Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 2, Episode 15 - Hours of Desperation - full transcript

Three men rob a jewelry house and make off with some valuable gems. One of them grabs the jewels and tries to make a break for it. The other two show up at the office and pulls their guns and one of them makes Sabrina wear a belt that has explosives in it. They tells them that they want them to find their partner and bring the jewels to them. So Kris and Kelly search for the man. They start with the hospital because they say that when he was making his getaway they shot him and that he could have been hit. When they find him but he gets away, Kris and Kelly decide to seek out the guards who helped them with the robbery. Eventually with their help they find him but he's dead and the gems are gone. Kris and Kelly along with Charlie devise a scheme to get the ones holding Sabrina and Bosley out of the office so they can save them.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time,

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy,

two in Los Angeles...

the other in San Francisco,

and they were each assigned
very hazardous duties...

but I took them
away from all that,

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.




The pigeons are in the coop.

Okay, I'm ready.

One... and two.

Okay, I got it.

What about the warning light?

It goes on in the
monitoring room.

I told you, I got it!

Okay. All right. Huh? Okay? Huh?

Let me just get
these... right in there.

There you go.

And may I interest
you in some of these?

Pour. Okay.

Hey, I made this for you guys.

You'd have never
pulled it off without me.

Am I right? Huh? Am I right?

Sure thing, Dinny.
You take all the bows.

That's right. Dynamite.

What is going on here?
He's cutting out on us.


Emergency. Stat.

did he look like, huh?

What did he look like?

He's so good-looking.

Oh, uh... Oh, I'm sorry.


Well, hello.

Well, well...

Charlie Townsend certainly
has good taste in women.

I'll give him that.

Well, thank you very much.

Not at all, not at all.

Come on in. Sit down.
Why don't we talk? Huh?

Come on. Sit right here.

Okay. Sure.

Nice, nice.

Hi, Bos.

Morning, Bosley. Morning.

Girls, this is Mr. Dinsmore.

How do you do?

BOSLEY: And Mr. Williams.

They're potential clients.

Oh, good. What's their problem?

Funny you should ask.

I was just about to tell you.

What is that for?


SABRINA: Insurance?

Insurance. Just to make
sure you take our case.

Bosley, you want to tell
us what this is all about?

Well, they came in
about a half hour ago...

I'll do the talking! Ha ha.

I want to show you something.


You ain't never seen one
of these before because...

well, I designed it myself.

Do you know what's
inside this belt?

No, I was never very
good at guessing games.

Plastic charges.

Plastic charges?

Plastic charges, right.


And this is the striker,

and inside here
are the detonators.

Instead of a
buckle, it locks on...

right around the tummy.

Now, this here is,
uh... This is the weenie.

This is a remote-control device

that can make this
explode within half a mile,

and all I have to do is
press this button here,

and then this whole
belt just goes boom.

It's my boom-boom belt.

My boom-boom belt, huh?

Put it on.

No, it really doesn't
match my, uh...

my outfit. Put it on!

Good. Nice.

That's good. That's good.

That's okay. Oh,
that's very nice.

That's good. That's good.

You know, I think I should have
been one of them Frenchmen,

you know, those guys
that design the dresses.

Yeah, kind of like...

Jacques Cousteau or somebody.

Right. Right. Jacques
Cousy. That's the guy. Good.

Want to tell us what
this is all about?

We managed to heist

one of the more prominent
diamond wholesalers.


I heard that on the
radio this morning.

A million dollars
worth of diamonds.

If you're looking for
applause, mister...

What we're looking
for are the diamonds.

Uh, I'm sorry...

wait, I'm not following you.

Wait till they explain.
You're going to love it.

You see, in making our getaway,

the third member of our
party, Mr. Clint Murdoch,

well, he bugged out on us.

Bugged out?

with the diamonds.


You think that's funny?

No. No, I don't.


Good, because you're gonna
get the diamonds back for us.

You want us to get
the diamonds back?

That's right. The diamonds
back, and... and Murdoch.

I told you... you
were going to love it.

Well, it's something

that Mr. Dinsmore
and I would do,

but at the present moment,

there is an APB
out for our arrest.

The cops are flashing
our pictures all over town.

So the con-men were
out-conned by the con-man.

There's a lesson to be
learned in there somewhere.

I'm really not sure what it is.

