Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 3, Episode 1 - Angels in Vegas - full transcript

Tropicana Casino owner Frank Howell (a non-singing Dean Martin) calls Bosley and the Angels to Las Vegas to investigate some suspicious deaths that he believes are part of a plot to gaslight him.

[Man Singing] ♪ Play
one for the crowd ♪

♪ The lovely lady at the
table ♪ [No Audible Dialogue]


♪ Doublin' down
when she's able ♪

♪ One ♪

♪ One for the dealer ♪

♪ Take it from me ♪

♪ Though he seems to be ♪

♪ Sometimes under the weather ♪♪

[Engine Starts]

[Car Departs]

[Tires Screeching]

Mary Phillips was a very good driver,
and when she left the casino she was sober.

Now, there's no reason for
her to hit that car at that speed.

Mr. Howell, the attendant who was
run down in your parking lot last week...

- The police are calling that
a hit and run?
- I'd call it a killing.

Well, we ought to get busy
establishing our covers.

Well, I told the business office that you're
here as my personal executive consultant.

I'm not sure I know
exactly what that means.

Well, don't worry
about it. Neither do they.

Marty Cole is looking for a
backup girl singer for his lounge act.

Bosley said you sing, so I set up
an audition for you this afternoon.

And you have an audition
with the dance captain.

- Terrific.
- What about my cover?

There's been a lot of publicity concerning
your appearance here at the Tropicana.

We hear you're involved a legal battle
to maybe get out of your commitment.

[January] The people of Las Vegas... I
love them. My beef is with the management.

[Reporter] You mean, Mr. Frank
Howell, the owner of the Tropicana?

You got it, pal... Frank
Howell, Mr. Bad News himself.

- The truck!
- [People Screaming]

[Tires Screeching]

- [Screams]
- [Meows]

Two dead. Jip's halfway there.

Who the devil is doing
this? We'll find out, Frank.

It just takes time. Time... I don't
have time. That's what's eatin' me alive.

[Monitor Beeping]

[Bosley] Yeah, sure, Dan. Yes,
I will. [Handset Settles In Cradle]

Girls, listen. I know this is
probably a poor time to bring this up.

There's this Dan Tana who's
been asking to meet you three.

Bosley, this is really a
poor time to bring it up.

[Door Opens] Yeah,
well, that's what I said.

[Sighs] He's been
staring at me again.

Who's been staring at you?

The fella who's with
the computer man.

He was staring at me again in the
casino when I walked through just now.

Who is he? I don't know. He
was watching me last night too.

Hmm, maybe he just
thinks you're pretty.

Wait a minute. That fellow...

Last night when you came back
from Haines's casino down the street?

I think he was walking
behind you. [Kelly] You sure?

Well, I didn't think
anything of it at the time.

But, I mean, if you think his interest
in you is more than just general,

maybe he deserves a
little attention. I agree.

Hey, look, I want to go down to the
casino and see how Frank's holding out.

All right? Come with me? Sure.

See if you can find out
Mr. Watchful's name, okay?

Sure. Okay. Okay. See you later.

[Woman On P.A., Indistinct]

[Dice Rattle]

Three, craps. Winner
on the nosedive. Pay up.

Try that over again.

Good morning. Good morning.

You know you look like
you're about ready to drop?

Why don't you shut this thing
down and try to get some sleep?

Oh, uh, it's up to them.

And besides, he's got a
million dollars of my money.

Well, could you... take
your loss and walk away?

It's too late. And
he's got too much.


[Whispers, Indistinct]

Could we start this again later?


How's 5:00?

- That's fine.
- It's a wrap.

Aren't you gonna
answer your page?

What? Your page. Aren't
you gonna answer it?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Well, you're
Mr. Mason, aren't you?

No. I'm Slocum. Ed Slocum.

Oh. I'm sorry. I...

I thought you were
somebody else.

Frank. Hiya, pal.

I, uh... I just called the hospital
to see how Jip was doing.

Is he better?

No, Frank, he, um...
He didn't make it.

Nurse went in to check
him 20 minutes ago,

and he was dead.

What happened? We don't know.

There seems to be signs
of respiratory paralysis,

which would indicate that curare
might have gotten into his system.

[Frank] What's curare?

[Doctor] It's used for patients
with muscular spasms,

but certainly was not
prescribed in this case.

You mean, you made a mistake,
and you gave him that curare?

