Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 2, Episode 12 - Sammy Davis, Jr. Kidnap Caper - full transcript

Sammy Davis Jr is hosting a charity event at the Beverly Seville hotel, which coincides with a celebrity look-alike contest. When attempts are made to kidnap him, the Angels go to work as his bodyguards and Bosley acts as his chauffeur.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time,

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy,

two in Los Angeles...

the other in San Francisco,

and they were each assigned
very hazardous duties...

but I took them
away from all that,

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.


And then I switched
the benefit in Chicago

with your personal
appearance in Cincinnati,

and that way,

you can do the
one-nighter in New York

on your way home from London,

before you hit Vegas

and pick up that
gig in Dallas...

Without doubling back.


Look, Sam, if Ben's
arrangements are satisfactory,

I think we ought to clear
up these contractual matters

concerning your taxes.

Didn't I say never
to mention taxes

while we're having
a meal of any kind?

Okay, I'll sign
for you, all right?

Yeah, go ahead and sign.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

You're him, aren't you?

Huh? Sammy?


Sammy Davis, Jr.!

Yes, I am.

I knew it, I knew it.

It's amazing that
you recognized me

because most people
take me for Paul Newman.

Yeah, Paul Newman.

Oh, Mr. Davis,

could you do me a favor, please?

Could I have your autograph?

Not for me. For my sister.

Of course, it would
be my pleasure.

It's never for them, it's
always for their sisters.

I got a pen here somewhere.

Oh! Oh, God. I am...

Mr. Davis... I am sorry.

Don't panic. Don't
worry about it.

Everything's okay.
Don't worry about it.

Everything's all right.

I've gotta go
to the little boys'

and I'll get this cleaned up.

Don't worry about it.

Please forgive me.

Let me pay for your cleaning.

It's not to worry.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute...

Flip Wilson!

I never done anything clumsy

to a star before.

Just don't worry about it, sir.

My sister's gonna kill me.

Well, that's all right.

My tailor'll probably kill me

for the coffee stains.

Look, it's okay.

I can take care of it.

I think I left my watch in here.

Anybody see it?

Ha, here it is...

Still ticking.

Hey, Flip!

You... you okay?

CHARLIE: Angels, meet Ben Brody.

Ben is the business
manager for Sammy Davis, Jr.

He needs our help,
and immediately.

Someone is trying to
kidnap Sammy Davis.

Two hours ago,

and they almost
got him this time.

They used chloroform,
but Sam's okay.

SABRINA: Excuse me, Mr. Brody.

You said "this time."

You mean they've tried before?

Yes, at the Las Vegas
airport, three weeks ago.

Angels, starting tomorrow,

I want you to keep a
very unobtrusive eye

on Mr. Davis

when he appears as the
host of a charity fashion show

at the Beverly Seville Hotel.

The Beverly Seville
is a very busy place.

It won't be easy to
provide security there.

Well, have the
police been notified?


They're doing all they
can, but I need... extra help.

Special help.

I need you.

MAN: And now,
ladies and gentlemen,

Sammy Davis, Jr.!

Thank you, you're beautiful.
Thank you very much.

Welcome, welcome,

to this marvelous charity
affair that we have once a year,

and I'm very proud to
be asked back again

to be your host and emcee,

and if you're like
me, you can't wait

to find out what our
designers have whipped up

to drive everybody out
of their minds this year.

Beginning with a
fashion aperitif...

It's entitled,

"Daytime to Evening

Would you make the
ladies feel comfortable

with a round of applause?

Our models.


Ben, you know I
don't like arguments,

and it's not really an argument,

but I think you
should've told me

before you went out
and hired a bodyguard.

I don't know what
I can tell you, Sam.

I care what happens to you.

Well, so do I,

but these people came
to be entertained, Benny.

They're not involved
with my meshugaas.

Believe me, Sam,
no one will even know.

Oh, I have seen bodyguards.

I have seen bodyguards, Ben.

They're all seven-foot-six,

and they all have faces

that look like catchers' mitts.

Oh, Mr. Davis? Yes?