I'll tell you what
the lesson is,

bright person.

In the next 10 hours,

if your two friends here

don't come back with the gems

and Mr. Murdoch,

Him and you, you're
both gonna get it,

so you are gonna stay
here with Mr. Bosley,

and just in case

anybody wants to
try anything funny,

like maybe calling in the cops

or shooting in
a little gas, huh?

Or putting a helicopter

full of fuzz up on the roof,

see, all I gotta do
is press this button,

and just like a television set,

you go off. Boom.

We've got ourselves a case.

You better believe it.


Spell it out for us.

Who else was in on
this besides Murdoch?

I mean to...

to rip off a place like Avery's,

you must have had inside help.

Uh, two guards...

Lester Brown and
Fred Michaels...

And all we know of them
is what Murdoch told us,

which is nothing.

So Murdoch called the shots.

That's what you're saying?

He did all the planning
and all the talking.

He's not talking now,

not after what I did to him.

Dinny fired a shot when
Murdoch made his break.

He thinks he may have hit him.

No, I know I hit him.

We can check all the hospitals

and the emergency clinics.

Oh, that's nice.
That's very nice.

Listen, I don't care
where you check.

You got 10 hours till
your two friends here die,

so you better get moving.

Come on.

Listen, Bree... Yeah, I know.

Look, you'll probably be
back in a couple of hours

with the goods, right?

We're going to
go for it this time.

You know that.

Hey, hey, I... I know,

and until you get back,
I'll just breathe softly.

Oh, look, look, this
is all very touching,

but in the meantime,
you're wasting a lot of time,

so what's it gonna be?

Go on.


Good luck.

It'll come out okay.


You're staring.

I like what I see.

Excuse me if I
don't say thank you.

You don't have to say anything.

All you have to do is
what I tell you to do.

Keep that in mind.


Williams and Dinsmore.

Now, wait a minute. Dinsmore.

That sounds familiar.

Somebody you maybe
arrested once, Charlie?

Possibly. I can't remember.

I'll check it out.

Now, what about the two
who worked from the inside?

Brown and Michaels

are apparently two
of Avery's guards.

Anything you can
come up with, Charlie.

Anything at all.

I'll get right on it, Kelly.

Meanwhile, is there
anything we can do

for Sabrina and Bosley?

Well, we can't call the police.

We make any moves

to get Bos and
Sabrina out of there,

Dinsmore will push the button.

All right. Now, you
try to find Murdoch.

I'll see what I can come up with

on this end,

and let's be in constant touch.

With so little time,

every thread of
information is important.

Will do, Charlie. As
soon as we have anything.

In the meanwhile,

we'll keep checking
out the hospitals.


Operator... I want
to reach 555-8483.



Earl, this is Murdoch.

Oh. I read by the
papers you pulled it off.

Yeah, we pulled it off,

but there's a problem.

What do you mean, a problem?

You got the stones or not?

Yeah, I got them...

but it didn't go down so good.

I'm in a hospital.

You're gonna have to
come by and pick me up.

Are you crazy?

You're hotter than a $10 pistol.

I'm not about to get near
you in a public hospital.

But look, they just
took a bullet out of me.

I'm not supposed to move.

What do you want from
me, a get-well card?

Now, you listen.

I agreed to meet for
the buy in that motel.

You let me know
when you get there.

Meanwhile, I don't
want to hear from you.

Jackson, listen...

You try this time.

I'm running out of stories.

Yes, thank you very much.

May I help you?

My name is Laura Murdoch.

I got a telephone
call last night

that my brother had been shot.

It would have
been late last night.

Well, there was an
emergency operation.

Gunshot wound.

Oh, there's Dr. Stevens.

He handled it.

Dr. Stevens?

The patient with
the gunshot wound.

Was his name Murdoch?

We have a McCraven.
Bullet wound in the back.

That's him.

You said your name was Murdoch.

Uh, yes, that's my married name.

Can I see him
right away, please?

A short visit will be all right.

Right this way, please.

Thank you. Thank you.

Uh... The bullet passed

through the internal
intercostal muscle

and lodged

between the fifth
and sixth ribs.

Now, it is serious,
but with treatment...

right in here please.

Thank you.

Thank you.

He's gone!

KELLY: When did
you see him last?

Just five minutes ago.

Did he say how he was shot?

