Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 2, Episode 1 - Angels in Paradise - full transcript

Sabrina and Kelly welcome a new Angel in the person of Jill's little sister Kris. However, the celebration is short lived as the Angels receive word that Charlie, who was on vacation in Hawaii, has been kidnapped by Leilani Sako, who wants the Angels to break her husband Billy out of prison or else she will kill Charlie. The girls succeed in getting Billy out, but before they can make the exchange, Charlie is taken hostage by the even more vicious Mr. Blue, who wants Billy dead.





CHARLIE: Operator,
this is Charlie Townsend.

I'd like to place a call to
Los Angeles, California...

Townsend Detective Agency.

It looks delicious.

Operator, cancel that call.

I'll, uh, place it later.

And you can cook, too.

Bosley, it is up to
you to talk to Charlie.

We don't want her,
and we don't need her.

There's nothing personal.

It's just that we do...

We don't need anybody.

That's right, whoever it is.

Now look, nobody can
take Jill's place with us.


Besides, she'll be
back before you know it.


Charlie knows what he's doing.

Oh, sure.

Like the time he
sent us to Nova Scotia

to find Mrs. Carpenter's killer.

Oh, that was a cute one.

Uh-huh, and the
killer was managing

a banana plantation in Honduras.

You got him, didn't you?

We were there so long

the guy had to come
home for Christmas.

Come on, John.

Who is it?

Trust Charlie.

Oh, boy. Oh...

I don't know who's
more irritating sometimes

you or that mythical
boss of ours.



Oh, good. Send her in.

Oh, ye, of little faith.

Maybe we will work with
her, and maybe we won't.

Did you hear that?




Well, I'm here.

It's me.



Kris Munroe.

As in Kris Munroe...

Jill Munroe's younger
sister pigtails and braces?

You got it!

KELLY: Bosley, you didn't
tell us. I can't believe it!

Hi! Hi!

Ooh, how are you?

Why didn't Jill tell us?

Oh, Jill sends her love.
She's in Spain right now.

She's practicing for a big race.

She wants to be the first
woman to win LeMans.

Well, she'll do
it. She'll do it.

Hey, I thought Jill was
sending you through college.

Oh, she was.

Well, you must be
a teacher by now.

Oh, no, not exactly.

Well, not exactly what?

Well, while Jill thought
I was going to college

I was actually going
to the police academy

in San Francisco.

Police academy.

Police academy!

KELLY: Bosley,
you didn't tell us.

Police academy!

Perfect! That's great!

I can't believe it.

I can't believe I'm here.

Finally. Jill has told me
so much about all of this

and she's always
talking about Mr. Bosley.


Oh, she was?

Well, if you just
ignore Mr. Bosley

I'd say that's lesson one in
survival wouldn't you, Sabrina?

Oh, absolutely.

Well, what did she,
uh, tell you about me?

Oh, well, she said
you were really

a take-charge kind of
guy, always on top of things.

I always thought
the world of Jill.

She tell you anything else?

Mm-hmm. She said that you
had eyes like Paul Newman

and a smile like Robert Redford.

I see that you've got

your sister's peculiar
sense of humor.


I think you're
going to fit right in.


Oh, Bosley.

What she actually said was,

"Bosley's a teddy bear."


Hey, is that it? Is that the
speaker Charlie talks to you on?

There is no Charlie.

Bos made him up.

Where is he anyway?

The call is not due
for 10 seconds yet.

You can count on Charlie

to be punctual at all times.

He will call, right now.


I don't understand, Charlie.

Just because one is
on vacation in Hawaii

is no reason to let
down standards.

Well, why don't you
tell him to shape up

when he calls, Bosley?

I'm sure he'll appreciate that.




CHARLIE: Good afternoon, Bosley.

Is our new Angel there?

Right here, Charlie

and feeling like family already.

I knew you would.

Welcome aboard.

How's the weather
in Hawaii, Charlie?


We're having a smog alert.

Then you'd better all get
on a plane and come here.

Uh-uh. Not nice to
fool Angels, Charlie.

I'm not putting you on, Sabrina.

I need you all over here.

Is it a case, Charlie?

You might say that.

I've been kidnapped.


