Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 3, Episode 14 - Counterfeit Angels - full transcript

The Agency's in trouble when three women who claim to be "the angels" rob a place. The owner claims that Charlie called him up and said that his establishment's security needs to be checked out so he sends "the angels". But Charlie somehow gives the girls the heads up so they go hide while they try to sort the whole things out. It seems the whole things was engineered by an impersonator, who was the one who called the owner. It seems he owes a bookie a lot of money when what they got was not enough to cover what he owes he plans another job. But when the bookie learns of what he's been doing, he tells him to pull another job but it seems one of the girls was injured in the last job. But when the girls learn the impostors are actors, so Sabrina goes to the agent and when he sees that she resembles their Sabrina--the one that was hurt, they ask to join them.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls who
went to the police academy...

Two in Los Angeles,

the other in San Francisco...

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.


But I took them away from all
that, and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.


[Phone Rings]

Yes? [Man] Miss Hatter?

This is Walt downstairs. I got
three young ladies down here.

They say Mr. Rollins
is expecting 'em.

They say they're from
a detective agency.

So early? Mr. Rollins
won't be in before 10:00.

But he's expecting them, so
you might as well send them up.

[Doorknob Turning]

Oh, you must be the ladies
from the Townsend Associates.

Yes. I'm Sabrina Duncan.

This is Kris Munroe. Hi.

This is Kelly Garrett. Hello.

I'm Edna Hatter.

Someone should have told you that
Mr. Rollins doesn't come in before 10:00.

And neither does anyone
else in the office force.

We often get more work
done without a crowd... Yeah.

- I mean, like you, I imagine.
- That's true.

- And checking security's really
more effective in private.
- I imagine it is.

You know, your boss,
Mr. Townsend, told Mr. Rollins...

that you three are the best
security experts in the business.

Well, Charlie does
exaggerate now and then. Yeah.

- But we do know our job.
- Hmm.

Now, if you could
show us the safe.

Oh, why, yes.
It's right over here.

Here it is.

We purchased it
just two years ago.

Uh-huh. We're
familiar with this model.

- Some of them do have flaws.
- Flaws?

- Mm-hmm.
- A safe is just like
a new car, Miss Hatter.

Most operate perfectly, but every
now and then you get a lemon.

Oh, dear.

- Just how much money do you
usually keep in here?
- Oh, 20,000, 25,000.

- Would you open it, please,
so we could examine the works.
- Of course, of course.

[Tumbler Clicking]

Mr. Rollins and I are the only
two who have the combination.

- That's a plus right there.
- [Safe Opens]

Fine. Uh, Kelly?

You and Kris examine
it carefully, okay? Yeah.

And you, Miss Hatter... Would
you show me where this door leads?

Oh. Why, that's... that's
Mr. Rollins's private bathroom.

Ah, perfect way for a thief
to enter if there's a window.

Gracious, I wouldn't know. I've
never been in there. [Chuckling]

Well, I certainly think
we should examine it.

Well, if you think so. Um...


Miss Duncan?

Miss Duncan, why
did you close the door?

Security, Miss
Hatter. Strict security.

Hurry up, Angels. It's fast
approaching time we flew away.

[Hatter] But this is
not at all necessary.

Open the door. [Pounding]

I demand you open the door.

Charlie said he would call at 10:00
sharp, and it's already half past.

That's not like him. It's
not like him to be late.

I know it. When it comes
to a work conference,

you can set your
clock by Charlie's call.

- [Door Opens]
- Hi. I'm sorry I'm late.

[Kelly] Hi. I had a flat tire.

- Honest. I had a flat tire.
- Oh, I believe it.

I'm sorry I missed
Charlie's call.

We are still waiting
for Charlie's call.

What? He said he'd call at
10:00. It's 10:30. [Phone Rings]

Ah. There he is.

- Charlie?
- Bosley, I'm sitting here with
Detective Sergeant Dirkson.

I want to speak to you privately,
before the Angels get there.

It's very important. That's why
I called you a half hour early.

- But...
- [Mouths Words]

You're not to mention this to
the girls when they get there.

Just when do you expect them?

Well, Charlie, I expect them at the
time you said earlier. I understand.

Dirkson's men should
be there soon too.

They have warrants for the
Angels on suspicion of robbery.

