Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 2, Episode 14 - Game, Set, Death - full transcript

At the La Hermosa Women's Tennis Match, player Sandy Keller almost dies when someone tampers with the shower door. This is one of several incidents plaguing women's tennis tourneys, so Bosley and the angels investigate.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time,

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy,

two in Los Angeles...

the other, in San Francisco,

and they were each assigned
very hazardous duties...

but I took them
away from all that,

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.


ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,

for those of you
visiting La Hermosa

for the first time,

let me take this
opportunity to familiarize you

with some of the
principal players

who will be competing for
the $20,000 La Hermosa Cup.

In this exhibition
game, on the left court,

is Swedish National Champion

and one of the top
moneymakers on the tour,

Miss Helga Born.

Playing with her,

somewhat of a
newcomer to the tour,

but a young lady also
showing great promise

as a professional,
Miss Sandy Keller.

In the right court,

a name you're
all familiar with...

Miss Carrie Jo Evans.

After being inactive
for one season,

Carrie Jo, under the sponsorship

of the Spinner
Manufacturing Company

makes her comeback
bid this year.

Playing with Carrie Jo

is Carmita Medina,
twice Mexican champ

and a welcome
newcomer to the circuit.

That's blowing it, Champ.

Don't let him get to you.

Whatever happened
to washing and ironing?

Maybe you'd like to
play us ladies again,

smart mouth.

Kyle, shut up and sit down.

For you, lover.

All right.



Help! Somebody help!

Somebody help!





CHARLIE: Angels, this
is the way it breaks down.

Sandy Keller,

the girl who was trapped
in the shower room

at La Hermosa.

Change, Bosley.

Helga Born,

the Swedish national
champ and one of the leaders

in promoting the cause
of women's tennis.

All right, Bosley.

Carmita Medina, the
Mexican national champion,

[CLICK] And finally,

a name you should be
familiar with, Carrie Jo Evans.

This is an interesting
case, Angels.

These are some of
the major competitors

on the tour.

With the big prize
money at stake,

they're all potential victims,

merely because
they're competitors

for the prize money,

they are also
potential suspects.

Change, Bosley.

And since he lost
this grudge match

with Carrie Jo,

Ronnie Kyle has not felt kindly
toward women tennis players.

He's also at La Hermosa
to broadcast the event,

so he, too, must be
considered a suspect.

A regular on the tour
is Carrie Jo's sponsor,

Arlo Spinner.

You could give
him some attention.

He might be helpful.

BOSLEY: You might
mention the other accidents

that all seem to be
connected, Charlie.

A gas explosion ripped
up the Monterey Invitational.

A fire ruined the
Phoenix Invitational.

I read about those.

If I remember, no one
was hurt, were they?

No, but several
of the top players

have pulled out of the tour.

I'm afraid sooner or later,

someone will get
injured or killed.

And you think the accidents
are connected somehow,

and deliberate?

The tournament
director at La Hermosa

checked the plumbing.

The steam and water system
had been tampered with

and the shower room
door had been blocked

from the outside.

The whole thing
was quite deliberate.

Now, Kris, you played
college tennis, didn't you?

Uh... Yes, Charlie, but
that was strictly amateur.

Carrie Jo is world-class.

BOSLEY: Yes, but Charlie,

aren't the really
big names away,

playing in the Australian
Invitational this week?



So, Kris, do you think
you could hold your own

against some of the
remaining players?

Uh... Yeah, Charlie, I can try.

That's all a boss can ask.

Now, Sabrina and Kelly,

why don't you two set up a cover

as a clothes
designer and a model?

And, uh, and Bosley,

I've got a very
special job for you.

Oh, don't forget
your cushion, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you... very much.

MAN: A little higher, higher.

Make it gleam,
make it sparkle with...

Spinner Pro Power?

Hey, you said it.

No, actually, you
said it. I read it.

Good enough, babe. Just
remember the name, okay?

Because we're
tooled up to knock out

a couple hundred
thousand of these babies.

Are you expecting a rush?

If I do my job right.

I'm Arlo Spinner.

This is my associate, Ed Fisk.

Hello, Mr. Fisk.

Hello. How are you?

Oh, you're that Spinner?

Owner, manufacturer, financier,
idea man, and head gofer.