Now listen carefully, Angels.

These are instructions
from the people I'm with.

"Fly over to Hawaii immediately.

"Check in at the Royal Hawaiian.

"Wait for someone
to contact you there."

If you talk to the police
or the FBI, I'll be killed.

Okay, go home and pack.

We'll meet at the airport.

I'll make the reservations.

I can't believe it.

Charlie's been kidnapped,
and I haven't even seen him yet.

So, what else is new?

I've always wanted
to go to Hawaii,

but not this way.



Thank you.

Thank you.

Welcome to Hawaii.

KELLY: Thank you.

Kimo'll show you to your rooms.

Well, thank you.

That should do it now.

Wow, everything looks
just like I thought it would.

Sure does.

Whispering surf,

the trade winds
warm on our faces...

Charlie, a kidnap victim.

Don't you think we should
try to locate Charlie's yacht

and talk to the crew?

I don't think we should anything

until the kidnappers contact us.

Yeah, but I hate just sitting
here doing nothing while

Charlie's locked up somewhere
with a gun to his head.

Nothing else we can do.

Ah, here we are.

Now, for those of you who
have never had a mai-tai

accept the words of one who has:

it slides down like a
wondrous fruit punch


rips the sole off your
shoes from the inside.

To Charlie.

To Charlie.


To Charlie.

Wherever he is.

I, uh, assume this is for me.

This is it.


"Tomorrow morning, 11:00

"2.8 miles from bridge.



"Waimanalo Beach. Right.

Watch for red scarf."

Red scarf?



Well, this is it.

Waimanalo Beach, 2.8 miles.

And it's one minute to 11:00.

Let's check the beach.

Well, unless our contact's
fishing kukilau style

he isn't here yet.

Look, out there.

I think we just got our signal.


Watch out!

Get down!



You one dumb brother.

Man sent me.

Gotta go do what he say.

You run and hide.

Somebody see your face,
and you one dead mahi mahi.

Run! Hide!

It's a pleasure to meet
you, Charlie's Angel,

Mr. Bosley.

I'm not so sure.

I'm sorry about all this.

You mind telling us what
all that was about, Miss...?


Leilani Sako.

That was business.

You're certainly in
a violent business.

Smuggling and gambling
involve large sums of money.

When the dollar amount
becomes large enough

any business become violent

one way or the other.

Why did you kidnap
Charlie Townsend?

I want to hire the Angels.

Why didn't you call the office?

That's the way
it's usually done.

My husband is in jail

and it is a very
dangerous place for him.

We have many enemies,
and they will try to kill him...

unless you break him out.

How much would you charge
for an assignment like this?

We're not in the
jailbreak business.

You are now.

His name is Billy Sako.

He's in the state prison.

You can find it on any map.

But why us? I mean,
we don't know Hawaii.

You must have
people working for you

who could break your
husband out of jail.

Well, as the cliches goes,
the heat is on us, Kelly.

Every one of my
people is being watched

and I need outsiders.

That explains you coming
out of the surf to meet us.

It explains a lot of things,
but, uh, still not why us.

You have a great reputation

and you don't look anything
like the "dirty dozen."

Who would suspect Charlie's
Angel pulling a jailbreak?

Well, I think that's all
we've got to discuss.

What do you mean?

What if we don't get
your husband out of jail?

Then your Charlie's a dead man.

My husband has many faults,

and we both have done things

that I'm sure you
would not approve of.

But I love him very
much, and I want him out...


Wait a minute. How do
we communicate with you?

You don't.

When I hear that my
husband is out of jail

I will contact you

and then we will
make the arrangement

and the exchange
for your Charlie.

Until then everything
else is dangerous.


You suppose she's got
a submarine out there?

So, what do we do now?

First, we get a
look at the prison.

You mean, you're seriously
considering breaking her husband

out of jail?

It's our only alternative

if we want Charlie back alive.

But breaking a
man out of prison.

Well, we'll explain it to the
police when we put him back.

Oh, we break him out,
then we put him back.

Mm-hmm. Well,
you really didn't think

we planned on keeping
him did you, Bosley?

Come on.


Good morning, Charlie.

Hello, Leilani.