Excuse me, Kris Munroe,
"On The Spot" News.

Do you think it
would be possible

to get a small interview?

As long as you
let the people know

that we're here for
the Hospital Fund

and we need all the
contributions we can get.

You got a deal. Okay.

Wonderful. Right over here.

All right. Good.

Are you ready?


It is not fashion alone

that brings the crowds here

to the Beverly Seville.

It is the desire to help others,

and every dime raised here today

will go to the special
treatment wing

of the Children's Clinic,

and here is one of the stars

to make that all possible,

Mr. Sammy Davis, Jr.

Thank you, very, very much.

I would like to say...

You still think
I'm seven-foot-six

with a face like
a catcher's mitt?


Townsend and Associates.

I'm working for you.


You're working for me?


I think I'm gonna like this.

Sam, you're on.

We'll see you later.

You... That's groovy, man.

Before we go any further,

I would like to remind
everyone in the room

that the big event,

besides the presence
of these ladies,

is our famous Look-Alike
Celebrity Contest,

which will be on
later in the show,

so please hang in for that.

And you husbands,

get your checks ready
because right now...

look out.

Let's see what's new

at the very smartest
cocktail parties.



Hey, it went good, babe.

All right.

Hey, where's my bodyguard?

What did I tell you?
Now, who would know?

Excuse me, I'm sorry.

Please excuse
me for interrupting,

but I am Sabrina Duncan.

I am the chairperson...

on the Committee for Giving

and I wondered how much

I should put you
down for, Mr. Davis.

Put me down? We
gave at the office.


Mr. Davis, Mr. Davis,

please, please,
let me assure you,

you have no
obligation in the world

to contribute.


It would be a very nice gesture.

A nice gesture?

Yes, it would.


Thank you. Thank you.

There you are,
just sign right there.

Mr. Davis, I'm one
of your bodyguards.

If you should see
anything out of the ordinary,

just give me a signal.

Thank you!

Thank you very much.

Bye, now. Thank you.

That's one of my bodyguards?

I think I'm gonna love danger.

Come on.

Mr. Davis?


I'm gonna give you
one last chance,

now, you hear?

Mr. Davis, I'm Kelly,

another one of your bodyguards.

Ain't that nothing?

"Mr. Davis, Mr. Davis."

"Sammy Davis, Jr."

What makes you think

I look like Sammy Davis, Jr.?

Because let me tell
you something, lady.

First of all, I am
smarter than he is.

God knows I'm taller than he is,

and when it comes
to looks, whoo!

I'm cool.

He's a fool.

Well, if you're not
Sammy Davis, Jr.,

who are you?

Who am I?

Who am I?

I happen to be
Herbert Brubaker III,

from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I happen to be
president and owner

of the H and B Boozaterias,

a fine chain of liquor stores.

Oh, I think I
understand, Mr. Davis.

You prefer to be
incognito, right?

Don't you talk no smut, girl.

I'm a veteran.

Well, I only meant

you didn't want
to be recognized.


Will you come with me, please?

Come over here. Let
me show you something.

Now, you look here.

See, that ain't Barbara.

That ain't Burt.

That ain't Jimmy Durante.

We're all here for that
Look-Alike Contest.

If hadn't been

for my lodge hall
asked me to come here

to hopefully help the hospital,

I wouldn't be here myself.

Now, have you got
that perfectly clear?

And who did you
say you were again?

Well, at this moment,
it's not definite.

See you later.

Ladies and gentlemen,

at this time it
becomes my pleasure

to introduce to
you the finalists

in the Celebrity
Look-Alike Contest.

This is what we've
all been waiting for.

Come on, let's make
them feel at home.

SAMMY: First, Mr. "Inky
Dinky Doo" himself,

Marvin Mitchell.

Now our very own
Barbara Streisand,

Miss Sally Wilson.

How about this look-alike
for Mr. Burt Reynolds,

Scott Willoughby.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen,

Mr. Herbert Brubaker III.

All right.


Put it down.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, excuse me.

Could I... Could I help you?

Oh, we got a delivery
for Mr. Davis...

