Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 2, Episode 4 - Angel Flight - full transcript

A stewardess who's a friend of Sabrina's being terrorized by someone. To help her Kris and Kelly go work a Stewardesses to find out who's terrorizing her. When they're about to try the airline's new plane the person tells her what he wants.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time,

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy,

two in Los Angeles...

the other, in San Francisco,

and they were each assigned
very hazardous duties...

but I took them
away from all that,

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.


VOICE: All gear
and flap controls

are fully automatic

when the automated
I.L.S. is engaged.

Gear and flaps will
automatically drop

when electronically
cued from the altimeter.


You believing this?

I pressed this at 12,000
feet, and we fly "hands off"

until we're 50 feet
from the ground.

You want to fool around?

Gene, let's keep it "hands off."

Angela, you know, I
think if we really tried,

we could put the pieces
back together again.

We had some good times, Gene.

Let's leave it at that, okay?


Anyway, this fly-
by-itself gadget

is worth millions alone.

What the devil is...

Simulated altitude
is now 300 feet.

Hey, what's going on?

No... No, not again.

Simulated altitude
is now 100 feet.

Hey, what's going on?




Simulated altitude now 50 feet.


Automated I.L.S. now disengaged.

Manual control now mandatory.
Manual control now mandatory.

Gentlemen, you have
just accomplished

a simulated crash.

CHARLIE: How many
black roses so far, Angela?

Uh... four. There
have been four.

And how many phone calls?

I can't even remember
now. Six or seven.

A man's voice?

I think so. It's
disguised somehow.

And the caller admits
sending the roses?

Oh, admits? He brags about it.

But what do they mean?

Black roses? What's
the significance?

I don't know...

except that a black rose
usually means death,

and I find them in places

where I thought
nobody had access.

My car, my apartment,

my locker at the school

where I conduct the
stewardess training.

So you think that the
caller wants you to know

that he has access?

He wants to, and he has.

CHARLIE: Angela, how would
you characterize the calls?

You say there's no
demand for money.

What exactly does he want?

I asked him that.

He said he'd tell me
when he... when he's ready.

Angie and I were
roommates in college, Charlie.

We helped each other over
some pretty rough spots,

so, uh, this is kind
of special to me,

you know?

CHARLIE: Well, if it's
personal for you, Sabrina,

then it's personal for us too.

Angels, I'm sure
you get the idea.

Cover everything,

with emphasis on
the training school

and the apartment...
what is it you call it?

The stew zoo.

Stew zoo? Very euphonic.

Sounds good too.

Like the brochure
says, a real fun place.

Unless someone's
trying to drive you crazy.


Hello. Thank you.

Who was that?

Just Kris and Kelly's uniforms.

Now, relax, Angie.


Last week I answered a knock

and found one of
those black roses.

Don't worry, Angela.

Kris and I are just
across the hall.

Sabrina will stay here with you.

Anybody asks,

an old school chum's
visiting for a few days.

No problem.

Well, I guess we'd better get to

the "coffee, tea, or me" lesson.

Let's see how the uniforms look.

Okay. Okay.

Don't worry.

Angie, I have
something to show you.

Come here.

Now, this will put
your mind at ease.

I'll set it up for you,
show you how to use it.

It'll make things a lot easier.



Townsend Associates.

Uh, Bosley? Sabrina.

Hi, you. What's
new at the stew zoo?

I'm feeling euphonic.

Bosley, could you just
call me back at Angela's,


Okay, Bosley will
ring the phone...


Now, you push these two buttons
before you pick the phone up.

Then you pick it up.

Hi, Bosley.

Could you say something...
that isn't euphonic?

Okay, what do I say?

Oops. Sorry.

Why don't you whisper
sweet nothings?

Sweet nothings.

Silver-tongued devil.

The phone rings,

push the two
buttons, pick it up.

That's all there
is to it. You got it?

Got it.

It's easy.

