Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 1, Episode 7 - To Kill an Angel - full transcript

A young autistic boy named Skip that Kelly has been acting as a volunteer big sister to finds a gun and accidentally shoots her with it. He then panics and runs away. Sabrina and Jill try to find the boy, who is collecting various items that he thinks will awaken Kelly. Also on the boy's trail are a pair of killers who think that Skip might have witnessed their crime.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.


And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.

But I took them away
from all that,

and now they work for me.
My name is Charlie.

Congratulations, angels.
You've done it again.

Even I am forced to agree
with you on this one, Charlie.

The girls were superb.

At great personal risk,

Yeah, how about lightening up
on us on the next case, Charlie,

I mean we've had enough

of the guns and knives
bit for a while.

I think you're
overreacting, ladies.

Now, after all,
who'd want to kill an angel?

Hey, it's no joke, Charlie.

I'm beginning to feel like
we're an endangered species.

By the way,
where's Kelly?

Oh, she sends her apologies,

She had a date
and couldn't break it.

Sounds serious.

We think it is, Charlie.

She's been acting
very strange lately.

Who is he?

Well, that's just it.

She won't tell us.

Just says we'll meet him
when the time is right.

Maybe the next sound we'll
hear will be wedding bells.

Could be.

Kelly said he's
just the kind of guy

she always
wanted to meet.

Charlie, do you think we ought
to start running an ad?

"Angel Wanted."

I don't think so, Bosley.

but just in case, I'll start
interviewing right away.

Come in, my dear.

Would you like
to show me your resum??

How you doing, cowboy? Ooh!

Are you ready?


The park it is.
Let's go.


Yes, Skip?

T-tell me the st-story again.

About the princess?

Don't you ever
get tired of it?

Okay, let's sit down.


once upon a time

there was a princess
who was afraid of the dark

because she thought
it'd never be light again.

When sh-she didn't wake up,
the prince brought her presents?

Right. A bouquet of fresh yellow
sunshine flowers,

a necklace of seaweed
from the great ocean,

a seashell with the sounds
of the ages in it,

and what the princess
wanted most--

A golden wedding band.

Then when the prince
had all his gifts,

he rode his white stallion, just
like the one you're riding now,

to where
the princess lay asleep.

And she awakened,

and God blessed the prince
and the princess,

and they lived
happily ever after.

Thank you.


Come on. Let's go.


Skip, where did
you get that?

Skip, that's a real--



I'm sorry.
You can't go in there.

Are you family?

Oh, why, we're--
Yeah, we're family.

You can wait out here
if you'd like.

Oh, boy.


Bosley's with the police.
They don't know anything yet.

It happened
at an amusement park?!

With her date. I guess
that's where they went.

Yeah, well, where the hell
was he when she got shot?!

I'm sorry.

Who is he?

JILL: Oh, doctor. Kelly,
the girl in there-- How is she?

Lucky to be alive.

She'll be all right?

Hard to tell for a while.

She'll be unconscious
for several hours.

Listen, I just
talked to the police

at the amusement park.

They found a man's body
in the Tunnel of Horrors,

just 50 feet
from where Kelly was shot.

Single gunshot, close range.
No identification on him.

We were taking statements

from witnesses to your
friend's shooting

when the ride operator
discovered the body.

Now, the inside
of that place is like a cavern.

Wouldn't a shot
have been heard

by the people on the other cars?

A silencer could've been used.

Now, we found the gun
that shot your friend.

Ballistics will tell whether
it's the same gun used here.

Well, in the darkness
and that train in motion,

it wouldn't have been
too hard to dump a body.

You have
no witnesses at all?

Not to this one.

But we do have somebody

who saw the kid
shoot your friend.



Saw it? I was right
on top of the whole thing.

It was a kid.

A little bit of a kid.

Are you sure?

No doubt about it.

The little boy
was holding a gun.

He was pointing it
at her like it was a toy.