May I see some
identification then, please?


Identification, it
doesn't matter,

do you have
any... identification?

Yeah, some gum...
Just a second, please.

Just a second, please!

Bree, are you all right?

What happened?

Well, I think I just...

I think I just met
the kidnappers.

SAMMY: Ladies and gentlemen,

the judges have decided

on the cat that looks
the most like me...

Mr. Herbert Brubaker III.

Sir, congratulations.
The cup is yours.

I... I... I don't want no cup.

You're supposed to take the cup,

WOMAN: Mr. Brubaker, you
won the look-alike contest.

HERBERT: But you
see, you don't understand.

I don't look like him.

You look exactly like Mr. Davis.

The judges said
so, Mr. Brubaker.


You do, you do!
Please take the cup.

You think I look
like that turkey?

Take the cup, please.

Okay, I'll take the cup.



It really is. I thank
you very much.

Please give my love
to the ladies, will you?

Oh, I will, I will.

There you go, darling.

I can't thank you
enough, really.

It was so marvelous.

We can't thank you enough
for coming again this year.

Well, thank you, darling.

That's awfully sweet of you.

There's just one small favor...

It's for Mr. Brubaker,
your look-alike.

Oh, yes.

Well, we asked him

if there was
anything we could do

before he went
back to Pittsburgh.

That was probably a mistake.

Well, it seems he's heard

about your well-known
collection of automobiles,

and we wondered,

if it wasn't too much
of an imposition,

if you would...

Please, please. Don't
even bother yourself.

He may come over to
the house, see them...

As a matter of fact,
better than seeing them,

I'll let him even drive
the one of his choice.

Oh, how very, very
kind of you, Mr. Davis.

My pleasure.

Thank you so much.

And please remember me

to the rest of the
ladies at the committee.

I will. What a joy it
was to work with you.

See you next year.

Mr. Davis, I'm Kelly,
your third Angel.

Oh, hello, Kelly.

Wait a minute.

You are Sammy
Davis, Jr., aren't you?

Well, let me put
it this way, dear.

We're on our way to a house,

and if there's a gorgeous
cocoa-brown lady...

Ooh, dynamite...

and she looks at me
and goes, "Hey, baby,

what took you so
long to get home?"

then I'm Sam.


2:00 and all is well.

Thanks, Bos.

SAMMY: ♪ What
kind Of clown am I? ♪

♪ What do I know of life? ♪


♪ Why can't I cast away ♪

♪ This mask of play ♪

♪ And live my life? ♪

♪ Why can't I Fall in love ♪

♪ Till I don't Give a damn? ♪

Let me hear it.

♪ And maybe then I'll know ♪

♪ What kind of fool... ♪

♪ Sting... ♪

♪ I am ♪♪

Make sure you give
me the sting at the end.


I'll catch you guys tomorrow.
Take care of business for me.


It's all finished. Ta-dah.

Sammy, I knew
there was more to this

than you let on.

What do you mean?

You know, he even tried

to make out what
happened at the restaurant

was just a couple
of drunks having fun.

Darling, the only thing

I tried to do was
not get you involved

in something that
wasn't all that important

from the get-go. That's all.

I haven't had one easy
minute since this started.

Kelly, you know what I think?

I think he should
just cancel everything

and we should go
away for a while.

Go... Go away?

Go away where?

How about Paris?

That'd be a nice place to go.

Oh, sure. Paris is
marvelous, darling,

because nobody knows
me in Paris, you see,

and there's a lot of shops
and you could go shopping,

and... just one second.

Would you hold that?

Kelly, would you excuse
me just a moment?

Because I think Altovise
and I are about to have

one of the fantastic
fights of all time.

Sure. I'll wait in
the next room.

Thank you, Kelly.

Will you do me a favor
and just relax, Alto?

Everything is groovy.

Sit by me, over here.

There you go.

That's a bodyguard?


Ninety-eight pounds of
police-trained dynamite.

Just remember
one thing, darling.

What, babe?

Let us not forget who
is protecting whom.

Davis is inside
there. I'm positive.