Well, do you have the
same thing in flaming red?

With the reading
you've got to do,

by tomorrow morning,

your eyes will be flaming red.

Yeah, you girls
better hit the books.

I got some reading
of my own to do here.

Wonder what Burt
Reynolds is up to?

From what I hear,
anything you ask.

Ladies, rule number one...

Every passenger
is a king or queen.

Company policy.


Oh, I'm sorry.

Why don't you watch
where you're going?

Rule two, get the drinks
in the passengers...

not on them.

I'm really sorry, honey.

And don't call me "honey."
My name's Mai Ling.

Hey, Mai Ling.

It's no big thing.

You're not the one
they're laughing at.

All right, ladies,

rule number three,
keep your cool.

If I were a passenger, I'd
have jumped off the plane.

Glad she's not doing
my laundry, huh?

Not funny.

Yeah, well, I'm not
appearing here, you know.

Just trying to help Angela

teach you dummies
a thing or two.

Sort of like the blind
leading the blind.

I'll make some coffee.

Well, let's see.

Burt Reynolds last night and...

Steve McQueen tonight.

KRIS: This girl has no shame.


Bree... Hey!

Oh... how'd it go?

Well, is it Murphy's Law

that says if anything
can go wrong, it will?

Oh, did it?

Nothing major.
They're doing just fine.



That wasn't there this
morning when we left.

Have you left the apartment?


No, somebody
must have put it there

while I was sleeping.

How'd they do that?

I didn't know ping
pong was a blood sport.

I think Mai Ling's a candidate
for the once-over lightly.

Her name's Mai Ling... Johnson.

Mai Ling Johnson?

So much for East is East.

As long as we're
checking out people,

ease around toward the door.

Oh, that's our
resident peeping Tom.

Name's Eddie Williams. He's
the assistant manager here.

Well, he could be arrested
for what he's thinking.

We'd better have
Bosley check him out.

Sabrina, that's the third
heart you've painted on me.

You take it so seriously!

Yeah, but you're winning.

Well, I know. I taught
her everything she knows.

I always win.

Whoa. Too bad this
ain't a bicycle built for two.

Well, if it was, you'd
take up most of it.


Hi, Gene.

What are you doing
in no-man's land?

Just visiting.

I'd have brought you flowers,

but I know how
you react to roses.

You could've gone all
day without mentioning that.

You're still not
going to tell me

what that was all about?

Just forget it, okay?

Well, who's the new blood?

Oh, uh, transfers.
Kris... Kelly... Hi.

And an old friend, Sabrina.

Gene Knox.

He'll be instructing
you tomorrow.

Oh, Gene, as
long as you're here,

would you mind giving me
back the key to my apartment?

Well, I did,

a couple of weeks ago at
dinner at Deveraux's restaurant.

It was right after you
threw your salad in my lap.

I threw your salad in your lap.

Well, I don't like the
salad at Deveraux's either.

Anyway, I did give
you back your key.

I guess you did, at that.

But I'm willing to take it back.


Now, let's just pass
on all that, okay?

Hey, big fella... Why
don't you lighten up?

On second thought, shorten up.

Uh, Paula...

don't worry about him, darling.

He's just suffering
from a bruised ego.




MAN'S VOICE: How are
you enjoying your coffee

these days, Angela?

Why do you keep calling me?

I told you there'd be something

I'd want you to do.

Now I'm going to
tell you what it is.

You're crazy.

Do you hear me? You're insane.

I'm not going to
do anything for you.

You can't make me do anything.

Angela, you're
making a big mistake.


Angela, do you hear me?


This isn't Angela.


Why didn't you put
the recorder on?

I'm sorry.

I... I was so
frightened, I forgot.

Okay. It's okay.

What did he say?

Uh, he said there was something

I have to do for him.

Something you have
to do for him? What?

I didn't give him a
chance to tell me.

Bree, what does this mean?