And she was just trying
to talk to him, normal-like.

Then all of a sudden-- Pow!

Okay, could you
give me a description

of the little boy, please?

Oh, yeah, well, he, uh--
Towheaded. You know, blond.

Uh, kind of slender and small.

Small. How small?

Small. Regular small.

Reg-reg-regular small.

And, uh, he was wearing
a cowboy suit. Yeah.

Listen, I got to
go hawk my peanuts.

I hope all this shooting

hasn't spoiled
everybody's appetites.

Yeah, look, hey,
uh, thank you. Thanks a lot.

Okay, the boy's name is Skip.

I just called Kelly's
answering service.

She left word this morning

that she was going
to Pacific Sanitarium.

Yeah, but she told us
she had a date.

She did.
With the little boy.

I called the sanitarium.

In her spare time,
Kelly was working

in a volunteer workshop
with autistic children.

Then her mystery man
was this Skip?

Yeah. They said she spent
more time with him

than the other children

because she thought he needed
more help than the others.

Well, if I didn't
love her before, I do now.

But he's a little boy.

What would a little boy
be doing with a gun?

Better yet, why was the boy
firing that gun?

Why Kelly?

The doctor at the sanitarium
said Kelly was the only one

who could make contact with him.

With everyone else
he's completely withdrawn

and sometimes hostile.

Then he could be dangerous.

Yeah, to himself
or maybe somebody else.

We've got
to find Skip fast.

Skip is the only name
we have for him, ladies.

This is his file.

However, we know nothing
about him before he came to us,

except that he was abandoned

in a west side shopping center
when he was 6.

And he's been shunted

from clinic to clinic
since that time.

We were pretty much
the end of the line for him.

What do you mean,
the end of the line?

Well, it's absurd.

But it's a fact
that our children here

are counted as failures

before they even come to us.

They're children whose
learning abilities are impeded,

and they require
special methods of teaching.

There's a note here.

Oh, yes, that was attached
to his jersey when he was found.

Listen to this.

"I don't know
how to help him anymore.

Please, please
take care of him."

No signature.

And it's written on the back
of a blank timecard.

That's the only clue
we have to his past.

Well, a blank timecard
isn't much to go on.

Would Skip
remember back that far?

I mean, is it possible

that he could remember anything
about where he came from

before he was abandoned?

Well, I'm not sure.

But if he does,

it's quite possible
that he might return to it.





Hey, hey, come on.
Take it easy.

Come on.

The doctor said you're going

to have to stay in bed
for a few days,

you know, just to be
on the safe side.

You dizzy?

A little.
It's okay.

The doctor said there might be
some temporary aftereffects.

What about Skip?

We've been searching
for him, Kelly.

But so far, no luck.

He didn't go back
to the sanitarium.

What time is it?

It's, um, nearly 8:00.

Oh. He's so afraid
of the dark.

Hey, Kelly, come on now.

The police are doing
everything they can.

They have
an APB out on him.

We found a photograph.

It's been distributed
to all the news media.

Where could he be?

The doctor at the sanitarium

didn't rule out
the possibility

that he might try to go back
to someplace he remembered,

something out of his past.

This timecard is
all we have to go on.

There's a note on it.
Now, look, look.

There's a printer's
code number on here.

Now, they'd have
a job sheet on file

that would tell them
which company

they printed the card for.

It's a long shot.

But we're going to try it out
first thing in the morning.

That is, if the police

haven't already
found him by then.

Kelly, could you tell us
exactly what happened?

I don't know.

Um, I took Skip
to the amusement park,

and the next thing I knew
he had a gun.

Kelly, where'd
he get the gun?

I don't know.

Well, there was
a man killed this afternoon,

no more than 50 feet
from where you were shot.

His fingerprints
identified him

as a small-time bag man
named Sam Howard.

Ballistics says that the gun
that was used to kill Howard

is the gun that Skip found.


maybe the murder was committed
in the Tunnel of Horrors.

