Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 3, Episode 16 - Terror on Skis - full transcript

The government hires the Angels to find people responsible for killing the President's special aide at a ski resort in Vail, Colorado. The government warns the Angels that the identities of all their federal agents may have been revealed. During their investigation of the guests at the hotel of the President's murdered aide, the Angels discover that an extremist Italian Radical Group is there. When Sabrina is captured by them, she learns of their violent past.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls who
went to the police academy...

Two in Los Angeles,

the other in San Francisco...

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.


But I took them away from all
that, and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.

[No Audible Dialogue]

[Man In Line] Hey,
watch it. Wait your turn.

Franco? Do you hear me?

That government agent
Wales is on the lift behind me.

[On Walkie-talkie]
Franco? Do you hear me?

I can hear you, my friend.

Franco, he knows why we're here.

Let's move back.



Yeah, this is the top of six.

Three geniuses just went
down past the boundary marker.

Yeah, well, make sure they show up in five
minutes, or we'll send the patrol after 'em.

Yeah, three of 'em.

[Charlie On Speakerphone] Angels,
Mr. Chadway's boss at the Pentagon...

is an old friend of mine.

We served together
in army intelligence.

I've assured him we would assist
Mr. Chadway every way we could.

Mr. Chadway, your
agent, George Wales...

You say that he put in a call to you
from Vail, Colorado, yesterday morning,

but when you got to the
phone, he had hung up.

Yes, and he didn't return to
his room at the lodge last night.

You said George Wales
was working on a case...

that involved a high
government official.

[Chadway] He thought someone
might try and kidnap Carl Hansworth.

Hansworth, Hansworth...

The president's
envoy to the U.N.

And the president's
personal friend.

What kind of
information did he have...

that made him think
Hansworth would be kidnapped?

He heard a rumor, and I
sent him to Vail to investigate.

Nothing more
tangible than a rumor?

When George Wales called me from Colorado,
he told my secretary it was urgent,

which means to me that
he was onto something...

"tangible," as you put it.

I was ready to
leave for Vail when...

the head of my agency informed me that you
people were being brought into the case.

Why are we being
brought into the case?

[Chadway] Carl Hansworth, as
you've probably read, is a, uh...

Well, he's a very
special animal.

He's Harvard educated,

probably one of the youngest
up-and-comers on the political scene today.

Ex-football player and all that.

He's also a world-class
amateur skier,

and he's going to compete
in the world pro-am in Vail.

Well, he should do well. I
saw him ski in Aspen last year.

Anyway, my boss feels that
since George Wales disappeared,

chances are our security team's
identity has been compromised.

So you want unknown
faces around Hansworth.

My boss feels that you three can
give Hansworth primary protection,

while my men and I just stay close enough
to give you backup in case there's trouble.

- Why don't you just ask
Mr. Hansworth to leave Vail?
- I did. He refused.

[Charlie] Mr. Chadway, you keep
saying your boss wants our help.

What do you want?

George Wales was
my closest friend.

I personally believe this
should remain an agency matter,

but since you people have
been brought into the case,

I'll do whatever I
have to do to find him.

[Bells Jingling]


Bannock, Norton,
our new associates:

Sabrina Duncan... Hi.

John Bosley, Kelly
Garrett... Hello.

And Kris Munroe. Hello.

He didn't mention it,
but I'm Carl Hansworth.

Oh, yeah, Mr. Hansworth. I
thought you'd be up in your room.

I didn't like it in my room.

I had a feeling you'd
say something like that.

I'm Kelly Garrett,
Mr. Hansworth.

Well, "Mr. Hansworth"
sounds, uh, terribly formal, Kelly.

I'd prefer Carl. Okay.

We had suggested
Mr. Hansworth wait upstairs, but...

[Chadway] Yes, I know, uh,
Mr. Hansworth has a mind of his own.

Excuse me. Can we
discuss this upstairs?

Good idea. May I?


We don't agree with
his politics, Vincenti,

but I agree with
his taste in women.

We will not get to Hansworth
with Chadway and his men so close.

Let's hope for his own sake,
Mr. Chadway does not remain, uh,

too close.

[Phone Rings]

[Continues Ringing]

Carl Hansworth's suite.

Oh, yes, Senator
Faraday. [Door Opens]

Uh, no. Mr. Hansworth
isn't in right now.

He had to drive to
Denver for a few days.

Uh-Uh, S-Senator, we seem
to be having trouble on the line.

I'll call you...