Robbery? That's right.

Someone called Jack Rollins,
who owns the sports arena,

and pretended to be me.

Rollins and I are old friends.
He swore it was my voice.

Whoever it was, he
convinced Rollins...

he should have his security
system checked by my operators.

Then three girls showed up,
said they were from our firm...

and cleaned the safe of $25,000.

Well, Charlie, they were
impostors. We both know that.

We do, but the police don't.

A woman named Edna Hatter, who works
in the office, opened the safe for them.

The police showed her a
picture of the real Angels,

and she swears
they were the ones.

It's on the basis of that that the
police plan to arrest the Angels...

and hold them for questioning.

Knowing those three, they'd
go undercover to escape arrest...

and try to find out
who was behind this.

Oh, you're right, Charlie.
They certainly would.

But if anyone can keep
them there, you can, Bosley.

Charlie, believe me, I will keep
them under lock and key if I have to.

Good. The sergeant's
letting me remain free...

since no one made a
positive identification of me.

But I did promise
my cooperation.

Charlie, you can count on my
cooperation a hundred percent.

How could the police pick
us up when they know us?

They've worked with us. They have
an eyewitness who says we robbed her.

What's her name?
Hatter? Edna Hatter.

They can't convict us, Kris. We
have alibis. Then why are we running?

Charlie obviously wants us
to find our impersonators...

before they do us
any more damage.

You know how it is when
stories hit the papers.

People read that you're accused,

and then they find it hard to
forget when your name is cleared.

But we have to clear it
up before it hits the papers.

We'll need a safe place to stay.

Bosley gave me the key to an
apartment Charlie keeps downtown.

There's an
underground parking lot.

There's even a freight
elevator we can use.

- It sounds charming.
- Yeah, very. It's the Rochester Club.

The Rochester Club? Uh-huh.

That's one of the last men's-only clubs
left in the city. I hate those places.

Aw, come on. They'll never think
to look for us in the Rochester Club.

They'd look for us in the
Rams's dressing room...

before they'd look for
us in the Rochester Club.

- We'll settle in, then we'll
go talk to Miss Patter.
- Hatter.

Hatter, Hatter.
All right. Hatter.

[Man Imitating W.C. Fields] It was a
pleasure, my little chickadees, a pleasure.

♪♪ [Band: Lounge] Thank you.

♪♪ [Ends] You get it?

Oh, come on.

[Quietly] Close the door.

How much? Ten thousand.

Ten thousand? I
gotta pay Asher 20.

Mickey, what can I say? There
was only 25,000 in the safe.

The girls each got
five. That was the deal.

And I didn't even
take a commission.

And for Sam Punch,
that's a first. Believe me.

I know. I know, Punch. I
just need more. That's all.

Maybe Asher'll settle
for half. Oh, sure.

Instead of breaking both
my legs, he'll just break one.

What if I talked to
him? That's a new one.

Send your agent to
negotiate your life.

No. Asher might take this 10...

if I can promise him
the rest within 24 hours.

But isn't that cutting it
a little too thin, Mickey?

Look, if I can set this up,

you can take the 10 to Asher and
buy me another day of breathing.

But you're only getting
yourself in deeper.

Hey, relax, Punch. [Bell Dings]

I gotta set up another
job for my Angels.

[Dialing Phone]

[Imitating Charlie
Townsend] Mr. Frederickson?

Charlie Townsend. Yes,
yes. That's where we met.

I'm very glad you remember.

Look, Bob, I don't usually call
people at home in regards to business,

but this is rather delicate.

Well, one of my three female
operators was shopping in your boutique,

and she noticed that your
security system was awfully lax.

I'd like to send the three girls over
tomorrow and check everything out.

Then you could consider
their recommendation.

No, I'm glad to, Bob. Glad to.

I'll have the girls there
first thing in the morning.

Talk to you later.

[Drops Impersonation] Okay,
agent. Go see my bookie.

And don't get me a
contract. Get me out of one.

[Game Beeping]


That was a lucky
hit. I had you goin'.

- Mm-hmm.
- [Phone Rings]

- Get that.
- I can't. I'll lose my point.

[Ringing Continues] Your
point or your job. It's up to you.

Yeah. Sam Punch outside.

He's the agent for that mimic.

