Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 2, Episode 9 - Angel Baby - full transcript

A young man whom Kelly knew when she was a cop is arrested for making a disturbance at his girlfriend's place. He calls Kelly telling her that he was looking for her, she offers to help. Kelly then talks to her friends who tells Kelly that she's pregnant and is planning to give the baby up for adoption. So Kelly goes in as an expectant mother and makes contact with her. In the meantime they discover that the brokers might not be all that legitimate because one of the them has a criminal record and they learn that one of the expectant mothers died under mysterious circumstances after giving birth.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time,

there were three little girls
who went to the Police Academy,

two in Los Angeles,

the other in San Francisco.

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties...

But I took them
away from all that,

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.



MAN: Where did Marie go?

Look, I want to see Marie.

WOMAN: She's visiting her aunt!

Don't give me that!

She ain't got no sick aunt!

Keep it down.

Don't tell me to keep it down!

There is no way

she didn't tell you
where she's going!

Now, where did she go?

Please, Tommy,

will you just leave us alone?

Excuse me, ma'am,

we had a report
of a disturbance.

Hold it, son!

Just take it easy.

Come on, what's going on?

They know where my girl
is, but they won't tell me!

Where is she? What's the matter?

Where is she?

He seems to know his
way around police stations.

He listened to his rights,
refused to make any statement,

then he asked us to call you.

What's his story, Kelly?

Can I talk to him?


He's waiting for you.

Thank you, Sid.

Hey... Hi...

Look who's in trouble again.

I thought you were somewhere
in the Far East, Tommy.

Yeah, I was till yesterday...

then I assigned myself
a flight back home.

In case I didn't tell
you, I'm AWOL too.


you better sit down
and tell me the story.

Look, it's a one, two,
three story, Miss Garrett.

I have this girl, and
we're very much in love...

and all of a sudden,
about three weeks ago,

her letters stop coming in.

Well, that's not
such a long time.

You don't understand.
For Marie, it is.

You see she writes me every
day during her lunch hour at work.

Then three weeks is a long time.

Go on.

Well, you know
about letters right?

When they stopped coming in,

I started reading
over the old ones

trying to figure out
what was going wrong.

What did you find out?


it's just that three
or four months ago,

all the letters seemed the same,

not just the goofy stuff

that happens at work,

it was just she seemed,
I don't know, distracted

or something.

Well, then what?

Well, I wrote her,

and I asked her to tell
me what was going on,

and I didn't get any
answers, so I called her,

and her roommates told me
she was visiting a sick aunt.

She doesn't have an aunt.

So that started eating
at me and yesterday,

I was filling out the manifest
for the flight stateside,

and I just put my
own name on it.

Without seeing your
C.O. or chaplain?

No, when I decide to
do something stupid,

I don't let anybody
get in my way.

Don't look to me for
an argument on that.

Anyway, I get to
Marie's apartment,

and she's not there,

and her roommates
won't tell me where she is,

or what went down
to make her dump me.

So I get a little mad,

I started yelling and
somebody called the police.

They come, they see I'm AWOL,

and boom! I end up here,

and I still don't
know where Marie is.

Miss Garrett, you once told
me if I ever needed some help,

I should start yelling.

I need help!

Okay, Tommy, I don't
have a uniform on anymore,

but my word's still good.

I'll see what I can find out.

You did tell me the whole story?

Everything, everything.

I didn't hurt anybody,
and I wasn't carrying a gun.

I promise you. That is old news.

I had to ask.

See you.

Hey... Excuse me.

Wait a minute.

Could we talk to
you for a minute?

You're a friend of
Tommy's, aren't you?

We saw you when we
were giving our statements.

Are you the girls
in the apartment?

Yeah, I'm Sam and this is Terry.

Could we talk to
you for a minute?

What about?

You see,

we don't want Tommy
to get in trouble.

Well, that's worth
talking about.

Let's go in here, okay?

We said we didn't
want to press charges

or anything, but
that didn't help.

If we'd just told him
what he wanted to know,

he never would have
gone bananas like that,

but she made us promise.

Well, maybe
you'd better tell me.

Marie was going to
have Tommy's baby,

and she didn't want to tell him.

So she went away.

To have an abortion?

No, she wouldn't
do anything like that.

She's going to have the baby,

and it'll go to a good home.

How can she be sure of that?

The agency she went to

is getting her $7000 for it.

Not everyone can pay
$7000 to adopt a baby.

You mean, she's
going to sell her baby?

She didn't think
of it like that.