Bree, what does this...

Come on, it's all right. Look.

Why is this happening to me?

I don't know, Angie.

Look, there's not
much on the tape,

but I'll take it
to the police lab

first thing in the morning.

They'll see what
they can find out.

Come on. Come
on. Don't be scared.

It'll be all right.



Could I hitch a ride with you?

Oh, sure. Come on.

Oh, thanks.


Eddie, would you
do me a big favor?

All you gotta do is ask.

Would you call a garage

and see that my car gets fixed?

I'd really appreciate it.

My pleasure.

Aw, thanks.

Uh, listen, you can
just keep the keys

under the front seat.

Uh, you know, maybe
we could meet somewhere,

and I could bring
it to you in person.

Under the front
seat would be fine.

Now, I don't want
to overload you girls

with technical information,

but I would point out

that on your first
orientation flight,

we'll be conducting
weight and balance tests

as they relate to some
special equipment

this airline has developed.

Inside the cockpit on
the automatic pilot panel,

there's a red light
with an activator switch.

Now, there's not
a girl in this room

who couldn't flip the switch

and put the plane
into landing approach

at the nearest airfield.

When the red light is
on, the plane flies itself

until you're 50 feet
from the ground.

Well, what do we do
when we get to 50 feet?

Probably nothing,

since in addition
to Gene and myself,

there's a flight engineer
who can also fly.


All this equipment
we've been talking about

has been developed
exclusively by our company.

We're in our final
check-out phase.

Now, in addition

to what Captain
Glover's told you about,

there's also an emergency
radio transmitter and receiver

in the galley just in
case one of you girls

might have to talk
to the tower someday.

Our company frequency is 135.75.

Memorize that.

Is this new equipment

available now to all the planes?

All the planes on this airline

will eventually be
equipped with it

everywhere in the world,
including in your country.

This is my country. I live here.

Well, I, um... I
didn't mean to...

I think it's time for a break.

Any takers?

Ooh! Oh, my!

What happened?

Oh, I... what always happens.

I bumped my head

on something everybody
else walks under.

Paula, you're going to wind up

with a broken back

if you go around
hunching over all the time.

Let me ask you a question.
How did you pass the physical?

I lied.

And I cried.

I flirted with the doctor...

Well, what would you do

if standing on the ground,

your head was already
up in the wild blue yonder?

Paula... that's never
been my problem.

Hey, I think I'm going to go see

what's shaking with Mai Ling.

What are you going to say?

I don't know.

I'll think of something.

Mai Ling, can I talk
to you for a minute?

What's the point?

Come on, now,

you're not going to
hold a grudge, are you?

Do you care, huh?

Yes, I do care.

Look, why can't we be friends?

Look, I've got a lot
of things on my mind.

Pressures, you know?

Friends I haven't
got time for, okay?

Listen, I, um... I got the
report back on the tape

from the police lab.

We didn't record
enough of the voice

for them to get any
usable voice pattern,

and they couldn't even
get a stress analysis.

They're not even certain
whether it was a male voice.

We keep coming up empty.

Kris, you were, uh...

you were talking to
Mai Ling Johnson.

Anything there?

Mm-mm. Just a
very up-tight lady.

I'd love to know why.


Hi, Eddie. You got
anything there for me?

No, but if, you know,

if anything should come in,

you know, maybe I could come by

and bring it in to you.

Uh, that's... Personally.

That's okay, Eddie.
You don't have to do that.

Thank you, though.

You know, I'm not
as dumb as I look,

and all those other stews,

you know, they think
I'm some kind of a...

Well, I don't care
what they think.

You shouldn't.

You should not
care what they think.

You shouldn't care.

You let me know if I
get anything, okay?

Anything you say... Sabrina.


Oh, go ahead.

I just want to see
if he fixed my car

and get my keys.

See you later.



Angela, you stay here!
You stay right here!

Oh... no!