- Okay.
- Send him on back.

You owe me 15 now, Toby.

That last game didn't count.

Around here, I'm the only one
that does the countin', babe.

[Door Opens]

Hi, Mr. Asher.

Punch. Got a quarter?

Oh, yeah, I think so.

Here you go.

Uh, I came to talk about Mickey.

Oh, yes. The man with a thousand
voices and one very short life.

That's what happens to welshers.

Aw, Mickey's not
a welsher. No, sir.

No? Mickey Biggs.


[Coin Drops]

[Ringing, Clattering]

[Ringing, Clattering Continue]

"Biggs, Mickey. Lost four $5,000
bets on four losing baseball teams.

"Last bet in June. Promised
payment on three occasions.

"Failed to show. Warned
twice, leaned on once.

Recommendation: Write off
debt, make example of debtor."

No! I mean, look, you
don't have to worry.

Believe me. Honest.

Here. Here's 10,000.

Mick said he'll have the other
10,000 by this time tomorrow night.

I'm tellin' you. This kid
is onto somethin' sure.

Somethin' good, somethin'
big. What do you say, huh?

I say a sure thing don't come
along in my line real often.

Well, not in my line either.
But old Mick, he's got one.

Can I tell him you'll
give him the extra day?

Sure. You can tell him that...

after you tell me something.

When a deadbeat
comes up with 10 grand...

and says he can make 10 more
the next day, I wanna know how.

I wanna know all about
this so-called "sure thing."

So you'd better start
talkin', flesh peddler,

or I'm gonna be takin' 10%
of you... outta your hide.

[Footsteps Approaching]

Excuse me. Miss Hatter?

Why, yes. Who are you?

Actually, I'm
here to get a story.

Oh, a reporter.

Would you like to come in? No, if you don't
mind staying out here for a few minutes.

I have a couple of
questions. It won't take long.

I understand that you identified a photograph
positively the police showed you...

of the three ladies
that robbed you.

Oh, yes. They showed me a
picture of the Townsend people.

And they were the
same ones all right. I see.

And did they tell you it was the Townsend
people before you saw the photograph?

Why, I... I don't remember.

Is that important? Very.

If they had told you it was the Townsend
people, then showed you the photograph,

they could have put
that idea in your mind,

and you could've made a mistake in the
identification. Oh, no. There was no mistake.

I'm very good at faces.

Why, when those three
walked into the office,

I recognized the
blonde one right off.

You recognized her?
What do you mean?

Well, she must also be a model.

She's on that Restful Mattress commercial
they show every night on The Late Show.

I guess she's a model
in her spare time.

Are you absolutely
positive? I certainly am.

I see that commercial
every night. [Sighs]

Miss Hatter, am I the girl
in the mattress commercial?

Why, no.

You do look a lot
like her though.

I am the girl you identified
from the photograph.

[Footsteps Approaching]
And so are they.

Hi, Miss Hatter. Could you
just look at us very closely,

because we were all
three in that picture.

But we're not the girls who
were in your office, are we?

Oh. Yes, you're the ones.

- You've come to get me.
- No, no. No, no.

- You want to silence me.
- No, no. We just want you to see...

that you've made a
mistake, Miss Hatter, really.

- Don't touch me! You want to kill me!
- Oh, no!

Help! Don't touch
me! Help! Help!

[Angels Pleading,
Shouting] Help! Help! Murder!

Let's get outta here!
Let's move! Help! Help!

Somebody help me! Help!

Someone call the
police! There they go!

They tried to kill
me! Call the police!


Good morning. Um, can I
help you find something?

We'd like to see
the manager, please.

I'm Mrs. Brown. I'm
the acting manager.

How do you do, Mrs.
Brown? I'm Sabrina Duncan.

This is Kris Munroe.
This is Kelly Garrett.

- We're from
Townsend Associates.
- Oh, yes.

Mr. Frederickson said
you'd be in this morning.

He asked us to give
you our full cooperation.

Tell me. Do you have much
of a shoplifting problem?

Oh, hardly any. Harry's
been with us for two years.

He can spot just about anything.

Yes, but if he should become ill
and a new man were put in his spot,

or if he were bought off...

- You know,
those things do happen.
- Well, uh...

