Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 2, Episode 18 - The Sandcastle Murders - full transcript

The seaside community where Kris lives is menaced by a strangler who buries his victims in the sand. The investigating officer Lieutenant Francona is a longtime rival of Charlie Townsend. Bosley and the Angels are on the case.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time,

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy,

two in Los Angeles...

the other in San Francisco,

and they were each assigned
very hazardous duties...

but I took them
away from all that,

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.





Hi, Bosley.


Yeah. Uh-huh.

Okay, I'll tell them.


Well, we're supposed to
go to the office in one hour.

We have a case out of town.

Oh, no. Out of town?

Aw, what about the
party tonight, huh?

Looks like it's down the tubes.

No way. Listen,
we'll just tell Charlie

we've been planning
this party for weeks

and we'll start the
case tomorrow.

And then he will politely
tell us to unplan the party.

No, he can't do that,
not if we stick together.

That's true, there's
safety in numbers.

It'll work.

Okay. What are we going
to feed all these people?

Well, I don't know,
but whatever it is

we'd better have enough
for people with big appetites

because you remember that
guy I met? Jerry? Remember him?


He's going to bring over
some players from the Rams.

Oh, I hope Joe Namath
comes, I really do.

Bree, what time is it?

It's, uh... yeah,
it's nearly 10:30.

Hey, we'd better
get to the office.

Listen, I think
I'll stick around

just for a few minutes, anyway.

Betsy Harper is
supposed to come by

and sell me those cosmetics.

I don't think she's
going to make it, Kris.

You know, I think she'd
have been here by now.

Let me look around the
beach just for a few minutes.

She really needs the money.

Aw... Okay, but don't be late.

You know how Charlie
is about being on time.

Please, Kris, I don't
want to hear Bosley's

"time is money" speech.

Hurry up. Time is money!

I'll be there.




RADIO DJ: Francona,
who's investigating

the so-called
Sandcastle Murders,

revealed that yesterday's victim

the second in less
than three weeks,

also died of strangulation.

Police noted that both
victims were somewhat

similar in appearance

and one source referred to
them as look-alike killings.

And now for today's weather.

Hey, you don't own me.

I'm doing my thing, that's all.

You see? That's
just what I mean.

Now, when have I
ever tried to own you?


All right, I... I'm sorry.

I'm just... I'm
a little uptight.

You been taking
care of business?

Because, babe, you
look kind of wiped.

It's sweet of you to
care, Hank, but I'm okay.

Except for that.

That is so creepy.

Using those things
right on top of us.

I feel like I'm
under a microscope.

Man, he's a real hulk, isn't he?

Why don't you tell
one of the beach cops?

Tell Dave.

Uh-uh. No way.

Why not?

What's the matter?

Well, just forget it, okay?


Hey, I thought you
were going to come by

and sell me those cosmetics.

Oh, I forgot. I'm sorry.

That's okay.

Actually, um, I was coming to
see you about something else.

Um, seeing as you're a
detective and everything

I thought you could help me.

Well, sure, honey. What is it?

Well, if somebody saw
something that wasn't definite...

You know, um, you
didn't actually see

them do it or
anything, but, uh...

it could be important...

Wait a minute. Do what?

Oh, I don't know if I
should tell anyone or not.

I'll get the person
hassled, and, and...

I might get
myself... in trouble.

Okay, now, was it a crime?

For sure.

Well, I-I think you
should tell the police.

Oh, no, no.

I'm not in trouble or
anything, but, uh...

Kris, I've been on my
own since I was 14, and...

Betsy, look, I want to help
you, honey, but you're...

you're making it hard.

Yeah. Yeah, I
guess you're right.

I tell you what.

Why don't I go up and
I'll put on a pot of coffee

and we'll talk about
this. No. No, I got to go.


Let me help you.

Bosley: Hi, Kelly. Bree.

Morning, Bos. Hi, Bos.

Where's Kris?

She'll be along.


Yeah, well, I hope so.

You know how Charlie
is about punctuality.


See what I mean?

Better answer that, Bosley,
it might be the phone.

Hello, Charlie.

morning, Bosley. Angels.

Good morning, Charlie.

Good morning, Charlie.

All present and accounted for?

Uh, yeah.

Yeah, all here, Charlie.

We're all here.

Well, then, let's get
down to business...

Assuming everyone's had lunch.


Yeah, Charlie,
I've, uh... I've eaten.


Uh, ditto, Charlie.


