny is
my chief mechanic.

I hope the surprise will
be a pleasant one. Hmm.

Well, I'm gonna go give my sister a call.
I'm afraid my friends might be worried.

All right now. You'll find a
phone in the business office.

It was nice meeting you. Yeah.

Well, you don't seem to agree.

Hey, what do I know, Paul?
Nobody asks me anything anymore.

[Muffled Scream]

Don't you know better than to be walking
around here by yourself? [Whimpers]

Oh! Mmm.

Mmm! Mmm!

You sick maniac! You
scared me to death.

How'd you find me? The question
is, how did you get away from me?

I'm not used to being
deserted by my fiancé.


[Laughs] Wait a minute. You're
supposed to be driving next week.

Yeah, I quit. To be with me?

Of course. Hmm.

Well, then there was this slight
disagreement between Kreutzmann and me,

which, in fact,
got a little heated.

What'd you do? No, don't
worry. The X-rays were negative.

But he has no sense of humor.

I'm where I wanna be.

How'd you find me
anyway? Pure luck.

Oh. [Laughs] [Laughs]

[Clears Throat]

Oh, um, this is Steve
Carmody, and this is...

Hello, Paul. How
are you? Hello, Steve.

You know each other? Oh,
yeah, yeah. For about 10 years.

I always used to run
second to Paul... Aw...

Until now.

Steve and I are engaged.
Oh, that's what I call winning.

[Sighs] Congratulations, Paul.


[Extinguisher Spraying]

[Groans] Danny! What happened?

I don't know. Uhh,
there was a blast...

- Danny, are you all right?
- You better get him
to hospital.

The car's okay. It's a little
scorched is all. Oh, I don't believe it!

I've had the car here for less than
24 hours, and look what happened.

- Who knew it was here?
- Until now,

just those right here.

I promised Paul before I knew
you were here, remember?

Well, "unpromise" him then. Why do you
have to be the one to ride to his rescue?

What did Paul Ferrino ever
do for you? Don't answer that.

He gave me my first chance
to drive in competition.

He's an old friend, period.

And I'm only the man
who wants to marry you.

"Wants to"? What happened
to the man who's going to?



Okay. Okay, okay, you're
Paul Ferrino's driver.

Yeah? Yeah, I'll live with it.

Look, I worry about you.

You be careful.

I will. Hmm.

Come on.

Come on, Kris. She's a big girl.

Don't worry. She can take
care of herself. [Door Opens]

Jill! Hey. Hello!

Are you okay? I'm great.

Oh. Um, this is Steve
Carmody, and this is Kris,

your future sister-in-law.
Hiya, Kris. Nice to meet you.

- [Kris] Hi, hon.
- And guess who this is.

Wait a minute. Don't tell me, don't tell me.
'Cause I've heard all about you two. Uh...

- Kelly?
- Right.

And Bree. Yes. Yeah.

Heard all about us, huh?
Well, I don't know if I like that.

I hope she didn't
tell you everything.

Well, she didn't tell
me everything. No.

But she made one thing clear. Either I do exactly
as I'm told, or she calls in you two, and...

- Precisely.
- Well, in that case,

the two of you can hold
my hand in the stands...

- while Jill's driving
in her first big U.S. race.
- [Together] What?

Paul Ferrino hired me to drive
in the grand prix next month.

- That's sensational!
- All right.

And I think we should
all go to the press party.

Oh, but there's, um,

a little more to it
than that, right?

I think we should call Charlie.

- Um-hmm. [Smacks Lips]
- [Kris] Hmm.

And you'd like to call
Charlie without Steve.

That's all right. No, I
understand. Well, it's... You know...

I've got a near-terminal case of jet
lag anyway. I'll call you from the hotel.

Okay. I'm really glad
I finally met you all.

[Smacks Lips] Nice to
meet you. See you soon.

Bye-bye. Bye, Steve. Okay.

Talk to you tomorrow.
[Kisses] Okay. Bye.

Okay. Shall we vote?

[Laughs] I think he's terrific.

We have one "terrific."
Could we get two more?

Well, three "terrifics."
How'd we do?

[Charlie On Speakerphone] I've
read a copy of the arson squad report.

The fire was set by a small
incendiary device with a timer.

And yet the car was hardly
touched. Doesn't make sense to me.

And the only ones who knew the car
was there were Paul and his mechanic.

Yeah, but a number of people
had heard the rumor about it.

[Jill] Steve knew.

But then, everyone involved in racing
knew Paul was working on something.

So how many suspects do we have?

Well, our most obvious suspect
is Danny Bligh the mechanic.

Now, he said he was close enough
to the explosion to be thrown by it.

But Jill said he only had a
second-degree burn on his arm.