The point is, we would like to see
just how alert your salespeople are...

if you didn't have
Harry to rely on.

Kelly and Kris here will see just
how much they can get away with...

if you alert Harry
that this is just a test.

Well, I suppose I could do that.

Then I'd like you to show me
where you keep your cash receipts.

Very well.

[No Audible Dialogue]

Harry won't interfere. Good.

We, uh, keep the cash
receipts in the office.

Fine. Happy shopping, Angels.

Okay. I love diamond bracelets.

- Can I show you something?
- Oh, um.

I love these diamond bracelets.

Are they expensive?

Around 5,000 apiece.
But they're really stunning.

Let me show you.

Oh! [Murmurs]

Yes, they... they are.

But I'm not sure I like these,
uh, diamond necklaces.

Do you have any gold
chains I could see?

Why, yes. We have
a large selection.

This really is quite lovely.

But $10,000?

Oh. These are lovely.

We have these...

Anyone realize they're
being robbed? No.

I didn't think
they were up to it.

Tell her saleslady that it's all right
for her to wear the coat outside.

We'll go out, and we'll wait five
minutes before coming back in.

We wanna see how long
it takes your salespeople...

to realize things are missing.

I'll take care of it.

Kris, we have to run.

Oh, I'll come back for
this one later. Okay.


Harry! Harry, stop them!

They took our cash. Stop them.

Excuse me! Out of the way!

[Tires Screech] [Woman Screams]

Go get her purse.

[Tires Screeching]

Here's that mattress
commercial, Kelly.

Thank you, Tommy. We really
appreciate it. Well, this is a first.

I've had friends come down here
to look at some of our better shows,

but never at a commercial.

We like station breaks too.

- Let me put this cassette
in here.
- Thank you.

- Showtime.
- ♪♪ [TV: Instrumental]

Hey, no wonder you
wanted to see this.

She looks just like
you, doesn't she?

You know what? She
does look a little bit like you.

She does.

In an odd sort of way.

Is there any way we
could find out her name?

Sure. That commercial was shot
right here. Her name would be in the file.

And her address? No.

But you could go
and see her agent.

Sam Punch, I think his name is.

All right. Thank you.

Be right back.

- Maybe you ought to
go see this Sam Punch.
- Good idea.

Something just occurred to
me. If I go see this Mr. Punch,

I'd better put on
a bit of disguise.

If he's involved in this scam, he'll recognize
me the minute I walk through the door.

That's a good thought.

Do you really think
I look like that?

It's hard to say. We've never
seen you in a mattress garden.

- [Chuckles]
- Hmm.

- Mr. Punch?
- Uh-huh.

I understand you handle people
for commercials and things like that.

I might be able to help you.

How'd you happen to come to me?

I worked with a girl once who
said you were a very good agent.

Janet Ames. You got her a
mattress commercial, I believe.

- Oh, sure. Jan.
- Yeah.

Great gal.

I was hoping to see her again.

You wouldn't happen to
have her address, would you?

- Sure.
- Great.

In the meantime, uh, you
give me your background,

sign with me, and
I'll see what I can...

[Phone Rings]

Hello. Punch. What?

- [Man On Phone, Indistinct]
- Where? Is she hurt bad?

Yeah, yeah. All
right. You told me.

Where are you? The both of you?

All right. Stay there
and wait for me.

[Handset Settles In Cradle]

Uh, you were looking
for Janet's address.

Not now, kid. I gotta split. One of
my clients... They have a problem.

It'll only take a minute.
Later. Tomorrow maybe.

Yeah. You come back tomorrow,
and we'll have lots of time then.

[Bosley] You're positive
that this is Sabrina Duncan?

No. That's why I sent for you.

No purse, no identification.

But the three who hit the
boutique matched the description...

of the three who
robbed the sports arena.

Uh, what... what's he
doing? He's from our lab.

If you can't identify the lady,

we'll have to take
a set of fingerprints.

There'll be no need for
any fingerprints, Sergeant.

That's Sabrina Duncan.

Okay, Fred. Pack up.

Thanks very much, Mr. Bosley.

I'm gonna have to post a
guard outside the room...

until we can move
her to a prison ward.

I understand. Of course.

But look, Sergeant. Could
I ask you a small favor?

I'd like to spend just a few
minutes with her, if I could.