Elizabeth, these are Mr. Townsend's
people. My secretary, Elizabeth James.

- How do you do?
- Hello.

Hey, uh, women's ballet
starts in 15 minutes.

The perfect blend of athletic
ability and the aesthetics of dance.

You sound like a fan.
Oh, I am. You will be too.

Before you go anywhere, we're
going to discuss security procedures.

That is why we're here,
Mr. Hansworth. All right.

How do we keep me away from
these, uh, kidnappers, whoever they are?

Uh, excuse me. I think maybe the
best way to find out who they are,

would be for one of us to act
as a sort of a companion to you.

- You mean, like, girlfriend?
- Well, yeah, whatever.

That's a good plan.
I nominate you.

I accept the nomination.

She'll be armed at all times.

- Mr. Bosley, I assume
you can handle a gun?
- You assume correctly.

Well, good. Then you and Mr. Hansworth's
secretary can play the same game.

I beg your pardon.

I want two armed people
around Mr. Hansworth at all times,

and since you're
always near him,

then you and Mr. Bosley can,
uh, pretend to be companions.

Well, I'm afraid I wouldn't
be very good at that.

Besides, I have
a lot of work to do.

I will help in every way I can.

Anything else?
That'll do for now.

And you two stay close,
but in the background, and...

Will you get into
some ski clothes?

You look like you just stepped
off Pennsylvania Avenue.

Probably because we just did.

I'm gonna go to the room, unpack
and call Charlie. I'll see you on the hill.

Okay. I'll go get dressed
and pick you up in 10 minutes.

You're gonna go look
for your friend, aren't you?

Yes. Maybe I should come along.

Well, you don't have
to. He's my friend.

I know. But you and I,
we're friends, aren't we?

Maybe I can help.

All right. Maybe you can help.


I'll need the information for
the U.N. speech by tomorrow,

also the figures on
the UNICEF benefit,

the, uh, times and dates
of the delegate arrivals,

and tentative budget for
the whole mess, all right?

- Miss James.
- Yes.

I'll be back in 15 minutes.

And, uh, keep that door locked.

Oh, uh,

by the way, do you have
any ski clothes in, uh, yellow?

- Well, I believe I do, but...
- Good, good.

Wear them. Fifteen minutes.

[Door Opens]

Hi. Hi.

Well, I told you that you
would look smashing in yellow.

Your carriage, my lady.
A carriage with no horses?

Oh, it's got horses.

Elizabeth, I assume you've taken
care of those matters I mentioned?

[Engine Starting]


Sorry. All right now.

Let's hope he can handle a revolver
better than he can handle a snowmobile.

Ah, let's go.

[Man On P.A.] Ladies and
gentlemen, let me call your attention...

to competitor number four in
the freestyle ballet competition.

♪♪ [Orchestral]


I've never done this
before, you know.

I feel like my feet
are set in cement.

You're not gonna throw me
in a river somewhere, are ya?

[Snickers] That wasn't the plan.

Now that's better. What?

You're smiling. Your
face didn't even crack.

Let's put your skis
on, okay? Okay.


♪♪ [Orchestral]

[Man On P.A.] Ladies and
gentlemen, let me direct your attention...

to the jump area, where competitors
are presently attempting to pick up...

additional points in the
freestyle competition.

Lots of air, good form, but you gotta
land on your feet. [Crowd Groans]

Give the lady a hand for trying.

♪♪ [Continues]




[Kris] We have to
get on that thing?

I told you. George Wales
was wearing a red ski suit.

Now the lift operator remembers seeing a
skier dressed in red who jumped the lines.

He seemed very agitated,
and he was in a big hurry.

That was the exact same time that
George tried to call me in Washington.

Now it's the only lead I
have, and I have to follow it.

Look, uh, would you rather
wait back at the lodge?


Well, what do you think?

Well, you heard the operator. He yelled
at three men who took this closed trail.

One of them had the red suit on.

Think these are the same tracks?

It's a good chance. It
hasn't snowed in a week.

But there are
four sets of tracks.

So it seems.

Well, maybe there were four men.

Well, the operator
saw three men go in.

The ski patrol saw three
men come out at the bottom.

Which is why there
was no search.

But what if there were four men?

Then that means
there's one still in there.


Wait here.

You okay? Yeah.

You don't look okay.

What is it?

There's a body down
there with a red ski suit on.

Your friend?


♪♪ [Orchestral]

Great day, isn't it?

Oh, I'll say. Where's Kris?

I think she and Chadway went
up on the mountain. Oh, yeah?