The others are left,

and there's nobody outside

but the chauffeur.

They won't be expecting us

to make our move
so soon, Mr. Fluellen.

It'll be a surprise.

Yeah, you're right, Georgie.

Nobody in their right mind

would expect anybody
to bungle a kidnap so bad

and still try again!

Bad luck, that's all. Bad luck.

You're right.

The bad luck is all mine, pal...

working with you two losers.

Okay. We move.

We take out the chauffeur first,

cut the phone
lines, then inside...

If there's security people,

waste them.


Looks small to me.


Oh. I didn't see you.

Kelly didn't tell me
that you were outside.

Kelly who?

The one inside.

Mm. I want this baby.

I love everything about it

from stem to stern.

I can dig it.

I want it.

This is the one
I want right now.

Oh, well, it's ready.

I mean, the keys are in it.

After all, I mean,
it is all yours.

Isn't it? Now, look, uh...

You ready?


All right. Here we go.

I don't think this is a
very good idea, Mr. Davis.

Why don't you let me call Kelly,

and then she can ride with you?

I don't need no Irish person

to help me drive this car,

and I want you to
do me one favor.

I want you to stop
calling me "Mr. Davis."

Oh, well, I'm sorry. Uh... Sam?

Back up.


Look out! The
Bru is on the move!

Ow! Can't stand myself.

It's him.

It's Davis in that car.

Hey, Kelly!

The kidnappers,
they're after him!

After who?

Oh, wait... Wait a minute!

They're kidnapping
the wrong man!

BOSLEY: They're in a van!

The wrong... Come on!

Sabrina? Sabrina, come in.



All of y'all get out of the way.

Here comes the Bru.

You better watch out
what you're doing, fool!

HERBERT: You must be crazy.

Do you know you
almost hit my car?

Does this car look like
some little turkey thing?

Don't you get rough
with me. Back up.

Now, I am mad enough,
because you came so close,

to try your jaw go
upside your head.

Now, don't you make
no kind of funny...

Don't you make no...

The kidnappers have him.

KELLY: Have who?

The wrong one.

Herbie Brubaker?

The third.

Oh, that poor little guy.

You guys find him, okay?

Whatever it takes,
whatever it costs,

find him.

You know the reason
why that man is in trouble?

Because that poor schlub
happens to look like me.

That's the only reason,

and I feel terrible about it.

Oh, take it easy, babe.

It's not your fault
that he looks like you.

Listen, believe me,

we understand how you feel.

We'll do everything
we can to help.

We have a lead on
the two kidnappers.

But we'll need your cooperation.

Well, of course. Anything.

KELLY: Well, as we see it,

as long as the kidnappers think

they have the real Sammy Davis,

it's in their interests

to keep him alive and healthy.

Right, at least until the
ransom comes through.

BOSLEY: You see, I feel

that our logical course
of action right now...

is to let the kidnappers
think they've succeeded.

That they kidnapped you.

No, that's... No, no, no.

That'll never work, John.

As soon as I show
up in Las Vegas

or as soon as I do
a television show,

or as soon as I do any gig,

as a matter of
fact, they'll know...


Now I see where
you're coming from.

I don't do Vegas.

I don't do any gigs.

I don't do no television show.

I don't do nothing for nobody,

at no time, right?


You stay in the
house, out of sight,

and you don't tell anybody,

not even Ben Brody
or your best friends

that you're actually safe.

Well, you don't have
to worry about Ben.

After all, that's my main man.

KRIS: Uh... Sammy,
look, we are in no way

accusing Ben Brody of anything

but we cannot take any chances.

BOSLEY: As much as I hate

to suggest the possibility, Sam,

this kidnapping scheme

could have been
hatched close to home.

Wow... That's heavy.

That's really heavy.

ALTOVISE: Hey, babe.

I think you should
do as they say.

Ben'll understand
when it's all over.

I hope so. I really
hope so, honey.

He will.

HERBERT: You done blew
it. I mean, blew-ew-ew it!

What do you mean, we blew it?

We've got you, don't we?

Yeah, you got me.

