Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 1, Episode 4 - Angels in Chains - full transcript

The Angels are hired by a young woman to find out what happened to her sister who was an inmate at a women's prison. They decide to go undercover at the prison to find out what happened to her and they eventually find out that the local sheriff who runs the prison has been forcing the inmates into prostitution.

Once upon a time,
there were three little girls

who went to the police academy.

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.

But I took them away from all
that, and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.



She ain't around here, boys.
We're wasting our time.

She's in here.

She couldn't have gotten

any further than
these here trees.

Well, now, look what I found.

Elizabeth is a backpacking
and camping enthusiast.

On her last outing
near Pine Parish, Louisiana...

she was arrested
for possession of drugs.

Well, do you think
that was a legal bust,

Well, according
to the local sheriff it was.

But he couldn't have
been telling the truth.

How do you know?

My sister never went
near drugs in her life.

And she wasn't even given

a chance to defend
herself in court.

She was railroaded
into prison

like something out
of an old Western movie.

Where is she now?

Well, that's why
I want to hire you.

Our parents are gone.

Elizabeth is
the only family I have.

I'm just not sure where she is.

But you said
she was in prison.

She was sentenced to a year
in the Pine Parish Prison Farm

for Women.

But I tried to visit her,

and each time they told me
that she was being disciplined

and wasn't allowed visitors.

Well, after not hearing anything
for more than a month

I got a letter back
that I'd written her,

marked return to sender.

Prison records show
that Elizabeth was paroled.

But she hasn't been seen since.

Well, are you saying

she might never
have been released?

Oh, I'm positive she wasn't.

If she had gotten out of that
place, she would've let me know.

And all my inquiries
to the sheriff go nowhere.

Have you thought
about appealing to the governor

or state attorney general?

They're reluctant
to interfere in local affairs

unless they have
definite proof of wrongdoing.

I have no evidence.

Please, I need your help.

We're going to do
the best we can, Miss Hunter.

And now, if I may show you out,

the girls will get started

Yes. Yes, of course.

Thank you.

Don't worry.
We'll try to help.



You heard that, Charlie?

Everything, Sabrina.

And I've already made

for you three to go to prison.

Prison? You've got
to be kidding, Charlie.

It's no joke, Angels.

You can say that again.

Your contact in Pine Parish

will be a sheriff's deputy,
Dan Winston.

BOSLEY: That's Winston
and he's working with us.

So keep in touch with him
as much as you can.

Bosley, just how are we supposed
to get into the prison?

Oh, don't worry, Jill.
In Pine Parish, that's easy.


Well, here we go.

Here I go.

Good luck.

Yeah, ciao.

Thank you. Bye-bye.

Where do you think you're going?

For a walk.

No, you're not.
Come over here.

This is a free country.
I can walk wherever I want.

No, you ain't walking
nowhere now.

You was with them
and they was speeding.

I'm not with them.
I don't even know them.

I was just hitchhiking.

They picked me up ten,
20 miles back.

Hitchhiking, huh?


That's against the law too
in Pine Parish.

You got to be kidding.

Uh, officer, I sure hope you not
going to hold me responsible

for whatever this girl did.

I mean, if I had known
hitchhiking was illegal,

I never would have
picked her up.

No, ma'am. I'm not going
to hold you responsible

for what she done.

I'm going to hold you
responsible for speeding.

Could I see your

driver's license
and registration, please?

Yes, sir. Kelly, could you
hand me my wallet there?

Uh, okay. That's my license
and papers for the car.

Excuse me, please.


A little pill
and pot party, ladies?

What are you talking about?
That wasn't in our car.

Tell that to the judge.

A sentence on a prison farm

for possession of drugs
that were planted on us?

Look, I don't
even know these girls.

I told you, I was just

What kind of county
is this anyway?

One that don't tolerate

How are we doing, Dan?

Good so far, but be careful.

Don't worry.

This isn't exactly on my list
of favorite experiences.

I know. I don't like
what's going on around here.

That's why I agreed
to help out.

Aside from busting people

exactly what
is going on around here?

I don't know.
They keep me outside of things.