[Sighs] I'm not saying
anything of the sort.

Until Dr. Jarvis here can perform an
autopsy, there's no way of knowing.

[Frank] If there's
going to be an autopsy,

somebody on my side of
the fence is going to perform it.

Nobody gets a whitewash. [Dr.
Jarvis] Now wait a minute. I resent that.

As county coroner, I can
assure you... I can assure you,

you touch him, and I'll
tear both your arms off.

Frank. I mean it. I don't
want them to touch him.

Look, I know. And I
know what you want.

But we're gonna need a court
order to get it. And we can't get it here.

She's right, Frank.

Didn't mean to tease you.

Sorry, Jip. Come on.

They're not gonna
bury this mistake.

They're not gonna
make Jip a statistic.

We won't let that happen, Frank.

[Frank] You're telling me that
someone came in the window...

of Jip's room and
stuck a needle...

into one of his
life-support tubes?

I'm saying that
it's a possibility,

and if the autopsy does
reveal curare in his system,

that's how it might
have gotten there.

You were wondering where
the profit was in all this.

Have you figured it out yet?

Well, maybe the profit
is in tearing you apart.

[Kelly] Someone's doing
a pretty good job of it.

Why don't you get some sleep?

Will you call me in four hours?

Yes. I will.

Charlie's computer
come up with anything?

Yeah. The, uh, fellow
at the crap table...

The one that's been
watching you? [Kelly] Mm-hmm.

Ed Slocum. He
has a police record.

Several arrests, mostly having
to do with high-level extortion.

But no convictions. He seems
to be some sort of a freelance...

"tell me what to do, and
I'll do it for you" sort of guy.

What about Mr. Haines,
our friend down the street?

Well, he works for a
large investment firm...

The one that owns that hotel.

Now, the firm looks clean, and
Haines doesn't have a police record.

However, well, in
checking his bank records,

Haines seems to have been
sending monthly checks...

- to the Paradise Arms
- Wait a minute.

Paradise Arms? Mary Phillips,
the girl who was murdered,

lived there with my
dancing friend Joan Wells.

- Yeah.
- Are we starting to see a light
at the end of the tunnel?

Well, at least a glimmer.

I guess I ought
to tell Frank, huh?

You know, maybe we
ought to figure a way...

to get him out of
here for a few hours,

before he falls apart on us.

I think that's a good idea.

You'll never pay
the rent that way.

I know there's a pony
in here... somewhere.

Speaking of rent, how come you
and Mary didn't have to pay any?

What are you talking about?

Well, my mom forwarded a
letter that Mary had written to me.

So? Well, in the
letter, Mary said that...

a Mr. Haines was paying the
rent on your and Mary's apartment.

Is that true? [Sighs]

Look, Mr. Haines was paying
the rent strictly because of Mary.

You mean, they
were friends? Lovers?

It started out that
way. And then?

And then Mary wanted out. Why?

You know, I think she was
afraid of him. Do you know why?

She wouldn't tell me.

Well, maybe
Mr. Haines will tell me.

You won't find him
at the hotel. Oh?

Well, on Mondays he practices
for the Monday night race.

Race? What kind
of race? Stock cars.

He drives stock cars. His
track's three miles north on 50.

You can probably catch
him in a couple hours.

Okay. Thanks.

[Coins Dropping]

See? Get as you give. [Laughs]

Kelly! Kelly! Where
are you off to?

To take a second look at
Mr. Haines. Are you onto something?

Well, I just found out
Mr. Haines is a stock car racer.

Mechanically inclined?
I wouldn't have thought.

Maybe he drives a big truck with
smoked windows. Interesting hypothesis.

By the way, are you aware that our
Mr. Slocum is watching you again?

Yeah, I know. I'm
gonna have to lose him.

I think we can manage
that. Uh, stall a while.

[Engine Starts]

Hey! What's the matter with you?

Oh, sir, I am terribly
sorry. [Groans]

[Groans] Apparently I
lost control of my vehicle.

It was really all of my
fault. Please forgive me.

You're forgiven. Now
get it out of the way.

Don't you think we ought to
report this to the local authorities?

- No. Forget the authorities!
- I mean, in case of injury.

There are no injuries.
What's the matter with you?

Sir, I actually hurt
my elbow. Ooh!

[Gearshift Clicks]

Sir! Are you hurt now?