Listen, Charlie, there's been

a couple of calls this morning.

Kris? Me too, Charlie.

And ready to go to work?

Yeah. I mean, no, Charlie.

Charlie, what she means is

you see, we've been planning
this party for weeks, and, uh...

No. No, that's not what I mean.

It isn't?

Oh, man, she was so scared

and it was like she
knew something.

Maybe about the murders.

And, I don't know,
she was so lost, and,

and I was the only person
that she could talk to, only,

only I couldn't
get through to her.

Slow down, Kris.

Translation, someone, please.

What are you talking about?

Who was so scared
about what, and...?

Are you talking about
the Sandcastle Murders?


KELLY: Betsy Harper?

Oh. If your friend has
something tell her to give it

to Lieutenant Francona.

He needs all the
help he can get.

Well, I told her she should
report it, Charlie, but...

but she's really
afraid, and, you know

she's just one of
those beach kids.

About the deal
at hand, Charlie...

It's a very lucrative deal,
the one in Palm Springs.

Did you feel that she was
genuinely frightened, Angel?

Aw, Charlie, she
was scared to death.

In that case, you'd best
go back and find out why.

Well, what about
the new assignment?

We won't worry about that now.

Off you go, Angel.

Okay. Charlie, I love you.

Um... uh...

Sabrina, Kelly, maybe one of
you ought to keep her company.

You're a good guy, Charlie.

Like to tell you that
to your face someday.


Yes, you may go too.

Thank you, Charlie.

I know, Bosley, time is money.


Hi. Can I talk to
you for a minute?

Sure can.

Hey, are you Jill's sister?

Yeah. Hi. Kris.

Dave Christopher.

Nice to meet you.

Same. I've seen you on the beach

a few times since
you've moved in

but this is the first
time I got lucky.

Hey, listen, I'm looking for
a kid named Betsy Harper.

Have you seen her around?

It's kind of important.

Don't think I know her.

Is she in trouble?

No. I talked to
her this morning.

She seemed kind of spooked.

Everybody who hangs
out at the beach is

because of this
sandcastle business.

Want me to help you look?

Nah. Thanks.

He was a big dude,
muscle beach type.

Had an eagle tattoo
here, and I think...

I think he drives a blue van,
but I don't know his name.

Kris said you used
to go out with Betsy.

Yeah, some.

What broke it up?

She started messing around

with this guy old
enough to be her old man.

You know, daddy
cool, lot of bucks.

Uh, do you know his name?

He's the sales manager of the
cosmetic company she works for.

His name's Fallon.

Larry, Barry, or something.

Tell me, if I found
him, would I find her?

I think he bounced her.

Tell you what you
might try though.

The lady that owns the company...
Her name's Melissa Rossiter.

Now, she's got a beach house

a mile or two up that
way, higher end district.

Well, why would
Betsy be there now?

Whenever she's, um...
broke, or would come unglued

you know, she'd go up there

and the nice lady
would let her crash.

Thanks, Hank. You've
been a lot of help.

Hey, listen.

I'd ask you out for
dinner or something

but you probably carry a gun,
and I don't believe in violence.

Well, I understand, and, uh...

I'll try to live with it.


Hey, Kris!

I think I've got something.

A house up the beach.

A lady named Melissa Rossiter.

Come on, let's go.


It's an old bracelet of mine.

I gave it to Betsy.

[SOBBING] Kelly...?

Another look-alike, lieutenant?

Enough similarity for a nut.

How was she killed?

She was strangled,
like the others.

It was somebody strong.

Oh, that figures.

He'd, uh... he'd have
to put her away fast

in a public place like this.

So you two work for
Charlie Townsend, huh?

That's right.

There's only three
things in this world I hate...

Cabbage, rot-gut
whiskey and your boss.

Why do you hate Charlie?

Well, Charlie and me started
off together as beat cops.

Today he's got a Rolls-Royce,

and I got a bleeding ulcer.

That answer your question?

Uh, Dave is it? Yeah.

When was the last time

you passed this area on patrol?

Oh, an hour ago.

Nothing suspicious?

No. Negative.

Then you had to be

the last one to see her alive.

Betsy's killer was the last
person to see her alive.

If I want the cutes,
honey, I'll turn on TV, okay?

You got any idea
who was following her?

I didn't even know the
girl. You'll have to ask them.

Well... you two know
a lot about this case

for a couple amateurs.