But one thing's for sure:

Elizabeth Hunter isn't
the first girl who disappeared.

Will you stay out of drafts
and take good care of yourself?

You're our only safety valve.

Don't worry about me.
You're the three crazy ones.

Welcome to Pine Parish
Prison Farm, ladies.

Out of the car.

Who do we have
on our guest list today?

Sabrina Duncan,
Jill Munroe and Kelly Garrett.

Busted them outside
of Ridgeville for possession.

Judge Newly gave them
a quick run-through.

Where are they from?

We're from Los Angeles.

You know,
we weren't even given

our rights
when we were arrested.

Is that right?

Well, now, girlie,
you're not in L.A.,

and you will do
better around here

to speak
when you are spoken to.

Got it?


Let's go.

Okay, girls, strip down
to your birthday suits.

In front of him?

Behind the partition
if you're modest, dearie.

There are girls who get

$1000 a week for this.

Well, if this is how it starts,
I hate to see how it ends.

Just remember the faster
we find Elizabeth

the faster Charlie
can spring us out of here.

Tell the warden
we hit the jackpot this time.

Them girls are prime candidates
for the house.

Especially that blonde.

I'll try not to bruise
her tender skin too hard.

You do that, Max.


Okay, girls.

Into the next room
for skin search and showers.

That's enough.
Turn the water off.

Dry off. Come on.

Open your towel.

How long has it been
since you've been sprayed?

Get cute in here

and you can get hurt.


You could use
a fashion coordinator in here.

What if they don't fit?

Don't worry about it, honey.

I can fit you better
than any tailor

just by looking at you.

You know, I'd look
much better in one of those.

Those are gorgeous.

What are they doing
in a place like this?

It wouldn't be healthy

to concern yourself with it,

Don't worry.

You need anything,
just let Maxine know.

When they're dressed,
take them to the barracks.

Are there dressing rooms?

What do you think
this is Saks Fifth Avenue?

Drop the towels and get to it.

Linda, the warden
is ready to see you.

Well, here it is, ladies.
Home sweet home. Take a bunk.

Uh, I suggest everyone get
a good night's sleep tonight.

You got a long,
hard day tomorrow

in the potato fields

and wake-up is 5:00 a.m.

Ah, gee,
I never get up until 10:00.

Oh, well, then, I'll leave you
a call, sweet cakes.

I'm going to be watching you,
sweet cakes.

Watching you real hard.

That was dumb.

I just wanted to be sure
she bought the cover.

If she'd bought it any more,
you'd need a new set of ribs.

Well, look, we start
to look for Elizabeth

first thing
in the morning, okay?

If what old muscles
said is right

we're going to need a good
night's sleep,

so let's try to get one, okay?

Are you all right?



Come on. You four,
form up the first detail.

Come on. Move it!

You, second. Come on.
The four of you, move it.

All right. You four
and you four, let's go.

Don't just stand there.
Pick up those baskets.

Get them out of there. Come on.

You okay?

But I haven't seen anybody

who looks even close
to Elizabeth.

Neither have I.
Maybe she's not in this group.

Or maybe
she's not here at all.

No talking, sweetheart.


It's all right.

All right, everybody
take a row of potatoes

and start digging. Move!

Let's go!
You heard the lady. Move!


Why does everybody have gloves
and we don't have any?

You want gloves?

Cost you $20.

You got $20?

Then start digging.

I'm Jill.


What are you in for?

I busted in somebody's head
for asking nosy questions.


Well, here's
nosy question number two.

I heard a friend of mine

was doing some time in here,
but I haven't seen here.

If she's still around,
I'd like to track her down.

Yeah? Who's that?

Elizabeth Hunter.

Yeah. She was here.

They took her to the infirmary
about a month ago.

I haven't seen her since.

Don't tell anybody
I told you that.

They come down heavy
on snitches around here.

Thanks. And don't worry.

I just want to find Elizabeth
if she's still around.

What did they arrest you for?


Were you?
I didn't think so.

It was a wooded area
and no private property signs.

So I just camped there.

You know, I didn't even get
to contact an attorney.