I'm impressed.

Well, I'm impressed, too.

Listen, you ever thought
about modeling racquets?

No, no.

Right now, I'm just
concentrating on using one.

I'll see you.

This can be worn
casually or for sports,

and it can be found
in the plaza shop.

Thank you.


You can find this
in the plaza shop.

You know, I could learn

to live with clothes like these.

Well, don't, because Bos said

as soon as the job is finished,

back it goes.


You know, you'd never

get off the court in that one.

They'd jump right out
of the stands at you.

Instant fans!

Speaking of fans,

I'll bet your fans are relieved.


Yeah, that accident
the other day.

Lucky you got to
the showers late,

or you might have
been hurt, too.

Oh, you said it.

There was a call
for me in the lobby.

But when I got there,
there was no one on the line.

It's funny, we all got calls...

Helga, Carmita, and me.

With no one on the phone?


Oh, it was probably some
fan who kept getting cold feet.

Oh, excuse me.


Do you believe those phone calls

were from a nervous fan?

No, I think we should

do some checking on Carrie Jo.

And her friends. Mm-hmm.

Yeah, well, listen.

The ad people sent these over.

We've gotta make some decisions.

Arlo, this is... Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm Sabrina Duncan. Hello.

Kelly Garrett.

Well, hi. I'm Arlo Spinner.

Hey, that's a terrific
outfit you've got on.

Oh, thank you.

Just something
mother whipped up.

Uh, why don't you
take a look at these?

Hey, you got a
great sense of humor.

You ever think about
modeling racquets?

You mean just racquets?

Mother would never approve.

Well, would we have to tell her?

I tell mother everything.

Anything of those knock you out?

Oh, I like them all, Arlo.

Look, why don't you decide?

I've really gotta go practice.

It was nice talking to
you and your friend.

Nice to meet you. Thank you.

Now, you look like a lady

that just might have
an opinion about all this.

Well... I would say this one.

The thrust of the racquet,

the grip, the swing,
they say something.

They do say
something, don't they?

And you see if an
ad say something,

it can sell something.

Right. Hey...

You ever thought about
modeling racquets?

I do the designing.

She does the modeling.

Well, you know, I don't
have any rags in my line.

Rags... Clothes.

Oh, clothing. Sorry.

Now, have you ever thought
of going in with someone

who's already got the promotion,

the distribution, you know,
the whole rest of the enchilada?

No, I really hadn't.

Maybe we could get
together sometime, you know,

sort of talk it over.

Just the two of us.

I'm free for dinner tonight.

You are? Well, great!

Why don't we meet
back here, about 6:00?

Around 6:00. Um, excuse me.

Oh, sure.

For birthdays or fun days,

a perfect gift for your lady

or a business associate.

No, Kelly, you cannot keep it.


Hi. Did he ask you
to model his racquets?

You too? Uh-huh,

and a few hundred others, I bet.

I'm gonna have
dinner with him tonight.

It comes in all sizes.

No, she cannot keep it.

Shh, shh, shh.

While you're working on Spinner,

I'll see what I can learn

about Carrie Jo's
chief competitor,

Helga Born.

Mm-hmm. That's a good idea.

See you later.

Yeah, I think it would be
a lovely gift for your wife.

She's watching me again.

Who's watching you?

That woman over there,
in the big floppy hat.

She's got to be involved
in the trouble around here.

She has been staring at me
since the moment we arrived.

She's got her cover down pat.



That phony "tourist" bit.

You know what I'd do,
if I were you, Bosley?

I would invite her somewhere,

and I would find out
what she really wants.

You're right.

At a place and
time of my choosing,

I'll play her little game,

and I'll play it better.

And you'll devastate her.

Thank you very much, sir.


Miss Born?

Miss Born?

Miss Born?

You do not have
to repeat my name.

Yoga meditation
is total awareness.

Oh, well, you didn't answer me.

If you were attuned, you
would have felt my response.

You see, at that moment

I was one with the universe.

No me, no you, just us.



Does harmony
help you with tennis?

It is tennis.

Oh... It is?

You, the ball, your
opponent, are one.

The game is inside you.

Oh, well, then how
do you know who wins

or who loses?

The one who breaks
the harmony loses.