Look, we don't know
anything more than...

than anybody would know

spending an hour on this beach.

Oh, I'll spend my hour,
and a few more hours.

Meantime, you'll
answer my questions.

Now, how come
you're looking for a girl

about the same time
she gets herself killed?

We suspected she was in trouble

and she looked a little
like the other victims.

Yeah, but she
didn't say anything

about the Sandcastle
Murders, did she?

No, not exactly.

It's just instinct.

If you want to ask us
any more questions

you'll have to hold us.

Let's get out of here. Come on.

I let Betsy stay
here occasionally,

but I can't really
say I knew her.

Oh, I feel terrible.

She was... she was such a child.

I'm sorry.

I don't understand.

You said she worked
for you, she stayed here

and you didn't know her?


Would you like a drink?


Well, frankly, I could use one.

You've... you've
got to understand

where I am coming from.

I was a runaway when I was a kid

just like Betsy.

Like so many of them

lived... I lived
right on the beach

and, uh, it was fun.

It was really a lot
of fun for a while.

But then in the end
it... it gets desperate.

Well, you seem to have
pulled yourself together okay.

It has not been easy, but
people have helped me

and, uh... I invented
a cosmetic line

that just took off.

And you want to
pay a little of it back?

That's right.

But I have been going
through a very painful divorce

and I have been working hard.


Maybe I didn't give the
kids who come around here

the attention I should.

Did you know any of the
other girls that were murdered?

Oh, no.

Look, I wouldn't
take it on myself.

The killings seem to be at
random by some psycho.

Melissa, hi.


I came as soon
as I could get away.

Oh, I'm glad. Darling.

Larry Fallon, this
is Kelly Garrett

and Kris Munroe.

Nice to meet you. Hello.

These are detectives
that Betsy knew.

Oh, they certainly don't fit
my stereotype of a detective.

Did you know Betsy?

No, not well.

I'm, um, head of sales,
but we use dozens of kids

as part-time
door-to-door salespeople.

Frankly, they're not
very dependable.

They come and go.

Then you work for
Melissa Cosmetics?

Well, and then some.

When I get my final divorce

Larry and I are
going to be married.


Fallon was lying.

He said he hardly knew Betsy,

but the lifeguard said
she was dating him

and Fallon dropped her.

Maybe it's the lifeguard
who was lying, Angel.

From your description
of Larry Fallon

I would guess a
certain prejudice.

Charlie, this guy
is really bad news.


And Kris' instinct
was right about Betsy.

SABRINA: Okay, so...

Kris's instinct says
Fallon's bad news.

Okay, I give a lot
of credit to instinct

but... how bad is the bad news?

I mean, is Fallon

lying to his fiancee to
cover an indiscretion

or is the man a murderer?

About the other case, Charlie

the one that might
help pay your trip

to Acapulco...

Very seductive of you, Bosley,

but I think we'll stay
on this one for a while.

Well, we don't have a client.

KRIS: Yes, we do.



Forget about it, Bosley.

I'm looking forward

to Lieutenant Francona's

Thank you, Charlie.

Okay, look, now, if we're
going to do this thing

I guess I'll have to
cover Fallon, right?

I mean he's already
seen Kris and Kelly, huh?

And Kris and Kelly
know the beach scene

so they're the ones to look
for the gorilla with the tattoo.

How do you hide
a gun in a bikini?

Very carefully.

What's my assignment, Charlie?

Bosley, I understand
you're something

of a gourmet chef.

Well, I have been known
to give rise to soufflé

from time to time.

In that case, I have
just the cover for you.


All right, let me
smell your breath.

My breath? Why?

Well, you're a cook, aren't you?

They're all
drunks, it's the fuel.

I assure you that
I am not a drunk.

Well, then,
you're a till-tapper.

Madame, I do not steal
money from cash registers.

If you're not a drunk,

and you're not a till-tapper,

why do you want to work here?

Sea air. My doctor
recommended it.

I don't know...

I don't know if I should hire
you or just, uh, close down.

Close down?

Haven't you noticed how
deserted the beach is?

Afeared of that
Sandcastle Murderer.

More likely feared of ptomaine.

Think you can do better, huh?

I have been a chef at some

of the finest
restaurants in America.

All right, you can start.
$2.50 an hour and eats.

Ah, nothing fancy.

Anyway, I thought
maybe if I could

ride around with you,
I might find something

I don't know, maybe
somebody that knew Betsy.