Being in here, it's like some
kind of nightmare.

Yeah, I know,
but what can you do about it?

Nothing right now, I guess.

When they were putting us
in our room last night,

that guard was taking you
to see the warden.

Are you in some
kind of trouble?

No. No trouble.

Hey. Are you okay?


I'm just a little scared,
I guess.

Can I help?

Thanks. But I don't think
anybody can help.

Linda, when they
brought us in yesterday,

we noticed some beautiful
cocktail dresses

in the clothing room.

What are they for?



At the house.

What house?

I told you,
no talking when you work.

You're hurting my arm.

Yeah, well, I'm going to
be hurting more than that

if you don't obey the rules.

Now, let me explain
something to you.

You learn some manners

and me and you,
we going to get along just fine.

If you don't

we're going to have problems.

Easy on me, okay?

I'm new. You're right.
I need to learn the ropes.

Maybe we could get
together privately.

Getting smart already.

Yeah, you're
getting smarter already.

Now, get back to work.

Kelly, you be careful of him.

Don't worry.

No, I mean really
careful of him.

Don't you ever let
him get near you.


He got alone
with one of the other girls

a few weeks ago
and tried to rape her.

She hasn't been seen since.

Her name wasn't
Elizabeth Hunter, was it?

Yes, it was.

How did you know?

Have you been able
to find out anything

more about what Billie told you?

Big zero.

They didn't exactly roll out
the welcome wagon for me.

No one would
admit anything more

than they saw Elizabeth
taken to the infirmary

after Karl attacked her.

Billie is the only
one who'd admit to that.

The rest of them
are scared to death.

That Karl
was following me around

foaming at the mouth all day.

They ought to keep him
on a leash.

What about the date

Elizabeth was sent
to the infirmary?

No one could remember
any specific date.

Just that it happened
about a month ago.

A month ago?

Well, that would be just
about the time

that Christine told us

that she was told
Elizabeth was released.

That's right.

Kelly, could you get any more
information out of Linda...

about what the house is?

I haven't had a chance.

But I'm going to keep
asking questions.

What we really need is a way
to get into the infirmary

to check Billie's story out.

With Laverne and Shirley
patrolling their beat,

the question is how.

It's easy. You get sick.

Don't worry.

I used to do it
all the time

when I was trying to get out
of going to school. Watch this.

Jill! What's wrong?
What's the matter?

What happened?

I don't know. She was trying
to eat her dinner.

She just keeled over.

I can't say I blame her.

The food in here tastes
like warmed-over pig slop.

Take her to the infirmary.

Come on, Jill. It's okay.

Come on. There you go.

Go on now.

Is there something wrong
with the food, dear?

Well, it's not
exactly dinner at 21.

These days, what is?

Your name
is Kelly Garrett, isn't it?


Sabrina Duncan.

I'm Warden Sorenson.

And I know it isn't
the easiest thing

in the world for young ladies
to be institutionalized

especially ladies
as pretty and refined as you.

However, when laws are broken,
we all have to pay our dues.

I just hope that your stay

with us doesn't become too
unpleasant for you.

Sign in.
Oh, I can't.

Oh, my stomach.

Here. Lie down. The doctor
has to come from town.

They're from L.A., all right.

And this Sabrina Duncan
and Kelly Garrett...

are prime candidates
for the house.

I checked them out
from a little slip of paper

I found in Kelly's knapsack.

They both got rap sheets--
soliciting misdemeanors.

I checked with their
probation officer in L.A.

Fella named Bosley.

Far as I can tell,

nobody gives a damn what happens
to either one of them.

What about Jill Munroe?

Well, I haven't found
a record on her yet,

but I'm still looking into it.

All right. Let me know
as soon as you have something.


Just a case of stomach cramps.
They're easing off already.

If it happens again, I'll send
some pills out from town.

Can she work tomorrow?

No reason why not.

I'll let you out.

You stay put.

I see your head outside
the door, I'll knock it off.



Come on.

Let's go.

Wait a minute, blondie.
Sign out before you leave.

I already signed it.

Everybody signs in
and they sign out.