And then the killer
threw away or lost the gun

coming out of the park.

And Skip found it.

Which means Skip
may have seen him.

Maybe he can identify him.

If the killer's
thinking the same thing,

then Skip could be
his next target.

Kelly, it's okay.

Take it easy.

Come on.


Very sloppy, Ricky boy.

The cops found the gun

after the kid
shot the girl.

The gun is clean.

They're not going to be able
to trace it back to us.

But that kid--

He was looking at me like he was
doing a memory act or something.

And that girl--
She could've seen me too.

What do you think we
ought to do, Ricky boy?

We get Murder One
for killing Howard.

The way to make sure that
doesn't happen is to make sure

that there are no witnesses
left alive to tell about it.

The girl or the kid?

Both of them.

Sounds reasonable.


Try not to lose it
this time.

A bouquet of sunshine flowers.

I know it's three years old,

but we'd really appreciate
any help you could give us.

Haven't used this particular
stock in a couple of years.

Do you have records

of the companies that
you made those cards for

before you
switched stock?

Maybe I do and then again,
maybe I don't.

What's that supposed
to mean, Mr. Galloway?

Hey, you two
are really interested

in getting this info,
aren't you?

It's important, yes.

Important. Oh.

Hey, uh,

I got a magazine
a couple of friends of mine

and I are just getting started.

Um, it's not as classy
as Penthouse Playboy,

you understand, but we're going
to start small and grow.

Could use a couple
of fresh models.

With or without?

The less you wear,
the more you get.

Let me get this straight--
We take our clothes off,

and you give us
the information we want, right?

Is it a deal?

Just a second.
We'll talk it over.

Just one minute.

What's the penalty
for pornographic propositioning?

Gee, I don't know.

That depends on if he's
a first-time offender.

Let's hit him with a 602.

That's a little heavy.
Hey, you two policewomen?

You want to see our badges?
No, no, no, it's all right.

Ah, hey, I was just kidding
about that other stuff.

Oh, it was a joke?

Yeah. Hey, uh,
I still service that account.

Only they use
a different style card.

Uh, Giovanni's, a bar
and grill over on seventh.

Thank you, Mr. Galloway.

It's citizens like you
that make our job a lot easier.

I still think
we should've busted him.


What the--? Hey!

Just a kid.

KELLY: A necklace of seaweed
from the great ocean,

a seashell with the sounds
of the ages in it.

You headed to the beach?

Hop in. You could
wait forever for a bus.

Come on.
We'll lose the light.

The little rascal must've spent
the night from the looks
of things.

Had a kitten with him.

Mr. Giovanni,
is this a picture

of the little boy you saw?

Yep. Looks like
the same one to me.

Do you have any idea
where he might have gone?

He caught a ride with a young
girl in a red convertible.

I don't know what kind.

Do you know which
direction they were headed?

She had one
of those whatchamacallits

on the back of her car.

Como Se llama?

You know that kids use
to ride the waves.

A surfboard.

You got it.

Hey, most of the kids
surf at Zuma Beach.

Mr. Giovanni, this is one
of your timecards, isn't it?

An old one.
Two, three years.

Mr. Giovanni, do you think it
would be possible

for you to check back
in your employee files

and see if you could
find anybody that worked

for you two or three
years ago

who might have had
a young son?

Take me a couple of hours.

Could you call us
at this number?

It's important.


Thank you.

Funny thing about this kid.

The only thing that was missing

from the restaurant
was a bunch of sunflowers.

Had them in his fist
when he ran out of here.


A necklace of seaweed.

Who are the flowers for?

Got a girl, huh?

What in the world
are you looking for?

A seashell with the sounds

of the ages in it.

Hey, are you in some kind
of trouble or something?

Because if you are,
maybe I can help.

Skip, that's a real--

What's the matter?

Did you run away
from home or something?

Hey, wait a minute!