Would it be okay?

You better believe it.

Don't want to intrude
on your territory, now.

Are you kidding?

You're an investigator,
and I'm, uh...

just a private... security
man, glorified lifeguard.

Doesn't look like
such a bad job to me.

Fresh air, warm
sun, pretty girls.

Long hours, low pay, no status.

Hey, Mr. Garrison,
you catch anything?

Well, better luck tomorrow.

You see that guy?

He's a millionaire, retired,
comes here every day.

He doesn't know
what to do with himself.

If it was me... I'd know.

Yeah? What would you do?



maybe one of these
days I could sh...

Show you.

Come on, hop in.

WOMAN: Have you ever
done sales work, Miss Duncan?

Uh, yes. It's all down there.

I see.

Oh, you have a
university degree.

Are you sure you'll be satisfied

working door-to-door?

Hi, Leslie.

Oh, Mr. Fallon, hi.

Hi. Hello, Mr. Fallon.

Hello. How are you?

Miss Duncan!

Yes? What is it?

Well, uh, you don't
know me, but I know you

or at least who you are.

Who am I?

Well, you're the
man to get to know

if you want to get
anywhere in this company.

You've just applied for a job

and you're asking
for a promotion?

Well, I've never been
accused of modesty.

I believe it. What's your name?

Uh, uh, Sabrina Duncan.

I am ambitious to
start a new career

and I have a lot of
experience in makeup.

How's that? Well,
I was an actress.

Uh... in a former life.


Okay, Sabrina, how about lunch?

Well, why start at the bottom?

How about dinner?

Ooh... come into my office.

We'll talk about it.

Uh... Just keep that... form.


Uh, next.


Hey, Chubby.

How about some service?

Right. What can
I do for you, sir?

I want a bacon lettuce
and tomato sandwich.

And a glass of milk.

You got it.

BLT with mayo and moo...

Something wrong?

Wrong? No.

Of course not.

Kris, Kelly, can you hear me?

Hello? Kris?

Yeah, Bosley? What is it?

Hey, you!

Make that on whole wheat.

Right, right.

Kelly, Kris, the man
with the tattoo, he's here.

Okay. We'll be
right there. Hold him.

Hold him?

Oh, uh, listen, uh

how would you like
some French fries?

I just ate.

Yeah, but I mean, I mean
like dessert, you know.

They're free.
They're on the house.

I don't eat stinking fries.

Look, man, I got
respect for my body.

You should have
some respect for yours.

Your body's got too
many muscles on it.

What'd you say?

I said, I will. I will.

Hey, don't you want your change?

Hey, wait a minute.

Wait a minute!

The blue van!

We'll get him.

I think I know that dude.

He works there. I
think he lives there too.

What do you mean, "lives there"?

Well, there are apartments
above the merry-go-round.

Let's go talk to him.

Hey, wait a minute.

You sure that
that's a good idea?

Well, he's the only
suspect we have.

Yeah, but we don't have one bit

of hard evidence against him.

Well, we'll shake him down,
see what we can find out.

Why don't we let the
homicide guys do that.

If we do it and he makes
us then it's going to be

a lot harder for us to
keep an eye on him.

That's true.

I sure would like to get a
look inside that van, though.

All right, you're on.

But if he catches us,
you wrestle with him.

Well, he's a bird watcher.

Yeah, not the kind with wings.

Look at this.

What's that?

Porno. Snapshots or something.

I don't know. Kind of sick.

Hmm... mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Pretty weird guy.

Can we get out of here now?

Yeah, sure. Ugh...

SABRINA: Is this where
you bring all the girls?

I see my reputation's
preceded me.

Well, it's never been
a crime for a man

to like women.

About the job, I checked.

There's an opening:

assistant sales manager.

Oh... Well, I can't
be vice president.

You're vice president.

What happened to the girl
who had the job before me?


I see.

Well, you're very direct.

Honey, how do you think
I got where I am today?

When I want
something, I go right for it.

Like, um, president
of the company?

How did you hear about that?

Well, I, uh, know you're
engaged to marry Melissa Rossiter.

Uh, I mean, girls
do talk, you know?

This doesn't have
anything to do with us.

Oh, no, no. It doesn't
bother me at all.

Just curious.


Well, you heard right.

If Melissa's divorce
ever comes through.

Messy, huh?

In case you haven't noticed...

I love gossip.

Well, her husband's
holding it up.

He's trying to stick her
for a huge settlement.