Hurt? Me? No.

But you're gonna be.

[Engines Revving]

[Engines Revving]

[Tires Screech]

[Engine Stops]

Runnin' a little hot. Okay.


[Car Creaks]

Oh, hello. Two winners
in a row. Must be my day.

Two winners?

Well, first I beat him.
Now I run into you again.

Very rich stuff. Very rich.

My, aren't we glib
with the ladies?

You into stock cars?

I'm into questions.

About what?

My friend, Mary Phillips.

What about her?

My mother sent on the
letter Mary had written to me.

You didn't tell me the
two of you were friendly.

Well, my personal
life is my business.

In her letter, Mary said
that she was afraid of you.

- Did she?
- She said she was afraid
of you, and now she's dead.

What the hell
are you getting at?

I don't know. But
I intend to find out.

You know, for a smart lady,
you're making some dumb moves.

I can see what Mary meant.

You are someone to be afraid of.

Mary was killed
in a car accident.

Her car was rammed
from behind...

Rammed at a high speed.

It takes a nifty piece of driving
to make that look like an accident.

You better get out of here.

Is that a threat, Mr. Haines?

Let's just say I think the weather
would be better for you back in Dallas.

You know what I
think, Mr. Haines?

You're a man with a problem.

[Boat Engines Revving]

How did you do
this? What'd I do?

Well, in the middle of a
million-dollar crap game,

you got me out here on a picnic.

Does it hurt that
much? Well, that's not it.

It's just, hanging around
you, a guy could lose his edge.

What's his edge?

That's his drive, his nerve.

And if you want to stay in
this business and survive,

you got to be ready. Well...

Maybe it's time you
got out of this business.

And do what?

Do this.

Just... sit in the sun.

Watch the people.
Relax. Enjoy life.

Get in touch with yourself.

I'm a million dollars down,

and you want me just
to walk away? Listen.

You're down a million
dollars, but if you quit now...

[Sighs] Well, you would
still have plenty left.

That's called losing.

And you really can't
stand that, can you?

That sure bothers you.

[Chuckles] I like you, Frank.

I like you a lot more
than I had planned to.

Well, for what it's worth,

the feeling is mutual.

"For what it's worth"? It's worth
plenty. Don't you understand?

That's the whole
point. Don't you see?

What's the point? What we feel.

That's worth a lot more than
winning a crap game. Don't you see?

Whoops. Looks like we
should have taken a longer walk.

[Chuckles] Yeah, it
seems he likes the lady.

Well, they're entitled. Right?

Hey. Frank's number one.

What he wants, he always
gets. Ah, come on now.

Nobody always gets.

Well, he comes as close as any.

That's okay. He deserves to.

[Chuckles] I'm for him.

He's been good to me.

How long have you
worked for him? Six years.

Frank had, uh, Leslie and me
working in the main room then.

We were gonna
make it all the way...

"A" number one.

How did she die? Car accident.

[Boat Approaches] Must
have been rough for you.

When she died, everything
stopped. I mean...

[Motor Idling] the good
times, the big future.

Since then, I've just been...
getting through the days.

- Frank, move!
- [Gunshots]

Let's get 'em! Frank,
what the hell's going on?

You two stay here! No,
this is my boat. Get inside.

You get a look at him? No!



Rock it!


Can't this thing go any faster?


[Motor Sputtering]

What's the matter? I don't know!

Aw, no! [Kris] Oh!

Try the choke.


What is this thing? Shouldn't
this thing be turned the other way?

Yes, it should be.
How'd that happen?

- [Marty] The vibration from the speed?
- [Sabrina] Maybe.

Sabrina, could I
ask you a question?

- Yeah.
- How come you carry a gun?

Well, maybe she has a permit.

Well, why do you have a permit?

[Chuckles] You have to have
a permit to carry a gun, right?



[Engine Revving]

I got a visit from that
Kelly Garrett girl today.

- What was she doing here?
- Maybe you better tell me.

[Scoffs] What are
you talking about?

She just said Mary Phillips'
accident wasn't an accident.

Somebody rammed
her at high speed.

That's crazy. You
don't believe that?

I don't know, but
I'm beginning to get...

some kind of a strange
gut feeling, and I don't like it.

A gut feeling about what?

About you, Cole.

About you.

Look, Haines, I don't know
what you're talking about.

I mean, if you've got
something to say, then just say it.