It says here the victim
of the shooting,

Miss Kelly Garrett,

is in satisfactory condition
at the city hospital.

I've been thinking.

Maybe we ought
to forget about it.

We got paid for the killing
on Howard.

Why not just split town
and leave it be?

Because I'm a professional.

When I get hired,
I guarantee a clean job.

No loose ends.
Witnesses are loose ends.

What's the matter,
Ricky boy?

No pride in your work?

It's too bad about
Miss Kelly Garrett.

She sounds like an angel.

Hi, honey.

There you are.

I guess you girls wouldn't be
caught dead without your makeup.

Sorry. Bad joke.

Any word?

No. Not yet.



Bos, it's me. We're close.

We found the girl who gave Skip
a lift to the beach.

But she said something

that spooked him somehow
and he took off.

How long ago?

Oh, I don't know.
Probably half an hour.

Could have even been
40 minutes.

Where are you now?

Beach Highway at Sunset.

Bos, she said that he was
collecting things.

Collecting? What?

He had some sunflowers, picked
up some seaweed, seashells...

Like it was some kind
of a secret game.

Look, I'll meet you there
in 20 minutes.

Right. Oh, Bosley, listen,
you tell Kelly not to worry.

Be sure to give her
our love, okay?

Sure. Will do.


That was the girls.
They send you their love.

they've tracked the kid

to somewhere near Zuma Beach.

He was just wandering around
aimlessly, collecting things.

Sunflowers. Seaweed.

It's a story I told him.

Presents from the prince.

I've got to find him, Bosley.

Oh, no. Listen, wait.

Kelly, you just stay
right where you are.

You're in no condition
to go anywhere.

Look, I'm going to ask the nurse
to give you a sedative.

Just stay right
where you are and rest.

I'll call you
the minute we find him.

I think you must have
the wrong room.

Miss Kelly Garrett?


I'm Frank Evans.

The little boy
who shot you,

he's my son.


Ready for lunch?

Ooh, I am starved.



Who is it, Gail?

Bobby, is that you?

Uh, do you want
to come in?

It-- It's all right.

If you want to come in.

Are you hungry?

Do you want
something to eat?

I-- I'll get you some milk.

What is it, honey?
Who is he?

My son.
Your what?!

I was in the service

when my wife ran off
with another man

and took Patrick with her.

He was abandoned according

to the doctors
at the sanitarium.

That sounds like something
that she'd do.

I've been heartsick, searching
for them since I got back.

But with no luck until now.

You know, I was
so close, Mr. Evans.

So close to bringing him

to a point where he could
be self-sufficient.

There must be something
that I could do to help.

Have the police come up
with any leads that you know of?

Uh, he was seen somewhere

around Zuma Beach
just a short time ago,

but he could be anywhere by now.

Would he be heading
anywhere in particular?

Just seems to be wandering.


You've got to think.

The doctor left instructions
to give you a sedative, miss.

Oh, please, can it wait?

I have my instructions.
Your visitor won't mind.

No, no, not at all.

I wanted to keep him,

to try to get
professional help, but...

But Hal wouldn't listen to it.

Our marriage

was being destroyed.

I didn't know
what to do.

I didn't want
to abandon him. I swear, Cliff.

You don't know what
I've been through. Oh, God.

The guilt.

And I tried to find him later,
but I couldn't.

I searched everywhere.
Hey, hey, listen.

Since I'm going to be
a stepfather,

don't you think
I should meet him at least?


He took my wedding ring.

I-- I've thought
and thought about...

about where he might go,

but nothing makes any sense.

When you picked him up
from the sanitarium,

where did you usually go?

Would you take him
any special places?

All he ever thought about
was the amusement park.

Every time I'd
take him home from there,

he'd want to know when
we were going back again.

Would he go back there?

Back to the park?

I don't know.

I didn't think so
because of the shooting.

But they said
he was collecting things.

Collecting things?
What kind of things?

