Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 2, Episode 21 - Little Angels of the Night - full transcript

In an apartment building where many of the tenants are prostitutes, someone is killing them, so the owner calls Charlie. Kris and Kelly move in and they have their eye on the creepy guy who works at the nearby restaurant who delivers the food there.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time,

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy,

two in Los Angeles...

the other in San Francisco,

and they were each assigned
very hazardous duties...

but I took them
away from all that,

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.


Everything okay, Mary?

Excellent, Roman.

You know your
money's no good here.

That's very dear,
Roman, but I insist.

Otherwise I couldn't
come here anymore,

and that would be a shame,

since your place
is so convenient,

and you still make the
best fettuccini in town.

Listen, uh, Mary...

could we meet later this
evening and have a cappuccino?

That's a lovely
thought, but... [CRASH]

Freddie, what the
devil's wrong with you?

There's nothing
wrong with me, man.

It was an accident.

It was an accident, dig?

Listen, there are a
couple of takeout orders

in the kitchen.

See to it, will you? Right away.

Mary? Mary?

Never a dull moment.

Have a nice night, Roman.


Ah, how was your
dinner, Mr. Walker?

It was good. Always good.

Thank you very much.


Just a minute.

Is that you, Carol?


You want something?

What do you want?

Keep your hands off... No!

Terry Jones is the
second girl in a month

to have been
murdered in my building.

I'm deeply concerned,

and the other three girls,

the ones that are
still living there,

they're, frankly, terrified.

Mrs. Smith, are the other
three girls prostitutes?

I prefer to call
them "working girls."

Oh. But there are other women

in your apartments

who aren't working girls, right?

MRS. SMITH: A few, yes.

Mine is an equal
opportunity building,

male and female tenants
from all walks of life.

Well, tell me, do the
girls do their working

in their apartments?

Oh no.

They conduct all their
business on the outside.

I insist on it.

My building is their home,

the only home
some of these girls

have ever really known...

And their lives
aren't as glamorous

as people may think...
believe me, I know.

Well, what do the police
have to say about all of this?

CHARLIE: The police, as
you can imagine, Angels,

have conducted a
thorough investigation,

but so far, have
no clues, no leads.

that's why I hired Charlie,

not only to continue
the investigation,

but to provide protection

for Bonnie, Carol, and Melanie.

Bonnie, Carol, and Melanie...

these are the three girls

who are still with you, Dolly?


Yes, Charlie.

Well, do you two know
each other personally?

CHARLIE: Well, suffice to say

Mrs. Smith and I
go back a long time.

Well, then you know what
Charlie looks like, right?

Well, it was many years ago,

and then he was a...
CHARLIE: Now, now, now,

I'm afraid there's no time
for reminiscences, Dolly.

Now, Angels, I've
made arrangements

for you to take up residence
in Mrs. Smith's building

and go undercover

as three of her working girls.

Charlie... CHARLIE:
In name only, Sabrina.


You know, Charlie, this
case is starting to interest me.

I hope that I have an
equally provocative cover.

CHARLIE: I think you'll find it

an interesting change
of pace, Bosley.

Well, good luck, Angels.

Yeah, thank you, Charlie.

You girls new in town?

We have some luggage.


Thank you.

Be careful, will you?

Carol, Bonnie,
this is Kris... Hi.

Kelly... Hello.

And Sabrina. Hello.

New talent?


Carol has the
apartment next to yours.

Oh, good.

Welcome to Bleak House.

Well, I've got things to do,

so I've got to go.

If you need anything,
just let me know.

Thank you very much.

Bye-bye. See you later.

You girls from L.A.?

No, no, no. We just
got in from Chicago.

Oh. Well, if you ever need
to borrow a cup of sugar,

all you have to do
is knock on the wall.

I'm down the hallway from
Carol. Apartment 3A, okay?

Bonnie, how long
have you been in L.A.?

Four months. This is
all kind of new to me.

And when Bonnie says
"new," she means "new."

Fresh out of Omaha

for the first time in her life.

Oh, really?

To tell you the truth,
I'm a little scared

about all this that's been
going on around here.

Um, I wouldn't encourage her,

otherwise she'll
be on the next bus

like all the others.

Say, are any of you
free in about an hour?

Uh, well, that depends.

Well, I've got
these two clients,

and they are dying for a party.