All right. Let me
spell it out for you.

You came to me, right? You
said we had something in common.

We both wanted to
break Frank Howell.

"Take everything away from him."

Those were your words.
That's the way you put it, right?

Well, we are. We're doing it.

Oh, yeah, I know. We got that
college professor with his computer.

Set up a phony shooting so Joey
January can break his contract.

You bring in this guy Slocum
in case there's any rough stuff.

You did it all, and
you did it good.

But you never said
anybody would get hurt.

But you never said
anybody would get killed.

Why would I want to hurt Mary?

Remember, I introduced you two.

Oh, yeah. I remember.

And I remember how pleased you were
to take something else away from Frank.

Yeah. It pleased me.

'Cause he took
something away from me.

He took everything.

Cole, I'm gonna leave
you with one thought.

Once I have something,
I don't like to give it up.

I don't like to lose it.

And I especially don't like to
have it taken away from me.

So if Mary's death was
anything but an accident,

and you or any of those
two had anything to do with it,

there isn't gonna be a place in this
world big enough for you to hide in.

You got it?

[Glass Shatters]

He's getting suspicious.

[Sighs] And so is Sabrina.

I'll make book that she's
not what she pretends to be,

or her two friends either.
Hey, what are you getting at?

I'm not sure.

But I'm going to find out.

Look, I'll do it tonight.
And this time I won't miss.

Forget it.

[Sighs] I paid you to do it...

while Howell and I were
with her so I'd have an alibi.

So I could watch his
face when she went down.

You know, I've worked
for some odd types,

but you take the cake.

I've got my reasons.

Oh, I'm sure you have. Now what?

You just keep hanging
in with the professor.

Case, let's go.

[Kris] I was driving the boat.

Those two guys could
walk in here right now,

and I couldn't recognize them.

I don't care what
his lawyer says.

If Joey January doesn't open
tonight, he's in breach of contract.

So get the room ready.

It's 5:00, and I have a
date with the computer man.

Don't you think you could
wait for a little while, Frank?

I really think we ought to talk.

- They tried to kill me today.
- Maybe those shots weren't
meant for you, Frank.

No, they were
meant for the sand.

No, I think they were
meant for Sabrina.

Me? I mean, the shots
came closest to you.

Well, wait a minute. That's probably
because the guy had a bad aim.

But what if they were trying
to hurt Frank by hurting you?

[Frank] You mean, like
they hurt Jip? [Kris] Yeah.

Well, if that's true, then I don't
want you here. I want you out of town.

Wait a minute, Frank.
We can't quit now.

You can quit if I tell you. I
don't want you to get hurt.

I don't want
anybody to get hurt.

Frank, we don't
give up that easily.

You're not giving up.
I'm firing you... all of you.

So go home.

This is my fight. Mine alone.

[Door Closes]

Wait a minute. Frank,
you can't just dismiss us.

You can't stay here, Sabrina.

The odds are against
you. You'll get hurt.

It's too risky. It's
risky, but it's worth it.

Nothing's worth
it. Case is closed.

Look, Frank, we've gone a little
bit beyond a client relationship,

and whether I go or
stay is my decision,

and you can't take
that away from me.

I don't want the responsibility.

Well, you can't take
that away from me either.

Frank, you've been living
in a vacuum for so long...

that you think people are like odds,
and you can switch 'em around...

to suit yourself so you can get
that edge you were talking about.

Well, Frank, people
aren't like odds,

and you don't get an edge.

I gotta get out of
here. Okay. Go on. Go.

But sooner or later, you
know, we have to finish this.


[Ringing] I'll get it.

Hello? Kris. Marty.

Look, uh, I've decided to break
you into the 5:30 lounge show.

Can you come down? We'll
talk over what we're gonna do.

Uh, I'm a little bit hung up right
now, Marty. Can we do it later?

Not really.

Uh, I'm by the front bar.

Hold on a second.

Marty wants me to come down
to get ready for the 5:30 show.

We still on the case?
Do I keep up my cover?

We're still on the
case. Go. Be right there.

[Marty] There's the professor.


You stay with him
in case it gets heavy.

Case, you wait in the car.

Tell me. What are
you gonna do with her?

First I'm gonna ask her exactly
why she and her friends are here.

Suppose she won't tell you.

Well, then... when
you get there,

you can start earning some
of that money I paid you.