Uh, seashells, flowers.

Sunshine flowers,

seaweed from the great ocean,

a seashell with the sounds
of the ages in it.




You sound kind of groggy.
Are you okay?

I'm fine. What about Skip?

We found his mother.
She lives in Malibu.

She was a waitress
at Giovanni's,

the bar and grill
we tracked the timecard to.

That's why Skip went there.
His real name is Bobby Francis.

He was here less
than an hour ago,

but we're still
a jump behind him.

Does his mother know
where he was going?

Nope. She has no idea.

He just appeared
out of nowhere,

and he disappeared
the same way.

He also stole
his mother's wedding ring

to add to his collection.

A golden wedding ring.

Wh-wh-what was that?
What did you say?

He took his mother's
wedding ring. I don't know why.

Look, I'll check in
with you later

if we have something,
okay? Bye.

Wh-- Jill--

KELLIE: When the prince
had all his gifts,

he rode his white stallion

to where
the princess lay asleep.

The amusement park. He'll go
back to the amusement park.

How can you be sure?

It's a story I told him
about a sleeping princess.

It's so hard to explain.
You won't understand.

I know the way
his mind works.

I think Miss Garrett
should get some rest now, sir.

Yes, of course, nurse.

Call Charlie Townsend,
Townsend Investigations.

Tell him to go
to the amusement park.

The merry-go-round-- Skip will
go to the merry-go-round.

Because of the story
he remembers.

The merry-go-round.

I'll do that, Miss Garrett.

Now, you get some rest.

And thank you.


Mr. Evans?

JILL: Skip's real name
is Bobby Francis.

Bobby Francis.

Bobby Francis.
Bobby Francis.

Bobby Francis.



Uh, outside
information, please.




I need a Malibu listing
for the last name of Francis.



Uh, Mrs. Francis?


Is, um, Jill Munroe there
or Sabrina Duncan?

No. They just left
with Mr. Bosley.

Oh, do you know
where they were going?

No, I don't.


Mrs. Francis,
it's very important.

You've got to help me.

Your husband was just here.

Who is this?

My name is Kelly Garrett.
I'm a friend of your son's.

What kind
of terrible joke is this?

It's not a joke,
Mrs. Francis. Your husband--

My husband was killed

in a plane crash
eight months ago.

Now, please don't
call here again.


You sure this is where you want
to get out, lady?


The place is closed down
on Mondays.

And you don't exactly look
in condition

to be traipsing around
out here by your lonesome.

Look, call
Townsend Investigations.

Here's the number.
Ask for Bosley.

Tell him I'll be
at the merry-go-round.

Bosley? The merry-go-round?

Wait a minute.

And just who would you be?
My name is Kelly Garrett.

Just tell him where I am.
Please, tell him.

I know, lady.
A matter of life or death.


Okay, lady, I'll tell him.

KELLIE: When the prince
had all of his gifts,

he rode his white stallion

to where the princess
lay asleep.

What's the matter, son?

Don't be afraid.

I'm not going
to hurt you.

Just want to talk
to you, boy.

Oh, boy, come on.

Kelly! Kelly!


Let's get out of here.

Kelly. Kelly.
It's okay. It's okay, honey.


JILL: Sabrina!

You thinking
what I'm thinking?

Take off.



I guess we really ought
to stop that thing, huh?

Nah, you wouldn't
want to cheat him

out of his full ride,
would you?

I've never seen him so happy.

Well, you should
look in my mirror.

I've never seen me so happy.
Oh, Kelly, I love him so.

Dr. Stafford is convinced

you deserve another chance
with him.

So are we, you know.

Oh, I'll do my best.
I promise you.

We know you will.

How can I ever thank you?

I'm kind of hungry.

So...tuna fish sandwiches?


Coming right up.
Thank you.

You know what, Kelly?


Sabrina's right.


About what?

He is the nicest man
you ever dated.

You're right.