All right.

Pick it up!
You need any help?

If you don't pick it up,

the doctor
will be coming back here.

Only this time
it won't be for stomach cramps.

When she's finished signing,
take her back to the barracks.


What are you doing?

Just getting it back
to the right page.

You do it.

Thank you.


Get her out of here.

I think you better get
a good night's sleep, ladies.

You're really going to need it.

Elizabeth signed
in the infirmary.

a sick file on her.

But get this.
She never signed out.

And they're very serious
about people

signing in and out
around here.

What did the file say?

Well, Elizabeth was treated
for bruises and abrasions

by the same doctor
that examined me.

How could she just disappear
from the infirmary?

Shh, shh.

You have a half an hour
to get ready, girls.

Ready for what?

You're going to a party.

And believe me, it's an
invitation you can't refuse.

Wait here.

Why is it I suddenly feel
like a Christian

going into the arena?

Just be cool.
It can't be that bad.

No worse than skydiving
without a parachute.

How nice of you
to join us, girls.

Did we have a choice?

You shouldn't always
be so cynical, Miss Garrett.

I'm told you made
a remarkable recovery.

Stomach cramps?

Oh, no, it was an allergy.

I'm allergic
to working in potato fields.

You're right.

You shouldn't have
to work in the fields.

None of you should.

Oh, then there's
a way we can avoid it?

I think that's
why we're here, Jill.

You're smart girls.
And I like smart girls...

because they can understand
the benefits to be derived...

from cooperating
at my little parties.

What kind of benefits?

One benefit is
that after three parties

you no longer have
to work in the fields.


go join the others.

We can discuss
the future benefits later.

Mmm. How do? My, my, my.

Two more, please.

Linda, is this
why you were called

to the warden's office
last night?

This is it.

Now do you understand why
I didn't want to talk to you?

Not quite.

Well, I don't know how you feel
about being a prostitute.

I feel the same way you do.

Linda, you've got to trust me.

I'm on your side.

I can't tell you any more
right now. Just trust me.

Thank you.

The man I'm talking to
is from New Orleans.

He says he supplies food
to all the prisons

in the southwest counties.

What about the other men here?

Well, they're all prison

If that's what you mean.

I got to go. I got to get back.

Linda no matter what happens,
I'm your friend.

I'm going to help you get
out of here. Don't worry.


Thanks, Kelly.

Did you get anything?

You mean besides
multiple bruises?

Don't feel
like the Lone Ranger.

The one I'm with has got hands
like a linebacker

for the Dallas Cowboys.

But we still haven't
found out a thing

about Elizabeth's disappearance.

Jill has.

Where is she?

She found a talker
and a bedroom to take him to.

Oh, damn, you're pretty.

Thank you, Harold.

Now, tell me more
about Elizabeth Hunter.

Oh, Little Liz.

She was cute.

Just didn't know
how to play the game, I guess.

The infirmary. Isn't that
where you said you saw her last?


I was there delivering
some of my medical supplies.

I-- Oh, oh, hey, I told you
that was my line, didn't I?

Yeah. You did.

How beat up was she
when you saw her?

Ah, not so bad.

Mostly just scared.

I guess that's why
she tried to escape.

And that's when
they caught her, huh?

I guess so.

All I know is I saw the sheriff

and Karl take off out
of here on the QT

with a mean dog
and their guns ready.

If they caught her,
she's dead now.

Count on it.

Hey, where's
my pretty baby going?

Oh, I'm just going
to go get some ice.

Now, you stay comfortable, okay?

All right, all right.


Operator, get me the Pine
Parish Sheriff's office.

It's an emergency.
Please hurry.

I'll ring for you.


Sheriff's office.

Deputy Dan Winston.

Hold on.
I'll see if I can find him.

If you was planning
on getting some help

from your Deputy Dan,
forget it.

We caught on to his little game
and he's resigned.


You've been very bad girls.
Not smart girls at all.

I guess that's my mistake
for trying to treat you so well.

I checked with the guys
they were with.

And all these bimbos did all
night was ask questions.

Questions about what?

