Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 3, Episode 18 - Teen Angels - full transcript

After a murder takes place at a prestigious school for girls, the Angels investigate the case by going undercover to find answers about the death, & they soon discover that some of the girls are selling & abusing drugs & alcohol.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls who
went to the police academy...

Two in Los Angeles,

the other in San Francisco...

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.


But I took them away from all
that, and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.


Don't you ever talk to
me like that, Patricia.

Now let's try it again.

You came here with Liz
to place an order... right?

Wrong. I'm not doing
business with you, Donna.

Come on, Patty. Buy.

You'll enjoy.

Yeah. Quit being such a prude.

I'll do the talking, Bo.

Is she your idea
of a new customer?

You know you're not
making points, Liz.

Hey, Patty, wait a minute.
Please, I want to talk to you.

Good, Liz, good. Grovel a bit.

Your little game's
about over, Donna,

'cause I'm gonna
call Mr. Blackmoor.

If she calls Blackmoor,
you'll regret it, Liz.

Believe that.

It's okay, Donna. I'm
gonna talk to her right now,

and I'm sure I can
change her mind, okay?


Patty, please. I thought
you were my friend.

You don't use your friends, Liz.

You and your stupid
Victorian morality.

[Sighs] Patty...

[Door Slams]


I see you're a tea drinker too.

Tea's got tannic acid.
It soothes the insides.

They put it on burns.
Did you know that?

Sure don't use
caffeine. [Chuckles]

You'd think them coffee drinkers
would get the message, wouldn't you?

Why don't you turn off that
country bumpkin mouth of yours?

I don't care about
you or your tannic acid.


Hello? Mr. Blackmoor, please.

Yeah, this is Patty Cantwell.

[Sighs] I'd like
to talk to him...

about something
that's been going on.

Will he be in his
office later on?


All right.

[Gasps, Grunts]

[Charlie On Speakerphone] The police found
no clues, no fingerprints, no witnesses.

None of the girls heard
anything or saw anyone.

And Mr. Blackmoor doesn't know
why Patty was trying to reach him?

[Charlie] No.

Sounds like the call and
Patty's death could be related.

[Charlie] A
distinct possibility.

Those two girls who left
Blackmoor College last month...

claimed to have been
frightened by a potential strangler.

[Charlie] Yes, but unfortunately, they
could give the police no descriptions.

Well, where do we start?

Kris, you and Bosley
go to Hillhaven.

That's right near
Blackmoor College.

You'll be met by
Victor Hoagland,

a school employee in
charge of maintenance.

Kris, you'll be a new student.

Now Geoffrey Blackmoor
has made the arrangements,

and he's the only one who
knows your true identities.

What have you
got for me, Charlie?

Well, since the killing,
two teachers have quit.

You and Sabrina
will replace them.

Now you'll teach an
English class, Kelly,

and, Sabrina, you think
you can handle an art class?

Well, if I don't get my expressionism
and my abstractionism mixed up,

I think I can probably
muddle through.

[Charlie] Bosley,
as for your cover...

Yes, Charlie. History, anthropology,
anything you say. I'm ready.

[Charlie] Something
closer to animal husbandry.

Yes, you'll report to Victor Hoagland
as a... as a groom in the stable.

[Snickers] Cheer up, Bosley.

Maybe the strangler will
turn out to be a dark horse.


Well, I guess we
better look for Victor.


It's heavy. Don't
drop it, Cissy.

I'm trying, Donna.

Ready? Yeah.

The dying halls of Blackmoor
will get one big transfusion tonight.

Come on. Let's
get back to school.

There's too many
eyes around here.

Hey. You Kris Munroe? Yes.

I'm Victor. I came to
meet you. Hi, Victor.

Welcome to Blackmoor. Thank you.

Victor Hoagland,
Blackmoor school? Yeah.

- I'm John Bosley.
- Well, I'm glad
to meet you, John.

Mr. Bosley, I'm Kris Munroe. I saw
you on the bus. Are you a teacher?

Well, actually, I'm a, uh, maintenance
engineer in the equestrian area.

Oh, a groom.

That's another way
of putting it, yes.

Being a groom's just as
important as being a teacher.

Now, come on. Let's get
your baggage and get goin'.

Shall we tell him about the
box those three put in the van?