Oh no...

How'd it go with the
police homicide team?

Well, I made a deal with
Lieutenant Carruthers.

He said he'd help us out here

if we told him
everything we know.

That's easy.

How long does it
take to say nothing?

Right, Charlie. Okay, right.

Thank you.

Well, Charlie checked out

the apartment
manager, Eddie Williams.

It seems he was
released from the Army

with a dishonorable discharge...

A morals charge.

And what about Mai Ling?

Mai Ling has an outstanding
missing persons report.

Um, I guess I'll have to

find out the
details on that later,

but, uh, she is a
black belt in karate.

And Maralyn Basset was killed

with a karate
chop to the throat.



Angela? We'd better talk.

How'd you know I was here?

I know everything
you do, Angela.

I'm... I'm not going
to listen to you.

I think you are...

unless you want to lose
another one of your friends.


there was a black
rose by her body.

You did that.

You killed her.

It's entirely up to you, Angela.

If you'll do as I say,

if you tell no one
what's happening,

then there'll be no
problem. No one will be hurt.

If I can.

You can.

Open the door to
the second dryer.

There's a tape machine in there,

and a package.

Listen to the tape,
follow the instructions.


student orientation flight,

you will, three
minutes after takeoff,

go to the kitchen

and put the capsule
in the co-pilot's coffee.

It's merely a knockout pill.

You will then move
directly into the cockpit...

Okay. What've we got? We
have got one peeping Tom,

we have got one
hostile karate expert

who is also a missing person...


Hi, Angie.


What's the matter?

Nothing. I'm fine.

You got another
call, didn't you?

Angie, come on.

Would you tell us
what's the matter?

Nothing is the matter, okay?



Private party?


You always were a gate crasher.

Hey, I was always your
friend too, remember?

Once more, please.

No, I don't want
anything, thanks.

Do me a favor.


Leave me alone.

Just forget I brought
you into this, uh, case.

Look, Angie, I'll be
glad to leave you alone

if you don't want any help,

but I think you do.

As I recall in college,

you majored in
political science,

not mind reading.

Well, you don't have
to be a mind reader

to know that something's
the matter, and listen,

that stuff isn't going to help,

and I just...

I just wish you'd let me
know what's going on.

I can't.

Look, Angie...

you were leveling with us
before Maralyn was killed.

Now, why are you
freezing up on us now?

Wait a minute.

Maralyn was killed,

and there was a black
rose found next to her body.

Now, I'm right, aren't I?

The phone caller,
he killed someone,

and he told you... told you...

Bree, stop it!

Stop it.

Okay, Angie.

By tomorrow, it'll all be over.

Nobody will be hurt.

I won't be responsible.

Um, responsible... for what?

I... I can't tell you.

Believe me.

By tomorrow at this time,

it'll all be over.

But what will all be over?

She wouldn't tell me.

Then we've got nothing.

we have one thing.

We have a time schedule.

Whatever it is that's
going to happen,

it's going to happen
tomorrow afternoon.

That's not much help.

Wait a minute.

The student orientation
flight is tomorrow.

I thought that was in two days.

No, they got done with
the preparations early,

so they're doing
the flight tomorrow.

Well, that's it, then.

It's got something
to do with that flight.

Okay, let's say it has.

What's the angle?
What's at stake?

I don't know.

What's the purpose
of the flight?

What's special about it?

KRIS: Nothing.

It's standard procedure
for all new stews.

Except we're doing something

called weight and balance tests.

SABRINA: What's that?

They put weighted
bags in the seats

in various sections
of the plane.

I don't know the
technical reasons.

Weighted bags?

Could there be
something in the bag?

You mean some sort
of smuggling scam?


I don't know.

I just know that Kelly and Kris
will be on that plane tomorrow,

and I will too, in a
manner of speaking.

You lost me.

Well, I'm going to
monitor the flight

from the radar facilities.