As you did in the restaurant,

when you were
displaying yourself.


Were you there?
I didn't see you.

I refused to stay

and watch you sacrifice
your beautiful inner self,

exploit your sexuality.

Oh, well, uh... I never
thought of it that way.

Perhaps you should start.


What is that stuff?

Sprouted alfalfa.

Don't they feed that to cows?

It is for the inner self.

Yeah, well...

I think I'd rather
exploit my outer self.


Bree, hi. Kris.

Anything yet?

Okay, listen.

I'm gonna go hit
a few with Carmita,

see if I can figure
where she's coming from.


I'll check you later.

Hey, there you are.

Ready to hit a few?

What's the matter?


What's the matter?

Are you asleep?


Okay, thank you.

Respiratory failure.

At least that's the examiner's

preliminary opinion.

You mean Carmita
just stopped breathing?

Well, there's gonna be
an autopsy, but right now,

they're saying death
by natural causes.

You believe that?


There is somebody that
knows all about the body

and breathing. Helga.

I think I better pursue
that relationship.

Watch it.

match with Ronnie Kyle

got a lot of publicity.

I've got public attention

for women's
tennis, for all of us.

It all comes down to
one thing, doesn't it?

The money!

No, no, no.

It's crowd applause,
and approval,

and getting paid
for it too, yeah.

What's wrong with that?

People like you
should be stopped.

You're so pure...
I'd watch my mouth.

Hi... Hello.

I didn't mean to intrude.

I'm sorry.

It's not your fault.

I picked a poor place to argue.

It's just that she disturbs
my sense of harmony,

my sense of being.

Helga, I want to talk to you.

I've come to a decision.

A decision?

You were right.

I don't want to exploit
myself anymore.

I want to explore my inner self.

Very good.

Then the first step to
wisdom are the Asanas.

You begin by breathing in

through the throat...

And out...

Helga, the vibrations
are still bad here.

Disharmony, you know?

Do you mind if
we go to my place?

Not at all.

You're becoming
more attuned already.

Come on.

The clerk said
I'd find you here.

Mister, uh...

Bosley, as you
probably know by now.

I don't know as
much as I'd like to.

Oh. You admit it?

I admit I'm trying
to liberate myself.

Won't you sit down?


Let's don't make
a scene in here.

You're such a
strong-looking man.

I am formidable,
as friend or foe.

That's very exciting.

Look, let's don't play games.

You want something from me.

The brochure said

I could count on a
wonderful vacation,

but I never dreamed
it could be like this.

I'll be direct.

I'm lonely.

My room or yours?


Did you say you're lonely?

Until just now.

You mean, you
think that I am a...

Attractive... No,

Madam... you... you have

misunderstood my intentions.

Please forgive me.

I must get back to
my, uh... cushions.

Hey, sweetie.

Where's your friend?

The one with the legs.

Gee, that's kind of funny.

I really hadn't noticed

that girls are the
only ones with legs.

The only ones that count.

Sit. I'm buying.

I tell you what.

You'll have to excuse me.

I gotta tend to business.

Oh, working girl, huh?

That's right.

Gonna compete in a man's world?

You're too busy to
be a woman, huh?

Yeah, that's right, big fella.

Here, Romeo.

Why don't you get
off on this, please?

Sorry about him.

I got us a table over here.


This is my
associate, Eddie Fisk.

How do you do? Nice to meet you.

Leave one of those, Eddie.

Thank you.

And this is the
top of my next line,

the one after the new one.

Aren't you getting a
little ahead of yourself?

Oh, no, no, no.

I always got to be at least
two model years ahead.

You see, I operate
just like Detroit.

I'll let you in on
a little secret.

It's the same as with cars.

There's really not
that much difference

in my line and anyone else's.

Ah... So you have to
make it look different?

Right, and promote
the hell out of it.

Why are you telling me all this?

I don't know.

This started out to
be pitch number 6A,

and uh... I guess
I really like you.

You know what the
Spinner Company really is?

I mean, what my old man left me,

you know, when he died.

Uh, no...

Doggie sweaters and
these little socks for cats.

But the old man wouldn't let me
near his crummy little company

while he was alive.

Everything I did
turned out wrong.

Even my size
turned out too small.

I could never be
the athlete he was.