Bonnie's busy, and
nobody's available.

Oh, gosh, you know, the
plane ride was really wild.

I'm a little tired and
a little shook up.

I have a... I have a bad back.

I'm supposed to stay
off... or on my feet.

I'm supposed to stay on my feet.

What about you, Kelly?


Oh, um, I have a cold.


God bless you.

You should probably
have a sweater on.

Or a little wrap.

Too bad.

These guys look
like an awful lot of fun.

It's a shame we have to miss it.


Hi, Freddie.

I went to your apartment,
but you weren't there.

Girls, this is Freddie,
my pizza pusher.

He works across
the street at Vail's.

This is Kris... Hi.

Kelly. Sabrina.

Meet Freddie.

How are you doing? Hello. Hello.

Hey, listen, if there's
anything I can do for you girls,

don't be bashful.

Your other order
is getting cold.

Say goodbye, Freddie.

He has just a little bit
of a macho problem,

but he's basically harmless.

Oh, you like anchovies?

Oh, not for me. I'm
trying to watch my weight.

Uh, I'd love a piece, thank you.

Oh, no, no.

SABRINA: Oh, that's very good.

It's great.



Who is it?




Hang on.


Hey, you mind parking
it outside, friend?

Hey, relax. I ain't
going to bite you.

Yeah, sure, fella,

only I'd appreciate it if
you'd wait outside, okay?

Hey. Anyone ever tell
you you got great eyes?

Hey, don't get nervous. I
just paid you a compliment.

Hey, look, man,

just lay the pizza on
me and then split, okay?

Yeah, sure. I'll lay it on you.



You dumb...

Freddie, make this delivery

and come right back.

Where's it go?

Across the street.

I don't like that place.

I'm getting fed up dealing
with some of those broads

that live over there.

I thought you liked the ladies.

Not those kind. They
get under my skin.



Okay, okay, it's all right.

You stay with her, Kris.

You're okay.

Come on. You're okay.


Kelly, what happened?

Where do I report a hit and run?

These police reports
aren't much help.

Let's keep looking.

Maybe we'll come up
with some sort of pattern

that could give us some help.

Hi. Any luck?

Hi, Bos.

Nothing yet. How's Bonnie?

Still giving her
story to the police.

She's in pretty rough shape.

SABRINA: Wait a minute.

What's wrong, Bree?

Well, you notice anything

about these two
girls who were killed?

What are you getting at, Bree?

SABRINA: Well, they're...

they're, they're both blonds,

and so is Bonnie...

Well, half the girls
in America are blonds

or trying to be.

Yeah, but three
victims, all blond.

Pretty big coincidence.

SABRINA: Maybe it's
some kind of a pattern.

Maybe we should get, like,

an expert opinion.

Good idea.

Well, why don't
we call that man...

what's his name?
Eggars, Dr. Eggars.

The police consult
him all the time.


Right. You know,
while we're there,

maybe I can have
myself analyzed.

I'm finding it pretty rough

adjusting to being a janitor.

That's okay, Bos.

Poor little thing.

We appreciate you coming
down here, Dr. Eggars.

No problem. I need to
get out more, actually.

From what we've told you,

do you think you can
form any sort of an opinion?

Um... Oh, oh, sorry. I'm sorry.

Oh, no problem.

Uh, nice aroma...

I beg your pardon?

It's called SNIC.

That's short for "Six
Nights in Copenhagen."

Well, that... that
sounds like fun.

How's that?

Oh, well...

You were about to tell us
if you'd formed an opinion.

Oh, an opinion.

Oh, yes, yes, I like it here.

I do. I like it here very much.

I'm talking about the
case we're working on.

Do you see any
sort of set pattern?

Yeah. Um...

Well, the fact that the victims
were all blond prostitutes

indicates that we're
possibly dealing with

a "Jack the Ripper" personality.

I mean, it might
suggest a possible case

of displaced aggression.

Displaced aggression?

That's a psychological condition

whereby a person,
in this case, a man,

develops a hatred
for a particular woman,

but he's unable to
carry out this aggression

due to some
psychological inhibition,

so he chooses a substitute
and kills that person instead.

Excuse me, doctor.

Once he's killed a substitute,

then why does he go
on and kill other people?

Because even though
the substitute is killed,

the original
object of his hatred

still remains alive.