I think we better find out who they
are first. They look like students.

From what I can gather,

Patty and a girl named Liz Marshall
had been visiting three of the other girls.

Who were the other three girls?

Cissy Canfield, Donna
Rossiter and Bo Fleming.

Did the police question them?

Mm-hmm. They
could offer nothing.

It's about time for
my English class.

If you come up with
anything else, Mr. Blackmoor...

There is one more
thing. What's that?

Patty's parents said that
a valuable emerald ring...

was missing from her
personal possessions.

Oh, really? Well, that
could be worth checking into.

We'll see you later.
Thank you very much.

Mr. Blackmoor expects you,
so you can just go right on in.

Oh. I'll put your
bags in your room.

Great. I really appreciate
it, Victor. Anytime.

Listen, if you need anything,

or even if you don't...
[Laughs] you can come to me.

- Now you remember that.
- I will. Thanks.

There's a really nice girl.

No uppity snob just 'cause
her daddy's got a million or two.

Seems real nice...
for a rich girl.

Oh! You must be Kris Munroe.

Mr. Blackmoor? Hello.

Well, you've really
captured the Blackmoor look.

I've, uh, put you in a
room with Cissy Canfield.

She was one of the three girls
Patty was with before she got killed.

Uh, well, I'm happy to know
you've done your homework.

I'll talk to you later.

[Door Closes]

Something wrong?

I was looking for my pencil.

Oh, let's see.

Is this it?

Thank you.

[School Bell Rings]

Put your papers on my
desk as you leave, please.

[Girls Chattering, Laughing]

You coming, Bo? No,
go ahead. I'll catch up.

[Girls Chattering, Laughing]

I don't know what to say.

I mean, you could have made a big
deal in front of everybody, but you didn't.

Your name's Bo, right?

- That's an unusual name.
- It's short for Bonell.

Why did you come
to Blackmoor, Bo?

To get an education.

Then why are you
denying it to yourself?

Think about that, okay?

Hey, Bo? Hey, Bo, wait. Bo...

Wow, Miss Garrett's
really something special.

I will never cheat
in her class again.

You? Not cheat? Not lie?

[Laughs] Not likely.

I mean it. I won't.

Of course you will.
You can't help yourself.

Look, nobody understands
you like I do, Bo, baby.

I'd advise you to
hang on to that thought.

Now we go forward to face
the new instructeur d'art.

Well, I see I'm not the only new member
of the class. You have a new classmate.

Would Kris Munroe
stand up, please?

There you are. Tell you what...

I'm gonna ask you to
model for the class today.

That'll give you all a
chance to get acquainted.

After they've looked at you for an
hour, you can't feel like such a stranger.

All right?

- Would you step up
on the platform, please?
- Okay.

All right, everybody. I would
like for you to sketch Kris...

in the style that
most appeals to you.

Now this isn't for a grade.

I just wanna get an idea of your artistic
and or aesthetic interests. All right?

So all I ask is a sincere
stab at it. Any questions?

Uh, do you think Kris
could move her hair,

so we could see her face better?

[Chuckles] Now
she's all tensed up.

No, I'm very relaxed.

All right, everybody.
Let's get to work.

Oops. Now your
hair's in the way again.

[Donna] Miss Duncan? Yes.

I hate to be so fussy, but...

she looks so stiff, from
my perspective anyway.

I mean, it makes me
feel uncomfortable.

She looks all right to me. I really
don't see what's bothering you, Donna.

Maybe it's the
angle of her head.

Would you mind if
I helped her a bit?

- All right.
- Thank you.

- There. That's better.
- Ouch!

Oh! How did I do that?

Yes, how did you get your
finger twisted around my hair?

- It was an accident.
- Sure.

I'm terribly sorry.

Why don't you just
sit down, Donna?

You know, it must have
snagged on my ring.

Donna, take your seat, please.

- Well, I just don't
want you to think...
- Sit down, Donna.

Very well, Miss
Duncan. If you insist.

[Sabrina] I do insist.

Sit down.

Thank you very much.

All right, ladies.

Let us get to work.

Ranchin' used
to be really great.

Good friends around, all
interested in each other.

All equal.

But they all moved away.

[Laughs] It was
lonesome as sin out there.

So I moved too. I
been here about a year.