How are you going
to arrange that?

Charlie used to do
quite a bit of flying.

He's got some
connections with the FAA.

He ought to be
able to set it up.

But Bree,

if the authorities find
out what we're doing,

they could cancel the flight.

What for? How are
they going to do that?

I mean, it's not
a regular flight.

It's just an airline
testing its equipment.

afraid it's the only way

we're going to get an answer.

Okay, Kris and I
are in the plane.

Sabrina's monitoring
from the ground.

I guess it's the only way to go.

There's one other thing.

What do you mean?

Well, suppose while
Sabrina is in the radar facility,

the killer is in there
at the same time,

monitoring the plane?

There's a pressurization problem

in the rear compartment.

Maybe you could take a look.

It's not exactly a
flight engineer's job,

but I won't tell my
union if you won't.

Check the seam in
the floor over there.

MAN'S VOICE: put the
capsule in the co-pilot's coffee.

It's merely a knockout pill.

You will then move
directly into the cockpit

and lock the door.

Give him the coffee,

wait for the drug
to take effect,

then order Captain Glover

to fly a heading of 190 degrees.

Tell him to get a
clearance to Lima, Peru

or you'll kill him.

Once you have landed in Peru,

follow the instructions

on the reverse
side of this tape.

Thank you, my dove.

Tell me, how are
all the little doves

outside doing?

Fine. They're doing just fine.

Say, listen, I
don't feel too good.

Take it easy! Take it easy!


Angela, I think you better
get the... the flight engineer.

Captain Glover,

I want you to head
south, 190 degrees.

Angela... what the
devil are you doing?

Please, just do as you're told.

I don't want to hurt you.

You didn't lock
the door, Angela.

You were instructed
to lock the door!



Angela? Open the door!


Don't they usually
call in during a flight?

Well, not necessarily.

Could be a radio malfunction

or they've decided to monitor

on a different frequency.

Fourteen Bravo, this
Los Angeles Center.

Do you read?

Fourteen Bravo, this
Los Angeles Center.

Do you read?


Wait a minute. The intercom.

Okay, girls, let's come on.

Let's sit down.
Everything's fine.

Everything's going to be fine.

We'll take care of it.

Come on, it's all
right. Sit down.

It's okay. Just
have a seat there.

Angela? Angela?
Gene, can you hear me?

What's going on?

A shot was fired.

A shot? What are
you talking about?

There was a shot fired in there,

and now the door is locked.

What are you doing?
What's the gun for?

I'm going to shoot the lock off.

And maybe kill
somebody in there?

Maybe the only person
that can fly this plane?

Are you crazy?

By the way, what are
you doing with a gun?

Never mind that.

You girls just get this
door open and quick.

This flight's going
the way we planned it.

Who's we?

Just get the door open!

Where's the flight engineer?

Forget him. He can't help you.

Now, get the door open.

Now, you just
hold on one minute.

We are not doing anything

until you tell us
what is going on here.


Listen, I'll use this.

Maybe you will and
maybe you won't.

We're no good to you dead.

Okay, look.

Glover and I are
going to take the plane

and sell the equipment.

What are you talking about?

The new equipment on the
plane. We're going to sell it.

Well, to who?

What difference does it make?

Just get something to
break this door open,

and do it now!

Angela. Gene. Can you hear me?

Somebody answer me.
What's happening in there?

Pressing... I.L.S.

Los Angeles.

The plane's turning.
Somebody must be flying it.

No, it feels like the autopilot.

We're going down!

It is the autopilot!


That's it, my friend.

Gene, can you open
the door? Open the door.



Get something and tie him up.

Mai Ling, find
the flight engineer.

Los Angeles Center to
Test Flight Fourteen Bravo.

Do you read?

Forget the flight engineer.
He's unconscious.

The emergency radio.

This is Test Flight 14 Bravo.

Anyone read me?

Kelly, Sabrina. Can you
hear me? What happened?