Well, is there any possibility

that this person
might eventually

get it out of his
system and stop killing?

DR. EGGARS: Unlikely.

A psychopath
personality such as this

at the same time
harbors great guilt

and a desire to be punished,

so they just go on
committing their attacks

until they're caught.


who said blonds
have more fun, huh?

I don't remember anything.

All I want to do
is get out of here

like the rest of my friends.

Bonnie, cool it.

Honey, in a few more minutes,

you're gonna be
climbing the walls, huh?

I can't help it.

Bonnie, look, I
know it's difficult,

but we really need your help.

You're the only one who's
had contact with the killer

and lived to tell about it.

Bonnie, I really think
you ought to stay...

for yourself, as well
as for the others.

I want to help. I do.

But I can't.

I just can't.

Here, honey,
have a drink of this.

You'll feel a lot better.

Listen, I'm sorry.

It's just that I'm so confused.

I mean, first someone
tries to kill me,

and then I find out

all you girls are
really detectives.

Well, it was important
that we be under cover...

I mean, for everybody's sake.

Is there anything
you can tell us

that you didn't tell the police?


I'll get it.

Listen, you want my opinion?

You should talk to that creep
who works across the street.

That Freddie.

The one who delivers the pizzas?


What about him?

Oh, he's bad news.

He came to my pad yesterday,
and started giving me heat.

Well, what kind of heat?

Oh, all kinds. I mean, you know,

I put him down as a weirdo

because he's weird.
You know what I mean?

And he's always
skulking around this place

with some sour look on his face.

He's strange. Bonnie's seen him.


Look, uh, Bonnie?

Sit down.

Now, I know this is
going to be difficult,

but I want you to think
as hard as you can

and see if you can remember

any of the physical

of the man who
attacked you, okay?

Like, um, how tall was he?

He grabbed me from behind.

I don't remember anything.

Okay, he grabbed
you from behind.

Now, did you feel his chest,
or did you feel his face?

He, um... he put
his arm on my throat.


And I... I felt him,
uh, pushing me down.

That's all?

Well, okay.

Did you notice anything at all

that was unusual?

Um, a sound, a word...

Uh, yeah, there was this odor.

An aftershave? Cologne?

Okay, I know this sounds crazy,

it's kind of hard to describe,

but the odor was
kind of like cooking,

or a restaurant...

It's Freddie, I'm telling you!

Him and his pizza.
They both smell alike.

Hey, listen, we may
have something.

Why? Who was that?

A man named Jim Walker,

and he said he was an
old friend of Terry Jones.

The murdered girl
who had this apartment.

What did he want?

He wanted a date,

and he asked me to
bring my bathing suit,

and he specifically
asked me if I was a blond.

Where does he want to meet you?

Uh, here in the
marina, on his yacht.

You're not going to go alone?

What other choice do I have?

Uh, I go with you.

That much company
he didn't ask for.

Well, I'll keep a
very low profile.

I still think it's Freddie,

the pizza freak.

Okay, we'll give
it some thought.

Nice boat.

I think you would
call that a yacht,

and if it leaves the dock,

I'll be a stowaway.

Yeah, well, if it
leaves the dock,

I'm going to jump
ship. Or yacht.

Can you jump yacht?

I'll be close, okay?


Wish me luck.

Good luck.

Mr. Walker?

Miss Munroe?


Welcome aboard.

There you go.

Thank you.

You brought swimwear?

Yeah, just like you asked.

You can change down there.



Uh... oh. Sorry.

It's lovely. Very lovely.

Thank you.

Something to warm you up?

Uh, please.


To a beautiful lady.

To a lovely day.

Yes, I suppose it
is, for most people.

Uh, I'm sorry.

W... what did you mean by that?

Well, I'm sure that
there might be those

whose circumstances are such

that a beautiful day like this

had no meaning...

everything being
relative, don't you agree?

Uh, yeah, uh, sure, I suppose.

Mr. Walker. So, uh,
tell me about yourself.

I'm retired.

Mr. Walker, Retired.

I fashioned and manufactured
women's swimwear.

Oh. Well, that
sounds interesting.

It isn't.

You know, I'm really
beginning to dislike her.


Laurence... Her? Laurence?

My wife.


Oh, it's common law, of course.