She was trying to
do the right thing.

Did she mention the
name of the agency?

No, she didn't
talk about it much.

I heard her once on the phone

mention a name that
sounded like "Felise."

Does that mean anything?

Well, it doesn't to me, but
it might to someone else.

I knew Tommy when
I was working juvenile.

He was a bad
kid, street fighter,

carried a gun.

I talked him into
joining the Air Force.

CHARLIE: And Tommy shaped up?

Since he enlisted,
he's had 22 fights,

all in the ring.

He's champion
of his weight class,

and he's a sergeant now.

Well, he sounds like
he's pretty special.

I think so.

And so do we all, Kelly.

Charlie, did you
find out anything

on the named "Felise."

Yes, indeed. Tell them, Bosley.

Well, it turns out that Felise

is both a person, in
one Felise Carrere,

and also a very
fashionable boutique.

I don't get it.

Why would Marie
go to a boutique?

There's more.

Felise has a lover by
the name of Tomlinson.

Sound familiar?

Hugh Tomlinson?

That's right.

The same Mr. Hugh Tomlinson

indicted last year on
fraud and extortion.

he's still in business.

Well, that sounds like
it's worth looking into.

Okay, where do we start?

We start with Kelly
getting pregnant.


I quit!

I'll bet you a quarter
she buys something.

Nah, she's working.

Wait a minute.

That's Kelly, and
that's a boutique.

She'll buy something.

Yes, you're welcome.

May I help you, dear?

I hope so.

If you can't,

I don't know what
I'm going to do.

Well, she didn't buy anything,

but it looks like
they bought her.

Warfield Home for Girls?

Sounds legit.

Yeah, but why does a girls' home

need a guard?

And where are you from, Kelly?

Uh, Beaumont, Texas...

up until about seven months ago.

She fell in love with
a young man here.

He pretended, but he
really didn't love her.

I'm sure you
understand, Miss Cuttler.

Only too well.

That sort of thing is
why we're here, Kelly,

to help you young
women in times like this.

Well, once I sign that paper

and agree to let you have
my baby when it's born,

what'll happen to it?

I mean, what kind
of people will it go to?

Those are the exact
same questions I'd ask

if I were in your place, Kelly.

That's why I brought you here.

When you leave,

you'll have $3000 in your purse,

part of the fee the
adoptive parents will pay.

Well, what's that got to do

with the kind of people

who'll have my baby?

Well, if they can afford
to pay more than $3000

to adopt a child,
they'll certainly give it

proper medical
care and schooling,

don't you think?

I guess so.

Rich people wouldn't want a baby
without education or who's sick.


Now, you sign this,

and we'll get you to your room.

Would you like to guess

who owns the Warfield
Home for Girls?

Okay... Felise.



Bosley's right.

Joint ownership.

That's why he has this big desk.

It's fully licensed,

and as a non-profit

is a splendid tax write-off.

All right, if it's
so legitimate,

why the gates and the guards?

Because they're very likely

buying and selling babies

for the carriage trade.

Sounds like slavery to me.

Yes, but it is a
sticky legal question.

Because you see,

an adoption agency is allowed
to charge prospective parents

a fee.

If, though, they're actually
wheeling and dealing,

you have to prove that.

And you think

with that tough-looking
guy outside

and Tomlinson involved in it,

that they probably are.

That's why you and Bosley

are going to try
to get inside there.

Hopefully you can contact Kelly.

What about me, Charlie?

You're going to a party
at a discotheque, Kris.

Uninvited, I'm afraid.

The host is Hugh Tomlinson.

Who are you?

Kris Munroe. Who are you?

I'm Hugh Tomlinson.
I own this place.

What or who brought
you to my party?

Look, you know I crashed,
and I know I crashed.

Would you like me to leave?

No, I don't want you to leave.

I'd just like to know
how you managed it.

Private party, doormen, guards.

Don't look now, Hugh,

but you're being
followed at your own party.

That's Chaffey.

He's doing his job.

Which is?

To protect me.

From girls like me?


Maybe, but you still didn't
tell me how you got in.

Well, I was at another party,

and I overheard some
guests coming to this one,

so I just joined them.

They were men, so it was easy.

I can believe that.

You're certainly a
beautiful woman.

Look, Hugh, I'm
going to level with you.

I came here tonight

hoping to find some
guy with a lot of money

hungering for some
female companionship.

I don't like doing that
sort of thing for cash,

but I need money bad.

You must need a
great deal of money.

Well, for me, yes.