- We were very close friends. You know?
- Sure.

Let's go, Fred. Thanks.

Boy, wouldn't you know?

I've got this dry feeling in
my throat, and this is empty.

Do you know where
the water fountain is?

This should be full.

Never mind. I'll
take care of it.

Thanks. Thanks very much.

[Pinball Machine Clatters]

Okay, nice score.
Got a quarter, Mickey?

Oh, I'm afraid not,
Mr. Asher, but, uh,

maybe you can send your
boy here out for some change.


That should buy a lot of games.

About 10,000 dollars'
worth. [Snapping Fingers]

Guess that makes us
dead even, right, Mr. Asher?

A man that lives as close to
the edge as you do, Mickey,

shouldn't toss that word
"dead" around too easy.

[Imitating Humphrey Bogart] "It's a rough
life, sweetheart," as Bogie would say.


Yeah. See you
around, Mr. Asher. Sure.

Hey, uh...

What gives? I thought
we were square.

We will be...

after you agree to make one more
telephone call as Charlie Townsend.

Uh, but how, uh...

How'd you know
about that? Never mind.

Real smart act you
put together, Mickey.

You're a bright boy, but
you're still strictly a small-timer.

You go twice for petty cash with a
gimmick that could open up a bank vault.

Now, me, I got the perfect
spot for this routine of yours.

I'm-I'm afraid it can't
be done, Mr. Asher.

You see, one of the girls got hurt
today, and she... So you get another girl.

Don't you ever
say "can't" to me.

Okay. Okay.

From now on, I give the
orders. [Weakly] Yes, sir.

And all you do is
nod. Yeah, okay. Okay.

[Lock Turns] Hello.

Hi. What you
doin'? Look at that.

You got a new outfit and a
new suitcase. You gonna elope?

That's not a bad idea.

It sure beats being cooped
up in this chauvinistic place.

- Did you see that agent?
- Uh-uh.

I almost got your
look-alike's address.

Then he got a phone call and had to
rush out. He told me to come back tomorrow.

What'd you do, go out
shoplifting to boost your spirits?

Close. I used Charlie's credit card
and bought us all some new clothes.

Great. That'll teach him
to do this to us again.

Who cares if we look
great in here? [Knocking]

I hope nobody followed you.

[Knocking Continues]
I don't think so.

[Bosley] Hey, it's me.
Sounds like Bosley.

Who is it? It's me, Bosley.

Oh, Bosley.

Hello, fugitives. Hi, Bos.

Ah, welcome to Cell Block 11.

I've never been here before.
It's very nice. The lobby is lovely.

We wouldn't know. We've
been riding up and down...

in the freight elevator with
the empty garbage cans.

Did you talk to Charlie? Yeah.
I talked to him this morning.

He said the most important
thing is to locate those three girls...

and whoever it is that is impersonating
Charlie with the telephone calls.

That's the only sure way to
clear the company's name.

- Hey, hey, hey!
- Bosley.

I mean, we could've figured
that out all by ourselves.

We've already got a
lead on one of the girls.

Oh, good. Then we've
got a lead on two of them.

Bree, the one that's
impersonating you is Carol Brewster.

That's her address and all
the background that we have.

Where'd you get
this? Fingerprints.

- Fingerprints?
- Yeah.

Brewster and the other two
robbed a boutique this morning,

and then she was hit by
a car during the getaway.

She's in the hospital right now
in a coma with a police guard.

Then we're off the hook.

If they have her fingerprints, they know it's
not Bree and they know we're not involved.

- Right.
- [Bosley] Wrong.

Why? Because the police
didn't take her fingerprints.

I did, after I positively identified
her as being Sabrina Duncan.

Wait a minute. You told
the police that she was me?

Yes, because Charlie feels
that if the police close in now,

they'll probably scatter or at
least the top man would get away.

But if they think that you
three are still being blamed,

then they'll feel safe and
they won't have their guard up.

Good old Charlie. First he lets us live
among the wolves, then he throws us to them.

Uh, well, I don't know.
Maybe it's a good idea.

I mean, maybe the only way to solve this
thing is for one of us to get into the gang.

That girl in the hospital is
a dead ringer for you, Bree.

Well, Kelly did a... A
kind of a disguise thing...

when she went in
to talk to Sam Punch.