You know, uh, Victor, uh,

I saw three girls from here put
something in the back of your van...

while you were in the depot.

Were you aware of that? No.

Let's go see what it is.

I just can't imagine what
that could have been.

Well, I don't know. I just
thought you'd want to know.

Well, sure.

Well, I... I just don't
understand that.

I mean, I saw them.

It was a rather good-sized,
heavy-looking box.

Well, there's nothin' there now.

It was probably
some other van, John.

Let's get back to the chores.

How'd it go, teach? Pretty good.

I decided to try my own
variation of the inkblot test,

and I think I found a monster.

Kris was the model for that.

Yeah, you did find a monster.


Hi. Speak of the devil.

Did someone capture
my unique radiance?

What do you think? Ooh.

Well, the skin
tones are a bit off,

but, otherwise, I...

Looks like the creature from
the black lagoon. Donna, right?

Right. How'd you guess?

It's my hair. I don't
think she likes my hair.

I don't think she likes
anything about me.

Hello. Come to
pull my hair again?

You seem moderately
intelligent, Kris.

And I'm sure you wouldn't want to lose
any more of that beautiful blonde mop.

So I suggest you
listen very carefully.

I believe this is the part
where I'm supposed to tremble?

I want you to forget you
saw me at the bus depot.

I want you to forget everything
you saw at the bus depot.

And don't give me any trouble,

or you'll be a long
time regretting it.

- Now that
sounds like a threat.
- Only because it is.


Bosley. Yeah.

Listen, did you find out
anything about the box...

the girls put in the
back of Victor's van?

Yeah. When Victor and I went to
look in the van, the box was gone.

Well, Donna just laid a
real, heavy trip on me...

about forgetting everything
that I saw at the depot.

That seems to give some importance to
the contents of the box, wouldn't you say?

I'd say so. Maybe it's tied to
Patty Cantwell's death somehow.

Yeah, let's hope so.

I'd like to wrap this thing up
before somebody else gets killed.

Uh, carry on.

You're late. I couldn't help it.

I had three collections
to make and...

Excuses. Always excuses.

You know, Liz, I'm
not sure I can trust you.

In fact, we were just
talking before you came in.

Where were you the night
Patty was strangled, Liz?

I was in bed.

You say that, but how
do we know it wasn't you...

who wrapped that
nylon around her throat?

Oh. You've got to be kidding.

Patty was my good friend.

Well, she certainly didn't act
like a friend that night, did she?

And you were very angry.

Lay off, Donna.
This isn't funny.

- Since when do you
tell me what to do?
- Well, you're being cruel.

You'd better remember
who you're talking to, Bo.

Gimme your orders, Liz.

[Donna] Two bottles of
booze. One bottle of happy pills.

One bottle of downers.

Well, don't just stand
there. Make your deliveries.

Donna, why are you so
mean to her? She loves it.

She needs it. She needs
to be told what to do...

just like you two
need to be told.

I'll get my share later.

You'll get your share now.

I don't want it. Oh,
yes, you do want it.

It's your share. It is
your commitment to me.

Donna, she doesn't want the
money. What's the big deal?

We're in this together,
Bo, the three of us.

All the way.

Do you understand, Cissy?

Yes, Donna. I understand.


You may leave now.

Someday, Donna, you're gonna
meet somebody who isn't afraid of you.

Not like you, huh, Bo?

Miss Duncan doesn't think that
you're so hot. Maybe she'll be the one.

I'll take care of Miss
Duncan. My way.

In my own time.

And you keep your
mouth shut, understand?

Go on, get out of here.


Hi. Hi.

Where's Cissy? I don't
know. I haven't seen her.

Oh. Look, um, I'm sorry about
what happened in art class today.

It was really mean
what Donna did to you.

Listen, I've had my
hair pulled by experts.

I was gonna get some
juice. You want some?

Doesn't it bother you the
way Donna treated you?

Should it?

Well, if Donna accepts
you, the others accept you.

If she doesn't, you're out.

And without friends around
here, it gets a little lonely.

I suppose it does. Come on.

Well, it sounds to me
like she has herself...

a little totalitarian
setup here.

She has.

Patty was my good friend,
no matter what Donna says.

[Kris] What does Donna say?

She didn't actually
come out and say it,

but she implied
that I killed Patty.