For you, who knows?

Listen, you seem
like a very nice fella,

so I'm sorry I
crashed your party.

You certainly don't need me
sitting around with a long face.

You're more than
welcome to stay.

In fact, I insist.

Well, thanks, but no thanks.

I'm not a pro.

I'm just a little down
on myself, that's all.

Nevertheless, I might know a way

that you can get
the money you need.

I don't believe in
wishing for miracles,

that's why I don't...
but just in case.

Have you got a card?

Here's the number
where you can reach me...

and if that was a line
you just handed me,

thanks for caring
enough to bother.

Have a good party.


I'll have Chaffey
drive you home.

No, no, no, that's okay.

You need him a
lot more than I do...

to protect you.



Come in.

I'm in the next room.

I thought I heard crying and...

well, since I could
use a good cry myself,

I thought I'd join you.

Thank you.

Do you hurt, honey?

Should I call for someone?

No, I'm all right.

I was just thinking too much.

About what?

About my Tommy.

Oh, you named the baby already?

Not the baby...
the baby's daddy.

He would love the baby so much.

Then why are you giving
the baby up for adoption?

I can't force
Tommy to do things.

It would be bad for him.

I never saw you before.

When did you come?

Just today.

My name's Kelly.

My name's Marie.

I don't think you understand
our regulations, Kelly.

There'll be no
visiting after 9:00.

You girls need your rest.

I'll see you tomorrow, okay?

This is my associate,
Miss Carrere.

Mr. and Mrs. Bosley.

I'm pleased to meet you.

The pleasure's ours, I'm sure.

Would you care for some tea?

I'll have a scotch and water.

I'm sorry, but we
don't have alcohol

on the premises.

I'll have some tea.

Would you care to
sit down, Mrs. Bosley.

Tell me about the girls here.

What are they like?

Well, they vary greatly.

You'd be surprised.

Of course we're very selective.

Are they healthy?

Oh, of course.

We give them the finest care

during their pregnancies.

Have you set your
minds on a boy or a girl?

Well, it really doesn't matter

as long as it resembles me.

I like for it to have
dark hair, brown-eyes.

How much will that cost?

My wife doesn't mince words.

Well, you see, we can afford

the things that we want,

and we have no intention

of waiting two years
to adopt a baby.

That's what you're
here for, isn't it?

Yes, of course.

Uh, we welcome your
candor... Mm-hmm.

Mrs. Bosley,

but it's a very difficult
to discuss a price.

As coarse as this may sound,

there are cycles... Mm-hmm.

Market fluctuations.

It's a matter of
supply and demand.

Frankly it's a sellers' market.

Mr. Tomlinson...
business is my business.

Now, I understand

that you can only
give us a cost estimate,

but you don't even
have to do that right now,

if you don't want to.

I guarantee you
we'll strike a bargain.

Would you like to
follow me, please?

Oh, thank you.

The young woman
sitting on the yellow chair

is due to have her
child at any moment.

That's Marie.

The other girl is Kelly.

She's not due for
another seven months.

Exceptional beauty,
don't you think?

BOSLEY: Yes, she's very pretty.

What do you think, honey?

SABRINA: Has she
got any education?

has a year of college.

She works as a secretary.

CARRERE: She's physically sound,

mentally too,

but I'm afraid her child's
already been spoken for.

Yes, I want her baby.

But as I said,

another couple has
already signed for her.



How much are they
willing to pay for it?

A substantial
amount, Mr. Bosley.



Mr. Bosley,

we can't just simply
tell the other couple

that they were outbid.


Well, I'm not certain
how we can handle it.

Obviously, the other
couple doesn't need the baby

as desperately as the Bosleys,

but we came into
this to help people

like yourself and Mrs. Bosley,

not to add to your frustrations,

so let me see what I can do.

I want it, John.

See that I get it.


I'm pleased.

I wasn't sure you'd come.

$20,000, you said.

Easy work.

I'd have gone to the North Pole.

Well, good, then we can
get right down to business.

Does he have to be here?

He makes me antsy.

Now, what have you got
against bodyguards, honey?

I might have to guard your
beautiful body someday.

Wait at the bar.

You see those three young men

at that table?

You mean Winkum,
Blinkum and Nod?


They are extremely healthy

and genetically sound.

If they were to marry
a blonde woman

and have children,

the child would almost certainly

be blue-eyed, fair-haired.

That's very interesting.

It's more than interesting...

It's profitable.

There is a rising
market these days

in fair, blue-eyed babies.