You got me.

What I mean is that you got me,

but you don't got
no Sammy Davis, Jr.

You know who you turkeys
are gazing at? Hmm?

You are looking at
Herbert Brubaker III.

I got my card.

Wait a minute. There it is.

Herbert Brubaker III.

President of H
and B Boozaterias.

That's what it
says, Mr. Fluellen.


FLUELLEN: What is this?
Anybody can print up cards.

I can have cards printed up

saying that I'm the
Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem.

This is nothing more
than a shabby attempt

to weasel out of
your own kidnapping.

HARRIS: You think
we got the wrong guy?

course not. But if we did...

the poor sucker we got
would be in a lot of trouble.

I mean, if this
isn't Sammy Davis,

then all we got's a witness,
somebody who can identify us.

We got no chance for a ransom.

I mean, why keep him alive?

if this is Davis...

How can we be sure?

GEORGIE: The real Sammy
Davis sings and dances.

Come on, now.

Give me some room
to move and groove!



You ready, Mr. Brody?

I'm ready.



FLUELLEN: Who is this?

This is Ben Brody.
Mr. Davis' manager.

You know why I'm calling.

I want to talk business
to the right person.

What have you done with Sammy?

Is he all right? I
want to talk to him.

No. First, you listen.

You want to see him alive again,

you're going to
follow my instructions.

All right, all right.

I'm listening.

You are to collect

$375,000 in unmarked bills...

Nothing larger than a $50,

nothing smaller than a $5,

serial numbers to be at random.

The money will be delivered
according to instructions,

which you will
receive by telephone

in exactly eight hours.


It's not enough time.
That's a lot of money.

Eight hours, I
said. No extensions.

Now, you get the money and
be ready for my phone call.

How do I know Sam's all right?

Put him on. Let me talk to him.

I'm gonna put him on,

but I don't want any tricks,

you understand?

No tricks.

Hey, this is Sammy.
What's happening, baby?

Sam? This is Benny.

Are you okay?

Oh, sure, Lenny.

I'm fine.


This is Benny. Ben Brody.

Sam, are you okay?

Oh, of course I am, Denny.

I guess I just got
a little shook up

from what's going on down here.


Eight hours.

Lenny? Denny?

What's he trying to tell us?

$375,000... [WHISTLES]

How long will it take you
to raise that kind of money,

Mr. Price?

375 grand. In eight hours?

They might as well
ask us for the moon.

Maybe not. Maybe not.

There's the corporation account.

I can run the last deposits
through, and then...

Let me figure.

You know, Andy's a
mathematical genius,

but he can't print the money.

ANDY: We can make it.

I can get the rest through
the pension trust fund.

We can do it.

BEN: You know, I never thought

I'd be glad about going broke.

Andy and I will get the cash

and we'll be back
as soon as we can.


See you later.


That's an awful
strange amount, isn't it?

Yeah, it's kind of
odd. Why not 400?

SABRINA: Uh-huh.

And only a few hours
to get it together.

Well, it sounds to
me like our kidnappers

know an awful lot

about Sammy's bank accounts.


We got eight hours.

I think we better find
out everything we can

about Ben Brody and Andy Price.

Well, the two of them

share an office
together on the Strip.

Now, Price probably
handles the books.


If we could just get in there...

KRIS: I got an idea.

Why don't you let
me handle that one?

You got it.

wait. Keep in touch.

BOSLEY: Hey, Kris?


Be careful.

Thanks, Bosley.

Come on.


I'm Taffy.

Oh, that's nice.

Did you wish to see
Mr. Brody or Mr. Price?

Oh, well, gee.

I'm kind of surprised

that Andy isn't
here waiting for me,

because he told me to
be here right at 10:00,

or he'd get real mad.

Mr. Price called,

he's had kind of an
emergency come up.

I don't see an
appointment for you,

Miss, uh... Taffy.

Oh, no, it wasn't really

an "appointment" appointment.

See, Andy was gonna
take me to the race track

so that we could
discuss my career.

And... Oh, I remember!