So I could do the same thing. Only
I'd have to just take it one step farther.

Right. You can't look
too much like yourself,

or else they'll know
who you are really.

Right. I'll just have to do a...

A continuing
impersonation of... of me.

Which is a much tougher job
than my one visit to Punch's office.

Yeah, but, Bree, at least
you got one thing goin' for you.

I don't know what.

You look an awful lot
like Sabrina Duncan.



Uh, not now, honey.
It's a busy time.

- Why don't you come back, uh...
- I gotta be dreamin'.

We're standing here talkin' about a
certain type of gal, and in she walks.


Yeah. She could
be Carol's double.

[With East Coast Accent] Carol.

You talkin' about
Carol Brewster?

Yeah. Yeah?

I oughta look like Carol.
I'm her sister, Sandy.

Oh, well, uh, that explains it.

Let me tell you
what's happened here.

I came in to visit
Carol for the weekend.

Only I go to her apartment...
She's moved away.

Yeah, well, uh, she's
staying with some friends.

Yeah? Well, you know, I
figure, "What's goin' on here?"

So I look and I remember
that Mr. Punch is, uh...

Is Carol's agent, you know?

So I say, "What could I do? I
could go to talk to Mr. Punch,

and he'll tell me
where Carol is."

Well... Sandy, is it? Yeah.
Sandy. Sandy... Carol's sister.

I got a little bad news.
Why don't you sit down here.

What's the matter? Has
something happened to Carol?

No, she's fine. She
had a slight accident.

She's in the hospital, but
she's all right. In the hospital?

Well, where? I should
go to her right now.

No, no. No, no. Um, I think the
best thing you can do for your sister...

is to listen very carefully
to what I'm about to tell you.

- Sure.
- Now, she's getting
medical help,

but she's going to
need the best legal help.

And that's very, very
expensive. Legal help?

I'll make sure that she gets it,

but you can help raise
the money to pay for that.

I'm sure you'll wanna do
everything that you can.

Oh, anything. I
would do anything.

- Anything?
- Anything.

[Doorbell Rings]

Hi, Mickey. Hi.

Hello. [Chuckles] Oh.

Well, can't you even say hello?

Hello. Sorry. Nice to meet ya.

I thought you were Carol
out of the hospital at first.

She's the image of Carol.

Well, naturally. This is Sandy
Brewster. She's Carol's sister.

- Hiya. [Laughing]
- Oh.

No wonder. I'm Janet Ames, and
this is Annie Collins. Hi, Janet. Annie.

Well, Sandy will be using
Carol's room, and she'll, uh...

Good. be taking Carol's
place on our next job.

[Sabrina] Ah, see? Another one?

- Mickey, you said just two.
- Yeah, I know.

But I got a partner now,
and he's calling the shots.

Look, he says one
more job, a big one.

We might all make enough
money to buy our own nightclub.

Oh, in that case, maybe
another one wouldn't hurt.

I don't know. I mean, it all seemed
so easy until... until Carol got hurt.

Hey, accidents happen anywhere.

Even Boy Scouts get hit by cars.

Look, this big job
won't have any risks.

- Believe me.
- Hey, Mickey. Uh, where is it?

Well, I, uh...

I gotta check with my partner.

- I'll let you know tomorrow.
- Who's your partner?

Well, honey, you're better off now
knowing this guy, and that's a fact.

All right. Well, look, uh,
get settled, get acquainted,

and I'll see you all tomorrow.

Yeah. Good night now. Yeah.

Bye-bye. Thanks a lot.


[Asher] Did you
find another girl?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, a great one.

Good. Now you can make a
phone call to George Simmons.

I left his number
here on the table.

- Who is he?
- Top man in charge
of the Gand Corporation.

- Gand? That's a think tank.
- Right.

I've been wantin' to bust
into their safe for years.

What makes you think a place
like that keeps a lot of cash?

They don't, but the papers they
keep in that safe I can sell for a million.

- [Whistles]
- It's bad luck to whistle
in a dressing room.

Even I know that.

♪♪ [Band: Jazz] [Tap Dancing]

Now make that call.
I'm due at the fights.

Look, will this, uh, George Simmons
know who Charlie Townsend is?

They used to play golf together.