Hi. Hi.

Oh, gosh. I'm a little nervous.
Opening night, I guess.

Well, in that case,
let's go for a drive.

Wait a minute. Now?

Well, when I'm nervous,
uptight, I drive. It relaxes me.

Besides, I've got to pick
up some music at my house.


[Sighs] Here we are.

Who's he?

My driver. I thought you
said you were gonna drive.

You said driving relaxes you.

Get in. Hey, that's not funny.

Not meant to be.

If you don't do as
you're told, I'll use it.

[Kris] Are you gonna tell
me what this is all about?


You're gonna tell me
what you're about...

You and your two friends.

What do you mean?

I want to know why
you're here with Frank.

What do you mean, with Frank?

He's a friend.
He's just a friend.

- I am sick of this!
- What?

She protected him, and
now you're protecting him.

She? Leslie.

Oh. Your wife.

You know, you're
just like... She...

You see, I knew.

I knew what was
going on with them.

She kept telling
me it wasn't true.

You mean, that Frank and
your wife were having an affair?


She wanted to, and
he would have... soon.

[Scoffs] Marty, you're
not making any sense.

What do you mean, I'm
not making any sense?

I know. I know what was
going on between those two.

And I warned her. I
gave her fair warning.

She said she...

couldn't help how
she felt, and she...

She ran out of the house and jumped
in the car and drove away... fast.

Very fast.

They said it was an accident.

But it wasn't. I know. I know.

She-She drove her car
off that bridge deliberately.

Couldn't have Frank, and she...

[Inhales] didn't want me.

So she killed herself.

She killed both of us.

Marty, you're condemning Frank for
something you thought he would do?

No. For something I
know he was about to do.

Well, he always
gets what he wants.

You know that. You've seen that.

He's your friend, Marty. He
wouldn't hurt you like that.

You just won't stop, will you?

You won't stop protecting him.

It won't do you any good.

'Cause I'm taking
it all away from him.

Everything he cares for.

The kid in the parking lot,

Mary Phillips, Jip.

Marty, you killed
three people...

to hurt Frank?

And when he falls,
when it's all gone,

he's gonna feel
what I've been feeling.

And I am... just gonna
watch him... die...

like I died.

I'm just... gonna watch him.

[Crowd Clamoring]


Three thousand on "Don't Pass."

[Woman #1] He could break
the bank. [Croupier, Indistinct]

[Woman #2] Look at all that
money. How much has he got there?

A million and a half. I thought I told
you people to go home. Frank, listen...

Before you get hurt.

Bree, maybe he's right.
Maybe we should go home.

It's best. [Kelly] Fine.

As soon as Kris finishes the 5:30
lounge show, we're on our way.

There's not gonna
be a 5:30 lounge show.

- What do you mean?
- Marty called in sick.

Now wait a minute. That doesn't make
sense. Marty called Kris for a rehearsal.

There's not gonna
be a 5:30 lounge show.

Hey, I saw your friend at 5:30.

Where? Well, with
Marty Cole over at the bar.

Doing what? I don't know.

Marty was talking with that
guy, and then Kris came down,

and they split.
Marty was with him?

Are you sure? Yeah.
Him and another guy.

Is there something wrong?

No. No. Thanks a lot, Joan.

Then why did Marty lie about
the show, and why did he call Kris?

There's something that's
been bothering me a little bit,

and it's bothering me a lot now.

- What are you talking about?
- When we were in Jip's
hospital room...

and I was checking the
equipment, Marty was a little uneasy.

And then when the
motor on the boat quit...

Are you trying to tell me Marty
had something to do with this?

Well, I'm saying
that it's possible.

Now, suppose... Just
suppose that Marty knew...

that Slocum was in that boat,
and he didn't want us to catch him.

- But why?
- Maybe we ought
to ask Slocum.

Maybe we should. Yeah.

Look, why don't I get him away
from the crowds? I'll page him.

Good idea. Okay.
I'll go with you.

[Crowd Chattering]

Three thousand on boxcars.

[Croupier] Three
thousand on boxcars.

[Woman On P.A.] Mr. Slocum.
Paging Mr. Ed Slocum.

Mr. Howell. Will you
raise the limit to 5,000?

You can't do that in
one roll. It's 30 to 1.

Mr. Ed Slocum, emergency
call at the front desk.

All right. Five thousand.