A rising market?

You sound like a
dress manufacturer

I modeled for once.

You still don't have any
idea why you're here?

All I know is I'm
getting antsy again.

What would you say

if I told you that one
of those young men

was going to father
a child by you?

The only reason Tommy went AWOL

was in order to come back here

and see what happened to you.

He's become a very
nice young man, Marie,

and you're lucky
to have each other.

So you came here
just to help me?

You and the other girls.

I haven't helped
Tommy much, have I?

I've made nothing
but trouble for him.

Nothing that can't be fixed.

You haven't given
away your baby yet.

I signed a paper.

Don't worry about it.

If we can prove

they're doing
something illegal here,

it won't mean a thing.

Kelly, I don't want to
give it away anymore.

Oh, I know you don't, honey.

Trust us.

Above all, don't let
on to anyone who I am.


That woman coming
down the steps.

She's another investigator

and a friend of Tommy's.

It's our rule

not to have the
mothers come in contact

with the prospective
adoptive parents.

It could cause
complications later on.

I do not intend
to raise the child

of someone I have never met.

It's your rule. Break it.

Miss Garrett, would
you come here, please!

I'll be right back.

I specifically stated

that I would like
to talk to her alone.

Very well, but only
for a few moments.

Hello... She'll be watching us.

I know.

How are you?

Fine... What are
you doing with that?

Get rid of it.

I can't. I've got to smoke it.

That girl you saw
me talking to is Marie.

We've gotten pretty close.


She's decided to keep her baby.

Ah, it gets better and better.

Anything else?

Just one kind of scary rumor.

There was a girl here
about five weeks ago.

She wanted to back out

as the time got closer

for her to have her baby.

The head nurse
couldn't handle her,

so some man showed up.


No, someone else.

Anyway, she went
on and had her baby,

and it looked like

they were going
to let her keep it.

Then she disappeared,
but the baby was still here.

A couple came the next day

and took the baby away.

The girls here think
she was murdered.

They think she was murdered
by somebody from here?

Yeah, but they're too
frightened to talk about it.

What was her name?

Annette Morris.


Yeah, she lives on the Eastside.


Any luck?

Yeah, we checked out that girl

Kelly told you about,
Annette Morris.

She's dead, Bree.

Fell from a building downtown,

and she had a record.

Started out an habitual runaway,

prostitution, drug addiction.

I talked to the detective

who investigated her death,

and he thinks it's a suicide,

Annette's mother doesn't.

She could have been pushed.

Okay, why don't you
two talk to her mother?


I'm... I'm going
to spring Tommy.

Charlie talked to a colonel

in the Inspector
General's office,

arranged to have him
put on emergency leave.

He'll have to stand
company punishment

when he gets back
to the Far East,

but no court martial.

Listen, I'll tell you what.

If I ever get in any trouble,

I'd sure like Charlie
to be my attorney.

We begged Annette
to let us keep the baby

and raise it.

It was our flesh and blood too,

but she wanted the money

those people
promised her for it.

She came back to
us after she had it...


Someone had beaten
her, and she told me

that she didn't want
to give the baby away,

but they made her,

and she was going to get even.

Uh... Mrs. Morris,

did Annette say
who beat her or why?


I tried to get her to tell
me, but she wouldn't.

She left here that night.

I never saw her again.

Do you have any idea
where she was going?


She just got into
the car with that man,

like I told the officers.

What man?

I was looking out the window,

and Annette was walking
away, towards the bus stop.

A car pulled up beside her.

A man was driving.

I had never seen him before.

They talked a minute.

She was yelling at
him, she was very mad.

Then she got into the car,

and they drove off together.

Do you think you could
recognize that man

if you saw him again?

Yes, I would.

I gave a description
to the officers, but...

they think that... they...

They think that
Annette took her life,

because of the
baby and the drugs.

I can't blame them
for thinking that.

I mean, all the
trouble that she had,

but she wouldn't do that.


Someone killed her.

Someone killed her!

But it doesn't make
any damn sense!

She knows I love her!

She loves you.

Then how can she put our baby

up for adoption,
never even tell me

she was going to have a baby?

She was afraid for you, Tommy.

For me? How for me?

That's her baby she's
giving away. My baby!

She was afraid

that if you knew she
was going to have a baby,

you would feel forced
into marrying her,

and when you were forced
before, when you were pushed,

that's when you
got into trouble,

and she didn't want that

to happen to you again.

But I have not been in
trouble, now, for three years.