About Elizabeth Hunter
and our operation.

I caught blondie here
on the phone.

Couldn't tell who
she was talking to.

It was probably
our dear departed Deputy Dan.

Is that right, Jill?

Oh, no. I was just trying
to call my attorney.

Am I supposed
to believe that?

Well, you can believe
I want to get out of here.

Remember, I'm the one
who hates potatoes.

You. How do you know
Elizabeth Hunter?

I never met her.

So then how come

you been asking
so many questions about her?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Why would I ask questions
about somebody I've never met?

Karl's right.
They know way too much.

Why take
unnecessary chances?

Put them back
into their work clothes first

and take them
where they won't be found.

Won't be long now, girls.

Hope y'all enjoying
this scenery.

Pretty country, ain't it?

Yeah, it's a real
vacation paradise.

Would you mind if we stopped
at the next gas station?

I'd like to buy a postcard
to send home.

Well, I'll say one thing.
You all got spunk.

I admire that.

It's a shame we're not going
to have time

to know each other
a little better

ain't it, Karl?

Yeah, it's a shame,
all right.

I'm going to hate
to plant you in the ground

without giving you something
to remember me by.

Now! Get the wheel!

Grab the wheel!

I can't!

Hey, Jill, Kelly, you okay?

Come on.

Jill, get the guns.

I can't. I can't.
They're lying on them.

Okay, forget it. Let's just get
untangled and get out of here.

My arm!

Which way?

This way.
This way.

Wait. I am not a yo-yo!

Karl! Come on.

Get out. Come on.

Sheriff One to Central.

All right, boys. We're going
to sweep this whole area.

They couldn't have gone far
in them chains.

I want you to double back
and go around the ridge route.

You go on up to North Point.
Keep your radios on.

Are they ready?

Look, there's a pickup truck.

Let's go.
Come on.


Oh, terrific.

Hey. Bolt cutters.

Oh. Hurry.


Let me get yours.

Come on!

Shh. Listen.



Oh, they're getting closer.

What are we going to do?

Toss me that bucket.

What are you doing?

Run back and forth
across the gas.

Come back. Come back.

What's that going to do?

It's going to throw the dogs
off the scent if we're lucky.

Let's go.
Come on.

I don't believe it!

Who cares?
As long as it runs.

No keys.

I think they're
getting closer. Duck!

Hey, the keys.
They're under the mat.

Let's go. Come on.

There they are!

Sheriff to Deputy Two.
We're at the storage sheds.

Get a car down here right away.

I'll take it. You stay here.

Hold on.

Oh, they're gaining!

Step on it, Sabrina!

I've got the thing
on the floor!

We need another diversion.

Come on. I'll show you.

At 50 miles an hour?


Sometimes I worry about her.

Mashed potatoes.

Come on. Let's get to a phone
and call Charlie.

How does it feel to be out
from behind bars, Angels?

Not funny, Charlie.

I soaked in a hot tub all week.

I still haven't gotten rid
of all the aches.

Well, your efforts
are appreciated

by a lot of people

including the governor.

I received a call from him

commending you
on a job well done.

He also has another prison
he'd like us to look into.

What did you tell him, Charlie?

I told him we'd think about it.

Why don't you check

into this one yourself, Charlie?

I mean, after all,

women's prisons are filled
with women.

A tempting thought, Angel.

But I couldn't come close
to doing the job

you did in Pine Parish.

Oh, your friend Linda
and more than half

the other girls
have been released.

As for your friendly keepers

they're all being
held for trial.

Oh, Christine Hunter, Charlie.

How did she take the news
about Elizabeth?

Very hard, I'm afraid.

But she was also grateful
for your efforts.

Oh, tell Bosley
to forget Miss Hunter's billing.

This one's on the house.

I'm right here, Charlie,

and I've brought a friend.


I just wanted to stop by
and say thank you

while I was here
for my interview.


Yes. Charles thinks
it's time that we hired

a receptionist for out front.

I just hope
I can measure up.

I don't think you have anything
to worry about. Right, Charlie?

You took the words
right out of my mouth, Jill.

Right out of my mouth.