He said that if he wasn't here

that I should wait
for him in his office

so that people wouldn't
get the wrong idea...

What did he mean by that?

I'm sure I don't know, dear.

Why don't you come this way?

Perhaps you can wait here

until I can reach Mr. Price.

Just make yourself comfortable.

Thank you.

Well, Andy Price

may be a mathematical genius,

but he's an awful embezzler.

Of course, I guess no one

can conceal that
much money missing

for very long.

KRIS: Look, the office records

show that there was supposed

to be an audit next week.

That means he was
running out of time.

I don't know.

I mean, I can't believe it.

already got an identification

on two of the kidnappers.

Now, they're a couple
of small-time musclemen,

but word on the street has it

they work for somebody else,

a gambler named Fluellen.

I found this in Andy
Price's desk drawer.

He called this number six,

maybe seven times a day.

SABRINA: So I checked it

with a friend on the Vice Squad,

and it's Fluellen's number.

If Andy needed money,

why didn't he come to me?

He may have needed a lot.

Fluellen must have
a real hold on him.

see, the way it looks

is Andy owes a big
marker to Fluellen,

so he starts embezzling
from you to pay off,

and he just gets in
deeper and deeper.

And so he helps them

to set up this kidnapping.

Don't feel too
sorry for him, Davis.

You're right, babe.

And I know who
I do feel sorry for.

can take a sunbeam ♪

♪ Put it in a dream? ♪

♪ Who can take a number ♪

♪ Never complain ♪

♪ Candy man ♪

♪ Candy man can ♪

♪ Candy man can 'cause
he... He mixes it with love ♪

♪ Makes the world taste good
Makes the world taste good ♪♪

BEN: 55... 65... 75... $375,000.

Easy come, easy go.




Hello. This is Ben Brody.

Are you ready for the delivery?


Look, my associate,
Mr. Bosley, will bring the money.

I'm... I'm too
shook up to drive.

I don't care who it is,

but only one guy. No cops.

You understand?

I see cops, and Davis is gone.


Now, here are your instructions.

I'll give them to you just once.

Now, drive to the phone booth

on the south corner of
Tobin and 15th Street.

You wait there. We'll call.

You've got 15 minutes.

Tobin and 15th.

Well, I'd better hurry.

Boy, that's heavy.

John, good luck,
and, uh, thank you.

You're welcome.

Stay in touch on
the walkie-talkie.

Will do.

Well, that's it.

Just wait now, huh?

I feel guilty about having John

take the risks.

I should be doing that myself.

There's not really
that much risk.

No, don't worry
about old Bosley.

He'll be well taken care of.

What do you mean?

You didn't bring the
police in on this, did you?

You heard what
the kidnappers said.

You're risking Sam's life.

SAMMY: Oh, no, they're not.


You're okay?

I'm all right.

Hey, what's... What's going on?

What's this all about?

SAMMY: Well, uh...

they kidnapped the wrong guy.

They kidnapped that little cat

that looks like me.

You know, the guy
from the contest.

BEN: Sam, I don't believe it.

I was going nuts.

SAMMY: Well, I'm sorry
you had to go through it.

We didn't want
to take the chance

on anyone knowing

until we were ready to act.

What do you mean?

What else is there
we don't know?

KRIS: What we did is,

we put a small
electronic signaling device

in the suitcase that
Bosley just took out.

Now, when he hands that suitcase

to the kidnappers...

all the police have to do

is follow that
signal right to them.


Then maybe we'll find
out who's behind all this.


Hey, look, I know
it's been kind of heavy

for both you cats
for the last few hours,

so why don't you go
home and collapse, huh?

The police are on it,

and with the girls,
we'll have it wrapped up,

and I'll give you a
call and let you know.

Go home? Yeah.

What do you mean, go home?

I am going to celebrate.

Well, I'm exhausted.

This is... been some experience.

Sam, I'm glad
you're all right, man.

SAMMY: Thank you.

ANDY: I'll call you, right?

All right. Okay.

I'll talk on you tomorrow.


Bree, he's coming.

I hope he bought that
electronic signal business.

Wait a minute.