I don't know why she'd
say that or why she'd think it.

Maybe you're just putting too much
importance on what Donna says.

Kris, I want to belong.

You know, everybody
needs to belong somewhere.

Well, I just think you have to belong to
yourself before you can belong anywhere.

I guess you're right.

[Chuckles] Anyway, I'm very
glad you came to Blackmoor.

I'm glad too.

- Cheers?
- Cheers.

[Glasses Clink]

Hi. Hi.

I promise I won't stop
unpacking until I'm all moved in.

Would you like some help?

Sure. You wanna hang up
these pants for me? Sure.

You know, I thought you
worked here when I first met you.

Whatever gave you that idea?

Well, when I was at the
depot, I saw you and Donna...

and Bo loading a crate
into the school van.

I don't know what in the
world you're talking about.

Excuse me.


[Blackmoor's Voice] Patty's parents
said that a valuable emerald ring...

was missing from her
personal possessions.

[Ringing] Hello?

Bree? Kris.

Well, I found Patty
Cantwell's ring.

My roommate had it.

- You sure it's Patty's?
- It has a big P.C. on it.

All right. Then that puts
Cissy at the top of the list.

[Clicks Tongue] Yep.
Maybe you should call Charlie,

and we should have the
police come and get her.

No, no, no. It's
too circumstantial.

I mean, somebody
could have planted it.

Yeah, I guess you're right.
Well, I'll just put it back and...

Bree, wait a minute.

My God, Bree.
Cissy's a kleptomaniac.

She even took that plastic
bobble that was on my key chain.

[Footsteps] I have
to get back to you.

- All right. - [Whispers] Bye.


Listen, I'm sorry I upset you...

about mentioning the van
and the box and everything.

If Donna finds out, you know,
she's gonna be very upset.

She'll be sure I told you.

Well, why? I mean,
what's the big deal?

- What's in the box anyway?
- I can't tell you.

Well, no wonder
Donna was so upset.

You know, when she found out
I was watching you at the depot.

She told me very emphatically...

to just forget it.

And I suggest it's best you do.

Okay, I'll tell you what.

I'll never bring it
up again, okay?

You know, Kris... Hmm?

Having you here is
kinda like having a sister.

I think it's gonna be real nice
to have somebody to talk to.

I'll tell you what. We'll
make a deal. What?

Anytime you feel like
talkin', just ask me. Thanks.

Drawer? Yeah.

[Donna's Voice]
"Dear Dr. Blackmoor,

"I think you should know... Bo
Fleming cheated on her exam...

"in Miss Garrett's
class yesterday.

"Obviously, I can't sign this.

A dedicated student."

You wrote that note
to the dean, didn't you?

You told him that I cheated!

Donna was right.

All that friendly
understanding was just an act.

If I wanted to report you, Bo, I wouldn't
have to do it with an anonymous note.

And Donna is
wrong. It isn't an act.

I do care about you.

I know who did it then.

Liz. She's the one that told
me to cheat in the first place.

I'd be careful about
another hasty conclusion.

We're friends again, aren't we?

I never stopped
being your friend.

I'm glad.

See you later.

[Girls Chattering]

[Donna] Don't you ever...

Don't you ever mention
Patty Cantwell's name again!

Am I getting through?

You're getting through, Donna,
but I'm not sure I care anymore.

Patty was right. You are...

Keep that mouth of yours shut.

[No Audible Dialogue]
[Kris] Yoo-hoo.

Hiya. Hi.

I just saw our friend
Donna in action.

She slapped Liz
and threatened her,

because she was talking
about Patty Cantwell.

I think we're close, and I
think Donna is a big part of it.

I agree. Donna can't afford to have anyone
in authority around her she can't con.

[Sabrina] Right. I
don't know. See you.

See you. All righty.

Hmm. Let's go.

[Girls Chattering]

Hi, ladies. Have some juice.

Hi, Bo.

You really stooped
low this time, Liz.

What are you talking about?

The note that you sent to
the dean saying that I cheated.

What are you talking about? I
don't know anything about a note.

Don't lie. I'm gonna get
even for that stab in the back.

Bo, wait a minute. What are
you talking about? This is crazy.

It's pretty, huh?

Hard to believe a girl was
killed here last week. Yeah.

[Girl Screams]

No! Oh, no!