You look lovely today.

Thank you.

I thought you'd like to know

that your Angels
have arrived safely

and are about the business
of working out your release.

Oh. What am I worth these days?

Oh, had my case been one
you would have accepted

I suppose I would
have been willing

to part with a quarter
of a million dollars.

With inflation, perhaps more.

That's a comfort.

Charlie, do not mistake
the gentle treatment.

If your Angel
fails, you're dead.

I strongly suspected that.

Aloha, Charlie.



Sweet Leilani.

That ain't her song, man.

Right, I've got it.

Thanks, Trish.

Take good care
of yourself, okay?

[WHISPERING] Come on in. Bye.

That was Trish Jonas, a girl
in L.A. who owes us a favor.

I would think so. We
kept her from going to jail.

Trish used to live here.

She came up with a good contact.

A woman who owns
a massage parlor.

How about you, Bos?
Did you have any luck?

Find out anything about
Leilani and her husband?

Not much. Just that
they have a lawyer

who fronts for them
by the name of Hollis.

Also, that Billy
Sako has a sister.

She teaches high school here.

She's clean. She's
completely honest.

Okay, so what do we do next?

You find the sister.
You talk to the lawyer.

I'll follow up on the
massage parlor lady.


We need to know
everything we can

about the Sakos
and their operation.

What about you, Bree?

I think I know somebody
who can help us.

Knows everybody in Hawaii

and he just happens to
be a friend of Charlie's.

Sure, I know of them.

Fact, everybody in Hawaii knows
Leilani and her husband, Billy.

She's a tiger and
he's a pussycat.

And they have all
the, uh, smuggling

and gambling here in Hawaii.

And they got some bad
boys working for them.

Now Billy's in jail?

Well, he was set up
on a phony charge...

I think, possession
of, um, stolen property.

Billy's not a tough
kid, you know?

It's gonna cost him
two years for that.

Not if Leilani has
her way, it won't.

Hmm, she's a tough woman.

Don, you have any
idea who set Billy up?

Well, there's some
new boys in town

and they really play rough.

And, um...

and I try to stay away from
that kind of action, you know?

But, if they get Billy, well...

That's her weak spot, you know?

Here, have a chi-chi.


This is pineapple
and coconut juice.

No, I can't. It's good stuff.

I can't. Thank you.

Well, I can. Cheers.

I appreciate your help.


Anything for Charlie.

Mr. Bosley. Thank you.

I've been contacted
by Leilani Sako

so I've been expecting you.

Then you know why I'm here.

Of course not.

You might have some
illegal enterprise in mind

and lawyers shouldn't
know about things like that.

Should they?

No, no.

Then she didn't mention

that I need a layout
of the State prison.


But I happen to have
a complete ground plan

of that establishment
right here, Mr. Bosley.

Isn't that coincidence? Oh,
yes. Amazing coincidence.

Visiting hours:
From noon to 3 daily.

I don't know why
I told you that.

I suppose it was vibes.

You seem to me
to want to know that.

You know, for an honest lawyer

that doesn't know
what's going on,

you're just a bundle
of help, Mr. Hollis.

Thank you, Mr. Bosley.
Your welcome.


We got nothing to say to
nobody about nothing, sister.

Trish Jonas in Los Angeles
said you could help me.

She said if anybody
in the islands

could give me the
info about anything,

to see her friend, Kona.

Well, I be Kona, sister,

but you ask about
Leilani and Billy.

Ain't nobody got nothing to
say about them no kind of way.

Too easy be dead.

And tell Trisha
we miss her, okay?

Why don't you call her
and tell her yourself?

I was gonna do that.

What name you got?

Kelly Garrett. When
you talk to Trish

will you tell her I'm staying
at the Royal Hawaiian

in case she wants to talk to me?

Ooh, you're living high, sister.

You in the business?


Big shame, girl.

Could get rich.

Money ain't no
big thing, sister.


WOMAN: My brother,
Billy, is pupule.

He fell for Leilani,
married her,

got sucked into crime,

and now he's in jail. Hmm?

Wait a minute, pupule?

Pupule: crazy, nuts.

He was always like that.

Can you tell me a little
more about Billy's wife?