Said a gun went
off accidentally.

He shot himself in
the back accidentally?

He didn't say it was his gun.

I called the police.

They're on their way now.


if we don't get him back,
he's a walking dead man.

Could he drive a car?

No way.

Maybe he called a cab.

Do you keep a record
of out-going calls?

Yes, we do.

Let's go.


Did you place a call from
room 609 a while back?

Yes, I think so.

Do you have that number?

Let's see.

Yes. Here it is.



Charlie, we called the number.

There was no answer.

I'll get right on it.


here's some
background on Murdoch

that might help you.

He's the original Flim-Flam Man.

Had a phony
song-promoting business

which he ran through the mail.

Mostly, he promoted
people out of their money.

Why us?

I mean, how did we get involved?

I told you

Dinsmore's name
sounded familiar to me.

I checked my records.

Five years ago,

I helped send him to prison
on an extortion scheme

where he used explosives.

Well, it's starting to
make some sense.

What about Brown and Michaels,

the two security
guards from Avery's?

Neither one have
a police record.

Both have been
working at Avery's

for just over a year.


Uh, Charlie?

While you try and tie
that number to Murdoch,

we better move on
Michaels and Brown.

Go to it,

and get back to me
as quickly as you can.


You know, Murdoch... Murdoch,

he thought he
could just roll over us

and we'd just lay
back and play dead.

If you dislike this
Murdoch that much,

why did you get involved?

He came to me.

He needed me to
make this happen.

I made this happen for
him, that lousy creep.

Dinny, take it easy.

No, no.

You take it easy.

I'm tired of getting ripped off.

Hey, uh...

You tired of drinking alone?

You want one?

Yeah, I could
really use a Scotch.

You got it.

You know, a million
in stones, and he...

he just slips right
away, just slips away.

Well, I'll tell you something.

He's going to pay
for it slow and painful.

You better believe it.


do you want to press this button

or should I?


You want me to answer the phone?

We'll all answer it.

Anybody says a
wrong word, anything,

end of conversation.

Boom, boom.

Got it?

Uh... Townsend Associates.

Bos? Kelly.

Where are you?
What have you done?

We nearly found
Murdoch at a hospital,

but he got away.

Oh, that was very smart of you.

Well, we've got a small lead.

Somebody he phoned.

I don't want to hear
about small leads.

I want to hear about diamonds.

I want to hear about Murdoch.

We're doing our best.

It takes time.

All right, now, listen.

I'm through

with playing games
with you people.

Your friend here
just pulled a no-no,

and it's gonna cost her.

You had eight hours.

Now you have six.

All right.

Are you Mr. Brown?

Lester Brown?

The attendant out front

said I could find you in here.

Well, uh... Does he
know you're in here?


I mean, no. No, no, no.

I had to sneak by
when he wasn't looking.

Well, do you realize
this is the men's section?

Oh, yeah, I
realize it, all right.

It's been quite an
experience up to now,

but you see, I just
had to see you.

Well, couldn't you wait outside?

I mean, I can get my shorts on.

It can't wait, Mr. Brown.

You see,

it's about my sister
and Mr. Murdoch.


Well, I don't know
anything about that.

He promised to
marry her, Mr. Brown.

Mr. Murdoch, I mean.

We've been looking
for him for over a month.

Lady, I don't know
anything about it.

Now, you'd better
get out of here.

I might as well tell you
the truth, Mr. Brown.

You see, my sister is pregnant.

She's what?


Are you sure?

I mean, sometimes... Very sure.

She's hoping for a boy.

Well, boys are nice.

I'm sure Mr. Murdoch
would want to know.

I mean, well, he
is a decent man.

Lady, I mean, you
got the wrong guy.

I mean, I can assure
you, I don't know anything.

Mr. Brown,

my sister is a
member of this club.

She recognized
you right off the bat.

She's seen you with
Mr. Murdoch many times.

You want to talk to her?

She's right outside.
I'm going to go get her.

No, no, please, please, please.

We're desperate, Mr. Brown.

Now, I don't want
to cause a scene

but if I have to start
screaming, I will.

No, no, no, don't scream.

Please, lady, don't scream.

All we want to know is
where Mr. Murdoch is.

Look, lady...

now, just let me
get my clothes on

and I'll meet you outside, okay?

I'll wait for you
in the parking lot.