She's getting to be such a nag.


I think it's because I'm
spending more time at home.

Ah, because you're retired.


and she's beginning
to really drive me crazy.

It's pick, pick, pick,
pick, all the time.

She doesn't like the
way my hair is cut.

She doesn't like
the clothes I wear,

I sleep too late
in the mornings...

I tell you, it's
getting me down.

Why don't you go back to work?

I told you, I
didn't like working.

Yes, I understand that,

but if you want to, you know,
keep things happy with Laurence,

it might be a good idea.

You know, you're
smarter than her.


No, Terry.

Oh, um, you mean the dead girl.

Mm-hmm. I told her my
problem, several times.

She couldn't come
up with an answer.

Um... Where are you going?

I don't think we
have anything else

to say to each
other, Mr. Walker.

A hundred dollars?
What's this for?

You gave me an
answer to my problem.

I'm very relieved.

Well, I'm very relieved myself.

Please, take your money.

You know, it's too bad
we didn't meet years ago...

Things might have
been different for me.

Well, you know what they
say... Timing is everything.

Say hello to Laurence
for me, will you?

Everything okay?

Yeah. Real weird guy.


No witnesses?


It happened near
the laundry room,

and no one heard a thing.

Well, Mr. Walker has an alibi.

She must have put up a struggle.

There were skin fragments
under the fingernails.

Well, that means whoever did it

is probably carrying
around some scratch marks.

Well, there was one other thing.

The killer left this behind.

Shark's tooth.

Yeah. Remember
what it looks like,

because I'll have to give it

to the police as evidence.


That's odd.

Very careless of the killer,

leaving that behind.


Careless or deliberate?

What do you mean?

Well, I could understand

if there was a struggle
and she tore it off him...

but the clasp wasn't broken.

I've got to get out of here.

I'm sorry, but I'm scared.

Bonnie, look, there's
no reason to be sorry,

and it's perfectly
natural to be scared,

but we may be
making some progress.

What do you mean?

Well, we found something
near Carol's body.

It was a shark's tooth pendant.

A pendant?

Yeah, Bonnie.

Have you ever see anyone

wearing anything
that looks like that?


Yeah, I have seen
something like that.

On who?


Freddie? Are you sure?

No, I'm not.

I think so, but I
couldn't swear to it.

Who's the guy?

Just a friend.

Dump him. Let's jump on a
plane and go to Las Vegas.

Would it help if I told you

this is a business
lunch I'm having?

It might.

Okay. It's a business lunch.

Doesn't help.

Hi. Table for two?


This way, please.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

My name is Roman Vail.

This is my place.

Your first time here?

Right. I'm Kelly,
and this is Kris.

How do you do?

Hi. You have a terrific
location here, Mr. Vail.

Yes, I'm very fortunate.

You know, I don't
think a minute goes by

that I don't see your
delivery boy, Freddie,

coming in and
out of our building

with those pizzas.

Yes, I keep him pretty busy.

I notice he's not around.

You didn't fire him,
by any chance?

Fire him? Of course
not. Why do you ask?

Oh, one of our
girls, Melanie, I think,

said she got in an
argument with him.

Oh, well, Freddie gets
a little crazy at times.

I did have a talk with him.

I'm sure he'll be on
his best behavior.

You're staring.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I was just noticing
your tie clip.

It's beautiful.

Is it gold?

Thank you. Yes, it is.

The two of you certainly
have some nice jewelry.

The two of us?

I mean you and Freddie.

He has that beautiful
gold bracelet,

and that pendant he
wears around his neck.

The shark's tooth?

Yeah, do you know
where he got it?

My brother's
birthday is coming up,

and I'd like to get him one.

No. No, I don't know
where he bought that one,

but I know he'll probably

be getting another.

Oh, why?

Well, it seems he lost
the one he was wearing.

That's what he said.

Um, tell me, do you know
where he is right now?

My brother's birthday is
the day after tomorrow,

and I'd like to get him one.

Oh, he's out making
a delivery right now.

In our building?

As a matter of fact, he is, yes.

To that same girl he
had the argument with.

Melanie, wasn't it?


I think we should
go talk to him.

Let's go see if we can find him.

I'm sorry.

Aren't you having lunch?

We'll take a rain check, okay?

Yeah, we'll be back.

We'll be back. See you later.