Well, he's entitled, isn't he?

Community property.

No, not this time.

You see, they married

when they were both
wet behind the ears

and separated before
Melissa hit really big.

Sounds like Mr. Rossiter
is a little greedy.

His name's not
Rossiter, it's Christopher.

Dave Christopher.

He's a private security
guard on the beach.

Just one step up from a surfer.

Gee, that's kind of funny.

Why would a woman like
her marry a man like that?


Now, you may like
gossip, but I don't.

Let's talk about you and me.

Or more specifically,
your place or mine?

As soon as I return
from the ladies' room.

Now? How about an answer?

Well, you're in

the cosmetics
business, aren't you?

You wouldn't want to take a
lady home with messy mascara.

I'll be right back.

Excuse me. Rest room?

Thank you.

Hey, I really enjoyed
that. Thank you.

The food was terrific.

Well, not the fa... fa...

The fanciest restaurant in town.

Will you stop putting
yourself down?

The food was very nice.

The company was terrific.

You can't ask for
more than that.

Well, um... if it
was that enjoyable

do you think I could
come in for a while?


I'll tell you what.

I'm going to go
answer that phone

and you're going to go home

and I'll see you tomorrow.

Thanks again.





Kelly, it's me.

Listen, I just found
something out.

I think we ought
to all get together.

No, Kris isn't home yet,
but I got a key to her place.

We could wait for her.

Well, I'm going to tell him
I got a terrible headache.

Yeah, okay. Bye-bye.




All right. let her go.

Let her go. Back off. Back off.

Hey, wait, wait.

Real slow, get up
against the wall.

Real slow. Real slow.

Are you okay?

I've never been so
glad to see two people.

Kelly, call the police, huh?

No need.

Dave, what are you doing here?

I passed his van a
couple miles back.

I thought I'd come
back and check

just to be sure. Lucky you did.

Looks like you did all right.

I'll take this dude downtown.

I'll call you as soon
as he's booked.

I scared her just
like you said, Dave.

And now I'm in big trouble.

I told you I'd take
care of you and I will.

Just keep your mouth
shut and it'll be okay.

SABRINA: With Gerson in jail

we should have this

whole thing wrapped, right?

Wrong. Wrong.

There's one thing
that's still bothering me.

It's kept me awake all night.

Dave Christopher. Mm-hmm.

Why didn't he tell us

that he was married
to Melissa Rossiter?

I don't know, Bree.

I mean I was with
the guy for dinner...

He didn't even mention it.

They never do.

And not only did he not tell us

that he was married
to Melissa Rossiter

he didn't tell us that in
the divorce proceedings

he wants half of her
fortune... Community property.

That's what he
meant when he said

he would be a
millionaire someday.

Bosley, what did
you put in these eggs?

Just a little chives
some cottage cheese

and a dollop of sherry.

Well, well, well, well,
well, good morning.

Good morning.

Ladies, I've got some
bad news for you.

Gerson bailed himself
out early this morning.

You're Lieutenant Francona?

And you're...?

Sabrina Duncan. I
work with Kris and Kelly.

That's really terrific...
He bailed himself out.

Did you give him a
map to Kris' house

so he'd be sure not to get lost?

FRANCONA: Hey, hold
it. I don't make the laws.

It was a bailable offense...

Breaking, entering and assault.


Not even aggravated.

Simple? Simple assault?

The man didn't use a weapon.

The lady doesn't
have a bruise on her.

Yeah, well, he didn't have
a chance to put one on me.

Got something else to tell you.

He's got excellent alibis

for two of the
Sandcastle Murders.

BOSLEY: Well, that
isn't any help to Kris.

Can we put a
police guard on her?

Oh, boy, you've got to be
working with these three

to come up with a
question like that.

We don't have enough
men to guard the mayor.

Let me ask you one
simple question then:

What are you going to do?

Honey, I just did it.

I warned you.

Have a nice day.

That man is unbelievable.

Well, we can't afford to
waste time worrying about him.

Kris is in real danger.

Well, I know one thing:

You don't wait for your
enemy to come to you.



KRIS: But, Bree,
Dave's a security officer,

he could have been
questioning Gerson on his own.

And giving him money?

Well, maybe it
was for information.

Uh-uh. I don't think so.

Hey, look, Kris,
do you still have

that advertising folder
of Melissa Cosmetics?

The one that's got Mrs.
Rossiter's picture on it.