Sounds like that bothered you.

Yeah, it bothered me.

But I'm gonna make it, Sabrina.

I'm gonna make it big,
bigger than he ever dreamed.

Arlo, could I ask you
a question, now, huh?

Oh, sure.

You seem to know
everybody around here,

which top player could
use some really big money?

Not Helga.

She's too off in
space, you know.

Carrie Jo's been queen
of the mountain so long,

she's gotta own it by now.

No, I really can't think
of anybody that needs...

Why do you want to know?

I need somebody
to endorse my line,

for a percentage, of course.

Oh, I can't believe it.

Here I am pouring my heart out,

and you're still
going on with angles.

Arlo, I'm sorry...

No, no, listen,
we're two of a kind.

We're made for each other.

What do you say, Sabrina?

I'll give it some
serious thought, Arlo.

All right?

Could we get a waiter?

Yeah, sure. Hey!


Kelly, we just talked
to... Kelly... Kelly?

Kelly, say something.

What's the matter with her?

KRIS: My god, she's got
a look just like Carmita's

when I found her dead
on the tennis court.


Kelly, open your eyes.

Say something.


Look, Kelly, if you
want the tennis outfit,

you can have it.

Just say something.

Promise, Bosley?

Kelly, that was a cheap shot.

I agree.

Sorry. Just practicing.

Wait a minute.


It was everything
Helga said it was.


I was totally aware,

super-aware of all of you,

the way Carmita had to
be right before she died.

Well, that means,
then, whoever killed her,

she knew them and
she trusted them.

Like Helga?

Or... Or Carrie Jo.

KRIS: Which is
why we came in here

in the first place.

You know the guy Carrie
Jo married last year?

Well, Charlie's been
doing some checking.

Now, apparently he made
a lot of lousy investments,

and then he just
left with the rest,

leaving Carrie Jo stone broke.

No way to treat a lady.

So this comeback
has got to work.

KRIS: And she's not
getting any younger.

I mean, she's not
old, but for an athlete...

To have to wind up
and push one more year

and one more year...

That can make
somebody pretty desperate.

And desperate people
do desperate things.





I'll go check her out.


Are you okay?

It's okay. Are you okay?


Okay. Man or woman?

Who could tell with that hood?

Ran like a man.

Could be a woman athlete.



I'll have a Coke.

All right.

Lord help us.

One of them lady athletes.

Well, hello, Mr. Kyle.
How are you?


Yeah, I guess you need
that to steady your nerves

after all that
shooting this morning.


You didn't hear it?


Who got shot at?

Carrie Jo.

Hit or a miss?

Well, it was a
miss, but just barely.

Somebody really
tried to kill her.

No kidding.

You know, you must
be a really heavy sleeper,

sleeping through
all those gunshots.

Listen, it's none
of your business...

but I don't like what
you're getting at,

so I'll tell you.

I wasn't around
here this morning.

KRIS: Oh. How come?

You really are a nosy broad.

Well, it's just that
I want to like you.

I really do.

I don't want to have to think

anything bad
about you, that's all.


I, uh... I woke
up feeling lousy.

Touch of the flu.

I went to see a doctor.

Hmm. Well, you look okay now.

Must be a pretty good doctor.

You know, you're
starting to sound

like you're a cop or something.

I'm sorry. I don't mean to.

I'm just trying to figure
what's with you and Carrie Jo.

There's nothing to figure.

She's a phony.


Well, for a phony,
she whipped you

pretty good.

Look, I can take her anytime.

I had an off day.

Well, could you take me?

On my worst day.


I'll see you on the
courts. One hour.

You know, it's a
funny thing, Mr. Kyle.


I thought you came
in here this morning.



You had a hangover.

I mixed you a drink, remember?

You really think
you can pull this off?

I mean, that guy

used to be one of the best.

I know, but I've got to, Bree.

We've got to find out
what that guy's capable of.

You could push some
dangerous buttons.

Well... You guys
never said it'd be easy.



OFFICIAL: I'll have
to ask the players

to refrain from
remarks during play.

The players?

You heard him.

OFFICIAL: Love-30.

You, uh, want to quit now?

Have yourself a nice cry?



OFFICIAL: 30-all.

Whoa. Uh, slipsies...


KYLE: It's close... but out.