Set it up for tomorrow night. I'll give
you the game plan tomorrow afternoon.

♪♪ [Continues]

Not a bad group.
They're crummy, man.

Especially that creep inside
you're tryin' to cut in on the Gand job.

Now, who said I
was cuttin' him in?

I'm using his
gimmick. That's all.

After they get that safe open,

Mick and his three chickadees
are gonna get cut down on the spot.

I gotta get some use outta those
security guards I've been payin'. Hmm?

All right. These are the floor
plans of the Gand Corporation.

There are heavily guarded checkpoints
throughout the entire building.

Do we bluff our way through
all of them? You won't have to.

George Simmons, the top man,
will meet you at the entrance,

and he'll escort you right
to the conference room.

- I thought we were after a safe.
- You are. That's where the safe is.

They keep all their important
papers in the conference room.

And the top secret ones,
they keep in the safe.

Those are the ones we're after.
What do we do with George Simmons?

You won't have to do
anything with George Simmons.

As soon as he opens the safe, get him
to unlock the side door they never open.

My partner and I will be outside,
and we'll take care of Mr. Simmons.

We finally gonna get
to meet your partner?

Well, tonight at 7:00, if you
remember to open the side door.

- Right.
- [Chuckling] Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, wait, Mickey.
Mickey, one thing.

Could you do Charlie
Townsend for us, huh?

Oh, yeah. That's not very hard.

He's, uh...

[Imitating Charlie's Voice] He's
really very polished, warm and friendly.

I entertained at a charity
fair he attended last month.

That's right, Charlie. He actually
sounded like you, even better.

Oh. That's because the telephone
filters some of the charm...

out of my low tones.

I remember him from
that charity party though.

He sat at our table for a
while and was very chummy.

Well, that was because he was
trying to learn how to do your voice.

Mm-hmm. He's given no hint
who this partner of his might be?

No, but there's definitely
somebody pullin' the strings.

[Charlie] It's nice to know they'll
both be on the scene tonight.

It's our big chance to
get everyone involved.

I'll phone George Simmons and
tell him that first call was a fake.

I'll ask him to have those secret
papers moved out of the safe.

Then I'll ask him to go
along with the original plan.

Once Mickey Biggs and his partner
are inside, you three can take 'em.

We three? Uh, Charlie, I'm
the only one that's in the gang.

And you're forgetting that Bosley
is a very ingenious switch artist.

I'd never send you into a
situation like this alone, Sabrina.

But if those bogus Angels
can impersonate you,

why can't you all
impersonate them?

Well, it's a good
idea, if it works.

[Sabrina] Oh, boy. Oh, boy.

Now, I don't know whether
it's down... I think it's over here.

I'm sorry. Why did
you park so far away?

I'm sorry. I don't know
the neighborhood.

Why didn't you let me drive
you to find those slacks?

You go with me, I buy what
you like. I don't buy what I like.

I'm sorry. Where is it?

I'm sorry. I thought
it was on this block.

- Maybe it's one block over.
- Which way?

Aw, would you look at that? I'm
all outta gum, and I'm nervous.

Gum helps to calm me down. I'm
gonna get some more. I'll be right back.

You just wait for me
right here. Wait for me.


Gum. That girl is weird.

[Tires Screech]

[Dirkson] All right, ladies.
Hold it right there. [Janet Scoffs]

Oh, what is this?

Uh, Kris, Kelly, it's me.
I'm sorry. I'm the Judas.

- Who the devil are you?
- Now, look, Angels,
there's no use in bluffing.

The only reason I arranged
this meeting was to turn you in.

- I couldn't allow you to keep
going on your rampage.
- He's nuts. We don't know him.

I understand how you feel,
and I'm sorry. I don't blame you.

All right. We're goin' downtown.
Put 'em in the car, Mike.

Oh! This is false
arrest! I mean, we'll sue!

Yeah. Well, that's
all three of 'em.

We, uh, want to thank you for
your cooperation, Mr. Bosley. Yeah.

You know, there's room for you
in the front. [Car Doors Closing]

No. No, thanks. I think
I'll just take a little walk.

I'd like to be alone.
Well, we'll be in touch.

Yeah. Okay.

- [Man] Oh, hello. You must
be Charlie Townsend's group.
- [Kelly] Hi.