Leilani's charming,
greedy, aggressive...


educated, bloodthirsty,

and arranges the
best dinner parties

this island has ever seen.

Imagine a rotten pearl master

and you've got a good
picture of my sister-in-law.



Have you seen your brother
since he's been in jail?

His lawyer called me and told me

Billy didn't want
me to come there.

He's pupule, but he's
got some sense of family.


Hey, what's that?

Surf's up.




If you wanna talk some more,

we'll have to do
it on the water.

WOMAN: Whoo!

Uh... Wait a minute.

All right!



MAN: Oh, no.

She really got wiped out.

She's been shot. Get somebody.

Get a doctor.


♪ Ain't no big thing brother ♪

♪ When things ain't looking up ♪

♪ Ain't no big thing when you've
Got no coffee to fill the cup ♪

♪ 'Cause the Good
time's coming ♪

That's dumb, brother.

♪ Let 'em roll ♪

♪ Let 'em roll ♪


Because people
could get hurt, man.


Privileged communication
between attorney and client.

You should have
showed it to him, George.

Would have made his day.

You've got to take this
more seriously, Billy.

You better toughen up.

Toughen up.

Look what being a happy-go-lucky
smuggler get me, huh.

If I toughen up, they'll
probably send me

to Devil's Island or someplace.

Billy... Look...

You tell Lani I appreciate
what she's trying to do for me,

I love her for it.

But I don't want
all this shooting

and people getting hurt.

There's already
been shooting, Billy.


Your sister.

She's all right now.

And Leilani's got
people watching over

so don't get upset.

Don't get upset.
Don't get upset.

Just because some
hood shoots up my sister?


That's my baby sister
you're talking about.

You know that?

Why shouldn't I be upset?

What you got for a heart?


What do you think I got in here!

Don't lose your
temper with me, Billy.

I didn't shoot her.

How do I know that?

Hmm? How do I know that?

This crazy business I'm in...

How the hell do I
know who I can trust.

You're in the wrong
line of work, Billy.

Oh, surprise, surprise.

Hey, just, just go, okay?


♪ Ain't no big thing brother ♪

♪ When things ain't looking up ♪

♪ Ain't know big thing
When you've got no ♪

♪ Coffee to fill the cup ♪

♪ 'Cause the Good
time's coming ♪

♪ Yeah, let 'em
roll, Roll, roll ♪♪


The red lines
are the alterations

and improvements
made over the years.


Who is it? Kris.


Boy, this thing is old.

This has to be the architect's
original plan for the prison.

I spoke to the
doctor at the hospital.

Billy's sister is gonna be fine.

Good. You sure
nobody followed you?

I'm sure, I doubled back twice.

Good. You can't be too careful.

That certainly wasn't a
love note I found on the car.

No, and that bullet could
have been meant for Kris.

Yeah. Is this the
plan of the prison?


It doesn't look
too good, either.

I don't see any
way we can crash in,

get him, do it fast enough
and get away clean.

That lets out crashing in.

Yeah, yeah, but what
about having somebody else

crash him out?

Somebody else? Who?

Billy's lawyer, Hollis.

If he's as clever as they
say, he can find a way

to get Billy brought into court.

And that means he'll have
to be driven there, right?

BOSLEY: What is
this, a scavenger hunt?

Read that list again, Bosley,
I think we left something off.

Two dozen large firecrackers,

two straw hats,

a, uh, jean outfit, my size,

And make sure you've
washed them several times

so they look worn,
Bosley. Yeah, Yeah.

A black wig, a bow and arrow,

and a Chinese grandfather?

Yeah, we need a grandmother too.

SABRINA: I remember
what it is we left off.

Corned beef sandwiches.

What are you gonna do with them?

We're gonna eat them, you
can't work on an empty stomach.

better hit the beach

and find our Chinese
grandmother and grandfather.

Now, remember, we don't
want you to do anything illegal.

All you have to do
is wait for my signal.


Can I help you?

You sure can.

You can tell us
what you're up to.

We can't figure it out.

Are you the police?

No way, baby.

Now, tell us what you're up to.

This is a very busy hotel beach.

I'm going to count
to three, slowly.