The ball was in.

Advantage, Miss Munroe.

What? Are you crazy?

What, do you need
glasses or something?

I don't have to take this.

Think he's about ready to blow.


Be careful.


Kris, we're in the bar.

Kyle just left.

If he's going to get to you,

it's gonna be soon.

Bosley's following you.

Okay, I'm going
in the shower now.

I can't conceal anything
in there, like a gun,

so don't lose him.

BOSLEY: Uh, girls, Kyle's
here at the refreshment stand,

ordering a cup of coffee.

I'm sorry to tell you this,

but I don't think

we've got a killer
ready to explode here.

I think we've got
a bad tennis player

who happens to
be a tired old drunk

trying to sober up.

Where'd we go wrong?

Good bet. Wrong horse.

You know, I just had
this awful thought.

Suppose, while we've
been running around,

the killer's been setting up

his next target?

Sandy, Carmita,
Carrie Jo... Yeah?

So far, all the victims

or near-victims have
been top players.

So who do we have left?

Only one... Helga.

That makes her either
the prime suspect

or the next target.

Hey, there she is.



Don't move, Helga.

Don't move.

There is no... There
is no need for concern.

We are as one.


Ooh... Okay, Helga,

sit back down and be still.

Just stay calm.
Everything's okay.

Get away from me!
Your vibrations did this.

Sit still, or you're
gonna kill yourself!

Wait, now.

So you can finish killing me?

You think we did that?

Who else is there?

we're detectives,

all three of us, okay?


Okay, come on, Helga.

We're here to help you.

Now, just calm down.

But, why... Please.
Come on, please?

Just sit down. Come on.

Helga, there isn't
time to explain.

Just trust us.

It's all right. It's all right.

Just trust us.

You've got to go into
a deep meditation,

slow down your pulse.

That's right, just
breathe deeply.

Just relax, Helga.

Okay, hold this arm.

That's right. I'll get help.

Listen, I'm telling you,

those three girls
are detectives.

All right, all right.

I believe you.

No, no. You don't understand.

They find something out,

I get it... you know, here.

I'm the one that
did the killing.

I'm the one goes to the slammer.

Hey, listen, don't you think

I'd get stuffed into
matching stripes?

ARLO: Use your smarts.

I gave the orders.

We're both in this together.

So we gotta stick together, huh?

Now there's gonna have to
be another accident or two.

Just to cover us, okay?

Why don't you get on it?

Okay, Arlo... but
if I fall on this one,

you better be there
when I hit the bottom,

because if you're not,

I'm gonna bounce back up

and I'm gonna
take your head off.

How are you doing, honey?

What do you think
of the new layouts?


What lady doesn't
like to see herself

splashed all over the page?

Yeah, I thought you'd like them.

"Carrie Jo comes back
big with her Spinner Pro

that won at La Hermosa."

It's good stuff.




But I haven't won yet.

I could carry you
down the tubes with me,

if I lose.

You're gonna win.

You seem so certain.

You're a champ.

Am I?

Hey, I never saw you
booze it up before, babe.

Well, I'm of age.

God, if there's
anything I am, it's of age.

You heard, didn't you?

Heard what?


What about Fisk?

Don't start playing
games with me, Carrie.

What I have to play
is a tournament, right?

That's what I'm here for?

To win this tournament,
in any way possible.


You arranged all those
accidents, didn't you?

Phoenix and Monterey and here.

You've been slowly
eliminating all my competition.

That's why you've been
so up, so sure I'd win,

when I wasn't even sure
of it myself any longer.

Well, then be sure, Carrie,
because you are gonna win,

and we're both gonna be rich.

Wait, wait a minute.

Carrie, you're not scared of me?

You had me shot at.

Just to get suspicion
off you and off me.

This is crazy.

I don't want any part of it.

You already are part of it.

I'm not! Yes, you are.

Now, who do you think'll
believe you weren't?

You've got as much to gain

in all this as I have,
and as much to lose.

Hear that sound
in your head, hon?

Hear it?

The cheer of the
crowd, you know?

That cheer waiting for you
to be number one again.

Well, go for it, Carrie,

because it's the
only thing you got.

Wait a minute, Carrie,
you forgot something.

Our racquet.