Kelly? Kris.

Where are you?

I just followed Michaels,

the other guard,
into a Western bar.

How you doing with Brown?

I got him off balance.

I'm going to stay on him.

Okay, well, I'm going
to move on Michaels.

I'll check you later.

Okay, bye.

Uh, Mr. Michaels?

Mr. Fred Michaels?

Well, what can I do
for you, pretty one?

Hi, my name is Cindy Burdette.

I'm a country folk singer.

Well, you probably
recognize the name.

Well, I don't, but
from now on, I will.

You know what?

We have some friends in common.

Well, actually,
before I get into that,

let me tell you something.

I'm in terrible trouble.

You see, I'm booked
on this concert tour

for six months,
starting tomorrow,

but I don't have my contracts.

Well, what does that
have to do with me?

Oh, well, don't you see?
My agent has the contracts.

Your agent?

Yeah, Clint Murdoch.

Never heard of him.

Oh, yes, you have.

I was there one time

when he talked to
you on the telephone.

As a matter of fact,

I believe I answered
one of your phone calls.

Look, miss, I don't know
what you're driving at.

Mr. Michaels, I can
really appreciate

you not wanting to
get involved in this.

After all, Mr. Murdoch
is a mutual friend of ours,

but I have worked
so hard for this tour,

and I've spent money on gowns

and pictures and arrangements,

and this really
means a lot to me,

it really does.

What do you want from me?

I just want you to tell me
where I can find Mr. Murdoch.

If I knew a guy named
Murdoch, I'd be happy to tell you.

Look, I know I barged in here

and I've obviously
upset you and...

well, I'm not like
that, I'm really not.

I'm a very nice person,

and I'd like to get
to know you better.

How did you know
where to find me?

Oh, Mr. Murdoch
called you one time

from my apartment,

so that your number
was on my bill,

so I used that number
to get your address,

and then your landlady
told me I could find you here.

When you quit singing you
can go to work for the CIA.

Excuse me a second.

That same guy called you again,

Mr. Michaels.

He says it's urgent.

Here's the number.




Murdoch, this is Michaels.

Fred. Thanks for calling.

I got to talk to you
about something.

I got something to say to you.

There's a girl here.
Cindy Burdette.

Says she's a singer.

You're her agent.

Is this some kind of a gag?

It's no gag.

I tell you, she's here.

You listen to me.

Cindy Burdette
died three weeks ago

in an automobile accident.

You want to tell me
what's going on, Murdoch?

I don't know.

Brown called me.

He said there's a girl
pitching him the same thing,

that she wanted to see me.

Maybe we should point
them both in your direction

and forget it.

Wait a minute.

If I go down, you
go down with me,

so let's use our heads, okay?

Now, these girls,
whoever they are,

they obviously think
I know something.

Who are they?

I don't know.

Maybe they found out I'm sitting

on a million dollars' worth

of diamonds, huh?


Brown and I didn't
do any talking.

Look, I don't who they
are or how they know,

what they know, if
they know anything.

The important thing now

is that they got to
be put out of the way.

You mean kill them?


I don't want any part
of killing anybody.

Doesn't make any difference
whether you want it or not.

You've got to do it

because I'm in
no shape to do it.

I can't do it, Murdoch.

You will do it,

because like I
said, you're involved

and if I take a fall,
you go down with me,

so you take care of it.

Both of them, and now.

Brown is at his house.

You make him help you.

Listen, Murdoch, I...

What do you say
we get out of here?

Where's out of here?

You want your
contracts, don't you?

I surely do.

Hey, wait a minute.
This ain't Mr. Murdoch.

That's right. This is Mr. Brown.

Now, the question
is, who are you?

I told you. Cindy Burdette.

Cindy Burdette

was killed in an auto accident

three weeks ago.

Stay right where you are.

You again.

You know her?

Well, that's the one I
was telling you about.

You better drop it, miss,

or your friend gets it, now.

Two hours.

Two hours.


Less. Less than two hours.

I bet you two are starting
to get a little worried.

They'll make it.

Yeah? What makes you so sure?

I know them. I know
what they can do.

They always come through.


See, we can trust them.

I guess you really don't know
what it is to trust somebody,

do you?

Oh, yeah. I trust me!

I trust me.

That's all that matters.

Listen, listen, do
you want to know

why we haven't
heard from them yet?