What's the matter,
you don't trust yourself?

Look, funny person,

just leave the
pizza on the floor

and then split, okay?

Hey, why can't
you be nice to me?

Hey, hey, look.

I only have so much
to spare every day,

and I don't want to spend it
on some delivery boy, hmm?

You think you're too
good for me, huh?

Hey, look you said it,
oddball, and not me.

Now, leave the
pizza on the floor

and get out of my life, okay?

You want the pizza?




I'll teach you to
talk to me like that!



Melanie? Melanie, open the door.

It's Sabrina. Come on, open it!

What's the matter?

It was Freddie.
He came after me.

All right, calm down.
What happened?

He tried to break the door in!

I tell you, he's crazy!

I think he went that way.

Get back inside
and lock the door.

I'm telling you he's crazy!

Freddie! Hold it! Hold it!

We lost him.


I got a feeling

he ain't gonna
stop running, either.

Anyway, lieutenant,

after we lost him,
we called you.

Oh, incidentally, that
shark's tooth pendant

that we found
near Carol's body...

well, we think it
belongs to Freddie,

but we're not sure.

So you say you chased him

down into the garage?

Yeah we chased him
down into the garage and...

then we lost him.

And the other girl, Melanie,

she claimed that
Freddie tried to kill her.

She's easily agitated,
but that's what she claims.

She was pretty upset.

Okay, I'll put out
an APB on Freddie.

Do you three have any ideas?

Freddie's boss...

He has a pizza place
across the street.

He might be able to
give us a handle on this.

Why not? I like pizza.

Look, if it's okay with
you, I think I'll stay here

and see if I can find out
anything else from Melanie.

All right. Okay.

We'll see you later.

All right, bye, now.

Table for three?

No, it's just a business visit.

Do you know these ladies?


They live in the building
across the street.

I can vouch for them.

I'm sure you can.

You're not in any kind
of trouble, are you?

Oh no, we're just here
to help the sergeant.

As witnesses.

Uh, is Freddie on the premises?

Uh, no.

He went out earlier.
He hasn't come back yet.

Is there anything wrong?

Well, he's wanted
for questioning.

It seems that he tried

to attack one of the
ladies about an hour ago.


You know the girl we
were telling you about

that Freddie had
an argument with?

Yes, vaguely. Mm-hmm.

Well, it's the same girl.

Melanie Robbins.

And you say Freddie
tried to strangle her?

no one said anything

about strangling, sir.

I just said that
he tried to attack.

Oh, well I just assumed...

You assumed what, Mr. Vail?

Well, I assumed that
since the other girl

had been strangled, that...

KELLY: Luckily, it
didn't get that far.

Well if you see him
or hear from him,

call me at this number, please.

Of course, lieutenant.

Thank you.

Coming, Kris?

Oh, no. I'm a little hungry.

I think I'll stay and
get a bite to eat.

Okay. See you later.


This way, please.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Hi, Bos. Working hard?

Don't ask. As soon
as I drop these,

I'm supposed to
go fix a faucet in 4F.

Well, you better hop to it.

The only problem

is I cannot get
into apartment 4F.

Oh, you mean you
don't have a key?

Yes, I have a key,

but it's locked from the inside,
and I can't get an answer.

Oh, be careful, Bos.

You're going to blow your tip.


Hi. No sign of Freddie?

No. Sergeant Mathews
went back to the station,

and Kris is hanging
in at the restaurant

in case Freddie shows.

Where's Bosley?


He's supposed to
fix a leaky faucet

in apartment 4F,
and he can't get in.

He can't get into 4F?

He says it's locked
from the inside,

and no one answers.

Well, no one can answer.

That's Peggy
Phillips' apartment.

She's been out of
town for over a week.

Well, maybe she came back.

I just spoke to her last night.

She called to tell me
she'd be away for a month

and would be late with the rent.

Then how could it be
locked from the inside?

You don't suppose... Freddie?



Aw, no!


There are handymen,

and then there are handymen.

I didn't do it. I
didn't kill nobody!

Then why did you run from us,

and why did you run

from Melanie's
apartment yesterday?

Because you people
were chasing me.

I'm funny that way.

You chase me
with guns, and I run.

Can you explain why you
were hiding in that apartment?

I needed to be alone,
to get my head together.