Now, either he is very
lucky, or he's lying.

[Charlie] You think he might
have set the device himself?

Well, if he did, he
wasn't very good at it.

Charlie, I feel a
little bit responsible.

I mean, somebody used
me to bait Paul Ferrino.

If it's all right with you, I'd
like to be in on this case.

[Charlie] You were working it the day the
telegram came, Jill. Glad to have you back.

Jill, you're not gonna drive
the car. Of course I am.

Charlie. [Charlie] Kris, I
have you're assignment.

- Stick with Jill night and day.
- Thanks, Charlie.

Shouldn't be difficult. She's
done that since we were kids.

Why should things change?
"She's done that since we were kids."

Come on. We'll see you all at
Paul's party. Bye. We'll see you later.

- Bye-bye.
- Bye.

- [Charlie] Bosley.
- Yes, Charlie?

Better find out what you
can about Jill's fiancé,

- Steve Carmody.
- Okay.

♪♪ [Disco]

♪♪ [Continues]

Jill, I'm George Danforth. Hi.

I'm handling the
P.R. for Paul. Oh.

A ton of people want to meet you,
especially money people. Well...

I know that'll be all
right, Steve. Oh. I'm sorry.

♪♪ [Continues]

Hello, Steve.

Hello, Andrea. Aren't you going to
even say, "What are you doing here?"

I'm just trying to remember. Have I ever been
to an occasion where there were fast cars,

champagne and rich
sponsors, and you weren't there?

You're gallant. You could
have added good-looking drivers.

Speaking of which, is it true?

Yep, we're getting married.

How... trite.

All right, fellas.

[Shutters Clicking]

All right. Very nice. Beautiful.


[Man] Hey, Jackie. Jackie
Stewart. What do you think?

Well, it looks good, but
you never know until it races.

Jill, over here, please. Okay.

Over here. Jackie,
move in a little bit. Okay.

Jackie, do they ask you to show
your legs too? All the time, sweetheart.

[Both Laughing]

Fine. Over here,
Jill. Right here.

[Clicking Continues] Paul.

Ah... [Both Laugh]

Oh. All right. That's
enough, boys. That's enough.

Would you mind taking her
around a few laps? Would I mind?

She's yours. Okay.

Okay, slowly now.

[Paul] Oh, excuse us, uh,
fellas. Give us some room, please.

[Man] Sure. Please. Thank
you. Here, get in there.

[Seat Belt Clicks]

[Engine Starts, Revs]

Remember, this is just for show.

Easy now. Easy.

[Revving Continues]

[Engine Whines]

[Whining Continues] Do
you know Paul Ferrino?

Ho-ho. Yes.

Oh. A friend? [Laughs]

Everyone's my friend. You
know my awful reputation.

What do you know
about this new car?

If you want to know about
cars, why not ask Paul?

I'd like to know more
than he might tell me.

I see.

You could always
call me later tonight.

The later the better.

I don't think so.

Huh. Think again.



Kris. Who is she?

Was. Who was.

Kris, I love your sister.

Uh, I couldn't figure out why you weren't
down there, so I came looking for you.



What an incredible machine. You
can't believe how easily it handles.

I want you to drive
it. Paul will let you.

What are you two
talking about besides me?

Uh, we were just getting a
little better acquainted, that's all.

We were talking
about Andrea Lassiter...

and her passion for me.

But it seems she's already
found somebody to console her.

[Chattering Continues]

[Kris] That someone is
Danny Bligh, Paul's mechanic.

[Danny] Andrea. Danny, don't be
a damn fool. Now leave me alone.

Hey, I put myself on
the line for you, baby.

I could go to jail. Shut up.

You stay away from Steve Carmody,
and I mean it. Do you understand me?

Danny boy, we were
talking business. Oh, you...

[Kelly] Why would a woman like Andrea have
anything to do with a mechanic like Danny Bligh?

[Sabrina] Kris said they
had a big fight at the party.

What do you think?
Love or business?

Grease-monkey business.

Ooh! I'm sorry.

♪♪ [Piano: Jazz]

[No Audible Dialogue]

[Sabrina] There
he is. [Chattering]

Good luck.

[Clears Throat]

Hello, Danny.

Well, now, don't tell me
we've met and I forgot,

'cause, uh, you,
uh, I wouldn't forget.

[Laughs] Hmm.

My name's Kelly Garrett.

Insider magazine, huh?

Never heard of it.

1.1 million readers have,

and they're all interested in
Paul Ferrino's mystery car.

Mm-hmm. [Smacks Lips]
Well, talk to George Danforth.

He handles the P.R.

Well, I want the kind
of information that, uh,

P.R. men don't give out.

I won't need to mention your name,
and, uh, I can make it worth your while.