Hi. You make us
sound like rock singers.

I'm George Simmons. I'm Sabrina Duncan.
This is Kris Munroe and Kelly Garrett.

We have identification if you
care to see it. No, no. I believe you.

Although I must admit, I also
thought that first call was from Charlie.

He had a pretty
clever thing goin'.

Did you take the important
papers out of your safe?

Oh, yes. I put them
in my own office safe.

Okay. Do your security
people know what's goin' on?

No. Charlie seemed to
feel there might be a leak.

He said you three
could handle it alone.

Hope so.

- Shall we get on with it?
- All right, fine.

It's all right, John.

No guard? Oh, no.
There's no need.

I'm the only one who has a key.


Well, there it is. That's
the target. Impressive.

I believe our job now is
to convince you to open it.

Yes. I believe that's exactly what
the fake caller asked me to do.

- Could you open it for us,
- Oh, sure, sure.

There's nothing in it now
except old Pentagon memos.

Great. Okay, look, I
think this is the part...

where Kelly and I try to
convince you to open that door,

and Kris checks the
dial on the safe. Right.

You know, this door hasn't
been opened in years.

It only leads to the alley. I'm sure
they're aware of that, Mr. Simmons.

If you'll just open the
door and let them in,

and please don't try
to be a hero, all right?

[Key Turning In Lock]

Mickey. Hey, you
did a good job, kid.

Pat her on the back later.
Stand easy, Simmons.

Let's get into that safe. Toby, get
in there and start throwin' out boxes.

- Okay, drop the gun
or you're a dead man.
- You stand easy too, mister.

- Mister? Hey...
- Drop it!

[Gun Clatters On Floor]
Hey, you're not Annie.

That's right. This time
Charlie sent in the first team.

My, my, my. You ladies
are really quite remarkable.

Oh, good. You certainly
got here at the right time.

They sure did.

You take that gun
out of my spine,

or those guards are gonna
blow your pretty head off.

Don't be ridiculous.
They work for me.

He's not kidding, Mr. Simmons.

You all just better
do what he says.

Ah-ah-ah-ah! No, no.

Shoot! Shoot!

Why don't you get
up real slowly now.

Real slow.

And, Mr. Simmons, why don't
you go over to that telephone...

and call some guards
who do work for you.

Hey, what about me? I mean, I
didn't even come in here with a gun.

- They made me come in.
- Say it like Charlie, Mickey.

It'd sound a lot
more convincing.

Well, well, well.

Don't you all look industrious.

Hmm. It feels so good to relax.

And walk in front doors again.

I'm thinkin' about
writing an article...

about how Charlie Townsend kept
three women in the Rochester Club.

I think we should
all pose for pictures.

I wouldn't if I were you, not
after that mattress commercial.

- [Laughing] Oh, thanks!
- You know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna have Bosley
endorse the article,

since he was the only witness.

Hmm. [Phone Rings]

Oh, saved by the bell.

Button Clicks] Charlie?

[Charlie Imitating Humphrey
Bogart] Don't take things for granted.

- Lemme talk to them Angels.
- [Mouthing Words]

[Imitating Katharine Hepburn] Charlie, darling.
Thank you so much for the calla lilies.

They're so terribly,
terribly lovely.

You deserve 'em,
sweetheart. Who else is there?

[Imitating Vivien Leigh]
Uh, I'm here, Charlie.

After all, tomorrow
is another day.

- [Charlie Drops Imitation] Sabrina, are you there?
- No!

- No impressions from you?
- No. I've been doin' myself
for two days already.

And very well too.
Thank you very much.

As a matter of fact, I do think it's
my turn. I do Sydney Greenstreet.

[Imitating Sydney Greenstreet] My dear
Mr. Spade. Hmm! You're a most devious man.

I'm going to have to keep a very
close eye on you from now on.

- Do you understand that, Spade?
- [Charlie Laughs]

- All right, Bosley. Your turn.
- Well, Charlie, I...

Very funny, Spade. Very funny.

- [Giggling]
- [Both Laughing]

Very... [Chuckles] funny.

[Charlie] Oh, come
on now, Bosley.

Oh, save your breath,
Charlie. Sydney just left.

[Both Laughing]
[Laughing] He's terrific.