Is that what you do when
you need to be alone?

You break into
somebody's apartment?

I notice you're not
wearing your shark's tooth.

I lost it.

That's interesting.

Yeah? Why?

Because it was found
next to a girl's body

who happened to
have been strangled.

Look, I told you,

I don't know nothing
about those stranglings.

Strangling isn't my bag.

What is your bag, then?

Is it to frighten people

and then... then attempt murder?

What's that supposed to mean?

It's supposed to mean

that Melanie says after
you delivered her pizza,

you tried to kill her.

Look, I never tried to
kill no one in my life.


Well, they finally
nailed you, huh,

you little creep?

You're the creep!

Why'd you tell them
I tried to hurt you?

I didn't even touch you.

Oh, listen to him lie.

I wouldn't open my door,

so he broke it in and
he came after me.

I didn't do nothing!

Freddie, sit down.

Okay, okay,

we had a few
words, but that's all.

I just don't like people
treating me like dirt.

So I lost my temper. So what?

So you tried to strangle
me like the others.

You shut up!

Freddie, sit down!

Now, sit down and cool off!

He's crazy. I told you.

Bosley why don't you take
Melanie back to her apartment

until the police get here, huh?

I'll be back in a minute.

I hope they lock you up
and throw away the pizza,

you little creep!

Now, wait a minute.

What's wrong?

Well, Melanie obviously
doesn't have blond hair, right?


Well, it breaks the pattern.

All of the other girls
who were attacked

had blond hair.

Our displaced aggression theory.


Freddie, does Vail know

that you lost your
shark's tooth?

What's that got to
do with anything?

Does he know? Just answer me.

I didn't tell him about it,
if that's what you mean.

Then how did he know?

He said that you told him
you lost your shark's tooth.

Then he lied.

Bree, have we been
chasing the wrong one?


Who, as Bonnie put it,

smells like a restaurant?

And Kris is still there.

And she's most
definitely a blond.

Good afternoon. Good afternoon.

Thank you.

Mary, listen to me.

Roman, let go of my arm.

You're not being reasonable.

My car is waiting.

I, uh... I think I'd
like my check now.

Mr. Vail, you don't
have to do this.

Look, we can help you.

Mr. Vail!

Kris, you okay? Huh?

You all right? You sure?


Oh, Mary, I... I
always loved you.

I always have.

We should have stayed married.

You know I always loved you,

and I always will.

Don't you understand?

Can't you see how it is?


I understand.

CHARLIE: Well, Angels,

how did it feel being members

of the world's
oldest profession?

Speaking for myself, Charlie,
very happy to end my career.

Yeah, Bree's right, Charlie.

That profession can
be more dangerous

than this one.

At least the other little
ladies of the evening

won't have Vail to
worry about anymore.

Boy, that psychiatrist,
Dr. Eggars,

was certainly right

about his displaced
aggression theory.

CHARLIE: I imagine
you were surprised

to find out Vail was
married to Mary Thomas.

He was still in love with her,

so every time she rejected
him, he took it out on other blonds

who look like her.

CHARLIE: Mm-hmm.

You'll be happy to know that
I've heard from Mrs. Smith.

She reports her building is...
is back to business as usual.

Another job well done, Angels.

Thank you, Charlie.

Oh, Charlie, listen,
we were wondering

if maybe we could
take a couple of days off

and maybe do a little
skiing. What do you say?

As a matter of fact, Charlie,

I may make a stab
at skiing myself.

CHARLIE: Not so fast, Bosley.

I'm afraid the Angels

will have to make
their little ski trip alone.

Mrs. Smith has
a little job for you.

Mrs. Smith?

CHARLIE: Mm-hmm.

It seems there's a plumbing
problem in each apartment

up and down the line.

Mrs. Smith claims you caused it.

What does she expect
me to do about it?

CHARLIE: I don't know,

but she said to
wear your overalls.


Charlie, are you
sure you won't join us

on the ski slopes?

CHARLIE: Uh, no thanks, Kelly.

I'm into more intellectual
pursuits this week.

Well, happy skiing, Angels.

Your move, my dear.

Your move, my dear?

What kind of an
intellectual sport

is that?

You better not think
about it, Bosley.

You snooze, you lose.

You better get your overalls
on and get on over there.

Mrs. Smith's waiting, Bosley.