[Coughs, Gasps]

Liz? What happened?

What happened?

What is it? I don't
know. I just got here...

Liz, who was in
here? I don't know.

- Liz, can you tell us
what you saw?
- [Liz Coughs]

Nothing. I... I felt
something around my neck.

Did anyone see
anyone or hear anything?

I was asleep till I
heard her scream.

Liz, are you all right?

Just a minute, Bo.
I want to talk to you.

- Look, Victor,
I'm in a hurry, all right?
- I still wanna talk to you.

You can meet me in the tack
room right after dinner tonight.

Don't be ridiculous, Victor. I have
no intention of meeting you anywhere.

I wouldn't act so high
and mighty if I was you.

I heard you threaten
Liz yesterday...

just fore somebody
tried to strangle her.

I think you'd better
come to the tack room,

and you'll talk
to me. All right.


Oh, hi, Miss Garrett.

Hi. What was that all about?

Oh, I just forgot
to clean my tack,

and Victor got a little upset.

That's all. I see.

Well, I gotta go. Okay.

[Bosley] I finally found the box behind
some of the bales of hay in the stable.

[Kris] Whoa! [Kelly] My heavens.

Yeah. Brandy and pills.

But why? None of these girls
need to sell anything for money.

[Sabrina] Well, for kicks.
Donna lives on kicks.

[Kris] But what kind of kicks?

I mean, did she kill
Patty, try to kill Liz?

You couldn't convict her
on what we've got so far.

[Kris] All right. We need a
motive and a girl tied to it.

Bo thinks Liz reported
her for cheating,

but I don't think
Bo's really bad.

Not that bad.

Well, I'm afraid
that Cissy's a klepto.

And she and Bo are
Donna's constant companions.

I'm just afraid that Donna can
get them to do anything she wants.

Meaning that all three of them could
be connected with the stranglings?


Bos, did Victor know
about the liquor and pills?

Not that I know of. Why?

Well, it seems that Bo and
Victor were arguing this morning.

When I asked her about it, she said it
was because she hadn't cleaned her tack.

Well, that's very odd,
because I saw her cleaning it.

[Kelly] I figured she was lying.

Do you suppose that
Victor discovered the box,

and that's why he's so angry?

Look, Kris and I have
an art class in 10 minutes.

- Why don't you
talk to Victor?
- Okay. Check you later.

All right. Be careful.

By selling this stuff
to the other girls,

Donna gets a hold
over them too, huh?

No wonder she runs the
pecking order around here.

[Bosley] Yeah,
ruled by intimidation.

Strange that none of that
dark side shows up, though,

in that pretty face.

I think she's coming
from a very strange place.

[Kris] That little picture
she drew of me...

after she touched my hair in art class
gives you a good idea where her head's at.

Well, it's not that.
Face it... Look!


I can't get it out!
Forget it, Bosley.

Bree, let's try the window.
Think you can get up there?

I'll give it a shot.

[Horses Neighing]

Let's save the horses.

[Horses Neighing]

Hey! That's Donna's horse. What's
it doing out here so safe and sound?

It was in the barn with the rest
when I went to the tack room.

We'll take care of Donna.
You take care of these horses.

[Alarm Clanging]
Okay, okay. Go ahead.

Whoa, whoa, boy.

[Girls' Overlapping Shouts]

Come on! Come on!

Go! Come on!

Hurry up! Hurry up!

Yeah, I'm kinda hard to locate.
They keep me so blasted busy.

Well, if you have a
little time, I'd like to talk.

'Bout what?

The box the girls smuggled
into school in your van...

full of liquor and pills.

You been talking to Donna?

No. I've been
talking to Bo Fleming.


How 'bout a drink?

No, thank you.

You knew about
their little racket?

[Laughs] Miss Garrett, Bo lies.

You can't believe
anything she says.

You seemed relieved when you
found out I hadn't talked to Donna.

Relieved? I don't
know what you mean.

Maybe I should see Donna.

Seems to me like you're getting pretty
far out of your department, teacher.

- Maybe too far.
- How come I get the feeling...

we're talking about more
than just liquor and pills?

I ain't in no mood to play
mouse while you play cat.

- [Groans]
- You stuck up, spoiled
little snob.

Treatin' me like I was
some tuck-tailed cur dog.