That's old news.

I can handle myself
without hitting anybody.

I didn't say she was right.

I said she was afraid.

Tommy, she wants to help you.

She doesn't want to hurt you.

Oh, I hate being stuck in
this joint when she needs me.

That's what I came
to talk to you about.

You're not stuck here.

The AWOL thing

is gonna be straightened out,

and Marie's roommates

aren't going to press
charges against you.

What does that mean? I
can just walk out of here?

Yeah, you can
just walk out of here

and into a lot of trouble.

So you just lay back, and
you let us handle it, okay?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, okay.

I want to leave here! I
want to leave right now!

Marie, you signed a contract.

I explained that to you.

You don't want to get

into any more
trouble, now, do you?

You can't keep me here.

I didn't say that, did I?

Nobody's threatening you.

I just don't want you

to make a mistake
that you'll regret later.

Now, why don't
you go to your room

and think it over,

and we'll talk more later.

I've already thought about it.

I want to keep my
baby, Miss Carrere.

I want to see the baby's father.

The father's out of the country.

Isn't that what you told us?

He's back, and I
need to talk to him.

He's back?

How do you know
he's back, Marie?

Who told you that?

I mean, you haven't
had any visitors.

I... I snuck in here
and used the telephone.

One of my friends told
me that Tommy was back.

I see.

I'm sorry...

I know I wasn't
supposed to do that.


No, you weren't.

Now, why don't
you just run along,

and we'll talk more later.

The phone is locked

when there's nobody here.

She couldn't have
talked to anyone.

How did she know
about her boyfriend then?

The only person that
she's talked to here

is that Garret woman.

They've been
together constantly.

Maybe we got a problem there.



Hi. Come in.

I thought this
might go along well

with the occasion.

All right?


I thought I was the one that
was supposed to be nervous.

Look, you're in this
for the money, right?


So am I.

Here's to the world of business.

So tell me.

How did you get
involved with Tomlinson?

I thought we weren't supposed

to ask any questions.

Just curious.

You just don't
seem... you know...

The type?

You don't either.

I need a lot of money...

and I don't like jail.

How about you?

Something like that.

I owe a lot of money.

Besides, for a
guy it's different.

Is it?

Well, if I'd just
met you in a bar,

I'd be up here for nothing.


Don't you believe it.

Who do you owe? Tomlinson?

Some of his friends.

Better than getting
two broken legs, huh?

A lot better.


Look, Kris... That
is your name, isn't it?


You're going to
think I'm crazy...

but you're making a big mistake.

Don't get involved with
Tomlinson and his people.

The money's not worth it,

and you could get hurt.

What do you mean, hurt?


Like dead.

Now, take my word for it.

Look, you're the one
that's involved in this.

Why, don't you take
your own advice?

I am. Tonight.

I got Tomlinson to advance
me some money, and I'm off.

I wish you'd do the same.

You a cop?

Private investigator...

and you're in trouble.


On what charges?

Having a conscience.

We're even.

I need your help, Jayce.

Have you ever heard of a girl

named Annette Morris?

Who killed her?

That much conscience
could get me killed.

Annette was 17 years old.

That's awfully
young to die, isn't it?

Just give me one name.


Try that name.


Good luck.

Leonard Chaffey...
Yeah, that's him.

I saw him at Tomlinson's party,

and we saw him
guarding the home.


And he's got some
kind of record too...

Assault and attempted murder.


and this time he
might have succeeded.

Well, let's show this
to Annette's mom,

and if she recognizes him,

we're getting close.

But we'd better
be awfully careful

not to tip our hand.

If we panic Tomlinson...

Well, Kelly's still
inside that home.


Where are you taking
us? What do you want?

Shut up and move!

Be careful with her!


Tommy, what happened?

Are you hurt bad?

He'll be all right.

It's okay.

Oh, babe... I'm sorry.

I'm the one who should be sorry.

I'm the one who did it all.

Oh, Tommy, I love you.

I didn't want to hurt you.

Oh, Hugh, thank God.

I had an apartment
full of guests.

Where's the staff?

We sent everybody
home. It's just us here.

How could you let
things go so far?

Take it easy. Have a drink.

Don't tell me to take it easy!

You work for me, remember?

Please, Hugh, we have
a terrible situation here.

So you caught a
boyfriend sneaking in,

so what?

By imprisoning
all three of them,

you've created the
dangerous situation.

You over-reacted, both of you.

I went through the
Garrett broad's luggage.

I found this.

A gun?


Why do you think?