No. Why don't you tell us?

Because they think
I'm just kidding around.

Well, I'm going to show them
who's just kidding around,

Because when the hour
comes and I press this button

the two of you better be
down on your knees praying,

because it's all gonna be over.

It's finished, the end,
and maybe, just maybe,

the next time I say something,

they're going to listen.


Be careful with that thing.

You accidentally
press that button,

we're all going to go up.

Come on.

Let me hold it.

You get your hands off me.

The next time you
come at me like that,

I'm gonna put you with them.


Now, get away from me.

Get away!

Look, where are you taking us?

Come on, keep it moving.

I said keep moving. Let's go.

Like he said, Kell. Let's go.

Good girl.

I'm gonna ask quick

and I want a quick answer

and I'm in no mood
for any cute stuff.

Where's Murdoch?

Well, lady, we don't know
what you're talking about.

In case you think

I don't know how
to use this... Okay.

He's at the Pine Tree
Lodge in Joshua City.

And you're going to
take us there, right?

Look, I don't know
what you kids are doing,

but we're into something

worth a lot of money.

Now, I don't know

what somebody
else is paying you,

but we'll double it.

Triple it.

It's an offer we
can hardly refuse,

Mr. Michaels, but
on second thought,

we will.

Now, move it.

Come on, get going.

Get your feet apart.

Very nice.

Yeah, right.

Brown and Michaels
are with us, Charlie.

We're on our way to the motel

where Murdoch's hiding.

Be careful.

By the way, the phone
number you gave me,

the call Murdoch
made from the hospital?

It belongs to a man
named Earl Jackson.

He's a bigtime fence,

and he's got
international connections.

This Jackson,

he may have already
connected with Murdoch

at the cottage and made the buy.

I know. In that case,

Murdoch will have the money

instead of the diamonds.

Either way,

you've got something
to bargain with.

Now call me when you get there.

Let me know.

The minute we get
Murdoch, Charlie.

The very minute.

Be firm and very convincing.


It's Brown and Michaels.

Let us in.

It's locked.

Step back.

Come on.

Keep your hands
where I can see them.

That's Murdoch.

He's dead, lady.

Like the doctor said,

He was a walking dead man.

Well, there's no
diamonds. No nothing.

Earl Jackson, the fence,
came to make the buy,

found Murdoch dead,

took the diamonds, and split.

We've got less than an hour.

What are we going
to do with these two?

We don't have
time to take them in.

Get against the
wall. Come on. Now.

Here, take this, Kris.

Straight ahead, mister.

Okay, you two. In there.

Hey, look... Murdoch is gone.

The fence has the diamonds.

Why don't you let us go?

Sure. Why not?

I mean, you guys didn't have

anything to do with all this,

except help set it all up

in the first place.

Now, get in there.

Call the police.

Start taking it off.

Shirts, pants, everything.

Is this the manager?

Yes, I'd like to report a
disturbance in room six.

It sounded like a gunshot.

I think you better
call the police

and send somebody right over.

Thank you.

Okay, let's go.

All of it.

Okay, close the door.

Maybe we better call
and ask for more time.

If we ask for more time,

they'll think we're stalling.

If we tell them about Murdoch,

they'll think we're lying.

Well, how are we supposed

to find a fence that
we've never seen,

who is probably out
of the country by now?

Kris, do you remember
what Brown said

back at the house

about throwing in with them.

Well, we didn't take the offer,

but suppose we could

make Dinsmore and
Williams think we did?

It's the only way.


Townsend Associates.

KELLY: Bree, listen,
have you heard from Kris?


Isn't she with you?


We got a tip on where
Murdoch was staying.

Kris went to check it
out and never returned.

I went to the address
and the place was empty.

Kris's station wagon
was parked outside

and there was no
sign of her or Murdoch.

Her station wagon?


That's strange.

You're supposed to
be looking for Murdoch,

not your girlfriend.

Look, I'm doing the best I can.

Would you get off
my back, please?

BREE: Just calm down

and try to relax, okay?

I'm sure there's an explanation.

And while you're calming down

and pulling yourself together,

I just want you to know

you got less than an hour.

Bosley. Bree.

If Kris calls,

tell her I'm looking
for her, okay?

Yeah, okay, Kelly.

Uh... Yeah, got you.