Mm-hmm. Could you get it?


Hey, I've got some news.

I don't know what it
means, but it's odd.

Kris, when you and
Dave followed Gerson

to the merry-go-round
that first day

did he admit he knew Gerson?

He said he'd thought
he'd seen him around.

Well, Gerson works
at the merry-go-round.

We knew that.

What we didn't know

is that Dave lives in one
of the apartments above it.

KRIS: What?

Now, that's weird.

Why wouldn't he mention that?

What does all that got to do

with some maniac
killing girls on the beach?

Now, wait a minute, look.

Look at this picture
of Melissa Rossiter.

She's got blonde hair, blue
eyes, she's light complexioned.

Same general body build

as the rest of the girls
who were killed, right?

Are you saying that
Melissa is a candidate

for a look-alike killing?

Well, suppose Dave
wanted his wife killed

before she got a divorce.

Means he would go
from patrolling the beach

to owning the beach.

SABRINA: Yeah, but he'd also
be the most likely suspect in town.

Of course.

Unless she were just one

of a whole series of
girls who were killed,

all of whom looked alike.

Well, who's going
to suspect him?

looking for some nut.

Oh, Sabrina, that's...

I know, I know, I
know. It's pretty far out.

But if I'm right, it's
really very clever.

KRIS: But he'd have to be insane

to go around killing
people so... casually.

Yeah, and if you are right,

Melissa's number should
be coming up very soon.

You think she'll believe us?

I don't know, but I think
we'd better try to convince her.

I think you're right. Let's go.

MELISSA: This is the craziest
thing I've ever heard of, really.

I mean, I know that
you people mean well.

But that fact that
David wants to kill me

and you have no proof...

We don't have time
to wait for proof.

That's why we came
to you now, Melissa.

Maybe we can help each other.

To do what?

It is so preposterous.

Mrs. Rossiter, has Dave
ever been in any trouble?

No... Well, not serious.

He does have a temper.

What do you mean?

MELISSA: Well, he was asked

to leave the police department.

That's why he
became a private guard.

He hurt someone.

What about you?

Did he ever do anything to you?

Only once, and that was when

I was telling him
I was leaving him.

Look, David is

a very proud man,
and he was finding it

very difficult to
live with a wife

who is making it big
in the business world.

I could handle it, he couldn't.

He has asked you
for a lot of money.


I will admit...

I will admit that
there have been times

when he has been...

he has been a little ugly,

but that is over now.

Excuse me, what do you mean?

He called me.

He called me this morning

and he is going to give
me the divorce on my terms.

When is this going to happen?

This afternoon.

He asked me to
come over to his place

and we are going to
settle it, just the two of us

and he was very, very nice.

Is today Monday?

It better be.
Yesterday was Sunday.

The pier's closed on Monday.


It wouldn't be hard to
get a body out of there

and down on the
beach after dark.

It isn't possible.

Is it?

Well, if you'll help
us, we'll find out.









Sorry, Melissa, I
just couldn't resist.

You gave me hell
when we lived together.

I'm giving you a little back.

David... You know who this is?


This is the Sandcastle Killer.


I'm going to
capture him tonight.

Unfortunately, I had to
kill him for resisting arrest.

papers in there?

You didn't really think I was
going to sign them, did you?

David, please.

I never hurt you.

I never...

Every time you wrote
a check, it hurt me.

Now you're going
to be the last victim

of the Sandcastle Killer.


Hold, it, Dave.

Are you okay? Yes, I'm fine.

Stay here.

CHARLIE: Dave came
out of surgery this morning,

and he'll survive
to stand trial.

Thanks to Sabrina's
incredible athletic prowess.

Actually, it was kind of a kick.

I'm so glad you forgot
I was the lifeguard.

It was a good job
on your part, Angels.

I just wish there hadn't
been a case, Charlie.

BOSLEY: Me too.

It's the only one that didn't

bring in a plugged
nickel, Charlie.

What it did bring in

was a call from
Lieutenant Francona.

You're kidding.

Why? Did he want to arrest
us for solving his case?

No, it was to congratulate us

and that, Bosley, was
worth a fortune to me.

Take the day off, Angels.

Go get a winter tan.

I have an incredible
urge... Huh?

To do something.

Come on.

BOSLEY: To do what?

Uh... I think the shrinks

call it regression.

But it'll be fun.

Come on.

Bree, wait a minute.

Where are we going?

This could cost a lot of money.