You ain't gonna do no more
talkin' to nobody, pretty lady.

Uh-uh. [Groans]

No more talkin' at all.

Come on! Come on, hurry up!

[Overlapping Shouts]

I'd like to talk to
you, Donna. Alone.

[Exhales] Gee, uh,

that's too bad, because
I'm not leaving my friends.

You see, we stick together.
Share and share alike, right, girls?

Donna set the tack room
on fire with three people in it.

Would you like to
share murder with her?

I don't believe you.

Well, she's lying, isn't she?

Of course she is.

You've got some nerve trying to
make my friends believe a story like that.

- We don't have to listen
to her. Let's go.
- No, wait a minute.

Now we know about the liquor,
and we know about the pills.

But next to attempted
murder, that's really nothing.

They're lying. You
know Kris hates me.

Can't you see what they're
trying to do? Trying to break us up?

Before you go any further,
let me say something else.

Kris, Miss Garrett and
I are private detectives.

We're not talking about
an infraction of the rules.

We're talking about a deliberate
attempt to burn three people to death!

I couldn't set anybody on fire.

I didn't know anything about it.

And she made
us sell the pills...

Quiet, Cissy. No!

It's time we started talking.

- She blackmailed us
into doing these things.
- Shut up, Bo. I'm warning you.

It's not gonna work
anymore, Donna.

See, we know that Cissy's a
kleptomaniac, and we know that Bo lies.

But you're different.

Oh, now wait a minute.

You can't lay it all on me.

I'm not taking the blame alone.

She stole Patty
Cantwell's emerald ring.

And one of her lies got
the history teacher fired.

Then there's Victor.
Real nice fellow...

till he gets out his black
gloves and nylon stocking.

- What?
- Victor's the strangler?

- Donna, are you sure?
- Of course I'm sure.

I caught him coming
out of Patty's room.

Why do you think he went
along with our deliveries?

Kelly's with him. Yeah, I know.

I just saw them in the Jeep
heading towards the lake.

- When, Bo?
- Just a minute ago.

There's a shortcut
straight over the hills.

Do you want me to show
you? Yeah, come on.

Bo, stay here. We'll be all right
as long as we stick together.

Cissy, listen to me. No, Donna.
I don't want any more of your...


[Exhales] Who needs you anyway?

I should have
made Victor kill you.

I should have made
Victor kill both of you.

Bosley, it's Victor. Victor?

He's got Kelly in the Jeep.

Is there gas in that
thing? Yeah, I think so.

Donna's gonna try to get away.
Okay, I'll take care of Donna.

Come on! Let's go.

Come on! Hurry up. Hurry up.

[Tires Screeching]

You stupid fool! Get
that thing out of my way!

Feeble-minded hayseed.

I can't hear a thing
with that motor running.

Move it so I can
get out of here!

Please get out of that car.


I didn't mean to kill her,
just scare her like the others.

Who do they think they
are? Never done a day's work.

Lording it over people.

Hold it steady.

I'll try to hit the tire.



- Kelly, are you all right?
- I'm okay.

Go after him.

Guess what, Victor? You
just flunked out of Blackmoor.

[Charlie On Speakerphone]
I'm glad you're back, Angels.

I hope your brush with higher
education was beneficial.

Well, if Blackmoor is typical, I understand
why they call it finishing school.

Yep. It seemed like
some of those girls...

were majoring in
mayhem and blackmail.

And minoring in lying,
thievery and intimidation.

What's gonna happen
to them, Charlie?

Victor is in custody,
and so is Donna.

Geoffrey Blackmoor was so happy with
the job you did, he sent you each a gift.

They're under the desk, Bosley.

Hey! Ooh!

Here you are, Bosley. Thank
you very much. Thank you.

Love presents!


Not my style.

Well, it's nice, but, uh...

But, uh, square.
[Charlie Laughing]

What did you expect?
The man's an educator.

You are now honorary
graduates of Blackmoor.

[Bosley] Graduates
of a girls' school?

How am I gonna tell that to
the guys in the locker room?

[Charlie] Well, maybe you'll find
something more to your taste...

in, um, Acapulco, Angels.

Look in the boxes.
Your tickets are there.

[Squealing] If you hurry, you
can just catch the next plane.

First class. I love
it! [Kissing Sound]

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