And when I get to three...

if you're not long gone,
I'm gonna to scream.

You know, you could be dead
by the time you get to three?

One... Two...




Help, somebody!



You're a hell of a
poker player, lady.

Uh... We'll be seeing you.


Look, somebody
shot Billy's sister

put a threatening
note on Kelly's car

and now these guys on the beach.

I mean, who are they?
Who do they work for?

Not Leilani, that's for sure.

I don't know. I'd just like
to call this whole thing off.

Well, call it off until when?

Billy's lawyer has him scheduled
to go before the judge today.

If we don't break Billy out
soon, it's goodbye, Charlie.

We can't stop now, Bos.

I say, let's go do it.

Okay, okay.

But there is another
player in this game

and I would like
to know who it is.

MAN: Mr. Blue, Judge
Shawn just agreed

to hear the motion,
she sent for Billy.

And on top of that, the Angels

and the guy drove
off towards Pearl City.


So, it sounds to me like
something's going to happen.

What do you think, Mr. Blue?

Where's Leilani?

Where's the lady?
Where's Leilani?

She left her house about an
hour ago, headed downtown.

Tell them not to wait.

Tell them to move now, and fast.

Bring me Charlie Townsend.

Got you.

Mr. B says move it now, fast.


What for the judge
want to see me, Mo?

Beats me.

We got a call to bring you in
and that's what we're gonna do.

How about on the way in,

one of you run into a store

and pick up a 6-pack
of ice cold beer.

What do you think this
is, man, a pleasure trip?

Get in.


Okay... Here they come.



Okay, Bos... Hit the brakes!


COP: Oh, lady!

What happened?

Oh! I don't know, I don't know.

He slammed on
his brakes, and I...



What's going on?


Okay, let's go!

Hey, there they go!

And they got Billy.


Just don't move

and everything will
be fine, Mr. Sako.




Come on, we're all clear.

You all right, Mr. Sako?

Call me Billy. I'm fine.


Hey, they chasing another
guy they think that's me, right?

If we're lucky.

Here's a change of clothes.

Hey, you mind getting
this other one, here?

No, and as soon as
you change your clothes

the other one goes
back on, so hurry up.

Wait, didn't my wife
hire you to spring me?

Well, not exactly.

Look, Mr. Sako, just
change your clothes, okay?

Billy never argues
with no gun, sister.








Oh, no.

Ooh, look at that.

Hey, what you got?

Why doesn't Leilani call?

She will.

When she's darn good and ready.

She's so cool she's
probably having her hair done.

Mm-hmm, that's her
biggest edge, her cool.


Well, we'll just have to
out-cool her, that's all.

Yeah, we can wait
as long as she can.

Right. And then some.




This is Leilani Sako.

I want my husband returned now.

All right, you've got our
boss, and the deal is a trade.

Now, let's talk
about the details.

longer have Charlie.


I said I no longer have Charlie.

Some of our
competitors have him.

And that is not my
problem, it is yours.

I want my husband returned.


Or you are three dead Angels.

Wait a minute.

You don't have Charlie

but you want your husband back?

Or you'll kill us?

That is correct.

Wrong. Wrong, Leilani.

Anything happens to us

and Billy goes right
back into the slammer.

It puts you right back
where you started.

SABRINA: Now, I think
we better meet somewhere

and discuss this situation.

All right.

Waimanalo, same place, 6:00.

There will be a luau there.

Enjoy it.

Because of your screw up

we are going to
have to go to war.

Get me an army.






Mrs. Sako... How is my husband?

As well as can be expected.

What happened to Charlie?

Some men in the
hoods broke in...

New competition.

They shot two of my people

and grabbed Charlie.

How much do you want
to turn Billy over to me?

KELLY: The original terms.

We get Charlie,
and you get Billy.

I haven't got him.

Then get him.

The hoods took him
from you, take him back.

You three are not shrewd
enough or tough enough

to put the squeeze on me.

We don't have to be.

See, we have Billy.

You've got zip.

Even if I knew
where Charlie was,

the only thing I could do
is to send a dozen men,

armed, after him.

Your Charlie would
get shot in the battle.