She's some kind of cop.

They can't know anything.

What can they know?

Maybe about Annette Morris.

You did that.

We didn't ask you to kill her.

You wanted her scared.
It got a little messed up.

You're just as
guilty as me, honey.

Don't talk to her that way!

Shut up, Tomlinson,
we got killing to do,

and you don't have
the guts for that by half.

What do you mean? You can't!

Three people!
You're not serious!

The first one puts you
in the gas chamber.

After that, it might
as well be 10.

Somebody will find out.

Somebody's gonna find
out about the Morris girl

unless we get our act together.

Getting rid of the bodies

is the important thing.

I know how to do that.

So you take orders from me.


That's the man... took
my daughter away.

No doubt in my mind.

Do you think you could
pick him out of a lineup?

I know I could.

Listen, we better get
Kelly and Marie out of there.

Yeah, it's going to be a
lot rougher than we thought.

Thank you very
much for your help,

Mrs. Morris.

Thank you, Mrs. Morris.

Is that the man that
killed my daughter?

We think so.

We know it won't
bring Annette back,

but we're going to
do everything we can

to put him away.

Goodbye, Mrs. Morris.



What's going on?

Marie is having her baby.

Oh, that's too bad.

You can't do anything now.

Have you sold it yet?

Yes, a stockbroker
from San Francisco.

How much?


Well, okay, that's
worth waiting for.

You're not going to kill them?


What about a doctor?

The Garrett girl's a cop.

She's trained in that.

Well, can I give
her some hot water

and some clean towels?

You can suit yourself.

Anything that protects
the investment.

Okay, Charlie.

We're on our way there now.

Charlie'll call the police,

and they'll meet us there.

They'll need a warrant,

and that'll take time.

Let's get Kelly out of there.


Tommy, time the
contractions for me, will you?

I think we're getting close.

Sure. How do I do that?

Just put your hand
on her stomach.

Not much longer, hon.

Just... Just go with it.

Kelly, I'm scared!

There's nothing
to be frightened of.

Everything's going just fine.

Just fine, I promise.

Twenty seconds.

Marie, Marie, don't worry.

You're going to be okay.
You're going to be fine.

Don't worry.

Easy for him to say, huh?

Tommy, I'm so glad you're here.

Thank you.

Thank me?

Marie, this is the best thing
that has ever happened to me.


Okay, Tommy, we're close.

Get me the biggest
towel you can find.



I'm not going to
wait much longer.

I don't care what you do.

I just want out of this.

Oh, you'll be out of it,

but it's going to
cost you a bundle.

What now?

We'd better just
leave the car here

and go on foot.

Can you get through here?

Sure, squish me like a pancake.

Got it.

Come on, Bos.


Let's go.

Hello, there.

Shh... Oh, she is beautiful.

Did you want a girl?

I wanted anything.

Oh, thanks, doc.

I wasn't bad, was I?


Come on, all of you.

What about my baby?

She'll take it.

No way.

Where are you taking us?

I'm not going to stand here
talking to you, honey. Move it.



You okay, Kelly?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Hold it!


Hold it!


I got it.

Let me have that, Kris.

You okay?

Huh? Okay.

Come here, sit down.

Come on. It's okay.

Okay... Huh?


Okay. Okay... It's the first.

That's okay.

Come on, it's okay.

Come on.

It's okay.


Look at that hand.

Charlie, you should see her.

She's beautiful.

Ah, yes, that's the price
for the lonely life I lead.

Lonely life?

Charlie, as I understand it,

you have three girls

just handling traffic control.


Would you like to hold her?

Oh... I'd love to.


A successful transfer.

Oh, look.

Look at this little dress.

Charlie, we have
the proud parents

here with us.

They stopped by on their way.

They're off on their honeymoon.

Yeah, all three of us.

Hey, Charlie,

I... I just wanted to thank you

for everything, you know?

Is Marie going to be able

to go to the Far East with you?

That's the honeymoon.

Oh, that's wonderful.

Charlie, what about our friends

out at the Warfield house?

Chaffey's in the hospital,
but he'll pull through.

Both he and Tomlinson
have been indicted for murder.

Felise as an accessory.

I think what should
be mentioned here,

is that Kelly delivered
this little baby.

She was wonderful.

Just like a doctor.

I mean, she was terrific.

She was an expert.

How many of those
things you deliver?


This one's the first.

I've never even seen
it except in a movie.

Oh, boy, I'm glad
I didn't know that.


What a doll.

What a real little doll.