♪♪ [Continues]

♪♪ [Continues]

[Crowd Cheering]

[Man] Bravo!

[Man On P.A.] Ladies and gentlemen,
let me again direct your attention...

to the jump area where this
competitor will also attempt...

extra points in the overall
freestyle competition.

[On P.A.] Man on the
jump... We're waiting.

Please make your jump.

Good elevation and form points.

You're seeing another leader in
the freestyle points competition,

ladies and gentlemen.

[Man] Bravo!

[No Audible Dialogue]

You shot at Chadway?
You tried to kill him?

Your father had
no choice, Paolo.

Chadway was looking
for Wales's body.

We cannot take Carl Hansworth...

if, uh, Chadway is alive.

But he's still alive, and
now he knows we're here.

No, someone whose face
he could not see shot at him.

That's all he knows. Unless George Wales
told him our identity when he called him.

No, if Wales knew who
we are and why we are here,

he would have had us arrested.


[Man On P.A.] Excellent jump,
number seven. Excellent jump.

Are you sure the girl had a gun?

Yes. And she used
it like a professional.

And that concerns me.

I've learned that any woman who
carries a gun is a matter of concern.

[Vincenti] I wonder...

if the two with her
also carry weapons.

And if so, who are they?

What are they doing
here with Hansworth?

Yes. And that
will be your job...

To find out.

I would suggest you start now.


Whoo! [Cheering, Whistling]

[Man] Hooray!

Hi. Hi.

You like the competition?
Oh, very much. Yeah.

You're a competitor? Oh,
no, no, not me. I ski a little bit,

but I could never
do anything like that.

Uh, what you just did up
there really knocks me out.

Knocks you out?

Oh, I mean, I like
it. It's, uh, wonderful.

Oh. Yeah.

You're very kind.
Oh, well. Thank you.

Um, I didn't get your name.


"Paolo" what? I bet if I heard
your last name, I would recognize it.

You probably compete in Europe,
don't you? Yes, occasionally.

You do. Yeah. Pardon me.

- Hey, what are you doing?
- I'm just getting a picture.

Well, it's customary
to ask first.

Hey, from a prima donna
like you, I don't need this.

I don't think he meant any harm.

I'm sorry. He startled me.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to
upset you. Oh, no. It's all right.

Hey, listen, uh, maybe I could
call you later. I could apologize.

Sure. Um, I'm at the lodge.

And, uh, my name
is Sabrina Duncan.

I'll call you. All right.

Pretty camera shy,
wouldn't you say? Very.

And I would like to know the
reason. See you later. Yeah.

Excuse me, sir? Are you
gonna start on me too?

No, no, no, no. I'd like to
buy your camera. What?

I'd like to buy your camera. I'll
give you 50 bucks for it. Huh?

You're as bonkers as that prima
donna. You can buy one for 22.90.

No, I don't want a camera
from a store. I want your camera.

I'll give you 150. How's
that? It's my final offer.

You got it. All right. Thank
you very much. See you later.

One carries a gun, and the
other one collects cameras.

- With my picture in it.
- You should have taken
the camera away from him.

How? Fight him for
it? Maybe get arrested?

Hardly a way to remain
anonymous, Papa.

- Then get it away from her.
- How?

Any way you have to. Go.

[Man] Bravo!

Well, from the look on his face,
I'd say he found George Wales.

We found him in a
crevasse. He'd been shot.

Well, that should convince Hansworth
that we do have a problem here.


[Vehicle Engine Starting]

Are you not convinced that
someone's trying to kidnap you,

Mr. Hansworth?

I'm convinced somebody wants
something here... maybe me.

And I'm convinced somebody killed your friend
because he was getting close to an answer.

Then you're willing to
back off? Get out of Vail?

No. I'm not gonna turn and run.

George Wales's death
taught you nothing?


the lesson you're talking
about, I learned a long time ago.

You don't panic because
of terrorists, kidnappers,

arsonists or any other kind of mayhem
the sickos in this world dream up.

Don't you get it?

You could get killed.

I know that.

But if I run from this now, it'll
just follow me, whatever it is,

and I'd rather be dead
than alive running scared.

Okay, you don't want to run.
I think we all understand that.

- Are you gonna go ahead
with the competition?
- That's why I came here.

Okay, look. Let's go over
a couple of things then.

Bannock and Norton'll be
in Denver in a couple hours.

They'll develop the film,
get the picture of Paolo.

They'll put it on the wirephoto,
and Charlie'll get an I.D.