Uh... [Clears Throat]
no names, eh?

Ferrino doesn't like
mechanics with big mouths.

I heard that there was some kind of an
explosion. Can you tell me about that?

Yeah, well, uh, somebody
tried to blow up the car yesterday.

Um, no damage.

It wasn't the first time either.

You mean, somebody tried
to destroy the car before?

Somebody doesn't
want the car to race.

Any ideas?

Hey, look, Ferrino's
a top driver.

He wins. He's a
winner. He beats people.

You beat people,
you make enemies.

Especially somebody who, uh,

maybe made a bet
on himself and lost.

[Inhales, Exhales]

Danny, I get the feeling
you're telling me something.

- No names, right?
- Right.

[Inhales] Look, why don't
we, uh... [Clears Throat]

talk about you?

Our readers aren't
interested in me.

I can't believe that.


But if you'd like to talk
again, just call. Mm-hmm.


[Film Advances]

[Shutter Clicks]

[Bosley] Well, the facts may be
unpleasant, but we have to face them.

Now, our prime suspect
according to Danny Bligh...

is, one: a driver...

who lost a number of
races to Paul Ferrino...

and may bear a grudge. Steve.

Two: someone who doesn't
want Jill to drive Ferrino's car.

Also Steve.

Or three: somebody who
may be gambling on the race.

[Bosley] I don't like to add
to this unpleasantness, but...

according to Charlie's
European contacts,

Steve has heavy
gambling debts...

and was investigated once...

in connection with a race
that he lost in Belgium.

- Were those charges proven?
- No.

Well, then let's not
jump to any conclusions.

I'm sorry. I'm just
trying to be fair.

[Bosley] Also, two years ago,

Steve punched Paul Ferrino
and accused him of cheating...

after Ferrino beat
him in a road race.

Well, Kris, somebody
has to tell Jill.


[Horn Honking]

Hi, Kris. Hiya,
Kris. How ya doin'?

Take the groceries over here, okay?
Do we have to unpack these now?

No, we don't have to
unpack them now. Good.

Want an apple? Yeah,
I would love an apple.

Want an apple, Kris? No.

She doesn't want it. [Mutters]
She doesn't want an apple.

Apple a day keeps
the doctor away.

- What's the matter with you?
- [Apple Crunching]

I need to ask Steve
some questions, and, uh,

I wanted you both to be here.

What kind of questions?

About Paul Ferrino...

and the attempts
to destroy his car.

Now wait a minute... Well, it seems that
I'm under investigation. It's all right.

No, it's not all right. Maybe you're
forgetting we're gonna get married.

- You know, he's not
a suspect in a case file.
- Jill, it's-it's all right.

She's being up
front with both of us.

Okay, kid sister, fire away.

We have some reports that you
have gambling debts in Europe.

That's true.

I mean, the only thing I can say in my
defense is that my present debts are...

very small compared
with my past ones.

I knew about the
gambling debts, Kris.

Steve already told me.

We also know that you
had a fight with Paul Ferrino,

and you accused him
of cheating in a race.

[Smacks Lips] Guilty.

Paul was cheating and
it wasn't the first time.

Why didn't you tell me
about it? Oh, because it...

It would have looked
like I was jealous.

And I am.

I just don't trust Ferrino,
and I don't like him.

Do you dislike him enough
to try and blow up his car?

Yeah, probably, but I didn't.

One last question,

why did you meet
Danny Bligh yesterday?

What did he hand you?


- Have you actually been
following me?
- It's part of the job.

Y-You know, I'm
very old-fashioned.

I marry you, I marry
into your family.

But your little sister here obviously
thinks I'm some sort of high roller...

who likes to go
around blowing up cars.

- Wait.
- You didn't answer
my question.

No, and I'm not going to. Let
me tell you something, both of you.

Jill isn't driving
that car for Ferrino.

- Not while I'm around.
- Steve!

[Door Slams] [Clicks Tongue]

I'm sorry, Jill.

Yeah. [Clicks Tongue]

Kris, Bree, Kelly?

Steve's on his
way to the garage.

[Engine Starts, Revs]

[Engine Sputters]

[Engine Revs]

What's he doing?

[Engine Whines]

Hey, what the
hell's goin' on here?

Who is that? Steve Carmody.

[Danny] What's
he doing in my car?

I know what he's doing.
He's testing it for me.

[Whining Continues]

He's bringing it in.

- [Engine Sputters]
- Hi.

[Kris Groans]

No. [Kris] Jill, come on now.

No! Stay here, Jill.

Don't look, don't look.

Come on. No. No...

Do you want us to come
and stay with you for awhile?

I'm okay.

Better stay, Jill. I'm
all right, really. [Sighs]

God, I wish there was
something we could do.

I know.