Alrighty. Bye.

So far, so good.

Listen, do you think
Bosley will realize

that I never drove
a station wagon?

Bree will.

Go call Charlie.

Wait a minute.

That doesn't make any sense.

Kris leaving her station
wagon behind like that?

Yeah, I know. She...

she really loved
that old car too.

Yeah, but Kelly sounds

like she's coming unglued.

Well, maybe this was
the mission impossible.

Well, in that case, then,

you know what's going
to happen to the two you.

Well, we knew the risk
when we took this job,

didn't we, Bos?


Yeah, right.

Townsend Investigations.

CHARLIE: Hello, Sabrina.

Are Bosley and Kelly there?

Well, hi, Charlie.
Kris and Kelly are...


Well, I just had
a call from Kris.

She sounded very strange.

Is there anything the matter?

No, Charlie. No.

Everything's fine.

Well, she seemed like she was

in a big hurry to get somewhere

and wanted to take
one of our planes,

Nantucket 3583 Bayshore.

Now, I don't know
why she would ask

specifically for that plane.

Do you?

Well, Charlie, Nantucket
3583 Bayshore has

the longest cruising range.

Oh, maybe that's why.

Anyway, when I asked
when she'd be back,

she seemed very vague.

Well, I don't think

it's anything to worry about.

I suppose not.

Anyway, you both
have a nice day.

That explains it.

Explains what? What
are you talking about?

What does she need a plane for?

Well, isn't it obvious?

She found Murdoch,
he gave her the rush,

and now they're
running together.

Running together?

What's that supposed to mean?

She took her best shot.

She sold us out.

You mean Kris pulled a switch?

Yeah, well, what does she care?

She hardly knows us.

BOSLEY: I begged
Charlie not to hire her.

Well, they'll spend
the next 20 years

enjoying the money, won't they?

My God, it makes sense.

All that money. Why not?

Murdoch's hurt.

He'd need somebody to help him.

That lousy little broad!

Listen, Charlie
said she just called,

so she's either at the airport

or she's still on the
way to the airport.

Maybe we can still catch them.


Kris is new in town.

I may know a shortcut.

All right. Um...

All right, all right. Uh...

Everybody outside
and get in the car,

and just in case

you want to try something funny,

I still got this.

Can I get my coat?

Yeah, yeah.

We don't even own a plane.

What's this Nantucket
Bayshore stuff?

It's a street.

Come on!

You know, whether
you two live or die

depends on if we get
to the airport in time,

you know that,

so this better be a shortcut.

Yeah, well, just
stay on the road.

It'll be all right.

What... What is this?

What's going on here?

I don't know.

Go around that way.

Same difference.

See what's wrong.

What's wrong, fella?


Hold it.

Hand me the gun.

Okay, pack it in.

Those things don't transmit

underwater, remember?

Come on.

Hand it over.

Okay, now the key to the belt.

Okay, Bree, come on out.

Everything's fine.

Go on.

Go on.

Oh, geez.

Oh, Bree.

There you go.

Color coordinated again.


Aw, gee, you got all wet.


How do you feel?

I feel like I'd
have to get better

just to drop dead,
but I've got to admit,

that was genius to
set it up by the pool.

Well, you realizing
Dinsmore's little toy

was too weak to
transmit through water,

that took a little smarts too.

Would you like something to eat?

No, no, no.

You starve a cold.
You feed a fever.

I thought it was

feed a cold and starve a fever.

Well, she has both,

so we can go either way.




CHARLIE: Hello, Bosley.

I'm just checking
on Sabrina's cold.


Well, what do you think?

Sounds worse.

Tell her to drink fruit juices.

Oh, we've been all
through that, Charlie.

I thought I'd bring
you up to date

on what's happened.

The police got to
the Pine Tree Lodge

in time to pick up
Brown and Michaels.

When last heard,

they were still
trying to explain

how they got locked
in the bathroom

with no clothes on.

What about the
fence, Mr. Jackson?

Jackson managed to
slip out of the country

with the diamonds,

but we were able
to supply Interpol

with details.

He was apprehended
at an air terminal

in the south of France.

The... The touchy part, Charlie,

was wondering whether
Dinsmore and Williams

would believe that Kris
was leaving the country

with Murdoch.

Well, why wouldn't they?

She gets offers all the time.

Oh, poor thing.