Meanwhile, you find
Paolo and stick close to him.

He's gonna do the slalom, so as soon as he
gets down, I'll see if I can't talk to him.

Which reminds me, I better get over
there, sign up for the elimination heats.

All right. I want someone on the lift
with you at all times. To the lift then?

Uh, no, Sabrina's the skier. I think
she better cover you on this one.

I'll stay at the
bottom of the lift.

- You handle the slalom course?
- Make a run at it.

[Chadway] Let's give it a go.

You and I can stay at
the top of the course.

Okay, that should cover it.

Elizabeth, call the president's secretary,
bring her up to date on the U.N. benefit,

and make sure all the
invitations have been sent out.

Also, you better send a telegram to
Senator Madison on the UNICEF decision.

Yes, sir. And would you
like me... [Door Closes]



I think you'd also
look terrific in brown.

I have work to do.

Brown. Put it on.

Why are you
treating me this way?

Because it's time
that somebody did,

because you deserve it,

and I'd like to be your friend.

Should I ask why?


You should never
have to ask why.

[Man On P.A.] Breaking from
the timing gate on the dual course,

Jeffers and Mace.

Top of the course, Mace and
Jeffers holding even, fast and easy.

In the middle of the course, Gorman
pulls slightly ahead of Greyson,

who is hanging in,
cutting the gates closely.

Their mid-time course is still
slightly behind course leaders.

Gorman and Greyson heading
down into the lower part of the course,

still evenly matched, and beginning
to move closer to the leader's time.

And at the finish, Gorman by a
split second... [Crowd Cheering]

which will put him in fourth
position behind our leaders.

We are in luck.

Hansworth is continuing
the competition.

That means Chadway
has not figured...

how Wales was killed or why.

- But we can't be sure of that.
- Sure we can.

If Wales had said anything,

Chadway would have taken
Hansworth back to Washington...

in protective custody.

Well, I think it's time...

we make our move
now as we planned.

- What do you think?
- What do I think?

I think we've waited a long
time and came a great distance.

Perhaps we should move now, before we forget
why we started out in the first place.

Sometimes, my friend, you
say things that... that worry me.

No need. You are right.

Paolo, get on the lift with Hansworth.
Your father and I will wait at the top.

We'll take him when
the two of you get off.

Let's have done with it.

[On P.A.] Slalom competitors, if you
have not been assigned your number,

do so now and then proceed
to the top of the slalom course.

- Hey.
- Excuse me. Excuse me.

Doesn't he look just a
little overly anxious to you?

- Paolo, last name unknown.
- He certainly does.

Hey, you're number 41? Yeah.

Well, the girl said that we
should go up the lift together...

Now... so that we
don't miss our turn.

Well, I was supposed
to ride up with a friend.

There she is.

Good, Paolo is with Hansworth.

Well, I'm sorry. I don't
want to miss my turn.

Hey, wait a minute.
I'll ride up with ya.

Bosley, is that Paolo up there
on the chair with Hansworth?

Yeah. And I think it's
more than just coincidence.

- Meaning what?
- Meaning that he just pushed
his way into the line...

so he could be next to Carl.

He was supposed to wait and ride
up on the lift with you. [Sabrina] I know.

Okay, let's, uh... let's beat
'em to the top of the hill.

You coming? Uh, yeah, yeah.

[Snowmobile Engines Humming]

Vincenti, look, the snowmobiles.

Hey, what's going
on? I don't know.

[Gunshots Continue]

Come on! Hold on! Go ahead!

Hey, mister, where are you
going? Hey, what's happening?

Hey, mister, wait a
minute. I'll come with you.

What are you doin' here?

Uh, there was shooting.

He was curious.

I followed him.

I thought I could help perhaps.

I'm still curious.
Who were they?

We don't know. Do you?

Uh, how could I know? [Scoffs]

Hey, what's going on here?

You don't know
what's going on here?

I'm just a bystander...
An observer.

I don't suppose you
know who he is either.

He's number 41.

Does anyone really believe
that he's just a bystander?

Not likely.

When he pushed in line
to sign up behind you,

did you get a look
at his name? No.

It doesn't matter. Probably didn't
use his real last name anyway.

I think we'll have to wait for Bannock and
Norton to get back from Denver to find that out.

Meanwhile, until
we find out who he is,

we'd better find
out why he's here.

[Chadway] Oh, that's easy.

He's after you... he and the
two that we chased down the hill.

One way or the other,
they're gonna get you.

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