Another 2,000,
please. [Crowd Gasps]

Five thousand on boxcars.

[Man] Oh, wow!

- [Crowd Cheering]
- Pay the man.

[Croupier] One hundred and
50,000 dollars. Pay the man.

Frank, I've got to go.
I have to stay here.

Kris may be in trouble.
I have to stay here.

Excuse me.

Mr. Slocum? What?

Excuse me. Mr. Slocum,
as you can see,

this is a revolver
I'm pointing at you.

We both know that Marty Cole
has taken our friend Kris somewhere.

We're very concerned...

So concerned that if you
don't take us to her, I'll use this.

There'll be no
discussion on the matter.

You'll either do as you're told, or
you've seen your last dice game.

Do you understand?

Bosley, empty your
gun and give it to him.

[Car Door Opens]

[Car Doors Close]

Okay, Mr. Slocum, just
keep the gun pointed at us,

walk slowly, don't talk, and
we may all live through this.

[No Audible Dialogue]

Well. Looks like your friends
are going to keep you company.

[Door Opens]

[Door Closes]

- What happened, Slocum?
- It's a setup!



- Drop it!
- Uh-uh! You okay?

[Vehicle Engine Starts]
Yeah. He went out back.

Watch it! The truck!


Shoot the tires, Bos!

[Tire Rattling]

Six. Winner. The line.

Pay the line.

Excuse me. Excuse
me. Please excuse us.

Frank? Frank?

Yeah? You okay? Uh, yeah.

Where's Marty?

He's dead, Frank.

It was Marty all along... right
from the beginning, the whole thing.

Why? Why?

Well, it had to do with
his wife, Frank, and you.

Leslie and I had nothing
to do with each other.

Well, I know, but, see, he
thought that maybe you would.

"He thought"? There
was nothing to think about.

I know. Look, don't try to make any sense
out of it, 'cause there isn't any. [Sighs]

May I have the dice, please?

"Don't Pass," eh?

[Crowd Groans] [Frank] Craps.

Line loses.

Pay the "Don't Pass."


I'm all right. No,
you're not all right.

Stop now. Stop now
and take your losses.

I told you. That's
called losing.

Raise the limit?

One more pass for all of it.

Everything on the
table. The hotel...

If you win, it's all yours.

You lose, it's all mine.

Oh, for God's sake, Frank.

He's been playing "Don't Pass,"

and "Don't Pass"
is for nonbelievers.

And, Sabrina, sooner or later,

you have to be a believer.

Frank, sooner or later
you're gonna have to stop...

putting your life
on a pair of dice.

For all of it. On "Don't Pass."

On "Don't Pass."

Roll 'em.

[Dice Rattling]

[Crowd Murmuring]

Seven. Pay the line.

"Don't Pass" loses.

You lose.

Ladies and gentlemen,
this table is closed.

[Man] Yow!

You have a show to
do. You'd better get to it.

We'd better start packing.
We've got a plane to catch.

Yeah. Um, I'll be there in
just a minute. You go ahead.

Still yours, Frank.

I'm glad for you.

Yeah, you win some...
and you lose some.


Good-bye, Frank.


[Marty] ♪ Give us a smile
when you do the good-byin' ♪

♪ One for the crowd ♪

♪ And one ♪

♪ One for the dealer ♪♪

All right. One, two,
three, four, five.

Okay, Sal, I'll meet you out
front. Oh, excuse me. I'm sorry.

Hey, Bos. Hey, Dan.
Finally. Come down here.

The girls... I've been
wanting you to meet them.

Angels... Angels, this is the
private eye I was telling you about.

Meet Dan Tana. Hi.

You're Dan Tana?
You're Dan Tana?

- I just said that.
- Yeah, I told Bos...

I wanted to take you all out
to dinner while you're in town.

Well, Bosley,
you didn't tell us.

Look, I did. I mean, I
tried. I mean, I begged.

Well, uh, maybe next time.

Maybe tonight. We
could take a later plane.

Right. Or you know what? Maybe
you could fly back on the plane with us.

Well, gee, I'm sorry. You
see, I'm working on a case.

But Bos was right.
You really are angels.

Oh, he's cute. [Laughs]

Bosley, why didn't you tell us?

I did! I did too.
No, you didn't.

Now wait a minute. You told
us, but you didn't tell us... I did!

[Arguing, Indistinct]

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