We don't know. There was a shot.

Now the cockpit door is locked.

We can't get in there,

and we can't get
anyone on the intercom.

How's the plane reacting?

KELLY: It feels
like it's on autopilot.

We're losing altitude

and heading back
toward Los Angeles.

The automated I.L.S.
must be engaged.

Where's the flight engineer?

He can't help us.
He's unconscious.

What happened?

No, never mind. Tell me later.

You've got to force
the cockpit door.

KELLY: We're trying. We can't.

Keep trying.

Now, listen, and
listen carefully.

You may have to land the plane.

Are you crazy?

I'm dead serious.

If the automated
I.L.S. is engaged,

it will just get you
down to the last 50 feet.

Then you have to take over.

I don't know what to do!

You have to.

KELLY: Okay. Okay. I have to.

What do I do when
and if I get there?

When the red light goes
off on your automated I.L.S.,

you'll be 50 feet
from the ground.

At that time, pull
back on the yoke...

That's the wheel...

Until the air speed
indicator reads 100 knots.

Okay. 100 knots.

If the air speed indicator

drops below 100
knots, ease forward.

Do you understand?

I think so.

MAN: Okay. The rudder pedals.

You use those with the
yoke to turn left or right.

You ever race a soapbox
when you were a kid?

KELLY: I got the picture.

I'll tell you the rest when
you're in the cockpit.

Call me when you get there.

2000 feet.

We've got to hurry.

1200 feet.

It's giving.

400 feet.

Get in there, Kelly.


Girls, let me try.

Please. Please, please.


150 feet.

Come on, get in there.

Okay, get everybody
strapped in. Right now.

Okay, okay. We're
in the cockpit.

MAN: Don't bother to respond.

Just remember... 100 knots.

Keep the wings level.

Lift the nose to slow down,

lower it to speed up.

You're a little off to the left.

Give it some right rudder.

Just a little.

Come on, Kelly. You
can do it. Come on.

You're about to touch down.

When you do, pull the throttles
into reverse thrust position.


Reverse thrust now.

Now, feet on top of the
rudders. Those are your brakes.

Use them.

Brake evenly. Evenly.

Attagirl, Kelly!


You did it!

Whoo! All right! You did it!


She's down.


You're a flyer.

Uh... I'm a lander.

I'm a lander.

Thank you.

I can't believe it. Aw...

So, it's like the
old story, Charlie,

the one about the guy

who was wheeling a brick
out of the factory every day.

The guards finally nailed
him for stealing bricks.

He was stealing
the wheelbarrows.

You see, Glover and Culver

were trying to
steal the equipment,

not the plane.

CHARLIE: Well, why
the elaborate scheme?

Why didn't Glover
simply take the plane

and fly it away?

Well, by playing the
part of the helpless pilot

forced into the theft,

Glover would never be suspected.

He could pay off
Culver, collect his money,

go back home a hero,

and he wouldn't
have to be on the run

the rest of his life.

CHARLIE: And Angela
would never know

Glover was her
mysterious caller.

Clever idea, actually...

Provided it had
worked, of course.

CHARLIE: Angela, how did Glover
get access to your apartment...

all those roses?

Gene Knox once had
a key to my apartment.

Glover lifted it during
a layover somewhere

and had a duplicate made.

That's how he got
in and out so easily.

Mai Ling Johnson
got her citizenship

by marrying a GI...

Apparently a GI for
whom she cared very little,

in that she split.

He placed a missing
persons report on her,

which probably explains
why she was so upset.

by the way, Kelly...

I've arranged a
little surprise for you.

Oh, really? Let me guess.
A week in Pango Pango.

CHARLIE: No. Not quite.
I'm giving you flying lessons.

What do you think of that?

I think before I
answer that, Charlie,

you'd better give me
that week in Pango Pango.

That way my answer
will be much less painful...

to you.

Good thinking.