What? Andy?

Andy's mixed up in this?

Yeah, Ben. I'm afraid so.

Oh, no.


Price just drove off.



You are now to drive
to Glendale and Orchid.

Phone booth on the corner.
You've got five minutes.


I'll stay with him.

Kelly, do you read?

We have a location.
Oceanside, north of Manning.

are you talking about?

I'm telling you that guy
is not Sammy Davis.

His name's, uh, uh...

Brewster or something.


I told you.

He told us.

Shut up. Both of you.

Shut up!

What are we gonna to do?

Well, we've got to let
him go. He's worthless.

What do you mean, I'm worthless?

I got a chain of liquor stores.

What you got, chump?

Shut him up.


No, we're not
letting anybody go.

Lou, please, let's
just get out now, huh?


No, no, no. I'm not...

I'm not walking out
of here empty-handed.

Look. We don't have a choice.

What do you mean?

They got no case against us

without a witness.

ANDY: What are
you talking about?

mean, you didn't think

I was gonna let him

walk away in any
case, did you, Andy?

Lou, please.

You said no one
was going to get hurt.

There's only one witness.

No, I'm afraid
now there are two.

Hey... uh...

Sam, you better stay here.

No, no, no.

My face got little
Herbie into this mess.

I'm gonna stay
until the very end.

Come on. You go to work.

Okay, now, there's an office

in the back... One
door, one window.

I distinctly heard
Andy Price's voice.

All right, there's at least
three of them in there.

What we need is a
distraction out front.

Hey, you got it.

Wait a minute, Sammy. I...

No, no, no. Wait a minute.

Let me do my thing,

because that's what I do.

Give me about five seconds

and then you guys do your thing.

Hey... Sammy Davis!

SAMMY: Hey, you little turkey!

What was that?

I know you in here.

Georgie, go on. Take a look.

I know a turkey, and I
know his whereabouts.

Come on out.

I see you, chump!

You ain't no big
thing, you know.

Tell Sammy Davis
that the Bru is here

to... get ready
for the showdown.

Go ahead. Tell him.


Tell him!

Mr. Fluellen, it's him.


Not the real him,
the other one...

The one we don't got.

He's outside.

What the hell are
you talking about?

Go on, go on. Help him.


Move over here.

Okay, hold it. Hold it.


Get in there.

Real slow. Over to the wall.

Andy? Andy?

He's out. I think
he's okay. Let's go.

KRIS: Get against the wall.

Against the wall!

Get those feet apart.

HERBERT: What about me?

I mean, I been down
here on this floor, man.

Got all roughed up.

The man roughed up
my duds and everything.

Sure is nice, you know.

Everything has
been taken care of.

Not that I was
scared or anything.

Oh, of course not.

I ain't scared of nobody.

I ain't lying, Junior. I
ain't scared of nobody.


Because I learned
how to use my dukes...

And I don't look
like nobody either,

because I am an original.

Right on, Herbie.



Hey, hi!

Holy Toledo, you
guys look terrific.

Thank you.

Well, we've been
looking forward to it.

I can't wait.

I hope you've heard

that we've arranged for Andy

to pay back the money

so that he won't
have to go to jail

like the other guys.

Well, some time in jail,

those other guys richly deserve.


You know, I am so pleased

that you're joining us
for the opening tonight.

Well, we are thrilled.

Now, you have to tell us.

What kind of an opening is it?

You mean he didn't tell you?

No. No.

Well, darling, Ben took care

of the tables and everything,

so I just figured that...

an opening is an opening.

So, come on, let's go.

KRIS: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Sam, now we've
all been guessing...

I guessed it.

It's the new
discotheque on the Strip.

No, no, no, no, no.

It's that new French restaurant.

Reservations are
impossible, right?

No. Wrong.

It is a movie premiere.

Aha! Wrong.


SAMMY: Now, wait.

Wait till you hear this.

Okay, go ahead. Tell them.

We are all invited... Uh-huh?

SAMMY: As special honored guests

to the super grand opening of...

Herbert Brubaker
III's Boozateria West.