Okay, with Helga
out of the tournament,

who have we got left in
the way of suspects, huh?

Well, among the
top selected players,

Carrie Jo's the only
one in shape to play.

Well, maybe she planted

the snake in Helga's bag.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, it's from Charlie.

He's been investigating

the background of everyone.

Well, listen to this.

Fisk, the one who
works for Spinner,

he used to, uh... Teach.

Teach... at a health spa.

He taught Yoga.



Listen, I don't know
what's going on.

I got to go warm
up for my match.

I'll see you guys later.


Seen Kris yet?


First match of the tournament,

Susie Kiger of Kansas City

playing Mrs. Carrie
Jo Evans of Seattle.

Players ready?


If you're looking
for your friend,

she's in trouble.



I think I saw her
heading for the gym.

It's been Spinner.

Right from the beginning.

All the trouble,
Spinner and Fisk.

First, we got to find Kris.
Come on. Thank you.



SABRINA: Kris, are you in there?

Kris open up.

Kris, you hear? Open up!

Kris! Kris, open the door.

Drop it!

I wouldn't. Put it down. Now.

Spinner's running.
Where would he go?

I won't ask again.


Kris, there.


There he is. Let's go.


Drop that gun, Sabrina.

Drop it!


Now, move up there.

Drop those guns.

You drop them!

Move up there.

Get up there. Get up there!

All of you, keep going.

Keep moving, keep moving.

Keep moving.

That's far enough.

Stay there.

Just stop right there.

I didn't want this to happen,
you understand that?

I'm sorry about it.

Especially for you, Sabrina.

Yeah, I know, Arlo.

You're crazy about me, right?

We're two of a kind,
made for each other.

I guess it must be different

to have to do your
own dirty work, huh?

I mean, Fisk usually does

this kind of thing
for you, doesn't he?

Don't talk like that.

Look, the bottom
line is still...

You're the smallest kid
on the block, Arlo, right?

You don't say that.

You're still trying
to fill Daddy's shoes.

I did fill them.

I made it. You know I did.

No, Arlo.

You know you didn't.

I can and I will.

It's just talk, Arlo.

I mean, don't you
understand that?

That's all it is.

It's just talk, it doesn't
mean anything.

It's just talk.

I want you to stop it.


I want you to stop it.

I want you to give me the gun.

No, no, stay there. Don't move.

I don't want to have
to use this, but I will.

No, you won't. No.

Because if you could have...

you already would have.

Please, Sabrina. Please.

I don't want to have to...

You don't have to
do anything, Arlo.

You don't have to do anything

except just give me that
gun, you understand?

That's the only
thing you have to do.

That's the only
thing you have to do.

Please, Arlo.



ARLO: I'm sorry, you know?

It was Fisk.

He was just supposed
to scare everybody,

and then... and then
it got all out of control.

You understand?

Yeah, I know.

KELLY: One thing
puzzles me, Kris.

Why did Kyle lie to you
about seeing the doctor?

what was that story

about his being sick the
morning of the shooting?

Well, you see, Charlie,

he'd been drinking
pretty heavily all morning

and he missed a
telecast and he was afraid

his company would fire him.

I see.

By the way, who
won the tournament?

Oh, Sandy.

I guess that shock in the shower

was a little more frightening

than physical.

It was her first win
as a pro, Charlie.

Good for her.

Bosley, where are you going?

What makes you think
I'm going anyplace?

Well, no Angel has a
footstep as heavy as that.

And why are you all dressed up?

Wait a minute.

You can't tell I'm
dressed up, Charlie.

I refuse to believe that.

It's your voice tone.

You sound like you
have a heavy date,

and you always dress for that.

Who's the lucky lady?

Oh. Uh, a Miss Hailey.

It's a lady I met
at the tournament.

Bosley, I thought you
were suspicious of her

and you were
going to confront her.


Yes, I was.

Well, as a matter
of fact, I did,

but Miss Hailey
confronts most charmingly.

Oh, Bosley.

Sounds fascinating.

Yeah, well, it'll all

be in the report, Charlie.

Well, I hope not all, Bosley.

I want all of it,
every word, Bosley.

You better hurry.

Miss Hailey might not wait.

Have a good time.

Be home by 10:00.
Have a wonderful time.



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