You know, there is
something you can do.

You can get the truth
out of Danny Bligh.

Well, we'll do that.

You know we'll do
that. Don't worry.

Thanks. We love you, ya know?

I know.


Hi. I saw you comin'.


Jill, why don't we go away?

You know, we could go up north.

You always loved it up north.

I'm not gonna be able to forget Steve
just because the scenery changes.

I'm not gonna be able to
forget him no matter what I do.

Oh. [Sniffs]


It's okay.

I'm here, honey.
I'm here. I know.

[Sniffs] Don't cry.

- Well, I didn't plan
on any damn murders.
- It was an accident.

Oh, yeah, right, an accident.

And Steve Carmody
right in the middle of it.

You know what that does?
That takes me out. Out. I'm gone.

Carmody was killed.
I don't like it either.

You think I wanted it that way?


we've got a lot
riding on it, Danny.

You and I.

What, do you think I'm stupid?

You think 'cause I got a little
grease under my nails I'm an idiot?

You know what "you and I" means?

It means "you," baby,
"you." Always... Always did.

I knew you were
running me. I didn't care...

till now.

You are stupid.

But you're locked into it.

Including the killing.

Yeah, that's right.
And don't you forget it.

Remember, if I get nailed
everybody gets nailed.

You get nailed.
You understand me?

So, you be smart.

Say good-bye. Wish me
luck, 'cause I'm gone, baby.


[Door Closes]

[Engine Starts]

[Tires Squeal]

[Engine Starts] [Door Opens]

Hello. Hey, what is this?

We're just taking you
on a little trip. A trip?

- You can't...
- We were at the track when
Steve Carmody was murdered.

We'd like to talk
to you about that.

Now wait a minute. That
was an accident. [Squeaking]

Hey, where are we going?

To the police... Homicide.

[Sabrina] There was a
bomb planted in the car.

It was the same kind used to set fire to the
garage. You want to tell us how you did that?

We know you gave Steve the
keys to the car so he could get to it.

- No, that's a lie.
- Oh, no, it's not. We've got an eyewitness... me.

- We've got another witness,
Andrea Lassiter.
- What's that mean?

It just means that Andrea
can afford a very good attorney.

She's got well-connected
friends, doesn't she?

She'll make a deal. Bet on it.

Just depends who
gets to the D.A. first.

All right, look. Uh, I, um...

I made the bombs.

Andrea made me do
it. I did it for her, uh...

Why didn't the first one work? The
first one wasn't supposed to work.

We just set it up
for the big one.

That way we'd make people
think it was an outside job.

You made them and you
planted them, right? No.

I made 'em. I didn't plant 'em.
Nobody was supposed to get killed.

We were just supposed to
total the car, and that was it.

Then who planted them? Andrea?

No, no.

The same guy who
wanted the car totaled...

Paul Ferrino.

[Andrea] But, Danny, it's
running. I couldn't stop him.

I tried. What if the police
want to question him again?

Weren't you supposed
to be able to control him?

Isn't that what you're good at?

I did that for you.
Don't you forget it.

Everything... I did
everything for you.

Oh, Paul, please.
I'm frightened.

[Jill] Paul.

[Paul] Jill.

I'm terribly sorry about
Steve. I was going to call you.

- Paul, she heard.
- Shut up.

[Andrea] She heard us.

Why? I don't understand.


Simple, really.

My wonder car...

[Paper Rustles]
my breakthrough...

with the amazing turbocharger...

It didn't work.

I faked this as long as I could.

[Rustling Continues]
It was a failure.

Jill, it wasn't just the money.

It was everything...

Years of hard work,
my reputation...

I would have lost it all.

Unless somebody
destroyed the car.

And then, well...

Now I can start all over again.

What about me? Were
you going to kill me?

Was I supposed to be the
one who was in that car?

I was desperate. And
now... No, Paul, no!

[Engine Starts, Revs]

[Tires Squealing]

[Tires Squealing]

[Tires Squeal]

You okay?

You okay, honey? Yeah,
but I can't breathe. Come on.

[Exhales] I'm sorry, Jill.


You hungry? Hmm.

I don't feel much
like going inside.

The sky gives me more room,
and the air is cleaner, and...

I don't make a lot of
sense, do I? Sure, you do.

Besides, that's what we thought.

What do you mean,
"we"? Come here.



That. Look out,
'cause it's leaking.

There's that.

Bosley made a supreme
effort. He closed the office.


He even took off his suit.

I would like you to know that everything
here was made by my own little hands.

Bosley, that's sweet.

I'm happy to be
here with you all.


Why does this toothpick
holding my sandwich together say,

"Arnie's Delicatessen"?


Well, Jill, some things
never change. You're right.

- Check.
- [Chattering]