You know, I have
a very strong feeling

that we stand a good
chance of hearing from

those anonymous
people that have Charlie.

And they'll want to make the
same trade with us that you did.

They will contact you.

But you will not
make the exchange.

And what makes you so sure?

Because, if you turn
my Billy over to them,

they will kill him.

Why should that stop us from
making the exchange for Charlie?

It shouldn't.

It wouldn't stop me.

But then... you are
not me, are you?

Who's got Charlie?

A man called Alfred
Blue, from Chicago.

He ran a mob there, got ran out.

Now he wants Hawaii.

And so do you.

I was born here.

All right, if he doesn't
find us, we'll find Mr. Blue.

But until we do, you don't
make a move without our okay.

Sabrina, I am not
accustomed to take orders.


Anything else?



One thing.

Pass the word.

Make sure your friends
cooperate with us.

SABRINA: Mrs. Sako... Aloha.

She almost had us
in her pocket again.

"Almost" only counts
in horseshoes, huh?

Come on.


Girls, girls, please...

You're going to
take a drive with me.


You're easy.

Oh, don't count on it!


Excuse the, uh,
inconvenience, girls.

My name is Mr. Blue.

Does that name mean
anything to any of you?

Should it?

Sure, it should.

I'm very important
here in Hawaii.

You sure have a
beautiful conference room.

If you like that kind of stuff.

Listen, ladies.

You've got something that I want

and I've got something
that you want.

So, let's discuss,
uh... [SNEEZES]

Oh... an exchange.

God bless you...

I think.

I'm allergic to
this, uh, palm dust.

Mr. Blue, how can we be sure
that you have what we want?

What do you mean, like,
uh, a phone call from the guy?

It would help.

We can arrange that
but it will only slow up

negotiations for another day.

Well, we don't
believe in negotiating

unless we're sure we
have a reason to deal.

Ah, then you're gonna
let me do the same, huh?

I mean, you're gonna
let me talk to Billy?


Hey, what is this here?

You girls giving
me the runaround?

We're on your turf and
our merchandise is hot.

Would you play
even up in our place?

Of course not.

You know, you're very pretty.

And you're bright.

And gutsy, huh?

I mean, all three of you.

I'll tell you what.

Tomorrow morning, you can
expect a phone call from your boss

around 9, and then you'll
come over and you'll have lunch

and then we can discuss
this in further detail.

Uh, we'll meet you for lunch...

in a busy restaurant.

What, are you crazy?

Did you ever eat at one
of these restaurants here?

They're lousy.

They serve pork and poi.

You ever have poi?

That's that purple stuff that
tastes like, uh, Elmer's Glue.

If I were you, I'd
fire my travel agent.

What do you mean, with a gun?

That's a joke.

Listen, you girls will
be hearing from me.


Come on.


I'd like to know a lot
more about Mr. Blue.

Well, if there's one woman
who has a line on all the men

on this island, it's Kona.


You mean your friend
at the massage parlor?


Unless you're looking
for our kind of massage

you come at the
wrong time, sisters.

Four questions, we split.

Okay, sister?

Okay. That's one.

Two: have you heard
from Leilani Sako?


That's two.

Where would Blue...

stash somebody he grabbed?

Don't know, sister.

He got no piece of this business

and I don't put my nose in
nothing what he do, okay?

How about a massage, baby?

No, thank you.

No, no, no.

I mean, you give me a massage.


Well, I tell you... Okay.

Uh, but you have to
wait till I get through

with the admiral
in the back, okay?

Forget it, uh, I already
had two today, anyway.

Who would know where Blue
would keep somebody, Kona?

Sammy Tellford.

Cuckoo bird, Sammy!

He put his nose in all kinds
of business to anybody.

Don't know why he
ain't long time dead.

And that's your four
questions, so get lost, okay?



Big loss you three don't
want to come in this business.

Got three cribs.

You could make plenty money!

We'll think about it, okay?


I am so tired

I cannot even
remember why I'm tired.

We have a message!


This is Room 279. You
have a message for us?

What's the matter, Kelly?

The coroner's office called.


A man's body washed
up on the beach.

The wallet in his
jacket identified him

as Charlie Townsend.